Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on July 30, 1966 · Page 6
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 6

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1966
Page 6
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SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1966 THE ANDERSON HERALD M8E II Winning Contract •jr ••war* Mranknt MM BRIDGE QUIZ Here ve four tips on how to choose whether to lead a trump. 1. Don't open a trump just oecause you find it difficult to decide which plain suit is best to lead. 2. Don't lead a singleton trump if there is fair chance partner may have an unshielded holding such as J-x-x-x. 3. Look with favor on a trump lead whenever you are sure your side holds the majority of high-card points. 4. Don't automatically lead a trump when you have strength in declarer's side suit. Remember that partner may be short in that suit and able to over- ruff dummy. It is more impor- BEETI.E BATLEY By MORT WALKER &»* \l 4* »843 SOB* 1* 4N.T. 6* Not* 19 3* All P.I P K 10 9 2 4>KJ97 North 3* sv All Pirn 108 4 Q in - 5 3 Teat North K«-l South 1 N.T. 2 -7 P«i» 3^ Pass 4V Dbl. AH P«ss lest holds: *K83 <5ll> 098631 4X743 1* a? 47 W«t holds 4AJ8S CJ864 North 1N.T. 032 * 10 9 R Nor* suit, for then dummy can over- ruff you. In the following problems, the choice between leading a trump j and leading a plain suit is pretty close. We favor the trump opening three times out of five. ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ a. Spade three. The trump opening is recommended because chances are South will 1 jbe able to ruff diamonds in I dummy with East unable to joverruff. Declarer will also be able to ruff hearts in his hand, I so it is advisable to try to. slash his crossruffing potential, j b. Diamond deuce. West must resist the temptation to lead trump just to avoid an admittedly difficult decision. There are two slender clues: East might have doubled North's Blackwood response had h e wanted a heart opening. Diamonds are more promising than clubs, since we have five clubs and N-S can be expected to be correspondingly short. c. Heart len. Leading a singleton trump won't hurt this time, for East's trump holding had probably been tipped off by his no trump bid. N-S must be relying heavily on ruffing tricks. d. Club ten. Note the difference in tactics as compared with Problem (a). Although' dummy may well be short in spades, East is probably short too, and if declarer tries to ruff spades East should be able! to overruff. Therefore leading trumps may damage East's hand. It is better to make an attacking lead in clubs. e. Spade eight. Since South has bid no trump, any plain suit lead up to his hand may give him a trick. The correct lead is the trump eight, not an honor, which could cost a trick if East held the lone ace, king or queen. HSZ6 BARNEY GOlXil.K AND SNIWY SMITH By FRED LASSWEI.L LOWEEZY-DIDVE KNOW THflT MISTER flN'MIZTATUM SOLD THEIR DWELL1N'HOUSE UP ON PINEy RID6E flN'MOVED OFF TO TH'FLATLANDS? Smith 1N.T. 2* a* 3* 4 4 'All Pui West holds: *J108 0 J 9 4 2 * K 8 3 lant to lead trumps when you are short in declarer's side DRINK I'll SAY ONE THINS A FER THEM TATUMS - J THAR NEVER WUZ A / SCRAP OF GOSSIP' \ . ABOUT THEM TWO 1 TH'WHOLE TIME THEV / LIVED HERE y$ MAVBE WE'LL HAVE GOODER LUCK tvJEXT TIME By CHICK YOUNG HOW CAN I? WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORMINS ' I'M 6LAD I WOKE ) UP EARLV.' r-i I i DON'T HAVE TO k SO TO.THE OFFICE ( TODAY, <5O I'LL DO V SOME CHORES <5-r AROUND THE \ HOUSE SHOULD I MowMH/ I/I ll V THE LAWN FIRST- A'^-^fnr OR PATCH THE ROOF? I'LL HAVE TO THINK- ABOUT THIS A MIMUTE AMP, COME TO ^ ~\ THINK: OF rr,,i DO MY I BEST THIMKINS ^ IN BED N. ' Vi >..»-!. Fantastically Flavorful Fant* IN KING SIZE FANTA Q. How can I prevent water- pipe condensation in my basement? A. One way to handle this is to wrap about three thick-! nesses of one-sided corrugated cardboard around the entire pipe, taping the edges to hold them in place. This cardboard may be pa r ;nted, too, if you wish. Q. How can I make a good job of cleaning copper utensils? A. Mix a cupful of flour and a tablespoon of salt to a paste with vinegar, rub this briskly over the article with a soft cloth, then follow by polishing wCth a bit of flannel or chamois. AREAS COMPARED Nicaragua is about the same area as Michigan. Bottled by Jrnd. By ALEX RAYMOND PE5A\QNC P , THIS K AlADAtt XENA, A FRIElilP FROM NEW ATLANTIS WHO HAS ALREADY RECEIVED AN OFFER FROM HOLLYWOOD. EVER TELL ANY ONE A3OUT THAT •A3ULOUS LAND. THEY WOULDN'T BELIEVE U5 ANYWAY TIGER By BUD BLAKE 7-Jo MISTER BREGER WISHING WELL Regiitered U. S. Patent Office. 6 L 7 R 3 H 1~ R 4 A 6 A '4" O 3 S 4 R 7 A 4 H 7 Y 5 V 8 D & G 6 N 2 Vf 1 D S A 2 O 5 S 2 A 7 Y 4 I 3 N n A 3 W V A 5 A 8 F 5 O •2 R i G 4 H i E 4 Y 'Z H U O 5 Y 2 !• '1 U 3 Y 2 S 3 N 3 I 6 F 4 L 5 B 4 R 8 I 4 B 2 E 8 O 3 L 2 W b H 3 U b H t L 4 E 5 R 6 S S T 4 0 6 E N 2 0 6 C 3 A '/ N 7 T O S s 3 E i O 4 P 2 R 6 A 8 T 4 G 8 M 2 P 8 O 4 T 4 U 3 S 8 P 5 H 4 T 7 C 3 S H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letten under the checked figures give you. 7-30 THE LITTIE WOMAN 7-30 91Ci»F«i w OM The following exercise is an effective abdominal and waist A. Continue the exercises. You haven't given them enough slimmer. Therefore, 5t is a time. Many readers have been aeaat Hafnain ™* ih. ovamica helped by Uiem. You indicated great bargain on the exercise counter. Lie on (be floor with your legs straight. Bend your knees that you weren't overweight. Perhaps this is just the normal shape of your face. Plastic and place your feet Hat on the surgery would be the only other floor. Clasp your hands behind 'solution I can tttnk of. your head, elbows back. Keep your arms in this position as your raise your trunk to an But don't be crestfallen. You are wrong about the gals. Nothing intrigues them as much as erect position. Now bend so thaljthoughtfulness in a man. Be Mine by MynU N«y*r Il«r«tf TEACHERS DICIPLINE . With only a few more weeks of school vacation remaining mother and child alike begin to think about the next school year. For 5-year-olds, going to school is a long - awaited experience and one they approach with happy anticipation. But an older child's attitude you touch your right elbow to good company, develop your - ! your left knee. Return to up-: sense of humor, and be thought- ma ,- v ° e <l ll "e different and it ii-ight position. Bend so that you'ful in many little ways. Those! 15 " 1 sllr P risl "8 to hear one say, touch your left elbow to your which cost some thought andi as . ' <"d. '< ™pe I don't havs right knee. Return to ere c (awareness are the most apprec-! Ml ->s s °- a ™-so. She's mean, position. jiated. Lower trunk, head and arms to the floor and continue. If you want to lose a f e w pounds quickly you may want to hold your carbohydrate gram intake to 60 grams a day instead of counting calories. If so, you may Want my "Carbohydrate Gram Counter." If s o , send 15 cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with .your request. Address Jose- 'phine Lowman. Q. Please give me your advice. I am 18 years old, 5 feet 9 and throughout this year, I have been rather dispirited. Viewing me from the toes up one would observe a fairly well- built young man. that '.s until jyou come to the face. My face 'consists of a normal forehead, 'nose, eyes, and two large pieces of flab which I suppose could )e called cheeks. My kind mother adivsed me ibout your facial exercises. I lave been doing these for two months now, but I haven't seen any difference. Should I continue these for a longer period or s there anything else I could do? A crestfallen young man would appreciate any advice. On the whole, girls delight in comely young men only. Anyone desirine to communicate with Josephine Lowman ma> reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate, Des Moines, la. The Shepherd "Now. why should you wonder if the river ever floods ... r "I want an appropriate shower present for a Bonnie Ooll who's getting married next month." LITTLE THINGS "Faith the gift of God." Eph. 2:8 Despise not days of little things . . . The dove that coos, the bird that sings . The tall pine tree against the sky . . . The common things that are near by ... Home and the old familiar places ... Of childhood and small tasks one faces . . . Each day and simple gifts God gives . Light, air and food by which Man lives . . . And for that grace that Faith has planted ... Let me not, Lord, take these for granted. Julien C. Hyer Only two-thirds of the aver| age cow is edible. TELEVISION SCHEDULE 4-lnd. 6" NBC 8-^ 13- ABC • titwt* *^ WTTV WFBM The Symbol C Belnw Denotes Pioer SATURDAY MOUSING «:45 Silent Silent Silent WISH 7:00 Silent 7:15 Sllsnt 7:30 Silent 1:45 Silent ~8:0r Silent 1-15 Sitem fl-:iO Honsier 8:45_Round-l]p 9:00 Bowery Boys fl:15 Bowery Boys n:3n Bowery Boys 9:45 Bowery Boys ~~Jetsons fC) Jetsons (C> Atom Ant (C) _Atom_Ant (C> Three Stonge> Three Stooges Tliree Stooees Three Stnoi-!s Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges __ Sii m mer Semester Indiana '"armer Capt. Kangaroo Capt Kangaroo Capl. Kangaroc _ Capt. Kangaror Road to Lpnrning WLW-I * Mfn.J^ve By Understanding Our World Farm Frint Farm Front Saturday Almanac llrril-iEP Heritage 10:00 Bowery Boys 10:15 Bowery Boys 10:30 Robin Hood 10:45 Robin Hood Secret Squirrel (C) Underdog (Cl Underdog (Cl Mouse (C) Lassie Lassie Timothy Churchmouse Car Ionus Cartoons. IslTUCtors. Porky PiR Porky PiK Beatles (C) Beatles <CI 11:00 Sergeant 11:15 Preston 11:30 Soupy Sales 11:45 Soupy Sales Soccer Championship Soccer Championship Tom and Jerrj Cartoons Tom and Jcrn Cartoons Qnfck Draw (C Magilla Quick Draw (C Gorilla (C) 12:00 Lloyd Thaxton 12:15 Lloyd Thaxton 12:30 Lloyd Thaxton 12:45 Lloyd Thaxton "SATURDAY AFTERNOON Soccer Sky King Championship Sky King Soccer Llnut; Championship Linus 1:00 Jungle Jim 1:15 Jungle Jim 1:30 Lessons 1:45 For Living Giants vs. Braves Giants vs. Braves 2:00 Movie 2:15 Movie 2:30 Movie 2:45 Movie l-s. Giants Braves Giants va. Braves 3-00 Movie 3:15 Movie 3:30 Movie 3:45 Movie 4:00 Movie 4:15 Movie 4:30 Movie 4:45 Movie 5:00 Sports World 5:15 Sports World 5:30 Rocky Shnw 5:45 Rock Show 6:00 Championship 6:15 Wrestling 6:30 Championship 6:45 Wrestling 7:00~TVilight Zone" 7:15 Twilight Zone 7:30 Twilight Zone 7^5 Twilight Zone 8:00 Untouchables 8:15 Untouchables R:30 Untouchables 3:45 Untouchables !}:00 Stoneman 9:15 Family n:30 Texan !):45 Texan 10:00 Movie 10:15 Movie 10:30 Movie 10:45 Movie 0 Movie Il:i5 Movie 11:30 Movie 11:45 Movie :2:00 Silent 12:15 Silent 12:30 Silent 12:45 Silent 1:00 Silent 1:15 Silent 1:30 Silent 1:45 Silent Giants vs. Braves Giants vs. Br a vcs Little League Baseball Little League _BaseJ)alI Little League Baseball Movie Movie Father Grand Ole Opry News. Weather. Sports Continental SATURDAl EVENING News, Weather, Bachelor Sports NBC News 1C) NBC News fC) ~Dealh Valley Days(C) Flipper 1C) _Flippcr (Cl I Dream of Jeannie (Cl Get Smart (C) Get Smart (Cl ""Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie AIR CONDITIONING Relax — Save — Every Day In Herald • Bulletin Classified Ads THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW by Fagaly & Shorten -yOOMOO,FSSTf FOOD, ^ YOU SIT AT *>UR TABLE FOR HAIF AM HOIK WIG-WA661HG- FOR A LITTLE SERVICE- Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time 'NO CAMPER ACCEPTED WITHOUT , HIS FAMILY POCTOR'S PHYSICAL , 0 Ar,K 'REPORT-CHECK WITH NURSE / 16 BEFORE 60ARPIN6 TRAIN--/r^ KIPPIE CAMP A1APE SURE NO CHILP BROUSHT BERIBERI OR THIN6 ELSE THE OTHERS GOULP CATCH AND THE MINUTE ONE.WAtTERSPOTf , THE WHOLE CREW FAILS ON JOEY GAVE ME HIS LOLLYSICKLE STICKS BEFORE HE WENT TO THE HOSPITAL WITHAFEVER PUT HOW PIP THE KIPS COME HOME? "I'm a rain-maker, LnnMtsftaf Frnkim P«IP$ and she makes you work so hard." In just so many words she may acquire an unfriendly reputation among the small fry even though it is only a child's way of showing he knows the score. He is apt to be quoting — Jan older friend who feels more jimportant when he exaggerates something he suffered and accomplished. Mother Retorts Mother may retort, "What do you mean? You don't even know her. The work won't be harder, but it will be different. You can do it, and I think you'll enjoy it." Sometimes there is a reason for the remark because a teach- 'or fosters her strict image. As a stern disciplinarian, she feels her pupils will fall in line and do better because of it. It's wise to support her discipline, to defend her, and to explain why. "You must have done something wrong. She wouldn't have criticized your work if your paper was neater," are remarks all parents make. Daily Complaints But if a child is unhappy and full of daily complaints when school starts, don't assume it's all his fault without learning more about the teacher and the situation. Talk to others and visit class often enough to make some judgment for yourself. 1 hesitate to criticize any teacher. Some mothers need no encouragement to interfere and misjudge. The teacher's task is not easy, and she is not superhuman. She has days like all of us when she is cross and tired. But in fairness to the child, don't assume he is always wrong. All teachers aren't un- Iderstanding, kind or fair even j though they may be good instructors. Your child needs a morale booster at home. Defeats Him It defeats him when he is criticized on all sides and punished again for something he already knows was wrong. Parental support without over- solicitous sympathy and protec- tivcness encourages him to keep trying. Let your child voice his complaints and air his problems. Be a sympathetic but casual sounding board so he will continue lo tell you what bothers him. Say, "That's too bad. She likes you, but this is just her way." Don't be afraid to say, "That wasn't fair, but teachers make mistakes, too." Show respect for the school system and the teacher. If j methods disturb you. don't bur:den the child with your ideas. Be fair lo her and to the child. Don't exaggerate little problems and be a troublemaker. All of this helps him to adjust and to do his best work. v. „..„, ^ ..„„„ The ™S of the school bell showcase Littlest Hobo_ isn t too far away. For a good Continental" Donna Reed istart in the new school year secret Agent L°weik ?c? |p r epare your children for school _SecretAgent L! Weik (Ci I by reading Mrs. Eldred's book- secret Asent L Weik (ci ;let "Ready for School?" To ob- S rxc?\t Kcnl Hoiiywoirt' '' a ' n . vour CO P V scn( ' '" cents Familiar ici Palace ici 'and a stamped, self-addressed Gimsmoke Hollywood [envelope with your request to Myrtle Meyer Eldred. Anyone desiring to communicate with Myrtle Meyer Eldred can reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate. Des Moines, Iowa. * Dublin Bank Workers Will End Walkout DUBLIN (UPI) -Striking bank employes Friday voted to , end their three-month walkout land are expected to return to work next Wednesday. The strike originally involved bank ; workers in Northern Ireland 'but that strike was settled two months ago. The strike over wages closed 900 banks in the republic. TO WRITK SCORE I HOLLYWOOD U(PI) -Two- time Academy Award winning composer Maurice Jares will write the score for "The Professionals" at Columbia (Pictures. Channel Chuckles Dugs Bunny Bugs Bunny Milton Monster fCI My Friend FHcka(C) Movie _Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Dugout Dope A=tro5 vs. Reds AMros vs. Reds g e Astros vs. Hods Astros vs. Reds Movie Mnvie Movie Astr vs. _ ___ __ Horse Race Horse Race Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie _ _ "300 "Coif Tourney" ".WO Golf __Tou r n e.v^_ _ "T\ ; idV~Wnrld of Sporls Wide World of Sporls Wide World of Sports Midwestern _Hayridc fCi__ Midwestern Hayride (C) Littlest Hobo -ie •ie /ie ne ie Ie ie nt nt nt nt nt nt it it f Movie Movie Movie News, Weather Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movia Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie MELT THI Gunsmoke Gunsmoke News, Weather, Sports •?«0' Highlights Movie Movie Movie Movie Mov3e Movie Movie Movie Movie Silent S SUMM Palace (C) News, Weather. Sports News, Sports Best of Lands And Seas (C) Best of Lands And Seas (C) Saturday Almanac News News SiJent Silent Silent Silent ER Jk 7-27 Holsnm WHITE IlilCHEB IREAB "It's » summor replacement TV dinner — Turkey croquettes filling in for btif."

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