The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 13
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» 1 -*. » » j"" -- -,-Q^ J '' •* . -• I, ,-T - - >;•; -;*;„. r -;* - i. .':•< c .-. i : - i .-- ••-.. ^y.^--y -. ' - I l !'• * I .' - ,-V '' > - I. L -71 r , ' Ir' •<"'' * , >>^o • • • •. .'T '- -•• • • V ' ,-f- .*'-II'- •-. \' - \ - _ * L J L _ I -• . -• 'ir - 1 ! - >•_ -f "•• n 'i '-1 - o • L . * r I.: .. s - N ,\^' l -;\- . St *r*- - f : -t'-. '* * J . ^ Ll r * ' <-' '» l ,' ? * I - —'r-'. *, ' .• '!/ "' . /- y.-, -, " ,'V« :.'-;; -- - m - .- - /.. i '-••-- - -' . • ,)- -> "•J. T -' L. *,-. v -- i ^ »• s- i ' f '. T. ' _ i < 1 -' - I -' • - r. _ _ I - i. ' i •; " . • , •','. '- -i tf .' .-•* r' 1,IBM I" i i. n ' -'^•^ - L W*i i -,- ' ' r- --£ - - I -' l'- 1 .-I - rJ.1t' t-" r .- f J ; n - -ii ,* ' -f- • - •s -*; f- -' .y .4- r-> i' ..»..- -'• t - L I - I •If (- -. L'J < - • - '•--, ''..v , f h'i J J . •-v.-S' <>= h."^, 1 » ' ^i _^t -I* J -i IT n'J 1 -. :V h '- -'!-. l n . IV , >• !> L' •• ii,V •* f V '.KH utomoblUs For Sa SBLL1NQ -FOR LESS THAN $100 All good transportation, It you want p. good used car for less money, see our selection, BAKBRSFIELD USED CAR PEH 1000 X*6w Orada MUmltied 1x8 and 8*4 SIS^ BTDIKO At 1x4 to ixi, S48 Finish . . ao TWENTIETH AND M Phone 2G3 1x4 "K" Kiln brled T & G House Paint, all colors, gaU 2-0x3-0 Sa«h, 1 It, glassed Kedwood Poatn f 3x4, 6 ft, at. SHINGLES. BUNDLES, 7Ko LKSS 5% CAStt DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 Bargains 101 M(IAA fl.00 Sfic FOR HEAL VALUES 1936 Ply. tour, sedan, low mil 1936 Plymouth touring sedan 1935 Plymouth de luxo coupe Chevrolet master sedan Ford de luxe coupe 1933 1935 1931 Ford sport roadster 192? Chevrolet coach 1920 Butck coach 192G Chevrolet coach . $7S5 $696 $645 $465 $G86 $266 $88 $37*50 $32.60 $17.50 Model T Ford coach 1409 EIGHTEENTH STREET Phone 831 62 LATH 1933 V8 uidor Ford sedan. New tiros, good condition, $376, terms. 1.104. H_.M.roet after .."i p. m. _27 For Sale—Miscellaneous PUR coats—Leopard cap coat, $49.50. Mannlnk coat, $59.50. Soallno ooat, $47,50. Squirrel belly coat, 599.50. Many other bargains Repairing and remodelinK by expert furrier. Leo's Fur Shop, with Popol Furniture Exchange, 623 Sumner atreot. 80 *WM« 'OH SAINTS—Spark oil heater, new, Rt one-half original cost. Phono 2740-W. • • 28 RECONDITIONED wash machines for sale. Maytag and several good makes. Klootric and gasoline motors. Also service on all maken. L Phono, 1027. MoMahan. 80 FOH SALE—2 deor rlflen, Savaae 250-3000 and 803, $20 each. Seo Will Reed, Rlchflold Oil Co.. Elk (Camp 6), Tupman, CaUf. FOtl SALlfl—Milk from Ouernsey and Jersey COWH. Special prices In gallon lots. Mtttcr'H Dairy, first house south Paradise Auto Camp, Los gelen highway. Phone 3B-F-22. 28 FOH 3ALK—131ectric refrigerator, I«BH than 1 year old, ono-half price. 202 Lincoln street, Otldalo. 28 LOS ANGELES 2100 H. 88th St. AX>an» 6171 FRUIT JARS—.Quart*, S4c; pints, IDo. all kinds. Phone* 1780 for pick-up wagon* 152 East Twenty-first street, fl-9-tf FOR RENT — One-sack concrete mixer. Mears Lumber Co. Phono 8810. 44 FURS—Factory samples. Fur coats, jackets, foxes, collars. Hugo stock. Furs remodeled. "The House of 1000 Fur Bargains." t>ow's Whole- Bale Furs. US Kearney, San Fran-* Cisco. 8-10-tf , |_ _- It L_f I I .!_•--- — ' FEED prices advauclng rapidly. Buy now, Our prices aro Tow, consistent with quality. San Joaauin Grain Company, Fourteenth and D. Phona 885. 7-14-tf •^ f L For Salt—Furnitun ^^^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fc^^^^^j^^^^^-^^^^^*^^^^^^^ •^r^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^ ; ;^-;-':;'."-;;- . NEW- " Mahogany living room set Axmitt* rug* 9x12 seamless Modern bedroom eat, 3*pc* Double deck coil springs Inner-spring mnttresa, 312 coil 16.75 Congoleum rugs* 7.6x9 3.75 USED Bodroom aet, 4-pc,» Monteray $34.50 ,01 Velour davenport 10.00 180 'Walnut dining table, 6 chairs 19.00 Carpet strips, 4x8 ft. 3.00 Daybeds 4.00 to 7.00 HAMM SELLS FOR LES& 1100 18th, cor. 18th and N streets. Phone 841 52 •USED FURNITURE! SPECIALS Robert! Bros. closet bed 17.95 Baby bfid.'Tjane paneled ffi.9B 5-Tpo. breaKf&Bt set, hardwood $7.95 8-pc, overs tfd, bod davonp. Bat $29.50 3-pc. enameled bPdroom set $14.95 2-t>d. Robftttl Brotu living room sot, rust tapestry, like new $46.00 2-pc. Karpen living room set, green tapestry, like n*w $89.50 Many Other Big Bargains FOPKL FtmNTTUBK HJXCH Ardiwti-Olcose Blrtg. 623 Sumner St. Just west of Baker. Phone 1341 52 S>l§~~~FurnHure MAGESTIC Radio. »b«uiUfbI cabinet, good cotidttlon, tl«.60. 6-pltcft new enamel br*akfa«t set, $11.60. Xlteban cabinet. J7.BO, DAVIS Fuk BIOS Chester AnuQ 29 Fruits and Vogitablis ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^r^^^^^^*^B CAKNtKQ peachca and Union avenue. t>ye'a Market. J Exohanga, Mlsctllan»ou« WA.NTKD—8*4410 how* to i>asturc>, Call after Have n NEW ftltnonda (1088 crop) for sftlo, from 1 pound to ft ton. 1109 Stockton etrftftt, Bftkerflflold. 44 huffet, bootccaao, 1105 PacUic. SOW tor, •* -—~^ Fou ;ist«r6ft brood Sh&t* WANT & baby twflL Also k«r doublc-bftt-rel ahotfu gin*, 1H hora«power» for Che«ter. j °> ' r Business Ca '••••'••••.C^'.'-^-^n set and sacri- S9 T^OVKLY walnut ohalra t mirror, FOR 8AL19— Dining room buffet. Cost over $200., fice for $75 cash. Photm _j_-.-- 11 -IL ____ .T T.T1- - . i. j !•- ..... -^- --- r-in-L.rr-V' — i'f ••••—' , USED mohair overstuffed act cheap, 2731 Nllea Htrcet; _ -._ ^ SOLD this week, 4 rooms of furnU luro. $lfiO. Call between 8 and 10 mornings. IfllO Twenty-fourth street, FOR SAl-W—Two rash rcglntcrs, for grocery and gas station. 1640 Chewier avenue. Phone 4465. r. K. Lynch. 38 DOES and Other Pats TOY Fox terrier, female, 8 tveeks old $5. 1805 Roblnnon street. Radios* Musical Inttrunients ,. Olds A Son, excellent for cash. Call 1719 Rob- TROMBON condition, Inaon street, "between hours 4 and 7 p. m. 23 FOR SAM!—120 bnsn used accordion, >7R cash. Phono 184. 27 FOR SALE—Halnes Bros, piano; $60, terms. Phillips Music Company, 1612 Nineteenth street. 27 Legal Notioes FOR Kronen Apt. 9. violin. owner, onn 2217 Eye ntroot. 27 ri Po u 11 ry and Li vost otk FOR SAL33-*One registered Guernsey bull, three Guernsey-Holstetn COVTB, two rirtlng horses, one trl- colored registered collie dog, 15 tons of bnlftd barley hay. Loe Pollnrd^ 1 miles north Semi tropic School, BABY chlcfea. Have fttartftd fall Hocks, Have now 200 Hanson Rtraln ttCfhornn, Iledn und Hockn, hatch Tuesday* Book orderti for futura delivery. IUv«rvl»w Hatch* .._ery, homo of betW hnby chlcktt. SS WANTKO—Qentlo pony, «ad.<ll«, «ic.. for child. Quote ng« of pony, ixnd ca«h price, P. O. Box 69L, Tnft, Calif. male months old. a treat. fox terrier pupplew, S Choice $5,00. 1104 H 27 Wanted to Buv-MIsoellaneous WANTED— To huy fl or 7 ft. meat Phone WANTED— Glrl'n bicycle. Prefer medium «lte. Cheap for cash. 916 Kern Btroet. J7 prices paid for bottlen, iron nnd other Junk, Phone 397 for pickup trugrm. Prompt servioe. 480 bottled and other Junk. Call £lO for plcK-up \VRROU, 717 Sum- nt»t* street. fl-lB-tf ~- • -• —- f •• - — ^. For Exchange, Miscellaneous I n gu liar for 18 -gauge Phono S7C3-J-3. GOOD Hhotgun. Ueal Notices NOTICE Olty of BakertTleld civil service Com mission for the Police department FRUIT'Jars, while they last, washed, quarts 24o and 34n dozen; pints lOo and £9c dozen; Klassos, lOo dozen. 717 Sumnor atroet. 0-13-tf FOIt SAL15—Boy« f bicycle, 88-lnoh frame. Inquire 812 Washington street, OUdalo. 27 KOT1CB IB HEREBY GIVEN that competitive examination for tHo position of Lieutenant of Police of tho Bakersfleld Police Department will be held at 1:00 p. m., September 15, 1936, at Fire Houwo Number 3, .at Twentieth and K Streets, BakevsOeld. California. M _ Oi»ly members of the Bakorsfleld Police Department having threo years' experience as regular paid peaco officers and who havo served on tho Bakersfleld Police Department for not lesH than one year Immediately preceding tho date of the examination aro ellfflblo. All applications must bo on fllo with tho Commission by not later than 12 o'clock noon, September 12, 1036. Further Information as to applications and scope of examination may bo secured from the Secretary of tho Police Civil Service Commission, City Hall, Bakersfleld, Californa. QEOHOH F. HUOHKS, Chairman, Civil Service Commission. 1. Incl, NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. Notice Is hereby Riven that the Board of Supervisors of Kern County will meet at their rooms In the County Court House, City of Bakera- fleld. County of Kern, Stato of California, at 11:00 o'clock a. m.. Monday. September 14, 1938, for the pur- pone of consummating tho purchase from C. L. Taylor and Ola R. Taylor, his wife. Raymond O. Taylor and Dora Louise Taylor* his wife, for the sum of $1*00.00, of the following hereinafter described real property, towlt: The west half of Villa 7x>t 46 of Drury'R Addition In the County of Kern, Stnte of California, as per map recorded March 18. 1007, In Book I, Page 101 of Maps In tho off Ice .of the County Recorder of flald County, excepting therefrom tho south 75 feet; and also excepting therefrom a strip 80 foot wide on tho north and west sides thereof reserved for public roads. Snid property Is to bo used for public purposes, to-wlt: for Hospital Grounds. Any and all persons interested In the matter may appear at the above mentioned time and place and be heard. Dated Auffust 10, 1936. F. E. SMITH. Clerk of tho Board. SeDternber 11. Inc. PEARB— Extra large northern California BartlettB, No. 1 fruit, $1 per lug. Phono 6452. Jimmy Paddock. FAMILY OP MINNESOTA 28 Legal Notioes ~- --• -^- — — -^~ ^-- — - -^ ^^- -*»- *~- ~^— ~^^ ^— -^^- ~^*- ^^^^^^^f^^^^f^^^^^Vr^^^^^^^^^^f^^r^^f^^f^^^^ NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS August Legal Notices YOUNG DIVA NOTICE OF SALE OF RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS, KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Notice IB hereby Riven that pursuant to an order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Korn, State of ^California, made August 10, 1936, sealed bldn will be received at the office of the Clerk of the B«ard of Su- perviBorB of Bald County at tho Court HoUHfi In the City of Bakcrsfteld, until 11 o'clock A. M., Tuesday, September 8. 1936, for the purchase of seventeen bonds of Rio Bravo School District, Kern County, California, of the denomination of $1000.00 each. Said bonds were Issued by the said Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of tho Constitution and I<avr8 of the State of California, and In conformity with the order of said Board of Supervisors, pasBed on the 1 Oth day of August. 3936, and bear Interest at the rato of five per cent per annum, interest payable annually for tho first year the bonds havo to run and semUannually thereafter, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of the United States of America, on tho 10th days of August and February of each nnd every year out of the Interest and ulnklnir fund of said Rio Bravo School Plstrlct, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of the Interest coupons attached to said bonds; said "bonds to be numbered consecutively from 1 to 17, Inclusive, as follows: Bonds Nos. 1 and 3, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds NOB. S and 4, $1000.00 each, to run 2 yearn; Bonds NOB. 6 and 6. $1000.00 each, to run 3 years; Bonds Nos. 7 and 8. $1000.00 each, to run 4 years: . Bonds NOP, 9 and 10, $1000.00 each, to run G years; Bonds Nos. 11 and 12, $1000.00 each, to run 6 years; Bond* NOB. IS and 14, $1000.00 each, to run 7 years; Bonds Nos. 15 and 16, $1000.00 each, to run 8 years; Bond No. 17, $1000.00, to run 9 years. The HIo Bravo School District haa been acting aa H School t>l»trlct. under the laws of tho Slate of California, continuously since 1898: th« UH- aesced valuation of tho taxable property Jn said TUo Bravo School District was Six Hundred Forty-two Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-five Dollars <$643,&&&.QQ1 and ha« now «iu outstanding Indebtedness of nothing. Tho bonds herein referred to wore voted for the purpose of raising money for; 2. The building or purchasing of echool building*: S Y Thc making of alteration* or uddltkma to the school building or building* other than «uoU a« may be neceKsary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; f>. The supplying of prhool hutldlngH with turolture or neoiwmry apparatus of a permanent nature; fl. The permanent Improvement of the school grounds, Bids will be, received for ono or any number of paid bondn. All bids muKt be equal In amount to the par value of Bald bond* and accrued interest to date of delivery And each bid must be accompanied with a certified check payable to F. 13. Smith. Clerk of the Board of Supervisor* of said County, or a caah deposit for the Hum of nt least ten per cent of the amount of the bid. The check or ca*h deposit will be returned to the bidder In ca«e of the rejection of the bid and the name, will be forfeited to Rio Bravo School Dlntrict If the bidder neglects or refutes to pay _ tho amount bid for the mild bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the hi Upon opening of the hid* for *ald bond* an aforesaid, »a!d bonds will be void to the highest and beat bidder for co*h. lawful money of the United State* of America, nubjeet to the said condition* and provisions. Bids for the bond* at a lower rate of lnt«r«st will alto be contld*r»d. Th» imtd Board of Sunervliora, ittr. rutrvfinir the right t|t ttjeo*; HORIZONTAL I 7 Operatic star pictured here jll Negative word 12 To deem. 15 Tribunal 16 To free 17 Excuse 19 Fabulous bird 21 Type standard 22 Procreated 24 South America 25 Candle 27 Fiber knots 28 To cut off 30 Noted down 32 To rent. 34 To soak flax 35 Northeast. 36 Golf device 37 Corpse 38 Data. 3&Exc!arration 41 Measure 42 Glided. Answer to Previous Fimle CRAIG to the Pope 46 To redact. 48 Flying mammal. 49 Substances of wood tissue. 54 Constellation. 58 Hodgepodge. 58 Notched, 59 To clip. 60 She is an American VERTICAL 2 Enlivens. 3 Wand, 4 Neuter pronoun. SOemigoddess of fate. 6 To match together 7 Topic* 8 Pound. 0 Gibbon. 10 God of love. 16 She has from the operatic stag& 17 Perpetual. 18 Informers. 20 She now has a motion picture —— (Pi.). 22 Jewel, 23 Female deer. 26 House cat. 29 Butter lump, 31 More hostilo. 33 Ocean. 38 Mountain. 40 Secreted. 42 Silk. 44 Instrument. 43 Sanskrit dialect. 47 Journey. 48 Genus of cattle. 50 Grain. 51 Neither. 52 Exists. 53 Born, 55 Monkey. 43 Part of mouth. 61 She studied a 13 Hammer head. 67 Giant king. 45 Pertaining year in —. 14 Low tide. 59 Senior. Sealed proposal*, addressed to tho Board of Supervisor* of the County of Kern, State of California, nnd endorsed, "Proposal for Construction of Timbor Bridge across Hcardsloy nal on Snow Road,'* will be rec by the undersigned unlil tho hour of 11:00 o'clock A, M. on tho 14th day of Septomber, 193fl, nt tb« office of the undersigned In the Court HOUR**, BaV- ersfloid, California, at which time and place they will be publicly opened and read, for construction In accordance with the Bpeoiflcntlons therefor, to which special reference is hereby made, of tho following work and Improvement In tho County of Korn, to-wlt: Item la. Kxcnvntlon, Horn Ib. Embankment. Hem 2a. 40.344 Thousand Keel B. M. Redwood Timber, In plane. Hem 2b. Ert.214 Thousand Foct B. M. DouglaB Fir Timber. In p\»oe. Item 3. Throe Fire Barrels, In place, complete, Tho foregoing: quantities nre npprox. (mate only, being Riven a« n basis for Iho comparison of bld«. and tho Board of Supervisors does not, expressly or by implication ngr«e that tho actual amount of work will correspond therewith but reserved the right to In- creaae or decreawo the amount of any class or portion of the work ns may be deemed necessary or expedient by the mild Board. Plans may Urt seen, and formn nf proposals, bonds, contract and specifications may bo seen at tho office of the underHlftned find they may be obtained at tho office of the County Surveyor, situated at Bakcrsfleld. California. Bidden* on this work aro hereby notified that the Board of Supervisor? will insist that the work bo completed within the time limit. A penalty olautio relating thereto is contained In Article IV of tho form of contract above referred to. A bid may be rejected unlows the bidder has indicated on the outside of the wealed envelope, in which bin bid Is filed, the number of his State Con- traelor'w l«teenHo. No hid will be considered unless It Is made upon a blank form furnished by thi> undersigned and accompanied by ca«h or n oneck, tmtdo puvnhle to th«t Chairman of Iho Hoard of Hnper- visorw and certified by a responsible bank. In an amount equal to at least ten per cont O0%) of tho aggregate of the proposal, or by a corporate surety bond for the said amount, payable ae aforesaid. The Board of Ruporvlsjors of Kern County, California, ban, pursuant to the provision!) of Chapter S97, Statutes of 1!»31, ascertained the general prevailing ruto of wages for each cruft or typo of workman or mechanic needed to execute the contract, and U uhall bo mandatory upon the Contractor to whom tho contract 1* awarded, nnd upon any sub-nontrac- tor under him, lo pay not less than tho Hpcclfled mien. vU: Craft " Rate per hour ridge foreman rldgo carpenter Painter .... Teamster .. Truck driver Laborer (skilled) Labor or (ronimon) Shovel operator (powor) Caterpillar operator Black smith Blacksmith helper Watchman Any craft iiot herein numed, not lew than $0.025. Time and one-half to be allowed for over-time and for work on Sundays, and on the seven holiday**, viz: New pay, Decoration Day, July 4th. Day, Armistl-o l>aj, Thanks- Day and rhrlAtma*. Tho Contractor Mini I forfeit as a peimlty <o *ald County, trti dollurM for each laborer, workman or mechanic employed, for ouch calendar dny, or portion (hereof, such laborer, workman or mechanic IH paid UHN than Xh* above stipulated rate* for any work done utidor this contract, by him or by any sub-contractor under FIRST Elevated to the governor's chair In Minnesota by the death of Floyd H. Olson, ITjnlmar I'ctcraon la shown with his family at the capitol in St. Paul after taking the oath. Evelyn, 15, Is shown between Governor 1'eterson and his wife* with Carla Jeanette, 4 months, in the perambulator* Pelcrgon, 40, IH an Askov, Minn., newspaper publisher and a strong advocate of Olson's maht policies. OVER THE TOP AGAINST REBELS r^wtjw^wr^^TT^?-^^-'-'^^^ . -.;;VT:; .*,, A - ^ ,-;. ^.^ ;%^T, •; *-*& /; . ^>,-£.fcv& ~<-u-' ;r,-. ; , ^;:>?^';^V J ^.V'-^?/r^\;- : -'^A^f--? 1 ,, : .^v or! 1 ' V.v."'. ;*<:i^ir'-'' •••- •-.•\v-.jLr''_T^&. " y ... t • • « 9 t 1 * • • * 4 **••»••»*•**••* «•»•«*»**• »**•••** * * * 9 * 1.125 1.00 .75 .76 .76 * * • t • *•*»** 1.876 .75 1.00 .75 .625 The Board of Supervisor* the rl(?ht to reject cinv or all bldM or to aofopt the Md deemed for tho beat IntortmU of the County. Patod nt Bakersfleld. California, UiiH l»th day of August, 1»«0. F. M SMITH .* County Clerk and ex-offlclo Clerk of tho Board of Hupm-vlsora, Aug. 21 to HPpt. Ii Inc. — Gfta en- 321 w.*% v*n*Mv— vi tradft. 1&8* Hudson Brougham, good condition, or trado for el«<itrlo retrlgrwr&tor or fumltwr*. 1412 Brown fttreel. Original own*r. LAUNDRY SERVICE # »«rtJ44 Un»xMlUd-Tb«l Ii Otr *ttfitt Ttn Dlfferiftt MrvtaM Z*fle OdorltM Dry CITIZENS LAUNDRY 8lxt**Mh and 0 StrwU Ph*n« 29* ;-" ;: -. i *?,W ,_ . I.-'". NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS Kern County, Cftttfornlt Notice Is hereby frlven that pursuant to an order of tho Board of Su- pervtcarv of the County of Kern, State of California, mad* August 17, 1*88, settled bids will be received at the office of the Clark of the Board of Supervisors of said County at the Court HOOK ft In tho City of Bakersfield until 11 o'clock a, m.» Monday, September 14, me. for the purehwie of eighteen bonds of Semi-Tropic School District, Kern County, California, of the denomination of $1000.00 nacn. Raid hondn were United by the tald Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the pro visions of the Constitution und Laws of the Stnte of California, and In conformity with the order of *nid Board of SupervU- orw, passed on the 17th day of August, 1!>3«, and bear Interest at tho rato of 5 per cent per annum. Interest pAV- ablo annually for iho first yw*r the bonds hnve to r\:ti ami fcoml-nnnuaUy thereafter, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of tho United States of America, on the 17th days of August and l->bnmry of each nnd every year out of tho Interest ami Kinking fund of iwlrt Semi-Tropic School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Trenimrer of Korn County. California, of tho coupon* attached to bonds to be numbered consecutively from 1 in 18, inclusive, OH follows: Bonds Nos. 1 to 4. Inclusive. $1000.00 ench. to run 1 y*-nr; Bonds NOM. 6 to 8, Inclusive, $1000.00 earn, to run 2 yenrw; Itnmla Nos. I* to t:. Inclusive, $1000.00 earth. <o run 3 years: Bonds Not*. 13 to 16. Inclusive, $1000,000 enc-h. to run 4 years; Honds Nos. 17 to is, Inclusive, $10^0,Aft such, to run K yenr*. Th« Soinl-Tropifi School IMMrlct hns been noUni? an a Hohool District, under tho laws of tho Stalo of Cnilfor- nln. continuously ulnoo 1S96; tho n»- HrNserl vnhmtlnn of thi> taxable property In wild Semi-Tropic School Ol«- trlot wft» One Million Nine Tlundred an<1 Snvpiity-Ono TUoiiMand Klve 1lumlre<1 Twenty Dollars <$l.?71.B30.0ft) find hus nnw nn oiHsVixndlns InOebted- The bondH heroin referred to were JOHN W. CULLITOH PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX StRVlCt, AUDIT*. 8Y8TtN$ 205-6 PnftMUnil 4MI -'• - ..I f A'' > :- -i - PftYME & SOH FUNERAL DIRECTOR! ». ,•, * i— ri J. C. MlMt»«nth and J. Bruci «tf«U DOUQHTY-CALHOUN-O^MEARA Fartiral Director* and Ambulant* Service MOO Tr«it«o A«n«*. at N StrMt M7 U4y :'*-• -' I '-'. J *^' ft- Legal Notioes ^_^^^^j^_^^_^^j__^^__^^^^L^^.^fc^^^^^^^^fc^** ^^"^^^^^•^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^ ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 30000 j In the. Superior Court of the SUU of rdiifomia, in and for the County of Kern. , Action brought In the Superior Court of the County of Kern, and Complaint filed in the office of th« Clerk of the Superior Court of aajd County. _ __ IT. A. STMNDT ftnd JOSEPHINE SfMNDT, h\* wife. Vlalntlffn, va t LON W. \VYATT. Administrator of th« Kntato of David HanldT* deceased, and WALTER J-EO KENNELLET, Defendants. __. _ ' • THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO LON W. WYATT, Administrator of tho Estate of David Hanley. de- ppBFort, nnd WALTER LEO KEK- NELLKV. Defendants. Vou ore, directed to appear In an ! notion brouKht niratnst you br the ! abovfl named plalntlffn In the Superior Court of the State of California,. in nnd for tho County of Kern, and t o nn« wer the complaint thermn within ten dnyn after tho service on you of thltt Summons, If served within the County of Kern or within thirty da>-H If »erve.d ol««whore, and you art thnt unlui«n you appear and as above required, the platn- tlff« will tnltft JudirraAfit for any •li « - - i. 1 - J v 2. for tho pwrpowe of raising monev i money or dnmaKen demanded In th« The Inilldliiff or purchaitliitf nf ! Ooinplalnt, ft» arising upon contrnot, ' ' or will apply to tho Court for any other relief demanded In the Complaint. Olvon under my hand and neat of the Superior Court of the County of Stato of California. August for: _. . .. . uohool bulldliiffti; 3. The maklnv of altoratlonn or addttlonM to tho donool UutlAlnff or UutldlnKB othwr than »«ch an may b« n«coni(iiry for rurront inntntetianc*, operation, or re|«ilrp: 5. Thft supplying of school huUdlngi with i Kern, furniture or neroftttary nnparatuit of » pprmanont nature; f>. Tho nomtanent <^Val) F. K. SMITH, Improvement of tho ni'honl grounds, j c ou , ltv rierk Cl^rk of Superior Court. «!«!« will bo received fur ono or any i • Hy j T ST ANTON, Deputy. I HATIVHY. JOHNSTON A BAKER. l 0 ' liab..rfol.1*» Bullrtlng. linkersflold, number of ^ald bonds. All bids must rcqim to nar and "iu'li Md tnunt ho acc:ompantfld u-Mh n certified *-hi>i:k pdjnblo to K. Y». (Sinlih, Clerk of the Hoard (.f Sup«r- vU'orH of ftHld County, or ft oanh 0ft- ponlt for tho sum of nt leant t«n per cent of the amount of tho hid. Th« \ ohock or rn«h deposit will be returnml to lh»j bidder in i:a«« of th« rojootion ! nf tl»« bid nnd the unmo will bo for- f«I ted to Homl-Troplc School Dlntrl'-t If thn bidder »*Kleola or refimen to pay tho amount bid for this cald bonds within fifteen dayH after b**l»i« null- find of thn arveptiuieo of tb« bid. T'pon oi»fntHK of tho MdM for mild bondn «H aforc-snld, nnld bonds will b« void to tho blRhoMt and be.»t bidder for oocth. lawful money of tb« Poited StfttPK of America, mibjoot to the itnld rondltlons and |irnv(nton;«. for th« bondH nt a low»»r raU California, A UK- lK-*f*; tf-in-20-27 for Plalutiffw. Sept. IIUIDK I-KI-T AT ALTAR SAN V'UANt'LSCO. Sept. 1. (U. P.) Mrs. MurKh<»rHa Olustich waa granted nn lmm<*dlat« annulment of hor marrluire. wh*n tho officiating cternryitMin oonflnned hor complaint that tho Inntnnt tho knot was tied, her hunbaml turned »round» kissed ono of tho bridesmaids and "COHNKK" ON 8KKLETONS M.VHT [ Roullly Counts thnt bo has more skcle- "of Mlm.Vrv^nr^ bow- ! tana in his oupboardH limn any other f*T Wltl^ltfVl£t(ll*n I' O 1\ " t * V * I * *-* ••* 4**'^ ". ^*|" *-»>^^* »»*•- m,».m»»* *--^ tf -- —-- — ^th/ ri«ht to *rojoe» i living pnrson. Uoullly ha« a "corner** t any and all bldii for wild bonds. All bids muft ho enclosed In sesi envelopes uddr^RHed to K. tf!. Hmlth, C'lerk of th»- Hoard of WuporviworH, and emlarvftd "I'HOrOBAUS SKMI*TIU)L'- 1C SCHOOL DISTRICT BONUS." Uy ordur *>f tho Uoard of Hupor 1 or« of the County of Kern, State of California, mado August IT, 193*. (8eoJ) R H. SMITH. County Clerk and Clerk of isald Hoard. Aug. 22 to Sept. t. Inc. In KnKland'H skeleton trade. fiv« pi»r cent of tho skeletons sold Knglaml PUSH throtiKh hlH lionds. la COiX)KADO COWS OONTEXTUO Sept. I. fl f . P.)—Colo- SOV1KT riCOTECTH EUC MOSCOW, Kept. 1. (IT. P. About UDO elk are living In tho state hunting estates of tlu» Moscow prov- Inro. Due to tho strict measures uikon ftft»*r the October Uovoluiion for their protootion, tho herds In certain localtttoi are thriving:. rado cows nre doing their bit. The United KtatoM Uepartmont of A«i*l- oulluro reports that 73 per cent of tho Htato'M 250,000 co\va aro being milked, compurotl with 72 p«r cent u year UKO and 71 per cent at tho name time In 3934. STUBBORN I. ho OUU1 COIN NOW MINKD JOHNSVIMJ'J. C'ulif., Kept. \(\'. l*.)-d«Ul mining haw bevomo ! tnotlornlfcoil that rninerti now (Utf out i tho gold til ready coined. John IVz- i y-ola. oporuUng u mining claW near ! horo. Mtrurlc a cachn contatnitiK 170 1 rare $1 Kold ruims five $20 pieces itud • »even $10 plccm. ^ MIIIUIUAN AIM'KAKS PAHAIiKNA. Sopt. 1. U'. V>- ICatJu r Uaner, anBlalant librnr- nt on« of i\\(i city's branches, vefl felio in tb« only flylnff librar* In the Vnltod Statin. She pruo- flying >H»t\v«son llbniry Uoum until ntio finally won her pilot's Ian I Taking the offensive in the face of fir« from a Hnip*r*M noMt con- cenledln the underbrush ahead, a group of government troopa go "over the top" of ihclr Ktone wall rampart nnd charge acroaa a pic- luresquo pasture near Avila, north of Madrid. SKUNK 1IKCOMKH MASCOT T<.M,K1>0. 8opl. 1. U'. P.V—Tony Alma flr« wupprp«nlon rangers hnve adopted a Hkunk a« a mascot. Au a connequonco they have boon able to aocertuln that a Hkunk luvwi tlvor and applow nnd Hlcopn an iwacofully In a roll of nciwn wins an In a hollow log. UCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. Hack to Ship By PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS WHILE oo# OF ANCIENT C\TV Of JOAONA OK AND COULDN'T LOCATE JT BETTER FRQ/A THE SHIP WHERE V3U HAVE SO MANV WONDERFUL INCTRUMENTS, CAPTAIN ? RIGHT. I RADIOPHON v »-^^w v v 0 WE'RE 'COMING, /ABOARD BUCK OUST PHONED HE'S FLVING UP IVEGOTTO FIND \ ALUTAK - SO BUCK / WILL SEE US ?- To«irmBR. / -\ l LLr TEACH THAT r -'/ VOONG ^ AKI -' WHY HELl ., t CAPTAi N' W1LMA OUST DID VOU FIND YOUR BIG DIAMOND, BUCK? \ Steve Fowler said he loved Judith Howard. Their marriage, however, would have to wait, he told Judith, until alone woujd support ul Judith, after lour decided they h*d too long already* Nard Jot**' new .1 , A '* and 0 ! Today Is •IV. l- * . - . - .- ** * -• ^f y*-* I ; >- ' V - ' f eginnmg . I ;-t; i. .- -*>• •:. ' i ' t-,- -. L r j '* Si 1 J'i'Vi. L \T r ' ' |J v^i^Ata*: .t 1 k . •--,r n> ' ' h - , , '-.•*.+ '•*••* •-!-• - ' >*-. <l- ^V'^.'.^-rv V-'^;'" - tl £v^ i^^'>^ J ;iiTj*^ 1J .'. *• - i. j>, - j- .-: , i ^S^T^*^ v-Cal wJ^ M^1?T:^Hfc •••-,- «v m L •< i 'n -' ^ i, _ <- i •' - J' L '•*• r3AJ « Xttif*' I \ —If T •&R - -<L*' H,£^'*' W "$F ^ * ' ' ft-.*-! (to* • 3,!' '- ^ i , - ,m '. - i 1 • J- I .* '- . »- I". ' .'" •I-"' ,' •'- v .1 -,f~ •• * V. .- * r- ' 11 • 'I -- i. -•. .'• ••- 1 ,-J " . #%* •- ' ^ ' ' "I i*r >*&. f- ^•r^ • i-- •-•i ± r •' S* -. ' »**.* *."• *r. • •, '- -- I, > • i^- »x. :. h^-T. i:- •• *.-* •--', .-•-• ..-- V. w '.v: \'?-\ - 1 ^•'Vtv.^ •^ ~ *L **i -i --,=• i.'i ... •'• ; '.-1 ' . '-. -' i -'--r\/"A - i - t--. '-i -- r.f *• • i •^ m , i i't: 'i .» i - ' - .if-'^V '-:>-•-. j'.- ,>• * • r^i j --.h^^ ' -• '*'SiV ;.«/ 't'"-->"J> -t , * *, y • - rr.i'-Jji.' -, +i£ *a*Si i! -' : v y.-i I/ - h ri 'r* VV ' -, ••^ ^ , ' 7 . ^ I .';-r j- •^tl^ ,y- \ *• m i M^t

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