The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 25, 1963 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1963
Page 7
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Hints From Heloise Real Tricky Way J J To Battle Moths By HELOISE CRUSE Dear. Folks: I just want to pass on a little tip to other housewives who use moth balls and flakes. Did you know that you could put these flakes and balls in an ordinary paper envelope and seal it and that they could be practically "thrown" any place, such as the back of your closet shelves, attic, basement and so forth? Well... .I could write a thousand words MI how wonderful this idea is. In the f i r s t place, ; you can see the white envelope. All you have to do when the moth flakes have Helois* evaporated is touch the envelope . . .if it's empty. . . then you are not going to get any more work- in* from it. If it's full, you don't have to bother about it for another month or so. I have found after testing this for nine months — that if the envelope is completely sealed it still gives off a bit of odor but that if you take an ice pick and punch a few holes (ladies, please do not take your fingernail and gouge the envelope because the moth balls will evaporate too fast) that the odor escapes more quickly. It's really a tricky way to keep moth balls and flakes — and I have tried many, many ways. After testing all of the hints you sent in, I found putting moth balls in an envelope was the best method. Do keep moth balls out of the reach of little children. Read the caution labels and Joe Blow's instructions. They're important. Heloise Dear Heloise: Are you cross-eyed? I saw a picture of you in a magazine that was! Also see that you do wear glasses. Please answer in your column. Sandra Bowen Dear Sandra: I am not cross-eyed that 1 know of, but I do wear glasses. At 43 I found that I could see better with 'em! Love, Dear Heloise: For women who have wall-to- wall carpet: Ever fret over how to vaccum right up to the walls and corners where the carpel meets the base board? I have a very small nylon brush which looks like a miniature whisk broom and in fact was intendec as a clothes brush. It fits onto the cord rack of my vacuum cleaner and hangs there as a permanent attachment, always ready when I need it to whisk out those areas so hard to get to. This gets every bit of dust and lint and the tiny particles thai seem to want to hide in the cracks against the walls and corners If there is any practical way of cleaning the cloth tapes on Venetian blinds without taking down the blinds, I would appreciate i if some woman would let us know Gerry Dear Folks: Anyone got any ideas on how to wash these tapes without removing the blind? They sure will be appreciated. Or is there an answer? Write to me in care o: this paper so we can put your answer in this column. Heloise Dear Heloise: Recently I saw my neighbor reeling fresh beets with a paring knife and wondered if there are thers who haven't learned the -asy way to peel beets. Place the beets in a pan of water, leave one-half inch of the tern and the root of the beet on. This keeps the sand out of the beet while cooking! Bring the water to a boil and continue to mil for about 15 minutes. Remove the beets from the ire and place them under cold water in the sink. Allow the water o run on the beets until they are ! enough to handle. Then cut off both ends of the beet and the peeling will slip right. off. Slice, dice, or leave whole and place in clean pan of water — which will have no sand at all — and cook until done. Billie Roberts Dear Heloise: I wrap steel wool soa°p pads in oil between uses and it prevents rusting. Agnes Feldes 5ear Heloise: Did you know that "Mother Nature" will whiten clothes overnight? Leave the clothes on the line outside, and overnight the damp dew will whiten them. When you have beans to "look over" pour hot water on them and let them stand about 20 minutes. The bad beans will appear on top like magic. . . even the darker ones! Marty Dear Heloise: The condensation of moisture on windows may be eliminated if people will open the top of the irindow a bit. (This means pull the top pane of the window down until it has at least a little crack in it so the air can get in) Open the bottom window a little bit also. This way air can circulate. This would eliminate many pro- lems in households such as rotting of the wood frames themselves. Emmie Snap Dear Heloise: Here is one: When you buy su- »ar put it in an old coffee pot. You can pour this any time you need it without any spilling! Rita Melville Heloise welcomes all mail, especially household hints which she can pass on to readers as space permits. However, because of the tremendous volume of mail she receives daily, Heloise is unable to answer all individual letters. She will answer readers' questions in her column whenever possible. LONG-LIVED FAMILY — Eight children of former Franklin Countians, Calvin and Isabella (Crorier) Reed, have a combined total age of 615 years. They are (from left) Mrs. Myrtle Walker, Quenemo, who is 88 today; Harrison, Turon, 85; Delosse, Hartford, 82; Earl, Pueblo, Colo., 78; Mrs. Edith Elkinton, Englewood, Colo., 76; Mrs. Marietta PiersaH, Watova, Oka., 73, Calvin, Coolidge, 68, and Cecil, Pueblo, Colo., 65. All are active and in good health except that several have failing eyesight. Mrs. Opal Tucker, 721 E. 4th, is a daughter of Mrs. Walker. 'April Bride Mr. and Mrs. Oswaold Thomas Wyatt, Vancouver, British Cohim- ia, Canada, announce the engagement of their daughter, Bar- >ara Elaine, to Kenneth J. Scner- hng, son of Mrs. Freda E. Scher- ng, Ottawa. The marriage will take place April 11, at 7 p.m. in St. Andres's Wesley United Church of Canada. Miss Wyatt is a stenographer it city hall in the personnel de- Mirtment, Vancouver, Mr. Scherling is a graduate of Ottawa University studied for lis MSC at the University of Washington, Seattle, and received is LLB from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, in 961. In 1962 Mr. Scherling was idmitted to the bar and is now ssociated with the firm of Maey, Scherling and Company, Van- ouver, barristers, solicitors and notaries. Club Forecast Tneidaj US ARMY MOTHERS, sewing session COWORKER8 Shut-In Circle, Mrs. Kittle Radabaugh. afternoon, sack lunch DE MOLAY MOTHERS Circle HORTICULTURE Study Club, Mri. C. W. Bollweg PAST COMMANDERS, Mri. J. W. Roberts HOMEMAKERS, Mrs. E. O. Stacker BOOTS and BUSTLES Square Dance Club, supper, 6:45 p.m. and dance CHAPTER AU, PEO, Mrs. C. A. Peacock ANNOUNCEMENT is made of the marriage of Bonnie Yvonne LeValley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James LeValley, and Frankie Arthur Hopkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopkins, Dec. 29, in Garnett, by Probate Judge C. W. Lybarger. The bride wore a white satin dress with fur cuffs. Mr. Hopkins, an Ottawa High School graduate, ?s in the US. Navy, stationed in California. Mrs. Hopkins is attending OHS and living at 720 S. Locust. Garden Clubs Host Meeting Steam Squash Ever steam acorn squash halves on top of the range? The squash may be mashed with salt, pepper, a little brown sugar and well drained crushed pineapple. Good with pork or ham. The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Travelogue For Program Ottawa members of Alpha Gamma Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Society, joined members from Garnett, Baldwin, Osawatomie and Paola for a luncheon Saturday noon in the dining room of First Baptist Church, Garnett. Guests were Dr. Robert Stevens, Dr. Mildred Julius Stevens, Mary Jane Loughridge and Kenneth Cooper, who gave the program. The doctors showed slides taken on a world tour when they attended the meeting of the World Medical Association at New Delhi, India, last Novem her. They chose slides of Egypt and India showing pyramids, the Sphinx, tombs of the ancient Kings in Egypt, scenes along the Ganges River, the Taj Mahal, and temples in Calcutta, India. Miss Loughridge gave a flute solo accompanied by Mr. Cooper A memorial service was given for Mrs. Isabella Jacobsen. Committees were appointed for the next meeting, a luncheon at Hill House, Ottawa, May 4. The modern convenient way to apply Par!urn de Toilette Spray Cap Preu here. The spray device is built right into the cap. $050 fj pluiUx Limited tint only/ ( Gives the convenience of \ spray mist... the true fragrance of Parturn de Toilette. L'AIMANT • EMERAUDE • L'ORIGAN • PARIS RANEY REXALL DRUG Downtown Prescription Druggists 304 S. Main Phone CH 2-3092 More than 120 persons attended the meeting Saturday in Masonic temple of the Kaw Valley Garden Association. The meeting was hosted by Ottawa Garden Club, Garfield Gardeners and Horticultural Study Club. L. J. Hoffman, president of Ottawa Garden Club, president. During registration between 9 and 10 a.m., coffee and cookies were served by a committee headed by Mrs. R. D. Spears. The general planning committee included Mrs. W. C. Harding, Mrs. T. E. Bennett and Mrs. M. R. Shoger. Leading in the flag salute were Trail Blazers 4-H Club members, Jill Lowrance, Connie and Sharon Pope, Linda Logan, Virginia 3ood and Barbara Hull. Rev. Charles P. Knight gave the invocation. Harold Crawford, president of the Chamber of Commerce, gave a welcome and Mrs. Ray Landes, Kansas City, Kas., the response. Giving three - minute reports on activities of their club were delegates from Better Homes and Gardens Club, Osawatomie; Wellsville Garden Club, Everest Garden Club, Topeka Flower Lovers Club, Lawrence Flower Club, Kansas City Gloxinia Club, Wyandotte Garden Club, Kansas City, Kas.; Mission - Highland Garden Club, McLouth Garden Club, and the three Ottawa clubs. Mrs. William Famey, Wellsville, gave greetings from the Kansas Association of Garden Club. Mrs. T. E. Bennett gave a memorial service for nine deceased members, assisted by Mrs. W. H. Williams and Mrs. W. B. Smith. Susan Kelly gave a vocal solo accompanied by Susan Sandow. Garfield Gardners provided small corsages for favors at the luncheon. Covers of program booklets were hand painted by Mrs. Harding. Royal Neighbors lodge served the meal. Past presidents of the Association introduced by Mrs. Harding were Mrs. Frank Jones, Mrs. C. M. Lessender and' Mrs. Fred Broeker, Lawrence; Mrs. Bernhard Fleming, Mrs. William Moherman, Mrs. William Farney and Mrs. Oliver Neis, Wellsville; DRAKE'S BAKERY For Rolls-Donuts-Pies and all other bakery products Mrs. P. C. Iverson, McLouth; Mrs. Rose Morris and Mrs. Ray Landes, Kansas City, Kas.; Mrs. Helen Hunt and Mrs. E. F. Wilson, Topeka; Mrs. Herman Puthoff, Effingham; L. H. Hoffman, anl W. B. Smith, both ol Ottawa. Sweet Adelines gave num bers for the afternoon program. Prof. Elmer Roth, Ottawa University, gave a talk and showed slides he had taken of the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, Mo. Hosting the 1964 meeting wil be the Lawrence Flower Club headed by Mrs. Fred Broeker. Our Own Special Frosty Malts SELECT DAIRY 1020 N. Main CH 2-1607 FREE COFFEE Come In and Get Acquainted Wed. March 27 2 to 5 p.m. Have a free cup of coffee and meet Ralph and Sadie Heckman, new owners. Sadie's Cafe Formerly Known as Joe's Cafe 3 112 North Main TAB OTTAWA RBRAt Monday, MarUr », BARBARA WYATT Pinking Shean •KWING C1»C sharpening Albright's RICHARD SONS... Wash 'N Wear Patents Specially Priced Our Regular $10.95 Opera Pump In High or Mid Heels... In Red, Blue and White Patent... -- Handbags to Match -- 2.95 to 6.95 EXCLUSIVELY... Richardson's Shoe Store 213 S. Main "As Usual — First With the Newest" WOMEN PAST 21 WITH BLADDER IRRITATION After 21, common Kidney or Bladder Irritations affect twice as many women ai men and mar make you tense and nervous from too frequent, burning or itching urination both day andnight. Secondarily, you may lose sleep and suffer from Headaches, Backache and feel old, tired, depressed. In such Irritation, CYSTEX usually brings fast, relaxing comfort bj curbing irritating germs in strong, acid urine and by analgesic pain relief. Get OYBTBX at druggists. Feet better fast. Your Fashion Sfore •T-yr^j I ^? feather-light but gently firming • I L feeling! Just Received ... New Shipment STEP LADDERS Extra Heavy Construction ' Metal Tray To Hold Paint, etc. Ideal for Spring Housedeaning Chores. Reg. 7.95 Value 2.9* "The Small Store with The Big Deal" WHITE'S Furniture & Appliance "Your Franchised G.E. Dealer" 330 S. Main CH 2-4637 Skippies *5°° Everything is easier today, Including figure control... and that's thanks to gently coaxing Skippies. Skippies are so feather-light you'll scarcely believe that they can slim and trim with such finesse. But look ... and you'll see. Fine, firm nylon elastic net shapes hips and thighs. Satin elastic front panel provides extra flattening. 2'/2 Inch band nips your waist. Take your slimming the easy way ... Skippies Pantle No. 815. White. S.M.L Also available ^^ as girdle No. 915. I . WMt '*«*' / *XSt™!*** Shewn with Romance Bra No. 566_$2.00

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