Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on July 30, 1966 · Page 5
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 5

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1966
Page 5
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PAGE 10 THE ANDERSON HERALD SATURDAY. JULY 30, 1966 interim By JANE TONKK SCOTT everyone at "trails end" is an artist ... in one way or another . . . we are mingling w i t h paints . . . now ... we all realize that Jon shaler has the only real talent in the group ... so recognizing ... he is involved in creating an artistic 'sign . . . there has been a lot of discussion over the way he has made the "n" in trails end look a bit like an m . . . but ... it is artistic . . . we can't deny that . . . and an n does have two humps . . . as ho says . . . when you write il . well every real artist has some criticism . . . even doro- thy . . . who paints great masterpieces . . . by number . . we often accuse her of gelling the wrong number . . . but the no talent group . . . which is composed of the rest of us we are relegated lo spray painting . . . and we get criticism from everyone . .we have bought out the northland ... of hunter groen . . . dan mulvilill had to return lo clu- caco ... so he will be able to replenish our supply . . . there is a funny thing about hunter green . ."- it starts out as a gorgeous blue spruce green . . . but toward the bottom of Hie can ... it has a yellow green look . . . this is definitely not the fault of the artists ... it is in the can ... it does Rive things a kind of a yellow bellied stump jumper appearance now . . . we have added house painters to our crew . . . there is a lot of subversive conversation about the difficulties of morning sleep . . . now that our new friends have joined us when we finally get ready to relax ... it could be time to go home . . . i suppose . . but i can't complain of this creative period ... it is kind of fun . . . for instance . one of our miracles was to transform our old hook table into a credenza . . . we can think of the best things to do ... for this old house . . . that's all for now. ; WALT DISNEY'S SCAMP By WARD GREENE HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK Petroleum Jelly Stains For stains on fabrics caused by patroleum jelly, sponge with turpentine. Then, if the stains are old, rub with turpentine, roll up for one hour, then sponge again with more turpentine. Avoid hoiKng water, since this usually sets ihis kind of stain. Cleaning Glassware When glassware becomes, spotted and dull from water, soak the articles several hours in buttermilk. Tits will make them clear and bright, llt'slorc Color To restore a rubber drain mat and dish drainer to their original bright color, try .scrubbing them with a damp brush spi'.nklcd with dry baking soda. Berlin Wall Passage Meetings Collapse BEKUX ' UPI> — Kast-West talks on emergency wall passes for West Berlincrs broke down Fridav. Thr talks were deadlocked over an F.ast German demand for increased recognition of its Communist regime The old agreement expired .June 30. Dl'KYKA Gl'KSTS HOLLYWOOD I UPI) -Don | Dnrvea will play a guest slar role in an episode of the new television show. "Wild Country." OPEN EVERY DAY PROBLEM A DAY Tom is runnCng after Jerry, who is -156 feet ahead of him. However. Tom can run 11 feet while Jerry is. running only 9 feet. How many feet must Tom run before overtaking Jerry 0 Answer 2.508 feet. Tom gains 2 feet while running 11 feet; divide 456 by 1- 11. Ninety per cent of the world's ice is in Antarctica. For Fine Quality FURNITURE HOURS: 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. SATURDAY 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. SUNQAY 1 p.m. till 7 p.m. 3 Miles So. of Anderson Junction 9 and 67 Acron from Linder'i Phoi i 643-6971 Pmte ficr Parent*.. . This Mother: "1 told you if you I Mother: "We will put this marked on your bedroom wall j big piece of plain paper on ; again. I would have to spank : your wall and you may draw you'" on it Giving sm;iH children an arcrpuiblr \\:iv tn satisfv a strnng clrMrp is Ihr mcM rffcrlivp way In prevent their satisfying il in any undesirable Uav. DAILY CROSSWORD ACKOSS r»I. Writing I. AM abl"-f>vi- t.-uilc niion for 51'. I mo , Mr. Chnnlin MOWN' 5- " - and U.Kpiru'.i Circiim- 2. Kontbiill stance" amlt-rcnce 1!4. Kx- i*. Frels painful 3. P;irtof ' i;<: 4. PiriTr with '21. M ( I( J 1. ['rrsrrvr as food 08. Knjrlish critic and family 40. Stinging •f:;. Smell strong! v 4! ikmpy -Ifv African unLolope si /WOW' TM£ TlS-'S ^ f REALLY CJAV.Sj iNl! .™_->w..., s-^ .—' " —-"—=:--•! It ffT By MORT WALKER and DICK BROWNE KEKKY DRAKE Bv ALFRED ANDRIOLA OH, \wypipi EVER LET YOUTAIKMEINTO HE'S OUT THERE "1 MOVING THE UPSTAIRS IK! THE HAIL NOW, i PHONE TO YOUR MAMA' -^-^- BEPROOW- MAMA... REMEMBER WHEM ^ NO/THAT WOULI? ' X WAS A LITTLE GIRL AMP J BE TOO PANGEROU5, LOCKEP MYSELF IN MV * ROOM ..HOW PAPPY GOT TOME? (\ 4' ,.l\ ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST By SYDNEY OMARR FOR JULY 30 "Hit wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points th» way." ARIES (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19): You feel pull of family demands, responsibilities. Seek harmony. Otherwise, work is affected. And you lose face with friends, neighbors. Make this a day to ACHIEVE UNDERSTANDING. TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20): Family reunions, messages, calls provide spice. Journey contemplated earlier could lace delay. Be sure of WHY certain events transpire. Take nothing for granted now. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Emphasis on purchases, Is This Your Problem... ? By DR. JOYCE BROTHERS Everyone gets pooped now and then. There's that ppriod of recovery after a bout with the flu, the day after a peace march, or even that morning after the night before. But these are physical reasons of fatigue. What about :hat tired feeling you have when there's no apparent cause? In such caste tiredness could bo caused by emotional stress- psychologists call it "psychio "atigue." Like to know how much of your fatigue is emotionally sales, commitments to mate or partner! You gain if persist- caused? Well, you might ge't ent. If not, there is indecision which proves costly. Know | S ome idea by taking this short 1 ARCHIE By BOB MONTANA MCM W4NI5 A BRIGHT [-R BULB IN IMF . i ,.E.iuNt. LIGHT/ \TtiE ARMY! SHOULD I GC.T THE. STTPLADDER JOE 1'ALOOKA By HAM FISHER SOE AND HUMPHREY AKEON THEIR WAY TO A BIG POLITICAL KflLLY... f' MBTTER OF FACT, j LIVE9 IN THIS NECK KO'TH'WOOPS.'STORE I'll WOULD LIKE Yfl HULLO, JET.'WANT YA TSHAKE HftNDS WITH MY BEST FK1EN'....JOE LOOKfl this — act accordingly. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Restlessness dominates. You want to pull out of any rut. Now you can — but be sure you keep promises. Finish task so you see clearly. Future becomes brighter. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Emphasize basic needs. Be practical. You are facing a comparatively new situation. Realize this — give yourself time to adjust. Friend who is reckless should be ignored. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Wise decision necessary to avoid break in friendship. Follow conscience . . . practice GOLDEN RULE. Then you gain allies instead of arousing resentment. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Be sure of ground — then hold it! Means don't give up because of mere inconvenience. Stress versatility. Sense of humor also serves your purpose. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 -Nov. 21): See persons who can guide you ... but don't let pride stand in way of good advice. There is confusion. Forces appear scattered. Be aware of details. Then course straightens. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): If you are not wary . . financial upsets occur. Conserve resources. Make creative changes, decisions. Member of opposite sex due to offer constructive suggestion. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Relations not apt to be harmonious if you press issues. Be especially considerate of mate, partner. Steer clear of legal controversies. Keynote HARMONY. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): If you look behind the scenes . . . you find what is sought. Tendency is to brood. Overcome it. You succeed only when slate is wiped clean. Forget bruised ego! PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): Unnecessary journey could cause frayed nerves. Think before acting. Live up to potential, responsibilities. Older individual could offer benefit of wide experience. * * * IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY . . . you are sensitive, a natural entertainer . . . possess much personal magnetism. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for CAPRICORN. AQUARIUS, PISCES. Special word to VIRGO: Not a good day for speculation. Wait tor alljacts before^ plunging. BIG JOHN Says: READ A CAN OF BEER TONIGHT BLACK LABEL BEER THAT IS No. 1 BEVERAGE, Inc. 1 MAIN St. PHONE 644-7753 Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- |q u i z which I've preoared. what's more, by taking particular note of your incorrect answers, you might even get a clue as to the particular '.rcubte spot. Ten Statements Just indicate whether each oE the following statements is True or-False for you: 1. Sometimes after a full night's sleep I'm more tired when I get up in the morning than 1 was when I went to bet!. 2. I find that work I'm used to doing exhausts me these days as it never seemed to before. 3. I've had my usual number of problems recently — and those I can handle pretty well. 4. I've got as many, if not more, plans for the future than I had five years ago. 5. Within the last year I've passed a complete physical checkup. 6. I've attended at least one party recently even though I was physically exhausted a couple of hours before it started. 7. Sometimes I'm feeling just fine, and then all of a sudden will be completely drained of energy. I very seldom dp things twice in the same way. 9. Sometimes my neck muscles get so taut I think they might snap. 10. As a rule, eight or nine hours of sleep a night is plenty for me. Answers: 1. False. You should be rested after you've 1 slept H you aren't you should ask yourself what's coming up that day that you don't want to face. An unpleasant job? An irritating person? Dp something about that and it's pretty sure you'il bounce rested out of bed tomorrow! 2. False. If the work you're doing now didn't tire you before, chances are it isn't the work at all. Perhaps, instead, it's something about it that's upsetting you. A lack r,', appreciation? A feeling you're getting nowhere? Find the real •eason, and you might tind the work load a lot lighter, and less fatiguing. 3. True. Everyday problems can usually be handled without undue fatigue. But an extra load can wear anyone down, i particularly if they're the kind I that you'll have to live with for !a while, since they can't be j solved right away. Once they are taken care of, however, en- L1L' ABNER By AL CAPP ( YOU WERE MV LAST CHANCE.'/ 1 <. WHV DIDN'T / VOU SAVE (ME? (THAT'S A STUPID 7 QUESTION- MARY WORTH By BEN ALLEN I TALKED WITH MR'. ~y VEP.'...,T3 HARD FOR VANDIVcR DOWNTOWN, BOB!/ ME. TO REALIZE MRS. . -••AND 5HE WA$ FAIRLY / WORTH, THAT... IN A MONTH BUBBLING WITH NEWS/, OR TWO- -MY COR.SEOU5 ABOUT-A CERTAIN /;* GALLIC WIFE WILL a ROMANCE! / .VS v WAITING ON ML! "ON ME, INSTEAD OF •*— ^ MR5.V..'.-V'KNOW...ICANT ' QUITE UNDERSTAND WHY SHE K 50 KEEN ON GETTING AVONNL OUT OF HER. HOUSE ists call it loss o£ "goal ideas," which means a growing disinterest or inability to make '• plans, doubt and uncertainly about the future, even withdrawal from the society of other people. If a person in this predicamppt can't figure put the underlying problem for himself, he might be helped by an [objective confidante — say a minister or psychologist. 5. True. This is just to narrow down the odds against physically caused fatigue a little more, for a clean bill of health within the past year is a pretty good indication that your energy should be high. Of course, en- BLZ SAWYEK B.v ROY CRANE 12. Boxinpr 45. P.uUicnium: syni. 46. Thick soup 47. Seaweeds 19. Blundered 50. Strong tastes DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE — Here's how to work It: A X y D I, B A A X R Is I. O Jf G F E I, L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used ' for the three Us. X for the two OX etc. Single letters, apon- trophies, the ler.ffth and formation of the words are all hints. Kach day the code letters are different. A Cryptoifram Quotation AXPVJ ZPVV PZDEWP DEW VPXA- JB HZPD XU HXWDPB; FNKSKQX- D V X Q D K W O F U W X U F D . — U W O O I) - EXN V,,,l,,V, <V.V|,lor,M,,l, : I'O NOT BK MOVKH BV WOM- KN-S TKA'RS; THKY HAVB TAUGHT THIOIR WEEP.—OVID CASUALllESfj EU r CVC. SAWYER \ HOW WAMV ARE THEY, FOLLOWER TiiEW. SAWYER? CC'bVDYXJ THEY'VE GOT HER I Fit-IP THEIR f A.WP TREATIM6 THE /A&AINf , WO'JNDEP. S^ /POSITIVE. -/ / /I;EUIEMANT. / / *i'U COT V TO RESCUE DONALD DUCK By WALT DISNEY -\ Wi : l^l *f.' ¥w> •j.'v '. . ' *' ' ' ^.' '•'( \_ ' M yai^i "W7IVES of commuting husbands frequently have occasion \\l ° .... ^ Hill;, uue ui me jiiuai. vui;»- T» to pick on their mates for one failing or another, but mon ' p syc hic causes of fatigue a lady in Scarsdale not only bit the roof the other morning— | j s mental confusion. Psycnolog- but went right through : -'- "" :t '"" "' """"' :/q °" c " it. Seems her husband promised to drive her to New York so she could buy a summer dress or two. While he was nudging the car out of the garage, she went to the kitchen to give the cook a few parting instructions. When, she came out, she discovered that Friend Husband had absent-mindedly tootled off without her. That wasn't bad enough. „_.. An hour later she called him at the office to demand, "What's ergy can be temporarily tirain- your alibi this time?" He answered, obviously honestly, "I jed by a vitamin lack, or insuffi- don't know what you're talking about." "What do you think 'cient exercise or fresh an-or of a lug like that?" she asked her mother, after reporting even overheating or constipa- the incident. "He doesn't even remember he forgot me!" g' Fa]se If you werc rea ]]y * physically tired, you'd havo A Paramount executive made Hollywood history recently when n a s-ed up the party. It's sur- lie turned down a fabulous offer for a TV presentation of Cecil De prising how quickly psyhic fa- Mille's old Wock-iuster, "The Ten. Commandments." Announced [ig ue disappears when there's : the eKecutive, "We at Paramount intend to KEEP The Ten i something new and exciting in Commandments. 1 " jtbe offing! j * * * ! 7. False. You should suspect j When Jimmy Dean was but a lad, the elders in his home town it's psychic fatigue when it thought tkeir fortunes were made when they built a new rail- comes and goes with relative i road through the main drag-. Unfortunately, however, every able- suddenness. I£ this happons to bodied resident left by the first train! jyou. try to notice just what's C 1966, by Bennett Ctrl. DirtrllMt-d bv King Features Svndlc.t. !R oin S on ne * 1 ll , m f you re hit _ , ' __ 'by a "wave of fatigue. You 'may get a clue to the real cause. 8. True. Habits can he a real drag at. times. For the same routines, followed day aftf' day lean really wear you down, if iyou misrod on this question, you ,. 'might think about wavs in '* which you can vary your daily activities. Variety is no', only J.lie spico of life; it's an energy 'producer, ns well. j 9. False. Taut muscles mean [tension. And tension and the ! inability to relax are ''esults, not causes. So the next time your neck tightens, or that headache starts, you might Into find out why. Could be better than an aspirin or a hot bath. 10. True. If you're psychically fatigued you may think vo'J need more than eight or so [hours of sleep, but I,h3 normal adult se-'dom does. But even if you think you do, better wait Believe/t orT^ot/ MATTED CIVIMLI (1435-15011 Famed, Italian sculptor and architect ' WflS THE FATHER, UNCLE, GRANDFATHER AND SREAT-UMaE OF 22 aiCBRATEO SCULPTORS WHO ALSO UCRE ARCHITECTS before tumbling into bed (or an afternoon nap becaus psychologists have found that mora sleep just makes psychic fa- "! tigue worse. Instead, why not juse that nap time for trying to 'figure out what's getting you CK IH THE msi (M-Firt. or- IIOKSHM. <VISTF.VH.IIV WITH THE ENTIRE POPULATION /ASSEMBLED AT TO HEWS IT FOR THE FiKT TIME. STRUCK 3O « MS U£VEK DOtJf ff A6AIU t (Mi > n ">* 1 ; Send yoiu problems ( 0 Or. Joyce Brothers, The Anderson Herald, care of The Bell Syn- dicali-, Inc., 220 W. 43rd St., New York, and enclose a stamped, sell-addressed, envelope for a return reply.

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