The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1944
Page 4
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4 Tuesday, September 19, 1944; JAN'TKEEP ! SRANDMA IN IER CHAIR She's M Lively »• • Young»ter— Now her Backache is better j M»ny sufferers reliem* nagging bnrkiiche ' •quickly, one* they discover that the rc»l cause of their trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidneys are Nature • ohiel way of taking the excess acids and waste out of the blood. They help most people pass about 3 puits a day. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous natter to rejrnain in vour blood, it i may fisuse nagging bacxache, rheumatic pains, ' leg pains, loss of pep and energy, itrtting up nights, swelling, puffiness under the cyca, headaches and disiincss. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning inmn- timcs shows then ts something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't (rait! tak vour drugeiM. tor Donn'n Fills, iucd successlullv bv millions tor ovnr 40 years They give happv relict anil mil help ihe 15 railea ot kidney tubes flush out poi«rm- otu vatte from your blood. (Jet Doan s I'ills. Inquiry Pledged in Rome Mob Lynching Sopt. 1!>. (UP)— An inquiry was promispd today into the lynching of a minor Fascist ciffi-'ial by :i Unman mob. including linn- drrds of womon. that broke into HIP Pnlace of Justice yesterday and dniR^pil oiii tlioir kicking;. screaming victim without more flinn token In- terfri encp from Kalian polire. Count -Curio Sf 01-33. minister without portfolio in the Italian govern- nicnt. told correspondents the Cam blnierl and officers who stood by while the mob killed Donala CarPtta. assistant director of th? RpKlnn Cof-li prsion durinR the Mussolini re- Kimo, would lie punished severly. Carotta was to have been » wll- nrss at the trial of I'irlro faruso. fnrjniT police chief of Uo:ne. nnrl was waitlriR to lestfiy when the mob sei/.i'd him. The trial was post|>oned unlil tomorrow. F. R. Orders Plan for War Agencies Cunllnupri From Page One idly, but with n minimum of dis- ' order and disruption. "Only careful planning can achieve this Ki>;il. "This is the lime to do the planning, although the war—even in Europe— Is not over. Most of the planning will pi 1 ' bablv have to wait for exu-uli'in unlil the Japs have surrendered—and there is no way of (ellins when (hat will happen. But the plans should he ready." .MONTY GETS OLD SWEATER SI'PUKAIK IIKADQrAKTEHS OF Till-: AU.IKO KXr-KDITIOXAUY KOKCK. Sept. 10. (JPl—VMrl Marshal Sir Hernard I/. Montgomery is wearing again an old brown sweater which he left behind with most of his kit in the hasty British withdrawal from l.cuven In l!M'i. Monks found (he kit and hid it. When Ihe Kritish c;une back the monks pr> i<j onlrd it lo Montgomery. SPARE YOUR WIFE THE BURDEN OF YOUR FUNERAL BILLS Afl your married life, you've cherished and protected your wife. You carry insurance to protect her after you are gone. BUT, have you forgotten that she will have to use part of this money to PAY YOUR FUNERAL BILLS? That in her bewilderment and grief, she may OVERSPEND? You can spare her this added burden by means of the Forest Lawn Protection Plan which provides cash to pay all funeral bills. The cost is surprisingly low. Any person, regardless of age, may apply. You decide, in advance, the exact amount you want spent for EVERYTHING. You may specify any funeral director anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Cash is immediately available to PAY FUNERAL BILLS whenever or wherever the need occurs. Learn all about the Forest Lawn Protection Plan —the financial stability of the company behind it —the rates —the cash and loan privileges—the other exclusive advantages—the NON-ASSESSMENT feature Our FREE booklet gives complete details — tells how this low- cost Protection Plan is bringing peace of mind to thousands. Send for it TODAY. No obligation. FOREST LAWN LIFE INSURANCE CO. 1600 So. Glcndol* Avt., 21 GUndol* 5, Colifornio Pltoi* tend m«, without coit or obligation, a booklet explaining the Fortil lawn Protection Plan. Cb\QtVM\ W v* W ^ ^^ WW ^^ •§ W ^W ' a\'^\crtvYyw Compare Sunnybank with any other margarine at any price. Test it for all the qualities that make a really good spread... for flavor, texture, spreadability. Note the easy, even way Sunnybank colors. How appetizing it looks and tastes. Then, if Sunnybank doesn't suit you on all counts CONFEREES OKAY GEORGE BILL SENATE COMPENSATION, TRAVEL POINTS CUT I i WASHINGTON, Sept. 1!). <#> — A ! joint congressional committee gave ' its final approval to a postwar re- conversion bill today after eliminat- j ing a Senate provision to authprize j unemployment compensation for i 3,100,000 federal employes and back ! home (ravel pay for discharged war! workers. ! Chairman George (D-Ga.) of the Senate conferees promptly brought the modified proposal to the floor and it was passed by a voice vole and sent to tin 1 House for final action. "Thi> House having voti-d to insist upon its disiigrccnv:ii, we were confronted with two alternatives—to accept the provisions of the bill upon which there was agreement, or have no bill at all," George said in a state- client. The agreement removed one of the major obstacles to a congressional recess this week rnd until after the November elections, Stripped of its unemployment and back-home pay provisions, the re- conversion hill <-ets up an Office of War Mobilization and Reconver- sion to co-ordinale all activities of federal agencies dealing with these problems. HEADACHE RELIEF Cipudine is the choice of thousands to relicvt simple headache and neuralgic pain. Its balanced formula contains ingredients celebrated for their effectiveness in relieving these pains and soothing nerves tensed by the pain. 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X*. of SAFEWAY STORES It meets every test -yet costs you less Russia, Finland Sign Armistice Continued Kroni Page One Porkkala to a point only 8 miles from Helsinki. ('•rinding down Herman armored reserves at the rate nearly one pan: r division a day. th I!ed Army has tightened a strangling grip on the enemy's mid-Baltic communications in Latvia in a gigantic five-day battle which may be another fulfillment of Premier Stalin's classic strateg>—surround and destroy! Front reports today indicated there still is no pause in the ferocious engagement begun Friday west of Jelgava, where Ihe main Baltic roads and railways meet. The Russians claim to have knocked out -441) tanks and :i(>5 planes un the eastern front in the past four days. Obviously most of this punishment lias been inflicted in the Haltic sector. The fate of. the Herman northern .mny group, si ill estimated at more than L'II divisions, may be decided in the next few hours or days if the Xa/.is fail to keep open the lifeline from Kasl Prussia through the .Id- gava area to the forces in eastern Latvia and Hslonia. The coastal corridor little more than L'O miles wide now connects the Hermans above Iliga with those holding western Latvia and western Lithuania. The Russians once snapped this lifeline by plunging to the sea. but the Hermans re-established it In heavy fighting. At the corridor's narrowest point th-e enemy is throwing in continuous heavy infantry and tank attacks to drive a wedge into (lie line held by Hcneral Ivan (.'. Biigramian's First Haltic Army and attempt to nullify Red army plans lo cut off and annihilate the Herman army group piecemeal. Try for Split (By Herman accounts the Russians were making their greatest effort to split the Herman Baltic forces X? miles northeast of Riga instead of in the Jelgava area. Berlin said Red army units in that area had outflanked Valga by crossing the little LOmbtijogi river, but the Russians said nothing of the fighting there. (Berlin declared that three Soviet armies totalling more than 500.000 men had been hurled against the Her man Baltic positions and one com mentator predicted an imminent on slaught by a fourth in the Xarva set- tor of Estonia's northeastern coast (Broadcasts from Germany said Fled army units had driven a "deep penetration ' northwest of Tartu in the direction of Tallinn, Estonian capital.) Vistula H:im»'i* Official silence screened details of the Soviet-Polish operations in the Warsaw area, but Herman strong points in the capital continued under heavy Russian ai tillery fire. The Vistula proved a formidable barrier to Marshal Konstanlin Rokossovsky who had to contend with new enemy reinforcements sent into action after he cleared the Praga district on the east bank. In the Carpathian highlands of southern Halicia, Colonel-General Ivan Petrov's Fourth Ukrainian Army pressed on from the captured cornrmmlc-itions network centered in r.strlke-Dolnie, but the enemy retained a strong bulge of positions on the approaches to the Czechoslovak frontier. Yanks Kill 5543 Japs in First 4 Days in Palaus j Continued Fi- j over 14.000. Field dispatches from I Pelellu said American casualties | were light. ! Light Nip Attach* ! On Morotal island, 375 miles south of Davao, southwest Pacific forces continued to scout for the disappearing Japanese garrison. Two light aerial attacks, the first Nipponese counterblow against that Island, were reported, with two of the attacking planes shot down. Carrier-based American aircraft made their heaviest assault on adjacent Halmahera island, source o.f potential Japanese reprisal attacks, flying 150 sorlties Friday. Neutralization raids continued also against Dutch Celebes, to the southwest. Fifihl for Hitlers Two light Japanese air thrust!* also were made against the Peleliu airdrome. The field was repaired by seabees, while a mile northward marines fought for the razor-sharp ridges of .00-foot-high Umorbrogol mountain, key lo the Japanese defense system. Midget Cubs, used for artillery reconnaissance, took off from the field the first time today. Krickson described the terrain across which the marines are fighting as the meanest they have encountered In the Pacific. He said Japanese artillery posts, which had harassed American positions constantly, were knocked out, hut the Nipponese maintained steady fire from small arms and mortars. An earlier dispatch from Rembert Ja^nes, Associated Press correspondent, .reported that Japanese armor on Pfleliu apparently has been destroyed. 1'hilippiiH'S Hit The Tokyo radio announced today that Allied planes had attacked a Japanese base in northern Sumatra, PENSION PLAN LOS ANGELES. Sept. 'in. OP)— The county supervisors today or | tiered an ordinance drafted to pro vide a separate pension system for county forestry and Cire department employes with retirement at age fiO. At present they are included in the county employes' retirement, plan, which provides for retirement at 65. »1E OF IXJIRIES LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19. (M— Carl D. Seat, 41!, Los Angeles, died In the county general hospital today from Injuries police said were sustained In a street fight last night. Frank Griffin, 22, was held on suspicion of assault wtih a deadly weapon. IMiulof|raph AUSTIN S I II IN IIS IT IS GOOD ANYTIME NO MATTER HOW OLD HAVE YOUR SITTING NOW! OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 1524 Nineteenth Street Phone 3-0930 BAKERSFIELD DAILY HOl'RS: !) a. in. (o 8 |». m. Sundays 1 p. in. (o 6 p. in. pain and Itching; aoothei Irritated skin; puts protective coating ol medicine over piles. Try this triple- action formula for home use today for minor rectal irritations and Hchlnit due to piles. Use as directed on package. Money back guarantee of satisfaction. Ask your druggist for HEIVIEX Rectal Ointment •om Page One j the city of Davao in the Philippines and Koror island, in the Palau group north of invaded Peleliu and Anguar islands yesterday. Details were few in the domestic transmissions, recorded by the Federal Communications Commission. Shere was no Allied confirmation ot the reports. Forty carrier-based bombers were said to have attacked tho Japanese base in northern Pumartra, which was not Identified by name. Two of the raiders -vere declared shot down "by simultaneous firing of rifles of our infantry units." Japs Evacuate Civilians ! Davao, on the east coast of the i island of Mindanao, was the targe*t ! of 50 bombers and fighters, includ- i ing Liberators and Lightnings, the I Tokyo radio said. ! A hundred carrier-based planes ! were reported to have attacked | Koror island. The Tokyo radio declared today that the Japanese navy had completed evacuation of civilians from the Palau islands. The broadcast said the evacuation convoy included cruisers and destroyers escorted by planes. Another Tokyo broadcast recorded by the Associated Pres' in London asserted that American losses thus far in the invasion of Peleliu island in (he Palau group totaled 500 dead and 15 large ships sunk The claim was entirely without supporting evidence from other sources. The Tokyo broadcast declared that the American lost one cruiser, one destroyer, one submarine one minesweeper and one craft, of an unknown typo sunk and more than fio landing craft, 150 tanks and l!li planes destroyed. Sailor Records Dying Wishes Continued From Page On» Can't catch fish—no rain—love Big liyea. July 9—Little rain (navy dele-_ tion) headed west. Land Close July 10—Rain last night very weak land close somewhere. July 11—Mavis flew over—no see—left eye bad shape—still have water, drifting ME. July 12—Little cloudy, no planes, none landed, head north p. m. Jap Nell saw me—strafed hit me in both legs—bandaged them—drift- Ing E. * July 13—Very weak from loss of blood—land In sight—no food since the fourth—6 ounces of water left —going fast. July 14—Catch one small fish last p. m.—very, very—won't last over today. Plenty fish but can't sit up—very slight breeze. If (his is my last day, tell my Big Eyes to be happy with someone else. I'm back to salt water—God bless you all surprise July 15 tell Helen I found God be happy love , . , Nc rain for two weeks. To Helen I loved her until the end—Jack. I love Mom, Dad and all. AVish , I could eat some of her cooking. r NEW kind of ASPIRIN tablet doesn't upset stomach W HEN you need quick relief from pain, do you hesitate to take aspirin because it leaves you with an upset stomach.' It so, this new medical discovery, StUPtRiN- is "just what the doctor ordered" tor you. Supcrln It •iplrln plut—contains the same pare, safe aspirin vou have long known—but developed by doctors in a special way tor (hose upset by aspirin in its ordinary torm. Thlt n«w kind ot aspirin tablet dissolves more quickly, lets the aspirin get right at the job ot relieving pain, reduces the acidity ot ordinary aspirin, and does not irritate or upset stomach—even after repeated doses. T««r this out to remind you to get Superin today, so you can have it on hand when headaches, colds, etc.. strike. See how quickly it relieves (pain-how fine you feel after taking. At your druggist's, 15* and 39*. Petrol Pete I can see it all now. * * * Some oil company bigshot has this ad on his desk and he is saying: "Harrumph, these Petrol guys think they're going to come into this territory. Take a memo, Miss* Tralee: To the field —" * * * He's got a right to lie scared, for already otrr gas is so popular where it is sold that rich men all want to marry Petrol Dealers' daughters just so they can get PDQ gas. * * * iBut, all I want to do is tell the people that PDQ I PETROL is darned i good gas, for imaybe they'll I be driving somewhat more someday and we all hope it comes PDQ. PETE Now that the picking season is here again, many of the irrigation pumps that helped to bring the victory crops to harvest are get* ting a rest. Their battle for this year is won. They're entitled to their furlough. But next year is coming fast, with more of the same work to do—starting with winter irrigation to get the water way down to all the roots that will feed next year's golden crop. Remember your pump. As soon as the harvest is over, give it the doctoring and the brushing up it's entitled to. Oil it Oean it Be good to it. Like any other unsung hero, it . works best when its fighting spirit is kept up. PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY I26D444

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