Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on July 30, 1966 · Page 3
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 3

Anderson, Indiana
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Saturday, July 30, 1966
Page 3
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tAM t THl ANDERSON HERALD Bonnie Prince Charles Likes 'Di LONDON (UPI; -When the familv, he has a tendency to Idea of going to Australia was nose and throat weakness an ( first put to Prince Charles, the suffers from sinus trouble a heir to the British throne was : times, said to have replied: "But it'r. There is much soeculalior such a long way from about what step he will take everybody." next on his road to the throne On reflection, he told his after his return to Britain a friends that at least it would be the end of August, a chance to get away from his ; Navy Hopes school of Gordonstoun in the His oft-expressed ambition is Scottish Highlands for a time, to enter Dartmouth's Roya He never wanted to go to Naval College as an officer Gordonstoun, a rugged esta- cadet. But some source^ close blishment but made no com- to the palace feel that .ettmg plaint because it would be him join the navy for a while against his duty to do so. has been abandoned quietly. So said palace sources, Charles is a keen sailor and Queen Elizabeth II was relieved loves being at sea bat to hear that her 17-year-old sorrscamanship alone is no longer was thoroughly eojoing Austra- enough for the modern naval Ij a * ' officer. He must be a specialist sessions "at Se'^mato d!^ evcT if 'he ^aTfhe" ability to Melbourne, plus as ; muc hei] _ ^ ^^ in ^ 1&VF& STSfe Yt j^ « a^^ "alfa's sunny climate has »*** ^^"rles nrovwi excellent for JrTinCG ^M"" 1 ™ o* . . . Ch les' health Like the queen Already has been given this _^ . awav from home. 1 f* _ /»L/M> Ijnln When Charles ends his second nnnnPl l\l)|P term in Australia he will fly VuwL/VI IXVIW (jj roc | to .| an ,ak'a to join his 1 PN ft father. Prince Philip, and C MaUfitt sister - Princcss AnnC ' f ° r th ° |J 1 Uiwll Commonwealth Games. _ ..I Afterwards he will come trtr 1 irmrnir llome with ttiem lo J°' n the lUI LIlKJjQi I" 0 ™ all(l m ' s two V0un 3 er ••"•**•''*"/ brothers for the usual royal HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Liv- summer vacation at Balmoral ing with the name Goober isn't Castle in Scotland, the easiest thing in the world,! The royal family is likely to but actor George Lindsay has hold discussions then to settle found it a bonanza. Prince Charles' future. Lindsav is the waffle-headed It may be that he will go Goober of "The Andy Griffith back to Gordonstoun for Show." a moronic filling station! another term, or perhaps go to mechanic who replaced .Jim another commonwealth school Nabors who played Corner Pyle^or university, or even enter a on the series before striking ouLBritish university, with his own show. i Further education in Britain Television's Goober is a would mean he would be able native of Jasper. Ala., where a to be at his mother's side on special Goober Day was many stale and official occa- prodaimcd earlier this year. sions. A former school teacher and Birthday Present an, actor on Broadway, Lindsay; He becomes eligible to do this can speak perfect English on his 18th birthday in without a trace of his corn pone November, when he will be accent — but he refuses to do voted an 1 official yearly income "To tell you tiie honest truth, he' says mg «ith° 4 "patented PJn Up ElTIDnQSiS idiotic grin. "I'll go on playing r r jhis^acterasiongasthey'lli^j^ ^ Lindsay is married to an . . Ohio girl named .lov whom he W/iflrt lA/fir II met when stir was a student at " ul lu '' ul " Florida's Rollins College. They 1IOL , LY \VOOD (API - Cosare the parents of George, 4, tumes are scanUer Tnc bikini and a daughter, Camden Jo 2. has replaced lne type o{ one . Little George calls his father piece batning suil Be t lv Grable "Goober Daddy. l worc j n ^ m \^ ^ar TT' S most ptircl-aspd a home in Tarzana, P °\'" (1ac " ssP( !s "such °a°s Elizabeth a San Fernando Valley suburb, Tay|or Carrol , Baker S(e ,, a which he describes as being Stevens and Mamie Van Doren "early mortgage." It has three _ sem j nlK | e or j n transluscent bedrooms, a den. dining room ne g;jr<ees _ j> e t men's-maga- and two baths. They ave still in z j np portrayal in living color. house. legs ( 0 bosoms. "You never George is an athlete who near any bodv say, 'Oh. what attended Florence State College I^M- _ e x cept maybe about in Alabama on a football Cyd charisse," savs one close scholarship. Now he limits his observer of the Holylwood physical activities to golf and scene tennis. These are findings in a study "I play golf with anyone of Hollywood cheesecake, or. that'll play with me.' he says. m0 ie specifically, what changes 'and there aren t many of navc been wrought in this art those. I played nine holes the: f orm over tne vears other day without being on the, Tnc earliest "cheesecake photo fairway a single time. ' j s sa i(j to be one of the silent Personal Appearances screen's vampire, Theda Bara. In the past two months j n ] 0 w-cut gown as the original Goober . . . er, ah. Lindsay ce |i u | oid Cleopatra in 1917. traveled some 30.000 miles for other landmarks in the annals personal appearances at rodeos, 0 [ cheesecake include- and fairs. He sings off-key and, _ Miss Grable, back to cam- doos his Goober act which erc in a , vnite ba(ninK suit , panics folks in the hustings. SP1 jij ng over her shoulder in a '•They seem to like the way I. pose treasured bv troops frorn talk. 1-c savs. "And so do l-i Normandy to Guadalcanal a \\hen I .lost my accent in New generation ago. •iork I couldn't get arrested. So _ R j ta Hayworth in a black Im keeping it. Maybe forever. i ace nightgown sitting on her Lindsav has a net turtle knees in hod. leaning forward, named Sam who apparently is with her body sideways - an- incliffcrent to his owner's other fighting men's favorite. P E '? 1S - . —Marilyn Monroe in her fa- The actors only other off- mo us 1S52 calendar pose lying screen activity is a garden in nude on her side, seen from which he grows only carrots, above, her red-gold hair Its not that hes fond of the .streaming out behind. Miss vegetable, but lie gets the seeds Monroe said she posed for this for nothing. one because she was out of work ' I m not a very good anr i needed money gardener " he sighs. "They are Experts say the Monroe photo the smallest, sorriest looking blazed a trail among the promi- carrots ever grown. Nobody in nent. the family will eat 'em. "Not Seminude posing says Mario even Sam.'' Casilli, representative of a lead- Because Lindsay's Wardrobe j r . g men's magazine ( Playboy I is the worst on television, he j s -pretty much the accepted sees no reason for putting on thing compared to sav five the dog in private life. He owns years ago. The public is 'becom- and frequently wears a pair of j nR more sophisticated and bib overalls whenever the aware of sex. The bathing suit character of Goober threatens j s R0 ing to be no longer some- to slip from his consciousness, thing that will interest anyone" "Fans expect to see me in How lucrative is shedding for old clothas. and I m not about the lens? to let them do\vn," he explains, fees for actresses vary he He also owns a couple of said, and usually are negotiated suits and dons them only when bv their agents. "Sometimes he is confident he won't spoil you work with a producer who the Goober image. . wants publicity for his film." Diffident Type Photographer Peter Gowland Lindsay is as friendly as a estimates that two-thirds of his puppy and utterly bereft of an $63,000 - a year gross income actor's ego. His interest in com€s from glamor photogra- people is genuine. His manner p bv . With Alice, his wife and gracious and self-effacing. coworker, he travels the world During the week he's up and taking photos for leading maga- around at dawn and sneaks out zincs of the house before the rest of The major change in cheese- the family is awake. He drives ca kc, Gowland asys, is toward a medium-priced sedan to „. Ta lness. "Pictures used to Desilu studios, some 40 minutes \ x posed. Now editors want by freeway from Taraana. them to look real and have ac He returns home before dark tion." in time for dinner with Mrs. A veteran studio publicist Lindsay and the kids. On claims current fashions make weekends he barbecues shishka- his job toughter. "The general bob ui the backyard. public has beat the hell out of The Lindsays seldom enter- Hollywood when it comes lo tain and rarely go out on the cheesecake. Skirts up to here town. George is a great Dresses cut so low you can see admirer of Andy Griffith, but practically everything." the relationship is reserved for » working hours. EI-KF. IN NEW PIC "Actually, my best friend is HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Elkc Goober," says Lindsav happily. Sommer concludes her starring "When you get to know a guy role in "The Venetian Affair' «s well as I know him, you in time to start right in really get to be pals." ["Deadlier Than the Male." 3wn Under' The usual sum in the pas has been 7,000 pounds ($19,600 a vear but this may be increased to meet the highei cost of living. The prince also will get a private secretary and in equerry. At 18 he may be married provided he has the queen's written consent, but no one expects a marriage for some years yet. Prince Charles is known to De interested in politics and would like lo take his seat in the House of Lords at 18. The queen is believed to have been inquiring into the constitutionality of this because peers normally may not take fr.eir seats until they are 21. The prince may be a unique exception. queen and as a royal title it carries no parliamentary But he holds five peerages, all with parliamentary rights, that he automatically acquired at birth. These titles are the Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Irainer Killed By Elephant HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Producer Sy Weintraub said Friday one of the elephants working in the "Tarzan" television show went berserk Friday killing its trainer on location near Mexico City. Weintraub said he had reports from the Mexican c:pital that the elephant was frightened by barking dogs as it was unloaded from a ramp about a mile from where the series was being filmed. "From what I understand someone shot at the elephsnt," Weintraub said, "but we don't *now whether it was hit. The elephant then headed for a louse, running berserk. When ;he trainer attempted to' calm enraged elephant." Weintraub added that the new Tarzan, Ron Ely, was noti piesent when the incident tookj )lace. "It was a very tame elephant which we have rented before and worked in the series,' 1 Veintraub said. PROBATION INDIANAPOLIS (AP) —George Washington Minix, 4B, Indianapolis, a retired Navy chief petty officer, will be on probation the next three years for passing $776 worth of fraudulent checks at military bases in four states. Federal Judge William E. Sleekier commented: "Your case is familiar to many ex-servicemen who do not seem to be able to handle their own LEGAL NOTICES Annual Report of Receipts and Expenditures on account of Special School Fund, by the Treasurer o Inc Madison • Grant United School Corporation in Madison and Grant Counties. Indiana, for the year end- Balance on Hand. July 1. 1!)GS .._ $171.34668 Current Receipts: Taxes S2Gfi.flfif; K9 Corporate Tax 24.172.83 Lease of Land "/'. _ HUH) ntanc'Wes Tax Tft R17 95 P-opertv Tax Relief fi4.020.64 State Tuition Support „_ 39.114.02 Transportation ... 401.29 Insurance Refunds "_„ 1.398 28 Building Rent _ ._ 326.50 Miscellaneous ... -. 88. 84 Refunds _._ 92.10 Federal Grants . 7,336.04 U., S. Treasury Notes &- Interest . . 100,000.00 Summer School Payment 1,135.99 Center Twnshp. 197.91 463.11 Total Current Receipts . 5523,444.28 Total Current Expenditures . 548.536.16 Current Operating Bal. . $ 25,091.88 Bal. on Hand, June 30, '66 $146.254.80 A A. Rents. Equipment, Material Rep. Bldg. ... 101.90 Eva Slav Absher. Secretarial Work . . . 204.75 Achor Piano Shop, Repair Equipment . . 64.00 Acme PavinR Company, Imprv. Land . .. 1.050.00 Affiliated Publishers, Books . ...... 19.49 Airkem Service of Central Indiana. Janitor Supp. 559 60 Alexandria Record & Flower Shop. Inst. Supp. 9.74 Alexandria Times-Tribune Corp., Inst. Supp. 27.15 in Bldg., Jan. Supp. . 362. fia Earl Allen & Son. Insur. - Il,l9ft.24 i Allied, Inc.. Furniture, Inst. Supp. . . 658.24 Allred Electric Company. Mat. Bldg.. Equip. Rep. 193.59 Alp Publications, Inc., . Books . . 19.50 American Bar Assoc., 1 Book __ 3 00 American Council on Ed- lications. Inc., Books 2.40 American Library Association, Books ' . 23.50 American Library Color Slide Co.. Inst. Supp. 44.50 American Library & Education Service Co. .Books 70.13 American Museum of Natural , History, ,Insl. Supp. . 11.30 Anderson Klectronic's. Inc.. BldR. Equip. tWO. 00 Anderson Newspapers. Inc., Legal notices,, printing, budget _ 356.62 Anderson Sporting Goods, Inc., Inst. Supp. , 1S.90 Armstrong Pro Hardware Sc F.leetnc, Inst. Supp. 26.95 Associated Education Service Corp.. Books 60.00 'The Atlantic Monthly. Lib. | Supp. f! 50 Audio-Visual Div.. Popular Science, Hooks fifl.Ofl Audio-Visual Specialists. Insl. Supp., Equip. 371.86 Max A\res, Lab., Mat. Bldg. . . 542.15 Larry D. Bair, Rep. Equip,, Equip. 10.00 Paul Haker, Travel. Conf. 4.20 Baldwin's Sporting Goods. Equip. . 146.20 Hall State Bookstore, Inst. Supp. . 35 28 Ball State University, lust. Supp. 3(V) Bal)ard Brake A- Kquipmrnt Co. Mat. It Labor of Hus . 39 33 Burlier-Column Company, Mai. ft Rep. Bid*. - 87.22 Book ' .. «.fl LEGAL NOTICES Barnhsrt Tire Shop. Wp. Equip. - S« Barren's Education*! Service Corp. Books .. »H Thomas A Beck. M D., | Med. Service 15-M Bfn franklin Store, Boird Supp . Inst Supp , Equip. - ** 5* Benelic Presi. Books . .. 138.2 Dean F. Berkley. Supt. * Bd. Mbr. Exp. - 130 OC Better Homes & Garden!, Magazine . 1 50 Bill's D-X Service, Labor A Mat. o( Buses 35.17 Board of Christian Education, Books !•£ Board ol School Commissioners of City of Indianapolis. Trans. Tuition » 31 " Bobbs • Merrill Company, !nc . Inst. Supp. - 30 15 Boiler ti Pressure Board, Boiler Insp. 2600 Books for Better Sports, Book . 300 Booster Club. Equip. Loss , ,. 132. 5( R.R. Bowker Company, Books ... - .— »-M Bowmar Records. Inst. Supp. -- *•*** Mark Branch, Mil. Grounds 304.20 D Med Br Exam V *' '..'!—- «0.00 Breedlove and Son, Rep. Equip. .. • • 22. OC J E Brewer, Postmaster, Box Rent - 4 - 40 Kenneth Brewer, Travel . S71 15 Brodheid-Gnrrett Company. Inst. Supp 134.38 Bruce Publishing Company, Book I - 48 Brunlnfs Store ! * 10. ^ Inst. Supp.. Books '2.00 B s r u"p U0 ' ™"' '""' — - "•" Ralph Butcher. Labor on Mower - < - SO Bullcr's Music Store. Inat. Supp Equip. - ""' w Calllornia Test Bureau. Inst Supp. 85 -' 5 Camphcll. Cemmill. Browne. Torrance, Sisson, Legal Services .- 1,200.00 Campbell Music Company, Inst. Supp. -— "•" Barbara CaujheU. Inst. Supp. - " M Ccbco Company, Inst. Supp. .-—...- " M C c n orn a pany i *F-'uel". .- - 10.37I.M Central Scientific Company. griip 8 """-.^--..- «»•« <««££: - .«. Childrens Press. Inc., Books -,-— "•" The Citizens State Bank. Bonds i Coupons. Rent .... of Safety Dep. Box .... U49.B Citi7.ens Telephone Company, Inc , Telephone rent and Tolls. Special Classes (Telephone! -."»•»' Civic Education Service, Inc.. Inst. Supp. - '•.,. Clearing House. Books - 5.00 Cleveland Cotton Products Company. Jan. Supp. - «"» Svlvia Cline, Library Work " 25 John Colburn Associates. ^ M Collier - MacMiltian Li- ^ Johrfcomery'conf . Ixp'. I isloo Commercial Motor Frcighl. Inc.. Mat. Bldg.. Books, Efltlip. — '"•" F. E. Compton Company. Inst Supp.. Book - 15 - 311 C^sional Staff Directory. aM Continental Press. Inc.. Inst. Supp.. Books - M.01 Walter Conway, Books _. 47.J5 Correlated Products, Inc.. Mat. Rep. Grounds ---- »•!"> Cotterman Furniture Company, Equip. *- u " The George F. Cram Co.. inc.. Books. Inst Equip 1,201.89 Creative Educational So- cictv. Inc.. Book .. ..- 7.81 Crystal Industrial Services, Inc.. Jan. Supp. _- --- »- 30 C Tra!nfne. t0 Truch Hep^" . 85.B5 Culligan Water Conditioning, Soft Water Service .... 78.00 Curless Farm Equipment, Mat. Buses , - 24-65 Custer Lumber Company, Mat. Blcig. . --- 113.06 Ralph Davjd, Inc., Jan. Supp. . -- 80.19 David-Stewart Publishing Company. Books 19.45 Central Membership ._ 128.19 Dem co Library Supplies. Lib. Supp. - - 211.17 "lnc.,. e Books -'- 47.10 Dcnover - Geppert Company Equip. . ---- 237.16 A. B. Dick Products of Muncie. Off. Inst. Supp., Equip. 2,849.60 Doann Agricultural Service, Inc.. Inst. Supp. 44.60 Dodd, Mead ft Co., Inc., Books . .„ 34.14 Doubledav & Company. Inc., Books .... 508.87 Marion C. Drake, M.D., Med. Service _— 10.00 DriskUTs I.G.A. Market, Jan. Supp.. Inst. Supp. 549.48 Duckcreek-Boone Elementary School, Inst. Supp. 24.00 James Dunn. Postmaster, Off. Supp. „ 325.00 E. P. Dutton & Company. Inc.. Book . . 221 Dvna-Vac Power Cleaning, Lab., Mat. Bldg. 200.00 East Central Indiana School Study Council, Dues, Eastern Howard School Corp., Trans. Tuition . 1,954.14 Economics Laboratory, Inc., Jan, Supp. - 239.00 The Economy Company, Insl. Supp. . .. 8.40 Educational Audio Visual, Inc., Books -- 205.86 Educational Music Bureau, Equip., Inst. Supp. - 29.02 Education Digest. Book . 7.00 Educators. Progress Service, Lib. Supp.. Books - 43.00 Ednciuipment, Inc., Inst. Supp. ...Off. Supp.. Equip. 1.4G2.24 Jay Elsworth, Hauling Trash 61.00 El wood City Schools, Trans. Tuition 12.827.77 EMC Corporation. Records _ ... 21.20 Encyclopaedia Britannia Films, Inc., Inst. Supp., Books - 6620 Harold L. Ericson. M.D., Med Services - -- 11.00 Essential Education, Lib. Books 18-50 Executive Office Machines & Supplies, Rep. Equip.. Inst. Supp. . S70.50 Expression Company, Book* 19-80 Eve Gate House, Inc., Inst. Supp., Books , -- 137.00 Fairmount Hardware, Mat. Bldg., Equip.. Inst. Jan. Supp. -.- 402.88 Fairmount High School, Inst. Supp. 86-15 Fairmount Implement Company, Equip. . - - 1-00 Fairmount Jr. High, Inst. Sunp.. Books 64.67 Fairmount License Bureau, Supp. for Bus 8.00 Fairmount Lumber Company. Mat. Bldg.. Equip., Inst. Supp. . . 1,038.14 Fninnount News, Pub. Reports, etc , Off, Med. Inst. Supp. — 3..132.5S Fairmount Park Board Kt-ntal — 272.00 Fairmount Rexall Drug Slore, Oft Med. Inst. Supp., Kquip. .— 148.90 Fairmount State Bonk. Bonds, U. S. Treasury Notes , .- 89.537.19 Fairmount Volunteer Flr« Dept., Mat. Equip. 122.50 Fairmount Water It Sewage Works, Water Rent & Sewage - - 2.S16.85 Walter Farley. Corir. Exp. 24.92 Fearon Publishers, Inc., Equip . . 3B.20 Fideler Company, Books 4.86 Finley'a Pa vies* Storfi, Mai Bldii. ---- 8.5.1 First National Bnnk of Klwoixl. Bond* ti Coupons .. . - . 2,272.44 Carl Fischer. Inr , Inst. Supp Follelt Publishing Company) Book-, . 80.86 LEGAL NOTICES .Clark Forrest, Labor , Kep. Bldg, . .. «0* The Foundation Prtsi, Inc . Book - I.M Fowlerlon Coal Company, Latj , Mat. GrndJ.. Fuel 4.847.4 Fox Brother*, Equip., J*n. Supp-. Insl. Supp . 3S0.1 The Frontier Presi Dls- trlbutinf Co.. Booki ... 18.1 Funk & \V agnail 6 Company, Inc.. Booki - 47.7 Gaston-Rench Lumber Co., Mat. Bldg 14. 1C Everett Gaunt. M.D., Med. Service ... 5.0C Gaylord Brothers, inc.. Lib. Supp. M.M R. W. Getting Salei. : Equip. In»t. ... 3M.70 •General Foods Kitchen, i Books ---- 3.00 Hale-GHP Books, Inst. Supp.. Books . ..— 313.11 Ginn and Company, Inst. Supp., Books 130.21 jGladys Alwes Muiic Shoppe. Inst. Supp. --- 75.60 D. H. Coble Printing Co.. Equip.. Init. O». Supp. 2,514. K Golden Press. Inc.. Books 51-51 'Goodheart • Wfflcox Company, Inc., Books "w Goodyear Service Storn. Bus Equip.. Supp.. Truck Equip. 1.375.K Jo< D. Gossett, Mowing „ 31.00 Grant Co. Farm Bureau Cooperative Assn.. M»t. for Grounds . ... !«•«> Grant County Lumber * Supply Co.. Mat. Bldg. 31 M Grant County MtnUl Health Clinic, Speech & „ M Hearing Clinic »-<» Graphic Books. Bofk 3 - 75 Mrs. Robert Gross. Trani. <4j Spec. Education 1M.OO Rev. James Grotticfc. Bacc. Speaker - ".W Guidance Assoclatei. Inst. Supp., Filmstrip* Mrs R. M. Hall. Bldf. Rent .-- - 7HO ° Earl W. Hamer Printing Co.. Inst. Supp- " 6 - B1 Hammond & Stephens Co.. Inst. Supp »°.03 Handi-Craft Company, lost. Supp. - - 6 - 8 ' Hanson Publications, Inc., Inst. Supp. -- - -- * 0 - M Harcourt, Brace & World. Inc.. inst. Supp- Book 828.07 Harcourt Outlines, Inst. Supp «- 28 Harper and Row, Pub- Ushers, Books Ml •"• Harr Wagner Publishing Company, Books Z"-« D. C. Heath and Compiny, Booki -•-—-; T1 " 7 Htrtiberg - New Method, Inc.. Books » w -» Hiatt 1 * Auto Sal«, Bui Supp. — * >M Gary Hipei. Lab, of Grounds . - — - Ml °° Hofherr's Muneie Music Center, Rep. Equip., Equip. -. -- 486 ' 95 Merrill E. Holloway. Conf., Travel --• w " i? Wm. A. Holmln Corporation, Inst. Supp. »"•" Holt, Rinehart & Winston. Inc.. Booki — «*.»5 Honeywell, Inc., Lab.. Mat. Bldg 252.74 The Horn Book, Inc., Mag. Subs fi -°° Wm. H. Hoskins Roofing Company. Labor, Mil. Bldg • Ml- 89 ioughton • Mifflin Company, Inst. Supp., Books ... 309.72 House & Garden, Books . 8.00 Dr. Curtis Howd. Commencement Speaker „_ 50.00 Colonel C. HulJ, Rep. Grnds. 15-00 Hunting (on Laboratories, Inc., Jan. Supp. 1,203.00 Chester Hurst, Labor of Grounds 200.00 Indiana Bell Telephone Co.. Telephone Rent & Tolls S52.52 Indiana k Michigan Electric Company. Lights t Power, Rep. Equip. . 16.735.11 Indiana Oxygen Company. Inst. Supp. . 3.40 Indiana School Board'n Association, School Board Dues __ 200.00 Indiana University, Inst. Supp -- 511.87 Indiana Water Corporation, Water Rent .... 425.00 Industrial Welding Supply Co., Equip. _ 15.00 Institute of Life Insurance, FUmstrips - S.04 The Institute for Research, Inst. Supp. 3.98 International Business Machines Corp., Equip-Rep. Repl., Off. Supp. .-. 522.70 International Film Bureau. Inst. Supp _ 7.88 The Interstate Printers 4 Publishers, Inst. Supp. 5.05 Jackson Street Hardware, Inst. Supp 3.37 Homer B. James, Jan. Supp. ... 39.00 Jam Handy Organization, Inc., Books . . . . _ 58.75 Johnson Service Company. Mat. Rep. BldR. 58.45 Jones Store. Books --_ 101.52 Kelso School Supply. Inc., Inst. Supp., Equip., Books 1,405.65 Kentucky Balfour Company, Diplomas .... 373.87 Kesler Ford Sales. Dr. Trng., Bus Supp. Equip.. Mat.. Bldg. . ... - 187.17 Kiger & Company, Inc.. Inst. Off: Supp., Equip. 10,260.5? Kildow's, Mat. Bldg. 4.05 Kilgore Plumbing Company, Labor. Mat. Equip. 622.96 The King Company, Speech & Hearing Supp. 10.40 James R. Kirkwood. Equip. - ...... 20.00 Mat. Bldg. .'.„...'— 11.12 i W. A. Kurtz, M.D., Med. Services 15.00 Laidlaw Brothers, Inst. Supp., Book - . 13.11 Language Masters Publishing Company. Inst. Supp. _ 8.50 Dr. W. A. Laudeman. M.D., Med. Services 10.00 Leach's Food Market, Inst. Supp. 114.90 Lee School Supply Company. Equip. .. - 62.50 Hal Leonard Music, Inc., Inst. Supp. - 40.00 Liberty Township School, Inst. Supp. . . ~ 38.50 H. Lieber Company. Inc.. Inst. Supo.. Equip. 115.6e Life FUmstrips, Book* - 25.00 Little. Brown & Company. Books - . 16.06 Little's News Agency, Books 34.80 Lourons. Inst. Supp - 58.32 Lyons Band Instrument Company. Equip 39.03 Madison County Farm Bureau Co-Op. Mat. Grounds - • - 32.7! Maico • Kenwood Hearing Service, Equip. 581.70 Main Auto Sport Shop, Tnst. Supp. 40,96 Malecki Music House, Inst. Supp. . 39.23 Marathon Oil Company, Fuel, Supp. for Bus. Dr. Training . ...... 9.487.»3 Marburgcr Supply Company, Inc., Equip, *M-73 Marion Community Schools, Trans. Tuition .. ... 4,989.65 Marion General Hospital, Med. Services 101.00 May Supply Company, Mat. Sldg. 215.83 A. C. McClurg A Company. Books - 202.89 McCormick - Mathers Publishing Company, Books 4.98 McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inst. Supp., Books 115.S7 McKnight & McKnight Publishing Co., Books 11.47 McMahan & Son. Mat. Bldg., Equip.. Jan. Supp. 535.98 Meister Publishing Company, Lib. Mag. ... S.OO Charles E. Merrill Books, Inc.. Inst. Supp.. Booki 83.80 Charles H. Messier, Conf., Inst. Supp . 101.83 Method Office Equipment, Inc., Inst. Off. Supp., Equip. .. .... 128.78 Timothy G. Meyer, Travel, lost. Supp. 289.65 MSD of Central Madison County, Trans. Tuition 282.59 Midwest Program on Airborne Television Instruction, Television Instruction, Books, Equip. ... 150.34 Milady Publishing Corp. Book . .. «.00 Miller HUM Ins, Inc.. Off, Supp. -- 2788 Miller Motor*, Inr , Dr. Training Equip. 13.30 LEGAL NOTICES Miller's New. stand. M»f«z(nei «30-Ji Mltchtner Body Shop, Rep. Bus ».« •Clarence Mltchener. llaullnf Trash . 30-W Mltchener Electric Company. Lab.. Mat. Bldf. l.OtM Modern Binding Corporation, i BooUl. Lib. Supp »'•>] Modern OHIw Machlnta. Equip — W-* Modern Tallcinc Plcturt Service, Inc.. Inst. Supp. -- •" Modfln, Jem A., Surveying. 1M.M Monroe International. Inc.. Rep Equip * 8 - 01 Inst. Sup.. Enul r«.M Morian'a Muilc Shop. Inst. Supp.. Equip. .... 171.35 G. C. Murphy Company, Inst. Supp. ... - • ™ ;. Music Educators National Conference, Inst. Supp..- J." • Mutual Pipe & Supply j Company, Inc.. Mat. ! Plumb. .. - J»-P (Adellnt Nail. Boolca }3.ii Nasco. Equip. — I*- 3 Nathaniel Dame It Company, Booka 3M.O National Aaa'n Secondary School Prln.. In«. Supp. MB National Chamaearch Corp.. Jan. SUM.. Bua. Supp. - I.M0.3Z National China It Equfpm«nt Corp.. Equip »«••« National Council on Aclc- holism, Inc.. Boolca __,_ 11.57 National Council of TaMhiri of English. Books .--- . >•» National Education Ais'n. of the U.S.. Books. Inst. Supp. National Geographic So- National Obierver. Book J.s National Obwrvtr. Book l.«7 National School Public Relationa Ai«n . I«t. Supp., Books JJ.OO Nature and Sclenct, Booka •*•* New York Times. Filmitrips — -, 3}.« N.C.T.M., Film .- SM Nicholas Books. Books -- 39.M Northern Community ...... Schools. Trans. Tuition U4D.05 Oak Hill United School Corporation, Trans. Tuition - - - I.OM.17 Office Systems. Inc . Inst. Supp., Equip., Libr. Mat. ... -. ... - »3!.1» Oren-Van Aman Company. Inc., Ind. Arts Equip. M.M George H. Overpeck, M.D.. . Med. Services ".M Mrs. Paul Pa«, Trans. Special Education ttIM Paige'a Music Store. Inst. Supp. - >«•« Palmer Compiny, Inc., Jan. Supp., Mat. Bldf., Equip WI.1S Park school, Inat. Supp. . 11.M Parker Publishing Company, Inc. Book ••« Walter Pattison, Tree- Cutting - — *>.00 Payne's Shell Service Station, Bus, Jan. Truck. Supp. , l»'-5» Penguin Booki, Inc., Books .... 3.30 J. W. Pepper 4 Son, Inc., Inst. Supp. 46.78 Perfection Form Company, Inst. Supp r »,l» Peters Garage, Labor at School Bus MO Phenix Manufacturing Company. Inc., Mat. Pictorial Evenis/BookV _ 1H.S5 The Pillsbury Company. Book . . *-00 Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Mat. Bid., - 40.00 Plavs, Inc., Inst. Sup.. Rem. Reading >!•« Balpli H. Ploughe, M.D.. Med. Services 10.00 Prentice • Hall, Inc.. Books. Inst. Supp. 172.05 Projection Equipment Company. Inst. Supp., • Equip - .... 1,015.50 Protective Electrical Supply Company. Jan. Init. Supp., Mat. BUI. -- —- 'M- 83 Dr. Konrad Prothmann, Init. Supp SMO Psychotechnics, Inc , Equip. - 4.58 public Affalr'a Commltta*. Inc., Books 8-78 Public Employees Retirement Fund, Social Security J.399.09 Publishers Service Company, Inc.. Init. Supp. — M.98 Purdue University, Init. Supp. i '-45 G. P. Putnam's Sons, Book — ».J1 Pyramid Paper Company. Inst. Supp., Equip. SSI. 73 Lee Ragsdale, Labor, Mat. Bldg. .... 180.00 R E A Express, Express on Equip. 4-31 Rand. McNally * Company, Books .... . .— 9.41 Random House School Sc Library Service. Inc., Books .- - 98.70 George W. Ray, Hep. Equip -. -.- 73.00 Header's Digest Services. Inc.. Inst. Supp., Books 77.19 Jack Record, Lab. Bldg. 11.00 Regents of University of California. Book 1.89 Ozz W. Relfe, Hauling Equip. . . 7.50 Retz Sporting Goods, Inst. Supp. 11.85 Lewis O. Richards, Hauling Trash .. H5.00 Riegel's. Mat. Bldg 54.10 Riggs Automotive Service, Bus Supp., Equip. -- 5.9M.8B Rigsbee Supply Company. Inc., Jan. Supp., Equip., Mat. Bldg. . . 5,310.02 Rivernouse Publishing Company. Lib. Books .. 20.70 Robinson Lumber Company, Inc., Inst. Supp. 6.20 Rochester Germicide Jan. Supp. MS.M The Ronald Press Company, Books .. 18.80 Ross Supply Company, Mat. in Bldg 17.47 Roth Furniture. Inc. Mat. Bldg. 1M.17 Roval Typewriter Company, Inc., Equip. 1,735.15 Sanco Products Company. Jan. Supp., Equip. 1,112.20 The Saturday Review. Magazine - 8.00 Wallace A. Scea, M.D.. Med. Services 10.00 Schmitt, Hall & McCreary Company, Inst. Supp. _ 16.95 Scholastic Book Services, Inst. Supp., Books 634.95 School Form & Supply Co., Books . -- _ 66.50 School Health Supply Company, Med. Supp. _ 463.40 School Service Company, Inc.. Inst. Supp. .. ___ 42.38 School Vending & Paper Company, Inst. Supp. _ 8 OC Schwartz Paper Company, inc.. Jan. Supp. . 353.60 Science Electronics. Mat. Bldg. . . . . J83.51 Science Research Associates, Books. Equip.. Inst. Supp. .:._ 3,111.16 Scott. Foresman A Company, Books 6.36 Charles Scribner's Sons. Books St. 52 Sears, Roebuck Sc Company, Inst. Equip 1,310.76 Joe Seward, Lab., Mil. Grounds , 916.50 R. H. Shafer, M.D., Med. Exam 19.00 Shawnee Press, Inc., Inst. Supp. . . 1.25 Shock's Cleaners. Jan. Supp. 95.4J Shoemaker Motion Picture Company, Inst. Equip. 456.45 L. W. Shultz, Books 64 (X Lucilo L. Sicks. Conf. Exp. 4422 Silver Burdett Company, Books J834 Sinclair Refining Company, Inat. Supp IB 19 Singer Company, Equip. 2 074 « Society for Visual Education, *""*•"' Inst. Supp _ I4o 6 7 Song of Metamorls, Book« 3 87 Southern Music Company. Inst. Supp. ... « on The Southwestern Com- "" pany. Books nq 40 St.iff Music Publishing " Company, inst. Supp. « oo Standard Oil. Fuel ] Kl K The Stanley Works, i.«./i.«i Inst. Supp • gf, Stanwlx House, Inc.". Insl. Supp 040 Star China Company, Equip. 10057 State of Indiana. Equip. - 118 23 Stello Producti, Inc , Equip. 172.J4 Homer Street, Hep. Equip. lo.oo Summitville Bank 4 Trust Company. Bonds, COUIHHJK. Night Depository, Lease Icnlal . 17.935.6.1 Summllvllle Fire Department. Inc.. Rep. Ktllllp. 36.80 Summitville Lumber Company, Mai. Bldg. . 34. 2« Summitville Post Office, lull. Sup (.40 LIOAL NOTICIS Summitville Schools, Init. Supp 1N.X Summllvllle Wattr company, Water Kent M7.K i Sunbeam Corporation, Equip. . U.34 Superintendent of Document!, Books ... 14 .a Suttcr'a Dairy Products, Init. Supp. . . -A 5wayi«e Telephone Compiny, Telephone Rent and Tolls 104.31 Tax-Aid Slrvlct. Off. Supp 14.00 TOchnifax Corporation, Equip. — - J7.M Thermo-rax Salei, Inc., Inst. Supp., Rep. Equip. .. .. ..-- 142.01 3M Company, Inst. Supp. 51.93 : H. A. Thrush Ic Company, Equip. . U 1' -Time, Inc.. Filmstrlpa -.- 155.00 Todd Chemical Company, Jan. Supp. - 60.79 Treber Sheet Metal Works, Inc., Mat. Rep. Equip. 60.00 John R. Tucker. Jan. Serv. 8.«3 Turschman IGA Market, Inst. Supp. . ... 145.15 Union Implement Company. Labor Mat. Equip 100.18 U. S. Newt * World Report. Mac - 4.00 Untied Scientific Company. Inst. Supp. I74.M United States Chtmleal Company, Equip., Jan. Supp. Ml-27 United States History Society. Inc., Booki — 171.00 United States Pencil Company, Inc., Init. Supp ...:..„ 12.02 Universal Electric Co., Inc.. Mat. Bldf. Init Supp 102.19 The University at Chicago Preis. Boaki . . ... 4.80 The university of Michigan Press, Book 4.11 Van Buren Township, Bondi & Interest 8.7S7.50 W. C. Van Ness, M.D., Med. Services 49.00 D, Van Nostrand Company, Inc.. Book 360 Visual Aids Studio. Books 16.50 Henry z. Walck. inc.. Books - 28.10 J. Weston Walch. Inst. Supp. 3.20 Cheryl Watts, Lib. Sec. Work 118.75 Welch Scientific Company, Inst. Supp. 3-33 Wells Boiler Works, Mat. Bldg H.50 Wenger Music Equipment Company. Equip. 327.13 Stacy E. Wesncr, Baee. Speaker 10.00 Opal Wtatarbarg, Mat. WtBtern Auto Auociatn Store. Inat. Supp - *•» Whirlwind, Equip. Losi _ 240.85 Vickes Lumber Company. Mat. Bldg. 265.05 R. I. Williams, Inc., Labor Rep. Bldg. 26.00 Trie H. W. Wilson Company, Book! 414.94 Fred Wood, Postage, Mileage. Books 40.80 Woodward - Winger Company, Mat. Bldf., Equip. Hl.OB Al Woolbert, Legal Services _ 800.00 The World and Iti People. Booki l'-05 Vorld Book Year Book, Book ».« Dr. C. A. Yale, Conf, 4.W The Paul O. Younf Company. Mat. Rep. Bldg. _ 37.80 Zaner-Bloser Handwriting, Infit. Supp. at - 20 Elizabeth Ann Boggs, Speech 4 Hearing Salary. Conf 3,184.10 Donald Inglto, Att*ndanet Officer Salary, Labor Bids. 4,771.50 Karl Speckhird, Salary & Supt. Expenses 13,850.16 Margaret Brubaker, Sec. ...„„ Salary - 1.480.HO Virginia Jo Jonel. Me. Salary 4 Bd. Sec J.S70.0I) Madonna Kind, s«c. salary & Conf. 4.H4.2S Kathleen Johnion, S«. Salary, Misc. MM 'S2 Loris Duling. Sec. Salary MJO.OO Agnes Moyer, Sec. Salary 2,786.00 Marie McCracken, See. Salary. Misc. »«0.00 Phyllis Jarrett. Ste. Salary. Misc. .. 1.126.50 Opal Watts, Sec. Work - 1,571.25 Rebecca Davison, Sec. Work ... --- al.a Patricia Allison, Sec. Work — ll3 - 75 Carol Ann Robinson, Seo. Work .. . "0.00 Jean HarroW, Nursi Silarv -- 1,118100 Don Gosiett, Salary. Supvr. - 7,200.00 van Eccles, Custodian Salary, Services 4,452.75 Jesse Haisley. Custodian Salary. Services .-— »5'-»2 Alonzo Hoheimer, Custodian Salary. Serv.. Lab. Bldg 4,862.00 Vena Hoheimer, Custodian Salary - 2,110.00 Raymond Merrill, Custodian Salary, Services 4,431.50 James G. Mitchener. Custodian Salary, Services. Mat. Ground, Hauling Trash 5.684.9S Villiam G. Mitchner. Labor, Custodian Salary. ...... Services 4,094.55 Claude Rogers, Custodian Salary. ..- 3.WO.OO Farrell Ward, Custodian ....... Salary, Services .-- S.10S.OO Mary B. Ward, Custodian Salary 2,400.00 Mary Ramsey, Cuitodian _ _ Minnie Dailey, Jan. Services 12.00 Harley Dailey, Sub. Jan., Mowing. Labor Bldg. .. 1,346.85 William G. Mitchern. Labor, Rep. Bldg.. Jan. Serv. 200.00 Charles E. Hayes. Custodian «: Bus Drvr. Salary, Jan. Serv., Med. Serv.. . ... „ Jan. Supp. - 4,112.67 Loren Record, Custodian 4 Bus Driver Salary, Jan Services - - — - 4,759.00 Joseph Davison, Labor . Bldg. — - 304- 00 William Johnson, Labor Bldg. -- '04.00 David Kirkwood, Labor Bldg. 3 °9.00 Thomas Jones. Sub. Jan. 180.00 Charles Clem. Bus Driver Salary 1,440.00 Earl Gibson, Bus Driver Salary - U32.00 Robert Barnhart, Bus Driver Salary t Trans. 1,568.50 Gerald Holloway, Bus Driver Salary 1,602.00 Milford James. Bus Driver Salary — 1,736.30 John A. Mitchener. Bus Driver Salary, Trans., Mat. Bus, Gasoline, Rep. Tire 1,818.57 F. DeVaughn Heiser. BUB Driver Salary, Trani. . 1.M5.00 Lambert Rlggs. Bus Driver Salary »77.M Colleen Ladd. Bui Drivar Salary. Trans — 406.50 Tom Bair, Bus Driver Salary, Trans 3,818.90 3etty Bogue, Bui Driver Salary, Trans. 8,420.00 Bobby Crouch. Bus Driver Salary, Trans 3,515.00 Max E. Downing. Bus Driver Salary, Sale of Contract 3,482.50 Josephine Hiatt, Bus Driver Salary .... 3,600.00 James Hueston, Bui Driver Salary, Trans 471.80 Harland Waymln. Bua Driver Salary. Trans., Mowing, Equip. ... ... J.928.50 Wilma Joyner, Bus Driver Salary. Trans. . .... J.792.70 Louise Reding, Bus Driver. Salary, Trans. ... . .. 3.253.40 Herman Seeley, Bus Driver Salary. Trans 1,707.50 Robert Swinford, Bus Driver Salary, Trani 4,214.00 Ralph Thurston, Bui Driver Salary. Trans _ 3.776.IX) fiarold Wllburn, Bus Driver Salary 1,870.00 Robert Bach, Labr. Bldg. 152.00 Linda Barnes, Voc. Salary 700.00 Tom J. Childs, Sub. Jan.. Labor. Bldg 359.00 Thomas Coppesi, Labor Bid? 781.00 Raymond Ferdinand. Labor Bldg. __ 534.00 Douglas D. Files. Rasketnull Cllnlr .. 100.00 Robert McFall, Football Clinic 100.00 William Moller, Labor Bldl J04.00 Ml LIOAL NOTICIS "Bid"" 1 *""""'. 1 * 6 "— - »>•« Robert Palmar, Lmbor Bldf. .... *»- M Dtnnli Stroup. Labar Bldg. ».°0 Evtratt Webb. Biseball IL Basketball Clinic — UO.OO Charlei Wright, Summer Bawball <*).°0 Haul Bowers, Extra Sarvicti ••*> Crurline Jann, Extra Servicai ••0'' Eunice Firka, Extra Sarvlcat ••«> Cumulative Building fund, Tranifer of Proparty Tax Moniei .. — ».iM.<IO Bond Fund. Tranifer of Property Tax Monies .. 27,160,00 Lease Rental Fund, Tranifer of Property „ Tax Monies 20,200.00 Annual Report of Receipts and 1 Expenditure! on account of Tuition Fund, by th» Treaiurer at t)» Mad- Uon - Grant United School Corporation in Madison and Grant Counties, Indiana, f«r the year endlnf June 30. 18«6. Balance on Hand, July 1, 1963 ^ Current Receipta: _ Confreiilonal Intertlt .4 »»•>• State Vocational Reimbursement 6.714.00 Teachers Retirement 12,807.95 Settlement of Account- Liberty Twp. 1.15 State Tuition Support .... 'l'.™'.^ Veterans Memorial 18.421.00 Summer School 3.M5.33 Local Taxation . . 312,999.51 County • Wide School Tax 49,148.92 Refund .. l.«0 Transfer Tuition: Center Township 296.87 Refund from EHrood T8.I5 Cash Tranifen J»T.»0 770.22 Total Current Receipt! „ 7S1.121.SI Total Current Expenditures 753,262.19 Current Operating Balance - 1 22.141.51 (-) Ba ance on Hand, June 30. 1966 - , I 7,107.00 {•) TUITION EXPENDITURES Robert Absher » 11.004.00 Mary Ruth Addison 6,850.00 Becky Allman 477.00 Robert Andenon ••* M '0? Marjorie Armfleid 63.00 Betty Ault J.650.00 Robert Bach 7,170.00 Patricia Brun .JH'SS Karen Baker _ 1,8*0.00 Tom Baker 5'fS'SJ Reita Bannen „ ',"0.00 Unda Barnes — 2 '!5S'2J Nellie Barnhart __ ''"J'SS Dorothy Bennett 7.620.00 Kenneth Brewer ''2?!™ Mary Jane Brewer 7,812.22 Mattie Brown — *'* 7 ?'S Helene Burke . .- 7,150.00 Barbara Caughell 7,525.00 Hugh Caughell f'SS'SS Tom Child? - 6,730.00 Elizabeth Bogfl 2,617.00 Luclle Cobler 7,190.00 Cecil Coleman 8 'S3 6 'SS Jan Coolman 5 ' 9 2S'2S Thomas Coppesi - 6.400.00 Pamela Cox . S.300.00 Mayer E. David — J'!?5'?S Mable David ,Mi?'J2 John Davison n ' 4 5I'S2 Marjorie Davison s '5!™'!", UlcUle Day 5.488.52 3uy H. Detro 8|fi 52'2S Judith Dilllngham _ 1,368.88 Eva B. Downs I'lsMS Mary E. DuBoil ! ' ! 55'25 Lorelta Edgeman 5 ' 7! J'J9 Raymond Elliott 9.000.00 Anna Mae Ellis 8,300.00 Raymond Ferdinand 7,132.50 Gretchen fife ',"0.00 D. Douglas ntei — '.'57.00 Sue Fuller 1,»39.82 Nancy E. Fitei — 2'255'SS Wilma Fulton — 7,600.00 Louise Futrell 5'SJ'SJ Arthur Gossett 7,150.00 Wilma Goisett ? ' ! S2'SJ Mary Jo Gibson - 4.478.M Karen Herrin 5,300.00 Esther M. Hipei ,5'2}'SS Merrill E. Hslloway IO ' SM -"' Emma Hoover „ ''S'"'?? Dorlee Hurt 6,700.00 Donald Inglii 4,785.50 Bonnie Johnson 8.350.00 Charlei Kenworthy 6.352.31 LaVonne Kenworthy 5.750.00 Fern Kirk 2 ' 06 ?' 2 ! Janet Krumma 1,108.00 James Kurtz - 7.860.00 Noramae Ladd 5.750.00 Elnora Lelmkuehler 6,800.00 Jackie Lucai 5,838.00 Carmel Mann - 5,800.00 Luise McCormiclc — 8,300.00 Beverly Mclntosh 5,750.00 Charles Messier 10,018.00 Timothy Meyer 7.06..00 Ronald Mielke 6.020.00 Lornell Mock 7,360.00 William Moller 5.5iO.OO Janes Monahan 8,720.00 Ruth Montgomery 3,886.64 J. Dianne Moore 5,300.00 Phyllis Myer 6.469.44 Richard Myer 7.750.00 Adeline Nail — - -— 9,300.00 Ann Owen 5,730.00 Robert Palmer 5,900.00 Maurice Patterson i,6oO.OO Cleo Pattison ._ 7,150.00 Arthur Payne 5.000.00 Patricia Phelpt 5.700.00 Judith Ann Powell 3,456.00 Sheila Reiter 5,540.00 Jane Anne Richards 5,640.00 Charles Rickman 5,300.00 Linda Schlaganhaul 5,870.00 Berlha Seward 5,800.00 Ivan B. Seward 7.150.00 Julia Lucile Sicks 8.756.00 Judy Sllvey - 5.450.00 Rose Slain 9,140.00 J. Edward Smith 6,525.00 Larry K. Smith 6,050.00 Lora NeU Spence 5.450.00 James D. Stone 9.064.00 David Strasemeier - 6,280.00 Dennis Stroup 6,313.00 Juanita Throckmortxm -— 8,600.00 Phyllis Thurston 2,650.00 Maxlne Thurston „ 5,800.00 Zola Underwood 7.450.00 Rebecca Waymire 6.278.00 Everett Webb 7.737.00 Glenn Williams 6,450.00 Elizabeth Wood i— 7,170.00 Florence Wood 6,970.00 Frederick Wood 9,370.00 Janet Wright 6,550.00 Lacle Zuber 5.316.67 Judith Bailey 408.00 Sandra Jill Beck 423.00 Edith Laws 23800 Sara Jane Mack 45.00 Dorothy Jean Pettit 663.00 Karen Webb 414.00 Edna Whitson 495.00 Julia H. Carter - 270.00 Gertrude Johnson 714.00 Lois Resler 603.00 Gerald Irwin 90.00 Judith Kay Witherow 18.00 Mildred Leisure 54.00 Jerrle Dalrymple 162.00 Othel Mitchell 180.00 Eldon Allman 126.00 Richard Fox 171.00 Betty Kaiser ' 9.00 WiUlim Kaiser M.OO Jane Kilgore 180.00 Lenore Ramiey 63.00 Russell Ratliff 18.00 Elsie Thomas 306,00 Rebecca Davison 54.00 Charles Wright 8.27!) 00 Mable David (Retif*mcnt Refund) 42.58 Judith Dillingham (Retirement Refund! - .. 41.0'i Annual Report of Receipta and Expenditures on account of Book Rental Funda, by the Treasurer of the Madiion - Grant United School Corporation In Madlton and Grant Counties, Indiana, for the year ending June 90, 196«. Balance on Hand, July 1, 1965 t 1,885.51 Current Receipts: Booki Sold and Rented -.1 14,210.46 Total Current Heceipti .. 14.210.46 Total Current Expenditures 14,173.01 Current Operating Bal. __ 37.45 Balance on Hand, June 30 1848 . $ 1,921 48 Pauy Allison, Labor 27.75 Ailyn & Bacon, Inc., Booki 148 82 Benton Review Publlihlng Company, Booki 308.80 Bobbs-Merrill Company Booki 472.67 Commercial Motor Freight Freight on Booki 10.44 Becky Davison, Labor ... 110.25 Duckcreek-Boone Elementary School, Book Rental Refund 11.11 Fairmount Newi. Book Rental Suppllea 10.90 FolHH Publishing Company, Booka 85.66 kjnisni, *wi»« »«» f*ww LEGAL NOTICES Wlleox * Follett ^~ company, Booka Mill Otnn It Company. Booka . 1.108.8J D. C. Heath It Company. Booki J7«.l« Holt. Rinehart t winiton. Booki 717.51 Laidlaw Brothers, Inc., Books 8,171.51 Lyona & Carnahan, Inc., McCormlck-Matheri Publishing Company. Booki ti.Ht McGraw-Hill Book Company. Books _ 185.40 Charlei E. Merrill Booki, Inc.. Books . - 17.48 A. J. Nyitrom k Company, Books . - 17.81 Science Research Al- lociates. Books 1,384. 0» Scott, Poreiman & Company, Booki 104.5R Annual Report of Receipts and Expenditures on account of Cafeteria Fund, by the Treasurer of he Madiion - Grant United School Corporation in Madison and Grant Counties, Indiana, for the year ending June 30, 1166. lalance on Hand, July 1, 118S t 11,711.71 Current Receipts: Lunchei I17.817.78 State AJliltince 20,418.17 Free Lunchei (from Title I) - S33.0S Total Current Receipta - I11M45.M Total Current Expenditures 122,450.61 Current Operating Balance - t »,604.«7 (•) Balance on Hand, June 30. 1966 $ 8,178.11 American Peat Control, Inc., Service! - 80.00 Bear's Quality Eggi, Food .. M7.10 Ben Franklin Store, Supplies 50.7* City Creamery. Milk ..„ 1,251.52 Continental Baking Company. Food 2,282.91 Delaware Foods, Inc.. Food 11. 125. M Dielzen's Bakeries. Inc.. Food — 3.786.9D Driskill's I.G.A. Market. Food - . 498.S1 East Side Jersey Dairy, Milk 7,58«.s« Economics Laboratory. Inc.. Supplies . .. 319.60 Fairmount High School. Labor. Student «32.(» The Fairmount Newi, Supplies 360JM Food Marketing Corp. Food 10.4» Haisley Grocery ft Locker Service, Food Storage 30.08 Hilgemeier Frosted Foods, Inc.. Food . ... — 2.50S.S7 Kiger and Company, Inc. Supplies 149.57 Marlon Frozen Food Locker, . Food Storage -- 113.11 McMahon Food Company, Inc.. Food 27,021.68 Mer-Del's Quality Inc.. Food 2,898.73 Mid-West Towel and Linen Service. Supp... 1.11201 National China & Equipment Corp. Supplies and Equiornent 1,125.45 National Ticket Company Supplies * '-* Ed Poe. Food . 80.00 Public Employees Retirement Fund— OASI Social Security - 1.2SJJ7 Ozz W. Relfe, Trucking Commodi'ieR 637.09 Sanco Products Company, Inc.. Supplies 4i.o» John Secton A . Company, Food 1.492.00 Syfert's Foods. Inc. Food . 508.10 Summitville High School Student Labor .. -- 1,056.00 Sutler's Dairy Products, Inc.. Milk 20.2260T Treasurer, State of Indiana. Commoditiei 334.69 June Seacott. Salary. Supplies, and Conference 4.047.05 Maxfne, Blake. Salary . . l.ROO.OO Hazel Bowers. Salary .. 1,730.00 Josephine Doyle. Salarv. Services 970. 5H Belva Forrest, Salarv .. 1. 600.0ft Doris Frazier. Salary .. 1.950.00 Naomi Glassburn. Salary l^e.TO Lillian Holloway, Salary.. 805.50 Charline Jones. Salary . 1.6'J=.m 3eulah Leachman. Salary 301. on Margaret Leachman. Sal. fltXl.OO Eleanor Merrill. Salary.. l.bfiS.OI) Lula Nottingham. Salary 1.530.00 Lois Fanter, Salarv. Services 1.313.75 Ruth Painter. Salary l.l<30. CO Eunice Parks, Salary — 1.557.^0 Decimal Reed. Salary.-- 1,9:10.00 }ora Ellen Rogers. Salary 1.735.50 Margaret Satterthwaite. . Salary. Services 1.341 75 Alice Bair. Substitute Cook 83000 Wilda Henry. Substitute Cook 22.50 Effie Hoskins. Substitute Cook — 482.03 Wanda Pattison. Substitute Cook 29.40 Bertha Rogers, Substitute Cook 5m7.a Thurston. Substitute Cook 371.00 Molly Holloway. Substitute Cook 3.7! Gladys Turner. Substitute Cook 1(1.75 Katherine Hueston. Salary l.i)30.PO Annual Report of Receipts and expenditures on account of Lease Cental Fund, by the Treasurer of he Madison-Grant United School Corporation in Madison and Grant Counties. Indiana, for the year end. ng June 30, iflfifi. 3a ance on Hand, July i. 1965 I 2,341.25 Current Receipts: Transfer Property Tax Monies f 20,200.00 Total Current Receipts -. 20,200.00 Total Current Expenditures 11,250.00 Current Operating Balance t 8,950.00 3a ance on Hand, June 30, 1966 .. 1 11.291.25 Annual Report of Receipts and Expenditures on account of Cumu* atlve Fund by the Treasurer of the. Madison-Grant United School Cor. wratlon in Madison and Grant Bounties. Indiana, for the year ending June 30, 1966. Ba ance on Hand, July 1, 1965 1125,770.51 Current Receipts: vocal Taxation S214.707.0J Transfer of Property Tax Monies 9.600.00 Transfer Tuition: Center Twnshp. 75.50 Cash Transfers 241.00 316.50 Total Current ' Receipts 224.623.5J Total Current Expenditure! 187,956.44 Current Operating Balance 1 36,667.0» 3a ance on Hand, June 30, 1966 $162,437.61 Annual Report of Receipts and Expenditures on account of Veterans Memorial Repayment Fund, )y the Treasurer of the Madiaon. Srant United School Corporation in Madison, and Grant Counties, In* liana, for the year ending June 30, balance on Hand, July 1. 1865 t 8,464. I* Current Receipts: Taxei | 20.508.37 Total Current Receipts , 20.509.37 Total Current Expendietures __ 18,421.00 Current Operating Balance f 1,088.37 Balance on Hand, June 30, 1966 $ 11,582.51 Annual Report of Receipts and Cxpendlturei on account of Bond Fund, by the Treasurer of tha Madison-Grant United School Cor- joration in Madison and Grant bounties, Indiana, for the year end. ing June 30, 1966. Balance on Hand, July I, 1965 | 1,452.65 Sjrrent Receipts: Transfer of Properly Tax Moniei > 27.100.M Total Current Receipta l 27,100.00 Total Current Expendlturei 1 11,703.18 Current Operating Balance . $ U.3M.81 Balance on Hand, June 30, 1M< i 17,718.42 I, Charlei A. Yale, Treaiurer of the Madison-Grunt United School Corporation, do solemnly iwear that the above and foiegolng Is a true and correct exhibit of all the receipts and expenditures on account of schools that I am chargeable with, and dliburtemenls that 1 am entiled to, at Ihli dale. June 30, 1H8 Charles A. Yale, TREASURER H-3563-Jul.v 30.

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