The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 10
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1 < ', ' «-'"',,' 'i< ' j -' '' s ' * .;" 10 THE BAKERSFIBLD CAUFORNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, UM >„ -"3* s, " a V. , EDUCATIONAL s HUMOROUS CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON DO NOT WORK TOGETHER, IN FELJUN& A TREE/ ONLV ONE ANIMAL WORKS AT ANV ONE TIME. )1»l« lYNt* lldviCI.IHC, UXIISXSI CREATED A LAW IN 1785 WHICH MADE fT UNLAWFUL TO CARRY ANY KIND BUT A •SQd/4/ae- HANDKERCHIEF/ OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS SOUL TRAP:: A .CONTRAPTION USED IN THE. SOUTH SEA ISLANDS FOR "C47O///WS THE: SOULS o/=- /s/vevw/gy." •»•/ THIRTV VEARS TOO SOON."* ffi ip t»« iY utA tuvicr, me, X T. M. '»{ft U, t.TXt. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE ' ! HOOPLE MUST BE HOME HEARD 'THE poes UP STREET TC>fc THE TIME 1K1 TWO WEEV4S, AKTD WHEM 1 TWE HOUSE A COVEV BILL COLLECTOR'S WERE TSOOSTIKia OKJ HIS •FROWT ' so, THAT WWACT THE MAsKl PROM THE TA.VEKK1 WAS "Dp\WG, TIE1N6 SOME ' oxrro /v usie OUT OP THE UP- SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK f« I»M IV NIAfllMICI, INC T. M. Mid U, t. rAT Off. "Dear, wouldn't you like to go fishing, or nonicwlicrc, until I flninh writing thin romantic novel?" THE TINYMITES ByllALCOCIIRAN THE GUMPS Nice Fellow—That Runt! HERE COMES RUNT— WONPER. WHERE HE GOES EVERY NIGHT HERE'S HOW MUCH I THINK OF VOU, "BROTHER* PEAR I BROUQHT VOU THIS UTTLE PLAYFELLOW TAKEH/A? AW-AV/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Help! By MARTIN a j) 1H« iV Ml* »I«VICt. INC. \ M ma. U. I. fAt Off. Ftttt) Wt ft\-L ^O TUE VO\TVV N "THOO ------------- BY^EA SERVICE, itiC. T. M. REQ, 0. S. PAT. OFF, '• FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Ossie Plays Safe By BLOSSER (HEAD THE 8IOIIY. THEN PULOII tllf. I'ICTUHEl (I'loluit by IN JtJHT iiliniii n luxlf MM Iniiir «.•<> I Unity nluiiilrit, "Al\, tin, nhowrr ol FLAPPER FANNY SAYS; nto u «. I»»T, orr. mimv Imn >itii|i|>l'i! lire. I mil Ihi-i , "Von iiinlti> mi tho rlHl> 1 tl niul wulil WELL,FELLAS, HT LOOKS AS IF WE'VE /, -._..,., STOJCK rr RICH... A^^S" THIS TREASURE CHEST ) *"- ISRLLEDwn* xVofp^l JEWELS WORTH ) ^ x GOOD A TORTUME.'/ X L TURN? You K*St »lunK when you believe the wrung IIIUH'H Jioiu-ycd wordH. '•Thi- pr.illv iitorni U<ft nil th« KIIOW llml \vi> II iii'inl, on thi> Kroiiiul " .Mtiiui i,on Miiuwlml! WUH lilK iMioutih I" uiiiliM u lioily. "Thul \VIIB tonKh «"ll< mlllliK II." (Mill) iMllli'y, "hilt \vn 1l Mill l>n finiallnr, for Ihn hcnil Huy. ir our initn hail In do fixl, wn'il hn\i in liftiiK him hnupH nf fooil. Thai winililii ( i,(> niunli fun " M'irliliiK. 'dtrnil of tiUhhig," linl." xiinpin-il Hi-only. "ll<>nl uoml liu-K WK'VII hail limn fur. || won't ln> vrry li'iii: inilll HIM- mail IH inmlo "'l'h« lifiul wn'ri> rollliiK, I'vn it liiini'li. \\ill lie too lu'ilvv for llll.'i luiiH'li to lid \ipon iiit< lunly \V« oun't ilo It. I'm nfrulil. l "Ami I'm Inrllnrrl to think you're | right Why roll nwuy with nil our inlgl.l, who 11 we ('Hii park the NI\OW In innliii u hpiKlT" fnlr ilohly orlcil. j "XVr'll hllllpu l( whPIl (ho Biniw'M plli-il high. At li'HNl lh« pliin IK \yorlh » try l.nt'ii ninUo n t'uuplo Hrnm, fliM. btk'liliiK ilRht out lit Iho nhle." ! • * • To nmlii' tho iiriiiN, they uililcil j oinnv uml (.hoitly luinoy Hhotiied, "Oh. i 1 thlnli Ihul I hoy ItMiU woiulprfnl. Now, I who will nlliuh up thpr«T" "I will." NII 10 Homily. "I won't (all, nml whon I'vo hriireil luysulf, yuu nil I'lin hiinil inn am>»v. Jvmt IOHH II run I flint. I will not ran- " Thou Hi'iuity uul.lily look hi* plilo.e, f rlml IHilty, "Mulio u funny f«o« Mluiii you Ij/ivo Nhitprii thii 'hond " "(»Uny." »nM Hi-only. ".Mint wiiioJi "I'll ulvo thin man n i-niry nose, nnii-h lniiKor tlinn nun over grow*. When I am ilirmitih with him, ho'll lio •<*& 1 \\-fr~^ w^f/^?/> ^n^v^ J\ WEDOKI'TWAWTTOBE SELFISH ABOUT THESE JEWELS, AMD IF WE CAW COMVERT THEM IWTO MONEY, WE'LL PROBABLY EACH HAVE, TWO MILLIOM ,-" -L, DOLLARS ' OSSIE X WOULD >t)U BE WILLIMC3 TO GIVE $ lOO^ TO CHARITY ?AWD PERHAPS $I50,OOQ/6UPE TO THE RED WOULD CROSS ? :TiVi 1: THAT'S THE RIGHT ATTITUDE:, OSSIE ! 1 AMD I'D GIVE $50,000 TO THE ORPHAN'S HOME AWD #50,000 TO THE COMMUKinV CHEST! SHARE THIWQS WITH >bUR NEIGHBOR THATSMV SLOC3AW. 1 -r/' HOW ABOUT SOME POOP KID WHO MIGHT NEED A BICYCLE TO CARRY A PAPER ROUTE...WOULD QIVE HIM ONE- THATS A DIFFEPEMT KWOW I HAVE A BICYCLE; J V. V THE BUNGLE FAMILY Ready By HARRY J. TUTHILL « funny u tu Such poppycock. Trying to ' tell me,wno studies the game scientifically, that this mouse made a hole Mouse? Please to not whistle off the face too much about little man with big stuff. Listen Eddie, Doodle will do any hole on this course in one. What, you mean no.6 That water hazard? 1 Some oP- the best shots in the country,i eluding myself, have tried... My stuff push gulp J / l " P a U ^"UbodU n "ball any place, v-- 7 ( woman,or child,*^wv.^/snow m any time, r* Mhat comes even ETpoisonally -*•••-' • ~i -i^«- to that '• Li -'- •—' ny Rf no.6.Jt 'his

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