Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on July 30, 1966 · Page 1
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 1

Anderson, Indiana
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Saturday, July 30, 1966
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PAGE 2 THE ANDERSON HERALD SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1966 by Monday. Gambill Takes Over Ginsberg's Duties INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -Gov. Roger D. Branigin said Friday that Dr. John R. Gambill, deputy commissioner of the De-: , • .- partmcnt of Mental Health,!^, "' will .serve as commissioner un- uul " HI a permanent appointment is made. faster than was predicted by the man who headed the emergency board that came up with the solution, Sen. Wayne Morse, D- three Injured Friday when a i lion, , . . Ore He had said it would come. change at Peiu compact car rammed, under a | change of venue costs — $3,000; semi-trailer truck on the U.S. :ili maintenance of 2 county dumps bypass to the U.S. 24 inter- — $8,501); salary watchmen for " dumps — $1,500; dues, Asspc. county wards — $7,000; totaling $68,304. All other operating expenses; $275 for operating expense for next year rental equipment and furniture, . The victim was not identified i Indiana Counties, Inc_ — $750; fthiimmediady. He J "4<»> both for a nlfitos ILlUlIb IIII UUftll 1 IIUl i>~ i O—" - 1/1(1 II .1. and then summoned | One of the injured was taken to Duke's Hospital at Peru, while examination of records — $5,000; sheriff's radio equipment (2) — $1.500; new and replaced totals $41,800, with a request TOTAL $80.775. Down $5,130. Soil and Water Conservation Evan Wilson, chmn. of tb Deaths In Madison And Counties for two fully equipped patrol cars, $4,000 and $225 for type-1 writers making the budget csti-[Madison County Soil and Water mate TOTAL $114.329. Up $650. 'Conservation District, submits FRANK NOBLE John Surveyor ANDERSON OBITUARIES MRS. HESTER VANCE Mrs. Hester E. Vance, 39, who had made her home at 915 W 3rd St., with her daughter died Friday evening at the Sun- Then he snt the group at ' ' NOBLESV1LLE - Frank H. dermNursbg . across the street to the execu-j Ronald, I/M> Alexander. 2'J, SI ijtalizcd'and measures—$200; furniture—[salaries. [commissioner's office—$!00. expenses; and $200 ifor furni- 'I'l... Trri'AI r'nrYimicciAnnrc' (..,.« Tn'l'AI CA~ IOQ 09 TTn 41 . The TOTAL Commissioners' his wife and two c-Kldrcn wore'?"" 1 ' 5 requests which were nip- tped by the county council to the 'iday Police said the Alexander car [collided with a scmi-traHer ax aum.. "«."•-j. injured in a car-truck col!ision!P«d by the county council to tne M™* ,,™ ghn L^r Speni KridSy! ^ of $.00,000 'for courthouse . . for about half an hour. ,, , , , c, -j .. ,„,,„,. [ LUIIIUI.-U iviui A MTIJU-I r a', i e i" After Johnsons Friday morn- k ( h • . ing meeting, press secretary d us J Bill D. Moyers had told report- | mi]es eas( ^ ers. "This is the crunch, in a, A | exand( >,.. wife> Sandra iJean, 28, ami their son, Scott ... differences between;Allen, 2, were in critical condi- the two sides had narrowed' f. on a f Methodist Hospital. Indi- Gmbill will take the place of '^^ ^Z^^^^^m,:'^^.'^^^ * ^,57™ over last ^ *N i T r'lMc-Kftt-ct n-h/\' w "* uut *- ( " """""'ft " J • u: ,, „„•(•_ , ,.._ ,.t.n.i .: .t/pai'c rpnnp<;f^ whirh were nin- Dr. Stewart T Ginsberg, who, ke sf>me headway, resigned effective Monday as commissioner because he said he was not getting enough cooperation from Branigin. Terms Follow Continued From Pat* Out peared agreement was imminent. ^ ^^ ui ^ u -.ituiuunv nv-> The President spoke onlyj|j 0 ^7o"somTtning"iess San $25ianaVolis.'A''daugVler7i«ri Ann! briefly. "Both sides of the negotiating'extend over three years. 'million for a contract that would!], was taken to Dukes Memorial parties in the airlines strike are | E | even men f r0 m each sidc : l»n. --------- •--'"-- " - - • • • " I Hospital, Peru, in poor condi- here with me to report that they :mel witn j 0 hnson for 27 minutes 1 Margaret B. Stew; reached agreement on the m the white House Cabinet I 1 . Lal <e Village, diet terms of a settlement," Johnson said. "The agreement reached a j asked them to go across the few moments ago between the istreet lo tne executive office Stewart, 30, Rt. fiv ___ ___ _____ , died Friday in Johnson gaveTthem cof- ' a Lafayette hospital of injuries remodeling) and $52,000 (for area planning). The total 1966,67 request, including the $35,000 | for courthouse architect fees, is $331,370.78. County Clerk The budget request for Clerk of the Circ-iit Court includes: clerk's salary—$15,750; first de- j puty _ $5,520; second deputy—I $4,830; third deputy -. $4,530; fourth deputy — $3,990; seven deputies — $3,930, for a total of $66,060 in salaries. Eugene Creagmile lists all other operating expense as fol- ture, TOTAL $45,193.22. Up $1,345.00. County Board of Education Personal salaries of TOTAL $2,384. Up $3&4 after a three-day illness. A lifelong resident of Hamil- rersonai salaries 01 ti3,aia\7. -_- . „ --j ($120,00 supt. of schools, $6,000 the Drainage Board, county attendance officer, $8,600 "-'•' ""'-• Anderson attendance officer, $8,600 Elwood attendance officer); $1,660 for all other operat- Draiiiiige Board The county commissioners, request $1,200 for attorney's' 0 ".. ... - . , ., ' and $600 for mileage for Noblesvillc in recent years. He was born Feb. 6, 1872, near of Shepler and Civil Defense Charles K. Jones, Director of! Daniel E. Wertz of Australia; native and lifelong resident two sisters, Mrs. Lena McDwi- of Anderson, she was born March 5, 1877, to Jefferson am 1 \slicu I to II. UUiH-3, UU O.IU1 Ut ,. , , - , , .itJttiitv" »>^t-« Madison County Civil Defense He nad formerly taughtU^ sisterhood, requests S7.500 for director's! scn00 '' J nd later had owned and ™ Fifth Street Methodist Church and a member of the WSCS ol .that church, and was affiiiat^ Iwith the Whetstone Brotherho:<! ing expenses comprise the bud-salary and' $2,400 for admin-[operated a general store at Anderson to Dan Vance who have been scheduled i JS rS nf vintnr M. Evans.listrattve assistant .salary. Ooer- A™?*? untl1 1913 - .. then had died in 1942. A son. Dr. Robort p.m. Monday at East get request of Victor M. Evans,|istrath r e assistant salary. Oner- superintendent of schools. Down "' : 1: '-' '-'-' -" $200. County Coroner ating expenses listed total $2-1 workcd as a leveling sales-j Va nee, an Anderson optometrist 675; insurance pcrmium, $5od,i|" an - j le was e ™P lo V ed * ™m- ; died in 1959. Cecil Carmichael, c o u n t y 425. TOTAL $14,500. coroner, asks a total of $8,520, including $7,900 for personal and control center facilities $1,- County Court House Salary for six janitors to keep ber of years in the County j Surviving are a daughter. Auditor's office, and served twoJMrs. James (Greta) Simmonds ate. terms as the County Assessor. Uf Anderson; two sisters, Mrs. He was married in 1893 to Mar- Anna Davis of Anderson, and garet M. Knapp, who died last!Mrs. Ella Dawson of Uniondale, and'some straight talk, then'Suffered Monday in a two-callows: postage — $200; telephone collision. State police said the tall corn obstructed the view of " )n t a wttlpment wlth- lsortof refereeing, they met m a; r j dinR Ridded out of control '-ort ta teen^e session that kept on gomg! , str k a utility pole k , n . objective of the administration outabieakfoi lunch. d.anapohs. ever since the board made its i Congress had bee,, moving in A | two-car ^ crash rhursday report. "The fact that productivity has advanced so rapidly in the airline industry means, according to all participants in the settlement, that this settlement will not be inflationary. "Unit labor costs in air transportation will continue to d&cline, thus assuring that this settlement will not contribute to any increase in prices. "The details of this agree- the direction of dumping the night on U.S. 41 about 6 miles whole airline row onto John-'south of Attica killed Steven son's doorstep by considering Fletcher. 17. Rt. 4. Attica, and legislation authorizing him to!critically injured Richard Carl- halt the strike at a time of his own choosing. With all this activity going on son. 16, Attica. Ruth Greathouse, 31, Wabash, was injured fatally institutions — S600, for a total of $2,100. Properties for the corning year include five IBM standard typewriters, at $423 each, 13" carriage, $2,115.00. TOTAL budget request for Mr. await developments. The Senate Labor Committee put off until Monday its consideration of a bill authorizing the mcnt must be presented to, and i President to order an end to the thoroughly discussed by. the strike for as long as six months, members of this union in order j Johnson, Moyers said, set no ton, a bus passenger, suffered a bruised hand. County Officials Cnnlinued From Page One that they might act upon the ! deadline and issued no ultima- commissioners' conference — recommendation of their lead- turns. He said Johnson pointed JS250; commissioners' phone — ers this Sunday. As soon as l0 ut to the negotiators that there' membership votes, the full de-j was a relatively small financial margin between them and he felt the time had come for real cost of air conditioning. This represents an increase of $2,115 over the 1965-66 budget. County Auditor Madison County Auditor Joe Armington's budget includes requests for $93,670 for personal services; other expenses of $31,- tails of their vote and settlement will be announced." William Curtin, principal airline negotiator, Johnson. "We are pleased that the settlement of this difficult and prolonged dispute has been reached through free collective bargaining," said Curtin. "The airlines appreciate the enlightened and continued assistance of the President, Secretary (W. Willard) Wirlz and Secretary James J. Reynolds." The preference w a s to the secretary and assistant secretary of labor. P. L. (Roy) Siemiller, president of the IAM, said: "We have reached an agreemenl with the airlines that the union negotiating committee will recommend to the members al meetings to be held Sunday. "We appreciate the efforts of the President, Secretary Wirlz and Secretary Reynolds in reaching this agreement. "We feel sure that it will be Mcasurcs phone — $200; heal for the courthouse and jail, $7,500; electrical current for progress. j voting machine warehouse—S75; 'spoke' after! The President has no author-|heat for warehouse — $700; S500, Inspector of Weights and $137,713.40. ty under existing law to order .he 35,000 striking machinists jack to work on the five airlines —. Eastern. National. Northwest, Trans World and United. Moyers reported Johnson be- ieved an agreement could be worked out that would be good for the country, "without anyone winning a great victory or anyone suffering a great defeat. 1 ' 4'Cyclists Continued From Page Ona Archer, 16, of rural Milford to a hospital. MCss Archer was tossed 100 feet when the cycle hit the turning truck driven by William Neff, 66, New Paris, police said. William L. Spears, 18, Indianapolis, was thrown 64 feet from a motorcycle when it col- Kded Tuesday with a car and ratified by our membership." The agreement came even ^~--- ^^ ui ial of his injuries. Jam session, The Rico-| Thomas L. Ziolkowski. he died Thursday night night in Hospit- 16, chets, this Saturday, 3;South Bend, was killed Thurs- 'day when a car struck his mo- mnting and advertising, post- ng notices — $9,000. Repairs include: equipment maintenance (Burroughs) — $3,X)0; elevator maintenance — $102.48; service county radio equipment and repair parts only —$1,000; repair animal building shelter-$150. The budgel includes: feed for animals at shelter — S300; gas or truck—$350; stationery and office supplies for the Inspec. Wgls. and Measures — $150; Weights and Measures Conference — $280; office, supplies, records for comm.—4300. Current charges include: insurance — $25,000; premiums on official bonds—$3,000; refunds, awards, indemnities, judge- ments — $2,000; vault space— $150; burial of soldiers, sailors, marines, their wives and widows—$20,000; farmers—$112.50; bounties animals or birds—$1,000: donations to Patriotic Organizations for Memorial Day expenses — $475; expenses for inmates state institutions—$20,000; expenses for inmates of other institutions—$40,000; assessed benefits to county prop- to 6. Dusty's Red Dogjtorcycle on ra'.nslick Ind. 2 erties (Fairwood Bluffs)—$30.52; Saloon. Air-Conditioned. west of South Bend. One i preliminary expenses, court —$8000; repair of equipment • $200; rebinding records — $200; official records — $12,000; stationery and printing — $1,600; supplies for support — $8,000; other office expense — $500; total of "other operating expense" is $23,500. Current charges for the clerk's expenses. coming year totals $18,900. County Agent Other expenses are: telephone Harold R. Berry, countyp $160; electricity — $3,000; agent, submitted a request for;water — $800; repair building $23,295 salaries; $9,271 for otherjper year — $10,000; repair operating expenses; $3,500 for premiums and judging 4-H Club equipment per year — $200; window washing, per year — Exhibits; and $272 ifor county $900; exterminating — $360; agent's desk, totaling $36,338. Up $2,112. County Assessor Tom Broderick, county assessor, asks $3,725 salaries; $2, office includes: doctor fees — 009' other operating expenses; $1,500: taking patients' to state| $100 for renta j equipment. TOTAL for the new budget is Salary requests include $15.750 for the auditor; $5,520 first deputy; $4,830, second deputy; $4.530, thrid deputy; $4,230 fourth and fifth deputies; $3,930 each for sixth deputy, secretary of the drainage board, and seven machine operators; $4,710 for Tax Dept. Supervisor; and $4,230 for the proof clerk. Other .operating expenses include: postage $300; telephone $550: repairs $300; office supplies $28,700; binding records $1,400. Properties include: chairs, desks, tables $150; adding machine $600; billing machine $11,650; addressograph cabinet and drawers $243.40. Treasurer salaries; $10,100 for all other operating expenses: $300 current charges; and $516.50 properties—TOTAL, $73,116.50. This year's requests represent a drop of $1,620 under last year's. Recorder Earl Daugherty, county recorder, submitted the budget for his office as follows: salaries, $33,450; all other operating expenses, $13,650; properties, $2,500, TOTAL BUDGET ESTIMATE-$49.600. Up $1,500. Sheriff Sheriff Mary L. Ravage . requests $15,750 plus nine deputy person was killed andlditches — $1.000; transfer tui-(salaries, and extra deputy hire, equipment TOTAL, $33,834. Down $742.50. Prosecutor William F. Lawler Jr., county paper and towels — $500; soap and disinfectants—$1,500; laundry—$50; supplies—$400. TOTAL — $17,870. County Jail The commissioners' request for appropriations for the county jail include: salaries, $19,820; 470; prosecuting' attorney, requests $ 18 5: jurniture $200. TOTAL $29,025 for personal services; $31,675. $3,345 for other operating expenses; $2,076 for office rental —TOTAL, $34,446. Down $5,475. County Health Officer Earl J. McCarel, counyt health officer, is requesting $49,200 for personal services; $5,510 for operating expenses; $150 for prevention and suppression of communicable diseases, etc.; ;>elVU.CO, ULlI^l CAptu^v.0 UL V" l » . - ., rtinmAT 250- and properties and current and $1,700 for furmture-TOTAL charges at $150 and $12,493.40. $56,560. Up S27,280 : _ ? - - • • •--• ' County Plan Commission Salary requests by the county plan commission, Charles Lawler, Warren Waymire, Victor M. Evans, and Wilbur E. Runyan. totals $11,470; other operating expenses, $1.775; state planning conference $100; subscriptions and dues $15; and furniture and fixtures, $50. TOTAL $13,410. Up 1800. Veterans Office Gene Brundage, requests the following budget for the Veteran's office: $6,720 for salaries; and $675 for operating expens-; es. Down $240. Voters' Registration Board Alpha E. Byrum and Madge Mitchell, submitted the followr ing requests: personal services $27,632.28; ail other operating expenses, $5,440; rental equip- County Home Salaries for the county home personnel total $36,020; operating expenses — $44,875; Materials - $1,750. TOTAL - $83,•95. Armory Rental The commissioners are submitting a request for, the armory as follows: salary of janitor, $3,180; heat, $1,000; lights, $720; water, $400; repairs, $500; janitor supplies, $100; $6,600 for rent. TOTAL—$12,500. Orphan's Home Salaries for personnel of the orphans' home total $38,650; op- vLA ,? b 7 T I, -t t eratins px-npnqpi tntal «7 IK£ ^ va Mav Teeters, 71, wife of S.?™S expenses total 532,095. ., ,,•'...,. I,-,.,.' !,,,„„ ~, t r n ,. County Treasurer Eg Hood's ment, furniture and typewriters budget asks for $62,190 for $640, for a TOTAL of $33,812.28. Election Board The Madison County Election Board, including estimates of 50. expenses for a primary and general election, requests $38,850 operating expenses; $1,200 for room rental for a TOTAL $58,805. Request for salaries operating expenses $11,water softener rental First Methodist Church in No-!great-grandchildren. blesville. Friends will be received after Surviving are the daughter,[2 p.m | . Sunday at_the Harold E. Mrs. Velma G. Nicholson of No blesville; two grandchildren, Mrs. Betty Jo Brown of North Hollywood, Calif., and .Mrs. Joanne Kirksey of Van Nuys, Calif.; two great-grandchildren and a great - great - grandson; a sister, Mrs. Lcona DeVaney of Noblesville, and a brother, Joe Noble of Frankfort. Friends are being received at the Coaltrin Funeral Home where final rites will be conducted Sunday at 1:30 p.m. The Rev. Mark Blaising of the First Methodist Church will be the minister in charge. Interment will be in Crownland Cemetery. JAMES MORGAN SUMMITVILLE - Rites for James Morgan, 70, of 320 West St., will be conducted this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Ewing Funeral Home. The Rev. Gordon Goodman will conduct the funeral rites. Burial will be in the Vinson Memorial Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home. MRS. IVA MAY TEETERS LAPEL — Services for Mrs. TOTAL $71,745. Child Guidance Center Requests for a budget for the new Child Guidance Center inelude: psychiatric, $24,000; clinical psychologist. $12,000; jsychiatric social worker, $10,500; secretary, $4,000; retirement contributions, $2,350; fed. ns. cont, $975; group health nsurance. $180, total salaries— $54,005. All operating expenses total $62,275 for the new center. Circuit Court Salaries for the personnel of the Circuit Court of Judge Carl Smith totals $77,395; other operating expenses total $2,625; other expenses, $1,218; furniture, law books and other equipment totals $3,650. TOTAL request — $84,888. Up $31,146.- Supcrior Court I Salaries for personnel of Su- for salaries; $18,755 for Perior Court 1, Judge H e n r y P. Schrenker requests total $31,950. Other operating expenses total $925; jurors lodg- down $864; operating expenses '"S ™. d ™eals $200; furniture, request is down $5,227; and;? 1 ™; law books $200; TOTAL renting of rooms request i lK '"""- f M """ : Tt.-e.™™ down $400. Anderson Township Assessor Anderson Twp. Assessor Wahn Dean requests $74,260 for personal services; $6,240 for j S [budget, $33,675. Up $5,962.50. County Welfare STORE.. ... WIDE JULY CLEARANCE SALE HUNDREDS OF WANTED ITEMS REDUCED IN ALL DEPARTMENTS! ENDS SUN. 7 P. M. Continuing our store-wide clearance of quality furniture . . . 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Reinstatements from the various sources, plus receipts from the December 1966 distribution of taxes, plus repayment of OAA, bank and building and loan taxes, and wards, totals $217,374,190. The amount of funds to be raised by tax levy according lo an estimate b; the County Board of Public Wei fare is 5417,301. Superior Court Judge Nelson Bohannon requests $31.950 in salaries for personnel of Superior Court 2. Other operating expenses total $350 and $275. Safekeeping of mental patients, $100, lodging and meals fr • j--"ors, urniture, law books, all total $600. TOTAL budget $33,675. Juvenile Court Judge Nelson Bohannon requests $59,250 for personnel of Juvenile Court; other expenses for the juvenile court total $10,700, making the TOTAL—$69,950. Ner Teeters, have been set for 2 p.m. Saturday at the Prairie Baptist Church, with the pastor, the Rev. Leon Lutz, to officiate. Intenment will be in the Brookside Cemetery. Friends are being received at the Fisher Brothers Funeral Home. MRS. B. EMSWILLER MIDDLETOWN - Rites for Mrs. Blanch Emswiller, 85, of Miami, Fla., a sister of Mrs. Claire Mowrey of Anderson, wiU Rozelle Funeral Home. Funeral sevices will be con- a.m., with burial to be in East Maplewood Cemetery. MRS. LUCY WEILER Funeral rites for Mrs. Lucy May Wertz. He was a consultant Cor a heat treating companv. Surviving are his widow, tha former Elizabeth Jones of Anderson to whom he was married in 1918; two children, Mrs. Dorothy Glass of Detroit, and iel of Elwood, and Mrs. Elsie Busby of Kokomo; and five Susannah Mails Huntzinger. She grandchildren. • " Funeral arrangements havs not been announced. HAROLD EDMONDS Graveside rites for Harold M. Edmonds, 70, of Woodburn, She was married in 1898 :n Ore., formerly of. _ Anderson, it Maple- The Rev. wood Cemetery. George Taggart of the First. Presbyterian Church will offict The Harold E. Rozelle Funeral Home is in charge -if arrangements. iVILLIAM HEXAMER Funeral mass for William H. lexamer, 75, will be said at 9 a.m. today at the St. Ambrose Catholic Church by the Rev. ducted at the mortuary at 10:30 Thomas Heilman. Interment will be in St. Mary's Cemetery. The Brown and Butz Funeral lome is in charge of the arrangements. H'weiieT of 340~ Winding Way MRS ' LULA SCHERRER T , n. wciici, 01 .jiu wmuiug ivajij jpjnal rit^s for Mrs Lula widow of Ray Weiler, will be; Schen . er> ^ o£ Paul ' Sd , cr . conducted Monday morning &t| ocVr irw^hAr <if him* 10 o'clock at the Harold, E. Ho- ™ •„ ^u,^ & ^ zelle Funeral Home by the Rev. George King of the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church at Elwood. Burial will be in the Green Park Cemetery at Portland, Ind., in the family plot. Mrs. Weiler died at her home suddenly Friday. She had resided here 35 yeans, coming here from Portland. A native of Pennville, Ind., she was a daughter of William and Mary Smith Hiatt. She was a member of the Trinity Episcopal Church, and was affiliated with the Anderson Chapter of the DAR. Her husband died in 1956. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Armand Mueller of Milwaukee, Wis.; a son, M. R. "'"'" "' Saturday at the Brown and Butz Funeral Home. The Rev. Monroe Schuster of the Central Christian Church will be in charge of the services. Burial will take place in the Andarson. Memorial Park Cemetery. Friends may call at the f* neral home. Wilson Tells ] Continued From Page One short distance of Blair House, where Wilson stayed. At No Major Decisions the end of the day's conferences, .White House and British spokesmen said no j major decisions or policy Anderson; two sisteri, M*s.| chal)ges had been agreed upoll Mary Stem of Anderson and In talks W ilson's spokesman, Mrs. Virgie Whipple of Clear- Trevor Uoyd Hugnes , sa i d the n- water, Fla.; and six grandchildren. MRS. PEARL FORD Mrs. Pearl Enda Ford, 76, | wife of Edgar Earl Ford of 2319 Noble St., died early Friday at the Westside Nursing Home after a lingering illness. Funeral services have been arranged for 10 a.m. Monday at the Baker Brothers Funeral Home, with Lynne Jenks, rea- East Maplewood Cemetery. day. be conducted this afternoon at der of the First Church of Christ, 2 o'clock at the Elbert C. Fra- Scientist, to be in charge of the zee Funeral Home. Interment will be in the Miller Cemetery. The Rev. J. Hubert Smith will be the officiating minister. Friends may call at the funeral home. CHARLES SHULL PENDLETON—Final services will be conducted at 2 p.m. today at the Cornell Bright Funeral Home for Charles Shull, 83, of 326 W. State St. The Rev. James Willyard of the Pendle- purpose of the meeting—the fourth between the two leaders —was to exchange views, not •rive at decisions. Concerning Viet Nam, Wilson briefed Johnson on Ks recent visit to Moscow. Nothing Would affect the future course of the war, spokesmen said. Johnson, in his greetings and in a luncheon toast, warmly praised both Wilson and Britain, thus countering speculation that the prime minister , -. .. _ would get a cool welcome rites. Interment will be in the because of his public opposition to the U.S. raids on o.l depots Friends will be received at! near n ano ; w & Haiphong, the mortuary after 2 p.m. Sun- Tim President told Wilson in 'his toast that "in World War A resident of Anderson for 30|n, M r. Prime Minister, Eng- years^ Mrs. Fordjwas born Dec. lal , d saved n e. rse lf by forti- 12, 1889, in Aspen, Colo., to Henry and Frances Shively. She is survived • by her husband; a niece, Mrs. Kathryn Dufpon of Anderson; two other nieces and a nephew. ton Methodist Church will be;WILLIAM GALLAGHER the minister in charge of the rites. Burial will take place in the Miller Cemetery near Middletown. Friends may call at the funeral home. Car Checkups Continued From Page One motor vehicles operating in Indiana next year, the 50 cents fee would produce $12.5 million. William N. Gallagher, 81, father of Anderson's assistant tilde, and the world by example. You personally ara. asking the British people today for the same fortitude—thS" same resolve—that turned the tide in those days." A British. spokesman said after the morning session that Wilson made clear that Britain is determined to put her superintendent of the elemen-| econom y straight." tary school system. Dr. Harold! Wilson made the point in Gallagher, died Wednesday af-j cven stronger language at the ternoon at the Heritage Conva lescent Center at Shelbyville. He had been ill 18 months. He luncheon. "We have taken steps which have not been taken by any was a widely known farmer and jollier democratic government a native of Shelby County. His in the world," he said. wife died in 1961. Surviving are two sons. Harold of Anderson, and Russell Gallagher of Shelby County; referring statutory controls. He further declared that "so to the proposed wage and price "We would need an aPP™-j t wo foster daughters, Mrs. Jose-!far as the future is concerned, pnation the first year to get the ; pnine Duggan of Greenwood, we believe if Britain threw J plan set up. but after that, the r ••• - - ••• ! i inspection should be self - sup- 1- '• i- „ -, t__ —:j porting,'' he said. The legislative committee, which at one time had seemed to back away from mandatory inspection, made its tentative approval at a time when Indiana's traffic deaths were running more than 10 per cent Joseph's Catholic Church of higher than the previous year, • • • • • - • • which had been a record-breaking one for persons slaughtered on Indiana streets and roads. Nigerian Revolt Conliiuipd From Page One military coup of Jan. 15. In the coup, Premier Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and other regional premiers were murdered. Recently there in now, the effects be confined to and Mrs. Hallie Miller of Ot- the sponge tawa, Ind.; a foster .sort, Cloydj would not Newton of Shelbyville; fourlBritain." grandchildren and three great-1 The man. according to a grandchildren; and a sister, pedestrian who saw him and Kirs. John Bonsbach of Shelby- told security guards, walked ville. | into the Mills Building at Funeral mass will be said at • Pennsylvania Ave. and 17th St., 9:30 a.m. today at the St.!Northwest. which he was a member. Burial wiH be in St. Joseph's Ceme- until the 15 Minute Delay "They kept us at Blair House tery. [checked,' building could be said Trevor Lloyd The Murphy Funeral Home at Hughes. Wilson's press aide. Shelbyville is in charge of the!The prime minister's confer- arran'gements. p nce with Johnson was delayed ' 15 minutes. LT. EDWARD HAP ; Bla'j- House, on Pennsylvania rr- „,!,* i^j (i,» First Lieutenant Edward F.i Avenue, was the 1950 scene of army officers, who led Uie Hap> 2 6, O f East Chicago, Ind.,;an assassination attempt on was killed in action July 20, j President Harry S. Truman by on Operation Hastings!Puerto Rican nationalists. One while widespread unrest has over with First Marines in Quangjof the would-be assassins was Tri Province of northern South:killed, as was a secret service (Viet Nam. He was a brother,aprnt. in a gun battle, oeen of \y a it ci . A n ap W j 10 was cm . \vj; SO n flew to Washington the military regime's drive to unify :he country and abolish triba- ism. Nigeria's four autonomous . regions and 250 tribal and macy until recently. U. Hap died of Cool July Continued From PajrP Onfi 50s upstate. Temperatures in the upper 80s were forecast for .Southern Indiana Sunday afternoon with a gradual warmup alter that for the whole state. Generally good weather was forecast by agricultural experts! a "difficult nation to keep! for hay drying, dusting and j together since independence, spraying. Winds K to 15 miles] At the time the army revolt per hour were forecast. ,broke out. Ironsi-known popu- Wind in Indianapolis Friday, |i ai .]y as "Johnny Ironsides"toppled an 180-foot-high boom| was believed to have been in of an industrial crane during in- IIbadar , abo ul_120 miles north;both "athleticTand in scholar- conter- S nip n e was greater] j n \%\ from the University of Miami (Fla.) where he was center on ployed as a pharmacist at : Thursday for h r .s one-day Gwinn's Medical Arts Phar- ! session with the President—the I fourth they have shrapncliofficials regarded had. U.S. it as an wounds in the forehead. He had;important one because <rf ths . - . . . «._J -i "«»'i".l '" "IV- lul Ullcau. lie llrtu ""["" Lain ulll: mjuclustj VI LUC mguistic groups have made it tee,, in the Marines four and economic crisis facing Ameri. , ri,ff,™lf. nation to keen ,.. stallation of air conditioning^ Laaos . attending a equipment atop the Radio Cor-] en ce of tribal chiefs, poration of America plant. The boom, weighing several tons, collapsed on the street, missing several nearby building and persons in the area. Dusty's Red Dog Saloon Located 116 E. 9th Downtown Anderson Proudly Presents The "Ricochets" Appearing Nitcly for your enjoyment Mon. llmi Sal. Beginning Aug. 1. Jam session every Sai. :t-« Air Conditioned fi'M-9455. PRINCE TO VISIT MEXICO ACAPULCO, Mexico (UPI) Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, is expected here next Monday for a two-day visit to Mexico en route to Kingston, Jamaica. TO INSPECTORS' CONVO Charles E. Brown, city building inspector, will attend, starting Monday, a four-day conference and school of instruction 1 the varsity football team, and a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Hap ST., a sister, Mrs. Frank Csapla, two brothers, Stanley Jr. aral Daniel Hap, all of East Chicago besides the brother, Walter A! Hap, who now lives hi Union City.. Funeral mass will bo said for Indiana Building Inspectors Monday at 10 a.m. at St. Sl'ani- at the Ramada Inn, Evansville. BANDITS KIU> S SOI.DIERSI BOGOTA, Colombia (UPI) — Armed bandits Friday ambushed an army patrol and killed five soldiers, including an officer, according lo press i of Anderson, died Frirlav'-iiol ii' dispatches from Santander 1 ing at his home in Detroit province. jMich. One bondit was slain in the clash. slaus Catholic Church, East Chicago. Friends may call at the Lesniak Funeral Home after 3 p.m. Saturday. DANIEI, \VERT/~ Daniel I,. Wort?.. 7!). formerly TYPEWRITERS For Farm, Home or Office ALL MAKES PORTABLES THE IDEAL GIFT RENT WITH OPTION TO BUY A native of Madison County, he was a son of Alonxo arid Everything for Evtry Offic* Right-on Merldinn nl \1\1 A Ph. M4.4404

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