The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 8
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THJ-J BAKJSKSPfBLD CALIFOKNUN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1636 DAUGHTER ACTIVE AS BIDDER I" Cleveland Airport Being Enlarged ;il Cost of $;},,'K)0,000 f .-Ijutorfoffl l'rr» l.ratcil tUrr > CLKVIOr.AND. I.— Within the lii'XI lw» months th« Jnl> of tiuih- InR iMcvr-liiiiil Miinl'-lp;il Airport (ho lai-Rfsl flylnB flohl In Hi-! world will l>t! rinlfh-fl. Ah II project of the wnrliH pn res* adinliiKlnillim. (lir nlrpurl bninit rnliiwil (n 1010 (iciirly ilonlilo UN former »!/••, lit n cost, of s:t,:tno,o(Mi, \\itii ;i:ioo men Mow rtuplojeil. Mnjor .Inek Hi-rry, innniiR'M, iml<l fhllt 11" lilfport. In Iho wiirld roiiM hlirpiiRH tli" nuinlrlpiil airport In «!/•• and thai Hi" ni'xt liirH'-Ml In th-> United Ktutr-N ]>rolml>ly would tin at OnUlnml. Ciillf Tlm-r tnli'i-iuitloniillv faiiinnN ports. Croydon In KiiKliintl, I." UOHI-KI-I In Frailer anil Ti-inpli'liof In ' liTiiiiiny. fill cHiilil 1m pliie«-d liiHldi- i 'K'Vi-limcl Airport with room tn fpiirf. Tin- unit Installed at the airport i-nnliiln-i '1,000,000 nqnurc feet of l n -lrirli n« phaltle lioiind iniieinlnin anil nHplml tic. eoiu-rotf. UN thn larK'-«( «-'V'-r htlllt. "In another year" he vtM, "there will lie 'jK-tnn HhlpH with four mot urn and Hpnee for •1" im/wiiio'i'd. Wr're ready for tli'-m " The enliiiK"'! ulrjiort ran in • "in HIOiliilii "-100 tratiM'iirt platirw n day and In ea«e of a nn-h "wo i-miltl linncllo tvli-i> tluit." Hiild Major Iti-rrv It WIIH iif'ei"inury to move n roml threo.fonrthd of a inlli« and Hi" KramlNtanilH uwed for IHHI year'* ini (tonal Hlr nn-i-N were moved loon f«-i north nnd 2'iOd feet went. Daughter of Three Has First Real Visit With Noted Quintuplets In the crowclM of the rurloiiH nnd buritnln him tern nl the LOH nurtloii of Mil- pcmm-NHlon* of tin- liiU; John (Jillx-H. hiH dniiRhlcr, Loulrlco Joy (iillwrt, wrw tin nctivc bidder. With her in lu-r KIIVITIICNH. Claim Plants and Flowers Behave as Human Beings f>rr,i» tcatcd Wire) CALIBAN DIOR, H-U't. I. —Paulino !)lonnp, who IH It yearH old, bun inudo hc-r flrwt real visit with her quintuplet MlMters. I* Paulino, one of Iho Iilonnps' sit other children, had heard n. lot about tho flvo llttlo Klrlw. Mm when thoy wn.rn horn more than two years ago, Paullnn, of courHe, was too little to be eonrorned. Timidly, she, vvisnl to thn Dlonno ntirKcry, JIIH! ncrosn tho road from the boino of her parents, on Hatur- dity nlglil Klvu pairs of clnnr, bright eyes nhone with i)l<-a«iire. It wan a mei-ilng of Hlwler strang- ei-H who have lived almost within a, ntiiiin'K throw of eueh other since tho quintuplet!! wen- born. Tin- (|II|II(M' IntereHl In their Hlster WIIH reelproi'ated hy Pauline. Tiny flngf-ra lout-lied Paulino's hair, eheeU.'i and even tried to poke Jior even. And when Pauline left to re. turn to th>< IMonne home, th" i|Uln tiipli-tH ongiiged In a regular crying mnteh. Paulino made Iho vlsll after the Saturday afternoon showing of llio hahloH In Ihflr playground. Shu wt-nl to the: hospital with hor pur- elltll, VEST POCKET PllANJE IN NATIONAL AIR RACES \ **'i< 1*1 tnl /'Mi* l,<il*i '/ 11 Irr i TV/'AKUfNOTDN. ** the aKrli-iiltnn ('. S. BOMUKIl KIM.KD HAMNAH. Sept. I. if. I'.) l.-'<M. llr-drlfh. Unld-d Ntnli-n nriny «ol rllor Btntlonr-cl nt HID I'li-Kldlo of Monterey WIIH Inntnntly Itlll'-fl fiirly toilny when the mitoiiioMIn In whlnh he wti« rldliiK collldf-d with a truclf driven hy 1-Mwnrtl MrNnIr of WatHonvllln. AllM-rt I'VrtlK, attnchncl to tin- Hiihmiirlnn Hnnltii nt I Stnro Inland, n'»» driving thn ma- ' clilrio. lln wan HtrluiiHly tnjurml. ' Sept. I- I'Vrnn d'-pa ri MM-nt ni in*' mi iinnounrenieni t"diiy Ihiil. HIIIIII- IdiinlH rinil flo\«'prH helms'- IIU' 1 hu inun lieliiK"- "Of coinw." "iilil Holiiuliit <• ,M. Krr-einiili, "thin I|OI-H nut nieiiii they Indtiite prnulc Tln-y JIIH! hnppi-n to do the mime IbliiK'i 'he HIIIIII- \viiy hOUK't lllH'll '' Ainnni; tin- In <-111111111111 chiinu'ler- Hiillor! I»H' " '"'"• ilclr-riuiuivl Unit •xi|ii|Mll"-ly." wnvliiK iilioiit InullnllH of Mil IMTOIIIpllNh'-d If'* HERE Work. Hleep. TiiHti- fur liiniiliiirnerN Imiic-lnK- Inloxlcallon Ahlllty to find n drlnU of \viil>>r when OIK- In nhoiit. "It IIIIH IICIMI |>ro\'en," Mild inun, "Unit pliuilN reni't to tin- IH, of geltl'IK peppeil up nyer i-i-rtu Mthnnlii nt.ii. 1 Imve rvcn ht-nrd them K n "lnK Unit \viiy ovi-r n-iplili Thiouiili udi'i opholo|;nipliM l«>l him- ilclr-riniuert tlnil plnntH "diiii"<- ullli th tun dniH'T. "ThlH iloi'Hii't tin-all Dull (Iniien In the it'-iiH'- of pultltiK one (O..I foruard and hrlniitiiK the other hllell whlli- ln-fpllIK HllH to IllUMli'," explained tin- lintiinlHl. "hill 'all II u hal .\ on \vlll It'n Ih" xa:n" Ulni) of n 111 v i • i r i e n I." plnnlM' talent (or il'-r hii'^ I'-HK hei-n n ache the root M ha \ 'iy of «h'ioiln(? mil to- vviil'-rplpe. \vi-iU',hiK ii;li a Jolnl nnd finally I low i >f \va ler. planl whli-h liven II-'<-C|M IHIM n definite Gov. Welf ord of North Dakota Hlirt (Atioointed I'rcis Leant Wire) KANSAS CITY, Sept, l.—Governor Walter \Velford Of North Dakota was Injured In a taxlcab accident early today, on the day to tljo airport to catch a northbound, piano. ' The governor suffered bo'dy bruises, and was taken to St. Mary?n Hoapl- tal, whoro nttendanta ijald- hla ln« Jury wa» not serious. Ho conferred with Governor All Landofi at Topeka yesterday. Governor Wclford's taxi, In which ho was the only passenger, collided with an automobile on a downtown during a rainstorm. 4 Although his 30jl-horscpowcr airplane is truly "vest pocket" in si/.c, Harry Crosby, veteran airlines pilot, IIHN hiirh hopes that it will end up In the money In the Thompson race, a feature of the national air races in Lou AnKckH early in September. Crosby hau been building the plane, shown above dwarfed by a TWA airliner, for over a year. He says H should fly 360 miles an hour. ' Football Players Mourn "Ptolemy* (Atiootated Preii Leased Wire) STATE COLLEGE, Misa., Sept. 1»^, Mississippi State College football , partisans mourned "Tol" today. ' •"Tol"-—or Ptolemy II, to glVe his full name—was a brtndlo bulldog* which acted as mascot to the maroon 11 bn Us eastern Invasion last (all when tho Aggtes licked tho unny. "Tol" died last week of 'uremlo poisoning and Major Ralph Sasscs, former army mentor'-,and now Stale's head coach Is locking for a new mascot. f ' * II,. f,idi| Hi.- hiiiillni; out \\ pliimlier'N li'-ad an mi"unnv « ward II llr.'ilh Ilidr way tliri- "ullliiK -^ff th" Tin- |i!iih"r prliH'Ipnll.v "II CVCUHT SPANS CONTINKNT rimv'Ai.UM, iii-f.. Sept. i. ti'. I'.i 'Icon;'- ' !i OHHKI-IKUII-I-, ?.3. of WllllniiiMpurt, I'u., (llil hlH "ilnlly ilo/i-n" In n. ^holt-Null! fiiHhlon by l>l- '•yi'lliiK to i '(.irvnlllH, 11 (llHtiiin'0 of •l::on inlli-n. It t""U him SI) <lnyn at an nvcriiK'- npi"-'l of 110 mllnH a (lily. - - • --*-•"»KIM 1 IT .IAUS I SKI) SINTK IR.'ifi N(llt\VAI.K, dlilo, Si-pt. 1 (II. P.) A fruit Jur purrliiin«-il In INTifi unit IKJ\V nHin-il hy Mrs. I! I 1 -. l.utt.n han IIIM-II fllli'il with fruit f.-n-h yi'iir Klncci Hint llmr iiml IH Hllll unliroUon. Claim Stole Car of Their Doctor (I'nlleil I'rrn hfatccl Wire) Airm'HON, Iowa, Kept. 1.—Kd- ward Snow, 2H, nnd Mary Martin, 20, both of St. hoiiln, Mo., 1 were nought today on rliargcH of stealing 1 Hie niiUmioblle of a physician who had treated them for after ! their own car was wrecked. Sinners Who Stole God's House Sought l'res» Leased Wire) KUKFOMC. Va., Hept. 1.— Negro members of the Holiness Church of God In Christ arc looking for tho sinners who stole their church. The single, story frame building was In HM proper place when tho owner. Colonel John P. Penner. passed hy recently. When ho looked a few mornings later It was gone. Would Melt Church Bells Into Bullets (Associated I'rcn located W(rc) MADU1D, Sept. 1.—The former royalist newspaper ABC, which has been taken over by leftist KOV- 'ernment newspaper man, today published letters asking bells and the bronze facades around Spain mako bullets. that church from historic bo melted to Honeymoon Over; Four Shots Do It (AttocMet P'rt»» Leaied Wire) CHICAGO, Sept. 1.—Four shots rang out In the lobby of a south side hotel. The police arrived and learned, they said, that Mrs. Mary Anderson, 36-year-old bride of two weeks, had fired them at her husband, Harry, 42. Th« shots missed. ^yf The police said she explained he jf told her Miss Pearl Lo Grande, 28. V whom ho knew before he was married, was more beautiful than his wife. hiirK liit'l" l'ir lui '•^ ,,u i-iin'l f.i , , pl |,in. ' h" '"• ' ml'-roM-npi- lh"i fieisi-d In mniiii iin-t e Ml". ill if II IK- Hiilil. a jiliinl hti>i pi-r- •ii-il. "lull undi-r ii hit \ *• lii'i-ii nil • HUM - HI luitnHH in til i-Kplnl'Ml I'lll " FOR 1937 AMERICA'S MOST COPIED RADIO Again A Year Ahead Pawnee Bill and Miss Hatficld to Wife Wed Again Marry Berkeleyan ( (umirdifril 1'rrtn l.rntrd H'ti-nl TAOH, N. M., Hopt. 1. -Major <!or don \V. "1'auii"" Hill" 1,1111". lu-ro of tlln Kri'at Mitillnvi-Mt, and )I|H ahnoMl ei|iially famiiiiM \\lir. May .MiinnliiK l.llli", u'f>r" r"marrl<-d at "lili^li niion" today. In ""li-hrallon td' Ih" fiftieth nnnlM-rHiiry of llu-lr fir/it \\ i ddliiK In M rulMiTu] ri>rrtn"ii\' on th" plu/a In TiM'H. tin- llev .laiiH-a Ah"y of lloiihliin, TrMtM. it-ad Ih" IIIMI rla^r \OWM In Ih" TaiiinUM IIMI|I|I'. \vhll" Mi-\i-rul hundri-d of tht-li frlemlH loolu-il mi. -*--•-*- IIUV PVIJO.MAMAt'S U'll.K l-:s MAKItl-: H' pl. I. (H. I' i T\VM l*ln:ill ltil\'H I "I (In- III lln- urildi- in hunt hulldllli: h' I I Thi Hrlmol \\lll n-it hr ahl" to o|*" o on n-'hi-dnl" n<-\l : A nini-lilffl ''II •«» 7,('ii»ci( 1 SAN l-'KANi'lHi'n, .la.iilni! lliiil'lfld. itiiiuihlor ll'll.llll (iliVi-lllnl Mild Mil' r l.i i, m of Sm-d.-r Haiti"!. I. .Inlin ll.'l-" Inllllihl Sn|'"iinr .Itidi,' iin n I ..... |.. i I. Sn\ il.-r and MI- I 'III VI -.11 V ol . ':i \\I-H- nl n ."ill- INDIAN CIIIKI-'S I'ONI'. PI « '.\'rr:i .1.1 1. i, ii.h-- s.-pi. i. il ' p ) Art lulu ..r tblN mat" ai" find- Ini; n. -w and Ihl.-r.'Mltni; pi.rt ralliirn \vm-k In p.ilniloi; Hi" Wlmix Indl.iiiH, mil .. fli-ri .- .•ii"iiil"'i nl I In- W'hlli- j tan- Anioitu th" "iiind.'lH" ai" I'hli-f .I'.linnl' llMlln.l 'I'.-ii riilt.'hro and i 'hl.-f Hnnrlwi-. 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