The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1946
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE.COURIER NEWS PAGE Delivers Baby Aboard Tanker Novy Pharmacist Mate Follows Directions .<•• Given Over Radio T BY JACK B. EVANS United $*ress .Staff Correspourieul SEATTLE, Mar, a. (ui»j—A nervous and bewildered' Navy plinmn- clsl mate delivered his first baby at 11:25 p.m. <PST) lust ntglit aboard a storm-tossed tanker 1,200 miles nt sen on radioed instructions from a medical officer aboard a coast guard cutter racing to aid him. Tlie baby, n bouncing seven pound, four-ounce girl, was delivered by pharmacist mate jerry Bradbury, Cleburne, Tex., aboard' the U.S.S. Pucntc Hills. Coast gu*rd officials at Seattle reported mother and daughter— and Bradbury—were doing fine. Bradbury wan the only person aboard the Pucntc Hills with sufficient medical knowledge to assist the woman passenger who retired (o her bunk late yesterday afternoon Miffcrlnt; labor pains at ID-minute intervals. The Cutter Ilaida was expected to rendezvous with the Puenlc Hills at about'6 a.m. (PST, lortay, coast guard officials said, and the medical officer aboard would make a thorough examination of the'wo- rn an. , Dr. Urthur G. Elvin. a Seattle obstetrician, had estimated that the child would be bom sometime between 6 a.m. and noon today, adding,'however, • that "fear and complication abonrd the tossing /Vanker result in a premature birth." • "If the coast guard ship reached < the Puentc Hills at B a.m.. the doctor may just get there in time to deliver, 1 ' he said. "However, thf. phaniachlst's mate should be able to deliver satisfactorily barring complications and factors of which we do not know." New Circus Queen Makes Babe, The Elephant, Earn Her Salt Defend Hoover From Red Press American Communist Criticism Assailed! By His Associates extra slmiivkrnl of sail is Hie reward ''Ililji' pinx ItcKyU' ISoyarl, lrvluj;ton, N. .!., Yvonne Cann Charlotte Hell, l>all;is. Tex., and Bella Atlarili, New left lu riclil II) .1. I,. ,MU,l,Kl; NKA Social Corrcspnllclciil SARASOTA. Kla., March 5. (NBA) — Docs Miidame have dltriculty in gelling out of a low-slung car without loss of dignity? Then, sister, you ought to try mounting an elephant! Here amid palm trees and" balmy Florida ab'— which still may be breathed without additional charge even by the common lourisl<— a group of would-be circus queens are striving to master the art of swinging gracefully to the head of a performing pachyderm. Most of these lassies are ex- chorus girls, and a few have been In burlesque. But it's a safe bet »}• I.V1.K <:. WILSON WASHINGTON. March 8. (UP) — Conner President Herbert Hoover's associates toclny ridlciiled nil American Communist attempt to smear him In connection with his forthcoming survey ol European foot! conditions. The American Communist press has bitterly crltlci/ed Hoover foi allegedly playing pollllcs with relle: focxl after World Wnr 1 and foi proposing Hun children behind Hitler's linos be fed in World War 1! The Daily Worker, Communist newspaper, consistently expresses fear that Hoover's proposed food survey will lead to pressure on liussian- dominntcd eastern Kuropc to swing away from Moscow. Hoover's associates here express amazement at what tliey regard as "Ihis rather shabby attempted smear." They recall Hoover food relief accomplishments In the Soviet Union during the famine' prrlod of 1922-:!:]. Hoover will arrive here tomorrow for conferences preliminary lo his lectors had deducted their share. [ departure for Huropc by air. now It was the biagesl season in clr- scheduled for March 15. That Is ous history, and the show's haid-l lc ss than n week away bill bolh boiled executives are convinced '-10 Agriculture and Sliite Department will be even bigger. spokesmen said Hoover's Itinerary With this In mind, the circus Is has not been fixed. The question Soviet Warning f n Manchuria Aimed At U. S. I K.I lux's ipile: Kollo»lii t is MIC first dlsiutch m-rlv«l rrom Krjnulds Packard, vrtrrun Unll- cil 1'rfss Kurrjfn <;<trrc»|wnd>nl, from Changchun, capital of Man- ihuria. Packard has b**n rc- l»,i!ln f arllvltln of Hie Kiuuaan army ID Mukdrii and C'lia»(- fliun.) will rcvcivc. fur -, New York, Orleans. '-:>•, 11 V KKYNODS 1'ACKAKI) Uiillcd I'rrss Staff Cur respondent CHANGCHUN, Mur. a. (UP) Unimpeachable soui-cro diseas today that Marshul Uodlon Malln- ovfiky, Hoviet commander In chicl In Manchuria, recently warned th« United stales that Hussla will hot allow (my interference with "llns- sian friendship in China" or wllli Ilic help he said Ktissla was giving the Chinese In Manchuria. I, Mnllnovsky spoke ut n Red Army Day bnnciucl. before high soviet and Chinese officers nnd notables. The speech hitherto linii not been inil)lisi>c<l. H wns learned aulhorllallvely that MalinovKky said In purl: "Clilnn nnil Hiissla are reiil friends. We don'l want liny other 'country to linnn this friendship, ca- pecially those people wearing white gloves and curryhn nold In their pockets. If anybody puU out u hund to Interfere, we will cut it off. "Tlit Russians have conie here UManchurlu) not for money or banking Interests, but because of Ideals und friendship. "Russia helped China fl«h! In tho war while others only came In nter when their own Interests became Involved." Several Informants reported that Mulinovsky, when he referred to culling off lh c hand, made a chop- iB motion with his rltiht arm, The general content of Malovsky's speech was confirmed by six different quarters. !Io spoke In Russia and nil interpreter red a translation In Chinese. All newspapers In Changchun Including those In Chinese, under Russian control. They (lit not prln), (he speech. The speech preceded by a (e\ days a press statement In whlcl Mallnovsky said the tied Arm; would withdraw from Mam-Inn I probably sooner and certainly no llatcr I him the withdrawal of U. Tile woman passenger was un-1 they never before exhibited identified but coast guard officials many—cr charms lo the public eye said she may be a Russian stewardess rescued from the Russian tanker Donbass which broke in half in a North Pacific storm a few days. ago. The Pticiilc Hills is towing the after section of the Don- bass into Seattle and has several surviving crew members aboard. The coast guard radio station at Westport, Wash., picked up the tanker's first urgent radio request for instruction at 3:15 p.m. yesterday. The tanker's skipper capt. Willard Campbell, on San Francisco and Miami, Fla., used the distress frequency to transmit the message. The message'said: "Any ship with a doctor equipped for baby delivery In vicinity of 47-42 west, course 090, speed 4 knots please indicate as labor pains are every ten minutes. Have pharmacist mate aboard." Tlie Kaida, 300 miles away, immediately changed her course and heade<| for the Puente Hills which vis making only four knots through • high waves dragging the Dobass T astern. Comdr. R. A. sarrillc. dislrie.t medical officer for the coast guard, radioed instructions to Bradbury. He told him to sterilize all instruments aboard the ship.' including a shoe lace or string for tying the umbilical cord, and lo prepare and wash the prospective mother. The Piientp Hills, a 6300-ton war-time built Navy tanker, is en- route from Okinawa, scheduled to arrive here next Wednesday. She docs not normally carry passengers since her cabin accommodations are crowded to the after section and generally provide sufficient and crew. ns upon the occasions of their first Jew scrambles to jumbo's top. This learning session is largely responsible for the popularity of the clcphnnt barns at circus quarters here H'herc RingHng Brothers nnd Barnum & Bailey are prepping for the 101G season. The sight of a well-turned leg is always an attraction, although some merely yo to watch the elephant blush. Across the way in a menagerie ba^n a Siberian wolf has howletl himself hoarse. BIG YEAR FOK ClltCUS A respectable inidtllc-aged lariy elephant named Babe probably suffers more from these sessions than executives iinyoiic else. Babe has teen kicked' *•"•"'"" In the teeth, had her ears pulled expanding — there will r>e more spangles, more glitter, u bigger bi"B lop with more seats. Even Gargan- tua lias tfrown. The show's press agents are se'aVching for superlatives. EXPECT 5,000,000 From last year's golden return, the show earmarked 5280,000 for a new opening spectacle to replace the wartime "Alice in Gircusland" number. Nature of the new "spec" is still a top secret and it. would be easier lo walk into the U. S. mint with an empty suitcase than to get .nto the costume department where its properties are being designed. Ringling Brothers nnd Barnum & Bailey expect to play to nearly 5,000,000 Americans this year In its six weeks in New York's Madison Square Garden and 300 under-canvas performances. The new big top now under construction here will be 540 feel long, 240 feet wide, and w!l! scat 11,500 persons. Heavy flreproof- ert canvas is being used, and all seats are of steel. The show is taking no chances of a recurrence of the Hartford disaster, which in addition to its heavy monetary loss also sent several highly essential to jail. whether he will visit Russian-dominated eastern Europe remains to be answered. American Communists apparently doubt his welcome there. The Dally Worker, Communist party organ published In New York, biiellly reported President Truoian's selection of Hoover to visit Europe, and added: "No enthusiasm has yet Wen voiced abroad for the Hoover ijiis r '9*nt Demonstrates Germination Test A mecllriK of the Huffman 4-H lub WHS held Monday, Mmrch 4, Ith Binie Hardln presiding. Thir- j'-nhic club members. 15 le«lers, nd three visitors were present, Miss COID l«e Coleman, home leinimstrnllon ugcnlA (tve ». it- iHin.stnitlon on making continuous as folds 1 and W. O. Hazelbsker, Kslstanl county agent, gave * de- nonstriitlon on u simple method of cstlng the germination ot cotton seed. The Kroup captains gave the following reports: Doyle Hntchel, pig captain. re|>orted 2 In that club Aliene Fi'iinrll, gardening and canning euplaln, reported 2; Peggy Sanders, clothing », ooda and There w*r» 11 a** ih( UM club at thta The group which wu tod >* Vi ling, capt* In.' Singing Jo Be HM Sifnrfay T-he Ml«t«rppl Countf Convention will pnwnt » of *>ng« Sunday at GomcO Church. The>alncen will be tattM NT » Maiden, Mo., quartet.' * , ',,} To bc«in at 9 o'ekx*, the puWe is invited, it wai announexi byJ '*, Morgan, prealdenC J. LOUIS CHERRY •^ * - • -• i New York Life Insurance Co. Birihntta, Aik. Marines from China. The group of one HiHlsh ami elghl Anierlcan correspondents who lavn becjn In Changchun more lhan i weck'havi. been unable to see Mallnovsky. The soviet commund- inl In Changchun, Maj. Gen redor Karlov, said Malliiovsky wns "loi> Inisy" or "out of lowu." on aerial acts. The end of the war and her lovely four-inch eye lashes 1 m Europe has made it possible again yanked out by. handftils as hour • to import talent from the contl- after ' hour neophytes clamber up nent and her trunk by the dozen to pose insecurely upon her broad head. It's no fun for the girls cither nt flr.-it. slon. Although food needs are acute, Europeans recall how the selective giving of food wns used to bludgeon progressive forces after the last war. They fear that the weapon of food — like loans — will be used against democratic Governments." Hoover's associates ridicule these suspicions. They point out that so far the adverse criticism of the Hoover mission has been limited to j American Communists nnd that Moscow has not been heard from. It is understood, also, that the Polish government has Indicated a desire lliat the Hoover mission visit that country. American Communists were challenged here on their charges Hint Hoover aided "rcnclionary regimes" in Europe after World War I by "The,Red reporter in question," it was suggested to the United Press, "might with profit rend H. H. PJsh- er's 'Fomlne In Soviet ftussin' for to Hoover In gralcful recognition ol his service. "As Hoover |K)lnted out In o r«- cenl press conference, relief from starvation Is an obligation which knows no barriers of race, creed or politics. It might be worthwhile loi the Daily Worker In explore the actual relief record after World War I under Hoover's leadership In such completely Communist regimen as (hat of Bela Kun In Hungary. That nation was saved by the efforts of Hoover's organization from starva- t'on and in spite of protests of lew liberal-minded European leaders of tho I time. "It may be significant that tho rather shabby attempt to smuir Tloover comes from the Dally Worker by way of Washington and nol from Moscow where, obviously, the authorities are thoroughly mlndfrl of Hoover's tremendous relief of- foiis in 11)22-23. "These limes are far IPO »;«||y confused and the situation far too ominous for any such ill-tempcral and even more lll-lnfoimcd Journal- sllc distortions." Tho last Indian scouting parly from 1'W't D, A. liussell, now Forl Francis E. Warren, Wyo., ended In October. 189B.' talent from the MV.H, v nin ?""? dolU> ' :s C " KC - \ mtormation ot the appalling dlsas- tivcly .sh,mmed the cream from ti ,. thcrc , ,„ 1922 „„„ 'J, mt . *• , Sweden, Spain, Ilaly and 1(bout a „„,, bv whom AT morel Club Meets A meeting- of the Armorcl 4-H Club was held Monday, March 4, with Gerald Cassidy presiding. The group sang "God America," which was led by Joan Tan- kcrslcy, song captain. fc-- Reirorts where given by the fol- f lowing group captains: Ray clousc, pig captain; Don Stewart, corn captain; . Bcltyc Dyer, gardening and canning captain; Buclah Mac Nunnery, clothing' contain: Bobby Vinson, poultry captain; and Sue Cassidy, cookery captain. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent, gave a demonstration in making continuous bias folds and William O. Hazelbaker, assistant county agent, gave a demonstration in a simple method of testing germination of cotton seed. Ada I feel as though I'd just done a week's washing," a shapely redhead said as she came, perspiration-drenched, from her first two hours with Babe. Babe's complexion is more sandpaper than satin and the redhead had skinned both knees on Ihe way down. However, there are also remunerations. Bnbe gels an extra shov- clfull of salt, and the girls this season arc dragging down from S30 to $150 per week, which would not be peanuts even to Babe. From this it may be gathered the circus is in the chips again. There was a time when—staggering under (he 58,000,000 burden of the Hartford fire victims' claims plus acute internal dissension among Hingling factions — it looked as though the big top might fold. But no more. The big show came back from the road last fall with a SG.000.000 gross —even after Uncle Sam's lax col- Belgium. Also England, scouts discovered Adam, a white-faced j>er- forming chimpanzee who reportedly once escaped in a blackout and caused no small amount of constc'r- "The lives of nearly 10.000.000 children of that day were spared through Mr. Hoover's relief activities. Perhaps the official and diplomatic contacts of the Daily Work- has , added 20 more railroad cars, bringing Its total rolling slock up to 100 cars. Small boys from coast to coast will have no difllcnlty spotting them. They arc painted bright red. Gift for Music Siuily ST. LOUIS. Mo. (UP.)— The es- fiiblishmeiil o f n Department of Music at Washington University has been made possible by the do- nntion of $100,000 by Miss Avis Blewctt. Miss nicwclt has suggested thnt th c activity or the department be confined at the oul.sct to a cultural trcntment of the subject. WHAT MAN '. can understand how • woman suffers distress frowl Come in and see our Glorious Display of Recently Acquired Ciflw—Doth Modern and 'Antique—In Our Newly Decorated Showroom. Selections for the Most Discriminating at Modest Prices. The Gift Shop Moss Bryan 103 E. Main Phone 2254 Fitzpatrick Jewelry Store 1> proud lo direct your attention to 4n ouMudfctV MdM of radio drama* oi inteiMt to *i*rf air-mind«d BmaJiflM Whew Your Flowers Are — You Are! One call to us will arrange to have your reinembnmcos .scut, not just, once, but month after month. 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Successors (o Hordowoy Appliance Co., Inc. Phone 2071 20€-08 West Main WEAKNESS This great medicin* famous to reiiev* monthly cynvtoow MM • Fta* StMMcMe Tonic! Whit m»& can pcadblr andvntand how t woman mitXerv from monthly cramp*, beadacbo. b»ckach«, tired, nnroua. cranky r**ltoci—at mcb Umw—whw du« to (.mate tuuctloual pvlodu It you cutler Ilk* thU- try r«mou« LjdU B. Plnkh&tu'fl Vegetable Compound to r«U«T« such •ymptomi. Plnkh*m*» Compound son KOH th*« reh«T« mich monthly puia. it tl»o r»- U«VM ACcompanylac w*»k, ttr»d. ntr* »ou> reellDgs—of vuch n»tur«. It hw * •oottilnc effvat on oa« of wocun't maM ImporUkai orsmoA. Owr 1M MBH«i B^ttM Soldi Tkken thruout th« monlti—plnlcbim'i Compound help* build up reaUUno* •Cftlnat »uch vrmptoma. It** &!M a fla« •tomachlo tonic. kon««Uj b«ll<Te you should glvVfioi- ^^ h»m'« Compound » f»lr IrUl. Thousand* upon thouwiDdi of Vlrtt fend women have repor remarkable benefit*. Ju«l tt tt itnimn't h*dp rou. >**! VtOCTAMI COMTOUN9 j Suppose You Lived Next Door To A Banker . . : You'll find this n Friendly, Understanding Bunk and the vacant chair beside each officer's desk is a silent Invitation lor you to sit down and talk over your business problems with them at any time. We'll Iry to help you. ... Order Your New Elcctrolux Cleaner Today For Preferred Delivery It's the New Cleaner that does everything easily and efficiently. Yoa've walled for II. Now •>«>• can get !'• Just Phone 2650 R. M. Gntc», Lntal JIana&c It is surprising the number of things (his Complete Itank CHR do for you. Come In, I.ct Us Kxplain a Few of Our Many Services. 5low t'rc(|uenlly do you talk to it banker? Not often? Not iis often as you would if there happened to l>e a banker who WHS a personal friend, probably. , Hut Hiipiwsc a.banker lived next door. 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