The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 7
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THE BARERSFIELD CALlPOftNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBEU 1, 1936 Margot^rahame, Spouse Reconciled ,; (United jpreti teaitd "''-Ito'l&t, 86pt. 1.—Margol, B, English film actress, waa in New York today, aboard tho 'Normaiidle, with, word ot a reconciliation with her husband, Francis Lister, English stage actor. "We were both thrown Into a situation -which really didn't exist," she Said.' ' Miss Orahame did not name the "nonexistent" situation. • 4 • e • Judge Accused in His Own Tribunal (United Prett Lcnted Wire) WILLOW SPRINGS. Mo.. Sept. 1. Sergeant, N. H. Massle of the state highway patrol filed charges of obscuring a license plate against Judge John S. Whltten In tho judge's own court. Judge Whltten flhiSd himself $5 and costs. Sergeant MasMe suggested a remittance, and tho judge paid tho fine and $0.50 costs. • . • STAR AT FOX BANK ON BEINO THERE TOMORROW NIGHT Kreclric fttarttlt , CHOWINO for tho lost times to- P day at the JTox 'is "Sing Baby sing" with Adolph Menjou, Alice Faye, Ted Healy -and the Hit* Brothers and "Second Wife" with Walter Abel and Oertrude Michael. Opening a new program Wednesday, three great stars achieve new glory In America's finest picture of the great war, "The Road to Glory," starring Warner Baxter, Fredric March, Lionel Barrymoro and June Lang. The second picture showing will be "Kelly the Second" -with Patsy Kelly, Gulnn "Big Boy" Williams, Pert Kelly and Charlie Chaso In seven rounds o.f screaming comedy. This program will run through Saturday with Bank Night on Wednesday. -On Screen- Stars Galore Warner Baxter Fredric March Lionel Barrymore ANSWERS SPIDER ALARM KANSAS CITY, Sept. 1. (U. P.)— Two patrolmen double-timed It when Miss Rose Hyman telephoned: "Send the police—right away." There wai a spider on her window screen. to- with JUNE LANG GREGORY RATOFF ALSO = Patsy Kelly Charlie Chase Pert Kelton CEUY At the NILE 2 GRAND FEATURES! TONIGHT 7 AND 8)45 Will d Janet ROGERS ana GAYNOR "STATE FAIR" AND Amjfothehw. With— "Big Boy" WILLIAMS Steve BROPHY Plus — Colored Cartoon — News TONIGHT == Alice Faye—Adolphe Menjou "SING BABY SING" ALSO Gertrude Michael—Walter Able "SECOND WIFE" WEDNESDAY and {THURSDAY ONLY of the Season's Most Entertaining; ATTRACTIONS BLAZING JUSTICE! PLUS "AQUATIC ARTISTRY Pitt tmlth Siort KAY FRANCIS IAN HUNTER "THE WHITE ANQEl" BARBARA OTANWYCK ROBIRT YOUNQ OCNI RAYMOND "THE BRIDE WALKS OUT" MISS MARTIN'S School of the Dance Open Mornings (9:30-12) for Lessons tuul Enrollment William Sheffield (Hollywood) Tap Artist and Teacher will again have charge of the Tap Department, private lea- sons beginning THURSDAY of this week. Mr. Sheffield brings Hollywood rhythm to you. , Oldest Dunce School in JBaliersficld—Continuous Since 1021. Efficient, Always Reliable Second Floor Taylor Building 1660 Chester Avenue Residence Hlione 3862-W I/A .pologizes; Had Resented an Attack by Hoodlum in Toronto Showgrounds Nineteenth and Union AND THIS WEEK Sensational Free Attractions Shows & Rides LET'S GO PHER PHUN (Untied 1'reii Leaieil TORONTO, Ont., Sept. 1.—Rudy Vallee avenged a beer bottle salute n the ballroom of the Canadian Na- tonal Exhibition with n right to tho aw early today. Later he discovered that he had knocked down tho Vrong man and apologized. Directing his orchestra, his baok o the dancera, Vallee tur,ned in time to see tho beer bottle flying at his head. He ducked. "Who threw that?" ho shouted, •Inglng the dancers and tho orchea- :ra to a stop. There was no answer, oxoopt for a chorus of guffaws. A member ot tho orchestra pointed .o a man In the group. "That's the guy. Rudy," he said. Valleo stepped down from tho stand, strode up to the man and with one .blow knocked h|m down. A moment later tho band wa« playing and tho dancers were dancing. The victim protested that ho had not thrown tho bottle. Several witnesses corroborated him. Vallee returned to the floor and told him he was sorry. On the Air KOO-KPO — Nitiond Breadetitlng Com- pany—Suppllu program to: KFI, KECA, KFSD, KQW, KEX, KOMO. KHQ, KJR. KGA. KOA, KQHU, KDYL. KQIR, KTAR. KFRC-CBS—Don Ue und Columbia—Su«- PllM projrami to: KHJ. KOS, KD8, KMJ. KQW, KFBK, KERN, KOL, KVI. KSL. KOIN, KEPY. 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. KRRN and network—Uoyal TflT- RtlS. NBC network—Hen Bernlo and the . WflXAI —Recordlnga; B:16, Mao Himself. KNX—Dick Tracy; 6:16, Maurice's Orchestra. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KERN and network—Camel Caravan. NBC network—Bavarian Orchestra. WOXA1—Recordings. KNX—Buddy and (Jlngor; B:<6. Musical. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. K13RN and network—Camel Caravan. NBC network—Nlcdelodeon. WeXAl—News Fla»h«s; 6:15, Dinner Concert to 6:45. KNX—Travel and Drama; 6:15, News. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KERN and network—March of Time; 0:45, Happy DayH. NBC network—Burry McICInley. W6XAI—6:4B, Sketches In Melody. KNX—Betty Borden, Peter Kent: 6:45, Tunifo Time. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KERN and network—Corner Store Philosopher; 7:15, Renfrew of Mounted. NBC network—Amos and Andy; 7:1!>. Ijiim and Abner. W6XA1—Let's Uanco; 7:15, World Dunces. KNX—.Klmer Goes Hollywood; 7:15, Musical. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. K1CRN and network—Laugh With Ken Murray. NBC network—Leo Rclanmn's Orchestra. W6XAI—Rublnoff and Virginia Rea; 7:45, Cecil and Hally. KNX —Ncwlywcds; 7:1!,, King Cowboy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KERN nnd network—Wurln^'s Pcnnsylvanians. NBC network—Death Valley Day«. WBXAI — Hollywood on Parade; 8:15, Frank Wutanabe. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KERN and network—Dick Stabile Orchestra. NBC network—Stevens Hotel Or- chextra. WBXAI—III Hilarities; 8:45, Home Folks. ; 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KERN and network—-Old-Age Revolving Pension; 9:15, Carl Bclirclbnr Orchestra. NBC network—Hollywood Reporter; 9:16, House of Melody. WBXAI—News FliiBhes; 9:16, Pop Concert to 9:45. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KERN anil network—Jan Garber Orchestra. NBC network—Vista Del UIRO Orchestra. WttXAl—9:45, Rhythm and Romanco. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KERN—World in Review; 10:10, Ellis Klmball Orchestra. NBC network—News Flushes; 10:15, Deauvlilo Club Orchestra. W6XA1—All Request program. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. WBXAI—All Request program. Famous MEGLIN DA'NCE STUDIOS will open in Bakcrsfield soon. Alt types of dancing, acrobatics, voice and dramatics for stage, screen and radio. CHILD AND ADULT Special training in microphone technique by the most successful school of its kind in the world. WATCH for Further Announcements CLUB OASIS Dance Nightly Except Monday to the Merry Music of the OASIS TRIO H«f them every week over vvexAi "TOWN PRICES JACK CON LEY, Proprietor Roitdale Highway «t LAST DAY—2 BlQ FEATURES Richard Dlx, Keren Morley In "DEVIL'S SQUADRON" and Edw, E. Morton, G. Ferrell In "NOBODY'S POOL" Cartoon Comedy Newa Bakerifleld'e Mott Unique Cafe "LAST OUTLAW" AT CALIFORNIA Crafts Shows Due for Week Locally Breaking their long trek from the northern part of the state to the l,os Angeles county fair at Pomona, Craft* SO Big Shows, ono of California's largest traveling amusement organizations, will atop over for a week's engagement in Bakersfleld. All attractions will bo open tonight and the exhibition site will be Nino* teenth street imd Union avenue, where tho Crafts Shows exhibited last spring. As usual, there will be a number of worthwhile attractions to bo seen on tho midway, many Hensatlonal riding devices said to be packed with thrills and chills for those game enough to venture on them. A kid- dles' playground la one of the features and contains many special devices constructed for Juvenile patrons exclusively. A big free circus act will be presented each evening and special arrangement for free arklng of automobiles In among the •alure* announced by the manage- lent. Savant Plans Deeper Into Cosmic Ray, Re H ARRY CABBY aa ho appears In "The Last Outlaw," ono of tho two features showing Wednesday antl Thursday only at the Fox California tlioatpr. "Tho l^ast Outlaw" bonutH those shootln' stars of "Powdersmoka Rango"—Hurry faroy and Hoot Gibson with Tom Tyler, Henry M. WalthaH and Margaret Callahan. Thrill to this picture an the old west wars against tho now. Tho second features Is "Tt'a Liove Again," starring the dancing sensation of tho nation, Jesulo Matthews, with Robert Young. Closing today »t tho California theater are Kay Francis In "Tho White Angel"; Barbara Stanwyck, (lone Raymond and Robert Young In "The Hrlilo Walks Out" and latest news events. Dorothy Gish Faces Charge of Speeding Trent Leased Wire) WESTI'ORT. Conn., Sept. 1.— Dorothy Olsh, the actress, has Bcored a "hit" In a now role — this time with tho police. The pretty aclrens was at, liberty today under $25 bond on a charge of speeding, following her arrest on the Boston Post road hero. State Policeman Hobert Herr, who made tho arrest yesterday afternoon, said: ".lust say she was spending. Glvo her a break." M.IHS Qlsh waited more than an hour for money with which to post a $26 bond In Town Court for np- pouranco September 14. Officer Ilerr said tho rnonoy was brought to har by a butler from bcr homo In Wen I port. "She was very cjulot," Ilorr said, "In fact, it was a pleasure }o glvo her a ticket." WAYWAUII srorsE SAN FRANCISCO, Aug.' 31. (U. P.)—Mrs. Edith Klgulrn nalil that last Easier her huslmnil wrote her <i note. "I'll call you at 12 o'clock. Wall for the mesnge," the note sulil. Tho call didn't oomo. Mrs. Fijjulra today charged her hiiHbriiul with do- Horllon. Ask More Time for Insurance Hearing (Aitorlntcd 1'ren Iifalfit Wire) LOS ANOKLliS, Sept. I.—Law yers representing various Interest* In a hearing on tho reorganization of the Pacific Mutual Llfo Insurance Company reported progress to ilay In out-of-courl efforts, to read an agreement, but asked for more time, and Huperlor JudKe. llenr> M. Willis extended a recess tintl tomorrow. The recess for round table ills cuHslons started last week afte sonio of the lawyers voiced objoc lions to certain features of tho ns organization plan offered by Ktut Insurance Commissioner Soinuo Carpenter. »> » JOB GOES UHGGIXG BLOOM1NQTON, Kan., Hopt. 1 (U. P.)—An examination was hoi at ]3owiiH for -the Bloomlngton post inuHtrtrfthlp. Only ono applicant poured. SNAKED ONE OUT HOLTON, Kan., Sept. 1. (U. P.)- CharlcH Perry, a road worker, rem-l eel Into a hulo to placet some dyni mlto for blunting. Ho pullod out a G-foot bull snake. and Comedy ERSKINE JOHNSON-GEORGE SCARBO TWO BIG ACTS Special Added Attraction by Popular Dimand Return Engagement of Rex and Betty Powers World's Champion BklUri and Thoia Fait Danoirt THREE SOCIETY STEPPERS Patty Delano, Mary Belli Mary Lea oefrur A^ DANCE COKTWT TRY US NEXT FOR Ohiokin—Steakt—Chops Served at All Hour* Tferit Floor Showi Nlffetly It p. m. ( Hi30 p. m,, I «, m. No Cover Charge Exotpt Saturday AIR COOLED PABST ON TAP HElOHT, 4-PBETi; It mtMCHES 1 , ViClOWT, QB POUNDS. BROWN HAIR. HAZEL. €YftS. BOON, MONTGOM6Q.X ALA., CEAi HAMB,CHQl8nN& CXJMBAP . : oo. SlFTCM TAHES SS-YMAft-OUDOOMC ONTQUB/ > OP HOLLYWOOD NlO-HT MiiOOBQ, MWrWtf srowa/J GRANADA LAST PAY—OARY COOPER "MR. DIEDS DOES TO TOWN" Frenehot Tone, Leretta Young • "THE UNGUARDED HOUI" Alto New* and Short Subject* VIRGINIA UA8T TIMes TODAY Fred Aitalre, Olnger Rooeni "FOLLOW THI FLI1T* F end JOHN WAYNE |n . "LONILY TIAIL" ' Comedy, Newt and Cartoon Announcing The Reopening of the, Merle Roberts Professional DANCE STUDIO Tuesday, September 1 LATEST IN ALL TYPES OF DANCING Teaching Staff Includes: Winfried Eoff, Gladys Harp, Frances Dexter and Merle Roberts 1730 "EYE" STREET W. 0. W. BUILDING HOG RAISER (United Pren pHICAOO, Sept. 1. — A 12-ton '-' magnet with which Prof. Arthur H, Compton, University of Chicago physicist, hopes to probe deeper Into the secrets of the cos- mlo ray, Is nearlng completion at university laboratories. The magnet, designed by Compton and his research associate, Hayden Jones, Is expected to develop a magnetic field equivalent to 40,000 times the strength of the earth's magnetic field over a cubic fpot. It will bo used In experiments on high energy particles—such as the cosmic ray In an attempt to rewrite electrical laws which tho high energy articles do not obey. Five miles of three-quarter Inch wide copper strips wound In spirals make up poles of the magnet. Oil containers have been designed Leaied Vfiri) to carry off heat, the oil In' turn cooled by running: water. Effectiveness of the cooling system, Compton said, is an Important' element in the operation of the magnet because the limit to the amount of power developed Is ths amount of heat which is carried off. Compton, leading cosmic ray authority, concluded from experiments that ray particles are largely positive and negative electrons* Their energies are so high they do not obey laws of electricity, even as pxtonded by the Einstein theory. The Chicago man expects to photograph tho swiftly moving particles and determine from that their energy and whether they are positively or negatively charged. Previous experiments have measured energies up to 20 billion volts. Compton hopes to extend the measurement with his magnet to energies of 40 billion volts. The Modern Member of the Familii! *•* A I K WILL HOOICHS worn to bo re- inonilicreil for any sliiRlo one of tho many Inimitable characterizations he brought to tho screen his "AlwM Fniko" of "Htute Fair" would undoubtedly be the role. "Stuto Fair," now playing a return engagement at the Nllo theater with the first-run musical comedy hit. "Walking on Air" costarring dene Raymond and Ann Sothorn, returns to Bakersflold In response to widespread public requests. It nlao provides Rogers with tho opportunity to bring to tho screen a rolo so closo to his heart, a midwostorn farmer In whose life the big event of the year Is the great state fair. The foil of Rogers' wit, in "State Fair" Instead of a human character, Is tho champion porker, Blue Boy. Tho hog. in Rogers' opinion, hat! an advantage over humans—ho didn't attempt to reply to conversation. Janet Oay- nor. i'0-starred with Rogers, Lew Ayres, Sally ISllors, Norman Foster, LoulKu Dresner, Frank Craven and Victor Jory aluo appear In the of ".SUUo Fair." Convenient "Cap Scaled" EMMETT HAYES, Distributor 1920 "Eye" Street Phone 1923 FREE DELIVERY •You'll *Likv /union* -i, li. C. Air Mini on Let's Go! You Will Never Forget This Thrilling Spectacle *|>IU> -k Michel Dctroyal, *••»» French Acrobatic Ace ir Gerd Achgclis, German Acrobatic Champion •*• Hollywood's Greatest Movie Stunt Trio •*• Army, Navy, Marines in combat maneuvers -k Target and mass parachute jumping. •k -k -k The Bendix Race, The Ruth Chatterton Sportsman Derby, The Amelia Eurhart Hace for women, The Thompson Trophy Race, The Greve and Shell races and many other breath-taking attractions. * *• * Join the movie stars, celebrities and thousands of spellbound spectators. Enjoy the world's greatest thrill. Sec the NATIONAL AIR RACES at... Los Angeles Municipal Airport (INOUWOOO) • UY TICKETS IN ADVANCI Save Money! By purchailng your liclcett before midnight Sept. 3rd you will «av«> approximately 25V ' i "• ' TICKETS ON SAL! AT | (in Bakcrsfiold) i * Auto Club of Southern Call- I fornia * C. C. Meadows, Man- |ager Kern County Airport, TWO DRV! OHIVI HAMILTON MAKES ONE FOR $52.50! BULOVA MAKES ONE FOR $42.501 Rouno Genslcr-Lce offers this popular model at the very low price of $O8i 9 no money oouin • soc n UIEEH TRULY it's not «s fine a witch u the Hamilton or Bulova, but it's a tretntnJoHjIy good value for $9.83! Sweeping th« country is thii new type ladies' round sports watch with bUck cord band! Keeps excellent time and very smart! Two day* only at $9.83. No money down, 50c a week. No interest or other extras. No mail or phone orderal Call at once I 1508 NINETEENTH STREET Open Saturday Evenings Cash for Old Gold Do Not Sell to Strangers Wlckersham Co. NlnitiiBth ind "lyi" tlruti EDDIE GARRETT DANCE STUDIO FEATURING Standard Tap Technique anil ItuutliiPH (or the Beginner Acrobatics Limbering and Tumbling KouUne« KiiroUmeut Hourx: 10 u. in. to Studio, 401 Trustun Avenue Advanced Tap Technique and Novelty KoutUies for^bo Advanced Stude.nt , Ballet .'•',. Clmructer mid Toe Work . p. HI. CLASSES LIMITED .• .r,!.K.^*J>:^i&£^^

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