The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COUBIBR NEW! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 1947 fain Tightened tin Meat Gifts Fiom Greece . H»W YORK, June 25. (UP)—The OaHwtor of Customs lightened reg- vMta^s to .see that no more gift f meat shipments entered the pnttiHl States from hungry Greece. B«th Greek and American officiate still were baffled at the thou»nd s of gift packages con- an estimated 10.030 to 160,pounds of meat sent here in the last 'six nnonths from Greece, and rumors of a "racket" still circulated. ;. C^toms collector «arry M. Durn- Inc »id he notified shipping com- panias that regulations banning the imputation of meat from coun- tritt where the hoof and moutU disease was prevalent would be enforced after July 7. Greece Is one of the countries. . Jotai Kalergis, Greek, Consti Gtneiral. said he thought the pack- «ges contained little meat but consisted of fiRs, olive oil and pcr- kind of dried sausage, con- a delicacv in Greece. "Ifcny people in Greece have been led to send packages to relatives here to thank them for gifts of money and clothing, ant the people here have been over charted by organizations conducting .the shipments who are probably making money on them." Katergis said. Pul Jed/to Safety Twe Dead and 4 Arrested Im Renewal of Old Feud DARUINGTON, 6. C., Juno 25. _; The famous Hntfleld-Mc- A nuin Identified by police ns William Kltlicl. Is Muled to wifely nl New York City after hi; wnnJcrcd awny'lrom a car crash In which he wns Involved nud walked rive blocl-.s fioyi the nccldcnl scene to tlio East River where he Jumped or fell In tl'.c wntcr.i INEA Telepholo,) Club 61 Blythevlllc, Arkansas — — Highway 61 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. med) Blckerstaff and George For Reservations Telephone 9« Fjr<l Coy feud was brought tip to clntc yesterday as police helii tour members of Hie Squires fnmily on charges of slaying Howard and Yonmn Andrews. Henry S(|U!re.s find his son David settled n long-stnnding feud with the Andrews clan by shooting the brothers in the Wlmllmmtown .sec- , lion of Darlington Sunday, Sheriff dl Wiley Gi'iinlham reported. The Squires surrendered to Darlington officials after the shooting mid James Squires, another son, uncl Fannie Squires, Ills "iother, also were taken into! custody. XXVm ments of her innrrinec. But it's CA^I was all for my breaking the news to Flora, the sooner the better. Why not take Amy with ne? If anyone could handle Flora, It was Amy. This was an excellent suggestion. I got Amy on the phone. We met on the seat under our big apple tree, and 1 told Amy at length all about my two meetings with Gloria's grandmother and tbiiift .Sam positively refused to go hoaie until Flora had got over the first shock. , .Amy was sorry, but not unduly distressed. She said that Mrs. Fin- nenrr was bound to see Gloria Louise sooner or later, and as the <£l£iL was growing to look more '-••£ more like her father, her grandmother was cerlaiii to acknowledge .her - ultimately and waul to see her occasionally. "But how about the adoption?" I Mked. "Mrs. Finneran will be certain to try to block it." - .'"*l've never approved of the adoption," "Amy said calmly. "After • all, Gloria is not Sam's chUd, and he never really wanletl to wJppt lier. Bob Finneran was a Bice boy, and he died bravely. Gloria must be told about him. Better for her to know now when . 1,,:,.... 'v-jjj, hc ,. stride .than silly and weak, nnd selfish bcriclcs, and mnkos Flora no happier. Sani ( I think, is gelling fed up." "Come along. Let's have it oul with Flora." later ^wheh'She/gocs to school and «n»1btrie£th'l!d blurts ft 6ut>' "But how about Flora?" I asked "doubtfully. "Flora ^doesn't seem to get her strength back, and you know how wrapped up she is in Glwia Louise. This will be a terrific shock." : "A shock is what Flora needs,' Amy said firmly. "She doesn't ge b«r strength back .because she doesn't want to get it back. Flora spends far too. much lime in bed with imaginary aches and pains Of course it's her defense agains SdBB, against all the disappoint nt first took our news very badly. She sobbed noisily, she cried out that she haled Mrs. Finneran; Mrs. Finneran was cruel asid hard, and never, never, never should her darling Gloria spend a minute alone \vilh Ihc woman. She said she was born to Irouble, Ihal it was all Sam's fault If Sam had only lislencd to her and adopted Gloria years ago, when they were first married, ns she wanted him to, Mrs. Finneran would be powerless to touch hdr darling IHUc girl. Now heaven alone knew what the crav.y old harpy might do. Flora would never again have i\ moment's peace. ... If only Sam had lislened to her! I had said my say, so I sal in a corner and held my tongue. Amy lislened unlit Flora had run down and llien handed her Ihe smelling plls, brought a washcloth and Wiped her face, made her drink ome weak brandy and water. Flora was quieter, Amy sal down by Ihc bed. Without raising icr voice, she calmly and dispassionately skinned Flora alive. She said lo Flora all llial she had said to me and a. great deal more. She Lpld'Flo'rti'.shc '.was silly "nnd ill- tfemperod; siio grabbed everything and gave nothing. Flora cried and proleslcd, bul Amy \vcnl on. She said it was already town talk thai Sam was fed up. What would Flora do if Sam walked oul on her or put her and Gloria oul of Ihe hoiise? . . . "I'll leave you to think over what I've said," Amy finished up with asperity. "Then sclo.scd. the dispute wa.s not Head Courier News Want, Ads. I hope you'll gel up and wash your face and take off that dressing- gown and get dressed and go downstairs and lake a look around. The house hasn't been properly dusted for months. The icebox smells, and with a garden full of (lowers' thero isu'l a (lower in the house. And you might sec tp it .Ihal when Sam comes home he. gets a decent dinner, lie told Nelson the cook gave him Ihc same Ihings lo eat night after night." VV^IIEN I got home, Sum Icle•* plumed lo ask how Flora had taken the bad news. Very well, I lokl him; I Ihought Amy IKK! convinced her that it was all for the best. 1 went over Amy's arguments. . "You mean Flora actually agreed?" Sam fiskccl. "Didn't she cry or have hyslcvics or anything?" "Oh, we lincl a few fireworks at first, but not for long. Flora is out on the front porch this minute wilh Theodora and Gloria. You'll belter be hurrying home. Your three women—-no, I believe I sec a bnby carriage behind Flora— your four women are all dressed up and waiting for you. They look pretty as strawberries nnd cream." Sam whistled, said he'd be goll- darncd, added ;\ husky thank you, and hung up. Fifteen minutes later I saw him drive in the back, leave his car and come rgund lo (he front porch. Flora, her youngest in her avms, rose lo meet him. She :rl Sam Ihe baby and put hnr arms aronn<! his neck. Thec-Jlura and Gloria clung lo his legs, clamoring for altenlion. They were all dainty 'white dresses. 11 made a charming domestic scene. Sam never did legally adopt Gloria Louise. Gloria was told lhat her real falher was dead, but that Daddy loved her just as much as he loved Theodora and the baby. Once a week she was taken by Ihe nurse and left for an hour or Iwo with her Grandmother Finneran. Gloria was pnchanlcd. Binny, Ihc little while Spitz dog, was now hers. The new grandmother was her slave. She never returned home without a lale of wild orgies of ice cream and candy and cream puffs and chocolate cake in which she and Granny had indulged, and usually she would be carrying a. new doll, :\ new bunny rabbit, or perhaps a dainty liltle dress Mrs. Finneran had made. 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