The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 12
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] 2 Monday, September 18, 1944 Cpe fitafcrrtfftelb Californian ! H»»p W«nt«d—-Mai* Help Wanted—Mala "V. Aimouncrmont* Classified Advert Klii* columns of The Bakersfield Ciillfoniian close promrity at to o'clock f»ach morning fnr nil one- column ads Two-column or larger »d> must be placer" the dav before puhliea- tlon "-"SSI. I-14-tf Tor rent—Truck*. ' ickups. trailers. Parker's. Eighth and Unton avenue. _y»4j _ _.i-2i-"! ALL Hindu or vrelghte and width* of can- v«§. Canvas Roods made to order at Hornnne'». IfiOt Nineteenth street l-S-tf REFUNDS on each classified advertisement* which have been canceled before ttte expiration date must be called for WITH ("ASH RECEIPTS within one month from date of cancellation The _BakPr«flelrt_J^altrnrn'an _ 6-21-tf FIRST I'NiTf TEMPLE- All Unity aerv- ICPS available. Complete utork puhlira- tlnnii. Subscriptions laken Noon silence daily. 12S Southern hole;. Phone 8-8928 kt Financial CASH LOANS INCOME TAX BAVMS.NTS SCHOOL NRKI'S Alllom ihilrg Furniture ETC. BORROW ON fr'a rm AND 1 NOTARY PUBLIC at ISi: ' K>e" slrepl. Pbtjne 2 OIU>:1. !<-) 4-tf j HVVINO hoUKht the entire Interest of i'.l '". Mill'r. Spic nnd Spall Market. | :4!."i Alia Vista Drive. I nrn the sole I owner or above IniF.nt'ss. Orville H i I.H non. _ 43 NOW OPEN~^- TOADIES' STEAM CAB1NKT RATH. 1012 Union avp- i-OiifiO. 47 ____ Lost— •Found-— -Strayed LOFT— In upper Coffee canyon. Saturday nt^ljt, three trail houndN. one female hl;trk .imi tan, one uial. black ami while walker: one male lilark arid tan a ml whit^ walker. l.asi heard KolnK towairf I'nBo I'latp. rutitiln*; n cojole. I'all 2-214K or 5U. Lincoln street. Oil- LOST — Leather cape containing Metropolitan receipts. Finder cull 2-0485. K<'ward. __ _ _ _ 42 LOST — Truck tiro ininnileil tm wlieel sine 32xfi. belwf-Mi Itahi'r^f i'-lil nod T.-ha- thapi. t'all 2-^o:ts nr U.Hlsou Pciviie SlHiion. JCdlson H 'Kliway. _ Reward. 42 MAN who lost black c.n-krr Spaniel while ft.Mlinw WHter in .nr Thursday inorninK pIpHKp call 2-!>711 or come in . r .«l Knott RHeel. 12 LOST — UlTTfold. Sunday. Seplernhcr 10. 1200 Nineteenth. Lady's ruiB nnd J14. Keturn the billfold and mil; and kf<-p monp.v. Upturn lo ]21S NirHlecnili ftree.l. 44 SERVICE MAN InKt return Knulhnrn I'a- ( ific ti.'kPt to MlH."l«F"ippl. Will finder please retUT-n In I'SU. nak'-l Nf ii-l'l. 44 Salary •'PAID FOR Ort NOT' i"oi: may still borrow foi ap lonis i§ 12 months Private Sales nf Antoniol'tlp." Tricks a n.-1 P'urniture F'man.t'.l 100'* IX3CALLV UWNED Trade wt'.h lora! peopie whc understand local condltlr.iip W. J iRllli Hereman Minirlcf ,«t Clnlr 25'h rnd Chester Opp MnnlKorr'ery Wsrd I'hone 6-«"9C A [ipr.intrnenls Made <t.\ if EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $IOo Cash for Thirty Days Repay *1(I2.60—Total Cost ONLY .2.50 If You Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only Vuu Have lo Siprn— Nc Co-signeiE AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Cheste. Telephone «-!H21 8-21-tf JLPWANIED) . ATTAFI DRAFTSMAN—VETERAN OR FEMALE CHAINMAN—MALE At Mersflelti — At Wasc® 'IPELINE leoiiii HF.IJ'ERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE APPLY TO: ! TELEPHONE TAFT, 464 TLEPHOXE BAKERSFIELD, 7-7501 57 Personals HBMORRHOID BUFFBRICRS — No boa- piiallza.tion nor loss of time Nn surucry nor tnjectlona. New. safe. painless method of eliminating hemorrhoids now available from Ur. J.. R. Pennlngtnn, D. C.. aulte 1. Prnfesslona' bulldlnK. _JPhfine_JU«^l 00_ _ 2 -^-T SACKO-ILIAC LK8ION8. low baclc palna, arthritis, constipation and prostate disorder* cnri»cted. Dr f> U Parish. D. C.. 107 Haberfeld* bulldln* I'hone «-i):H2. 8-9-t r B. D. McBridr Detective AKencv room 110. Hay bu'ldliiR Hakemfield Licensed and bonded. Confidential Investlcatlon. Phnne _2-2ROO_oi-_2 1 6«r.» _ 9.7-tf NOT RESPONSIBLE for any charKe nc- rount contracted by anyone other than myself. Mr. Fred W. Jones Houle 4. _ Box_l_S4. Jln.lterafujrt. 42 I WILL NOT ho responsible for nny debts made hy anyone other than invHelf. ^SlK^cdj ElllH_F_Morrow. 42 WIUL NOT bo responsible, for bills contracted for by anyone other than nivnolf. GSeor_Be_R. Smith. _211B_l.pHter street. 4 J WOULD LIKE anyone, havlntr small pi.-kup or trailer going to Lonp Hem-h to liriot.' hack srnnll piano. <"'nll .1-2211^.. 43 Bujtit^sOpportiinities INDIVIDUALLY "WNED 3-pnmp Hi.h fielil service i.talinn. Hoist, looln. luiiil inus. InlN, etc. Write nr call 227 Fn.n «'"'<•!. Hnl ion\v Unw. Calif. 4! UROCFIIY KTORK fc.r Bale, dciinic (,-duil bus! ii''HM, Avitb living uuartprs. Cash. J'hun. 2-.".H47. -I KIIJC SALIv—Jiiiiinl Hhasla. Calif., apail 711. lit buildiiiK, wilb five muilern apart infiitK. 'Jnorl year-around inrnuic, bf^ lo.'ulion ill town. lti-afniial,i|p. Wiilp owner for pa rl l.-ularK. Hox :((|.|. \\'e.. ( | Calif.. ..r (all 2-l':i.S:i Baknrsn.'ld. 4 FOIt SALTO--Auto rnurt. Kood Incoin.'. S, .\lrn. lloiTini.ii, Hi Bust M.-Cunl iivenu. Itiv. rvicw. 4 Schools—Instruction LIKE-TIME pleasant work. cminsplinr others. Represent InlernHI loniil Cur Hponili-ncu SchoulH. uoud livnm. start part-time basis in your CDniniunily. Write P. O. ISux 43X, or plume Leo Ma WOMEN 11B A I'KACTICAL Nl'USt: Bit.; UKMANJJ — UK ill W.M;KH | llit^h Hfhool Tint TiP''cs!«a ry. l-Iasv in i at hnine In spare time. Ages' IK In \S'ar demands liave. caused IMK .^IH.MI Ka«y tuitinn na>-ments. I'n-par.. i tor ihijt intercHtinn, profitahl.' ;mtl Iriolic work. Write fnr FUEK Infnr tinn. \\'nvno Srhnfd nf I'j a.-i f.'.-i 1 ,\i inc. Ron 1',41-f;. 'Hie Ca lif'irniMn. Financial Transportation—Buses Many aulo loan« mndp In 27 Vi miniitpR. No insnranco reijuirpd. Nn enslRnprs, No extra loan f*ts. You tel ful amount of the loan. t 9.7S repays Jlfin In 12 months. $14.66 repays fK»0 In 12 nlnnllif.-. 119.3,1 repays J2'in in 12 numlha. Loans from $25 lo JH100. .Tust drt\-p lip. brlriic in white or pink slip. Get money t hen nnd there an noon us approved. Your car does not have to be fully paid for to Ret an auto loan. Private Salp.M of AutumohileH and • Furniture Financed 340 Sill BliUrtlnR (Under the Hie fnca-Coln Sinn) lliOS Eicliteenth SI I eel S7. VerhanR. Man/iKpr I'hnne fi Furniture Trtii'k Snl.-try PREWAR SERVICE 1712 Chester Phone 2-3337 9-lfi-tf MONEY TO LOAN Lon« term, all type 'arm loana. 4H per cent tntereiit. Nn commission to borrower. .1. E WARREN REALTT CO. TULARE THEATER BUILDING TULARB. CALIF. PHONE 38 »-4-tf FKISK MICALS AND PILLOWS 1/owest Fares to All Points ALL-AMKRICAN BUS LINE INC. -'026 Chester Ellis L. Rail _ Ph'ino a : 34!l.1 • _ 1-7-tf SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEI'OT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 36-tf Occupational Services HAVE your car glazed In the modern way. A smooth, long-lasting finish done by an expert. The cost Is ren.Monahle and satisfaction ptiar- anteod. Also steam cleaning and car washing. Wake your appointment today. PHONE fi-6457 FIRESTONE STORES TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVE. 9-2-tf VOH GENERAL contract an' phone 3-Ofi7f.. TUEIJ SEKV1CK CO. . PrmlnK. ShnpInK Topping Man Trees Taken Oui B Parker Free Estimating 1807 H Street Phone 2-3I8SI 4.1 repa Ir work, _ ES RHAKES RKLINEI) ANTi ADJUSTED WRiOHT'H URAKK SHOt J llwy. Oil it Circle Mohawk Corner .lack Wrtirht. J-iop. Phone 2-SUH _ S8 WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING SIMONIZ1NG MACK AND SON California Avenue. Phone 2-1220 TRUCK HAULING—Anything, any time. anywhere. Kurniture moving a specialty. J'hono S-K226. Whltls Mnrehead, 106 Decatur_ street. _Olldale. 62 BKST plumbing service. The. best costs less. Repair and lernodellng: little lobs get first attention. County license. Phone 2-2192. 43 BRICK WORK of nil kinds, barbecue pits and fireplaces a specialty. I'hone 7-7326. 42 Interior and exterior brush or spray. Commercial or home. Free estimates. Contractor O, H. Hin<'«. Phone 3-1M: 1 :. 1 . 43 YOUR radio in need o. repa Irs'.' We will d i our bewt to repair your radio with PHIIH still n valla I)).' In the bent I'.Hiippod repair simp In Ca-llfornla. Radio Urn. 1731 EiKlili'cntli Htieet oppnHlle post. o_V.-.. I'linni' 2 i'll'J.'l 44 TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—I,<>HK distance nnd locfil. Kl^ Nnrlli Chf-s- tci, Oildale. I'huMi' 'J-SilJ.!. «(J UICH.MO.xn, CALIF. \YKI.TlKKS MACHINISTS \VAT;KiiorsioMi-;.\ KLKOTKIOIAXS All frails anil Mcljicrs Transport a linn Ad\ ancrrl SKK A. I'. Hoffman, Ilpprespnialivp. I'. S. Employiuent Service 1300 Spvontppnlh Slrfiet Avnilnhility fprlifii'atp KcMiuii'pd HANDY MAN wjintHii. Apply Kern County f'olton (.tin, MtiKiiuden. 4.1 MEN INTERF.STED IN MECHANICAL WORK FOi: TRAINING TX GAS ENGINE SERVICE WORK Previous experience not essential •Good wages wh(le in training Avallnbility cortlCionte roquivod IF 1NTKRKSTED SEE REVRE- SENTAT1VE OF STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA AT UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT OFFICE MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, OF EACH WEEK. 44 Tree Servic ,e Shaping Tiiking Kreo I.. ''.. Floyd. out I'liuiif Aw pretty H* ihey ''rini.---aiHi as ''om- foil able, an yet deaigntd. « tm.k with H wide-shouldered effect which is achieved by the subtle placing of Ahe two rows i>r aummrry-looking frill which ends mutly under a velvet bow at the waiwiline. J'altern. No. S«88 is n tizeH 12. 14. l» and 30. Size 14, nhort sleeves. j-i-cju,ies 3'a yard* of 39-inch material. The smart new issue nf the rnidi-uuunn atyle book—Fuahion—hfl» 32 pnges nf co ( ,l- ln«, crlup new sportwear and suinin.r day frocka and accestioriK*. Order your copy now. Price 16 cents. For tola attractive paltsrn. send 20 cent* In cuina. with your n«m«. Bddrens. pattern numlwr and size to The HaktrafteM VaUtoriMin Today'i Pattern Heri-ict. 1119 Hmtnon gtrtet. Ban Kr«irct»to !. VAc'l'll.M SWKKPKHS, hull' dryers, linns. hc;il iKtiis. to.islcr:,, mi.tors , vi i yl IIIOK electrical rcnaiieil. Mnucy-luick Kuai- niiU'c. \Vill pick up and deliver, llnntley Aiipli:im-e Service and Repair, 1117 Water Direct. 1'hiiiie 2 If.711. WK DO TRICK loppiliK. removing; lence liu'liling. (fain work, plnwing, KCIICMI! work; just wuiK. 'uive IruiK. I'biine GENERAL I'AINTINC! I'( INTH M'TOR M. S. iM-iicy. phone '.Mt.'tOO. Spray or Itliisb. Hume or industrial. Kslmiales | flee. 44 ; RICFRHJEIIATORS nvciliaulcd: cooler srrv- ! li'P. Wl! lll.SO lIMlVe I'Pl'riKPriltOrS. lil'S I \\ashliiKton, Oilijnle. 1'hune 2-7N7K. 4 IIRT-.P WANTED SANJ.TKX CLEANKRS SIXTEENTH AXD H STREETS _ 43 WANTED tractor mechanics. Phona 4-4617 T we. u ty-fourth,_!t!l Highway. 611 WANTED—Man with somo experience In Karauo or station work to help in garage (mil used car lot. See Reed, Kltchen-Hovd Motor Company, 22211 Chester. 9-16-tf WANTED—liny over 16 with Work permit. or niuu over F»0 to help in wash rnnin. Family Service Laundry, S:t0 California avenue.. Phone G-643f», eve- IIIIIKS. :i IS.S3. . 43 01LWICI.L pump service man. Permanent postwar position for Taft store. Kx- tiericnce not necessary. Statement of jivaliability required. Nellsen Pump Co., 112T) Thirij-I'oui llr street, Haker^field. _ _ 43 WANTED—Truck driver. 601 East Nlne- _te.pnlh_Btreet. 42 OX 1'ICRI KN'GIOD service station attendant. Kuod salary and working condition. Men- derhniisen'a Standard • Service Station. _Snl_NHes. _ 43 WANTED—HIGH SCHOOL BOY WITH BICYCLE TO WORK AFTERNOONS. GOOD PAY. INQUIRE MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT, THE BAKERSFIELD _< 1A1 .1 KO K N IAN'. « 3ELLMAN —Mint be over 31. Apply Hotel Padre. . 7-1-tf NEEDED to help maintain transportation, auto and truck mechanic* nivl body men. Full ltm» work. Motor Center, Bulck, Chevrolet and Cadillac dealer. See Backman, Twenty-second and Chester. OIL FIELD truck i.r.ver wanted. Rocky Mountain Drilling Company. I'hone KXI'KRIKNCKD dlshwashel. Apply Freddie's Cni'e. US Highway and Twenty- fourth HIipet H-l 1-tf WANTKD--8ervloe ealesman Good aal- nry and axcelient future fm man with tali education who can aaenme respon- siliihtv Flrettone Slorea 2.131 Chester H venue._KabeiHri«lfl. _* - 28-" WANTED -Harvest banda Men to operate omnblic harvester* Kxierlence necessary Hwl and tniar.1 furnished Apply 61'- Easi ICIuhteenth n reel I'hone 9-NH7 1 art< _ _.. <n__PBll J-_'.7_''6 _ _ 7-8-tf SEW1N<* MACHINE REPAIRING, 150« West Eighth. Guaranteed. Phone SJ»43'( 49 WANTED — An individual who I** Interested In working for u permanent company as ianllnr: adequate salary. Must be able lo furnish references and birth cer- liilcaie. Call 4-45M __ ?:?.-" WANTED—TWO MKN KOII RKCAPPINO DEPARTMENT JC \l'RH\ ENCKD PRI5- KEHRKD Hill Ml)')' NECESSARY C.I KID SALARY IX START FUJIC- STON'i STORES. TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTU'H AyiONIH" R-28-tf WANTED —Oil field workers, roustabouts, rotary helpers, firemen, 6 and 7-day work week schedules. I'honu !>-y4til. Tklewalcr Associated Oil Co. _ 53 MECHANIC wanlcd. Call 5-f,440. NICKK TWO MILKERS: (!OOH PAY; IIOI'SE. LII1IITS. WATER. MILK Kflt- N1SIIKI). Ml'ST HE MARRIED AND 1IAVK OWN KURNlTtMlK. APPLY isu:l II STREET. PHONE 2-K»-lti. 41 SALKSMAN wanted. Apply in person. Ive.r? Kurnllure Co.. 625 Ninelepuih slrpet. 9-9-tf BCS BOY wtinlcd. El Tcjon dining room. .SPO Mr. Rowland^ .. 46 STOCK. RliCORD clerk to work In oil company warehouse. Must have transportation; permanent position If you can qualify. Answer In own handwriting, slating agp and past expp.rieni.'e. Write _li<ix S-l_9. 'flie _ral]fo_nrtan.' 44 WANTED -Ciarage attendant from 3 p. m. to 11. Apply at El Tcjon Oarage. 1400 _ Seventeenth street. 43 CXHKRIICNCEl- tractor dnvera. year- round tob fnr men who qualify: lodging and board furnished. Apply 616 Bast Nineteenth atreet Phone 8-9671: after 7 _P_._rn__cajj_2-7j05 7-3-tf VANTED — THtICK AND At'TO MECHANICS APPL? SdtlTHERN GA- RAGK TWENTY-HflRBT AND I STREETS 12-31-tf Paper Carriers Wanted for East and west Bakers field. Californian office. 6-14-tf HELP WANTED—Metal workers, metal worker Helper*. w«nl workers, auto btnllcs: wc.od workers, furniture. C. N. .lor.i.sion Rtirtv Works 10m Elehtepnlh. Plume 4_47_OK ti-21-tt NEKDED A') ONCR—furniture tetlnlsher Alsn unboltrtcrer Topnotrh wages for topnotch worhnten. C. N Johnston _ Sh.ip!>_ JjlOC RiKntecnth_stipft. _'-21-U WANTEI. ICxrerleticed aiiic mechanic. Good hours and pay. i , ai; essential lob. llnnd tools and availability certificate necessary See Mr. Heed Kltchen-Rnyd \lol r t'ompanv 2220 Cheatef avenue. B-25-tf WANTED—Trimmer to operate glass nnd upholstery department In large repair shop See Hackmnn at Motor Center. Twenty-sernnd nnd Chester 8-15-tf housekeeper. R-12-tf HO'ISEMAN over 40. Padre_h(.tel MAN— : Old-ei!tablished oil well supply company offers excellent postwar opportunity and permanent job to right man In I3ak- crsfipld. Availability certificate rp- tjulrpd. Write Personnel Manager, Post Office Box 3128 Terminal Annex, Lns AliKPles. 42 PLANT help wanted. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Comnany, 703 Twentieth street. WANTED- -Man experienced in pouring connect inir rod bearings. Automoti^'p Hhop._ Bund pay. I'hone. 2-0891 42 S1HPPINO CLERK for green fruit packing holing office. Must be able to type, keep shiiM IIIK i-pcords nnd df> general of- fic.e «'nrk _Phnnc_4-4£ll. fl-15-lf MAN nnd wift 1o work on mountain ranch. Woman to cool: and man do ranch work. Knr information innniro at Kami La- Ijdr office, coiner liil Highway and V DRTVKR-HALKSMAN for laundry route. fiaUersf ie'd I.jumrlry Association, Nineteen I h and ft strppts. 42 YOUNG MAN to work in furniture store, full time job. Apply Davis Furniture Company, 1400 Chester _ avenue. __ _ !l-l!i-tf EXPERIENCED shop saleslady or salesman wauled Write Box G-3fl3. The __ Californ Ian 9-8-tf WANTED— -Ranch -amp cook. Trailer hou«e furnished, Man and wife preferred. Call In person, 615 East-Nine- tecnth atrept. 9-8-tf MILUL,;- 'tUUl' man for funeral and ambulnncft work. exi-erienCH not oeces- aar., FllcklnKer-Dlgier. Chapel. 1227 Ch ester * EXPERIENCED TIRE MAN. GOOD SALARY. EXCELLENT POSTWAR OPPORTUNITY. FIRESTONE STORES. TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER __ AVENUE. __ 8 - 80-tf WANTB'J -AT ONCE. AUTOMOIil LHJ MB- CHANir;. PERMANENT WORK: TOP WAaics. APPLY RAKER-ADAMS PON- TTAC GARAOE 2701 CH ESTER B-22-tf GREEN FILERS and timber handlers. Saw mill. 60 miles ea»t of Bakersfield. Phone _2-_4 9 47. ___ .. ___ ___ _4 2 CARRIER helper wanted" In Riverview. Phone Verne Wilson, 2-8623 __or_call 3S.'{ Belle avenue. 9-B-tf HKI.PEHS WANTED to'- geophysTcal crew ffinperlence not required. Age 18-50 Steady work In an essential Industry with a.- good chance to advance. Availability certificate required. Apply _ 126 jrSeorjri-- Hay hliliriinij ___ 8-6-tf KXI'KRIENCKD milker wanted: good WIIRPH; house, utilities and milk furnished. Haldwln Dairy. 1 mllfl south ot Taft ITIchln'ay on M'ible Road. I'hone _2-ii015. __ . . . . __ 44 WANTED — Caretaker for camp above Kernvillp; all expenses paid: no salary; prefer ppnsioner. 1225 Fourth strept. _phoup 2-0 1S8. _______ ___ _ 43 YOU NO man needed for full-time employment. See us for a position that has a postwar fiiturp. 3100 Eighteenth street. Glngrag ft Neely. 9-15-tf Help Wanted—Female PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT FOR A-l RKADY - TO - WEAR SALESWOMAN. TOP SALARY. OPPORTUNITY i'OK ADVANCEMENT. SIKVKR'S DKKSS SHOP .lia MNhlTKEXTII STREET. _ 44 SKHVICKMAN'S wife will aha re houae with ludy ill exchange, for cure <if linliy. 2 yenr« old, while I work. I'hone 2-4696. Alter 6:30 phone 4-461H. WANTED — Experienced full-time housekeeper for widow iHdy. (Jood pay. Slay on place., Wi-lto Box B-012,- Th« Californian, 44 DP'I'KNDAIILK white woman for general housework and care of invalid, Himrd and louni, Kuoil wages. 92S Monterey street. 47 WANTED — Competent wuman for janitor work in hotel. Call ut 1728 Tni.xtiln MIDDLE-AiiKIi lady for Keneral luiuse- worli, with cure of 3 li-yeur-nld daughter during Vi'iirkniK liom-8. Koom. board and salary. Call after 6 p. in. I'lione U-3U02. ___________ _____ _ _ ___ ___ 43 EXI'KRIK.N'CKD anndwirh girl. Top wnueH. .Mlrliiner's Drive In. Kightccnlh nnil Q _ _ _ _ 44 Haip Waniad—Tamala WOMAN lo nsHist Drive. ln._ Kitflite !)lliiiile. Phune 2-7X7K. 47 H STREET. PHONE KL'CK K(M,l.ltS, TWENTY-FIFTH C'KNTl.'RY. A. 1). In kitchen. Mlchlner's _ iuli_jind_O. 44 Ic.arn marking, checking and Ktjrvlriiu:. Availability ci'rt IHcate required. Victory Cleaners, 1IH9 M street. _ __ __ _44 ~'AKKKH mid checker, experienced preferred. A va liability certificate required. _ Victory I'leanel-B. 11I19 M Hlreet. 44 WANTED — lleauty operator, hiuli euaran- tee and cominlKMon. 5-day wet k. vlosed Saturday. Jack Morris Bt'auty Shop. Illume fi-f.71 1'. .44 OPPORTUNITY for enterprising ynune ludv to learn photography while rcceivini; lull pay; photography cxperiunee reward mr>- portionale tn knowledKe. Plum* jifler 12 p. m.. --5272. UounillreeH Studio. 4t WANTKD— Woman cook; experienced onlv : steady employment, Juu'a Fountain Lunch. 17 nil I'niun, 47 Brains vs. Kr»wn! WANTKD—White malda. Bee hou**keeper. Hotel Padre. «-lS-tf TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work— Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AXD TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street PART-TIME hnuseworker. 8 !•> 1. week days, 7 to 12. Saturdays. Mrs. W. H. Davl«._^adr2_hotpJ. __________ 41 LAl'NDRY worker, no experience necessary. Mission Linen .Supply. Twenty_ f H si jinJ_H_st reels. _ Phone 2-7109. 42 WANTED, hy the day, reliable woman for care. of nmall baby and light housework. Saturday nnd Sunday off. Call 2-260!>. 42 WANTK T '> — Alteiatlon and pales lady, experience necessary; attractive salary. Carrison Dress Shop. 1818 Chester ^ ;iveiinp. ^ __ _ __ _ _ 42 WAITRESS WANTED— Must be experienced. Freddie's Cafe, Twen- _ ty-fnurth find flft Highway. ^8-29-tf BEAUTY OPEKATbfTT Good Salary and Commission Now Down Town Location ECONOMY BEAUTY SHOP 1513 Eighteenth Stteet 3-1008 COUNTER GIRLS— Tray girls and sandwich Rirls. Apply Waynes Drive In. Fifth and Chester or 4050 Chester. 43 EXI'ERIENi'Kn SALESWOMAN* FOR MKN'S I'TRNISHINI'S AND 8HOKS. OOOD SALAIIY. PERMANENT POSITION. APPLY MANAC.ER EASTERN. Jf,:'» NINETEENTH STREET. 9-14-tf WANTED— Women workers. pxperience uniuM essa ry. Family Service Laundry, 8:1(1 California avenue. I'hone 6-6-U5: evenings :MSS3. 41: HAVK opening for two salespersons. Steaily employment and postwar secur- ily. Excellent opportunity for confident Kirls. Apply Basket Drue. 1304 Nine- ippnlli _ _ 47 WANTKD—Neat appearing lady for marking and cliprkirig and minor repairing. Aiiply in person. Apply American Clean- prs. .100 Kentucky. 42 WANTED—White woman for lisht work and holp care of children. Prefer stay on place._ Phone_3-01t;6. _ __44 LAUNDRY holp wanted, npply Ram Woo Lmindry^i:ilJi_EI_RhtPenth Hi reel. 4(i WANTED—Woman, hour work two mornings a week in West Uakersfield. Phone _6-f.SOO. _, 43 Ml DOLE-AC ED woman to care for 2-year- old boy. Oildale vicinity. I'hone 2-2161. 43 HKT.P WANTED SAN1TKX CLEANERS SIXTEENTH AND H STREETS 43 \VA.\T girl for Keneral housework, all or part time. net couklng. Reference?!. Phone 2-H.2S. 42 EXPERIENCED WOMEN'S READY-TO- WKAR ALTERATION HANDS. THOSE WHO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE IN FUR REMODEL1NO AND REPAIRING PREFERRED. STEADY WORK, GOOD WOllKINH CONDITIONS. APPLY MANACJER. EASTERN, 1529 NINETEENTH STREET. WANTED—Experienced white, woman for K'Mieral housework: no laundry; stay nlMhtaj_top_\vaB9s 1 _T>hone_2-0778._^^ 44 WANTED—White woman, oypr 26, to wash woodwork with Lurko Cleaner. I'hone _.T_-_74«2. _44 KITCHEN HELP wanted at Highland Park Cafe, 1907 North Chester. Phone 2-0-145, 44 Help Wanted—-Salesmen SALESMAN—An old established corpora tlon has opening for an acKresslVB man who is a Rood closer. You will not be bothered with priorities. Representative chosen for this important position will he carefully trained; permanent position; earn- inKs better than averaKe. Give brief business history, atre and draft status. Information confidential. Box A-697. The Californian. 44 Situations Wanted—Male WE CLEAN kitchens. 85c hour: alan blinds, windows; floor by floor. Larko Cleaners. Pbone 7-7462 before 8. after «. 67 WE CLEAN housed, kitchens and bathroom*. Mr. and Mrs. Brown, phone _2-3200. 42 WANTED—Plowing gardens, grading and leveling; check .work, V-ine out water ditches. Fertilizer for sale, by sack or by the lond. Phone 3-1867. 42 CALL David V. Thompson for general gardening, hedge pruning and floor waxing; 25 years' experience. Call from _? P- m. to 8 p. m. Phone 2-4661. 5£ BOOKKEEPER—Ranch experience, single, mlddleraged; go anywhere. Write Box 322-K. The Callfornian. 47 WANTED—Job as ranch foreman. Age 33. draft deferred; experienced on gas, diespl, butnne tractors; experienced Irrigating apuds. cotton, etc. Formerly -employed on Shafter ranch. Write Tom Humphrey. 602 Phelan avenue, Baldwin Park. Calif. 43 TREES We trim We remove We top We shape Phone 2-7SS1. WANTED—Pruning and tree topping, taking trees out. We guarantee our work. Free estimate. Phone 6-6674. LAWN RENOVATING with power machine, reseedinK, fertilizing; experienced gardener: no hauling. Phone 2-0243. 44 Situations Want.d—Fomal* PUBLIC stenographer desires work In own office. 1812 "Kye" atreet. Phone 2 - 0 f, 5_3 J ___ _ __ 9-1 4- t_f IIITSUAND In service. Will do Ironing in iny home 75c per hour. Phone 2-7980. WANTED — Ironing lo do in my home. 327 Beardsley avenue. Apartment No. t. __ __ _ _____ 4S WILL WASH nnd stretch curtains with or without ruffles; also wool blsnketo. Ca]l_ 2-4397 or 405 Oak atreet. _ 42 WANT TO KKEP set of books in downtown office: also typing. I'hone 2-0674, I'hone 2-0172 Saturday afternoon and EXPERIENCED teletype operator and supervisor desires work In Bakersfield. May be contacted through L. H. Kidler. phone 2-1621i between 9 a. m. and fi _p._m. ___________________ 43 COLORED GIRL wants day work or by the week. Call after B. _ Phone 3-0349. IRONING In my home. East Bnkers- _ field. _ _Phpne_ 2-.?_9I4. __ __ __ WASHING and Ironing, in my home. Phone 3-2263. For Rant—Rooms KOOM, next to bath, air conditioned, floor furnace, telephone, garage: one and half blocks from bus. No drinkers. 6)3 Arvin. Phone S-S909. 43 LARUK pleasant room. Hdjoining bath, 1018 Quiucy. I'hone 6-6152, For Rant—Rooms COOL qnlet room on has line. Gentleman preferred, 147 Highland Drive. Phone _ 2-6171. 42 ROOM for working woman. Bus. telephone. .Prefer middle-aged or elderly. Phone 2-462JS._fromji_p._m.j:o^9 p. m. ROOM for rent to gentlemen. Six blocks weat of Fox_lheater.__Phone_2-0998. 44 FRONT BEDROOM to let for care of 3-vear- ol<!jehJI_d._Cjill_2-S_iep. FOn LADY—Room close to bus. kitchen privileges. I'hone 4-4319. 2208 Lester ^ street. 44 ROOM In quiet home, outside entrance. Walking distance.. 2409 "Kye" h-treei. For Rant—Houses FOR RENT—Two trailer houses at .1617 M__Btri-et. .Phone _4^4J3f. ^_ _42 FURNISHED large house, two bedrooms and sleeping porch. $70 per month. Must be civilian adults. Good references required. Phono 3-0521. For Rent—Miscellaneous WHEEL CHAIRS, hospital beds with Innersprlng mattresses: walkers, rubber sheeting: everything for sick room. Fold- Ing chairs. Phone 7-7489 nr 1-0067. FOR RENT—87-foot Cardwell drilling mast with substructure to accommodate model E drawuorka, aluo pipe racking platform with finger-board, guy lines attached. Arthur P. Anderson. 199 Supply Kow._Taft._Callf. 44 FOR RENT—Caterpillar tractor, Slfio month. Phone 2-3224. 43 Wanted to Rent—Rooms URGENT — Young lady nice home, close to I'hone S-S381. desire* room In business district. Wanted to Rent—Houses No charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San Joaquln Agencies. Edward W. Moody. 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no answei\_call_2-0653. __ 3-25-tf UNKI.TR '1SHED 2 or 3-bedroom house. References. Call Miss Long, extension 291. Minu-1 B'ield or 2-7261 after 5 p. m. MANAGER of local business wants to rent 2 or 3-room unlurnished house. _ Phohe_2-IM !_!'._ _ _ __ ____ __ 43 FURNISHED or unfurnished house or apartment, by Octuher 1. References. _ Adults. _ Phone_3-4794. ____ 4j! WANTED by county employe, 6 or 6-room unfurnished modern houne. Permanent. No children or pets. Call 2-1393 between 5 and 8 o'clock p. m. K. R Cresswell. 43 PLEASE — Urgently in need of a 2 Oi 3-bedroom home. Pay anything. Mrs. _ Wjlliamscm. _ Phone_ ^;5.02J^._^ _ 62 WANTED — Furnished or unfurnished house or apartment. Young couple with two small children; steady employment reliable references. _ Phone 7-7280. 43 UNFURNISHED 2 or 3-bedroom house. With major oil company, Will be permanent. Phone 2-8690. ___ 44 WANTED — Furnished house or apartment. by couple. Permanent; no pet". Phone _2j-7344. ______ _____ 42 SERVICEMAN. Mlnter Field, wife, small baby desire small furnished house or apartment. Willing to care for grounds. _ Phoneji-65_0_0. _ __ _ . _ 45 RELIABLE couple with year-old baby, would like 2-bedroom furnished house. _ Call 6-673S . __ Rfi£2£H]}^:-' J _ ; __ _ *T_ WANTED TO RENT, by permanent employed couple for telephone company: would like 2 or 3-room unfurnished house. _ Phoon 2-3500. __ . __ _______ WANTED — Middle-aged counle for care taker: furnished cottage, garage, water. lights, phone, chicken yards. Hosedale Jtnad. 2 % miles from city limits. Phone __ 20-F-2. __ ^ ________________ 47 WANTED to rent, furnished or unfurnished house, by October 1. Christian people. • Prefer Oildnle vicinity. Permanent, references. Call Wayne Beam. phone 3;lj!87._ _ 47 WANTED — Furnished house or apartment by couple with 8-monthB-old baby. Geological laboratory technician with major oil company. Will pay $50 a month. Permanent, best of care. References. Phone 2-6835. 44 Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous Wanted to Rent—Apartments MINTER FIELD ground officer, section adjutant; furnished apartment or house. No pets. no children—just married. Phone 7-70311. 42 WANTED—To rent furnished house or apartment in West Bakersfield. Three adults, no pets, permanent: excellent care guaranteed. Phone 7-7820. 43 EMPLOYED couple, no children, permanent; email furnished 1-bedroom house. Call Mrs. Hill at 2-4732. after 5 p. m. _2-8217. ^______ 4 6 WANTED TO RENT—Unfurnished 1 or 2-bedroom house, duplex or apartment. Businessman. Phone 2-7164. 43 FURNISHED house or apartment in East Bakersfield by mother with two junior high students. Phone g-6906 4fi WANTED—Two or three-room furnished apartment In Bakersfield. Soldier and _wlfe. Phone 3-2716 after B p. m. 42 PERMANENT army officer and wife desire small apartment or house at once. No children, no pets. References furnished if necessary. Phone Hotel _Padre._Ttoorn_6J>6. 43 SINGLE girl wants apartment or email house. Permanent. No pels. Must he nice or don't call. Days, 7-7816; nights. _6-63Bl. 47 OFFICER AND WIFE desire furnished apartment or small house, Nn children or pets. Excellent care guaranteed. _Cal[_3-2712. 4 3 _ WANTED—TO RENT 2-BEDROOM FURNISHED OR UNFURN ISHED HOUSE FOR CIVILIAN, PERMANENT. CALL JOHN P. GOODALL, 7-7524. AFTER 6 __CAJVL_3-1560._ WANTER TO RENT, small apartment or house, furnished, by reliable couple; references. Phone 2-7316. • 46 Wanted to Rent—Farm Land WANTED to lease, about 28 acres with house. barn and corrals. Clayton Leffler, Route 7, Box 1047, Real Road. 42 Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exonarige. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4603 6-14-tf BROW>"S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy tisec furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Can us Cor real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf WANTED to buy, one hay baler. Phone _2-284L 9-L?-tf DIAMONDS, watches nnd old jewelry of any description; highest market prices paid In cash. Earl McEvoy, precision watchmaker. 318 Hatertelde building. Phone_6-l6J97. L 1-3 ?-J_ f . WANTED—Building that can be either moved or torn down, trom 30x30 to 40x50. Also used corrugated iron. Wes Waldon, 222 South Union. Phone 8-8115. . 43 WANTED TO BUY—Single driving harness In good condition. Donald Bright. Buttonwlllow. Phone 5622. 43 WANTED to buy, good bunk beds with springs and mattresses. Also large size tricycle in good condition. Call 2-8360. By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS n/-*is I tnt^f^. a PLASTIC ROBOT, j 0UTFORG01 TO INSERT THECON7ROL QK5f\t*i _ DOCTO1? t II */"—*•*> rrc i fvri,srt.n BEGflN TO WRECK ' HUER AND IF MY LEGS OON'T ACT PASTER THAN MY MEAD 1 WON'T LIVE <3EF?IOU*3 ( IN YEA.R., ( MY LAST/1 MUST/ • •^ei i ^"»e>— e^ .1 . .. .^•x _ --J _ ^^^t*^^ «^-9^ ^t 1 v ^ /UNLESS TCAN^'it" ^V A IN«oERT THEeRAlN^r— •}>. '< X AND 6O CONTROL THIS \ (,t ItL •/ MECHANICAL MADMAN . v . I » * J jl X AND 6O CONTROL THIS \ V MECHANICAL MADMAN , v , j EARTH WILL LOSE HER t GREATEST "SCIENTIST/ TO BUT—Will pay «asb for IMS or 10JS V-8 coupe, flood condition. Cull after 6:30 week days: home all day Sunday. 720',4 ^tnn_tprcy_sti-pet. 43 WANTE D— Buttonhole attachment for Singer tew ins machine. Phone 2-0501. ; 43 WOULD LIKK to buy 6-foot or 7-foot electric refrigerator. Phone 3-1952. 43 Wanted to Buy—Property LIST your property with us. Fair treatment, quick action. Twenty year* 1 experience Taylor It Taylor. 1660 Che«ter avenue.Phone 6-6R98. 64 CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch No deal too large or small • Buyers waiting Call Elmer Martin, 2-92»4. _220 Haberfelde building 1-10-tf SELLING HOME~OR FARMY PHONE 2-066S. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUJN AGENCIES ElJWARD W MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STHEET. " g-16-tf W« need more llKtlnse. List, yo-r home, farm, ranch or tncoma with BOYDSTDN A LANCASTER 1817 h Street Phone J-863U 9-«-tf NEI-;u lisllngs tor canh buyer* on large and small bomefl. acre homes, farma and income property. Elwoi.d'i, 1»2J "Wye." S6 List your property with us for quick, courteous result.*. Homes—Jnroma—Ranches Chester N Heard Phone 6-6909 Bill Allen. Associate »-8-tf WE NEED property to sell, have buyers waiting, quick action guaranteed. Call Wicker, phone 2-0239. _J660 Cheater avenue. 49 WANTED to buy. from owner, nice 3-bedroom home, near schools. Phone 2-7680. 47 IK YOTI WANT TO RET.T, TOUR HOME. FARM OR INCOME PROPERTY. SEE US. NO DKAl. TOO I.ARGK OR TOO PAJAT,!,. JOE CUNNINGHAM 1704 K STREET. I'HONE 3-1210. RESI_ DENCE_ 2-ri^JiS _ 44 WANTED TO BUY. renxonnnle. a sniall btiilfllnpc or house for church services In vli-lnlty of Oildnle. Cull 2-7980. 4-1 For Sale—Improved Property home, built In hard- Inree Will Close OILDALE—Two-bedroom 19-10. $4260. PIVK-ROOM HOME, completely furnished With all nice furniture, right in town, $67f,0. OUT-OF-TOWN. K AST—Six-room home. Fruit trees, chicken pens, one half-acre. $4400. J1400 down. NORTH K STREET—Five-room home, hardwood floors, nice living room. din- Ing room, tile in kitchen, two bedrooms. J4LT.O. linoo down. SOUTHWKS.T--Nice F-room home, wood floors. Venetian blinds, rooms. In first-class condition, sell partly furnished If desired, to schools and bus service. 15760. EAST—Six-room country home, three large bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and large service porch: double garage. A good barn and several other buildings. Situate on 10 acree of good land with well and pump. Ten fruit trees and J 160-foot row* of Thompson eeedle&a grapes. S10.600. GREEN ACRES—Lovely country home, completely furnished, beautifully landscaped. with a large assortment of fruit trees and berries: also chicken equipment, $6900. IMMEDIATE possession. Five-room home right In town, partly furnished: $3000, $1000 dowr ONE of the older 3-bedroom homes on corner lot 80x160, close to school and bua ; -rvlce. Phone 2-7554 1671 Chester S-31-t« for Trades HOME AND INroMK—One S-bedroom home. Hardwood floors, largo living room and dininK room, nice kitchen and service porch. Also 2-bedroom home completely furnished. Three-car garage, all on large corner lot with plenty of shade. Near bus and markets. Only J6000, «2860 down, »36 monthly. Will trade for small house.- TWO NICK 1-BEDROOM HOMES on large corner lot, fenced and In good location, only $4360, 12700 down, $20 monthly. "Will trade for small house. LARGE 2-BEDROOM HOMK. large living- room and dining room, kitchen, large screen porch, very nice back yard, fenced, plentv of shade. Rood location. S.1750, $1750 down. $26 monthly, or will trade for vmal) bouse. ON THESE PROPKRTIKS phone 6-5924. evenings 3-1170. STNSET PARK. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, nearly new 2-bedroom home: large living room with floor furnace, nice dining room, kitchen and bath with plenty of tile, lots of hullt-ln cupboards snd closets, Venetian blinds, large double gaiuge with storage space, lovely lawn, on bus line, near schools and market. S68&D. ONLY $1850 down, bal ance $5it monthly. Al.I, NEWI.Y FURNISHED 4-rnom house; garage, fenced-in back ya.rd with lawn, fruit and garden spot, near business district snd school. $4100, $1500 down, $40 monthly. ON THESE PROPERTIES phone 5-5924, evenings 2-9288 LET'S TALK IT OVER GT-KNN Nichols, 2616 K Street 9-18-tf On Park Way—A very comfortable 3-bedroom home, Venetian blinds; has a large dining room, nice kitchen snd a sunroom. This home ha.s been priced to sell, a.: owner Is being transferred. Requires about 13100 to handle. On Skyline Drive—A very charming Z-bedroom home and large den, practically new, a dandy kitchen with a nook, has two tiled baths, two fireplaces and truly a well-landscapod yard with barbecue pit and choice flowers. $2500 down. Near East High—An immaculate 2-bedroom home with cooling; duels and floor furnace, large airy bedrooms nice bath with tile vanity, dining room and a whang of a kitchen; double garage and a nice yard, all for $5950, terms. Future Investment—One solid block of 1* lots, each 50-foot frontage. streets puved. alley paved, all utilities In and paid for, just east of Baker street. Included are three older houses. Priced J7600. with one-third down. CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 H Street Phone 6,6909 or 2-4522 9-16-tf Three-bedroom home. East Rakersfield, large living room, dining room, kitchen, bath, service porch; newly decorated, new linul'jitm In kitchen; lot 75 feet on Nllea street. 200 feet deep; $2500 down, move in today. o 2812 Chester Phone 4-4861 SOUTHWEST DISTRICT — B-room home, two bedrooms, sleeping porch and basement. This house ls not new but In very good condition. Walking distance of downtown. Substantial down payment. ON MONTEREPV. NEAR 3. P. SHOPS— Five-room house, two bedrooms, garage, on lot 60x150. Near bus line and shopping center. SOUTHWEST DISTRICT—Very well constructed duplex and. large apartment over 3-car garage. Modern in every way. On dandy large corner lot. Fine for home and income. GREEN ACRES—On one acre, 2-bedroom house. extra sleeping room, double garage, chicken equipment, fruit, grapes, berries, nice garden epot; good water conditions. Immediate possession, EAST SIDE—Six-room house, three bedrooms, large living room, fireplace. Immediate possession. EAST SIDE—Six-room house on 1 % acrea. Double garage, chicken equipment, lou qf fruit trees. CASA J..OMA—On one acre, very modern 2-bedrnom house, barn, garage, chicken equipment, fruit, etc. LOMITA VEHDE— Three-bedroom house, about 6 years nld and In good condition. Double garage, well-cared-for Int. E. C. Uffert. (01 Nile*. Phone 2-7162 ^ • 9-1-tf IMMEDIATE possession, email 2-bedroom house, ( years old, near school and bus line, eomo Venetian blinds, hardwood floors, new bath completely repainted In- slcle and out, fenced yard, with room for another house to be built on front later ' on. Don't mtsa this one for $3300. |1!00 down. 2236 Berkeley street. Phone 1-3177 42 FOR 8 A I,H,—On Alta Vleta Drive, corner. ISiltO, t-bedroom houee. illvnc- roum. dlnluR room. den. tueaktaat nook, kitchen, two betha amsl Utaament. •creeoed porch tw. floni furnacee; newly painted: I-r*r is rug* Full price $»760 Immediate possession Fnr Information call J. 1. Coneanl »-»«!4 or FOR SALE by' owner, modern S-bedroom home In Oildale. furnished or unfurnished. Pbone S-0363. 41 For »•!•— lmprov«*l Prop«rty HOME AND INCOME—One 2-bedroom home, hardwood floors, large living room and dining room, nice kitchen and*aerv- Ice torch, also 2-bedroom home, completely. furnished: 3-car garage, all on large corner lot with plentv of shade: near bun and markets; only tIDOO, 12850 down. $35 monthly. Wil' trade for small house. TWO NICE 1-BEDROOM HOMER on"lar«e corner lor. fenced and in good location, only $4350. $2700 down. $20 monthly. Will trad? for small house. LOVKI.r NEW 1-BEDROOM HOME, nice living room, dining roomt kitchen with plenty of tile, service porch, very nice bath, hardwiiod floors throughout, garage, lots of fruit trees, back yard fenceil nice location. Don't mlia ihls: $:12BO. $1700 down. $22.50 monthly, or will trat'.e for income property. ON THES*i! PROPERTIES phone 6-i»24, evenings 8-1170. SUNSET PARK, IMMEDIATE POSSESSION—Nearly new 2-bedroom nbome, larg<! living room with floor furnace, nice dining room, kitchen and bath with plenty nl tile, Iota of built-in cupboards and closets. Venetian blinds, large double garage with storage apace. lovely lawn, on tins line, near achoola and market. »fi8SO. ONLY $1850 down, balance $56 monthly. ALL NEWLY FURNISHED—Four-room house, garage, fenced-In back yard with lawn, fruit and Harden spot, near business district and school; 14100, $1500 down, $40 monthly. ON THESE PROPERTIES phone 5-6S24, evenings 2-9288. LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichols 2516 K Street • 9-16-tf Furnished. Immediate possession; ~ 20(1 block Flower street; an extra nice 2-bedroom and den home, large living room with fireplace, knottv pine den back nf dining room; well furnished. Including piano and large radio; nice yard, extra toilet In garage. Price S9BOO. Vacant. New 2-bedroom home: large llv- Im; room, lots of tile, ray 11000 now, then $40 per month. North Baker. Two house* on eame lot. One fiva rooms on corner, and three rooms over garage; three rooms furnished. $2000 down, then $55 per month. Homaker Park. Very nice 2-bedroom home for $37 r »0. Loan company will loan $2000 at $22 per month, balance rash. 2 ^ acres Terrace Wa.y. One nearly new 2-bedroom home being reconditioned: one 2-room home. Nice fruit. Price on re- uuest. * Skyline Park. An outstanding home with beautifully arranged back yard, barbecue pit with sink and hot and cold water. The best buy we have ever hart for $11000. P street, near California, a nice little 1-betlrooni and sleeping porch; hardwood floors, for $1850. Five nearly new furnished rourtp renting for $112.f>0 tier month. Located where you should never have a vacancy. $9000* terms. Vacant 2-bedroom home on lot 100x80t. Harden Acres. $750 down, balance $35 per month. We have several small farm*, well Improved, near town. Some with farming equipment: all have good water con- | ditions. Call us about them. J. T. Wicker. 1060 Chester. Phone S-02SS. •Evenings 2-SS9S or 2-6463. 44 S For quick sale—Dropped price from $.1250 to $2850 on 4-room hou&e. all large rooms. Tbat la juat a lot of houne for the money. Close to bua and achools. and immediate possession. On well-located business corner. Roberts , Lane. 100-foot frontage. Very dealrable business location and two houses *on rear; one furnished. Just off Pierce Road, large living room , with floor furnace, dining room, two bedrooma. den, lovely bathroom with tile vanity. Home with three furnished rentals: *in- a very nice house to live in. the othera income. Will pay about 15 per cent on Investment. , Another acre home, Rosedale. House for 1000 laying hc.ns, brooder houae. fruit tress, all fenced. Vacant, immediate possession. Close to Cheater avenue. In Oildale, 2-bedroom older home, $3750. One of the nicer 3-bedroom houeea on well improved acre nf rround. Idea' home for large family. Three-bedroom older home, cloae to Chester avenue in Oildale. with aotne good furniture. S3500. 19?S "Kye" Street El Camiiio Park—Lovely, completely fur- | nished 6-room home, two bedrooms den. double fireplace. Two-car caraie. Well landscaped lot. Full price 110,500. Good, rubstantial down payment. Inside City—Five-room home, hardwood I floors throughout, fireplace, other dandy features. Two blocks from bua line. ' Yard In excellent condition. Full price I $r,950, aome terms,' Immediate posaee- f sion. East Bakerefield—Lovely 5-room home on j corner lot. excellent condition. Hardwood floors throughout. Lovely yard. Fur- | nished. $8460, on terms. Eureka atreet, near Baker—Five-room | atucco home with basement, about years old. Excellent condition. Some I chicken equipment. $5200, about $2000 [ down. Wingland Square—Five-room horn*, mod-1 ern throughout, well landscaped lot. Thle I place In practically completely furnlebed, [ including refrlgeratoi and waahlng mm-1 chine. Total price $57(0. food down [ payment. o t-t-tl 1318 Street Modern Auto Court Close in on 99 $1100 Gross Monthly Full Price $22,500 Takes $14,500 to Handle. Also Several Choice listings. One, Two r,nd Three-bedroom Homer. | Also Several Farm Listings FRANK R. BLICK, REALTOR PHONE 7-7549 SOUTHWEST—Here in the country | home you've been wanting—2-bedroom, almost new stucco, situated I just off Stockdale highway—completely furnished *g you would fur-1 nish your own home. New garage, 26x24. The finest of equipment and buildings to handle 600 chickens. Twenty-one fruit and nut | trees on nearly an acre of land. $8450 total price, reasonable terms. Lots of water, lawn, and shade. In Sunset Park—Very large 3>-bedroom home, hardwood floors, floor furnace, stall shower and tub, extra large closets, cedar lined linen closet. Refinished and vacated, ready for occupancy,. A (paJip home for gracious living. Freal W. Harvey, 203 Brower building. Phone 2-4260. Evening* 2-4143. 4.1 I IMMEDIATE POSSESSION—lVfod. ern five-room bouse In Sunset Park tract, near high school. Nice lawn and shrubs, rear yard, fenced. 2-car garage. $5250. $1760 cash, balance $85 per month. Phone I 2-8249. I. E. Moore. 4S INVESTMENT BUYERS — Four- unit completely furnished apart. I ' ment In walking distance of business district. Will net over 12 per I cent on Investment. Freal W. Harvey, 203 Brower building. Phone 2-4260. Evenings. 2.-4143.. 42 ONE-BEDKOOM, new nom«, one-halt mil* w«st of Mount Vernon School: email etove (urntibed: (0-foot lot. all of bach yard fenced. Total price 11700, eome terma. ttlmtr F. Rarpe, 1617 Klght- eenth. ^ »-8-tt HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— {f W? HAVEN'T wbAT TOO WANT. ' WB'LL FIND IT. RAN .IOAQUIN AOHNC1BS EDWARD MOODY.7lR1S "ETB." PHONE i-««H f-lvtf BT OWNKR—Two bedroom*. Venetian blinds, tile kitchen and bath. Fenced hack yard, double garage: extra lot. ! fenced, with berrlee and fruit. Phone 2-4166. " t*. FOR SAlvE—Tw«-bedroom furnished hou with fenced In yard.. Inquire 411 Decatur street. Phone 2^4111. 41 FOR BALE—One acre and two house*, L«- mont. on Wood (tract. See W, A. John' eon, on premleea. Houae No. 224. 4« MODERN J-bedroom ham* in Baat Bakerc fleld^ one block (rent bua. UJOO, terme. Pbon* 2-lfit.. 44l

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