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Crowley, Louisiana
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17. MORSE Will BIG SALE El ASSOCl'AIll IS ORGANIZED MURDERED III CROWLEY LAST HOT HEADED THIS GAIIIS FREEDOO IB Corporation Formed by New Orleans I Half Dozen Parties of Northerners OMASTLT CRIME DISCOVERED IN A HUT IN WESTERN TART OF Defaulting Banker is 0 Pardoned President Tart. Seventy Thousand Bags Turned Loose in Houston Thursday. Financial Interests. Arrive in Louisiana.

THE CITY TODAY FA VI LY OF FOUR HAD BEEN BRAINED WITH AN AX CORONER'S JURY IN SESSION BUT THERE NO CLUE TO THE MURDERER WILL ASSIST IN DEVELOPMENT ABOVE ASSOCIATION PRICES ARE COMING TO THE RICE BELT WILL BE RELEASED AT ONCE Object of the Organization is to Fi Forty Farmers From Iowa. Kansas Declining Health of the Prisoner Another horrible crime In the coon- Output of the San Jacinto Farms Soid at an Average of S3 65 and found the back door open, but botn nance Improvements in Louis- and Nebraska will Bo in Guey- were afraid to enter, finally a negrj lown section of the city was discover named Ben Robinson was Induced to Was tana Has Capitalization of Over dan This Week Fifth Excursion Given as Reason For His Release) Had Been Sentenced For FH-teen Years. Maximum Price Paid $3.11. ed at noon today when the dead bodies of Marie Warner, a colored enter the hut and found the mangled remains of the four occupants lyii a Million. for the Winter.

woman about thirty years old. and on a bed in the front room. her three children were found in From the appearance tbe hou it would seem that 'at least some of hut in the "Promised Land." AH New Orleans. Jan. 1J.

The an New Orleans, Jan. 19 Half a doz Hotwton, Jan. 19. The sale of San Jacinto rice farms production held four had been slain with an ax an. the occupants were killed in the back room and their bodies moved to the nouncement yesterday for the forming en distinct parties of homeseeking the Moody implement was fonra in Northerners arrived in New Orleans front room.

AH four were found ly the house but no clue to the mur of a large trust company In New Orleans was welcomed by all cla- Washington. Jan. 19. President Taft last night commuted to expire at once the fifteen-year senTence for violating the national banking laws, under which Charles W. Morse, the New York financier and "Ice Kins." at tbe salesrooms of the Southern Bice Growers Association at 202 Yi Mala street, was quite gratifying to ing across the bed.

face downward Thursday from Northern states, this derer has so far been found. Marin Warner and ber children re es. being the regular day of arrival of in the front room. There was no Indication of a struggle and It is sup Men of affairs have realized for the homseekers' excursions on all rail posed hey were killed In their sleen. sided in a two room hut between Sixth and Seventh streets, about two blocks west of Western avenue.

The rice Laterests. Bids opened to i o'clock Thursday showed that 35, 267 ba8 out of the 70.000 bags of some time that New Orleans has need' roads. served two years in the federal prison ed a trust company which would con A bloodstained ax, found in the room where thet dead bodies lay. Is Prominent among these parties is children were Pearl, a girl aged nine tered had brought an average of years: Garev. a boy aged seven, and duct itself strictly along the lines of at Atlanta.

Ga. The commutation of sentence, which gives Morse his complete freedom but which, nnlik a pardon, does not restore his clvj one composed of about 40 farmers the only evidence that has so far $3.65 per bag. The bids ranged frotp Harriet, a giri aged five. The wo assisting in the development of ths been discovered. Dr.

M. L. Hoffpaulr, from Iowa, Kansas. Nebraska and the $3.08 to $3.91. This average is 1 man had been separated from her country as followed In ether sections.

rights was granted upon recommen cents above association prices. neighboring states, who come here deputy coroner. Is holding an inquest this afternoon and has etnpannelled husband about four years and it where similar corporations have been dation of Attorney General Wlcker- on tneir way to the lands of the Bids were topped by tbe Louisiana State Rice Millers' Association offer understood he is living In Beauniont very successful and very profitable a Jury composed of L. S. Cornett, iham and Surgeon General Torney, The hut in which the faurtl lived Joyce Land and Reclamation Com The organization of the Rankin; U.

S. A. of Tbe heaviest purchaser was tbe Standard Milling Company xt Trust Company, with a proposed cap G. A. Harmon.

A. O. Sigur, T. O. Guldry and Jeff Frlsto.

The sheriff's force and the police department are pany, under the auspices of the Pos Is divided into two apartment, one in the front facing on the street and According to the surgeon general's ital aad surplus ct which ter Holcomb Investment Company cf Houston. This company purchased lo.oou bags, which was bid in by Mr. report Morse could not live one month longer in confinement. an-J ill famish the opportunity for local also actively at work on the rase. the other in the back.

There Is an entrance both fn the front and in Kansas City. investors to subscribe for stock at I'u to 3:30 this afternoon neither the back, and from the latter it Is This is about the fifth party brought even at liberty would liot live sli months. par before it has enhanced in valtMk supposed epie murderer gained ad here by this company, and on each Of the best paying dividend concerns the coroner's jury jjor the officers had been able to find the slightest The statement granting freedom io mittance, as the back door was touna In New Orleans, trust companies ars Morse follows: clue to tlu murderer or murderers. trip large acreages of reclamed lands have been purchased by the visitors. open then the investigation by far In the 'a1.

and it is fair to The president this afternoon com It is believed the crime was commit made today. presume that the value of the stork I 1 On' the last excusion. two weeks ago. ted last night after the family had William Plagermann. Among other heavy purchasers were the Seaboard Kice Milling Company cf Galvestou, Industrial.

Iritchard andTsvas Milling companies of Houston. Kagle Lake, Beaumont and El t'ampo mills alao came in for heavy, portions of the sale. Tbe reu.aining G4a13 bags were expected to go to bidders during the afternoon. There is no doubt in the minds of rke men but that this suc It was a little before noon today muted the sentence of Charles W. Morse to expire at once.

This action of the new corporation will be at Messes. Poster and Holcomb sold to gone to sleep. Tracks in the back when the discovery of the crime was a premium in a very short time. The stocks of ithe financial institutes made. Harriet Crane, mother of tee the visiting farmers nearly 1500 acres of the land from their tracts, in spite yard lead to the belief that more than cue person was implirated in the crime, but this is merely a matter 'A of New Orleans average today over I murderer woman, called at her house of the very unfavorable weather con but found the cottage apparency $10 a share, which wer original! ditions.

conjecture. The premises are being empty. She crossed the street to subscribed at par. So much success has been in other aecLwns of carefully guarded and it is stated The present party arrived early in the afternoon, over the Illinois Cen hat the officers will send for a pack the home or a negro named norse Benlsong to inquire where Hier daucn-ter was. ut Berdsong was unable the country to the assistance Kiven by tral railroad, and departed immediate of bloodhounds to put on the tra! trust companies, that New OrUus can ly for the reclaimed districts of Lock the hope of running down the mur feel pmud ff this new financial or to give her any information, i ur.

went back to the hut together and port, where the members will be giv derers. was taken upon tbe recommendation of the attorney general based on the report of Surgeon General Torney. "A careful review of this report makes it clear to my mind that he Is suffering from a combination of diseases due to 'territory which are incurable hf a The reports show uSt ditlon of the kidneys' and tbe heafV are growing worse. I regard the attack of cardiac dyspnoea, or heart block, from which he suffered on the morning of tbe fifteenth instant, as an omnious occurrence. In my opinion the prisoner's duration of life will be in all probability less than one month if kept In confinement and in the gantzation.

"In Kurore and many sec en an opportunity to inspect tbe tions of the I'nited States the devel Smithport Planting- Company's prop opment of the lands has been die. to cessful sale of rough rk-e has set a steady pace tor that cereal for 1112. It is said that Mr. B. A.

Slemhagon "nd Mr. J. E. Broussard, representing Beaumont mills, proved strong bulls Jn tbe bidding. When the bids were iwing opened last evening, excitement ran high among the bidders, and the rooms of tbe Southern Rice Growers' Association resembled the New York Stock Exchange In a flurry, or the Chicago grain market during a squeeze.

erty. a great tent, to corporations which Thence they will go Immediately to ARBITRATION IS A CRISIS CUAf rave rr.ade a special point of financ Gueydan, remaining there until Sun Vig worthy and enterprise farmer day meriting, when ithe return to New Orleans will be made. As usual MORE MYSTERIOUS ARMS on their arrival here the entire party SENATOR'S PLEA OF PAST HI I will be entertained at a banquet at Carload of Guns Found By Officers the Monteleone hotel. Sunday night WRECK IN GEORGIA at Jackson, Miss. event of his release on commutation of sentence it is not probable that he will live as long as six months." Another party from tbe North ar rived here Wednesday L.

Lankworthy of Chicago. Mr. Fivc Killed Whw Central of Georgia McCumber Pleads for Ratification of I Langworthy Is sales manager for tbe NEW CANDIDATE SPRUNG Hattiesours. Jan. Another mysterious c.irloJ-d of arms and ammunition, presumably Intended for Train Left Track.

Movement Bows to Demands Veteran St. Charles Land Comparsy, owning Taft'a Plan. of the Government. Governor of North Dakota Put aa large tracts in Pt. Charles parish near Des AUemands.

and to this section revolutionaries of Mexko or some Candidate for President Central American republic, has been the six or eight prospective huy.s located at Jackson. Mi. and it is Kargo, S. Jan. 19.

At an ad said rainroad and government ofli POLICIES NOT ENDANGERED KNOX NOTE 'IS NOT RESENTED cials are concerned as to wh disposition to mak the shipment. The journed meeting of the Democratic state central committee last night res? will be taken some time Thursday. Mr. Ijingworthy is a large operator in Louisiana lands. He stated Thursday morning that the outlook for colonization of I.ouisiana lands Is indeed brleht at th present "me and promises well for the future.

Atlanta. Jan. 19. Engineer William Clark, of Macon. a negro porter and three passengers, two of their, women, were killed in a reck at Jmeaboro, L'O miles south or Atlanta yesterday when the South, Atlantic Limited, handled by the Central of Georgia railroad between here and Macon, collided with a freight traiu.

Baggage Master Puckett. of Atlanta, was slightly injured. Heports from the wreck are to the effect that none olutions were adopted recommending car is said to have wen brought here last Saturday by the Queen and Crescent road fr delivery to tre Gulf Monroe Doctrine and Control of lm Tohn Burke, governor of North Da Communication of American Secre kota, for the nomination for president migration Not Menaced by the and Ship Island raiir rail, but owine provided that the delegation finds to the suspicion that it was oeir.2 Agreement Arbitration for All his nomination would be possible." tary of State is Taken as Friendly Warning By the land Republic. transported for illegal purposes the National Difficulties. laUer road is said to have declined fintf become bankrupt or on Its further efforts? The nations of the old world are being pauperis In the event this is not found possible the delegates are instructed to vote for the candidate who will carrv out the principles advocated by Wll Havana.

Jan. 19 With the assur Washington, Jan. 19. Senator McCumber of North Dakota appealed to the senate Thursday to immediately ance made last nleht to President crt tue wnite passengers were seriously injured though a number sustained cuts and bruises. The South Atlantic Limited is operated between Cincinnati and Jacksonville.

by the Louisville and Nashville railroad, and Atlanta, Sav-ennah cars of the Central are addi.d to the train, hen git takes the Central of Georgia tracks at Macon. No official statement of the cause of the wreck has been made. A relief Train carrying physicians was sent to the scene. to (accept It for transportation to Gulfport. The shipment was then taken to Jackson and is now in the yards of the Alabama and Vlcksburg railr.

ad. Government ofMt ials are aw aitics advices from the department of justice at Washington as to whether the two carloads of ara.s ard ammunition now under sureilance the one at Jacksi and in the Mobile and Ohio yards at Meridian, caa be confiscated. Gomez by leaders of the veteran ed Xa defend themselves against eatn 'other. 3 This yondition is a vrlme' against civilization. "You say preparedness for war Is the surest guarantee for peace.

A between two nations of equal power with no contract that would ar plied to the ciUzens of each. It may pWtaibly be rue. As agaJnst the small and w'eaker powers, however. It Is the street guaranty of war." ratify President Taft's arbitration Ham J. Bryan.

The feature of yesterday's proceedings was the banquet addressed by T.J. Walsh, national committeeman froin Montana, and Charles C. Hii-ner of Seattle, western campaign manager for Weodrow Wilson. The names of Wood row Wilson and William J. Bryan were greeted with great applause.

movement that aeitation would cease treaties with England and Prance and the veterans wcnild loyally support the administration ia removing without amendment. He argued that the terms of the treaties in no way the faintest excu-e for American intervention, there a shears to be no usurped nor did they compel the ar bitration of any traditional questtoj doubt that the crisis in Cuban affairs of American policy such as the Mon has been successfully passed. The Everything that goes by the roe Dostrine or the contrt of immi I conference of the president with th gration. name of Insurance or bonds and only Ratification of the treaties. Senator McCumber declared, would give to the prominent men of all factions last night, which it was believed was held to define a policy of amicable accord and of aexeeinK to the terms of the reply to Secretary Knox's note of in the best companies.

cause or arbitration such an impetus that like treaties would soon be mad with all civilized nations. PHOTECTIONAIXY Youns warning, proved, merely to be an change of Tiews. no defined policy NVhen we have advanced tion to a degree 'where the great na WILLIAMS INSURANCE AGENGY beins formulated. tions will sign compacts wherein they But while the necessity anion recognize certain sacred rights of and co-operation was recognized on other weaker nations as non assaila 1 sides, there was one discordant 25 Off note in the attitude of the leaders of th veterans, who seemed reluctant to surrender the fruits of their here TO THE DEMOCRATIC VOTERS OF ACADIA PARISH, LOUISIANA Dear Sirs: In accordance with the ruling of the democratic Executive Committee. I announce my candidacy for the oftce cf Clerk of Police Jury, subject to your approval.

In presenting my claim, I desire to call your attention to my past record as member of the Police Jury for this Parish covering a period of seven years, during which time I served as President of the body for four years. I desire to show you front my past experience that I am thoroughly qualified to fill the position of Clerk cf that Honorable Body. If elected, I propose to open my office in tbeCju Hajie biiliin an to devote my entiretime and attention to the position. Trusting to receive your hearty and loyal support I assure you that I shall serve you faithfully. Yours Very Respectfully, 1 ble' said the senator, "We hav done for peace of the world aahund-red times more than is secured by the mere submission of minor ferences to arbitration.

"With a treaty of this kind signed tofore triumphant campaign, and wer disposed to insist upon the constitutional rights of the officers of the army and rural guard to take part by all the great nations the war with On Ocr Entire LineV Men's. Boys and Children's Suits and Overcoats anrl 20 per cent off og Men's Troueri ed and undressed ffibi Tripoli would never have been hear of and the cries of Persia for Justice and mercy would not now by ringms throughout the world. The time is I i iL the movement. Thaf ttt opposition has completely surrendered its position is indicated fcy an artificial memorandum issued last nijtht from the palace after lcr.K conference between the president and General Nunez and Colonel Coronado. editor of Iiscuscion, the veterans.

Among other statements of a conciliatory nature the memorandum coming when no great nation will be able to borrow money from ether nation to carry on an unjuBt war." Senator McCumber quoted sta'ls'fcs I to show that the government's appro priatton for the army and navy ha increased 230 per cent In twenty years, while the increase cf popula J. COHN GENTS' OUTFITTER savg the veterans" were fully resolv-i ed to put an end to the present veter-I arista campaign so as to remove ay tlon was 44 per cent; England's ap propriations had increased 115 per cent In twenty yeafs he said her J. R. TOLER cause ol unrest wnn wcicn purpose, they would issue imperative di ration a to all veterans' clubs to ceae their activities in the sense referrd to." population had increase 20 per cent Crowley. Louisiana Who can fall to see what the real end must be? Which country will.

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