The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 4
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•%F8&>r~~r*^^ THE DAKEUsnKLD CALIFORNIA?*, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1936 KILLSPSELF Joking at Abnonnnl Height Established ns Cnnsc of Youth's Action (United rrtit LnantA Wire.) ERIK, Pa., Hept, J.---13ftrl Nelson, 14»y»ar«old "model" Bchoolboy, shot And killed himself linrauoo hn dreaded classroom "kidding" ovor his abnormal height. Deputy Coronor ChnrluH Loonn Bald today ho hnd establlnhod fonr as the motive which prompted tho d'fool, '1-Inch trill ntitdont lo itoul homo from a movie lasl. night, to to bin room and flw a btillnt Into his heart, A nnto found Iwsldn hlw body do- flarlbed tho clnwpnratlon which Ifrlpppd tlif boy an tlm tlmn rinarod for the fall soniesti'r lo opnn. Nelson addressed tlm tioto to hln mother: "Goodbye, mother. I'm going lo A bettor place. No ono likes mo Uny morn, I'm going to tho pliicu they call God's land. T hnte school and 1 can't fao« It nny longer. It Was hard to wiy goodbye (hi* Way. I wanted to glvo Mvnlyn, Viola, Rulh And Dorothy iny lovo. Plr>a«n bury ftio beside futlmr." Tha glrlw rnonllonod In (ho noin Woro frlrtnds nnd rlaHHttiatnB (if Js'nlHOti. Deputy Coronrtr T/pofio said Nnl- *on had bc'fln subjected frequently to "Unmwlfnl kidding" l'.v Mn class- fnatns. HIM great hftlght W(IH hl» Only almurnuillly iind school aiillim-- hies Sfild ho WJIR u niodM buy nnd a fair Htudont. S. F. NOMINEE TUB SONGS WB LOVE TO SING Tfcrn are Mf> nureftilly Ht>li!«fni1 and expertly (iilllml nniiflrl, roin- lilnle with worrtH mill inimle — avnllrtliln only IlirniiKh our WnsliliiKlon friforinhllon llil- rcaii. Thu niutitrnl nri'iiiiK'emenlN urn In Ueyw i«'Itldn the rouge "f moHt volceh. Tim hariniiiilzalloti IN very pl(«ft»liiK. Thill little, lidfik 1(1 f/)il> Inrlins In nlzii, linn 144 \n(U'-n. with nil lit true 1 1 vi) iliintliln cover prlnti-il In thhm rnlnrs. In It ynu will find yntir fnvrirlln liyinliH iiinl Mplrl(iliil», the Hum! fiotniinr . Illlirrhlhi: IniM'H IIIK! MUIKII n UK, ni'li. C,inirilnli.|y lndi'X'd Jlltil tlm tliltift for cvi-lilnil iiliilf arouhilH. Hi'inl In your order loilftv. l'!n cliiNt- 20 r,-n(M lo ro^'t'r n,nl un hiinilllnlf t!*o Tliln < 'oiiiiiiii Tli» llnlieriifli.til r,i|troinlnri Tilforifiitton lliiti'iiii. Kreili-rlc .1 Miinliln, |)lr..,-tor, Wlt»lllHKl<>n. I' ''. I OIK-lollo lllMi'Wllll ^11 i-etll'i In coin C'liri-riillv «-i i for n c-iipy of "invervlinily'ii tiohK Hi.nil " Niiin'v Ntreol City . (Mall In Wmililritftfia, l> c > Krnnck C. llavcnner, now deal mipporter, former ncwoimpor mnn and Hun Francisco city official, will oppose ConnrfHUwomnn l''lor- tncc I'riiR Knhn, conservullvp Ito- publican In th« November election. Mother of Linglc in Act)f Mercy lulcit I'ftm l,fii*cit Wlrtl UHIOACO, Sept. 1 .- Tim moihor of Alfred Mnglii, I'lilciino reporter who WIIM Mlaln In III.'I'i. dlnclonod today fdic, WUH piirU(i||iriiln« In n move KCidiliiK the rr<l'-iisi< of llrothcrM, \vlin In KiTvliitf I 'I yenm In Jollnt penitent Inry for I lilt crlmn. The mother, Mrs. Klnlly Durst of KIIIIIIIIH Clly, Kiild In mi Interview: "I don't IlilnU Brothers over HIIW Al l.lllKle." Hlin related how her aid hud boon enllMliMl by (ho prisoner's muthnr, Mrs. HOMO JoNiinn, of WuhHlor OroM'B, Mo, Hhe MIX Id id>« had iilnncd a pinole petition ImliiK rlrciiliilod In llrnlh. em' bnhiilf. "Nothing rim nlvit mn tmr'k my boy," MI-H. iiiit-Hi iiHNdrtdd, "NO I would Illii' In Men Mrs. Jnnnen'H boy given luirli In ln>r." l.llll;!" \\i|H \Vlltlllllg tlll'IIIIKll III" Ituiidolpli MlreiM iiillivvity In .hum, IIIIIO. wln'ii n Htiiiillhy Kunnifin up- prime In M| from liohlnd iind fired a Hh'ii lulu |I|H heiid. French FJycr Trnvcl» Course (U Hntc of 285 Mile* an Hour til Los Angeles fUnitfd t'rmm r t ea»r,<l Wire) LOH ANCII'JLWH, Hopt. I,— Henri Hotroyal, famous Krench aviator, today became, a to win the Thompson trophy dash of tho no.- tiomil air races, after hn sent bin Uonault-Cauilrori racer around a, closed cotirno at an estimated 28ti inllfH an hour. With Colonel llowdoo Turnor up- parnntly out of thn race IIH a rrmilt of his craektip noiir (lnllup, N, M., Hunday, Dntroyai. wns hailed us "tho man to brat." by aviation exp'nrtH, Tho frenchman whipped his racer around tho pylotm at Union Air Tor- mlnnl NO fiint that alri>ort ailundariiH flngi;ed him down, fearful of an accident at llio commercial field. Thn tall, rugged flyer grinned arid tils plane after landing but iicoffed nt talk hn would be tlm favorite to win tho Thompson ruce next Monday. Ho admitted, however, that Ihn plane, roputfldly built by thn Krsnuh (rcivurmneilt at a com of $i,(i(tn,ooo, was oapiiblo of going 300 rollen an hour, "Him Is a good ship," hn said In broken KngllNh, "only the propel- lofrt, they go the wrong wny.' 1 IXflroyal, nxplnlned that French planes havo (holr prnpollors run nlng, exactly opposite from thn direction they follow In Amnrlonn pianos. Me mild thin slowed him down when rounding Ihn pylons. — , -- ^-»*— Marion Snowden Quits Mate, Says Reported From West Side Communities Taft Girls' Team Wins High Place in Baseball Ratings Tha Ottllfornianj rpAFT, Bent, i.—Taft's Timco CIIHs J- Indoor team wort) accorded n,h honor by Malt, Gallagher nnd his associates, who nrrt In charg* of thn BOfibnll tournament when the local (wrtiti was bracketed find seeded with thn Max ^Victor, San Tllego nnd Co- vlna girls out of flZ dubs that ulnrl play Tuesday evening In tho south- <>rn California championship. Listed as tho top team In the, s*»c- ond bracket, the Taseo girls hfivn drawn thn Western Iron of Maywood In their flrHt game VVedries- day evening at Fiedler VMd In Hollywood. Thin #111110 will bo pre- coded by a preliminary batwcnn two IIKMI'H nlubo (it f) o'clock. Kan I)|OKO pluyd Han T'edro, with Max Kftfllnr and T.oto Torry mnntlnK .limn Vults! 1 I'lratao, whllo (Jovlnn oprmiiAH Vnnturit. All nro oponlnc round eamurt. Han Dlcpfo'rt pltuhlnn HtroiiBtli IB wrapped up In Kimlc'o Klnno nnd A^iry Kltt-hon, whllo Miibul Hparlln, windmill artlHt, Id nominee for fnmo. C)*ne- vlovo (Skip) Heck, local «paddba11 arllBl, rightfully taUow U«r place nlon« with tho above MatollltAB. 1/iiBt year Taft wa» nut out in Ihn opening round by San JJIogo 10 to ». Tho Kxponltlon City Rlrln, who were favored, were Tjn«ot In tho fliMilu by Ix)lo Terry, who then twirled for ChttppeH'H Cftfo. (.Jrlllen in the south Itftvo tnftdd Max factor and Him Diego thn favorite*, (ho former txioauna of Terry'H ntcady pltOhliK? and tho flnft nijpport «ho ha« received all year, while Hun DloRo with Klnno and Kltehen, tho K-glrlH, havo tho Htrontrent twlrllntf duo In tho south- t'l'n California. Covlna and Taft tiro both rogarded II.H having a rlianco to tifmot tho dope, providing they gut by tho opening round*, However, in thfl caso of Taft, both fnclor'n and tfyin Diego bavo boaten the homo club In practice Hftmes thin year. Many Attend Fete Held for Taftian Pilots in Chatterton Air Derby Begin Second Half 11 Convicted for Anti-Na/i Riots YdltK, Hnpl. I. Thn New York American said today Mrs. lioiils Hoed, Jr., thn former Marlon Hnowdnn, after three honeymoonliiK montliN In (lermuda, hud left in<r Hecniid liiiiilinnil Tho paper Mill/I (lifi ono-tlme I'rln- CCIIH ItonplidloNl In Miilllnu lininewiird lodny on tin- Monarch of llermudii nnd Hint It leiirnnd from her friends idi" would nmkn nn early Hlnrl for Nevinln lo obtain a divorce. lleeil, iineliilly prominent KIIII nf n lellred attorney, told a friend nvi-r tiiiiiHiitllinllc ti-lnpliniio luHt nli;hl, the IIIIIIIT Mlnleil, Mini he u-onld i;o to Iteiin If Mifi. Heed did nnl miilii' the trip Uniio "There won't he imv reconclllii- tloll," lie \\ltH l|l|nll-ll 1IM Mll\lll^. 'I'll" coliple Him -rled III Jersey Clly lilt" In Mny, (ibnrllv utter the oil hclreitM nnd I'rllico I ilrulnino HUM plnllost were dlvnrced In Mex|,,, '1'hny were aceniMpnnlcd mi lli.-lr hnii'iyiiKion liy Itocd'M fnui -year old dniightcr, Mlnil. child of hln flrnl wife, the forni'ir Min'ln llnffmnii, lielreuM to a chnln Hlnre fortiili". (United "TJAM.A.S, TCXIIH, Sopl. l.-1'llotfl A - / In Hit: Iliilh ChtUUM'ton Air Dnrliy from ('involand lo I.OH Ango- IOH begun the- Konond bait of their Jniiriify icidiij- lui (hf first whip, with llt-rl fialln-altli of Hollywood nt 111') contrulH, look off nl, 8:30 a, in. Hl« HprliiK, T«xu», lh« first stop Iodny, wan a ;i H-hour hop from DIIHUH. Thoro llio fllorH will lunch, llicu tnl<(4 off at 1:110 or !! p. m. for HI I'aso for mi oviTiilKhl rest bo- for" ccinUntilnK IlK'lr joiirnny lo Citllforrila. MlHH Katlu'rlno Hul Kim Chniing of I,OH AiiRcli'H. (JlilnoHti girl pilot, followi'il Oiilbnillh In tho tako-ol'f, and other Htiirtrm followed lit "• mlniitu Intorvulii iiiilll tb« thirty- I'irili pilot In tin' ru<'i had KOHC. .luck Kelly of lii'lrnlt, nfflclal Iliunr, \vfiil nluMid ut r>::)D n. m., to !»• on hiilid In HlK .SprlnMT to Hum Hut iirrlvalH. 'l'li«' official nhlp, fliiwn by Hill ParUi-r of Uartlcs- vlllo, oh la., fnllowiMl lit 7:4f< n. m. MlMM I 'Illll llTtoll, \vllO WtIA dim- hdNfitoliftd n Ti'Xii;. riiiiRcr In ciTft* [ Wire) monies at the TOXIIH Centennial Kx- position liifit month, followed after tlio lust of tho racing planes had token off from .Love Meld. Prank Hprookuls, San IfifanclHco, was ndjiidgml winner of tho first half of tho flight. He finished fifth mi Ilv> lap from Hot Springs, Ark., (o DtilliiH, but hud enough points lo £lv« him a 2-polnt margin over Mruco r Umbel of 1'ort Chester, N. Y. Prl/o winners beslden Spreckols and Olmbnl wero Clara Livingston, Jamestown, N. Y.; George Arent^, !(>'<•. N. Y.; John Oaty, KlmhurNt, N. A".; .lorry IfalrbatiltH, Los Alii (fi-li's: John Todd, Pomonn, Calif.; Hi-Ion MacCloHkoy, Washington, 33. C,; Jeannttc bompko, Hay City, Mich.; and Hteven llawes, Pomona, Calif. The flyers expect to bo In t,OS Angcli-H for the start Thursday of tlio Nitllonal Air Races. Four pilots Joined the flight here --•Andy n. Anderson, Dallas sportsnmn: C. A. Crabtree, Oklahoma City; Kloyd I.. HondrlckHon, Beverly IllllH, calif.; and L. O. Wllkpmon, Hryan. 'I'c'XHH. t'rt'HH /.rni^f? II In-' | M-;\V VllllK. Hepl. I. Klrven MHMl i (Hid \voineii whu piirtk'lpiiled In no lllllllNll/l I'lol Illii, Mill Illn Itlemell nf 'the norlli (leriiuui l,lo\d linn AHKIIM! '.'.\ \vi» I'l.n vlc'li'il nl' illiiorderly I'nn ilui'l indiiy and Heiilenced to worli IIOIIMO lermM liy MaKlMtriile Henry II I 'urrn u. Two were iient to the work IHIIIMI for I -t iliiyn and Ihn otherti for Hevon i illiyn. Olympic Swimmer Weds Spokane Man ' \ itunrltiti'tl /YPAA I.tnuril \\'hfl) ATI.ANTH' I'lTV, N. .1.. Mi-pi I - M.'iiy LIIII I'i'liv, tilyniplr "« InniHT, nil,I Uohi'i't H Ricoh of Spuliime. Wash., Biten-tly ninrrled In NI-W Vnrlt. were reported today cm Ilii-li way In Mpolume after n week i'iid vlult here with their frlnnd. Hub Crosby, orchuMirn lemler. (Yoiiby Niiltl the U'* ddlnn tortU ptncii at Hi. 1'iililrli'M Caihoilrnl In MI KH- day. Crusby. brother nf ItlliR C'rnsliy, radio MIK! innllon plottiro Nlng»r, XVHH M hlM'h M'hool niuile uf Mr*. Slmll and u cnllegrt ll'le (if Klioli. i TO r ft 1ST TIIAVICT. IM'UKVHICS | I'llATKU I.AKK NATIONAL i I'AIIK, i )!•«».. Kept I. (I 1 . I' » Tho I'lrnt two months of the loinlnt sen- ' mill nl Cinler l.alco National I'nrlt |i>axv mi litiTeiino of lf>0 per rent In ( loiirlst travel uyrr llio sanm period lunl x-ear. Spanish "Reds" in Paris Disturbing M Mtifilnli-il I'rrm l,eu»fil U'lrO I I'AHIH. Sopt I.- Tho presence In i I'urlH of three HiipporterM of the Hu- j clallst HpanlHh govcriiineiil orousod [ a protest from l''ri'ni'li Nationalists i today. The Spaniards arrived yen- lerday, iiHMerllng they wished loom- I suit "Krem-li political frlnnds." i tnrluded In thn group wero Mar! ei'llno UoinliiKO, Hpnnlnh mlnlslor of 1 nlurniIon, Antonio, mlnlMter of I public woi l<n; and Madainn IMoro.H i Irrllmrl, dimmunlst deputy known j UN "I'll I'liHNloiiarla." Tim I'Yrnrh NallotmllslM clmrgnd tin' preHeni'o of the Hpunlnh dele^ru- lion vlnliited the H|ilrll of llio nonintervention policy of tbo government of I'remter heon Ilium, formulated after the rilnrl of tho t'lvll war be- I ween tlm Mud rid regime and KIIH- I'lHt rdielN. \'UnvH of tho Par In Nationalists wero 1'xprenHed by tho newspaper lOuhn ili' I'nilH, u Rightist organ, whleh fliiii'Ki'il: "Thin wiiinan (l.ii I'liHHlnnarln) and hf>r twit coinpiitilonH have cnmo to Krnni'e tn try tu obtain delivery of iirmx, miinltlonH and alrplnneti and rr>crul( terhnleliiiiH." Cattle Rustling | by Motors Stirs 11 nirnl ;'ri'»« heaneil Wire) MOXTdfJMEUY. Ala., Kept. 1.— Alabama armed today against mo torl/ed riiNtlliiK. which him caused heavy IOHH lo oitttlemen and brought a Kim I ml I In rcmlnlscciu of western frontier days. Htnte hluliwuy piurulmoii sought four KtippiiKi'd rtiHlloi-H who engngod In !i runnliig KIIII fight with l>. .1. JOIICH mi lib farm In southern Alabama. Jones said ho and three, companions surprlNi-d the four men whllo they were preparing to load Home of JOIIOH' e.Rttle. i'ltminlHHliiiier of Agriculture H. .1. tionile culled on all owners of the slule'N 1,I2K.UOU heiid of cattle lo ie«lHtoi A their briutds and assigned fluid mon to keep a cluso chock on null's at Ntiickyards. "There him boon a lot of ru»l HiiK." Cloode enld. "It's Impossible d. miy bow much. "Tho niHllors drive at night 1n fast trucks, Hloal K to 10 animals, then sell them In distant markets, often In other states." .tfut* a ttcmu id a A Bank of America Timeplan loan (up to 20 years) arranged under F.H.A. provisions will enable you to build or buy your own home now on terms like rent. Loans may be made up to $16,000, representing 80f f > of the appraised value of both the lot and improvements. Convenient monthly installments include interest and repayment of principal. Why continue to rent, when actual home ownership has been made possible on a basis as easy as tenting? See the local manager of Bank of America, where entire arrangements for a Timefjlan loan may be completed. Bank of America makes sound loans on all typu of real estate Finance your home with a Bank of America M««b«<MXt,C loan MOVIES Every Evening Continuous 7:30 to 10:30 Thrilling motion pictures of the tortuous Death Valley to Mt. Whitney run, just completed by the PONTIAC 6 Stock Sedan. . . . See the film . . . meet tho driver . . . inspect the car that made this difficult test run!! No Charge — No Obligations Moore-Pontiac Co. Chester Avenue tit Twenty-sixth Two Killed; Three in Family Hurt Sept. l.—A brlditl »how«r recently held at tho hd»ne of Mrs. Winnie Derden on County HoW for Mis* Hazel M6lt, who la to becomo the brlda of Hansel Barstow. Many useful gifta were received by Ml»» Jlolt. Tho evening wax Mpont In plftylngr aameu under the direction of. MlH« Iraye Mitchell. One of tho featuroM wan a mock wedding with Mls» Louise Freeman an groom, MM. 1'feat'l Hadford ti« tho best man, Minn Mabel Tlolt as the bride, Mrs. Kdna Evans as tho father, Mlas Mildred HIchllnB as tho minister, while Mrs. lAura Bcookii and Mrs. BomicS Halo were attendants, with Joan- n«tto Bi'ooks acting; tho part of tho flower girl. Refreshments were served by the stetmes, Mildred Sfebllnsf and Fayo Mitchell. Those present wero Mlsse* Teannetto Broolts, Louise Freeman, Fayo Mitchell, M.lldrSd Hlchllng, Paulino Dryani. Mable Holt, June Weaver, Helen Dorden, Helen Brown and the Meftdameu Carrie Mitchell, ttdna Evans, Valrey Bryant, Lilly Wdaver, Florehce Halo, Bernlcd Hale, Edith cirlmes, Mario I'alono, Kmma Lowers, Pearl Kftdford, Winnie Dorden and Laura Brooks. Taft Couple Back Fromjkief Stay TAFT, Kept. 1.— Mr. and Mrrt. Ralph M. Hnilth of th* Tnft Community Hospital have returned to Taft after enjoying; a five-day vacation nt their eabln nt Peter Fan Woodland Club near Big Bear lake, Mrs. Albert Nichols of .Santa C!rug, mother of MrH. Smith and Mrs. Bmlth'H two daughters, Catherine and Norma Jean will remain at tho cabin for two weekH more. They Will entertain aB their gueftt KImora Christian, flailfjhter of Mr. and MI'H. O. D. (JhrlHllrtn of Taft. Taft Matron Paid Honor by Friends TAFT, Sept, 1.— Mrs. Milton Oann was recently the guest of honor at a surprise birthday party given by Hit* Misses fflrlltto Claim and Lenora Allison at Mrs. Claim's homo on tho O. C, M. O. lease at Fellows. A very enjoyable evening WHS spent In playing: bunco, flrHt prize being awarded to Mrs. tlann and consolation to Mrs. Allison. Tlio honoreo was tho recipient of many lovoly gifts. In conclusion of the evening's entertainment a beautiful pink and white birthday cake thai was presented to Mrs. Oann WUH nerved with IPO cream to tho following: MouflarnOH K. W. Gordon. Paul Turley. AV. V. Kofahl, C. B. Black, Mao Allison, Miss Paulino Turloy, the honoroo, Mrs. Oann, and tho host- OHBOH, Mi-lino Gunn and Lenora Allison. Fellows Garden Ceremony ' Unites West Side (Special id 77i« Call TpBLLOWS, Sapt, 1.—Miss Marlon! •*• Owenrhoda Roberts, tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R, T. G. Roberts oil Fellows, and Thoma* MOrllmei" Morton, the son of Mr. and Mrs. d. T, Morton of Taft, wero united In marriage August 30 Id tho garden at the homo of the bride's parents on tho Texaco lease with a double ring ceremony. • The vows wero to.kon before the Reverend W. c. Wallace, retired Presbyterian minister of Coallngo. Tho young couple wero attended by Ml«s Winifred Formway, bridesmaid, and Mrs. Floyd Cooley, Jr., matron of honor and sister of tho bride. S, M, Morton of Taft, WO- ther Of Mr. Morton nated as best man, Sho was given in marriage by her father. Mrs. Morton wore n whllo silk poplin with satin and lace trimmings and carried a bouquet of red rose buds. This was the wedding gown of her mothers 24 years ago. Miss Formway woro a pink net dress; she wore a corsage of red rose buds. Mrs. Cooley woro a white taffeta and also Woro a red rose bud corsage. The brldo Was graduated with the ,„ of I9SS oC CotiltngO High School ana the Jurto clans of 1935 of Taft Junior College. Mt. Morton received his education In Texas ana Is now connected with the Hallmark Oil Company. At th-s conclusion of the ceremony a reception wad held on tho lawn for the bridal party and guesW pr«»«nt. Those present at the eereftiony ftntt reception were Messrs, anil Mesdames C. T, Morton* and 8. M. Motton of Taft, R. T, C. Roberts, A. If. Relmer of Bakersfleld, .ft. W. Co&ey and children Richard and Cocelllft. of Taft. Messrs. and Mosdamos Floyd Cooley, Sr., and daughters) Virginia, Susan and Rosemary; Arthur 1 Basque/, and baby son of Taft, H. TJ. Roberts and Floyd Cooley, Jr., Mesdames Fred -Fbrmway, L. 0. Ayflrs, Zuella Shurley and son oi TWt* William Shurley ot Taft, Mosses. Howard Pruett of Tttft, Gordon, Mogue and Mahleii Hogub of Oarrti- thers, la. W. Morton of *lpton, AVoodrow Shurloy and Thomas Roberts; and tho Reverend W. C; Wallace of Coallngo. After today tho couple will be at homo, to their friends at 308 Mt. View 'avenue In Tdft. -1 FELLOWS Body of Merced Ranchej^Is Pound (A»tnrtatr<l l' Leaned Wlret 'MKKCldD, .Sopt. 1.—Tho body of Bert Dennis, 4;!, a rancher, was found today In Canal creek after a 40-hour search. The hunt began after Donnls' hat nnd the body of his hnrsn wero found In tbo stream. Ills body was discovered a mile above that of tho horse. I/. K. Cash, deputy coroner, said there was evidence of quicksand In the Vicinity, and that Dennis'death would bo recorded as accidental drowning. I'rem raised ll'(rc) Art*., Kept. l.—A flltndnra. Calif,, woman and h«r two (liuislHors woro removed to a hospitnl nt Hlythe, CnJIf., after a fatal automobile nucldftnt which took tho life of tho husband and father, A. M. iHinlap, 50, and another woman. Mrs. C. W, Uuthrlo. The Dunlnps and Mrs, Outhrie resided at 119 West Carroll avenuu, Cllendorn, nnd woro returning from a vacation In Indiana. Tho Arizona Highway Patrol reported the party's car and trailer ovorturnftd on tho highway IB miles cast of horo. Seriously Injured are Mrs. Mary Hello Dunlap, 05. nnd her two daughters, F.lccnn, in, and Aralata, 14. •• • • « * •••'• Illness Blamed for Youngejrjckes' Act il'uiir.l l'rr»i Lcatad Wire) I'llK'ACO, Sept. 1.—Long suffering i n>iu a nervous lllnesM was blnnieii today for what pollco said ! was tlm Hiilolde of Wllmurth Icken, .17, NtepHon of Heoretary of tho Interior llaroht \,. IckCS. u-ki-H. i-iad In pajamas, was found shot to death In a bedroom of Seero tary loUen' rcsldencn, whom ho had been living whllo his family VftPA' tinned nt Mncklnae Inland, Michigan. In his hand was an automatic pistol apparently taken from the firearms follei'tkm of his brother, Ray. HOW TO OVERCOME ITCHING If you *r* Annoydd with Itching; pile* or r*otiO nor»no»B, do not ntcltcl thn silmo or run the rink ot an operation. Any Itching, coronet* or painful pnsungo of "tool In niuura'd warntnn uiul tiroper treatment RhouUl bo ««• owed tit on<s«. For thin punione tut from your druRRlit n llttla Toe-Mint apply once or twice dally. .ThU Itntl RnothluK prcpnritlon r#lloVM thn Hohlnu ami aur*- iu>Hs, Bin|in t>Alii niul hunlN tho aff partit. Try it. hio-Mlnt I* htghly onimniul«ii aiul In «a».v uiul ploi <o Ui«. It »eoni» tho helRht of folly for anyone to risk »n or>«r«tlon whan a alttwttt >i>i>iBdy that IB BO e»»y to \IHO may b« hud at auch tinnu —Adv. . / Gabrielli Girl Not in School Classes (t'nlted l'rti» ttntti Wire) SACRAMENTO, Hepl. 1. — Charlotto Oabrlplll, 0, who refused to salute, tho American flag because of religious beliefs and was upheld by Superior Judge Peter J. Shields, did not return to achool when classes oponed, school officials reported today. The girl had been dismissed last term for refining to take part In flag exorclsuH. Joseph Gabriel! I, her father, said •lift did not want lo "create a scene" and would attend a private school. ••' •* » » WIFK HUMILIATED PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 1. (U, P.) Mrs. Anna Kates. SO, told tho judge it was bad enough when her husband, Harry, ran around with other women, but when ho brought ono of them home tu live with her, It wan "Insufferably humiliating." She asked $12,fiO weekly support. Katas denied tho charges. FELLOWS, Sept. 1.— Mrs. J. tf. Kavanagh left Sunday morning for a few days visit at the home of her mother, Mrs. Frances Cooper of 1'lsmo. After a two week's visit with relatives Iti Los Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Carr have returned home. Airs. L. p. Mason and children Mardell and Nona have returned homo after a two week's visit with Atrs. Mason's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bradford of Bakerstleld. Mr. and Mrs. "Wilson Parker motored to Corona Saturday evening to spend (he week end with Mrs. Parker's parents. A Friday visitor at tho homo of. Mr, alid Mrs. Jerry Lankford of Co- nlliiga was Mrs. Lankford's sister. Mrs. O. B. Sears of Fellows. Mr, and Mrs, Ouy Parker woro Saturday visitors In Bakersfleld at tho homo of their daughter and son- in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark's vacation WUH cut short by the Illness of Mr. Chirk, who Is 111 nl tho homo o£ Mrs. Clark's sister In Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. C. If. Morgan and children, Dorothy and Charles, left Tupsday for Haker.Mflekl where Mr. Morgan Is now employed. They luiVo inken up their residence In Highland Park. A visitor at tho homo of Dr. and Mrs. U. i). Young Is John Quint of Bakersfleld. Mr. and Mrs. 13. G. Frank- and son Edward, who have been visiting friends In Ventura, returned homo Tuesday for the day, Wednesday morning they continued to San Francisco and Sequoia National Park. They will return home Sunday night. UAINMAKKU VAHKKtt. S. D. ( Aug. 81. U. P.)— Leslie Jensen, Republican candidate for governor, looked from his platform at tho county fair .across burned, avid farm lands whore no moisture had fallen tor weeks, and remarked that rain had Interrupted each of his speaking engagements since August 18. A clap of thunder sounded a moment later and a cloudburst drove his audience to shelter. MARICOPA MARICOPA, Sept. I.—M. H. Lytle, proprietor of a local dry goods store, and daughter, Mary, returned Thursday from a two weeks' Vacation to Grand Junction, Colo., where Air. I.ytle visited his mother, Mrs. E. I5L^ Lytle. 1^ Mrs. IS. J. Fltchett and daughter,! htella, returned Thursday from a 1 "' two weeks' vacation to Yoaemite National Park. The little Misses Frieda Leo and Joanna Prflenmn, daughters of Air. and Mrs. Fred Freeman of Long « Beach, aro tho guests of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos Elerman. lor two weeks while their parents aro away on their vacation. Mrs. Alton Burnhom and daughter Gcraldlnc, who havo been away on a » two months' vacation visiting relatives In Wlngo. Ky., returned to their home hero Thursday evening Reverend and Mrs. T. C. WilllamM passed four days of tho week visiting friends at santu Monica, Long Beach and Whlttler. ,, Miss Ruth Hogan left recently for Bakersfleld to mako her home, where she haw accepted employment. Mr. and Mrs. c. fa. Warner and son, Berry, returned durltiff the week from Carmel, where they have been passing the summer. Mrs. Charles ICincald and daughter. Clara, and son, Ernest, are passing this month at Plsmo Beach. Marloopa High School boys' cHtb returned Thursday from a week's outlnp to Yosemito National Park, an outing sponsored, und accompanied by J. R. Cookman. Mr. and Mrs. Duke Lathan and son, Bobble, nnd daughters, Peggy and Patty, passed Friday plonlclngr In a park near BakcrsfloldJ •Mr. and Mrs. ISarl Short and family returned Thursday from a month's Micatlon In tho .east. John Laughlln, proprietor Of the Gate City Pharmacy, loft during the week for a two weeks' vacation to Santa Monica and other coast cities. Mrs. Minnie Laughlln. mother of John Lnughlln, Is passing tho summer with 'relatives In lienver and. other Colorado cltleB. Mrs. Fred Zlmmerll, accompanied by her daughters, Bernlco and Margaret, and Miss Marjorle Clark ana her sons, Ralph and Robert, returned during the week from Sulsuii, where . they went In July for the fruit canning season. BMullful EFFICIENT • Depandoblc BUY or RENT Lowe»t Terms Don C. Preston Nineteenth and H BEER HANDY PAX Tht smart ntw economy pack- agt for your supply of ACME B.«r U HANDY PAK. Hold, a doxon convtnbnl "Stcinit" bot- tloi that chill *o much fatter. You'll •n|oy buying ACME in Hit ntw convenient HANDY PAK. Easy to return "empties". Brewed with More CosMy Ingredients. DISTRIBUTOR BOHEMIAN DISTRIBUTING 1129 19th Street COMPANY Bakersfleld

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