The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 6, 1971 · Page 73
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 73

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 73
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the small society by Brickman BUT -I WA-S PAP- MYSELF Six Killed on 1-70 Trooper Raps Crash Site Signs Big Bankroll May Be Required Insurance for All TOPEKA—Any Kansan with a driver's license and a big enough bankroll will be able to get full standard automobile inr surance coverage under a state plan announced Monday by Insurance Commissioner Fletcher Bell. Cost of the increased coverage will vary, but some insurance spokesmen said a policy under the new plan may go as high as $600 a year and possibly even higher. Some Kansans now are paying up to $700 and $800 a year for so-called substandard insurance policies. Some Kansans with poor driving records can't buy insurance at any price. Assigned Risk Under the "assigned risk" plan, now called the Kansas Automobile • Insurance Plan, persons whose driving records were poor by insurance company standards were assigned to a state insurance agency through a sort of lottery system. The agency negotiated a policy on a strictly cash basis (generally about ?200 a year), but the policies did not cover medical or physical Damage claims for the policyholder. This was a hardship for many drivers because when a car is financed the mortgage holder demands that the car owner have physical damage coverage on the car. unable to obtain essential automobile insurance protection." He said he feels the new plan will "overcome many of these deficiencies." In a statement, Bell said the revised plan offers: 1. Automobile liability insurance, in limits up to $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident for bodily injury; liability up to $10,000 for property dam- Medical payments insur- age. 2. ance in limits of either $500 or $1,000 per person per accident covering medical expenses of the insured and injured parties in his automobile arising from injuries sustained in automobile accidents. Actual Cash Valne 3. Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage on an actual cash value basis, subject to a deductible, at the option o the applicant, in the amount of 100, $250 or $500 per loss per rehicle unless the vehicle is 25 years or more old, or has an actual cash value of more than 110,000. This profection applies ;o damages sustained by the insured's own automobile and not jreviously available. Bell said his office had been working with the governing board of the automobile insurance plan for the past several months and these efforts ended in adoption of the plan to overcome past deficiencies. The only conditions for a person to qualify for the coverage is for the person who operates the car to hold an operator's license and must be able to pay for the insurance. Bell said all automobile insurance firms in the state have A Sunday crash which killed a former Hutchinson woman, occurred along a section of 170 which is under repair. Mrs. Marcia Squier, 21, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max CoLeman, 3004 Cornell, and five other persons were killed in a collision at a section where westbound traffic is routed to the eastbound lane, creating a two-lane highway, due to resurfacing work being done in the westbound lane. Her husband, Leland, was listed in satisfactory condition Tuesday afternoon at Hadley Regional Medical Center, Hays, with a broken shoulder and leg and internal injuries. It was the second fatality crash in the area since repair was started. and irritated people to say the least," he said. He cited several places along the Interstate where signs are either not present or are not dominant enough to be of help. He said he also feels the speed limit should be reduced and 'no passing"-signs erected. As it is, the speed limit is reduced only at the crossovers to 60 m.p.h. "In the daytime you're liable to get a 14-foot wide mobile home along through there and a lot of traffic piled up behind it. Then somebody six or seven cars back starts to pass," he said. T. D. Morgan, State Highway division Engineer, Norton, said tighway officials discussed what to do with the traffic while road work is underway. "This was not done overnight," he said. "All the alternatives were discussed and rediscussed." He said the decision to close one lane of traffic was made to take advantage of the latest developments in paving equipment. The equipment paves both lanes at a time to avoid seams. He also said reduced speed discussion of limits and State Trooper Keith Denchfield, WaKeeney, said the resurfacing work has created a lot of confusion among motorists due to the scarcity of signs in some areas. "We've complained and complained about the markings," he said. "The exits are not marked at all in a lot of places." 'He also said baffled motorists sometimes stop on the Interstate trying to figure out what \f> do. "It's created a lot of confused Use Gulf Ports Kansas Grain Still Being Exported subscribed to the plan. CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Slump 4. Young boy scout 7. Gallivant 11. Laudation 13. Huge toad 14. Supply with gas 15. Besides 16. Formal dance 17. Pack horse 19. Relish 22. Cerise 24. Vertical 2G. Straighten 27. Theater sign 28. Undermine 30. Deputy 32. Type measure 33. Period 34. Skinflint 35. Crude tartar 37. Computes 41. Matinee hero SOLUTION OF YESTERDAY'S PUZZIE 42. lineal 44. Palm of the hand 45. Seedless grape 46. Chopped down 47. Kimono sash 68. Shank DOWN l.AHempt 2. Precinct 3. Sweetheart This means that the assigned risk policy holder was forced to go to another insurance company to negotiate for a second policy, and if he could not afford it he could not buy a car. Medical and physical damage will be included in standard policies under the new plan, and this probably will lower the cost of the risk driver, insurance spokesmen said. Former longtime Insurance Commissioner Frank Sullivan said before he left office last year that changes in car risk insurance should have top priority. As an example, Sullivan said one of his own grandsons could not afford to buy insurance after being 'involved in two accidents. In announcing the new plan, Bell said that it lias "become increasingly evident that many deserving persons have been Tomorrow Noon at HICKORY GABLES 822 West 4th Beef and Noodles Special Par time 23 min. AP NewsFeatorei 4. Slice 5. Western Indian 6. Have being 7. Electric catfish 8. Flirts 9. Grave 10. Chinese Communist leader 12. Light raft 17. Dice 18. Peace goddess 20. Texas shrine 21. Watch 23. Put on 24. Treatment 25. Seeming contradiction 29. Conditional release 31. Region 36.Happy 38. Use the phone 39.Large dog 40. Dross •41. Yellow bugle 42. Burnish 43.CassiusClay 45.True Farmers Play A Key Role (Related stories, page 3) WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep. Keith G. Sebelius, R-Kan., told Tuesday the U.S. farmer is playing a key role in solving problems of hunger and malnutrition. • "In fact, the American farmer today is currently subsidizing the American consumer, Sebelius said. "The consumer today is free to spend more than 83 per cent of his disposable income for non-food expenditures." Sebelius referred to statistics which show the average consumer spends less than 17 cents of each take-home dollar on food. His remarks were in a "Day of Bread" ceremoney at the Agriculture Department. "Farmers have actually subsidized our nation's business growth and industrial development by providing the best quality of food at the lowest price in the history of mankind," Sebelius said. Secretary of Agriculture Clifford M. Hardin said farmers are demonstrating "matchless productivity" by harvesting record grain crops this year. With most of Southwest Kansas' export grain moving through Gulf ports, there still has been little tie-up of grain shipments because of the longshoremen's strike. But Hutchinson grain dealers are working on a day-to-day basis in planning export shipments. "Our facilities at Beaumont went on strike yesterday. Today or tomorrow it may be Galveston or Houston, you just can't tell from one day to another what will be open and what may be closed down," said James Frost, manager oi the Hutchinson office for Continental Grain, one of the grain exporting giants. The Bunge Corporation, like Continental Grain, a leader in the world grain trade, made an export shipment from Hutchiuson Monday. "Our Galveston elevator i still not on strike so we usec that port," said Jim Button "If Galveston goes out w will have to hope that som other port is left open for ship ment. Loyde Spivey, head of FAR MAR-CO's wheat departmen said that firm had no occasio to ship export grain in the pas few days. "But with two o three ports still open we car use, I wouldn't hesitate to boo i export shipment," Spivey "The effect that the West oast, strike has had on South- est Kansas export of grain is ard to determine," said Henry unck, transportation director f FAR-MAR-CO. "We did get ome new freight rates to the r est coast a short time back tvhich might have helped the xport picture," said Yunck. But it's a cinch we can't find ut if the rates would help as ong as those ports are closed own." As of noon Tuesday the Sani Fe Railroad reported the 'exas Gulf ports of Galveston, Houston, Port Arthur, and Corns Christi were still open' as veil as Lake Charles, La. Hutchinson Theater Guild Presents "Catch Me If You Can" Thursday, Friday, Saturday October 7,8 & 9 Curtain Time: 8:15 p.m. Tickets: $1.75 Reservations: Days 2-6669, Evenings 2-7779 THE LITTLE THEATER Avenue B and Plum • TODAY • | The Hutch Downtowner 1st. & Main has Pork Chops and Dressing "no passing" signs was kicked around i( at some length." He said the feeling was that if reduced speed limits and "no passing" signs were in effect it Send Crew To Scene TOPEKA (AP) — The State Highway Commission said Tuesday it is sending a team o£ engineers to western Kansas to determine whether any additional traffic control should be imposed on a stretch of Interstate 70 where overlay work is being done to insure greater safety. The commission issued this statement: "The Highway Commission Is most concerned about motor vehicle accidents. Today, engineers from the highway commission's construction Department, along with the division engineer at Norton and representatives from the Federal Highway Administration are at the construction site to determine whether any changes in traffic control should be made. "Traffic and reduced speed control signs were erected all along the project and warning signs were erected at points well ahead of the interchange points last summer." Page 5 The Hutchinson New Wednesday, October 6,1971 would "irritate the motorists to the point of sacrificing gooe judgment." He also noted the possibility of haying traffic tiec up for five to six miles. Meetings will be held to discuss the problems encountered in the current paving operatio to try to iron out problem which could confront future projects. "We've tried to eliminate the problems but we haven't been too successful. Projects like this have such magnitude that we overlook a lot of little things," Morgan said. TV Tonight WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER I 4:30—Chicago Teddy Bur*, t ,7, IS Smith Family, 19,13 II Tikes A Thl«f, I, S, 11 You'r* On, » 7:00—Carol Burnett, i, 1, 12 French Chef, 1 Wednesday Movie, 10, It — "Holiday for Lovers" 7sJO—NBC Mystery Movie, i, J, 11 This Week, 8 1:90—Medical Center, «, 7, II Great American Dream MMhlne/ I »:00—Mannlx, i, 7, 12 Man & The City, 10, It Big Valley, 3, £ 11 Soul I, a tO:0«—News Weather Sporti t, J, 4, », 19, 11, 12, 13 Making Thing* Grow, t 14:30—Tonight snow, 2, 1, 11 Merv Orlffln, «, 7, 1) Dick Cavatt, It, II You're On, I tliOfr-Movie, 1i "Tomahawk" S. Viets Withdraw From Border With Heavy Losses SAIGON (AP) — North Vietnamese forces have withdrawn from the Cambodian border battle area after suffering heavy losses in their 10-day offensive, the South Vietnamese commander of the campaign said Tuesday. "We plan to pursue them," declared Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Minh. "We are going after them with heavy air attacks and other offensive operations, Minn said the North Vietnamese lost 450 men killed in their campaign on the Cambodian- Vietnam frontier. He told Associated Press correspondent George Esper at his headquarters in Tay Ninh that HELD OVER! THE VNPUBIJSHABLB JVOVEt IS NOWAMERICA'S MOST CONTROVEBStAZ FUMl I NOW! 2nd BIG WEEK! Just a person who protects children and other living things BtiiSfJACK TECHNICOLOR® T-O-H-I-T-E AT: 7:10 & 9:15 Doors Open 6:30 P.M. RENT BAND INSTRUMENTS Choose from Our Large .Selection of New and Used Instruments. NELSON Music Company 408 North Main 6624816 Hutchinson, Kansas In 41 South Vietnamese casualties he border fighting were killed and 289 wounded. Minh said allied radar and other electronic detecting devices confirmed reports that the North Vietnamese had withdrawn eastward and northeastward from the main'battle arena around the highway junction town of Krek, seven miles inside Cambodia. Minh reported the North Vietnamese pullout less than 24 hours after the heaviest fighting of the border campaign, a series of savage clashes near Fire Base Alpha, 3% miles east of Krek, over a seven-hour period Monday. DRUMMER BOY COAST-TO-COAST SELF-SERVICE RESTAURANTS Special Of The Week DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER 35* Starts October 1st thru 7th • SHOWS WEEKDAYS AT: 5:45-7:30-9:15 ALL SEATS $1.75 (INCLUDES 3D GLASSES) SHERWIN-WILLIAMS WE'RE MORE THAN A PAINT STORE WE'RE A TRAVEL AGENCY DURING OUR GETAWAY OF ESCAPE FROM DULL/ ORDINARY KITCHENS, AND FAMILY ROOMS. . All first-grade flooring material — no seconds or remanents. • Expert installation available. • 15 Day Sale. m strong Vinyl Flooring Prices good through October 23rd 1 SAVE25 0 / REGULAR 42.6 CORRIE MARBLE™ Translucent vinyl flooring with th» look of polished Santa Cruz Random-shaped vinyl chip design — In smart bold marble. Richly embossed veining. Save now) colors. 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