Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1908
Page 3
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Continuation of the greatest of Clearance Sales. To please the hundreds of customers who have asked this of us we continue this the greatest of sales tpr three days more, lasting until Wednesday night, January 22nd. A sale that stonds without precedent in the history of this store. Prices on every piece, parcel and yard are cut to an ebb that means quick sales. We invite you to come in the morning, avoiding the afternoon crowds. NEWS OF GAS CiTY COPXriL HAS MUCH BCSni'ESS TO TRANSACT TUESDAY ITIQHT. L. y. Stalker TTill Preacb at Christian Chnrch Sanday Mon> Ins. SfaugMering iho Ladies' Coats, if;jiO Fine Kersey, comes In bromi nnU red: clearanre price •^10.0« mark Keniey lined UironRh- (lilt xrltli i<atin, trimmed Trith pretty lirnid aud >elret. I'li-arance price $6.50 Fine Kersey I'lotli comes In castor iiiKl l)!nck, elr'^aiitly trimmed In pretty silk liniid and velvet and coats that sVll in many stores for !^15.00. Cljarance price #0.50 Fine (MiiiYun Itrondrlotli Coat, liiieil vvitli tine Dutchess Yenetkin Satin. elc::autlv Irinimed. Cltarante priee S9.00 .MI of our iicst ?1 '(M '0, p.-:,.(M) ami ^W.m Coats will IK - sold rc-ninlless of cost in this cr«":it ( h ;ir::tjci' Salo. .iu>>t a Hord a'lont our cuiit-i: TIii>; stork is all liriirlit. rlii<' a:iil slrirtij up-to. dHte: all liouirlit tliis uar ami from one of the host IIOUM '-. (Iiat > M ' know to 1)0 authority fur slj'c. ha>o no old out-of-datf stuff as you see in ninny stores. Warm Furs \y TIMS ri.K.VI!.V\TE S.VI.K. ?1.2."> Furs at this sale $1.:>0 Furs at this salo SI. 10 jy..-,o Furs at this sale Sti.'i."! «:3.00 Black Martin S.'i.^.l $*\J>n Isaliella Fox S4.7.'> $7wO .Sal.le S5.00 *10.(K) Jlink. elel'antly lined.. .87.. IC) i ?15 .<»0 Isahella Fox SKMK) «0M>E1{FI L VALUES IX WAiSTS IX THIS CLEAKAME S.VLE. C .'ic Waists, clearance i»ri(e 456 i-ljl') ttaisfs, clearance price ...8IJ6 iflJM) Waists, clearance price. SI.10 $2.00 Waists, clearance price. SI.45 Maists «p to $7JM all po in this SLICING THE PRICES OX SKiRTS $5.00 Sklrt«, clearance price. ..$.*{. 75 $«.00 Skirt.s, clearance price. .S4.75 Skirts, clearance price. .S.5.<M) fliJOO Voile Skirts, clearance. .SH.50 Do not ask to have Skirts altered at Clearance prices. DlMVIXt; OCT THE Dress Goods l.V DonJiIe Fold Suitlnjr Clearance price i)6 i">r All Wool Dress (loods Clearance price 11 )6 :i:>c Donhle Fold Pretty Plaids for ..children. Cleanace price 214: CKTIC Xevv Landsdonn I'laids Clcjirance price Jit S'lC All Wool l.ansdonn Plaids Clearance price OOC $1.2:> Fine ( hifion Hroudcloth ' Clearance price S.'JO $1.7.-. thir n«st French Voile Clearanre price • SI .'-i.") Itenieuilier thesi- jirlces are contin- url iii^lil Weduoday Mcrhl. Jan. 22. SI.ASIIIXtJ INTO THE SILKS n .EAIJVNCE PKICE 2 WKKhS OM.V .•,lt<- Itevt ( iiina and Jap Silks (learaiire price .. ;{."»C' .'.Or Chiffon Tafulas tleanUM -e price o .lc s.'.e Si;fcs ill lieautiful patterns Cltamnci- price (K>(* $1JK) reuular $1.2.-, Silk: this Includes all our pretl) Fancy Silks. Clearwuce price H:1<- $l.2:» black Silks. iTunrantei'd the lM>st in the land. Cleanince price...SlJt PIXCIIIXG THE PROFITS OX Knit Und'skirts 3:^; Knit StIrt.s, clearance price 216 .'.lie Knit Skirts, clearance price SSc ;.-.c Knit Skirts, clearance price ,50<» $1.00 All Wool Knit Skirts price 75e A LANDSLIDE IX Table Linens 2.JC Linen, wide fjnallty In red or white I !>6 <;.-H- Linen, splendid ((nnlity -|;J6 S3c Linen ({."it $I.m) Linen, the host quality-^hat^can lie honirht 75c These Prices (Inly for Two Wci'k.s. IIUXDREDS OF BARGAINS IX Hosiery ConncII Xeets Tuesday. The city council will meet in regolar session next Tuesday night. There will; be several business matters of Importance to come up for tonsideratlon. wailiam Vaughn, president of the conn cll. Is acting mayor. Maj-or P. H. O'Connor is not in the city. Promises a ScandaL It is said that there are conditions existing in the city at the present time among osme of the best families whlcb if made public will furnish good food for the gossips. Up to date the facts of the cape have been suppressed. It is likely, however, that some action will be taken which will expose everything. 4 D. D. Bamgardner Returned to Xerada, n. D. -I^umgardner returned to his home in Nevada. Mo., yesterday. He h:is been superintending the reiiair work on the Cherokee smelter. This work being finished, he returned to his home. Black Cat Brand Chieago-KmrnU Hosiery Compoy Kenosha. Wis. lIHr Ladies and Children's Hosc.g^ l.-»c Black Cat brand ia<* 2.-IC Black Cat brand 21 C 5(lc Black Cat brand 40^ (ireat Clearance low prices. Sale at proportionate r.NDEK PllICED VAUES IN Underwear CLEAKAX E PRICES. 2.->c Misses and Children's Cniim Suits IJle (;«c .Misses luimi Snils '.\H0 7.-,c Ladies Suits 40f $l.m» Ladies' all wool Vests and ..Pants 7.1c $1.2.-> Ladies' all wool Vests and Pants S5C .-|0c Men's Heavy Flcn-ce luder Shirts and Drawers .*{7!=e MICII-A-DO IX MILLINERY All of this elezant line of pretty Trimmed .Mllliuery lifly cents on the dollar. $!.0t» Hals, elearance price ,106 $i..-.0 Hals, clearance price 7 .";«i !f2.t)0 Hats, clearance price $1.00 Hats, clearance price ...SI.7.5 $1.00 Hals, clearance price.. .S*i.<K) $•..00 Hats, clearance price . . .S'i..50 We urse yon to come early as the rood thin-^s will co fast at these prices The Xorth End Church. The rcKuJar Sabbath services at the I'liittd rrcsbyterian chnrch. North Main street, January 19th, morning and evening. Bible school at 9.45 a. ni. Preaching at 11 a. m. Subject, •The Need for Works Along With Faith in Order to Justification." Junior meeting at 2 p. m. Evening services af 7::?o I), m. Subject. "The Faith of the Syrophenecian Woman." Yon are cordially invited to attend these services. RET^'. W. .\. LEEPER. Pastor. Staple Dep't, All l.-cst Prints. Standard limnds. rt<' (wind He.My Hh-juhed Toweling..50 10c Heavy Linen Toweling... 8 1-J56 t.'ood Bleached Muslin (J?ie 12!;e Hope Muslin 7lL"e Ontimr Flannel .Itr 10c llein* tlutimr Flannel HVze i2!ic Ilealy Fleeced Lined Goods for Kimonas iV-it" 2llc Heavy Fleece Lined Goods for Kimonas 12 ?iC' CLEARANCE ON Blankets A Good Heavy Double Blanket.. .45(^ «»ur ^IM Blanket 7.1<^ Our $1J!5 Blanket 986 Everything In Blankets must go and will go at these prices. Il<'nieni)ier the quotations are good until Wednesday .Mght, January 22, Only, after which everything will lie pot back to regular price. , We have gone through our stock and selected all short lengths. KCniOflOtS hundreds of remnants that will po less than whole- TKKE KDVKNTRGe OF= THESE RRICES. ^ ^ U3 East Matiiaon Avenue. 2 ifoorm Wes# Themp- sou HoteL FOR THE FIRST TIME "The American (iirl." a I'liij to lohi, to Be Presculid at (iraud ii Toniorrow >i'.rlit. Fm- 'he fir.^t liiiic I 'IV. (1 ih Iiinnm'iin'in annoinici'.^. "'I'lir Aiiicii- raii Ciii" will \«- |iii';-r!!'<'l l>.v ilu> (Ir.ii'.il TIicaUT Stock fdiiii'.ui.x Stin- .da.v iiiuiii. It is a (•!'ir..-il> liMiia DT two co:!liiU'liI.-; with a inotl.v vohnaci'. a patrioii.' aliiiosylnTi-. aiw! a strong plot. TiK- cuiiijiaiiy lia.s ht.'ii r<li''ars- ilij; tin- lii'l cviry day. Tli" ui,iTia::i'- inci!' Ills ill the past fvw riay.s In iitioiimliiuid tlie I'onipaiiy until it foels work a.ssiit'd tliat llieiv is tint litil" if any h:' ii-imialii .il as" a II!'"T)1I''1" , of ih'- room lor iritk'isai. Tin- followii!;: is I'ark <-oiiiiiaiiy last smimicr. joined the the syijop.siK of the .•^coiic of the i)Iay C'aii'l roitijiiuiy thi.s week. In for .Suiiday jiiu-Iit: Jinavy role in which he atMioarod last I.—Itot'clniato F^.inn Virsiiiia. ini;;lit. his work won app' .Mr. Act II.—.Inliu Halfour's Home. I ^in -|l"io\vn in -the old man" last ni^ht doll. .\eais later. jl.iovid lii .s value as an all around ae- .Vfi 111. —.lasniiiH-'s I.odHiti;;!^. Lou- tor. .Mrs. Urowii 's efforts were also dun. |w<.rt!iy of eoliinient. .Miss Uiicat in the Ac- IV —Ucrwont C^sili'. .^oniland. 'leadinjr ride, aciinitled herself in her •Tlia; (;ir!" is the hill for toni-.;ht 'ereditablo manner. .Mr. IVrey .1 iiiatiiKH^ tlii .s- afternoon. This Ml was IP.!! on la'-t iii^liC. wiiiniii'.; ----- liic Maif oi all who s.iw it. 'I'ticio is""-Ui;i".v i.s an actor of no mean abil- snii:,- cxicllciil iMiiiior ai:d Wit in ilic.l'>'. Mli •.I'.'i'r: wi'li a : ood ,ind a| oic;!-iii '4 loiiiam •'. 'Miv sppciatty acts! Were also a !>ovi- TIIO niilinai y. Mr. and \ .Ml.-. Katikiii. \\ !iM by ili«- way ii '.akc iii> that I'.a .s liceii Chocolate and Custard pics ns widl as the more experienced rook if sh iiiulu in li'ack laii;.;htcr. face, kept the anilieticc In fact every niemlicr oi Tan Any 12 Tear Old Girl make those delicious l .'M" >n. •''^,;^so!;;;^i;:£dP! so^,.._ci....^ u.-es :iow heins; sold by nearly all grocers. I 'lil! (iircc'lons ou each package. Plo is the ^ lusui^y. but an article of dajly And many other painml and seiions ailments from which racst mothers suffer, can be avoided b}' the use of , "Motbir's Friesd." This great remedy is a God-send to women, carrj-ing them through their most critical , ordeal with safety and no pain. No woman who uses •"Mother's Friend" need fear (he suffering : and danger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror .. and insures safety to life of mother and child, and leaves her in a condition more favorable to speedy recovery. The child is also healthy, strong and ^ ^ m R »w • -good natured. Our book W ^mmUm ^t^CfDV I'Motherhood," is worth " MBi ^A its weight iu gold to every woman, and will be sent free in plain 'envelope by addressing application to BrddHeld Regulator Co. Atlanta,Ga. The SANTA FK will sell II..m.:- scckcrs' ticktt.s Jann.iry 2i ^l, njoS to certain points in .Vri/.oiia. Aik- r-nsc-is, Alahnnin, Colorado. F'orid., Georgia Iiltho. Koiilui-ky, I.ouis- i.ina, .Mex'co, Mssis-ij)i)i, Montana, Nev.ida, New Mc.\ict>, North D.^kotah, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oretjoti, South Dakctab. Ten- Notice of A|i|iointnient Executor. State of Kansiis. .Mien Connty, ss. In the matter of the estate of J. W. Coiitaiit, late of Allen Connty. Kansas. Notice of Appointment. Notice is hereby Riven, that on the | One tih day of .lanuary, A. D. IDOS. thei undersigned was by the Probate Cjinri • of .Mien County. Kansa."!. dniy apimint-! '•""'^ ed and cinalified as Kxecntof of the, Br. 0. I- Garllnghoosc. OlHee 'phone 233. Itesidence 475. STAMPS MUST BE WHOLE. With Corner Nibbled Off Wil Not Pass. estate of .1. W. Contant. late of Allen , I'eoid.-, unless it happens to be on rountv. deceased. All parties inter-i^{'i?"";!'^. " V'l'S'^^ .deliver . . .stainii. In that event the missive w estml in said estate will take notice i he sent hut jiostage will ije colleen and j;overn Iheiusoives aeeordinplv.' n. .M. C01;TA.NT , Executor. 1-II-1S-1'.\ WHOLE CAR LOAD MATERIAL. Looks As If Work Miqht gin Soon On New Katy Depot. out for the stamp with the <-orner nibbled off. It is not worth a wInM)p. acc-ordiiiic to the postofflce a % _ cteii j at the other end. WTiere only a torn 1 stamp is affixed the letter js liabh- to 1 lie held for jHistaue and may never ! qet to its destination or nack to the • >t>nder. All this came up yesterday ! when a patron of the post offlc^ com' plained because a torn stamp was Christian Chnrcli. Services as follows next Sunday"at the Christian chnrch: Preaching at n a. m. I'V Prof. Starkcy, secretary or Y. M. C. A. at lola. PreachlnR by Prof. Wesley at 7:S0 p. m. : Subject. "The World's Great Need.' Subject will be iliiistrated. All are cordially invited to attend these services. BIrtb. .\ son was born yesterday to Mr. and .Mrs. Walker IMOR. Uchecca LodRe 4.'58., Gas. Kansas, will have a call roeetlnR Wednesday afternoon two o'clock. .lannary 22, for- the purpose of transactinR any business that would be liefore the lodge. MRS. ELLSWORTH, MRS. DENNY. MRS. RICHARD, MR?. THORVTO.V. MRS. FADDIS. Pcrsonslft. W. M. Smith, of Kansas City, Is la the city visitng friends. He formerly marie his home in this city. .1. H. Foster went to Redficld, Kas., on a business visit. Miss Bessie Webb left yesterday for her home in Fort Scott. She has been the puest of Miss Genevieve Taylor. L. n. iJintz, of Wichita, was In the city yesterday on a business visit MAY PROVE FATAL. When Wil lola People Learn the importance of It? Backache Is only a simple thing at first: But when you know 'tis from the kidneys; That serious kidney troubles follow; That diabetes. Brighfs disease may he the fatal end. You will Rladly profit by the follow. InK experience. Tis the statement of an lola citizen. Mrs. Josephine Cole, of 204 North Buckeye street, lola. .Kans., Bays: "Mr. Cole has a very high opinion of Dean's Kidney Pills. For a good many years he had trouble .with his hack and kidneys. The pain across the loins was at times acute and every sprinR he was required to take mjedl- cine for it. Kidney trouble is hNed- itary with him for it is common amonR bis peop'e. his father having died with Bright's disease. He learned about Doan's Kidney Pills and procured a box at CHiarles B. Spencer ft Co.'s drus store. Their use benefited him so much that he continued tak- iuR them. Onr dauRhter also tised the remedy and cannot speak Joe hlRhhly of IL We take pleasure In recommending this reliable medicine." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milbum Co.. Bnffa'o. N .Y.. sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no othe. ONE OF THE most enjoyable - .-^....^^ « ...... o.o.u,. .,»o , functions of th& season was the mua- Reallv Be- r ;;J *^;;:j!,.''J„'*'?. Jtamp cler:< the pat- jcal at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P.. I Hut it Is not all rlpht." said the l>ost office clerk, "and the reason tor this is sound. Many cancellinR ma- diet and vou misht just as well make •ll ^a ^^j^ritlir '^voa'^'n ho'^|°esce.rtah. Virginia, Washing ; Lefo^Thev Win to b.tild a ne^ Uu pleased that you will tell all yonr | ton, Wisconsin and Wyoming. In: ;|;;|'„t of';;;a ^e7ia?';^-ri;^er 'r^e'^el ^'i ^^.^^Z t '^rr"J.Ke "ma ",^"e 't . i, ,l.nt, the^ anmunt^each^tjme jj^nd ^^."^^^nd U ?d tne renTam?"^^^^ n„ a second letter. To avoid this tho A. Huff Tuesday evening. The guests were Mr. J. V." Roberts and -Mr. Dickerson of Tola, Anton Westerberg, Ira friends. I most the fare is one and one. (Moran Herald.) mav he uneffected. if mutilated "^y Olson and the Misses Olive and would he Octavia Olson. Nearly alii present cor- were excellent musicians and many the kind. shiptKd "was. not .vPry Uco ^'d ''^Vte;"'^ ToT ^oid \hir th^^ P'^a-'ns numbers were given oa pi ..WILL NOT DISCONTINUE half fare plus $2 oo for the round ."^ in. np pvid-nco that work micht be- govenimenf r»Kiuires a whole stamp ano and violin. Light refreshmenta , . ., .•^"on. as It c""id he^«N)r .Hl awa% ^^ss current on a letter." were served.— Savoahnnr Record. Mr. Ralston Thinks Plun and Flyer Will Remain. within the next A rumor reached this nffice ttirlay. to the effect that the Oil Flyer or the! P'lUR on the Santa Fe would he lii-cim, linued. Mr. Ralston, the local ni;pnt., stated this morning that he had n - j ceived no word In regard to thi.s or-, der and that Ije saw no reasnti why fither train sliould he di.s?rontiniiei| a.s they wera both doing an exeelli'ut business. .rip. Please see us 'or lurlber par- and used any time . ' t»< ntv \rr.rr Hut when it heili'« ticulars. . ... W.E. Ralston, Agt were served.—Savonburg Record. Exckiin^ 640 acres, wheal and alfalf;'. land Gove county, price JO.IOO. For business buildluRS or land. WHITAKER & DOXNELL. 0^ Santa Ee 1 1^ to come by the carload it looks as if soniet|i:nK was ROIOR to be done. \- has been n-cMved here loaded; with material for the new bnildine.i The material Is all for the inside fln-f ish and consists of door and window | frames, window sash. finishiUR lumber and office fixtures. i As none of the outside mat<»rial haS| heen received it is not known whether the buildins Is to be of brirk or stone. And furthermore if will U" of little ll>e to make an evpresslim I of iir «f ?rence for the Katv has verv likely a decided opinion of what ma­ teria' will he nut Into the depot ami so we had jn^t as well not lose anv sleep or rest on that score. " j Appolo Qaln(ctt<>, fine musical or: ganizaden, Y. M. C. A. coarse Pres. byt<,*rlan chnrch Taesday aifht PISO'S CURE pone«Is.seriom remits if allowedto'CDntinaeaadieeked. Constant kicking tears the lungs and exposes the delicate, inflamed tissues to ravaeing consumption. The most ofaatinate and advanced' cough I* readily relieved by Piso't Cure. No other remedy has such a soothing and healing effect ni>on the throat and longs. For nearly half a century it has cnred innumerable cases of coughs and colds and saved many lives. For throat and lung affection* nso's Core is the Ideal Remedy 'a

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