The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 3
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^ wv^ru, .-jySja^rf^aBaaatqgK: ^yTfBSSgt i • ''• "'vJ' ft THE BAttERSPlELD CALIFORNTAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBEft 1, 1936 of Mathematics Is Discussed at Big Meeting By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE (Associated Press Leased Wre) pAMBRIDOB, Mass., Sept. 1.—A vJ branch of higher mathematics, which aalllleo inspired with a trick question, was brought down to everyday life at a meeting of the Mathematical Association of America today. Qalllleo asked—what Is the line between two points, one higher than the other, but not directly above, down which a particle will roll in the shortest time from tho higher to the lower point? The problem was solved ' In 1696 by John Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician. Tho ansWer Is not a straight line, although that Is the shortest distance. Tho fall is fastest down a curved line, steep at the top and then flattening somewhat. : With tho solution Bernoulli developed a new branch of mathematics, the calculus of variations. Recently In the United States this type of mathematics has developed fap- Idly. Two mathematicians, Prof. Edward Constantln Caratheodory, of the - University of Munich and Prof. .Q. A. Bliss, of the University of Chicago, told of some uses. The calculus of variations describes tho form of curves, simple example is the parabola made by a baseball thrown from outfield to home plate, Mathematics is not used for baseballs but for Intricate curves that cannot be measured so exactly. One oit these is the lenses of ire- cent cameras. Until a .few years tgo, Professor Caratheodory said, the calculus of variations was considered as higher mathematics hot applicable to lenses. But when photographic progress required fast enses for night work tho once hhjh- jrow mathematics came, into use. Another use Is to find the shortest path over mountains, or any irregular, curving surface. Calculus of variations is used In celestial mechanics to calculate tho paths of planets, in ballistics for courses of projectiles,, in the laws of electricity, in atomic movements, and in the Hamilton principle In mechanics, which determines tho paths particles take in a mechanical system. Prof. Edward Kasner of Columbia University reported mathematical discovery of a case In which two parts are not equal to the whole, but their sum Is larger than 'the whole. This angles. occurs, ho said, In horn These are the angles made by curved lines which touch but do not intersect. If three such curves start from a single point, he ex* plained, the angle enclosed by the two outer lines la usually smaller than tho sum of tho two angles formed by the three lines. Women Bartenders Barred_by Ruling (United Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1.—The f^hand that rocks tho cradle shall not IPjiggle a cocktail shaker behind a bar f In San Francisco. { This was decided here today when < tho Bartender's Union drew up a resolution condemning the hiring of women bartenders. The resolution will bo presented at the California Stato Federation of * Labor Convention in Sacramento, September 14, according to Tom Nlckola, secretary. Another resolution protests selling , bottles containing less than a pint '* of liquor. . x p. 0. P. Countering Democratic Claims (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK. Sept. 1.—Republicans today countered Democratic claims that President Roosevelt could carry Governor Alf M. Landon's home district In Kansas by claiming, tho President's home territory', Hydo Park, N. T., for the Kansan. State Senator Frederic H. Bontecou, Republican leader of- Duchess county, declared President, Roosevelt not only would lose the county by at least 9100 votes, but would lose all three districts of Hydo Park. * « » Demands Cash on the (Hose) Line! (Associated Press Leased V.'ire) COAL CITY, 111., Sept. 1.—Com mlssloner John Stewart of tho health and safety department satt " too many bonfires had been allowei to blaze out of control lately. Am so, hereafter, ho ruled, the fire do partment would charge for extln . guishlng such fires—$15 for little ones, $25 for 'big ones. 4 « » BKAU WINS FAME SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8. (U. P. Monarch II, last known survivor 01 tho California Valley grizzly bears now in Golden Qato bear pit, is to be immortalized. His head wll graco a coin commemorative of tho completion--of tho San Francisco Oakland Bay bridge. . Pistol Team Badly Hampered (Associated Prest teased TV (re) LOS ANGELES, Sept 1.— Sheriff Eugene Biscallut sent with high hopes a pistol team to the national competition at Camp Perry, Ohio, >ut today ho received a telegram that dashed his spirits. All In all It Beoms that I should be happy If the team Just gets home alive," said the sheriff as he announced that out of seven men, four met mishaps, as follows: H. W. Card, hit by an automobile; M. F. Fleming, Involved In an altercation with the driver of the car that struck Card, and ordered to appear In court; W. C. Hutcheson, rheumatism In right shoulder; and C. B. Penler, a serious Infection In a finger wounded before IIP left hero, Body of Carpenter \ Is Found in Shack (Associated Prets Leased Wire) OLENtULJE, Sept. 1.—Tho body of Charles B. Benson, 77, Itinerant carpenter, was found today In th« shack where he had lived for the past five weeks. A shotgun lay across tho body and n. slide rule was clutched In one hand. Police sold he shot himself, probably last Thursday, evidently using tho rule to trip the shotgun trigger. His faco was mangled by buckshot. Benson was a native of Sweden. He wns naturalized In Wyoming. Ho has no known relatives, police said. •»•» SPKNDAIILK 1NCOMK » WASHINGTON, Stvpt. 1. (A. V.}~ A spendable Income for 1935 for Orange county \VOH given today as 1519 per capita by the United Status do- partment of commerce, Courtmartial for Four U. S. Marines (Associated Press Leased Wire) I'KIPINO, China, Sept. l.—A courtmartial was ordered for four United States marines on the charge of striking a sentry, marine authorities disclosed today. Paul J. Wilson, of Baltimore, Stephen Kedden of Rtdgele.y, Md.; Earnest Jameson of Lakcvlew, Ore., and Edward Klrby of Lou Angeles were ordered tried October 3 for tho alleged offense which followed a series of reported pranks. Tho four were said to -have fled from tho marine barracks after hoisting a rod flag on tho United Stales embassy and slugging tho sentry. They returned to face punishment, It wan said, after an nt- tempt to reach Vladivostok via the "wilds of North China and Man- choukuo. First New Deal House Unit Ready for Dedication Soon ATLANTA, Ga., Sept. 1.—Federal -^•*-nnd city officials today prepared for formal dedication September 1 of Techwood Homes, the first of the new deal's housing projects) to replace squalid slum areas with modern apartments for low-salaried families. Eighteen months ago, nn It-block area, ndjolnlnff Oeorgla School of Technology was tho slto of squat Negro Khackn surrounded by drnb litters of Junk and refuse 1 . ToJny. there are rows of three and four-story red brick apartment duplexes. Instead of unslglflly, ref- li»p-sttv\vii bare earth, there iiro parkways and terraces, planted with shrubbery, trees and grass. Moro than 50 families already have moved Into the housing project, which will accommodate 604 families when all the units are finished. Techwood Homes cost approxl mntely ?3,000,000. It Is one of 50 mich projects being constructed In Public Works Administration's 1131,000.000 housing program. Rents In Techwood Homes range frotn 123.47 for a three-room apart ment to $3S.10 for a six-room da ple.x unit. Hach of the units has an electric refrigerator and electric stove. The rent Includes heat, light, hot water and electrical power for cooking nml refrigeration. One Killed Car, Truck Crash (Associated Presi Ltanet' COLTON, Sept. 1.— A traffic crash on Valley Boulevard killed Marvin D. Coates, 19, of San Bernardino, today. Trapped In the , wreckage at ' his light truck, he burned to death/ " Coates' truck collided with an ail* tomoblle driven by Leonard Howe, dry cleaning delivery driver, who kxvas CMPWTP was slightly injured. The accident was at Bloomlngton, four miles west of here. The truck overturned and Coates was pinned in the cab, which caught fire. Howe said the truck veered over to his side, of the highway Just before the crash and the two machines smashed together at a high rate of speed. Rumanian Cabinet Issues New Edicts (Associated Press Leased Wire) BUCHAREST, Rumania, Sept. 1 Dissolution and disarmament of th old Rumanian political guards, re strlctlon of university autonomj and speedier national armament was decreed today by tho new Ruman- an cabinet. • A compulsory labor law for youths between the ages of 18 and 21 was drafted for parliamentary action. Tho police and army will be permitted to enter university buildings, it was reported. Ouster last Saturday of Foreign Minister Nicolas Tltulescu from the Rumanian cabinet was believed In foreign circles to presage a definite swing toward German Nazism. Tlt- ulescu had been at. odds with pro- Nazi and anti-Semitic policies of the administration of Premier George Tatarescu. Tho compulsory labor order for young men and tho abolition of scholastic freedom is in lino with the Nazi program in Germany. So would bo disarmament and dissolution of armed units which might not see eye to eye with the government. You can eat it V Oonaitioning Kit \> Y Tussy Why spend money on Fall clothes if you still wear your faded, old summer complexion? Get yourself a bright, new face from Tussy for the price of a nanfcie or two. Emulsified Cleansing Cream, Almond Cream and Skin Lotion $|00 BROCK'S THE BEGINS AT BROCK'S SCHOOL REGULAR SPORT COATS Girls' Back to School Wash Frocks BETTY BAXLEYS Sizes 12-20 SHIRLEY TEMPLES a to 6—7 to 14 PICTURE MODES 3 to 6—7 to M roBuv —^—^^—•—*••*•———••—-•••—.—WMB*..™-.^-.—•••«••••. Nattq New Notes in Noveltq NECKWEAR -As Illustrated- To bo sinurlly chid for school docs not mean one must be extravagant. This group of smart fashions arc bv three most famous makers, each one individually characteristic and cleverly styled. Hetty Raxlcys need no introduction, their quality and style has been known for years. Shirley Temples have risen to great heights of popularity, while Picture Modes as worn by Ann Howard make selection a happy one. Checks, dots, stripes, in deep, rich, deep-tone cottons in adorable styles for young misses. Sizes 3 to fiX 7 to M. HROtK'S—DOWNSTAIRS STORE Bobbed Hosies By PHOENIX pr. Pairs for $2.25 Hough Riders For School Wear Young fellows who are hard on their clothes want trousers that can take a beating and stand up under the roughest wear find Rough Rider cords their best bet, for they can do just that. Brock's are headquarters in Kern county for Rough Riders. Let us tell you of the ten points of superiority in Rough Rider cords. $O95 $COO 3 and 5 Other Cords Priced $2.95 Wool Trousers Also by Rough Rider For those who prefer to wear wool slacks or regular cut trousers Rough Rider has produced trousers that are the last word in style and are made to the same severe specifications of R. R. cords. Rough Rider scouts constantly report the latest fashion developments from the' movie lots, the campus and foreign stvle centers and are quick to adopt and present tliem in Uicsc quality trousers. BROCK'S MEN'S SHOP No school wardrobe can afford to overlook hosiery and perhaps the most likely to be popular are Phoenix Bobbed Hosies—knee- length self-supporting stockings with novelty lastex garter. In service or chid'on weight. Just the thing for school wear. HOSIERY—MAIN FLOOR Boys' School Cords ROUGH RIDER Sizes $ 6 to 12 2 45 Sizes $<% 13 to 18 Cm 95 Hough Riders for hovs have the same style, quality and character as those made for men. 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