The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 10
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JO Mondoy, Stptembcr 18, 1944 Cfae Sahergfietb Californten AIR PROGRAMS (1:00 io <:30 p. Bl. KKRV—News: 8:15, Sonet by Leon Pnyne. rJCFl—A f-onn I« ttnrn. JfPMC—Oahriel Hentier: 8:15, S. rprn Tent. .. .. 8:30 (u I^M) B. m. KKIIN—Spolllghl I.t*nds; 6:55, Cnrnnrl Siory Ti-llrf. KFI—Information Please. XPMC —Soldiers of the I'rens; 6 <:.. TrciJ Houscr. 7:0(1 to 7:80 p. m. KKRN—n«jmon4 Gram Stvmc: 7:15. Ted Malcmr. KKI—('ariuilifln CfintcrKrrl I-'rocr«m. KPM("— H«nry Clndnlonv: 7:10, I.nwdl ThniimH. 7:311 In H:(M» |>. m. KKRV—Hridl Time for )lii<». KKI—Dot-tor I. Q. KI'.Mi:—Ixine Ranger. 8:00 lo 0:30 p. m. KKRN—Watch the World Go By: S.I5, and Abner KFI—The Music 6hor>; 8.15. Roy Muypnlr.. KJ'ML'—Shi>rlm:k Holmes. 8:30 to 0:00 p. m. K i:HN*—rountBrspy. KKI CnvHli-adc of America'. KI'MO—I'olnt, Sublime. 11:00 to I»:SO p. m. Kt:i;.Y—Ullnil DHIC. X K! — TrJcphone Hour; Km?M. Omar I rvnnt. Kl'.Mc:—NOWB: 9-15. Cc. II Brnwn. 0:30 to 10:00 p. m. K.KRX—Henry J. Tuylor; »:45. Klirp Kit-Ids Tretimu-y Show; 8:.")?>. News. KFI — Hawthorne House. Kl'MC—Fullnn Lewi*. Jr.: 9:45, New*. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKRN—Amateur Fight*. KKI—The Keportcr; 10:15, Mani-hcater Roddy. KPMK—Right to Work; 10:15 No on Proposition K' 10:(M) to 10:,10 p. ni. KKRN—A Boy, ;i Girl anil n Rnnd. KKI—Inside the New*; 10:40, limn of Melody. KPMC—Army Air l-'ni-i-en. 11:00 U 11:30 p. m. KKRN—This Moviiiu World, 11 1;',. Honry KIHB'H OrchoHtrn. KKI—Klevcnth Hour News. 111.".. Musical Interlude; 11:10, 1'elci ile Lima. KPMC—NfW«: 11:0.-,. .Solid Sendin 1 . 11:30 to 12:0(1 Mldnlcht KKRN—I'hiirlM" I.a Vere; 11:45. fldladetle; 11 :."..". News. KKI—Charles I.a Vcrei 11:4. r ,. BnllndmicM; 11::,^. AIunli-ni line-ores. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Tonight Don't Miss Edward Arnold • Walter Abel • Ransom Sherman Tonight KPMC 10:15 P. M. SUSPENSE FANS! will now be heard THURSDAYS 9 P. M. KNX PRESENTED BY ROMA WINIS IMI me CIINIT, mm, tuir UUFINII wi»s 6:00 tii B:.10 ». m. KKRV—Mtnh and Marine**. K.I:,. Nmional fntm atid Homo ifmn. 0:30 to 7:WI a. ni. KKRN— -Nationin FHfm and Hciinr Hnur; fi:45 t Muairfll Hrveillo. Kl-'l—Chuck Wagon Jainbnrc<-; fi (">. .Now fl. KPMi 1 —Mimk-Rl Clock: «:55. On Ihn I-'ft i in. 7:00 t« 7:1(0 n. m. KKIl.V—Nen-n; 7:15, Jlarlin Aepi'iu-ky. KFI—Toilay'a Heroes, 7:!0. T II Rlakiiiuii. Kf'AIC—Ni-ivs: 7-15. Mclodir-n nf Ti.'lay. 7:30 In 11:00 *. m. KKR.V--Ji»riie» Abbe Oljgprvfs, 7.t./. I'm? MKtpnmK l'»pt. KFI—.Mnrch to Victory: 7 40 MUSH/I! K»iiiiilii|i. 7-.4.". Ham flny.'- KP.Mc-—Top Tutica; 7:40, \Vpill « .\r--A8l 7:15 NCWH. •:0fl to R:30 ». in. KKRN—Flpclwonil J.awton. ^ -l.'i. \'ictory Alarcllon. KFI—.Tohnny Murray; 8 l.'i. T. I: UlakJHtnn. Kl'MC—Shady Viilk-y K..lkH. «::i» to U:ll(l |i. m. KKRN—nrrakfiiHl Cluli. KKI—NOUN Period: Si:,. l);ivnl llnnnn. Kl'MC— Iliippy Joe iiM<l i:.,lpli, s •):,. In Ymir NclghlwiilioiKl; S ,,.., <'Inn l.illi; llCI'I'll-. !I:(HI lii »::<!) n. m. Kl'-;ilN--Ni-wg i;f the Win hi. II III, I-oml Ne«*:, lo.^--( liiiiii-h. KFf- No\v.s; 'J.05. K(l\varfl Jni'Ccnwin; 9:la. Lurry Sinilh. KI'AK'—Hoako Cartrr: ft.I.'j. NnniPH and PhK-i.'a in t h*- NI-U'H. »::«) In 10:00 ». m. KKRN--ni-piikr!i.»t. .-.i .«ai-iir«. KI-'I—.Mii.iiir II. K. Tunic-r: '.I «l. Ma»fa?.ln,- Pdjrp; !>;1.">. Jtttlmx .Mannfirlrl. KP.MC!--.Mirlland. I!. S. A ; a.M. Pt-te do Lima'H rhmriipM. l(l::ill In 11:111) a. ni. KKP.N—.My Tun- Sinn, ]<>:.:, Thp Aunt Jpininui. Shou Kl-'t— Aunt .Mary; )'):4:,. An nukrr. KP.MC'—Tlp« J r rti?n 'nijIiptlR; 10 1;,. MtJHlC. 11 Hill In 11:30 a. m. .''.KltV—HaukluiBu TiilkiiiK: ll:in. lnlunJ Mploilii'*. KKI-- UindlnK I.iKhl- 11:13, Totlay'n i-hiidri-n. KI'Mr-.-c'cdi-l . KdHor; IMS. Wallz Timi'. ll:;in to 13:00 Nnoii KKIJN--t;lmnoilr MHIIOI-. KI-'I—Women in Whlto; I I :(.',. Hymns. K'I'.MC-.MliiiliiUlali IliKhlllflilH: 11:4.'., .Sk>lino .Sprena/l**. l:.':00 In l^::ill n. m. KKRN—NP«'« of Ihc' World; 12:10. Loral NPW.«; ll 1 :!."!. Hollywood ,Slar Timp. KKI—Noon Kin-m reporter; 1L in. Ma IVrhin.". KI'.MO- NPH-S; i::13. Noon Tilno Nock dills. l'.'::<0 In 1:00 p. m, KICIIN—Unlwi'cn Ihc l.ines: 12:13, K lt:-l lian'.s (.'ornor. Kl'MC—Country Cormm-nlntor; I-.4',, To IIP nnnounc-ed. 1:00 In I:.10 p. m. KKIIN—Sarn IlnypH; 1:111. Hub \nhol.«. Kl'MC—-Think Hard Now; rif>. IJrnmus of Life. 1::l(l fo 2:00 p. m. KI'iRN—Time Vinwa Iho News: 1:-I3, Blue NinvHl-oom Hcvli'W; 1 ;50. CpiiPral Mnlonp. KI'AK.'—-To lie aniKUHK-('f1; 1 :4."i. Handy Man. -.':(»() In '!::IO p. rn. Kl-:ilN -When a (Illl Mai-rio.i; 2,13, \Vp LOVP. and I.Mirn, KP-MC—I. K. Loi-al No. H; 2:15. Mutiny On Iho lllKh Seas. 2:30 In .1:00 p. m. KKHN-Whdl'w Doln' Lndics' 1 Kl'MC—Lost Kmpli-f; 2:4S. K.IF.V Ithythni. :<:00 (n »:;iO p. in. KKK.V—Appointment Wllh Lif>- Kl'MC—(Irlffin Ilt-porllnB; ;l;13, Symjilioiin; Swine. :l::iO In .1:00 ». in. KKriN'—Kihol and Albert; 'j-.Ax. Ulinrt Ti onnailour. Kl'MC—Thilms Worth Whilp. 31,,. Juhrtyon Knmlly. 1:00 lo 4::iO p. in. KKHX-rLann' of Hip Losl. Kl'MC— Kullon Lewis. Jr.: 4:K,. It",-il l.ifo Htoi iPH. 4:110 In .1:00 p. in. KKRN—Vacation,] MimdK: 4:43. News of Ihc World; 4:53. Loral News. Kl'MC—Woi-ld'H Fionl J'aui'. 4:4.-|, To be announced. 5:00 In ,1:30 p. m. KKRN—Terry and the Pirates: r,:l3. Dick Tracy. Kl'MC—Chick Carter;- 5:15. Supc-rinnn. IS:SO (n 11:00 p. m. KKIIN—Jack Annslroni;; C :I3, Hop Han-lean. KP.MC—Artvcnlin-ps t: Tom Mlj; t,:45, NiBht Nows Wire. i/JTF^ TONIGHT SUSPENSE MYSTERY DRAMA COR BY THE AN INIEKEStlNG, MCITING "SHOUT STORY TOLD IN JUST i MINUTtS 6i55 P. M. Mondoy thru fndoy ALSO ONET 10MIGHA TUNE IN Exciting stories of American counter «ipionag« 8:30 P.M. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON RELEASED FROM FAST"- A\OVINS AIRPLANES ,Af?E LAUNCHED IN TO PREVENT THE AIR BLAST FROM TEARING THE BIRDS TO PIECES .' THE PI6EONS QUICKLY FREE THEMSELVES AND FL.V HOME.. COPS 1944 BY NCA SERVICE. INC. O T. M. HEO. U. S. PAT. OFF. " WHEN you GO TO GET A HAIR ^ CUT, Youaer THEM ALL cur,". PFC. PAW- KOWALSKI, SUOUtS CARDINALS MADE /WORE £AAOAf THAN THE 1943 WORLD SERIES. 9-18 SIDE liLAXCKS o.\i,p,nAiTii COPB. 1944 iY N«« tftaVICI. INC. T. M. MC. U. 8. POT, Off. OUT OUR'WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS ".lust wlinl I pmlii-tt'il! llrrr'K mi Riilnmiitlc- ;irilhniclic marhlno that (Iocs cvcr.v- lliinK—nh.v hliiiulil I KO on miikliiE a fool »f m.v»p|f tiiud.viME lliino inisrrable IrnflloiiH?" Ft'NNY Bl'SINESS By HERSIinERGEtt "lie lioiiKbt li from a raJiih In make a ilniikiin iiitilni-t for Ilirnhllo when \ve ciiptiiri- Hint!" POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT A.P.ENTENZA Past National ('(iniiilaiuk'r !S|ianish War Veterans President California Veterans' Homes TUESDAY 10:45 A. M. "A Square Deal for AH" HOLMES HAD TO DO IT! When the emerald necklace disappeared at a fashionable London dinner party. Sherlock Holmes was railed in on the case because he i was the only man who could solve H! Listen for the solution tonight, on station KPMC at 8:00. Presented by the Fetri Wine Company, San Francisco, California. j All original KtorirB lirnndcHHt by i.po>-|a1 ar- ! i-aiiL-emenl of ihu ontaic- ol Arthur" Cunun j Doyle. ! PO* jftR FROSTED FOODS Hear Lt. Gov. Fred HOUSER Candidate for U. S. Senator on "What About Labor" Introduction by Senator Ed Fletcher, San Diego Tonight, 6:45 KPMC Don Lee Network smm Horns 'VOU DON'T HAFF TO WHAT ARE >OU , OROAU- IWO AMP FAlWTlNG FOR? rr DIDWT _^ HIT ^OUR. ' DID rr? SHELL *to GIT SHELL SHOCK, DO'OJ? LOOK AT THAT DEMT tw TH' FLOOR -- LOOk WHUT I EXCAPEP BY A HAIR -- OW-OOH-H/ Ji IT,«..,.,«.. '!* WHV MOTHERS GET CRAY ,.«. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLB AFTER. NbO HlOTWfc A MAM lt*i 8UOOM OF APAMVOP PANTTS ONOEtt mo /-*. COME , LET'S TEST My MfVSOR. OP /XSUES INSTANCE, VOA& BATTLE OFTtWSFALG IT I7O5 OR. reos KEEPS CIPWEC-S = GUMPS Elijah Stakes Out His Clalrrl By GUS EDSON FOR THE PA*r TWRTV VBAKS, ME HAS REMAINED HIPPBN IN THE ATTIC Of TMW HOU*S- «NCE MY FATHER WAIT/ TH» 19 ELIJAH THE LAST LIVING- ASSISTANT; PEPUTV; MEMBER op TVC SHERIFF TIM HAY- -** HAWKFAMILYf (iASOLINE ALLEY Behind, tlw Scenes By KINO MAS. KNOLL SAID IF I'P GET SOMEONE TO PO THAT, I COULO SF«Vg 0EHIMP THE POOP ' WHY MOT? I'LL 36 GL4P TO HELP. AHO TH-4T WILL GIVE YOU A CHANCE. V6S, AMP IT'S FUN. VOU HA\'£ 1O $1AgT IN THE KITCHEN WOKK UP, YOU KNOW. BUT I WANT TO STAY IN THE KITCHEN. CM AN OLP MAKKlEO WOMANf ANP PON^T WANT TO ENTe/ZTAIN SOLP/eCS. sueav, I WOULP, JESSICA. MNA, WOULP<<YOU BE WILLING TO COME OVEI? TO THE SERVICE CPNTEK ANJP M4K6 COFPffE SANPWICHSS IN THE KITCHEN.' HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Some Fun By EDO AU MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Just Like Old Tin/es By MERRILL BLOSSER *F HILDA MA.O SENT rue PHOTOSRAPH OF HER FCET AND LEGS ~KJ GAZE MAGAZINE, SHE 1 COULD HAVE IDENTIFIED HEK- SCLP AS TWE- GIRL WHO-IS BEING- SOUGHT BY A SHOE COMPANY IT NM£MT HAVE STARTED HER ON, A GREW CAREER/ - BUT HECTOR DIDN'T MAIL THE PICTURE-— OH.DADOV—ITS HIS FAULT/ HE NIPPED MV WHOLE CAREER THE BUD / NOW I'LL. NEVER BECOME" A TOWERS MODEL ' AND IF I DONT BECOME A TOWERS MODEL HOLLVV\/COD WILL rJEVEC. DISCOVER ME' -OH, I'M SO MAO/.' UASII Tl'BBS Real Job Ahead By LESLIE TURNEH 0UT, CAPTAIN ALWAREZ,ca)LPN'T we PCOP A*Aeio sy-CHUTE? IF WB KNEW * XV WHEBE TO FIND HIM. 0UT IVE 00 NOT KNOW HIS HIPEOUT. SOMEONE MUST SEEK H1M...50MC ME LIKE y<5U, CAPTAIW EASY, WHO HAS DOME «UCH WORK OBVIOUSLV, 'S 40IMS TO P|6rtT£R IN THE PHILIPPIW6S , M ? Ar ^- HUPWN6L ' HELPTgftCl MUCH WE WISH TO KNOW. BUT HE CAWN0T COMMUNICATE WITH US! KED RYDER A les Ma'ani ESPECIALLY IfO |/rvET3Df THE CASH" ~ ' ' ' By FilEO HAftMAM 'HOURS //COME fy Alf'T VJOM A A'PDP' YOU'LL PLAT ALLEY OOP Wrong Adjective By V. T. E r wives 1 ,_ A WAIWIOR ? MAW/ vis, PHYSIC i AN HE FVNMIKET PLACE SHE C RECITATION MOST RIDICULOUS ABOUT IT ? HAVIN6 LEARNED OOOLA.S ACQUAINTANCE WiTH THE MASTER 6E«5RE HIS LOSS AN STOfitE HIM. TO

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