Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1909 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1909
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY gEOlSTEB, TTEPytSDAJ ETEmC. JAKPABY 6. H ill YOUR INTEREST IS REAM Indication* Are That the Matter Will Be Dropped.—^What Marshal Said. All DEPOSITORS in our Savings DEPARTMENT who had $5.00 or more on deposit January Ist, 1909 will please present their Pass Books at the Bank, to have their INTEREST CREDITED. You can either draw this inter- terest in CASH, or wo will credit it the same as if you made a deposit of tliat niucli cash. If credited to yoiy: account, it will draw interest just thw same as any other deposit. YOUR INTEREST IS READY State Savings Bank CmgfiimI S2B.OOO loia, Kansaa Of en from 7 to 8 p. Ill, Ot^ lurdays and Pay Nights From what could be learned today, it a|)pcarB that the commissioner case Is at an end. Senator-elect Frank L. Travis, who famished the information in the case, said today in answer to a question as to whether or not the case would be appealed and whether or not an action to compel the commissioners to refund certain, fees wou'd be insUtutcd: "WeU. I thinic the whole thine: is ^ow up to the attorney general. Xa to what he will do, T do not know." Spoaklnp of the case today. County .\ttomey C. .1. Peterson said: " A SB I R I- .int Attorney fionrrnl .Tohn Marahal told mo that the Hrst hi' knew of Ihf case was last Friday when Attorney nonoral Jackson asked him to come down and try It. Mr. Marshal said lie tokl Mr. Jackson he knew nothing aliout the case. In reply to this Mr. Jafkson said to Mr. Marshal, 'Well. I fiuess you know as much about it as r do." Continulnp Mr. Marshal said there was not sufBclent evidence to warrant his raakinff an arsuniont." If Mr. Peterson understood the .Vs- sistaiit Attorney General rightly. II is not likely that there will he any- thiuB more doing In the ouster suil. Short Stories I O F I lola Happenings —Frank B. Beattle. V. S., Phone 13D. Leigh Hunt at Bartlesvllle. J^eigh Hunt, of lola. one of the big cement men of the country, was in Barllcsvilk- yesterday. — Uarllesville Enterprise. For (he best and qn' re.snlls use the Register's want columns. "Jack the Peeper." Tlio $.".(1 rowanl offered by the <iiy council fo:- tlio caiiturc and . con vie- fion of ".lack tiio peeper" scein.s I D have had little off<-ct in abating tins unseemly niii.sanc<>. For a littli^ Willie after the announronieni of tiu' reward the prowler coa.'?od lii.s visit.s to homes, but recently he li:is averted tn his praciicos ami is fr':^'.: women half out of tlicir wit.« ' tioiis of town. Ills favoritr p •>.' o)><>rati(>n seem to tie in the : • ! and Third wards, aliliongh lie Ii.i • n^so apt'i-arcd in tlie Kir.^t wiird wltliin the last wj'ck. Ill i!te Third v.ard last wtek he apiieareil .-li a wir.iinw of a room in which a iii:!ii was siiilnff and the latter iniineiliately pave chase. He was uiia'ile t'> lind 'li'" f'-llow after gettiiic out of (io<irs. Ili<- darkness aid Ing ".lack" in makiiiu a tinu-ly es­ cape.—Chatnite Sim. —^The only Tafe that serves the Genuine Peal Sliinf Oyster. Our Way. li.'iidiiig a dental college in Kansas City. Gill e.xpects to play liaseliall a.uaiii ill tlii" suiuiner. in fact he is making money piayiii.g ball to special­ ise him ill college for wofli he will take up later in life. Hut as Ion:: as ho can stay In fast company he is goiiy; to play hall. He is owned by the I'ittslitir.g Pirates and will report with them in another two months to take np spring training. Gill spent the holidays at Sheldon. Mo., vlsiitng his parents. His young wife was drowned last summer, suffering an att.ic'k of epilepsy while near the water and fall ing into a swimming pool.—Ft. Scott Tribune. COURT ROOM COLO Judge Foust Had to Adjourn This Morning Because of the Cold Wave. .Tiidge Foust was compelh-d ti) ail- journ court this morning until this afternoon because of t!ie cold weather. Court Convened aiid the case of Baker vs. Readicker. an action involving oil and gas i)roperty was taken up. but the room was so cold that Judge Foust adjourned until two o'clock. The janitor then got busy in an effort to get the room warm for this afternoon. Rooms for men. Y. M. C. A. building. Sloam heat in each room. Batha tree. To Business College. H.lriy Mllligau went to lola today where he Will enter the lola Business : College.—Garnett News. ^Alway.": time to eat at the Our Way. In. Coffey County. ! J. S. Chambers and wife of i.eon anisville, came in Sunday to look for Tdtfey county land. J. W. Fuller came up from lola to meet them and show- some land be handles in this cniiii- i ty.—Burlington nepulilican. Fred Rowden. With Mrr. Rickrl. Mrs. William Keadieker leJiinie,! to lola this nfferno <iii after n short visit with Mrs. J. H. RicUel.—Chanute Sun. —Insist on hnvintr F. S. Flonr. A Fine Present. Maiiford Reboniir)ver i.-; jus! in re- eeipt of a hnndsoiii'> soiMiiiir linnize clock, the couii >'iiiieiiis of iln^ Keeloy company, of Dwisilu. III. It is a very beautiful design aii<l very attractive in appearance.—Garnett News. —Dr. P. E. WauKh. Penfi-if. Plione 32 Fined Walter Johnson. Jerr .v Freeman, 'list Iiascman. and Walter Johnson. !>itcher of th'^ Washington American league einb. are th- lirst to ask forgivenses from th" .Val- ional coraniissinn for pl.n ing acainvf the ],oi::m Squares of Chiiatro In.^' fall. Thf 'y will lil.ely he assessed a small fine and dismissed —Kansas City Time*;. •—Sign painting, phone 1428. Dr. Murphy in Revivals. j Rev. S. S. Murphy went to Oswego I ysterday afternoon aiirl will spend the remainder of the week th<>re assisting Rev. Jones in conducting a revival meeting at the .Methodist church at that ]daee.—Parsons Sun. —Dr. J. R. Pepper, Dentist, Phone 16S Rev. A. P. Hamilton There. i'xcellont interest and gooi! attend anee are marking the revival meet- iuL 's at tiie First Methodist church wtiieii '.led Sunday. Rev. J. D. .'^iii'ili i.-; a-;s!sted in the m"eting by |Uei- .\. p. Hamilton, a Kansas niinis- ]ier. will) has recently returned from an I < "'inlei! trip tlirouuh the- Orient. Rev. ll ;i;i !i !'on is devoting the time bet\%.v-n his reiurii and the nic<'tiii;r of the >:. vi eenri'rt nee to special evan geli >!"e work and is a preacher of Igre;:! powtr. .\ feature of the meeting wliieii promises to he ver.v sue cessfiil is a •honis, which is led by l »iol'. \V. n. !V :;'.r.—Ottawa Fferald. -Hard Shell fr.ii,. lx>!):;tcrn. Blue Points. Our Way. About Warren GiM. Warren Gill, who oiic'- ^l:l^••I I'.is-' ball in Fort Scott, who in f:i<-t prov- .•d the best all around plav,-r th- town ever had on Its pay roll, is at- —O.iod Tiii.' to Kat. "Our-Way.' Lecture Course afCarlyle. Oi; M Frldav "xeiiiirj al th'> Pies- byti'riaii ••Imreli at Tavivle. Rey. .1 R. Rrnwii will !••!•!'iri- on "The Pion- e"r I'rop-r ih- Hi'iiter." .\n admission fee of till e<'nis will be cliarce 1 —Brs, I/ithrop. OKtcnpafh.i. Phanc 4Cfi Hat Pneumonia. Ml.- .1. N. Heel- who hay bet-n siif f. ring wi'li an aiiU'-U of pneumonia is sli .vliTly improved today. 11 AT THE Model Shoe Store SEE OUR WINDOW and BARGAIN TABLE Ladies' $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 Shoes at m .>I.\>Y A(iKD PEOPLE Endorse Vinol as the Best Body Builder and Stn-ndli <"realor Any Old Person Can Take. years of age I beaime so Mill -down and we.ik that I was dls- ;-omagt'd. 1 had taken many different (lilies and medicines which were pn-- serllied for me without gaining In .•strength. A friend advised me to try Vinol. .saying that it was a cod liver and iron medicine sold on a [Misitive giiarautoe to benefit or money re- rundi>il. I decided to <lo so and I am gliiil' to say thafit built me up wonderfully. I gained in sirnngth until I felt like a new man. I consider VlnoI I I K > best tonic In the world for elderly peoi)le." Jacob Young. Xorristow-n. I'a. This is another instances which demonstrates the remarkable power of Vinol to create strength and build up health for old peojilc after all otll- •r lUfaiis have failed. .\s we have yet to learn of an old person who has ever taken Vinol and has not been benefited by it we iiiihesitatin.:;ly say to any feeble old person in tiiis town, come and get a boiile of Vinol and try it. If it docs •cm no good we will return your money. make this offer to show our faith. S. K. Huriell. Druggist, lola. BOY FOUND GUILTY Walter Zeller. 1» Years (Hd, Convict*-)! of First Degroe .Murder. Itiid.uetim. N. J.. Jan. l!.—Waller Zeller. a lH year old vinel and youth who was charged, with two companions, with the murder of ZelierV grandfather. WiUitim Read, was con- yict.d <.r lauider in the first dem-ee ti>day. Returned Home. .Mr. I.. Daly of Strong City, who le- C'.'iitly trailed a stock of general merchandise for the IC. P. FulU-r building III tli<> ease side, returned home >os- ferday. —Cnnninghani & Arnrtt, (> per rent money. Wants a Ditch Dug. Dr. Wilson, who is In the city to attend the meeting of the Allen conn ty pension Iward, appeared before tin cummlssioners this morning and requested that a ditch bo dug along the rond near the Captain Stewart place near Humboldt. i (i> thinks the bonn Kliould go down ami investUati-. Tin eommlsHioners will consider the mat or at this session. Cet Uir Elko, the best lie clgnr, at rabkK. .X borne ebtur. A (:().EMP1.0VEK LAH SI STAINED. The WkcoDKln Supreme Court Kluds Amiinst a Railroad. Madison. Wis., Jan. fi—After three n«mths" consideration of the co-employee lav a.i rained in the case of Mirh:iel Klley against the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, the sn- premc court handed down a decision today sustaining the law and recognizing the power of the legislature to prescril)e a rule of comparative negligence. Heretofore if the complainant was himself at all negligent, under the contributory negligence act, the case was dismissed. Young man, are ydu paying house rent? If you are. listen: We have a nearly new house with 4 large rooms and two porches, gofid walks aqd good water. 2 blocks from Santa depot, that we can sell you for'$600—430 cash, and 18 per month. Let us Show you this bouae. Wbitaker tt Donnell. Regiatef Wut Ad> Brinf Results. Amazing, startling in all its details. Such slaughterl Such reductions! Such disregard of cost and valuesf With Prices way Down to 1,1, i of Sacrifice sale of Cloaks, Suib, Purs, Skirts, Waisb, silk and wool Dresses, Petticoats, Millinery, Silks, Dress Goods. Domestics, Table Linens, Hosiery, Underwear^ Children's Coats, Blankets, Comforts and ^oo\ Gloves eryfhing Goes ah a Stupendous Sacril WE LOOK FOR YOU 1 Take Advantage' of this Great Sale blolon^ooia if-? TAX TO PROTECT DEPOSITS. . P. Waggener Proposes Original Bank Guaranty Scheme. Topeka.. Jan. G.—State Senator Halle P. \\"aggener of Atchison, has evolved a brand new idea for the guarantee of bank deposits. It contemplates the raising of a fund y taxation to protect deposits. In this way thb |)eo))lo themselves whp want the lirotection would be able to pay their share for that iirotection. The l)anks, s ta.\payers. would also contribute heir iiortlon. "This plan would remove the objec- ioii that honest haukcns would have to stand the los.scs of dishonest and lldcat bankers." said Waggoner. Onl- li A> IXTERESTIXG SESSION. Topeka Capital Makes Big Arrangements foi Full Reports of tiie Legislature. BACK TO THE PEN .THIS TOWN FBOHIBirS I • •.ivf^^ SkatiB? Biiiks Also Closed hj • S^pw^' ' cer, la., OrdlasDoe Beeeatly Passei.. The Topeka Daily Capital lias cmu- pleted arrangements whereby two special representatives will be present Kansas Penitentiary Investigators on the Job Again today. Leavenworth, Kas.. Spencer, la., Jan. 6.—The criy oons^i^ jell of Spencer has passed aii onMB*?--,;,.^g ^ lance forbidding public d«»i« 'aaJ^'R'l , Jan- 6.—The;akating rinks IB that town. Tli«r«I»» •'^^ at e%ery meeting of the legislature committee appointed by Governor;enacted an ordinance ststin^ tbat this conung session. Matters of ex- Hoch left for Lansing today to re- j shall be nnlawfirt for any fortii«»t«l *y /"S3 ceptional interest are to come be- sume the penitentiary investigation. >]er, palmist or elalrvoyant to> 9I7 Ua^,'i fore the lawmakers this winter and The Oklahoma committee has agreed .trade within the llmlta of the'dtr ItilK*'- everv loyal Kansan should snbscrllie to return Thursday. It is hinted that hir^" The penalty attached ta'att"'I for the Capital while the session lasts, little has been found to justify the-these ordinances is a Hne of from For the benefit of those wishing a sensational charges attributed to Miss j to flOO or 4 jaU sentence of from * '* .daily paper only a short time tl»e Cap- Barnard, j ital has made a special rate ot, 60 ' cents until March 10. 1909. This offer lldcat bankers." ^^'^'l ^y^f'^^^'J^ll'v!;';:'jis limited and should be taken advam- .uing his new plan. Senatoi A\ n ^^^^ intmediateiy. If yon are not T while here today said: HIT BY A PULLEY. -The most efiuitablc and safest bank iiarantv measure. In my opinion, would "bo to amend the constitution ageoYimmediatei.v. If yon are not,Tom Welch, an Employe of the lola taking the Capital now l>e sure not to I Portland is Injured miss this offer. The Capital is now publishing the Tfun Welsh, an employe of the lola ;r ^.,7«V/. .ziinnipmpnt on the Portland sustained a broken leg while authorize the levy each year. «" j Jest^eomm c«b,^^st^^ ^^^^ ^^..^^^ yesterday afte.^ 1 the taxable property of the state- tax not exceeding 1 mill on the dol lar. to go to a state guaranty fund, until that fund should reach, .say. $."•.- Oiio .ono. "The law should jirovido that the Hind thus provided should from time to lime be loaned to the banks of the Stat", upon security the same as stale with each Sunday issue. noon. A pulley in the upper part of; [the building fell, striking Welch and knocking him to the floor. His right; CONFESSION ISN'T VOLUNTARY leg was broken between the knee and I ankle joint, the end of the broken i'So Judge Dismisses Case Against An bone protruding from the flesh. A " ' Alleged Embezzler. phvsician dressed the injured member and Welch was taken to his home at to thirty days. tai". upon «eciii.i* I..- - I Fort Scott. Kas.. .Ian. 6.—The case 715 East Jackson. iinds are now loaned for not less I jjpjjj„st R. U Ballinger. formerly cash-. -" ier of the Adams EStpress company. I l:an 2 p recent per annum. The in thus derived would go to the guaranty fund as an accretion to that fund nntll the fund reached the maximum. "The banks state and national, by vay of taxation, would iiay their pro- iiortlon. After that, the banks, by way of Interest on the fund, would imy the entire accretion, which at '.' tier cent would nmniiiit annually to $lfin,- Mn, nnd until Ihe maximum was reunh- by taxation, the fund would be augmpntPd each year by the 2 per cent Interest p^ld by the banks." irb'arged'"with"embe«tmert oF »1 jW. "SKMSw Jto"^^ IL ^ was dismissed in the district court,, —* 1» se% ». last evening. Judge Simons ruled out a confession alleged to have been j made by Ralllnger to the county at-' torney and tbo express company officials, on the ground that It had not been vultmtarlly given, but had been jilven after promise of immunity from punishment, A mass of other testimony WHS In- troduccd, including a wagon load of expn-HH company's books and records. FREB KIDNBY ^. riwt »«ttiiM «icfcH|inrgi^ aar (erm of Udoey tn orrti writiofftottat of (MMca KsMMK^^^g^Bs IBBBI aer ifariiDaHMMr..AUh»^ aar aeabarof sBtets trcm ah—— j-...^-^——— qoBM *aam M Tisan. iiisHlliTjsi psin ia (he baelb lalUrattiaB of ttSj •LT.! This is the trademark which is on every genuine bottle of Scott's Emulsioi) sold in nearly all the countries of the world. Nothing equals it to buSd up tiie weak' and wasted liodies of young and old. * ^ Send tbit aJvcitisemeiit toflether wih name of paper iawbicli It (ppean. yaa tUmt »nd fonrcfU to corcr po «taar, . aiidwewinseiHl3raoa "Cairpkle llindy .AUaieftncWortf' K t: SCOTT ft BOWNK, 400 tad SUM. TO DECIDE ON SHOW The Elks are Investigating Proposition of Bock Entertainment Company. Thousands of ladies duffer agonlMi ereiy i If you do, stop and think. Isitnataxilf ' BE_ .^^ cally and positively—NO! Then JDMSM vc^Jpm mind to,prevent or cure this 'VJ At the meeting of the Elks Friday night the proix>sitIon made at the last session. by the Bock Entertainment company to put on 'The County Fair" . under the auspices of the order, will' be settled. Members of the ESks are, this week investigating the play. Sev- 1 eral communications have been recelv- d from towns wheie It has been given and will be read Friday night. A full attendance of the order is desired 1 as the question should be settled at this meeting. Wheaton, Case Ruling Tomorrow. It is expected that the supreme court of the state of Kansas will hand, down a decision in the Wheaton case' tomorrow. It is probable that some represeatative .from the oooBsel for It nvm B^i Ml "I suffered 9 years" writ ^MiSr ^SaiaEJ. 3, of Gary, Ky. "I Lad female ^u]^ and.- rly cramp to death, j My baek and side kin me-with piEiin. I tried evecytinnf but failed^ and at last befulifl^ taks U- 7ow I can do mr hooaewodc "Mi ease and! - ^ - the praise IbdhM^il^lil^.'' the defense wlli go to Topeka to hear the opinion of the court.

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