Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1908
Page 2
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•i State rf~ Alnbotj BtUMIflMI 1869. WHt Inlli AIHCI. $f,200, mm FBOHK, Awt,:CMkkr. Y Entire Stock to be sold to t3ie highest bidder, piece by piece. I go to California in a few day s. N othing in my fine stock reserved. Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverwaie, Cut Qlass and Hand Pa.intedr China. Everything goes. TMbisthe chance of a life-time to ^ buy any of these fine goods at your own price. Ladies especially invited. Auction began Friday, Jan. 17th >and continues daily except Sunday Ws- until entire stock is sold. Sale begin- f ning each day at 2 p. m^ and at 7:30 pi xii. Nothing but fine goods to sell. Fixtures all to be sold. Come one and all and see the goods go. Q. T. SEWALL • First Door North of Postoffice. wy)]fe. J. E. Lamb. J. W. Newman. R. E. Peters. H." B. Archer. WL C. Haydon. of WInfleld. B. U. Slack. A. H. Phillips. B. M. Dunham. A. M. Teeters. C. B. Jfvera. C. E. Baken. A. W. SU'lwell. G. W. Allen. L. E. Ha^Iey and Anna Kelm. + • * Informal Party. htr. Will Snavely was ajixeeably srprised by a party of nemvors anfl iichool fi-Iends last erenfns for an informal hour with Ramea and miinlc. Rofreshments were served to Mra Watson. Mrs. SulllTan. Mr. ami Mrs. Oeorxe Serene. Mrs. Larxent. Misaes Kate Smith. Lydla I^rgent., Marjrie Smith. Gale Bwing. Allen Baker. Ida I^ancent. Anna Snavelv. "Will Snavelv Lole Ewlnr. John SnaTely. Elmei LarRent. Roy and Irwin Suavely. * * • Indoor Picnic The spacloua residence of Mrs. A. H. Campbell on North Jefferson ave. was filled with ^lesfn yesterdav afternoon when thp Ex-Teachsrs' club entertained for Mrs. lola Colboro who will leave next week for h'>r home in Sookane. T^shloKton. The afternoon was soent with ronversation and there was an unusuaMy elaborate rtinner at s'x o*clo<>k.. Covpra ware 1 P«I 1 for thirtv fme«H at tables b^mi- •Ifully de<»rat»»d with pink and white flnrnntlons and snollax. Mm. C8 »nn- holl hart the asslsto »ic«> Mrs Sat- fh Thi^sher Row*. Mrs. E. W. Sti>n- feW. Mrs J. P. Tui-m-r and Mrs. W. H. MrChire In the dInInK room. Thn finowln" ladles were present: Mes- <'nmes Oar«» Alice Chostain T.. Hn- hart. P. A. Thompson, Beck, Jola fol- ^'>^n John Devlin. J, P. Tnrn»r W"^. R|-kfo-fl, H, I.. Dnualas A. H. Tamn- hoIV H. McCIur« H. A. EwlnfS ' . A. Thra«he»- T . W. Dunc"i. '^v«e. I H. Wishwrd. A. C. Kmrllnh. "^ D. ^^--olf? U W. Mavborry inhn '^oii't. W*. n. Ander«on S Vott^r. ' H. Camnbe" W. Kanklni, VT, vorthrnn, L, w, Hollon>»Pck, R. T.. •^hompson. E. W. Stanflelil and' S, L, Rowe, I *• + * ! ; Mttilox Band. Mipaen !Omi» and MvrUe Mlpr ""v ••vinT a <i -»»ll nnrtv for plrl.* of ilir M<8 !i |nn Band today. • • * Surarlae Partv. Vr. pnrt .Mrs. Frnnk Wllltnms 4n: "mth .Seoonrl utreot were sne.sfs of Vrnnor nr n r.irrrv 8Hrpri<5«» iilnnnod by f> numhpr of friends. There was nu rlaborate ilhmcr at twelve o'clook foi thp.sp iniPsts: MeR.«r.i and MPRdnm«>.= Tnl Ront'j", Koken. K. .T. Pamilpv. C ^'orph. S'ack. Ben KoUhlev. H. Oenr Mlafies Ross Dodds, Mable B^Htfy. .Altn Boafiy. Rubv WIlLims Vlo'ol f -nd Gladys March, Mr. and Mrs WllHams. Mrs. E. .T. Parm!ev. MrR n Sl»oV Mrs. n. March, nnrt Huby Williams assisted In entertain Inp. " Oommip IMIIai^LM Recaption. Ira. J. C. l«e. and Mrs. Grant .H. to end the week was Mrs. David \V. i Reld's card_party for the 500 club', yesterday. The club game was played at Ave tables, the prizes Kolns to .Mrs. £. D. Shields ant! Mrs. H. X. Dresbach. A luncheon of salads ami other delicacies followed by the de.s- ert course was served at five o'docl: to Mesdames J. H. Camnbell, Rex. .» hAve"?ent toFds for°i rec^tlon Bow'^, U JoneS;„B.. 67 Aljison. to .oasur on the afternoon of Frtday, ue, J. JAiiuiU^' 24tli, at the' nome of M • *^^t^TlnWde^fii^'.V?n;^ c;:AnshejSin, El^D.;Shields; C.' H outh Buckeye street. Mrs. M . , of Indianapolis, Indiana. .Miss _ jsa Lee tad Mlsa Edir hottrs between will be • HuRhes. "W. 1,. LelKh Hunt. K. C. McClaln. C. Crabb. H^^. Funk Bennette Smith. BT C. Ausherman, B .D -- Shields. Studer. H. V! Dresbach an.i _ ith cSri. ThT S. A. Coffman.^ two and six o'clock v + •> observed. Royal Club. If * * jl^g Chas. CummlnKs was at honjn iAftemoon at Card*. , , informally to a number of friends jUn. George Pague is hostess fro mthree until Are o'clock ye«t6r- ofa RfOTp of friendathls. afternoon and is etatertainins at cards. FrWWf .600 Clubi. » very pleasant afternoon evant diversiohs Introduced, present were Mesdami Amone those ea Joe Wolfe. D. No Good Can possibly come from wearing cheap glasses. Injary may. Come here and let us explain the difference. 310. Pac, Santa Fe and M. E. ft T. MTatch iBspectora. PAY DAY SALE AT FRYER BROS. 30c Peaches, per can . .250 Corn, 2 cans ....15c . .22c Tomatoes, per can .... 11c 20c Peaches, 2 cans ..:!5c Hominy. 3 cans ....25c 25c Cherries, per can ..20c P. W. Peas, per can ... ....lie Gallon Apples, per can .. . .Hac Kidney Reans. 3 for ... ....25c No. 1 Peaches, 3 cans . .2."c Lima Bean.s, 3 for 25c Korn Kinks, |)er pkg. ... ...-Jc No. 7 Flour, per sack .. ...J1.30 Dr. Price's Food, per pkg. .. .7o Buckwheat Flour, guaranteed IJfp uf*v iikcf Tr pure, per sack SOe « With a $5.00 cash order for the above goods we will give 20 lbs. of S^gar for $1.00. FRYER BROS. PHONES 30^-301. BAST SIDE SQUARE What's Qood For Chaps? A common question these days and one to which we give but one answer. The best thing for f chaps Is our Rose Cream. There are other valuable' remedies, but we know of no other that combines so mony good qualltlps. It Is pleasant to use. It Is entirely absorbed. It is not greasy or sticky. It cures promptly. Form the habit of using It and . thus have chapped and roughened hands and face one of the evils that ne%'er annoy you. Price 25 Cents. Borrell'sOrogSfori The Rexall Store. WEST SIDE SQUARE. APOLLO griXTETTE TO COME. Y. X. C. A. Lcetvre CoirM Xaalier »xt Taeatej Mitht. The Apollo Quintette and Bell Ringers ut the Presbyterian church next Tuesday' evening will be the extra number uf Ihu Y. M. C. A. lecture course. This number la considered one of. If not the best of the entire course. The Pontine Ually Press Hays uf the Quintette: The Apollo Quiuti-tte and Bell U:ngers thoroughly pleased the largest audience that has Kreeted any number of the People 's Pupular Lecture Course this season. SIMPLE KEMEDT FOR LA GRIPPE. La grippe coughs are dangerous as they frequently develop Into pneumonia. Foley's Honey and Tar not only stops the cough but heals and strength ens the lungs so that no serious results need be feared. The genuine Floley's Honey and Tar harmful drugs and Is In a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. Burrell's Drug Store. OF Penonal Imowletlji^ is the winning the culmmaling conleslj of cotnpetali\-e age and when o( ample character it places its fortunate poMcsior in the front tinb of The WeU Informed of the Worid. A vast fund of personal Imowledgc is really essential to the achievement of the E hiiJiest excellence in any field of human efiort A Knowledge of Fomu, Knowledge of Functions and Knovd- edge of Products arc all of the utmost value and b questions of life and health when, a true and wholesome remedy is dedred it should be remembered that Syrup of Figs and Elixir' of Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., is an ethical product wiiich has met wilhithe approval of the most eminent physicians and givei universal sa^action, because it u a remedy of Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Cimponent mrteand- hat won (he valuable patronage of milliaiis of the WeU Informed of the , Wodo, who know of their o%\-n personal knowledge and from actual use that it is the first UMI best of family laxatK'cs, for which no extravagant or umeasonable claims aremade, Thi* valpblc remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of—Syrup cf Figs — and has attained to wcrld- ' wide acceptance as the most c.\c(4ler.t fairuly laxative. As its pure Ikutire pnix^cs, obtained from Scrjia. ore well known to pK)rsiciar» and d»e Wdl Informed of the world to be the f>cst we have adc^ed the more elaborate name of—S>Tup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as more fully dsscriptive cf ihc remedy, but doubtless it will always be called for by the shorter name of—Syiup of Figi—and to get its l>eneficial effects, always note, when purchasing the full name of the Coi:^r,y — Caliiomia Fig Syrup Co. — priijted on ihc front of every package, whcd:cryou call for—S>'n9of fjgi — cr by the fuD name— Syrvp of Figs and Elixir of Senna. SAN FRANaSCaCAlL.. Gas, Kansas, Jan. 16, 190S Resolutions of Condolence by Olive llcbecca Lodge No. 438, I. O. 0. F. on liie death and of our beloved Sls- ic:-: Mrs. Jennie Rothenbeck. wrbereas; Death has entered our lodge and laid his relentless band upon one of our young sisters. Mrs. Jennie Rothenbeck. a valued member of Olive Rebecca Lodge who departed this life on the l.'.th day of Jan., 1908. and Whereas; We are again so forclblj admonished that death Is no respeotor oC age. rank, or condition, and that "one by one we are passing over;' Therefore be it ••. t^^ -.ttr^ Resolved; That we extend to the bereaved family, husband, father, mother sister and brothers, our most heartfelt sympathy In the early removal of one who by her genial and lovable dis- l>08ltion has endeared herself to them and held a firm grasp on the affectioiis of those to whom she was so devotedly attached. Resolved; That a copy of these resolutions be presented to the lola Register for publication, and that a copy be sent to the family of the deceased sister and a copy be furnished to Olive Rebecca Lodge to be spread on the niinntes thereof and that ih» Charter be drai>ed In mourning in symapthy or a departed sister for a period of thirty days. • ''•'MIB MRS. MARTHA ELLSWORTH MRS. LIZZIE THORNTON, MRS. ELLA FADDIS, Committee. Notice. All subscribers to the Bell Telephone system are requested to call at the office to settle Indebtedness on or before the fifteenth of each month. The col'ectors will not call at rest dences from this time on. Phones at residences of delinquent patrons will be disconnected until bills are paid. TO CURB A COLD IH OHC DAT Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinin* Tablets. Dmggtsta refund money If it falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S sig- natnr* ia on each box. 26c. iHUUa Xew Miehlae. Ben Rallove. the shoemaker at 217 (touth Washington, has installed a machine for sewing on shoe soles. This Is the only machine of its kind in the city and means a great deal n the saving of time and money. You can now get your shoe soles sewed on in a very few momenta while with the hand sewing an hour 's tltee was required to do the work. The best sewed BOlea for men which formerly cost $1 .00,. can now be liad for 88 cents; ladies' best, which were formerly 75 cents are now 60 cents. He wtl nail on men's soles for fiS cents and ladles' for BO cents. Men's mb- ber hseis 40 centi. and ladies' 35 cents. Ben skys U y6n wfiK' to sare money, always b«r a mit sboa. 1^'hltaker £ DMueli's Rent List. 320 acres, 4^ miles. 160 acres, 4% miles. 80 acres, 2 miles. Two room house, |5.00. Six room house, SS .OO. Five room bouse, |7.00. Five room boose, 98.00. THAY ARE PRESH. A choice assortmeot of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, otir personal pledge of their Ireshsess goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Comer Washington and West Sts. Lodge Directofy Bosiaess Difcctbry. KNIGHTS OF MACCIBEES^, Knights of Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwalt. commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W.— Camp So. 101 meets in K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele. C. C. A. H. Davis, Clerk. Visitors cordially invited. . KXIGUTi8 "~0F~PlTHIAS.— Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. S, Thom|>so«, B. C, Christ RItter, K. of R. and S. M. W. A.— The^M. ~W .~A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. Hal). Vlaitlng brothers Invited. W. H. Anderson, V. C. W. A. Cowan, Clerk. ROTAL ~NEIGHBORS ^Iola "camp No. 36Ti, Abyal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle. Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 Weest Street, Recorder. FRATERML BROTHERHOOD,— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursdays of each month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Visiting members cordially invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secretary. Junior Order United American Mechanics, —^Meets every Wednesday e' contains ifc^ening afS o'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiting members Invited. R. A. Wl- dlok, Councellor; C. B. Black. Recording Secretary. SETS JURY CASES. Judge Fouat Calls the Jury Tuesday. in Next Judge Poiiat has set a number of Jury cases for next week, beginning Tuesday. The following are the cases: Tuesday. Gas City State Baiik vs. E. G. Axtell. A. L. Townsend vs. Gas City. Wt J. Privce v«. Na Van Curen. T V Wednewlay. _John Deere Plow company vs. Ernst Hardware company. J. M. Wtarford vs. Independenc? Portland Cement company. Thursday. W. D; Cox ft Son vs. M.. K. & T. E. P. Fuller pVSj^^Ed. Graves. , Sherman Culbertson vs. Tola Portland. Minnie Bohannon vs. A. T. & S. F. Monday. 27tft. riston. IHftillei Water One hundred pounds of Cryn- tal Ice will ruake 12 gallons of distilled water siuUble foe family use. Try It Idalce&CollStenieCfi t FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. DBS. REID & REm, * Ph^slciaag and Sargesas. X-Rar and Electrical Appliances. • Eye. Ear. .Nose and Throat • Glasses fitted. • OlRce phone 357; Res. 396. • Bptdal attantloa glnivte U* * traatmaat ot all CkroateJUtM * •a aad DtiMMi ot GUUKW. • Talaphonaa: Offlea tt .,Saa. Ui. • OOc* In Mra. Taraar^ BMg, • Wast Madlaoa. • • • Phoaa <87. Baa. )«L .DB. 0. Li COXi l^a. Bar, Noaa and Throatl •peetaelaa Properly nttad. Offlea A. O. U. W. Bldg. Offloa Phona lOSS. " Night Phqna 40e. • DB. B. 0. CHBISTIAH. Phyaklaa aai 8«rt*aa. • Rooms 7 and S. Braaa Bldg. * State vs. CrevlBi ne Kioek'«iit Blow. The blow which knocked ooft Oochelt was a rovelaUon to the prixe llghteia. From Uie earliest days of the ring tha knock-obt blow was aimed for the Jsw, the temjple or the Jngnlar vein. Stomach pnnebei were tlirown in to worry and weary the fighter, bat if a seientifleman bad told one of the old fighters that the most Tolnerabis spot was the region of the stoBseh. he'd have laoghad at him for an lgaoraau&> Dr. Pieiea is WiiglBg hoo^ to the public a parallel fact; that th<s»aiadkls the axMt vniaerabie orna oat of\lM pAw ring as wdl as in it.* w« protect iNirJMMi, throats, feet and Inap^ but thaMilffiWa are nttarijr indlffcr> ent to^ until dhrtAfindi tha totar plexna and knocks ns oag* Mai »TEYER*» ORQNCEIEY Headqaarters far Good Thinfls to EaL Tdc |)hoDe 159 TIjie^OarWAi)'' Reataurant MTohmmim'Limeh28o Everything in Season. SHORT ORDERS OF ALL KINDS cues «welk stouek." iadlgcftlaa, or dyipepMa, torpid Itw, had, thin and la- pare Wood and olhw diaaaass of the organs of digestion and antrltion. The'Goidea Medical OiseoTery-hsia speellc carstiTo efeet npoa all mncona sarfacae aitd henea catM catarA, no natter where located or what atage it may have reached. la Nasal Catarrh It Is well to elesBM the paauges with Dr. Sage's Catarrii Baawdy fluid while nalng the "DlaeoTery'as a coBStitatiaoal remedy, irky the "GoMsB Medleal Diacoy ery* enies catarrlial dteeeira, as of tlw BtoBaeh. bowels, bladdv and other pelvio ociaas will be plaia to yoa if yon wiU toad a bookkt of aztnata from tha writings of eminent medical anthoriUea, ea> doiainc its ingiediaata and explaining , their coratiTe propertiea. It is mailed I fmm^wmtU. A£b<MaDr.R.y.Piere% Baflliao,KT. TftishaoUeSglTesantha laCMdiaata aalerint lata Dr. Pieroe's •MdidBM fm vkl^ It wm la leaB that thayaoatate aat«4i«palakalwl.p«nh Iowa Store MONOtY SPECIALS DRESSED GEESE. DRESSED CHICKENS. FRESff^ OTSTERS, FBBSU FISH. FRESH BEEF. FBS8H PORK, 5aw Taautars, Grape Fralt. Fresh .Piacaaplcs, .Oranges, Ba, Freah >'Bts, Cocaaaats, Bastard Greeas, Fresh Carrats, Sew Taraipe, Lcitacfb We ^hate erefythiar that ia kept la a irst class GVQCERT STORE. AH phaae erders recHre prampt atteadaa. RespeetfiUy, .1^ t Miiinma R<«.TeLl»8. Offlea TaL Its. • DB. J. B. PIPPBB. Deatbt • la pannaaantly loeatad orar • B. a McClaln'a Clothlag Stora, • and la prepared to do u Idads * of np-to-dsta dental work. * Evening work by appointment * F. H. MABTU, • Surgery and Diseases of * Women. • Office and Residence Phono 67S * Office 7 North Jefferson. * DB. W. B. HBXLMnr. Fkyilelui * giniado. Office N. B. Oonar a Over K. C. Plnmhlav Call Rao. Tel SS. Offlea T«L KM. e P. Xi. Lathron! " Mra. Baaala O. LattMtep. • OSTIOPATBIC PHnbCUHg. • Special attaattoa strWi ta Ola* * aaaea of Wonea and QhOdraa. " Over East'Bids Hirilirara. ' Offlea Thona^ MaU 4CS. " W. M.IIDBBMV. Attana^aCUw. Notary and Btanocraphar la Offlea. . Phoaa 46S. JXVBLER8. B. P. Pancoast old ralihhla ]a*alsr. 110 East street Livinaatoo^ Co roatraetors aad BaOders. All Kinds of Work a Spiscialty. 9 Soath Sycamore. Phone ISSS. General Caatnctar. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing' a Specialty. OiBce 11a East-Jadsoa Are. Phaae SN. FiTMUfiimuf ^: Office and Storage Ware Room at 98 West Stseet • Photie 389 ale O. THOm I llBsUmatea cheerfully glvsa on alt work «aa m BcgMcr Wi

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