The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 1, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 2
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THE BAKERSmELD CALIPOBNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1930 It's School Week at HARRY COFFEE'S Value features from The College Shop STADIUM CORDUROYS An excellent quality corduroy nude up with ^-^-^ ._ the popular upper front. It i« r*mforced lit *Jp»»rt every essential point nnd cut over the most • "• popular collcn<! pnttern ^-^ • STADIUM WOOL TROUSERS 5 Check*... it ripen nnd plnin colon in nurc wool f.ihrii'n. The majority nrc made with plcnteil front n« worn at ihe Inuling Americnn llnivrmitie* STADIUM SHOES Smnrtly Mylod uiinpus model*, in tough grain lenrher!i mid tclectnd cnlftkinn. A whole car- loiul ol romlort and miles ol w«»r CONFERENCE SHIRTS... All wnvfii pnttern» in mndrai, end mid end cloth*, clipped firtureii. Many with the Duke ot Kent collar nml brushed fiimh. Also Oxford cloth in white, blue nnd fancy pat term. . . 139 M. « ACADEMY STRIPED TIES Made of p>ne mlk and beautifully tailored by hnild to tie into the perfect knot. The correct tic to finish out the college outfit. . . . JBL t VARSITY PULLOVER SWEATERS A lot ol new weave* Including the smart *hflker weave, .new color* too. Thrse all pure wool pullover* nrf the popular campun • wcater. Druihed nnd plnin hnilhe* in large •elections lire included BUBBLE WEAVE JACKETS Made in the new bubble wirave of fnni wonted yarn. All tho iniart colon nnd detign* arc iiuludcd.Tin* will hr the popular garment on the cnmpui lint year VARSITY STA-UP HOSE A very fine aMortment of pattern* «mi color* in the popular short length hoie with self- mippnrting lop. Sinnuly patterned in the new- en Fall ntyle idea.', .ami (he *maite*t color*. STADIUM SUITS Varsity herringbone cashmere find hard (ininh ., . hnrd wearing Worsteds in all the new fall patterns and colorings including the popular Glen Plaids. Styled in the newest University Models. 19 95 HARRY COFFEE FRESNO * BAKKRSKIELD 'EIEETOF Reorghnized Border Patrol to Swing Into Action Agninst Narcotics I'reit heated W(re) WASHINGTON, Sept. 1.—Uncle Ham'H reorganized border patrol swings Into action along four fronts today In the first rnovo of rt now campaign to stamp out tho narcotics truffle. Hpurnnd by the "renwrkahlo sue- el-UN" of ii cn-urfllnnlml drlvi! against ll<lnor MiniiRgllng, which tlrovo rum row from thn nun, the patrol at mid night hnunrnn a unit of Iho aUHlorrm iiKcncy Morvlcf (ii'tnctlve arm—of the Ci stoniH bureau * Kour former customs ngents will take over command of tho patrol In four now field district M corresponding roughly to the nm-thraat, BOiith- northwcHt. flnjj Hoiithwest HOC- tloriH of thn nation'.' Trt'fiNiiry officiate <leijerlh«d the ro- Mlniffllnn of Iho patrol on a "fitep to- iviirdH malting Ilio nnfor.-finent of 'inllmimnlcn timuggllng laws more OfffilillVO." liiHlead' of bnliig rospoiiHlhlo to ijolloolnro of (jiiBtOms In tho viirlotm will«ollon OlMtrlolM, aw heretofore, the S70 unlforrnod patrolmen will rnporl, though (lit! district command, dl- to ThomaH .(. Gorman, rtnpuly MNlonnr III cluirgo of tho CUK- toniM URoncy Horvloc. CATH Kl.IfiK ABMV OF MICK KOOOHOW, Ohlnii, Kept. I. (U. I 1 .)- An army of mluc, cniltnntnd at no,000, In varied tho town of Mcherig- I'liiinw, In Fuklan. CatH and dogn ran for nhr-llar, whllM rnont of the tnhah. itiuitH of th« town took rcfugn \w- lilml liH'ltnd doom, Political Interest Centers in Maine, Michigan Voting By LYMS 0. WILSON (UntM rreit touted Wire) HOTEL SAVOY/? i.Qg>KNCKL.«» I Mo«toorw«nl«nt Downtown Hottl CORNER SIXTH A QRAND ir SO 6 A co* ONI OR *Z>S>U TWO riMONS Twin Otdi er Ccrfttr R*«mt, $1 No Extra ChxrpeforTwo Peraon* Occupying th« Bum* Room All outilde rooms—All with bath Mod«rn In «v«ry d«l«ll—popultr Col(•• Shop, Dining end CocMtll Roomi i -k Q«r»o() 60o ^r Auto Ptrk 3Bo * T^ABMINOTON, Hept. 1..—rolltl- " oal Interest today centnrs In Michigan's primary and Maine's genova! (-lection which will Hlumln- alo mld-Bflptombor political conditions In New England and tho lake slato areas. Malnn will elect a United States senator, a govwnor and throo mom- bers of tho Jlouno of Ileprcsoiita- HVM In Its traditional Jump-thc-gun polling on September 14. Its vote for prtisldcnUal electors will bo cast on November 3 whon the remainder of tho slatos will opnn tllBlr polls tor local nnd national voting. Michigan Is ono of 10 Hnptenibor primary states and will ballot Hup- tembor 16. Tho others am! Novatla, Hoptcmlmr I; Arl?.ona, Colorado, Vermont, Washington, Kpptombrr S; and Now Hampshire, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York, Heptom- bor 16. Maine Is tho nation's political dl- vlnliiHT rod and there Is sufficient truth In tho adage that "as Mulno goes, so goes tho nation," to mako political managers eager for the prestige of pro-November success on tho northcau'jrn border, Democrat*-- raided Maine's Republican defences In 1932 to elect a governor and two of three members of thn Honsi! delegation. There was no senatorial oloctlon In that year. Haven weeks later Malno wan one of six Htatcs to cast Its electoral voto i for Herbert C. Hoover. But Iho 1032 Htipiember polling had accurately fowfast a national trend toward tho Democratic ticket which was realized In I'rosldunt Hoosovclt'n overwhelming victory. In T034 Governor Louis J. Brann, a Ui-mucrat, was re-eleoted and Main" Continued Its House of Kepro suntatlves ratio of two Democrats to one TU-publlcari. The 1034 voto hi Malno forecast another Democratic swoop and that was realized in tho November general nlectlons when only soven states oloated Republican governors or Unltud Htatos senators. Now Jorsoy split that year, electing a DemocratIr senator and a Ilopub' llcan Kovernnr. Sonate Walliico II. White. Jr., Ho publican, opposes Governor Brann for tho Himutc seal at stake Ihls year. Uubord Is thn Democratic candidate asralnat Lewis 0. Barrows, Ilepubllcan. The Hopubllcfctt candl- date for tho House in the First district Is a $200-a-month Townscnd pension advocate. Tho Lemkb- Coughlln Union party has Its own House candidate In the Second district. The Rev. Benjamin B. Bubal', a Townsendlte, Is an Independent candidate for governor. If Iho Republican candidates arc uniformly successful tho Maine ba- •omotfir will have forocast a decline .n Democratic popularity nationally and If tho Democrats hold their own tho forecast, so far as now dealorw iro concerned, will bo for politically fair weather In November. Michigan Ilepubllcan politics is aplnning' around Senator James Coupons, an Independent Republican candidate for re-nomination who has endorsed Mr. Hoosovelt. Political commentators report from Michigan .hat the Coupons 1 pronouncement for Mr. Roosevelt probably will cause the Senator's defeat In tho primary whero ho Is opposed by former Governor William J. Bruckor. The Michigan Democracy, suffering acutely from disorganization and a series of party squabbles, has been Invited by tho Roosevelt administration to nominate High Commissioner Frank Murphy of tho Philippines for governor. Murphy, a former mayor of Detroit, was an extraordinary vote-gottcr before going to tho Philippines and was drafted In Michigan, aa Governor Horbert H. Lehman was forced Into the contest for re-noinlnatlon in Now York, by Roosevelt administration strategists anxious to Improve their chances In a close and politically vital Btato. Cou/.enM 1 pronouncement for Mr. Roosuvelt Is counted among tho good Democratic breaks of tho late summer. And if Murphy proves to bo as good a campaigner as he used to be tho new deal will have an even chanco to carry Michigan In November. 4 « * WIN1C DESTROYED SACRAMENTO. Sept. 1.—(A. P.)— Tho Slato Department of Public Health through Its bureau of food and drug Inspection service last month destroyed 40,000 gallons of claret and other red wines which wore sub-standard and until for human consumption. PLAN FIFTH JOB Foundations Poured for New Project of Standard Oil Near Old River Landowners about Old , River are all attention at the proposed fifth well In Ten Section field, which wilt bo located 3V4 miles west of Old TUver and 1 milo north of the Taft highway by Standard Oil Company. Other wells being drilled to the now deep sand are north or Bouth of the discovery well, and consequently farther from Old River, ' Near Old Itiver Foundations Mr the new venture, 9-1, are being, poured 2310 feet iveat and 330 south- of the northeast corner of, section 84, 30-26, which point Is on. a--., line running from Shell's dlacovecy well to the four cornern 'at Old Klver. It la believed that tho success of this project will boom the Old River district since tho land thero Is cut up Into Individual parcels not owned by Kern County Land Company. , Stands Cemented Shell OH Company's second well, Stevens A-BO on Rectlon 20, which Is 1000 feet southwest of the first, Hlruclt tho oil sand at 7763 feet, or 00 foet higher than In the discovery well and now Is standing cemented with 9%-lnch casing set at 7760 feet. Twenty feet of the oil zone was drilled to 7780 feet. »« » .1 Modoc Petroleum Well Futon Pump Shallow production of 65 barrels dally, being pumped from Modoc Petroleum Company's completed Vedder-BowlBs No. 2 In tho Dominion area north of Mt. Poso field, nee tlon 21, 20-28, in expected to increase wheii a now oil outlet Is arranged, d anasome is* that Handsome doe s ... And thai's as true today as wlion Goldsmith wrote it over 150 years ago. A handsome new front can never take the place of the line principles which have built this business. |[ Neither does it mean that we have suddenly gone "high hat". Tins store lias, and always will have a heart ...a warm personal interest in you, our customers and a desire to servo and please that is deep seated and real. |[ Mere brick and stone and mortar, no matter how skilfully handled, can never change that. |[ Jf you like llie line new store we've just proud with ns. For this is your store—we made it beautiful for you. MINING LOCATIONS J. K. Wadley—Arn ended Denver No. In At*lla*Rand district. K. A. Duncan—Amended Denver No. 7 to 10, samfr, district. ,J, K. Waflley—Amended, Mary Jano, Bunshlnn Nn«. 1-8, Denver Nos. 1 to 6, name dlMirlci; Colorado Brgda, name dldtrlot. «•..*• . .lean Htcplions—-Dotty Jean, In name district. Claronco Is!. Blaclt, ct al—Silver Ttn, Silver Tip No. 1, Hllver Key, Plek Up and Pick Up No. 2, In »ame dldtrlct. A. M. Pratt ot ux— ttl PasO, lied Rock district. „. *• AURUNt C. Tlellman ct al-—Potato, Salad Noo. 1-2, Clear CreoU district, V. M. Brnlth et al—Mary Jane, Oarlock, district. Homer Land—Desert Quoon and De8ert Queen No. 1, Iladernachor district. O. N, Morrison—Mayflower Extension, In Greenhorn district. Delia Qerbracht—Oolden Butte fraction No, t, In northwest quarter section 8, 10-12. • OIL AGREEMENTS P. Weston to James P. George— Option to September 21, 1630, to lease northeast quarter section 22, southwest quarter of northwest (luarter, northwest quarter of southwest quarter section 26, east half of northwest quarter section 26, south'half of northwest quarter, section 20, north half of northeast quarter unction 27, west half of aoiithwest quarter Hectlon IB, north tlirso-fourthH of north half of north half of south half Hectlon 10, north half of couth Iralf of southeast quarter section 16 and northeast quarter of northeast quarter section 14, 20-21. AVolport OH Company to R. H. Anderson—Lease .dated May 14, 1980, one-olffhth royalty, 0-year drill clause, northeHHt quarter Section 30, 28-20.. Morrltt Annex Oil Company and Julius Fried et ux and Standard Oil Company of California file notice of oontraot as to sale of oil from north half of oast half of west half section 20, 12-24. '4 I » Western Gulf Keeps Two Rigs Operating While the drilling boom at Fruit The present output la not considered^ vale field flashes up and down and to be the capacity of th« well. Depth Is 1C3C feet and 8%-lnch casing Is cemented at 1618 over tho Vodder sand. It is believed that pro. duclton will Increase when tho ol lino Is built to take tha oil down hill from tho rig Instead of. uphill. +4_« Expect Oil Soon in Ohio Company Test Ohio Oil Company's outpost, Edl- son-Senlo 4-1, on tho north edge of Ifidlsou field, north of tho railroad on section 4, I!0-29, is not quite deep nough to Hlriko tho Temblor oil anda expected til this location. The earest hole In tho now Idle Texas .'ompany's 4-2. r p, 11 quartoi"of a mllo outh and down tho dip, which set using i>n tho i)ll Band at 3a.15 foot. Jhlo's crew has got dowri to 818G, nil tho next few days should re- HARRY COFFEE now temporarily Is In a aulet pe rlod, Western Gulf Oil Company which discovered tho field and holds most of tho undrilled acreage, keeps Steadily drilling with two strings o tools. The company lately has started drilling Edward West No. 2 on section 21, 20-27, and No. 0 on the Red Ribbon ranch, section 26. •» t » IN'GKNIOUS PATROLMAN CLEVELAND. Sept. J, (U. P.)— Jtisl as Patrolman James Stanka climbed tho ladder of his slgna truck to fix a traffic light, an au tomobllo crashed Into tho truck ant loft him dangling from the uwlnglng tilgnal. 1,10 hung marooned whll pulled,',S.hem whll occupants of Iho' selves, frbm the v' someone called tho fire departmen to lower him, It occurred to a fellox patrolina.ii to drive tho batterec truck back under tho light. Stanka dismounted as ho had mounted. Associated Continues "Development of Sha| Oil Formations Remoteness of ' Assoolafl Company's new shallow flelq Lost Hllls-I£ettleman antic north ot Ix>st IIUls Held, act that moat of trio land has closely hold for a long time; t lean spectacular than other rej strikes in Kern county.. As>6u' IBS one 1 producer In the flrstji mother ready to try out tho" eec aiuid, and foundations l&ld for .ftlrd shallow welh No Off sets These are on the company's SO aero Williamson' leaso on' «ecUoa^« 26-20. No offsets by other operati tiavo been started and tho exterf the accumulation Is not Known.ij sooiated's Williamson No. 1 deep tent which wan suspended, 7856 feet after passing up 8li showings. Later Williamson was drilled to try the first san<3 was completed pumping 200 from 1143 feet. j Williamson No. 3 v went , trj the lop sand and set S'Si-inoh on a second sand at JB16 fa (1%-Inch liner has been Set oil torn at 1088 feet artd tho catl of this horizon wlll'be measitiT soon us a pump Is rigged up'. Foundations Laid Foundations are being pojj tho northwest corner of one location west of No. lamson No. 4, which, 'lf-J will require three offsets j Ing landowners. Threfl'Q a mile northeast the wildcat, Taylor No. 3, on| is dosvn 2330 feet \vlthOi[ oil showings, according ports. Sinclair Subsidi] Firms Consoli (Amocinted from INDEPENDENCE, Kanf i—Officials of the Slnolal| Pipe Lino Company here today consolidation of the "throe most Important companies" Into a elnglii tlon "to co-ordlnato aotH effect savings." Companies affected by Ion aro the Sinclair PralrliJ Company, tho Sinclair Pr Uuo Company (of Tejlas) Sinclair Refining, Company. .The three subsidiaries , merteed .into^a single .corppr be known as the Sinclair Company with an • authorized of $70,000,000, officials uald. Tho main office of the compj In-New York. what I.want!" •ay these eyes "I get what I want!" says this chin IK. 'Bakevsfidd Thrifty buyers are findinj they can enjoy a perfect!* delicious whiskey for ver| little money. It is Kentuck "double-rich"straight Bourbon A Schenley Whiskey with tht Mart tfMtrit, Made in Kentucky hy old-time Kentucky dittillert . . . the good old Kentucky way. Ait for it at your favorite tavern. _ Cop.. WMS. fckekW btefWon. tM t . N. v, 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKI

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