Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on June 25, 1966 · Page 7
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 7

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1966
Page 7
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PAGE 10 THE ANDERSON HERALD SATURDAY. JUNE 25, SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 1966 THE ANDERSON HERALD MM11; interim By JANE TONEH SCOTT_ The warrens' house in niles has many other ideas that are interesting ... in the line of antiques . . . helen has always collected old iron locks and manv of them have THE READER'S COURTROOM By Henry B. Rothblatt Selma decided not to leave David's Department Store when she noticed it was raining verv heavily outside. So she went — 1 tnem nave look at sweaters. What seemed known histories'. . . some un-jto be a friendly path turned known they have used (into a monster of trouble. She them . ' .'throughout the house j slipped as she was about to there is a wall in the get a last-minute gift for her family room that has interesting M^i son. Selma sued Davtd locks and keys hanging on old picture" hangers . . . long nails with china heads ... the for her injuries. "David, the store owner, was responsible for my fall on the fireplace has a buill in copper j wet floor in his store." Selmai coffee pot ... and of course insisted. "I noticed there was ... the cranes to hold pots quite a bit of water on the and pans . . . there is just floor and tried to be careful." am trouble with tm'e early american cooking ... the wonderful drawing fireplace perfect in every detail t w&s a very busy night and , n saw the floor was wet," _ . •••David retorted. "Selma saw perfect in every detail . . .'people coming in all wet. It seems to attract the spirits of; n - as the rainy sea-rn. My miin- the poor deer Indians . . . who | enanoe employe puts down once rested there . . Ihe fireji arf , e ru bbcr mats. We con- can be burning perfectly . . • Utantly checked for anything i then. . . suddenly pocahontas or| Wron g \v'e used regular janitor! some dear departed soul sits on m0 ps to mop the floor. Selmai the chimney . . . and . . . was too looking out thej pouf ... the house is full of| u .i,. i( | ow an( j was herself care- smoke . .. this sort of makes ; ess " it a bit undependable . . .. hrlen; U A Y SELMA tuAAjvtMi bought some black old church FROM DAVID FOR HER PER-' candlesticks at some auction j SONAL INJURIES? Weigh both ... she scrubbed them up ... gjdgs Then mark your verdict, and they are truly treasures in YES ( ) NO ( ) brass ... she found an old, yES. "One who operates a horticulture book . . . which : sto ,. e „,. p i ace f or the general had been in the family for sa i e 0 [ m8 rchand'£e invites the many years . . . each one was:p u |,ij c to frequen: his piace of framed in gold leaf frames . . ..busings." the Judge said. "He and they were hung in a group | mves to his patrcr.s the duty to of twelve . . . over the sofa maintain his establishment in a ... in truman's black . . . reasonably safe condition.'' white and red bedroom . . . (State laws vary. For per- epaulets were framed in a (SOna i g u jti an ce. see your family 1 shadow box ... antique fire-; l awy er. > arms were on another wall ... helen ... of course . . . had a canopied bed with yellow and white cliintz . . . that matched her wall paper ... she painted huge yellow roses on her china wash basin ... set in a marble topped dressing table ... an old dressmaker's frame was painted black . . . and had a ridiculous bunch of violets . . . to add the whimsy ... to a charming room . . . i suppose that the whole house was more enchanting ..... because each thing you saw was not only the rteht thing ... to be in that spot . . . but the thing that you wished that you would have had the imagination to put in those places ... it was just delightful ... it was really fun ... it was also a very difficult house to get the right housewarming gift, until we thought of rosebushes ... for the garden . . . that's all for now. The average female rat produces about 20 babies during her lifetime, which is one vear. By WARD GREENE WALT DISNEY'S SCAMP By MORT WALKER and DICK BROWNE WELL.YOU COULD TAKE A LITTLE TIME OFF FROM 6OLF TO SHOW HER SOME AFFECTION. YEAH. I GUESS I COULD. BV ALFREO ANDRIOLA IT'S MY DUTY TO AMSE YOU THAT WXI DON HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE THE APVICE OF COUNSEL, "T.N.T. ".'... I'M AFRAIP WE MUST HOLD YOU ON SUSPICION OF MURDER.' 1 JUST DON'T KNOW, 56 DRAKE.'.. NOLA HAD THE HOTEL PHYSICIAN CALL /WE OVER HERE.'.. ANP, AS I WALKED , CHT BLRCK. OPEN EVERY DAY By BOB MONTANA YES, Bur ' TONIGHT APCHIE, ARE \ I'M GONNA YOU STILl. ) CATCH CAMPING OUT /WHATEVER For Fine Quality FURNITURE HOURS: 9 a.m INTO MY IIILL-r rf TLNT AND BTEALINt FOOD / till 9 p.m. SATURDAY 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. SUNDAY I p.m. til) 7 p.m. 3 Miles So. of Anderson Junction 9 and 67 Across from llnder't Phon. 643-6971 I'LL JUST TflKEOUT THI9Pfl6E...ANPIF .SHE ASKS ABOUT IT * ...YOU PONT KNOWATHIN6/ THE NEWSPAPER IrJTOMISSTOWNE W, DOCTOR f HOW'LL I li } GET RID ( OF THIS? A ROARING FIRE. 1 .' EXACTLY WHAT JOLLV OLD-«O.' r MO. r .''-SANJTA WOULD THINK OF/.' Mother: "Tom's trike might be stolen or rained on while Mother: "The Brown's forget to put Bill's trike away before they went on their vaca- they are away, so we will put it in their garage. No, He won't care it you take it home and play with you cannot take it home. Children's later concept of "mme-Uiin?" is fornml by early CROSSWORD DO\VX 22. Family 1. Indians of mc-m- Lhe Columbia bor valley -3. I-ow ? f'i;e join? n. ("onjtino ACROSS 1 Fellow ?> Maple or LET'S HAVE THI5 UNDERSTOOD, MOTHER HARDIN!- JANICE jooNALGER-. IM , AND I WILL WANT VOU AND x v£RY ^ UCH , NTERt , T ED 4. Family m c m be- r coin ti. Rodonis 7. Emit. 5. Ghostlike 9. Ridges 1 1. Rupture 13. Tableland 15. Decapitate 18. English spa J9 Sample of cloth x v£RY UCH , NTERt , T ED AUNTHATTIETOOWLOnENl , N KNOWING YOUR... J TO5E£BERTIE!...AND5TAV 7 iN 5RIN6 UP HIS r^l ii KT &<; inwr, A*; von i IKF ' > V -,-,-„., ,--.,,.0 . i*a« : UST A5 LONG A5 YOU LIKE.' By WALT DISNEY L By SYDNEY OMARR FOR JUNE 25 "Th* wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points In* way." ARIES (Mar. 21 • Apr. 19): Keynote tact, poise. Applies especially in dealing with partner or mate. Public reactions very important now. If attending social affair . . . STAY OUT OF FOOLISH DISPUTES. TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20): Accent on service, amiability. Show appreciation for past favors, services. Catch up on basic chores. Realize some details may appear routine- but are of real importance. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Follow through on hunch . . . but don't reveal plans completely. Some may try to "pump" you. Know when to be discreet. Applies especially to social affair, club meetings. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): You tend to be focal point of family mood. Be reasonable. Accent cheer, good will. Highlight basic issues. Realize you can be firm but fair. Let younger person have his say. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): You may feel you should be accomplishing at faster pace. But some delay now may ultimately prove beneficial. Applies especially where journeys, messages are concerned. Study CANCER message. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Enjoy activities but without forgetting budget resolutions. Welcome chance for change, pleasure. Know you cannot stick strictly to routine without falling into rut. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Cycle high. When opportunity knocks ... be alert for its sound! Welcome friendly, stimulating influences. If possible, get out of house tonight. Have fun ... within reasonable limits . SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Highlight personal, private interests, such as hobby. Accent on need for privacy, self- assurance. Later, come out of shell. But don't forget to feed the "inner man!" SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Important you learn to know problems of friends. Be a good, sympathetic listener. You can cement relationships . . . make this a day which promotes personal.maturity. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Concentrate on potential, including long-range implications of current actions. Realize acceptance of added responsibility may be necessary. Display courage of convictions . AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Journey which brings you together with close friend, relative is beneficial. Take initiative. Realize others may be waiting for you to make first move. STAND TALL! PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): Be aware of commitments. ' Applies especially where money enters picture. Show others you are not without allies. Then you earn respect. .. promote better understanding. * * * IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY ... you are capable of perceiving opportunities, following natural instincts! You could succeed as investment counselor, legal advisor. * * * GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for LIBRA, SCORPIO. Special word to CANCER: Stick close to home base if possible. WHY 1431 Broodwoy Ph. 644-7822 Is This Your Problem...? By DR. JOYCE BROTHERS Try and Stop Me . Site of a u:t!!. circa IfiOO ]0. More unusual 12. Peel 111. Kiprn 14. Common cndmg- 15. Exist 16. Revolve. 1 7. Thus 18. Mrs. HST 20. Spread Brass to weapon 21. Salt-water food fiA 15. Positive electrode 1*9. Hurried 31. Make. 3t. Small. Ircsh water fish S.T Greek leUer Sfi. Newspaper item: abbr. 3S Kxclama. [ion Zf>. Pus? peaks 40. French painter 42. Container 43. Severe 44. Projecting: roof edges 45. Submerged 46. Stained DAILY CRYPTOQUOTK — Here's how to work It: AXYDLBAAXR li LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample- A. is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation M F MKTJWPTL J Y -By BENNETT CERF* ever suspect that a few of those grim, un- W yielding, steely-eyed income tax inspectors actuall] include a sly sense of humor in their make-up? In proof oi this unlikely premise, however, the Revenue Service gives these examples of queries that were mailed in, and the answers given thereto: Q. My girl is a burlesque stripper. What can she take off as a deduction? A. All that the law allows. Consult Form 1040. If you girl bought her own costume, or what passes for a costume, she can certainly take it off. Q. On Form 1040 there i are only six lines for dependents. What do I do with my other eight children? A. Write smaller, give them shorter names, or use an' extra blank. , Q. We expect a baby in January. If we name him before! December 31, can we claim him on this year's return? A. Even if you name him after the Commissioner of U.S. ! So many parents become paralyzed by the prospect of laving to talk to their' teen ihildren, simply because a cer- ain mystique has gathered around the term "adolescent," hat it is both refreshing and encouraging to hear from Dr. John Schimel, of the William Alanson White Institute of Psy- jhiatry, Psychoanalysis and "sychology. As author of a book winningly entitled, "How to Be m Adolescent and Survive," he jas set himself the mission of estoring the adolescent to the uman race. Dr. Schimel's opening volley mmediately ruptures the for- idding adolescent mystique, by announcing that, "There has een too much emphasis on the ifferences between adolescents nd adults." While everyone acknowledges lat adolescence is a period of articular stress, because the dolscent is intensely con- erned with recognizing, creating, and developing the person- lily traits that will mark him s an adult, it is important to emember that the human and ocial issues over which he is trugglmg are exactly the same nes that concerns adults, he difference lies not in the uality of the problem, but in le quantity or intensity of the idividual's attention to it. At times, because he cares eeply about his perfectibility s an adult, the adolescent ex- eriences depression and des- air; but at other times, when ratters go his way, he can dis- lay a hopefulness that is re- •eshing to the very adults who ave been impatient with his eriods of doldrums. The hopefulness of the adoles- ent, and his willing energy in le pursuit of goals that adults re too tired or too discouraged i strive for, are great allies ir the person who wishes to ;lp the emotionally disturbed oung person. Dr. Schimel's ad- ce to doctors has relevance well for parents and other y people whose sympathy ex- ends to troubled young mem- ers of society. According to Dr. Schimel, the eynotes in dealing with a disturbed adolescent are leisure and highly personalized contact. MAY BE DISTRACTED White-coated efficiency, while it may impress the busy adult patient, makes the adolescent feel diminished, unimportant. If he feels timid about upsetting a rigid office routine, he may never mention his real problems. Without communication, there can never be cure. Dr. Schimel outlines his three basic means for establishing lines of communication with a young person: "listening to him, 'talking to him, and doing something with him." Although parents may feel that they have already tried some or all of these techniques, and still cannot get close to their adolescent, perhaps they should take note of the doctor's prescription for the lost art of talking to the adolescents. First, he cautions that questions should be neutral, and the adult should try never to hint by word, facial expression, or gesture that he disapproves of anything he may be told in confidence. When conversation becomes preaching, or talking down to the adolescent, the cause is lost It is true that many adults reel uncomfortable taking to young people, but the practice of what Dr. Schimel praises as 'simple friendliness" is an art worth cultivating. He has seen it result in improvements that are both psychological and physiological. Patients who experienced frequent bouts of despair have become gradually more hopeful and ultimately happy; in the same way, allergies, asthmas, Internal Revenue, you can't claim him as an exemption and ulcers disappear'along with until the moment he is born. J : —+ i There's a worthy old eccentric toiling among the lower eche- depressions. When they are extended a „ genuinely friendly helping hand I Ions of a big publishing combine who has been, laboring- raith-i DV other human beings, adol- fully for years on a book designed to prove once and for all that : escents lose their fear of being the true author of all the plays ascribed to William Shakespeare! human. was Francis Bacon. What he has done is to work out an elaborate set of acrostics in which the letters forming- Bacon's full j name are scattered all through Shakespeare's published works/ A mean Boston critic lias demolished the eccentric's theory at one 1 fell swoop by simply reprinting couplets from Mother Goose with 1 | key letters italicized to show precisely the same "Francis Bacon" over and over again! 1966, by Bennett Ceif. Distributed by King Features Syndic-ate Believe It or Not! Send your problems to Dr. Joyce Brothers, The Anderson Herald, care of The Bell Syndicate, Inc., 220 W. 43rd St., New York, and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a return reply. PROBLEM A DAY 2 INMATES SERVINS SENTENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY IM IEAVENWORTH PENITENIIARV, WERE NOT RElflTEb, YCT. BOTH HIRE NAMED MLL W£ST. 7HEY LOOKED EXACTLY ALIKf, AND THC* Hffi THE SOME BEKriUON MEASUREMENTS ONLY THEIR FINGERPRINTS DIFFERED (1903) * SUMATRA TERMITES fllWAVS BUILD THEIR TALL NEST'S BETWEEN THE ROOTS OF BREADFRUIT TREES ^^^fali^ ^figfe^ OR B O .T Y J W R M E T T .J I, O M P H P T f] J P K R P J B T. — K .1 R L O R VMt»rdn.v'» Oynloqimt*-: TI1K GREAT 1NSTR11MKNT OP MORAL GOOD IS THE IMAGINATION. SHKLLEY (O 19M, Kini F<*turcn Syndiute, Inc.) HAWTHORN HEDGE ,„ .sicmtom < ]OT1 »,y, TRIMMtO IN IHE SHAPE OF A COMPLETE RAILROAD TRAIN What is the circumference of p the largest circle that can be drawn inside a square containing 33,856 square inches? Answer 578.054 inches. • Extract square root of 33,586; multiply by 3.1416 (pi.) Retarded Children's VBS Sessions Held At First Baptist The Busy Beaver Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church 335 W. 14th St., has completed one week of Vacation Church School. The class was well , attended this year, with two new members. Mrs. Norman Woolard was general superintendent of the department, with Mrs. Harry Clark, Jr. and Mrs. J. Edgar Smith assisting her. This was the fourth summer the class has had a Vacation Church School. The Busy Beaver Sunday School Class meets each Sunday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 o'clock for Sunday School under the supervision of Mrs. Agnes I.ifford and Dan Brinduse. All mentally retarded children are welcome to attend this clnss without cost. , Winning Contract my Howard *<h*nk«o and Wihwtf L. fray BRIDGE! QUIZ for partner to pass: in fact, You are fully entitled to ma- we are aiming at slam and will nipulate the bidding with the make some further move over , ..... _ ... i.e., five ngxt intention of keeping partner from playing tte dummy. (After all, you play the cards so much clubs over four hearts. hearts over five diamonds; five! better.) But bridge is still more enjoyable if you win-and to simple rebid normally pins a win the maximum you have to identify those deals that will be "Do Not Disturb" sign on the responder, but we have a some- by you, and vice versa. You are South. On these deals, do you favor the division of labor that we do? j. .South West North East 1 * Pass 2 9 P.S. 2 N.T. Pass 30 P.,, ? * A K 5 3 2 tf A 10 0 Q 10 9 * A 4 Z fc East South Vest North Pass Pass Pass 1 * Pass 2 N.T. Pass 3* Pass ? * Q 10 8 3 ^ K J 8 OQJ3 *KS3 c. North East South West 10 Pass 19 P.,. 30 Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5<? Pass SN.T. Pass 6 * Pass ? 4 A Q 4 2 <? K 10 "> 5 0 8 7 * A K 4 b. Three no trump. Opener's better played by partner than what exceptional hand and on the majority of deals where partner can make three clubs we shall be able to make three no trump. Our queens and jacks may not be much use in a suit| contract, hut they are practical-! ly certain stoppers in no trump.' c. Six no trump. The small slam must be a cinch provided we protect our spade holding against the opening lead. The danger in bidding six diamonds —in which partner probably holds 100 honors, missing the king—is that he may be set with a spade opening if both- mi;sing kings are badly placed. | d. Four hearts. Normally wej would prefer partner to be de-' clarer, protecting his black suit holdings. Unfortunately, (he bidding makes a diamond opening a certainty if we pass three no trump. Our only entry would then evaporate and our hands would probably be dead. e. Two no trump. Although we would relish a chance to show the distributional character of our hand, there is no way to do so while at the same time; showing our point accurately. Given a choice, it is better to show point count. f. Three clubs. This hand may well belong in three no trump— but only if partner can bid it voluntarily. West Pass Pass <I. North East South J-* 1 0 14 Pass 2 <? 3 N.T. Paw ? 4872 V K J 10 8 5 2 0 A *986 •. South West North East 14 Pass 1N.T. Pan 4AKJ73 <?A7S2 OAS f. North East Squlh West 1 * Pass 1 <v> Pass 2* Pass ? 4lfl97 tfAQJ73 01086 *A2 ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ a. Four diamonds, On this sequence it is virtually impossibli Ihe Shepherd- TENDERNESS "Into tender love." Dan. 1:9 I know a baby-doctor who . . . When she tells parents what to do ... For their small children and their ills ... Prescribes drugs, doses, diets, pills ... She always adds "and give them lots ... Of love and tender care" For tots... She claims need more than medication . . . To cure them and the compensation . . . That comes from cuddling and affection . . . Works miracles in this connection. NEW DEPUTIES CAMP ATTERBURY, Ind. (AP)—The Johnson County sheriff's department has sworn in as deputies 10 security officers of the Camp Atterbury Job Corps Center. Westinghouse Corp., new operator of the center, will pay the salaries. TASTE ITS TINGLING TARTNESS IN KING SIZE Bottfed by I Q J er3on r ~sna* WISHING WELL ' Begiitered U. S. Patent Office. 6 A 8 A 5 L, 2 D T~ P 3 0 T" B 7 Y ft U 2 O b N 3 n 6 K 2 E 5 Y 2 I> ' 6 B 3 A 5 IT 2 tr - 7 i 2 A 6 E 3 TJ 7 I 2 S b C 6 R 8 A 3 A V W 4 0 8 F « A 5 S 3 S 7 tr < p 8 O 4 I 7 5 V N 8 N 4 E 8 C e G 7 L 4 T 4 S 4 N tl A t> I V L 8 A 7 K 3 R 7 O 4 W 8 T 8 F 'I B 3 W b a 2 I, b R 4 R 4 F 3 P b £ 6 E 6 D G 3 S 3 N 5 C 6 s 8 T 5 O T 0 S 2 D 8 I 7 G 3 T P 5 A I L 6 U & H H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It la a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. £-25 G 1BI». 6y Wllllua J. Mlll«r. Dlitribuud by Klnr Fdtum Byndlc»H, In* THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW by Fagaly & Shorten TMAT5 NO HATM I WONDER THAT'S AGARBA&E IF MADAME. DUMP TRYING/ .15 GONNA TO MAKE 4 WEARrrHOME GOOD.'JL-OREATIT HERE! MAOAME.THAT CHAPEAU ISREAUV YOU.'AWDI PERSONAL^ GUARANTEE THAT IT WONT GO OUT OF STYLE BEING A SUCCESSFUL DESIGNER OF WOMEN'S MM5ISSIMPWAMATTER OF BRINGING AM UGW SITUATION TO A HEAP- Holsnm By MORT WALKER HIM A LITTLE MOBS. T«I r TUNK: we WAVB A COUPLS J A flat abdomen and a lean your hands. You are allowed to help by raising your arms diaphragm are pretty good in- forward-upward as you lift your surance that you have a good head and shoulders. igure. Of course some women have these and also have hips Q. Please tell me about plas- which are a little large or some tic surgery, its cost, Low long other figure defect. BUT, usu- it takes, and so forth. when this happy situation A. Cases differ so that I can't you don't have to wor- give you general information. ry about the swimming season. Locale a plastic surgeon through your local county med- Some women cannot take the ical society, and talk with him more strenuous abdominal and diaphragm slimming exercises, so today I am giving you two I would like to know if easy ones to start w jone may use whole milk in- BARNEY GOOGLE AND .SNUFFY SMITH D 1. The bicycle exercise, when stead of skim milk when diet- ying on your back, is a mild TH' NEXT TIME \ ME AN'MAW J SIT .IN A f • FA.MBLY ) HASSLE- ./ 7 abdominal exercise and also A. Whole milk has twice as OURN VORE WUTHLESS HIDE, OL'BULIET!! tones the leg muscles UP on many calories as skim milk so your back with your legs and if you drink much milk you will arms resting on the floor. have to make up for the differ- Use your legs just as though ence some place else in your (•ou were riding a bicycle. 2. Lie on your back with your arms resting on the floor at sides, your kncrs b?.nt and your feet flat on the floor. Raise four head and shoulders o(£ of the floor. Return to floor and relax. Don't push with Anyone desiring to communicate with Josephine Lowman ma.t reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate, Des Molnes, la. TELEVISION SCHEDULE By CHICK YOUNG 13-ABC WTTV - WFBM - WISH WLW-I The Symbol c Below Denotes Pioeram IB Color FRIDAY EVENING Roger Ramjet r Ramjet Leave It To Beavei Westerners Westerners CBS News CBS_News News. ~'"ci. Spts Wild. Wild West Wild, Wild West Koran's Heroes (C) Jennings News Ch. 13 News Bronco (V A PORCUPirJE Flintsfmes r Fllnlfitoncs i Taminv tC) Tamni'y (C) Adams Family uimuck (C) Hank <Cl Hank TO Sin? Along Sing Along Corner Pyle (C) Corner Pyle (C) Movie Movie Honey West Honey West Farmer's Daughter (C) Court Martini Court Martial Court Martial Court Martial 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11-45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 News, Weather, Sports Divorce Court Divorce Court News Movie Weather, sptt. Movie J. Carson (C) News, Sports J. Carson (C) Weather By ALEX RAYMOND AHP IM N£$ AriAHTIS..\ J. Carson (C) Movie J. Carson (C) Movie J 'Jarsor (C) Movie J. Carson (C) Movie Divorce Court Divorce Court Spotlight News PILOT IS HAVING TKOUBLE... • MAPAM XENA IS NOT RETURMINS. WHAT HAS J. Carson (C) Movie News Movie Silent Hollywood Silent A Go : Go SATURDAY MORNING Silent Silent Understanding Our World Farm Front Farm Front Saturday Almanac Looking Around Jetsons (C) Summer Jetsons (C) Semester Atom Ant (C) Indiana _Atom_Ant Three Stooge*' "Capt Kangaroo Three Stooges Capt. Kangaroo Three Stooges Cnpt. Kangaroe Three Stooges Capt. Kangarqc W MN6POM FOR A SET OF INSTRUCTIONS; A Silent Silent Hoosier Round-up Bowery Boys Bowery Boys Bowery Boys Bowerv Boy Timothy Churchmouse Cartoons Cartoons Three Stooges Head to Three Stooges Learning Three Stooges Tennessee Three Stooges Tuxedo (C) porky Pig ( Porky Pig {C) Beatles Cartoon (C) Secret Mighty Squirrel (C) Mouse (C) Underdog (C) Lassie Underdog (C) Lassie WHAT VoM/ I'M WAI-TIMS // WAITING fan M.V MOPEL, Casper (C) Casper 1C) Magilla Gorilla (C) Tom and Jem Tom and Jerr; Quick Draw (C Quick Draw (C TopCat (C) Top Cat (C) Fury Fury Sergeant Preston Soupy Sales Soupy Sales SATURDAY AFTERNOON Science Fiction Sky King Theatre Sky King Science Fiction Linus TheatreLinus Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny Milton Monster (C) Lloyd Thaxton Lloyd Thaxton Lloyd Thaxton Lloyd Thaxton Hoppity Hooper (C) American Bandstand TEA TEA Lessons For Living American Bandstand Bandstand 13 Bandstand 1.1 Bandstand 13 Bandstand 13 PDQ (Cl PDQ (Cl Roller Der Roller Derby Roller Derby Roller Derby Bernie Herman Western Open Bernie Herman Golf (C) Bernie Herman Western Open Bernie Herman Golf (C) THE LITTLE WOMAN MISTER BREGER Wide World Of Sports Wide World Of Sports Bernie Herman Movie Bernie Herman Movie Sam Snead Movie Golf Movie AUCTION TODAY Wide World Of Sports Midwestern Hayrlde (C) News, Weather. NBC News (C) NBC News (C> Championship Wrestling Championship Wrestling Midwestern Hayrlde (C) Littlest Hobo LitycsTHoto Donna Reed Donna Reed L. Welk (C) L. Welk (C) L. Welk (C) L. Welk (Cl Hollywood Palace (C!^ Ali-Star Game All-Star Game All.Star Game All.Star Game All.Star'Game" News. Weather News. Weather News. Sports News. Weather Sports Continental Show Case Continenta Show Case Secret ARent Seeret_Acent Secret Aeent Secret Agent Face Is Familiar fC) Death Valley Days (Cl Flipper (C) Flipper (C) _ I Dream of Jeannie (C) Get Smart (Cl Get Smart (C) "No, I don't think you missed anything—what s an unassisted triple play?" "I warned you to keep my big mouth shut!" IF YOU WANT TO DC A FRIEND A FAVOR- BUY HIM OR HER A FALSTAFF Relax — Save — Every Day In Herald - Bulletin Classified Ads LAFF-A-DAY No. 1 BEVERAGE, inc. PLANTS IWHER TAMIL/! LOOK. JUST AS STUf ID FCOM NOW! Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time BUT AT A FRIENPS HOUSE WHEN HE FIXES A BELT FOR HIMSELF-THAT'S PlFFO/ HIS OWM HOUSE WHEN TITUS IS MIXING THE LIBATIONS-—HE MEASURES LIKE A BIOCHEMIST A JIGGER? I. CAM TELL WMElJ 8V THE HEFT- NEVER MISS- THIS SPECIAL JIG6ER 6IVES JUST THE RI6HT AMOUMT- /HI6HT AS WELL Be EXACT, I ALWAYS 35 Kinl r.«lum Smdifilt. Inc.. 1966. Wo,IJ .ijhl. .w.v.J- . •What'* the sense of having a sports don't drive like a darned fool? A.CAFARAKO A\fK. Your And by Myrtle M«yo NEED OUTLETS I wish all mothers who spank" would take the following tetter t to heart. "Dear Mrs. Eldred: ." t "This is a long overdue lettee,; as I have read your column > since before I was married,;, Now my daughters of 13 and 14 are reading it too. I have nine children, from 15 to four months • and 1 thoroughly agree with/, most of your advice. I may , not follow through as regards spanking — but I'm improving. "I am writing about my fourth child, aged 10. He sucks his. thumb a lot. Do you think I should insist he stop since his t teeth are beginning to stick out? He doss not suck it around his friends or at school, only at home. No Sports , "He takes part in no sports or in scouting. His most enjoyable: times are spent playing with soldiers or in outdoor play con-' cerning soldiering of some kind. He is very alert and intelligent'' but doen't make good grades. in school. "I took him to a mental healtK^ clinic some years back for aiT evaluation of his left-handedness. He had problems with left' and right in arithmetic. The' doctors found he had a high IQ, ever higher than his sister's which was 135. • ,"i was told both children were 'scared' children and needed to," develop confidence in them-" elves. I am sure this is due 0 our treatment of them in their" •ounger years. At three he was' 'ery active, though timid, and! he girls and I spanked hirri' quite a lot. I should have been • 'laying with him because most" 1 the time he wasn't bad, just" jetting on my nerves by running around. Temper Tantrums "His sister had temper tart- rums and I spanked her to give ler something to cry about. I. lave different feeling about what I should have done now. realize children need to be reated with respect as a person and for what they are." ' Mrs. H. B. An active youngster will try mother's patience, but he; needs acceptable outlets for his • energy. Isolation and verbal :orrection will help to control lim, and they are not apt to- make him feel intimidated or '.nsecure. Discuss the boy's teeth with a dentist. Don't force him to' stop even if you could. He leeds other satisfactions, bols- :ered by your confidence in rim. Try to interest him in activities which involve his hands. Wood and metal work, building model planes and all kinds of crafts will help keep that thumb out of his mouth. Let him learn to play a musical instrument. Encourage educational hobbies, as with a microscope or a type-printing, elec-" trical or chemistry set. How about a Y membership? The V has so much to offer a soy who will participate. He should leam to swim and to 3lay ball. This should spark an nterest in sports. * * * Thumb-sucking can be a big vorry to mother especially when ler child is in school and still sucking WE thumb. If you need advice .about this problem, consult Mrs. Eldred's leaflet 'Thumb-Sucking." For your : ree copy send a stamped, self- addressed envelope with your request to Myrtle Meyer Eldred. Anyone desiring to communicate with Myrtle Meyer Eldred can reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate. Des Moines, Iowa. HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK Mildewed Woodwork Wipe mildew from floors and woodwork with a cloth dipped in water containing a little kerosene, or wash it with warm water and soap. Let dry thoroughly. Standard paint cleaners usually are effective in removing such stains painted surfaces. Mixing Plaster When you are making a plaster mix" for some repair job, you'll achieve a much better mix if you'll add Uie plaster to the water, instead of adding the water to the plaster. Why this works we don't know — but it does. Hemstitching The drawing of threads in lemstitching will be easier if hey are first gone over with ? wet brush that has been rub- ied over a bar of soap. Channel Chuckles WHITE ENRICHED BRIAD

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