Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1908
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rfcg R^imimr Hmm ihm Uwymt GtroutmUoa la AUmu Gmuaty Jlj^y Mmwmpmper PutUmhmd la tkm Omuafy, YOL. IX. HA. 488. Wbole Ko. WS. SIX PICIES. lOLi, KANSAS, JAXUABY 18, IMStr-SATEKOAT STima nXPAOK. TWO BIG LAND SALES DISAGREE ON DATE YESTERDAY A BUSY DAY 15 BE- COHDER'S OFFICE. ISqnare Dealers Would Tboose ronVen- tion Delegates In May, Others WoBid Vote in JUarch. Topeka, Jan. 18.—A new feature has , appeared In the consideration of the TWO DEALS INVOLVE $30,000 primary biil as Introduced by Mr. Stubbs in the house. The square dealers are demanding that the four dele, „.„ ^ „ sates at large to the national conven- TWESTY.SIX DEEDS A>D LEASES tlon shay not be hcosen at the state FILED YESTERDAY. IndieatM Confidence In SUbllity Allen County Seal EHtato aVIuc» ^Realty Men IIUMJIUDK. convention called for March 4. but that they should be chosen at the general primary, the date of which ihey say should be in May. Others are In- ofjaistinK that the Taft delcKates should 1)0 chosen .March 4 because of the Influence It WDu .d have In bringing other states, now doubtful, into the Taft column and otiiolully settle the question early as to where Kansas stands. The square dealers Insist that loval Yesterday was not only a big day Taft delegates can be Chosen at the for the filing of leases on gas lands .M.iy primary and that they ought to be but It was a big day for filing of deeds, selected in that way and that the early Two deeds In farm sales were filed In- selection will make no iliflcreiu o, as volving a consideration of something the country knows where Kansas Jlke $30,000. In addition to these, stands already. eleven deeds for other jiroperty were house will accept the plan of \V. Y. filed all'of which shows tliat the flnan- Morgan for the nomination of United clal fiurry is not now injuring the real states senator. This provides for a estate business. Certain it is that big direct vote on I'nited States senator at Investments would not be made if peo- the polls in November. The candidate pie had no confidence in the stability who. receives the most votes in each of real estate values in Allen county, representative and senatorial district Register of Deeds Robert Thompson shrill receive the vote of the elected or says that yesterday was the best day holdover representative and senator In In this respect he has had in months, the parly cauciis. If no candidate for One deed filed shows the transfer Ui.iied States senator receives a mi- ot four different pieces of land from jority of all these representatives ahd Wm. Paske to W. L. Wade, of Green- senatorial instructed vote, then (he wood ocunty for a consideration of candidate for United States senator $15,000. The following land is de- who receives the most votes in the scribed In the deed: state shall be the partv nominee. W. % 8. e. % 28-24-20: w. % n. w. % The Stubbs provision on I'nited n. w. J4'5-25-20; s. w. % lS-2r.-20; s. Staics senator is that the vote on Unit H 8. w.;% 32-24-20. ed States senator shall be taken at the A deed was also filed showing the ,,rini.".ry in March and tlie successful transfer of 240 acres of land from S. E. candidate for representative and sen- Spiliman to W. L. Russell of Dickin- ator shall recqive a certilicate • sho,v son county. The land is described as: inc; the number of votes cast for the W. % n. e. % and e. % n. w. % and candidates for I'nited States senator n. e. hi s. w. ^ and n. w. % s. e. % in that district and in the state at 36-23-19. larpe, so that he will Ijo thus advised Alice Sprlggs makes a deed to Jes- and by inference instructed for such sie N. Trehary for 'Shi acres of land candidate and can have aii option of described as w. s. w. % 22-25-18. following either e-tpression. less one and one-half acres. Consideration $3,200. Five deeds were filed showing the transfer of lots in La Harpe from different parties to J. L. Painter of Bates county. Mo. WAS FOUND GUILTY THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kanus:—Fair toniqht and Sunday; warmer In north portion tonight. Data recorded at Local Oflice, U. S. Waether Bureau, today, yesterday. Chicairo Banker Will Spend Term In and a year aco: Prison for Xlsapproprlating January. 17. Funds. 2 p. m. 4 p. m. 6 p. ra. president of the defunct Chicago Na-I,?; •'• HJ- yesterday Yr. ago Chicago, Jan. 18.— John R. Walsh, Precipitation, 7 p. m. January 18. Today Yr. 2 a. m. 4 a. m. C a. ni. s a. ni. tional Bank, was today found guilty 12 nld'nt of misappropriating the funds of that -Maximum temperatura Institution. The jury reached an agree- ^'Ji'ii '.'.!!^.'.,„':f'"P ^r*"i'''' ment shortly after three o'lcock this morning but the verdict was not announced until ten o'clock. The penalty under the law lor the crime of which Walsh was convicted Is Imprisonment ^ for a period of not less taan five years, {D a.' n\. It does not permit the substitution of 12 tioon tine for imi)rlsonnient. Walsh received the verdict with little show of emotion, but one of the jurors, .\lbert Palmer, of Harvard, Ills., burst Into tears as he took his seat In the jury box and was so overcome during the proceedings (hat he was scarcely able to answer the clerk ....43 ,...48 4.{ .»..:!9 38 33 ...48 ...43 0 OF HEART TROUBLE MRS. AO'ES SCOTT DIES AT THE HOaiE OF HER DAl'UUTER. 32 32 I WAS SICK FOR OVER A YEAR 33 0 26 Precipitation, '7 II. lii. 23 23 ::r, 43 0. 32 32 33 34 35 .03 lOU WON 49 TO 26 AX OLD A>D BIGIILY RESPECTED RESlDE}iT OF lOLA. Funeral to Be Held From the Home .Honday Aflcmoon at Two Tlilrly. Universal e.vpresslons of sorrow were heard in lola this moruing when when asked If the finding represented I Harold Fulton MUM .Star at Rai >ket Rail r**^' "ews caiiie mat Mrs. Agnes Scott his view as t(» the guilt fcndant. of the r.e- DESTROYKD 1.158 BOTTLES. Hnrh Cood LI<inor Emptied In the Gutters .Vt Parsons. (omie Lust Mirht. Last evening at the Y. M. C. A. the basket l)all team of this city defeated the Chanuto team by the score of 49 to L'C. The work of Fulton of the lola team, is deserving of special mention. During the game last evening he suc- Pars !onB, Kas.. Jan. IS.—There was ccoded in landing twelve baskets. The a jolly time here yesterday at the de- loa boys did some excellent team stroylng of the stored liquor seized work, the evidence of which is In the roni joiiitists. Jinal score. • .Vli»rf In all there were 104 cases of booze. — _ *"' r } A:>6 IwtHes. representing a total CAKPICNTKHS are today installing aliialion at ordinary retail jirices of jumping standards and stall bars in j'j.^iit $300. the Y. M. C. A. for the use of the busi- WORKED ALL NIGHT since the financial situation lias iu»Uan Lalwrers Du?: Graves for Boy gan to brighten, real esUte men s .^y that their business has shown marked improvement. Many land "">'fvB I sight of a gang or Italian lal from other parts of the sUte Lrs digging pr.'ives by the light of been In the countj- lately looking for farm and city proi)erty. The indicji- tlons are that there w\U be many real estate exchanges In the spring. MARVIN LEE IS DELEGATE. WIU Represent lola Typofrniphiral I'aton at State MeetlnK. • rton Fire Victims. Iloyerton, Pa.. Jan. IS.—The uneoni- labor- ihe moon for the burial of the dead of the llhtMles iipera house lii.saster, was wit- :ie-.-;od in Tnlon and Kalrvlew cemeteries here last nisbt. So many funerals were held yesterday, and are to be lield today and Sunday that the borough authorities found it necessary to keeii the men at work all night. Today found this part of ibe work in con- .nection with .Monday's bi.rror. almosi At a recent; meeting of the Tola In- ooni|>leted. ternatlonal Typographical Union. Mar- ,v l.»ri;e number of funerals was held vln Lee wasielected delegate to the yesterday and many sad scenes were tenth annual convention of the State enacted as one or more members of a Society of Labor which will convene in faniilv were laid to rest In the hur- Topeka. Kas.. on February 3rd. The riedlv prepared grave. The largest purpose of this organization Is to number of funerals will take i)lace further plans which work In the In- todav. The coroner vesterdav placed terest of the laboring people. the number of dead at 173. There promises to be quite a lively fight on Secretary W. L. A. Johnson when the officers of the society are elected. Labor Organizer H. M- Walker is leading the fight against Johnson by alleging that he Is using the in- -vS'ashington. Jan. IS.—Authoritv flnence of his office for personal gain, has been given by the Navy department for the purchase of Immense quantities of provisions to be delivered at Mare Island in anticipation of the arrival of the battleship fleet in San Francisco. In general these include the same lime of supplies as purchased for the use of the fleet on its cruise around Cape Horn. FLEET SUPPLIES TO FRISCO. A Larqe Shipment of Provisions to Be Ready for Evan's Ships. The liquor was captured last si)ring. | ness men's gymnasium class. The audience joined in singing Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow." MR. A.\D MRS. A. tJ. DIckerson Weill U]> to Topeka .Monday, where Mr. Dickinson attended the annual meeting of the State Cvain Dealers' association, he being on the program as one Woman Found Bead From Ke^olTerjof the si)eakers. While absent they yiW HAVE BEL.V BIRDER. Shot on Porch of Ilonse. visited Mrs. Dickinson's brother. K. H. Smith and family at Lawrence.—Els- Frankfort. Ind.. Jan. 18.—The body]more I^eader. of Jlrs. Samuel Dukes was found today on a porch of one of ber tenement THK STOCKHOLDERS of the Hum houses here. Handkercihefs were tied :ioldt .National bank held a meeting over her eyes and her feet.were tied Tuesday and elected the followins; di- to.iether with a piece of cloth torn rectors for litOS: W. S. Fallls, E. H. from an apron. By th woman's side was a revolver. She had been shot through the heart. Mrs. Dukes was laid, livorcod from Samuel Dukes last summer. The police believe she was murdered. Leitzbach. O. C. Brett, W. A. Byer- ey and It. .M. Porter.—Humboldt Hcr- PITTSBIKG -MAX A SlU'IDE. \. M. Bason Was Despondent Because of Wife's Dratb. Pittsburg. Kas.. Jan. 18.—.\. M. Ma- ?(m. wealthy music dealer, commit- j trial. ted suicide here hue last night ^y| •!hiH)ting himself through the head Mr. Mason was sixty years of age. Me] had grieved over money matters and tlie death of his wife. THK LA^^^tE.\•CK Journal pleads for a sqimre deal for Vaneil. the man in jail there, charged with the murder of his wife. The people have taken It for gruited that lie is guilty and the sentiment against him is strong. The loiirual makes the voluntary proposi tlon tlia: the man should not be aJ iudgod puUty until he has had a fa'r T'lis '.voubl be contrary to all .SOBE BOKE FIGl'RES. J. .S. Walker. Street rommlsslone.-, | Slightlr in Error in Estlmatini^ Cost of Garlmge. Through the morning paper. Street roniniissioner J. S. Walker stated that •t cost the city $1,900 to dispose of Its kinds of winter eoods it will pay you carbage under the former admlnistra- to attend this sale. ;irece(!ent. It is the universal cus- mn to detprmino a man's guilt or Innocence im the street corners and In ilie grocery .stores, and the trial In court is merely a hollow form that is •.;one tbroupl\ for the bake of appearances.—Emporia (lazette. Richardson's. 113 East Madison, to please their hundreds of customers continue their Great Clearance'Sale 3 days longer, until Wednesday night. .Ian. 22nd. If .vou are in need of Cloaks Furs, .Millinery. Dress Goods and all tion and that the present adrainistra- ion is doing it for S64. The following figures show the da.'e and the exact amount paid out for the disposal of garbage for the .vear 1907: 1907. MRS. Aii.Nfc-a Anderson, mother of I .Mrs. T. A. .Milne, of this cit.v. died I at her home in Pittsburg .Wednesday evening with lagrlppe. APPROVED THE BOND Nine Men Have Sianed $iaOOO Bond for S. F. Whitlow—Filed Papers Yesterday. SUBTREASURY SHORTAGE UP J. Warner Has a Bill to Relieve T Aikins of St. Louis. Wflshington. .Ian. 18.—Senator Warner is trying to "eumshoe". the gov- The bond for S. F. Whitlow who l.s charged with the murder of Miss Mav SapD was aP|)r(vved and filed vest?r- iS^t,ty ^A ^''IL ^fS^^T^y'^ ^^'^ ernment'out" or $C1.500." which some continued from the January term one stoe from the wibtreasurv of the. May terin it WSB necessary to Sl. Louis. He has introduced a' bill «in/Skn* ' TT T ^ e?™o /^I directing the treasurv department to S^^'ir?....^* same men signed the credit the account for that' amount 52?? *5 ^**t ?^*^rM *heT *"'i *'?«^.T,^*'^' now carried as "unavailable TSP-D ^•t^^h^^H°^i^•'•.,^& ^^^itIo»: funds and representing a loss Incur- W- ^Tiltlow. .1. H. Thompson. J. red in the sub-treasurv at St. Louis C. atnyiK EE- Thomas. H.B. without default or negligence on th? smith. J. J. Wilson. George W. Car- pan 01 the assistant treasurer at St. ner, Lculs. —————— If-the bill passes. Thomas J. Akins Personal*. be reliev«»ii of the debt. The Mrs. Mayme Hoorev of In'HananoI- son, of Judge D. P. Dyer was arrjst- Is. iT^diana, will arrive Mondav for e,l for the theft, but was cleared by a a ylBl ^wlth Mrs. J. C. Leo. jury. Mr. and Mrs. J. I .Jidd of WA-oming •win be here tomorrow to visit Mrs. ArioHa Anderson. Mr and Mrs. B W. Geerv. 809 East street, jre entertaintne their father W A. n^«r>-. of Richards. Mo. M3s« Edha Keith of Chanute. fs here to accent a position as pianist at the Rachelor. Mr« Duciitf of Kansas Cltv. will spend, a week with her daughter MlB"! Ir^ne DucatL ^ Mrs Henry Waters ha-* pono to Ke- odes'-.i to be a guest of Mrs. Rutha Johnson.. . . IStat ifclene Tholen returned ye* ten»av from WJchlta wher/* uhe attended Mount Carmpl Aeademy. Mi", hpd Mrs. ''hllln Helcle curoe in fr^~i KaDRBB CItv last night after enVivlnB a brief Tislt with' friends Mr, "and Mrs., G. W. Fague wl'l lonve soon to spend a few months In Obk). Ml8- ReVe Horwitzhas returned from a vlult in St Louis _Mo. The TO JURY TONIGHT. Hurley Bi<Ms Case is Still on Bi>*t« Case The Hurlev Buns'case will prob- ablv go to tlie jury late this evening. It was expected that -the evidence would all be In todav noon hut at o o'clock witnesses werp sfi'l being examined. Butts is sulne Dr. J. F. Flvnn for $10,000 for malpractice. PASS BREWER BILL Senate Vote Waa Thirty-two to Five for Tvi,o C^nt Fare Law. Topeka, .Tan. 18.—The Senate by a voie of »h!rty-two to five oaased the 'oWH "\Ti«~'T .^»r4 \v «-.i«,r» Breewr two-cent passenger rate law rJfr»/.nB2^ }f^KMu ^i °^^i ^,^^r afternoon. This I3 Ih^same bill W'^r w' ^Shn^f ^•^'""'^ "'^''^ that was killed by the Senate last ^ih- Velmt" HurWk and MNs Si »e ''\wS''mnla .e ^{,1an"'^ " Heton.Iterman of Moran. ar*» to b*" P^^s tne two-cent mileage pian. tlfli. <'«'>Bts of Miss Madge Hurlock „, for the week end. MISS STRAGHN, a Doetd mission• v! ary in the Colored Baptist church, is MRB] J. W. Gordon has returned to speak at both services at the Sec- frcpn^JHcaxro where she has been ris- ond Baptist churfib tomorrtnr. : itiig^r.:oiure!nts since the holidays. ; A. B. STODDARD. th6 real estate TKm'BJf^iVAIt services at the Seer man, was taken to the pest house this onft ^^PUiMatii 'chorch will ' eontinae aftertioon suffering with smallpox. lliinjSili ''ni iiiiii mtwH Tim niiiiii ait iClHE-BROWN family at 307 North' •-•ugton arenne was released from this afternoon. STREET Commissioner J. S. Walk er today put a force of men at work $ fiO.on diggine a new drainage ditch for Lin- 60.00 coin street. VNTien the new ditch is sn.fto completed Lincoln will be drained di- 60.00 rectly Into Coon creek. Instead or SIJlIU down Cottonwood street. 60.00 63.011 72.01. 72.00 SIRS. BARR, who makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Mary Brown. si.\ miles southwest of the city, was stricken with paralysis today. For a li .w an 1 o** Willi pillili.> aid iwuaj. x-ui » ^ronn While it Was feared that Mrs. Barr 72.00 54.00 7S.00 81.00 78.110 S4.0(i would lose her sight but her condi tion was improved late this afternoon. MISS N'ELLIK VAR.\'ER. niece of J. J2 .fjo .1. Varner of this city, who is studying i ^ll" music at the Kansas State University, 72^74 has been called to Topeka where she 78.00 takes ui) the work of assistant enrolling clerk to the,legislature. Miss Var" ner held tlhs position last year and the January 1 .. January 17 Fpl)ruary 7 February 21 March i March 21 April 4 April IS May 2 May 16 June 6 June 20 Julv 2 Juiv IS August 1 August 1'> .September .'i Septeniber 19 October 3 Octolier 17 N'ovember 7 November 15 December h December 20 $1,674.74 f.tct that she was called to attend to Mr. Walker also noted that the same these duties during the special session work was costing the city only $72 of the legislature is a comidiment upper month or $S64 a year at the pres- on her ability In this capacity. Miss =nt. In making this statement he neg- Varner's home is In Colon.v. but she Is lected to .say that the city was work- well known to many lola people, ing but one wagon at the present time which he takes as a basis for that THIS AFTERNOO.V the Neosho Val estimate for the year. Last year it ley Land company announced that the required two wagons to do this work. .A. W. Lowery grocery stock In East It is also a noticeable fact that after lola had been traded by them for a October l.'"ith. when Mr. Walker took tract of land in Linn county; also that the supervision of the garbage dis- they had completed a trade of two posal. the man who did the work was properties in Gas City for a forty-acre paid more than either of the two men farm In Wright coiinty. Mo. who did it a year ago. In saying that the work was being IN A STORY In these columns yes- done nicely now for $72 a month when terday with reference to the 1)111 of it formerly cost the city $90. Mr. Walk- i>crry Health, which was dlsallowcl er doubtless did not consider that by the council, a typographical error there Is not as much parlwge In the .j |)|>eared. The amount of the bl'l winter time as in the summer. If. Mr. should have been $4.80 instead of $40. Walker pays the second man. he will have to put on in the summer time, the same as the one who is doing the work at the present time, or $72 per month, the disposal of the garbage will lie costing the city $148 a month where formerly It cost only $90. ac- Only One 'ijeb^ate Arranaed In cording to his own sUtement » - Court This Month. ONE JANUARY DRUNK Po- TO AMPUTATE LIMB. itor.jait- tunal' aerriees for Ipipor- -ridiool at. 10>«. rin-; i «tl9 :4S,4ii« |H (#i4NK fmardag- Tbtptwt.M th* f*al 'Wttt* aaaa. ba» • >tewud ioUan to oo fkmi There has been but one drunk arraigned In police court this month. This is perhaps the best record made County May Have to Bear Expenses bv the city for a number of years. in Wheeler Case. Up to a short time ago there were al. ways from one to five drunks arralgn- B.. S. Wtieeler. colored of Humboldt ed each. morning. This would Indi- wn y>nve to have his leg amputated cate that dninks stay off the streets and the county may have to bear tbp or that there is less drinking, fxrnonses. Wifieeier Is suffering from white swelling and amputation is said _. p^TrunT .Ti! waa miimi AI Abrams. the DOor commissioner, was' at Bbmboldt today inyestigati- faB the serious illness of her sistar. Miss Mable Keith, who bap a, kindernrten daas there. Jira. ffimhle e«n« booie ygiterdy «pdiSlPfct #M Keith Ui ^oai ImprpTW^^Biiiuira iMd- was dead. While it was generally known by her most intimate friends that she was lu very iioor health yet the announcement of her death came as a great shock. For a yea- and liair sue has been troubled with her heart having siiells when it became hard for her to get a good breath, but during that jteriod tbere have been times when she fell perfectly well. The days that she fell well were, however, exceeded by the dark days and the end came this moruing at 4;30 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wlil Lehr, In Kansas City. Mr.-Lehr In telephoning to .Mr. Frank Scott this morning, said that about that time tbey heard tier arise and go to the bath room where she struck a match. .\Imost at the same instant they heard her fail and when they reached her side she was dead. Mrs. Scott went to Kansas City on January iDth. Shortly after her arrival she wrote her sou Frank, that she was feelltis well. .Another letter a day or two later said that she was not feeling quite so well but Mr. Lehr said this morning that yesterday she feit (luite well and was planning to go to E.\celslor Springs for a few days .Mrs. Agnes Scott was born iu 1838 in .Morgan county. Illinois, and came to this county in 1865. Her maiden name was Agnes Simms. In 1865 she taubt school in what Is known as the Horville school, which Is still stand in.g. That same year she became ac quuiuted with Harmon Scott who had come to this county to visit his brother John W. Scott During that year shfc was married to Mr. Scott, the marriage taking ]ilace at Carlyie, and shortly afterwards they moved to loia occupying with John Francis and wife a large liouse which stood on the lots uow occupied by Herman Tholen. Wlien a son came they named him John Francis Scott, after Mr. Francis He Is uow assistant cashier of The Allen County State bank. The immediate relatives of Mrs. Scott who survive her are Chas. W. Simms. of Pres cott. Ariz.; Mrs. .Maria Elliott, of Oswego. Kas., and Mrs. Rebecca Watson of Carthage. Mo. .Mrs. Scott was a member of the Presbyterian church and the funeral will be conducted by Rev. Hllscher The services will be held at the home, 204 North Walnut, where she has lived for thirty years, and will consist of a short service only as Mrs. Scott has often expressed her wish in this regard to her son, Frank. Mrs. Scott was a kind. Christian woman devoted to her children, kind to her friends, charitable in her v'^wa and her death leaves a vacancy mat can never be filled. The body will be brought to lola tonight by Mr. and Mrs. Lehr and the funeral will be held Monday afternoon from 204 North Walnut at two thirty. WILL GUARD BABIES Rev. Mo;«n/s Effort Results In Court Interference in Maternity Hospitals. Slaughter Sale. Of groceries .Monday, Tuesday, Wed nesdav. The A. W. Lowery stock at 402 South Kentucky, to be closed out in three days. NO CHANGE IN FORCE All Employees In Kansas Portland Of- ticest Remain With Consolidated Company. One of the officials of the Kansas Portland Cement company said today that the consolidation of the plants at lola. in Independence and Neodesba would result In but little change in the office forces. Ail of the force lu lola will remain with the company. Several will be added to the offices of he other comimnles to take care of he additional work here caused by the consolidation. The cement men who were here yesterday to attend the meeting at which the consolidation was completed left for their homes last night and this moruing. SlaoKbter Sale. Of groceries. .Monday. Tuesday. Wed ncsday. The A. W. Lowery stock at 402 South Kentucky to be closed out in three days. ONLY >V.l>TED A HOrSE. Woman Asks a Slfariit Favor From CoiBty. A woman appeared in the office of Al Abrams. the poor .commissioner, a day or two ago, and asked him to rent a bouse for her. She liad Just arrired from Missouri but had formerly lired here. This is the best exhibition of nerve that has lien given Mr. Abrams since he recently took his office. Ht will proliably ^nd the woman I>aek to Missouri Ut hfT people U she apjrtles for aid agaiii.| ^ Jin. and That the efforts of Rev. Morony, now of Kansas Cit^-. Kas.. but formerly of this city, to instliute a reform in the conduct'of maternity hospitals, are not to b? fruitless. Is evidenced by the following dispatch from Kansas City: Van B. Prather. probate judge of Wj-amlotte county, will investigate the maternity hospital conducted by Dr. U. S. G. Hushes and his brother, at 336 W^ashington avenue WIest Side, Kome time next week. Judge Prather has been advised by the ooujity at torney that he can declare the children bom In the hospital orphans and dependent upon the county for sup port. "I win every child in the institution undDr the jurisdiction of this conrt." said Judge Prather this morning. "By doing this, no more cases of neglect. sucTi as the one that was tried here yesterday will occur. If mothers of children, bom in the hospital, wish to give ineni awav for adoption the court will inv?stigate the condition of the people to whom the children nre tlven and will let only responsible people adopt them." Joseph Taggart. countv attorney said this mornlnc that after the child ren in Dr. Hughes's institution are declared dependent by the probate judge any attempt to give the chl'd- ren away without the consent of the court, will cause prosecution. MAY PASS IT LEGISLATURE WJCLL FBf ^ll ^aaa^ SETTLE FKIXART LAW TC»ATM DEMOS MAY MAKE TROUBLE HILL PROBABLY INSIST OV CRET BALLOT BEING TAXBN.;^! Rppnbllfans In Honse of Bepreeeall^r FORGER WANTS OUT Foraer and Ja>l Breaker Asks State Board for Parole From Penitentiary. Amos Woodard. who was sent up from hsre for forging checks two years ago. has made application to the state parole board for a parole on good behavior. Inquiries about him was made of Attorney Harry Thompson this morning. It will be remembered that Woodard was one of the men who broke out of tha county jail/while awaiting a sentence to the penitentiary. W. D. COX CASE NEXT WEEK. Noted Case is Set for January 23rd in District Court'. Attoraev Chris Ritter will go to Kansas City Monday whera he will take depositions In the famoin; case of Cox £ Son. Elsmore grain dealers, vs. the Missouri. Kansas & Texas Railway company. The case will be tried arv ing _ tlie bringing up _ ed question Of whether or not a niil- road can discriminate acainst local Itles. tires Do Not Appew to B« Op- • poslnf Stobba* BflL Topeka. Jan. 18.— If th passes a primary election b: ai;<T the indications are tht win probably be passed body adiouras today. The bill which was introduced late day came from the state printer terdav and was distribute " members. It is the ort^ bills as introduced In the . year. It does not have the amendment which^- provided for.;» "ser.ret halloL" v-i The bill is in the hands of t»|^; committee on elections juhl'WlU. reported the Urst thinv this v The committee nassed noon . meeting yesterdav afternoon wil' be reported favorsblv. It-Ir' onlv primary election bUI before committee. A movement wa« night to push the biil so as . about the nassace this afternoon, fer it is reported hv th«» ooaimtl this momine a motion will be.'n to place It "n >»Decl'»' order for afternoon. It Is unlikely that tL will he any serious onnositSon t*' It •he House and that it can be in a ver>- short time. There is a chanc<» that the ^iefKh erats will Tnak«» troub'«. Thev held % caucus vAsterday and decided tn*t' tbey would suniwrt a primary biti providing It provides for a "teetft ballot." The Stubbs bill u it utaaW ffnns not make this njpvislo".- R M!*^ vl(ies for an open ballot. This* J; no 'nt came UD during the last s»Sf. •on and after the m ''>oritT IU|a foueht over the pmnosltioh whlls. W. P. Ham offered an ment providing for the ^ecrrt . As a concession to the Democrat- wss necessarv In order to «et-ti •^'inport—the Stubb« crowd this amendment. It is no_^_—. Ir may be necessary torefteit pr"-raip •hi** session.' The bill does "so B pr'mary". on. _ Sena'orshio and this . _ , npoular amone the memDera. "split primary" Is a ^li the people may vote for ence for TTnlted' SUte* the time of the November stead of Pt the tlma of U»«; his nlan naa pro^fn by wb heir nator-: led In the district court on Janu-j 5.'pad or pt p« iima V 23rd. Mr. Bitter said this mom- J The fact »hat the Stubbs WJIjJoee g that It wouM practically mean j ™ntain ^ this provislOT^prtJMlT ^j e bringing up of fr.e much discuss-{not make tnuch 4ln «*nc«. Itt»i "PEEPER" TOOK THE TRACKS. Mght Prowler Fled I'p Missouri Pa- cilic La.Ht .Mght. The police were called to East lola last evening to catch "Jack, the Pee|>- er." The man who telephoned that Jack was working in that section sjiid that he fled up the Missouri Pacific tracks. Thinking that they would catch him. the officers made the trip by the way of the tracks but nimble Jack got away. DRILL IX DEEP WELL BROKEN. Work Will Be Delayed While Repairs .Vrc Being Made. The drill which is being used in drilling the deep well east of the city s at the bottom of the hole with wenty-two hundred feet of wire line on top of it. The klrellne broke last night while they were working, just six hundred feet from the top of the hole. The workmen began fishing this morning and will continue until they get the drill out. Slaughter Sale. Of groceries Jlonday. Tuesday. Wed nesday. The A. W. Lowerj* stock at 102 South Kentucky to-be closed out In three days. Birthdav Party. >r .'s. George Mean^. 1001 East street entertaine<I a party of Utile folk from half past four until eight o'c'ock vesterday to celebrate the seventh birthday anniversary of her daughter. Nellie. Juvenile games served to entertain untl' six o'clock when Mrs. Means served refreshments. The guests were: Nellie Means. Oeorcia Nelson. Marie Bowers, Helen Bowers. I avon Sta" field Margaret l^dge. Bernlce Sharp. Rhoda ffliarp. Hazel Means. Clela Wnison. Mlna Pieres. Edna Shiner Ruth Delaplalne. Bessie Deleplalne. Ruth. Means. I.rfiHarpe. Cieone Steb bins, and Fay Means. >touso. but it will be a nag in Set'afe. The Stubbs bill t>rovid«»«, Hor tta "rlmarv /o- 1908. for.'fte ttlrd i ^ay In Mav and for all fattirs ies the first Tuesday In Ma nroviites also *hat It sbal *»ec fectlve Inimediately. thereby . ine out the State conventioo "wh., , has been called for Marcn 4. Tb«Ni appears to, be no onpoaiUon anrau the Republicans of the Hdosei. «m It mav oppear when the bill cornea nn In the cetnmittee of the whole todl^ Wait rntU Vonday. , .. .A. later dispatch from Topeka m* r the primary bill has been made a clal order in the house for Voa^Kl-^ The elections committee in'the hbaaa< will report the bill with the split mary incorporated in it. " , , DRAINAGE MEET AT HUMbiBUyt. Plan* to Prevent OverMoW te/b« Discussed. ' I . . A meeting of the bottom Ian* ers ot to be held at Hnmb<rtdt vtttt afternoon at which the matftr jJW;' drainage f** the. Neosho is tor beOHi^' sidered. The meetine h «s advertised »nd a Wg ae—' expected. The meetlm» in the Fussnian hail. Tl _ „ eested the jrovemment eni._ J. O. m^ight. will be dlsensaed. OPEN BASKET BALL TOURNEVi ' First Ga-ne Was Plaveri In Y. Wc. A. Gym. Last NigML T) • Th.' first game of the binlor ImkAt: ball loiirnam<»nt at the T. M. C. A- • was p ayed. this morning betir«fli|s; team's number 4 and 70. Tli ' resulted 'n a vietory for the number 4. the score being 18 Poust playo* as substitute eanti__ t-am nu-^her 4. in th<» absenc Captain King. Harold ReL'er is' tain of team number .10. ' COMPANY IS GUILTY STATE DREW $10,771 Drew Almost a Quarter of Its I90& Taxes Today. ^ The'state today drew $10,771 from County Treasurer M. F. Sickly. This Is the first money the state has drawtt this year, and is an unusually large amount, being almost one-fourth of the taxes the state asked for this year. The amount asked for is approximately $45,000. Card of Thanks. We wish to thank the kind friends and neighbors for their kindness during the sickness and death of our dear wife, daughter and sister, and especially we feel grateful to the members ot the Rebekah lodge. We also thank the order for the beautiful, floral otter- ii^ Haaband. Chac.Rotbenbeck. Father. D. NachtMhitt and Fandly. International Harvester Company Fined $12,600 In Shawnee County Court. Ton^ka, Jan. 18.—Ju-'tre Dana ta the Shawnee county <iistiict ^conrt h«>re tortay assessod a flne.of twwr* thou-nid six hnndT?d AoITan atnlnat ; the International Harvester eomnuv. which the court found gulltv oiiiiorty' three counts of vioiailnr the Kauea. nntl-trust law. The maximum ftnH n one thousand dol'ars and the minimum one hundred dollars. TRY STORt BREAKERS TODAY. James.and Horace Jonee Arrilqwed Before Judge Hoiioli. The casos of the two colored men. .Tamefs and Horace Jones, who wer* arrested bv Marshal Prederiekson of Bassett \fst week on the dUUK* Ct breaking Into fhe company a^c •'eing heard this aftn^oon fn- E. O. Hough's coort. One of ' eave his age as 20, yean the event of his convietton ir<ven a reform«tory sen)tonoe of the penitentiary. DEATH OFlIEraigSAJrOI Isaac V. Faaken SnMnilMl to;1 Omaha. Neb., • -3an.~>'U Haskell whfr Nebraska. «Mr nupr'i the moat --^^-^

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