Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1909 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1909
Page 5
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_.:TJlany Begistei •:«t;t9t«i XaiiMt, Pottoffioc, w ^.^iMpfid-ftiH. Matter. .^tM Mtdo Known on r ^ JIDBSC|UPTI0X BATES. "^'Hf-Canter la Ida. G M fltjr, lAnjron* . Tllte or la Iliirp*. ;Ooe w«ek .10 cents OlM:/^lipiith'' ^ 44 cents -. Ona year $5.00 ^^XOfie year.Hnslde oonnty 12.00 Jg^<-:Oae year, ontside county $4.00 W^. -^nute' months, Jn advance^ $1.00 ^fc^vOna mooQi, la advance ..". 44 m^^Afmciul FAfVR, cm OF BIS. SET. 1 1; " . ^ Telepkooes: ^:t'Ba>{ness Onice 18 Jiditorial Boom4 222 Tin lOU tfAlLY BEfagTBB, TfCTyEWAT »BTB!nyfl, JAHPABT 0. im. Kansas to^ate. Kyisas begins.the year 1909: mtb 1.656,790 population. With 18.472,022 acres under cuUivo- K ^'^^Wlth '507.60 children in its public grade scbools. . "With only two states bavins leess il • lileiacy. jff. : "iWlth a death rate of 7.2 ptr l.fton. nj: Vnth $165,000,000 in its banks. with H ,0»8 miles of operated rail ^-I^^Toad mfleage. . E^''-.'' . I With eleven sslt companies pro- f wincing 2;000.000 harrels aunually, and ranking tbei sate third among the .salt producing states. -^Wlth 6,550.000 horses, mulp.s. cows, cattle, sheep and swine on it.s thotis- and falUs. iWIth six state schools having an as gregate enrollment of over 7 .000. With sljrty-three counties In which liquor cannot even be sold by dnip- gists for medical purposes, tho courts refusing to grant permits. .With 800 newspapers nnd other publications. With three cities havlnjt over nn.nno fefc - population, and thirteen citios h.ivinf: over 10,000. With eighty operating coal oompan - les. each operating severaf mines. With .6.346.329 acre^ planted ii: wheat for next summer's 'harvest. With more than 50,000 acres undf- irregation. With more than 55 per cent of its laboring men owning their homp=. With 12,950 school nia"a:ns nr. school miuters. .....5V ?th twenty -seven countips having non* ifiUates in their poor farms. With the second largest seat of meat industry and general live stopk markrt in the world. With fifty-five counties havlnir nc prisoners at the state penitentiary. With sixty-three consolidateed conn try school districts. With $13,000,000 invested in state bnildtaigs. "With'-railroads valued at $n.^.6.n9S.- 946 ;-accordfiig. to the total assessed YaluBtion of the state tax commission- era. • • - • With thirty-four denominatioial and private, schools having an atten (1anc<> j - Of over 12,000. K ::. With ,76,808.922"bushels of wheat ii: Pt-:het'grtlnerle8 at a value of $G3.SS5.- 145. : With ISO.640.516 bushels of com in -her cribs at a value of $82,642,461. With a potato crop of G.4l '.t.6<;? bnshela in her cellars at a vahic of |;»4.48B .550: 'i f:^-ii-Wtk> ani^^ and forage from her '-r.adgar cane crop valueed at $in.6S5.- -*6s; - ... »Wlth a.batter and mi'k -production r ^rajaed at over 10,000,000.' " With $67,705,158 from animals f!''.-•laogfatered and sold for sluaghter. t: ' . -With 2,674.762 tons of prairie and |> ..tame'^hay valued at $15,000,000. .With wool and poultry product."! irortii 19 ,378.000. .-^^ftk a^rand total of farm products* ^.wa-llve Btocfeof $475.^24.&.-51; . tjie $277,733, .m and ihe live stock $197..''>10 S7S.' P ' farm products aggregating ^•;8 and the live stock $197..''> With an output of her flour an'l gritt mill* amounting In value to m6ro than 60,000.000. ' Wth morn than a Hcoro of g 'uwa fac torlcH.' With nil oiiliiui of •'siM «tl«'r" liy which name -thf refined produrt of itinc ore IH known, of more than $20. 000,000. With an InexhatiRtilile supply of re ment materials. With ahoijt 50 per cent of her \ioft- ulatlon native KansAns, and Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and Penn sylvanla- furnlshlnt: the largest num ber of immigrants In their order. \V'Ith a foreign bom population of about 200,000, of which about 40 per cent are Germans, 20 per cent are from Sweden. Norway and Denmark: over 11 per cent from Ehigland; about 7 per cent from Ireland, and 2 per cent from Italy. With about 10,000 school buildings valued at $15,000,000. With nine special charitable Institutions. •\Vith the country's two most important military stations and schools in the world—at Port Riley and Fort Leavenworth. Riley has a reservation of 20,000 acres and a garrison of over 2.000 officers and men. Ijeavenworth has a reservation of ov«r 7,00 acres and a garrison of 3.000 men. A pension agency of the bovem- nient at Topeka at which $16,000,000 are distributed annually to -114.000 pensioners. With illimitable limestone .and earth gjnsnm quarries. With a total value of a'l farm products 60 per cent preatcr th.nn the av- oraee for the twenty years endlnii with 1907. With wheat sellin.s; at SO cents a bushel and corn at f.O cents a bu.^hel. oats at 40 cents a bushel and iiota- toes selling at $1 a hu.shel. With alflafa selling at $12 a ton: tame hay at $10: iirairie hiiy at $S. With the wheat eroj) of IfiOS worth over $."'0 .nOi».n(iO more than was ree- celvod by the cfrwers for ilieir <otn- binei! croMs from I,to IST M ; lne!i;- sive. \ With a iij'lia' of S12 "i .t -ioo.iiiMi in- vesto.l in iht> l .Tim |ndnstrii>R uiakiiif; the;r rriiort to the labor ooniini.«slri<r. Ppobnbly l.'iiMi Indiistrl'^rs diil not i"'port. Wirh .'ii'O oil uells .Ti:<l 2'ii> na:wells. A TK I this (ioes not half tell the story or inciicatf biT prosiioeis fo- tb'- future. THE GREAT Shoverem Out Sale On again at the Globe You can't afford to miss it. Hurry down as the best things go first Shovel 'Em Out on all I Sails and Overcoats In fact all \\-inter nierchan- must go regardle«p of cost Smdh Shoes T! f.t ;iie wo.lh ^3.50 to $5.00 ahuvji 'Km Out $1.85 NOT TO EXTREME ( VISES DKniLITY. Here Are Fa «l< Hacked I'p by a Slronp (^nurantee. Debility i..; caused by eatanh. In ji;r <i|>inioii, a |>ersoii free frojii catarrh was never troubled with debility, nebility ean never be cured by medicine not drsisned to cure catarrh. We po.^itively puaranlee to cure citarrh. and thus cure debility. In every case where we fail to effect a cure, we will no: chai-.:;e a cent for tb"" nieriichie employed durins the trial. Now. surely no one should hesitate to believe lis or to put our claim to a practical re<t ;inder such conditions. We take nl! the risk: no"one e'se can !(>=e any- Temperature During 1S08 Was Even, —Record Breaking Rainfall. The followiuK i.ssued by the Uu- Iv .Tslty of Kansas and contlnnln.t! tli(> reeoid kciif by the late T-r. F. 11. Snow from isns to 10'i>;: The chief luyttHiroloRlcil features of the year )WA wr-re Its hiph aver- ase tem|ie.-ature, only "l of the 40 pr.'- ceilinp years bavins; bad a hitfhcr mean: Its absence of extrenn s of temperature; itif repord breaking rainfall: its cloudiness, ranking 4th of the for- t.v-one years, in this r» .spect nnd Its ab.soliitf freedom from zei-o day.s. TemoeratUre. Mean temperature of tlie yea- 'i^."^ de-.rees. which is exactly one dcfrrce above the annual meaii of our forty years' record. The highest temper.a- tnre was •n2 dearee.s on .-Vusnst 2, .1. 4 and fi: the low(st temperature was three deuces on February 1st. giving a yearly lanKe of Sft de.s"ees. Mean temperature at 7 a. m.. 4!i.10 deproes; at 1 p. m.. C0.9S de.sirees: at 0 p. m.. .'4.21 degrees. 'Mean temperature of the winter months was :14.SI degrees, which is .'.23 decrees above the averace winter temperature: of the snrinir, F)o.4P which is 1.7 dejrrees above the sprin?' 'averhire: of the summer. 73 .fio. which i.s 2,2!> degrees below the averasre: of the .Ttitumn. .i, which is 1.S8 decrees below the autumn average. :biDK by the transaction. p T,1o warmest month of the year was We make these statements and ibis | ^ ^^^^ temperature of 7.=S.S1 HEN IN TARIFF BILL mi.MK.STIC }"<MVI- TO KKUIIK IN THF T.MMFF .MK.VSIKKS. Conuicvsmun Oliii.sleuil and .Scott Pay Trllmlc to -Hldd)."—T» Heliiln U M I J on F^'ifx. offer because we know and tlins and again proved that Rexall Mucu- Ton? will cure catarrh. It is designed deprpes: the warmest day was .Tulv ?s. JThe mercurv reached or exceede-t 90 diecrees on nine davs. which Is 2=> for that one particular purpose. l_t 's ^P,^^. annual" average. Of not a cure-all prescribed to cure e%er.% ; o ^.^^p juiy and 6 disease that flesh is heir to. It is a- ,,,„„„. ' specific. Rbxail Mucu-Toae is | -f,," coi sorbed in the stomach and carried '»• „ temnerature of 3.^43 de,be bleed utml U penetrates every t ^^.^^ p^,,r„arv part of the body, as an an.i-;- ^.^^^ thermntieter resisterei The coldest month was .Tanuary. •e,.ie. disinfecting, cleansing. Booth- :n. and heali,..^ agent. It rids the sys- j- '^^j:ZJl^^::: did even onee. not fall below while the averaco ;em of all germ and poisonous mat- , ter. purifies and enriches the blood re- i^^^^^^^ ,3 ^her- bui.ds injured tissues, cleani^es and in- vif:or ;ite8 the mucfvcell.^ neutralizes In Fabrnnr.v. 0 in March. 0 In N'ovem ber nnd 22 In Decmbcr. The averaije Register Want.Ads nrinp; Results. GlowingHeat from Every Ounce ofHteL the acids of the Imdy. stops mucus dlseharpe. tones up the entire tystcni.. promotes nntriiion. Increase.^ number is 60. wei^-ht and brink 's al >oul a f.-e in^' of I J^e l |,s. .frost of .i,e st .rinrr was on hea'thfnlneis that Is (^^'^^"^ """^ hoar frost of „. , „ ,, ... . . nut'inin was on September 2S. jrivlne V.e have Rexall .\Iucu-Tone m two „^ sizes. I'rice.s..Oc and $1.00. -Weurse „j Interv.ils Is von to try a boitle on onr cunraniee. I j... ^j^..^, S U. Iturrell. Tb« Rexall Store. West , ".j,)..: i^c, i-ia^k frost of ^prln? waf teide .Square. i^,^ Mareh 20. ard the first black frost !rf atitunin was on Vovember 11. B I V |lr:r .-^n Interval of 227 day.<i without se •,\ere frost, while t 'le avernee is 202 . ! Rain. I The rntlr" ralnfa 'l ineliidinir melt- e<| snow was 4S.:;2. which is 11.72 Miches above the annu.ll averaT". iird i." (be annu-il raiiif.ill in oiir 41 vears rrTird. • Fitber rain or snow or loth f >"!1 in iTieisu-nble niniTt 'tie;-on T") dav-:. which !< 23 less than thf .annml avemse. Rain or snow fell i-' o -fl-Mies t"-^ .•-•.•nail for measurement 0 ,1 ""^ other days. ; '''he he:iv;esr rain of the vear wa? n.r..', 'nrhes. n;: .t 'lee inth. Th;- njont> of .Tunn hal 10.57 fr .c 'ie? in a!' whleh is jrreater th" • nrerinita t'on of »ry other month. There wer* 3<! thunder storms, w^lch is above the averace. Snow. ! Tbe entire denth of snow was C.T inches which is 11 .i below the annual averaee. Of this amount .."JO inches fell in Fpbrua->'. fl 0 in O-tober ard .20 in November. The last snow of! KTirir-ir was on Febrtiarv 26 at which time it fell In qtantitles toe small for measurement. The first snow of autumn was on fjctober 22. Wlien the xnotury drops out of sight, and ' yoa just cant keep the house warm, you'll iind it wonderfully convenient to use a PEa«TE€TION Oil Heater '<E«aIVPcd wia SnMlcdcas Devlec) It's voy light—cany it about—heat any ooU rooca. Turn the wick high or low—no ^ger—^no snuJce—no smell Easily cared -far wd gim nine hours of ^ ogrcnDJct at one filling of /| 'li^.ionL Finished in '^iAA- «nd Japan. Every jtrAtcr wAfranlcd. ILfdinp kdfart kgiitii far Ac iMf nikr nroMfl ifdin ..I «ii .«rr«fa <iiMi FOR HUIMBOLDT ^OMAN. A Bill Presented to Re-imburse Mrs. W. C. .O'Brien for War Losses. The following: is a Washington, D C. Dispatch to the State JToumil: I Consrepsman Phil P. riampbeU has Introduced a bill authorizing the 8 !!c- retarv of the treasurv to iiay th«} sum of J4.000 to Charles \V. Munn of "Montfomerr county, Kas., In full com- i>eBfiation- for stores and syppliea taken from Mrs. S . Munn (nee Frost) by the United States army for mill- U-v pumosea durin;; the civil war. i Mr. Campbell nresented a. similar bill to pay Mrs. William C. O'Brien of Hanbbldt Kasv fCMO^ftn- tke^ef- The folIowliiK Is by .•\rtliiir Dunn in the Woman's .National Oaily: \Vaslilnj;ton, I). C.—Thi.s is a story in the iiaiuru <ir a setinel to the tlirlll- inu episode entitled, "'Tlie Great Aiii- eric:in Hen." It is the omelette or souffle to the i)roduct of the "heroine" of the first iiart. To use the privilege of the novelist, we will'so back to a dreary day in the bouse of rei)reseniatives last s])riii,!; -vsbcn the asriciiltural ai)i)ro- prialion bill was under eonsideriltion. In the midst of the hutiulruni discus- sif)n of points of order and explanations as to why this or that appro- priaiioii tliou.'d or should not be made Congrcssmon Oiiustead of Pennsylvania ai)i)eared ii|!on the scene and at 'ince became the ebaniiiiou of "the zreat .-American hen." This Pennsylvania reiiresentiitlve was not only the chamiiion. but he was the eulo.^ist, of the fircat .Vt^'t-rican hen. In the course of his wonderful sneeeh on thr.i occasion be told v.hal thf .Mnerican hen was dnin.a. how cheaply hens could be mtiintnined and ^whai proiit lliey broiii;ht to I lie farmers, and esiiecial- ly the farmers" wives, who ci'ten fed. clothed and sehr<<)led their children, and even paid off the niortKase and sent the boys to colle.u'e and the .uirls •o youn>r ladies' si-niiiiaries. ConBres.-stii.iii Sroti .not. into tlie debate because be was ch.iirinan ot the committee on as;riciilt;ire and handing the bill. If I rememiier rorroci- ly. he had soine^hiim' to say in favor f f the .Vnieiican hen and laid wordy •aure! wreaths at I I K' i>ci f)f ibis v.ell kufjwn domestic fowl. I ir.;;;iit s;iy ;bat he placed those laurel wreatb.- u]ion Ihe brow of the Anifiicn hen. but Oliiistead h:id covered the brow .•;o completely that there w:is only room at the feet for tho booueis that the-Kansas statesman had at bis dis- pos:il. So much for the orli;iiial proposition. In the d:iy3 that followed the speech of Olmstead and its endorsement bv Scott there arose a jireat diseu .ssiiui which has not yet bor-n sett'etl. The mall of b(-lh of these riMii :rei,snieii 'las been loadcil with leiler.^ finm friends and enemies of tlu'lr "beid- •ne." Tie it said that the .siMlhintiy of rATARRll (rUKI) Xo I 'nrc. \n Pay. is n Most (ienerous Offer. I To ;iri an anti.-e;,iie slronj: (!non;4h to kill cat;;rrh ^^eniis ::iid ti'.-; desiroy (he t's.-ues of the inenibrane at tlie same time ha.s benn a iiroblcm which •.vas never solved until the di.seovery of Hyoniei I iironounced Hifih-o-nie). Hyoniei Is prepared from furalyii- :is. the most powerful .vet healing: an- isejitic known. Itreathe it through he Inha'cr over the inflamed and lerm-ridden nienibrr.i'.o four or five times a day. and in a few days the jerms vill disappear. The Inflamed eondiiion will ee. loo, ^nd the snnfilins. hawUins and offensive breath, and the discharge of iiucous and crnst.s in the nose will ;8Ese. Then why should any catarrh sufferer hesitate, when Chas. H. S()encer has such faith in Hyoniel that he offers to rrti'rn your money If after a fair trial Hyomei does not cure catarrh. A complete Hyoniei outfit, including the inhaler, costs $1.00, and extra l>ot- tles, if afterwards needed, cost bnt 50 cents. Hyomei also cures ag'hma. croup, sore throat, coughs, folds or grip. MXOMA :!ie .ViiK -rican i«cople Is shown i :i the fact that very low enemies have ari.s- e :i and nearly every one stands firmly by Olmsteafl :ind Scott and Is iirs- iiifi tiieni (HI to greater efforts in behalf if the ";;rcat .\merican hen." 'l"housanils of clipping's fnmi newsi>a- pc!s. periodicals, nia.ica/.ines and re- viiwa have b(-eu sent lo Olinsreiid uii- deriaklnn to show him what it costs to iiiainialii a hen. that beiiiK one of Ihe subjecii; wliirh OInisiead left in dispute al the time of lii.s niaKuiflceiit oration. Some people have told hini one iliin;; and some have lold hlin another, and he 1;^ yet a .treat deal confused because II app<'»r.> that the cost varies in different !()calities. .\ceordinj: lo his leiieis and lo the news[japer and ina'^azine elippinirs lie lia.-< received a jiood. energetic hen ran make her own way in tli^ world for niotiihs al a tiiue. and it is only in the .winter .season that she calls on the person whom she aids in KainiiiK nia.foriaV wealth and asks for susien- anci'. In the far south tlinie are hen-; that are independent of human kind and live upon the scraps from the table and the insects and seeds tha: are round about the farm. man has written Olmstead a ktlrr in which l;e tells that he the man. has maintained twenty-four hens pnd a roostrr for .<:on!e time, but at the co.=t of the affections oi his wife, bercnse the hens have scratched up the flower sarden. He also says that be h .Ts lest the rp.-fpect and friendshii) of his nei.ichbors because hens ire marauders to a certain extent and 'lave'd over the bfiundary fences iiid invaded the .wardens on every .side. .\i the .fame liine. the v.ritfir is not condemning Olpisteads "iipro- ine." .\Ir. Sectt has received a letter from a man in Kansas City, who says that his estimates of the cost of inainiainini: a hen are a'l nut of pro[)orti.-in to ihe fncia that have come to the writer's kn(nv!e>!;.'e. In lliar .ureat c^iy of western .Missouri there is a hen of hifih podliireo and of ^ireai inipcrtanet in the v.orld who.'ie inaintenan.'o costs t.l .ilDU ;i year. Till- wtiicr iicl:!:owlod::e'l that this is ;•. paniiifred. hi.uh bred. extiMva^ant I;e:i. :nid ihat the m-o.up?i TMI' and .•iireiiiio.i is paid to ibis !• ::: irkable fov.l. Tile writer d.-;es no; ihal the City he:i must Ije taken .i.s a v-wXdv to the (o .-t of maintainiii!; iieiis. in cMiir sociions cf thi> C!!U!!M>. Iiut the inference 1.-- that be Ibiiiks :!ic .T..',i>"i» beamy ou.«ht lo be cotisid- cn-d in ihe j:enei-;.| avc-ra;;.' when riiairinaii .Scoii iiiake.i up his bill of Ml" co.-:| and expenses rf boarding an .\nieriran hen. .T. Hill, a treat railroad niai;- •la.o. who ha-! develoiied aa empire by ')-!i!(liriS r.iilrt);',ds from the .\Ii-;.--:.s- sippi to the l':i(;fic coast, his ennie to rh" rescue rf iho American hen and Ii;;.-; iiifornicd Cliairnia:i Scoli ibal the DjouiKl (f the bens in the I'nited St:itts was .greater than llijt of tlie iifi.i and .<tee! .iiidiistr.'-. Ch.iirii!m .Scoii has also m:idt^ c:)Icuhtii;:s aiid has f'luud that Ihe i)rodiut of ih • .\nicr!can hen wou'd. if turned into cash at the present nrices. \.\y cff liie natirinal debt in ten nujntlis. He thinks that is tzoin.i; Kfime for nn or- diii:iry domestic fowl that has not fiar- ure.l prominently in the histt»ry of tbe country. Whatever may be said of the .-\nieri- ean hen when the "next as;ricultural bill is^under con.^ideration. we may 'i'^ sure that this bird Is poing to cut no small figure in the tariff bill. In the tiresent tariff law the duty on eRss 's .'. cents a dozen, and you can net find any con?y-es=nian who represent.* • <"^tile: boxderinfr on Canada or :\rexIco who is not insistent upon retaining that duty. •Cut where you will." is the cry of these con.sjress- men. "but you shall not imiwse furth- •»r upon the .-\nierican hen .who has bef-n dcinp: her duty so well under tne Dinsley tariff." John flarner, a Democratic congressman from Texas, can demontrate by figures in a moment how that dti'ty of rents a dozen on e'-c is ef vast 1 enefit to the farmers of his district who wou'd be impovcr- l.shed if tbe peon hens of Mcxi "o were allowed to eomrct" with our own domestic fowls. While Garner is informed on the production of a number rf other a.^ricultnral products, he makes a better showing on eggs than .inythtpg else, and we will ' hear a deci.ded roar from Texas if the hens of Mexico are allowed to compete on eoual terms with those of tbe Lone Star state. ;Alons' the Eortbem border there Is more intenss feelins. E! VT: ery district tbi»t borders :qn l^Ie,•C»ha^ djan lIitff,l»,nipTe*0nti!d'^^ ^'ay with the American ben and strike ! STUBBS WILL APPOINT WOMEN. !::: bcjr )»rincipa! indiisiry. the in- j -Topek.a, Jan. G.— John S. Dawson, idtistry. we will bear a screccii all the who is to be private secretary to W. i way from the coast of Maine lo l 'u;;et H. Stubbs when the new governor is !sound. Isworn in| says that the governor-elect Coi;;;ressniaii OIni.-iead and Con- is not Opposed to women in public of- gi,»'ssin;in .Sc(iti have bi-en cninparin.g tices, as. has been rumored, it has iiDifs ;itid have (-(mi.- lo ilic coriclii- beiMi rc|forted that .Mr. Stiibhs would slcui that tlii'ir brief leniarks con-' aiipoiiit no women and that he would cernin;; the "tlreat .\jncrlciiii Hen" frown upon tho ajipolntment of wo- duriug the last session^ r:f congress' men by Other officials, must Inive had a wider eiicul.-itioii i than anything else that has occinn-d In either in many .vars. .M.Vti.VZI>'ES AXD PERIODICALS MKI{('A>TII,K rilJ .MI >VI>S ! * can be secured of m.MPM.MK.MS. j J. E. IIENDERSOX, .''liokers irrow to have a feeling .akin j who deqls with the pnblisbers and- to ri-al affection fm-a thtiroimiily gocd ] furnishes them at the lowest price cigar. The solrice and delight to bi-1 i)o.ssil)le.; Trial subseription to found in a choice citrar have been the :!ie;ii-> i.f jioets and idiiosopliers. Th.' popularilv of the .Mercantile (."y^:\.\- is an illustration of this feeling' 'f high regard for a cigar that standi^) for iiuaiiiy. It is tho mnst-talked-of' cisar ?rj!d in tbi.s section and everyone who loves the taste of H.Tvana Tobacco at its l).;st seems to know and love the .Mercantile. Havin.e been on the market over eighteen years and maintained the highest standard of ouality always, it is very firni'y e.-;tab-j lished in the favor of smokers. i i Norden's. 7, months 2JJc. Phone; 98. 414 N. Buckeye Estimates cheerfully given anoll TWO CABINET CONFERENCES. Friends of Myron T. Herrick Saw Mr. Taft In Augusta. Ga. Fiizgerald storage, Transfor • and Auto LNary Goods stored by tbe month In' large, dr.v rooms. • Auto .liver>- by the mile or hour.. Local calls 25 cents. ; 'Office, 115 West St Office phone 356; Res.. phone 63 LOOK AT OUR Nickel Plated Wore Augusta. Ga.. Jan. fi. Horac-^ E. Andrews, of Clevel.and. O.. and Robert Wolff, of Columbus, saw Mr. Taft today and discussed Ohio state iiolitic.-.. .Mr. Taft said that he n-ce'ved hearty endorsement of Myron T. Herrick for a cabinet position. Another -'-abinet • conference resulted in the call of L. | H. Bnilov of Cornell universitv. Xew i York: H '. C . Whete. of the state nni-i ^^'hen Christmas shopping. Chafing versify of Athen.s. Ga.. and Prof. T J . G . | Dishes. Percolaters, gold -lined Tea Cirpenter. director of the Colorado ag^jsets. Cake Travs. Baking Dishes, and ricnltural experiment station, consti-; „„„r„i A t („.! „• „ r-„.., tt,„ x -„,:„„oi 'many other useful and fancy articles. tuting a committee from the National j — Association of Agric-dlural Collece.< i-^'s'> a fine line of Aluminum Wara and experiment stations. .Mr. Taft ; said he w,is told in grneral terra.s th' niialificafinns that the man should j' have to fill the position of Secretary j of Agriculture. There is Only One ^^Bff^omo Quinine^' Thai is LaKBtive Bromo Quinine USEO THE WORLO OVZR TO CURE A COLO IH OME OAT, Alw:iy.-i rciiuMiilier the full liJitne. I.n'-k for this !.igti:.iure nn (•\crv i. )\. THOS. H. BOWLUS, President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRPXTORS A. W. Beck, L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evans. J. O. Rodg«r«i W. L. Bartles, Thos. H. Bowlui. WE ISSUE OUR own DRAFTS OM All t-UROPEAM POt/tTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM $2 TO $5 PER VCAR.^ INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. : Is a necessity.-not a luxury. It is not an expense but an investment. It Is something you must have but something you must be careful of, as It is very Important that tbe right com- pauies are selected, f represent tbe leading companies of the nrorld aiyl would like to SHOW WHY PAY BENT? Wben you can buy a b«m»;Ki with tbe same money? I have; some mighty nice propertk* hand right now which I trlU you for the same mojier^ you are paying out rent iEtor.f,1!l propeHies are well lpdKt(4^*' an» a/ good inire«bni«it;i^i ''vknt Is «!l^ciB^to.8iH mk4

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