Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1909 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1909
Page 4
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THE iOI.A DAILY BE6I8TEB, TTEDXESDAT ETEXnfO, JAXTABT «, 1909. I*KF. SCOTT. i^ipUi, Kansas. Postoffice, as |llPP9i»4 '<;iM8 Matter. Rates Madfti; Known ^OD A^pUcation.: ^ iaioli, 6ms mtKiLiiiyoQ. J"??** .10 cents r#mith ={vvv44 cents i^greaT . j. .'xa.ix^.lp^W C BL MAIL. j year,-Inside county $2.00 .-^-.yjlSM,;^^ county $4.00 i^nriM:months, in advance $1.00 ijjmoi^tlh: tn advance 44 ^grist mills amounting in value to more than 5O.fc00.OO0. Witli more tbau a score of glass factories. \Vltb an output of "sitelter" by which name the refined product o[ zinc ore is Icnown, of more than $20, 000.000. With an inexhaustible supply of cement knateriais. "Wnti about 50 per cent of her population native Kansans, and Missouri Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and Pennsylvania furnlshlnir the largest num ber of immigrants in their order. With a foreign bom population of about 200,000. of which about 40 per cent are Germans, 20 per cent , are from Sweden, N9rway and Denmark; over 11 per cent from England; about per cent from! Ireland, and 2 per ^l^Ua PAPER, CITY OF HAS- *Y=7*-j°*:.C-v>' ,?>"•' ' SET.' pn^...... y Telepbonesi 7 Office 18 "Booms ., .5io.,222 ; l^ansas to Dat«. . Kansas begins the year'1909: 1 WlUi 1 ,656,790 poi)ulatlon. ; '••-JWith 18,4T2.022 acres uiitk-r cuI,iiv<H,art ilbn. si J^tli 507.60 childriMi in its |iul )iic :itrade schools. • "-".IVSfith only two states having looss illiteracy. , J Wltb a death rato of 7.:; IKT I.IIIHI. ,>-1Wth: $165,000,000 in lt.s liaiiUs. With li.OSS miles of oiiorated railroad mileage. ".'With eleven, salt conipanii-.s iiro- dnclng'2.000.000 barrels annu^li.v. ainl ranking the sate third amoiYg'tbe salt prodncing states. . Wltii 6.550,000 horses, mulf:^. rows, -cattle, sheep and swine on it.s thou.s- and hills. 'With six state school.s having an a.c- gregate enrollment-of over 7.0H(i 'With sixty-three counties in «iiic;i liquor cannot even be sold by dmR gists for medical purposes, the courts refusing to grant permits. With 800 newsi)apors .ind other imblications. With three cities liaviiig oyer :!iuiii<i population, and thirteen cities having overlO.OOO. with eighty operatinp coal coniimn^ ies.each operating several mines. With' 6,346,;{29 acres jilantcd iJi wheat for next snmnier's harvest. -WltJh more than 50 .000 acres unde: irregation. "With more than .'jo per cent of ii5 Ishoring men owning their hoinr.';. - With 12.950 school maauis an School masters. With twenty-seven counties havinp ~- ndn inmates In their poor farms. Wlth^ the second largest seat of meat industry and general live stork market In the world. •_ With; fifty-five counties having no prisoners at the state penitentiary. 'With sixty-three consolidatced conn try school districts. With $13,000,000 invysled. iu stat( buildings. • With, railroads va'ued at $:;r.C.O!).<!.. .946, according to the total nssi-.-soi! -valuation of the state tax coniinlssion- eri. • • With thirty-four denominatioial and private schools bavins an atteniunc «f over 12.000. >~ ' With-76.808.922 bushels cf wheat in ?' 'her gralneries at a v.i1uo of $t;r:.ss5.- ffiS' «• With 150.640,516 bushel.^ of cnni in h* cribs at a value of $.S'j.042.4i;i. ;.WiQi.a potato crop of C^^^^!!^" btifehels In her cellars at a vainc of «i48E.550. With sorgum and forasc from lier -si^r cane crop valueed at Jln.GSo.- 966. ^ith a butter am! nii'li jirodiiction > valued at over lO .ono.Ooo^ With; $67,703.1oS fruBV ai^iiiiilR sold for sluashtcr. cent from Italj-. With about 10,000 school buildings valued at $15,000,000. With' nine special charitable instl tutions. With the country's two most important military stations and schools in the world—at Port Riloy and Fort Leavenworth. Rlley has a reservation of 20,000 acres and a garrison of over 2,000 officers and men. Ix?avcnworth 'has a reservation of ov«»r 7,00 acres jSnd a garrison of .1,000 men. A pension agency of the bovem- inient at Topelca at which $10.0(»0.000 ilistrlhnted annually to 111,000 if. lionsioners. AVith illimitable limestone and earth gypsum quarries. With a total value of a'l farm pro dnrts CO per cent greater than the av- for the twent.v yean; ending with 1907. With •• wheat Kellini: at .so cenl.s n bushel and corn at (io cents a hushel.- oats at -10 cents a bushel and potatoes sellin!; at $1 a bii.'ihel. With alflafa sellinti at $12 a ton: tatne hoy at $10: prairie hay irt |S. With thi» wheal crop of lOoS worili over jro.OOO.fiOO more than was ree- ce!ve<l.liy the •-•rowers fur their c.->ni- bined orops finin isn;; to isnfi inclusive. With a apiiiii of $lL'ii.oiiii.i invested in tl :e -].7 !"0 indinnrirs making' their report to the labor coinmis.'^ioor. Ppohably indnstrioes di<l not report. With .'ill" oil wells and 2.''«" pas wells. -Ami tills (Iocs not lialf tell the story or indicate her prospects for the future. I THE GREAT f 5 On again at You can't afford to miss it. Hurry down as the best things go first Shovel "Km Out on all Soits and Overcoats In fiict all witter inerchin- must go logardicss ol Sriinplo Shaes 11 ut itf wor.h to $5 .00 ^ ^h..VJ! Out $t 85 :t'.ijm.wmi'jt •^JN- NOT TO EXTREME HEN IN TARIFF BILL ( Ar.SLS DEBILITY. I.'erc .\re Fact--* Baclied Ip by a Strona (•narantec. wk'slaagfatered and K?-"" With 2.574.762 tons of prairie and taste; bay valued at $l^,opu,()pp.. With wool and i>ouitiy- vruduct^ gMrorUi 19.378.000, 5,-^ WUh a grand total of fana prudmt:; ,and jive stock of $4;'.i.-.'24.s::i; the; products aggregatia::. J2~,TU5- g=»54 and the live stock SlHT.'ViO.STt.'. With an output of ber flonr an.i Detnliiv i.s caused by ealarrli. In our opinion, ii jjerson free I'r ^Mii e:i- tarrl! was never troulilod with debilii .v. nel'iliiy can never be cured iiy medicine not drs!sn>'»d 10 cure caiairh. We iKisiiively guarantcp to cure tritairli. and tlius cure debility. In every e:i?e wheit; we fail to effect a cure, v .-f will not cliarpe a cent for thr" nifldiciiie cnip;nyed durin.i; the trial. Now. siire- y no f'!!0 hhould hesitate to liolieve us'or 10 put our cl:ilm to a pract;r;il ('>:;t under Kueh conditions. We lake •ni (lie risk: no one e 'se can lo.-e an\-i thin;; l>y the transactiiui. We make lliose slalemeiits ii:i.] llii;. offer liecause we know and I 'ave tln;e ;>t:d asain proved tlia! Hexall .'>lufU- Ten • will cure c.darirh. Ii is d'sliined * for iliat one panicular iiurpo.-^e. It is not a cure-all pre.scrilie.l to cure every • di .siase that flesh is heir ;o I. is n. .specific. Ue.\all .Muei:-Tone is ali- Borbed in the sioniacli a.'i'l earri 'd I v 111!' bU;od until it penetrate.-; ev. :y uait of the Inidy, aelini; as an anli- :i>;ii;c. disinfect inc. cleaii-si'.i;:. -.^ooth- iUK and heaiin? a;;enl. it rid.s ;lie s- le!n of all ^'enn atul !;oisi ;nous mailer, purifie.s and enriches the blood, re- hui 'ds injured tissues, cleanses and invigorates the inti(o-ce!ls iieiilialize.-i ih" acids of the body, stops iniicus disrharue. tones np tile entire s .v .-t°ni. • Iifciuotes i;!i;rition. i:i :-ie ;;s'e: liO'Jy | weipln aiid iii ;i !i :s alxiin a ft of i!e:;''bfiil!;cs.> tliat is la.stinc. We have FN xa!! .\lu( u-Tor .e in two size^-. I'li'-t ."'ir and t \ e 'l. \\'.;. nr ^e yoi! 10 !!; a boiiie 0:1 i;uaianiec. S. t-:. I !u!iei!. The 11 -x...'! i^lore. Weft ;Sidt Seuai ••. Temperature During 1908 Was Even. -^Record Breaking Rainfall.- IK».MKSTIC FiUVl. IO FKii UK TIJK T.\J{IFF .lIK.VSrilKS. l.V F .esifter Want .\ Hrjiiir 1! sii'ts from Evety Ounce of rUeL •c -J When tlie mercury drops out of sight and .you just can I keep tjie house warm, you'll iind it w'ondcriully convenient Io use a PERFECTION I Oil Heater [3(E«inlppcd with SmokdCM Device) . -irirery bohl —carry ii about—heat any cold room. Turn the, wick high or low—no danger—no smoke—no smell. Easily cared ior and gives nine hours of m cozy comfort at one filling of /| brass lonL Finished in nkkel and japan. Every heater M-arranted.' Till' follow in.n was issueil b.v the iveraily of Kansas anil continuing tlie record kept by IIM; late IJr. F. H. Snow froin ISC^ to l!i'i-S: Till' chief nieti'oro'oeical feature.^ of the year l»us were its lilRh aver- ape lemncralure. only :'. of tlie ju pre- codiiifi years bavins had- a higher mean: its absence of extremes of tem- l)eratnn^: its record breaking rainfall: its cloudiness, ranking -Ith of the forty -one years, in this respect and its absolute froeilom from zero day;;. Temperature. Mean temperature of the yea- .^:;.:!:> ile-.i -ees^ which is exactly one decree above the annua! mean of our forty years' re?ord. The hit;hest temperature was 02 decrr .-'es on .\UKUSt 2, :!. 4 aii 'l fi: the lowest temperature was three de.trrees on February 1st, pivins a yearly ran.s;e of S!i desrrees. Mean temperature at 7 n. ni.. (f».l!t decree:;: at 2 )>. ni.. r.O.OS degrees: at 9 ]). ni., .">! 21 degrees. Mean temperature of tlie winter fio'iths was ::(.sl decrees, which is ri.25 dciireos above the averatie winter tenmerature: of the sprin:r. .")5.40 which is 1.7 f'ecrees above the sprin:? averaire; of the suiiimer. 7:;.CO, which is P.21> decrees below the avenge: of ;lie ;<.ntiitnn. ."iC .t;.". wlilch is 1 .S.S d"- •-Tfes below the tiutiimu averat-'e. The wnrmesf month of tlw- ve:ii- w."-: Ttily. v.-ith a mean tenmerature of 7.".Hi |(1 -cier<?: t;if> Warmest diy wns' .T'llv The rncrcury re.nche-I er eyeeedei ftfi decrees on nine d :!vs. '-vVir!! is 2" ('•lys belnw the annual aver!!:;e. Of t'x'se hot (lays n were in .Tu'y ;ii :d ^' ill Ai'KUSf. Ti-.i. ctiifii •;f month v.;is .Iniiiiary. i"ltli 1 mean teniiiera !ti-^ of decrees: the eoMi 'sl rlay we; Fehviiniv ;I. when iiie tlierii'onietir ve^i.stei-r-! .;; irre?:; al.'ove x'To. ; Tlie ::ie.'-ourv did t:(it f;;i! ti. I'l-v |z.To even once, wliile t']e average iiunii 'er of z<'ro days is se-.i -n. There ^ ,wc -e flu winter dayp. f> \\\ tanuary. 21 ii! F.ib-iiary. !i in >TnreIi. w in N'oveni- 1 :< •• and 22 in Pecenii .-er. .Tlie iivera';" iiu '-i !)i r is (I'l. The last frost of the snrin'-' was o" ^.\'areh 20. .and tl-e llrst hoar frost of autuTcn was im Se ;iteiiiifCT .2*^. •^•ivin'r •v\ !:^t>rval i>f IS:! da.V.s entirely without fiost. Tile average intervals is ,1.-.-, .Jav.s. I T 'le last ! la -i: fvo.^-^l of snriii;r was e-. y-.'.rc^ 20. and the first black f-ost if .-'ittnt'Mi wa- o'l Vnveniljer 11. civ- i'U' :'n.':"ervai of 227 dnys without sc• v--r. fro'^!. while the avr'ra '-;e is 2'i2 \ ilain. "•• •• <i:!r-- rai 'if.-i'l i'-i -liidiinj nn-lt-1 MiC • T V, \v.-!s :S."2. wire'! is 11.7:' t! ell :itio-,e t !;i- aiuMial aV'-~"i!;e. and \\<- lara- ^•t '•.•i!'f :i ?l in our " e-.r- -.en: I. I';t';e" riin or •4"r)W er et!' f. I! ie lue-isi: -iMe o'l-i'itit'e'- f- ia\-i. wlilcii ii 2- les' than t!:. a':- •• I Mvrrnue .r-ii-i or seow fi II in „..,...;.:, ^ ,.-,,.-,11 frr ii;.-as ':r' :iir:!; i -ri,, <-,T,-ips: <i".\\\\ of tije i .-ar wa:- :! .'."i lui '.fis. ..J I iTi.. 'f.,. iiicn'' of I :i:e ! lU " i-c'e: | M al' vhi-s is i;r«-!t*rr 'liaTi tie- itr^?e!plla t'on of an; I 'M • r ni )i':'' Tliei.. -ven :!v t'iii>!''« r • ion.;s. \vl:'e'i is <; al)OV< the :;vera:.'e • Snow, i Thi' .•'til.' de 'ilh of ^;"o•^ iv,i<j (',.7 Iricli' s wh!i-h ii* I!' below the an nu:'l riv. i-.^c Of I'll'j riinoiini ..",'1 In ell. - ill Ki'hrii ;i-v. t; n in O-tober Mi 'd 2P 111 N'oveinlier. The I'l;-": snow o' -•iri' was oil Fehriiarv 'If, ni whie 'i time I' MI In quant Hies too sinall for measurement. The first snow of niiliiiun was on October 22. Cun^re.s.sniau IHBi>lead iind Scull I'ay Iribiile to "liiddy."—To Itclain Dulj (III F|:!;s. The t'ollowiiit; is by Aiihur liunn in the Woman's National Daily: Wa-siiin^iion, I). C.—'I'his is a story in tlic nature of a se(|uei to the thrill- iii',' epii-(!(ie entitled. "The Creat American ,Ht.n." it is th.e emeleiie or souflle to the luoducl of tlie '•heroine" of the pari. To tlie ipiiv!|i>;re of I lie novelist, wb will .i;o hack to a dicuy day in liiP house t.f repre.-eiilaiive .s last si.riui,' wlieii ihe a.u'i icullur:il ;;ppro- priaiit.'ii bill v,-;:s tiiidor coiisidoiatioti. In the midst of the hiiuidriini disciui- -••ii :i t;!' points of Older and explanations as to why this or tli:it apjuo- iuiaiiiii sliuu (1 ( r should not i)e made i'on;;i essi 'ion ()ln!:-!iad of I'eniisylva- iiia appeared upc .n the scene and at ,iue I;rc ;i .;ne t!ie clKiineion <u "iht- n'reat .'^nierican hen." Thi.; i-'ennsyl- •.•;v!:.. i e].i-(..-«'nt,-it!v e was r.o; only tl'.r- clv.i!!! iiU!. liiil lie v.;;s ll 'e < ,t of he ur;':it .\;nerit-;i:i hen. In the cruise (f 111:- wondertul on i!i ;i| lasiou he lo'M wli:ii llie .\i:i''rle::!: li -11 w:'.^ (i';'!.'.'. Iiov.' (h.' ii'i;- li'-:',i (•••.'iM l ;e ii::!i!il :.:fi (1 and W!M' jni'i tlr-,v liif'ir.'ht Io ill'' I'ari'ieis. and e -'ice-al!.•• the laiiicrs' ofifi fi'd. ciollu-il i'nd M licoj. d ll;..;r e !ii"!;:p. ainl even pai.! oiT ili<' uMii 'Mire and sent Ihe hov.; in iit' - : ::d l!:-' rirls Io yoiin;:; s ; n;! ii.; r :"Ls f'onvressiiMii .'^•ei! iir,, ip,. bate i 'i ';:iuse lie c'lai riiKiii of liie Amet-iciiii peojile is sIiov,-ii irt the fact llial very few ciieliiiL -n have arisen and nearly eveiy one stands lirni- ly by OInisiead and Scolt and is luir- in.:? ilieiii on to ^;rea!',-r efforts in lie- bair (rf llie ••;:ie:it American hen." Thousands of clij)i>iti;;s froui nev.-s|);i-; in :-sui;!ii .Scmi le:.-. peril,dic.-il.s, ni:ij;az!iies iind rt- inie .s ;;iirl hav.' views have been seiu lo Oiiiisieul uii-' d'llakinir lo show Isitii v.tiat it costs to iiKiinniiii a lea. iliat lieln;^ one of liie t-ubjecis vliicii Ulnistead left in .•iisptiie at tlie ti:iii> of liis inaKnificenl or;iIioii. .Some people have told him one ihin:.; and sonic have told him an- oliier. and lie i.; ye; a irreat deal con- r'iised lierairse i' ;>;itii ••.r.s iliat the cost varie.s in different Iccalilie.s. Aceord- ;o lii.i letters and to llie news-i |i ;iper and iium;!:^ine clippiii,;;s he h; - i:ay Willi the .\inerican hen and strike, STUBBS WILL APPOINT WOMEN. ;;i her I'.iiticiial industry, the e.^'ir in-' TopeTia, Jan. 6.—John S. Dawson, dusiry. we v.ii; lu-ir a screiTh :i!l tlie who is to be private secretary to W". way fn.m tlie c-i a^-i of .Maine to Pu^ot it. Stnbbsf wlien the new governor Is .-uind. .-nvorn ih. say.s that the governor-elect t <):i;:re .'.s:i !:::i Ohnstead and Con- is not opposed to women in public of- have been comp;iii!i? tices, ass has been riiintired. It ha:> come to liie (onchi- been reiiorted that Mr. Stubbs would sion that tlieir Irief renuirks con-' apjioint no women and that he would rpriiin:: the ••<',ri';;t .Xnii-rica:! Hen" frown upon the appointment of wo- (lurinK the l.-isi si ssion of coii;;ress men by.otber officials. must, have had ti wilier circulation I '.• , liKin anyiliiiii,' (Isf*. that ims occtirred: ' ill ei'';.->r lioii:-^e in many yea r.s. ' 3I.\G.ttZINE,S A.M) PERIODICALS can be secured of .Mi:Ht.\NTILK CK.'AK m\S (O.MS'I.I.'tlE.NTS. i . .r.^E. 1IEXDER.S0.\, s;i.->kers -^rr-v; -o have :i foeliii-' akin : who deals with the publishers and rra! affection for a il!oroi;-hiy seed : furnishes them at the lowest price iri':;:r Tin- solace and deiiirlit to lie j possible. Trial subscription to Van received a .ui.od. oi!ej -.L ;eiic li.n cnn ; !„;,,,d in a clioice ci-'^ar have l.tcn the ,-Voiden's, 3 months 2.5c. ni;tke hei- own wriy in Ilie world I'-u-ii)-. nio.'iii'-; at a iiii:e, and i; is i r.!y in! llie winter .'^(•:i.-fn that ;Iie calls onlc; liie pe|->!)n whorii she .-lids in •.,':i;!:i!i^' ni;::ei-i-!l v.e-.'!li :;nd a-ks for .-^ii.-tiii- ?K". In ;hL- tar reiith there ar<> Ii. u.s tlie coiiii'i:;i(-e on a':rieuii ;;!e airi !i'-ij-I- iui; i!-.-" Id!:. If t feni."iiii>-r toin-i.t- ly. I'e :,:..d son:etlihm ii) s.iv in favr •.f lir- .\ii!"rican lu :i .:i!d !,'.!d v.-or-iy l;niri'! wre.iilis at ihe f>'e; of ihU well ktioun don:esi.c fewi. I iiii;,;;t s;'y •ii:;t li" pl'iced l-io-e laiir,-! ".re Hi! :i ;.iir ti'e lirow rf ij-.e .\riei-j..ii i,..!) IdU Olnistei'.d had Jijver'd ilie lirow s<i ci.iiipieti^jy tiuit there was o!;!y rooi:: at Ihe feet for the hoouets iiiiit the Kansas staiesnian i'.i hi.^ disposal. So liiucli I'.'r ;lie ori;;;iiai ;-:op;isi- tion. In the days lh:it i'oKnWfd ti,e j pei-;-h (.f 01li !s;>';id a:id iis eiidorsemen: l.y Scetl there arosr" a ;.'re;i: (iiscu:-'';'.;i .vhich has lun yri b, en sett'ed. The 'iiai! ci'/ lioth of ilieie c'.n-'t e.-snieti '!:is lieen loado'l with ie.ters fri -ni friends and enrini"s of lin ir "hero- ii said ihin ;!ie !..•:: ry of ili.:t :;r(; inde;,e::de:!t of litnnan kind iind liv.. iKicn \\\'.^ scrafs lioni ih^' t.ilile :;nd Ihe ii:s.-(;s jiud seeiis tinil :'re found tii-oef i!:e f.-i in. One iiiati lia < wrii.'-n Olnsi-.-ad a letlir in V. lii'li •! e ii l|s tli:,; lie the lu.'u. niaiti'.-iira- 1 :\vf-iity-f:,i;r hens of prieis and r.hi'osopiiers. ;-,,pul-iv;:v (,f the .Mt rr-anliie <";:.-ai- is an i'li:-;ratiiui of this feelin:; of ".I'-h r-^'-ard iVr a ci.iiar snmds fr r iMiaiii .v. Ii is the most-ialked-of (i'jar so'd M: (!;:S srr-tir,!i and every- Phone O.S. 414 X. Buclteye Estimates cbeerfiilly given anoll .ii:d a •IM. !!, !..• h.a 'if hj'- ! .• in rooster •• < f III. th.^ hen lor !•< li •e (ime. in .=i of h hut at ;s ^•.•i^-. :er,!l.!if (Uie wlio love.-; liu- taste t.f ft To- li.tcco at its l;'-st Stems to l-.'n;;w and hive the MeiTiuitiie. llavin-. leen on Ihe inarhel ov-.'r eisihteeii v .-.irs and nriintiiined 'he hiulu-t st.iudard rf <ii!:i'ily ;i!'.v:iys. it is very finely estab- ii:-hed in the favor of smokers. TWO CABINET CON.«^ERENCES, w. 1- e- rd-jn. |!e a'-.i siys that [Friends of Myron T. Herri !•-'t i!,.- •.•.,..:.(( :i!id fr;-nd-Iiii,; Taft In Augusta, ..;de. : ii-i; 'lie." •Mr, ; I man :ii i:i :f ;!:i .o ;-s l!.'eaus,> tlirse ho: r.i .Nl IS io a ceitain exi' n: in, I-.'.-- ,1 ovci; lii,. l ,"i :nd;!ry fciici ir.v di 1 !!"• nar.l^as i:n ev i-lerrick Saw Ga. Mr. f itzgerald Siorage, Transfer and Auto Livery Coods stored by the month in !ar.t;e. dry rooni.s. Auto livery by the wile or hour, l.ociil calls 23 cents.'. Office, il.-> West St. Office phone :{.'>(>; lie.s. phone 63 .\t Uie s.iliio ti'i'-. tile enndi-iiini;!;,' Olnibli :!d's in Kaii- r; fi 'Veil a le'i. !^ (•'''-. who S IV wrili-r ! ••h-i.i-l 1 ;-<).i! I.()i)K .VT OFR -.1. i -i f arts \]--: • kill V. •> ""III .\li: h |i. dlvr.- il' v.c.iad (jf ll'e c.i-i • .-I r.ti' of 1 1 ,'Ve CO":. iti tl:.;i ..iMi th-ie ' a:el ol :;r:-,i h'l'-e l:'.;iiil'. of_ lil.ii:i! lih- proi i:r :i 'in lo ; to t ;tv V. 1 \t- ir;-.- :•' cly d is ;• hi n I ! il II:1V. w;i( •- ;;:;<.\;-l.••!;:( l):iliil e;, d. 1 'ah 1,,-. d. ! ihat the i;i-.-.sti- •:'tie:i '; pai.! •,^t il.V, i. T'>.- v.ia;er doe-: in: City I..-: nt.!: .,1 t'las Viiirusta. IJa. .bin. t;. Ilorai -e |.:. .\n- d, of Clevelanii. ().. and I!olii'rt Wolff, of f'olunilius. s'w \\Y. Taft to-' day and disenssed fliiio siai-^ pr.litir::. \\-:. T.lft. ^:ii-l t!:;il he |-,e..i-.. ) 'if .i;-ty ji -ndnrsement of Myion T. Herrie'c fn '.'I ciliinet iKisitlo'i .\ncther -a'd'r ' I eoi'i'-rence resulied in the r:i!' of I,. \y\. i!-i '!"V <:i Corli'il n;:i -.-e :-.-;iv. X .-v : York: ir. f. Whrte. of the <:i-i-,,-. iini-! ^^''i'^" Clirii^tn^as Bhojiping. ChrtHng versify of Alliens, ila.. aid Prof. F>. fl. j Disii -js^. I'ercolalcrs, Ko!d-lined Tetj <';irfienler. director of :lie foiorado a-r-;c;,.ty^ Cake Trav;;, I'.akin rienlnir.'i! exoerimenl s'ation. cnn;;ti- Ituir.L' a cotn'u'ltee fi -e -i i .\.s -o'ciation of .\E :ricuUiiraI i:ii ;d e.\pei-iaifiit s'atinii.^. Mr. T:if; Isaid he was to!:! in ?eneni' tere.i-t th'- Nickel Plated Ware Dishes, and th( NaTionii'l ; "^''^ other useful and fancy articles, ral V 'olle --('s ;a f'ue line of .•Miiminum Ware. la I.. 11 ka ;;i'- in -a ! ;;i:.l • la- Ijkell No (lire. No CAT.VKK!! ( IKEI) I'liv. is ;i .'In-.! (.'enentiis Offer. I FOR HUMBOLDT WOMAN. witii its SooJ -ol dcady. briSunt tshi is ideal iar Ihe long winter o-enisgt ifS maa'i lire jwor ere»- L»le»! impcoreJ coitrai Ifaje «i ciclui fUlcJ. Every Inn? wunnted. ,s^y jlic BsTO Luip or PcHtdioa Od >MPAJVY A Bill Pre«ented to Re-imburae Mrs W. a. O'Brien for War Losses. ' The foilowinp is u Washlnt-.ton. D Ct Dispatch to the .^tate .lournsl: i Consressnian Phil P. Oampb.-!! lia-^ Introduced a bil' .iir'-oriziuK ^bj s-'c- retarv of the treasnrv to pav th'.> sun- of «t.000 to Charles W. .Mir.n of Mout?omery county. K:is., in full coiii- persation for ftores and supplies taken f-oni Vr;;. S. Miinn (nee Frosl) by the United States arP 'v for mill ta-v pu'-noses 'turirtr the -r ^lvll war. ' Mr. C'amnbell i>r<=sented a R'Tnllnr bill to r.av /.Trs. William C. O'Brifin HumboMt. Kas. tG.OO for the d'-x-s- truction of! a grist m!'! and .saw mill and contents, liclnnffinK to ber ;hns- bard. on,or about October 14, 1861, JwlMIe used liy and-In the possesisiDn. To anti .-t -pile .•ti'.Mt,' i -:it..iuh to kill cararrh perms and not i.'.sirov llie li.-.-iies of i!;e nr-nililMii" at Ihe ;:iiye lime ha-; h •-n prohjeni wJiich was never solvr-rl !i!iiij lli.. d:-<-('Ver> •t Hyoiin'l I ;iron(.ii:ic : I IIi •h-'i-r.n- 1. Hyoliiei i -i jii ejia I .-;l iMiiii ii!e,ily|.- :i.:. Ihi' II::KI powi-j fi,! M-I hoaliii:; ;•!!- isi|ii'- known I:re.ii|;e it ihrour'h lie Inl.M er oM r the ml.'j-iaed and :erni-ii:Iili':i n i inlu :iiie fe:ir or five lin|e^ ;i chiy. aial in a li '.v <la..' s tin; <ei-ni- will dl^•l !l ^eal The Infl.inii'd eondl' •••.i v.lll ;;o. u.o, lliii ill'^ hir.lftlil::.-. Ii.,wklli;4 llCd '.f- I'eii.vlve briaith. and ilie dlKe:iiti;;e of nucoiis :iiid crii.da In ilrt no-- v.lll e;i-e, Then why hhiMiid anv citaril! Mif- fi 'icr hiFiiiite. when f "h :is. It. .'^]>eneer j h:ii (i.icll l:iith III II .Mii'l .l that lie •'' lo rin'rii your 'n- n-^' !f :ifu fair liiai Iljiniel does ni;' cure tairb. .\ imnplete llyomei niiUit. inelii .li ;i(; j' ' the inhaler, .s and extra b::!- •' ' lies, if afterwards needed cost Init .'.tji-'"'' cSnrs. Hyninel a!;-o cures asibnia.' ^" he-l. al: ••: I 'o • he !<;ii; as a i;'iiile lo ihe CO-- <!' iii:u:it:ii:!;n'; iien >i. iti Mlnr Se; !•(,;:.; if the ce.;ii:-^ :ry. b'li llie infereiic-a js i!i;:: Ii.-. tl-ink.^l ill' j'-'.'lui l.eaiily (;;:^4l;i to In- ciiasid- ••red in th" itinera!^'^ wlna "!!;iir :i :an Sec.ll niiik'-:; ii |i l:i.^ ledl <f I::- (.--I aid e:;;.Ch.se3 i;f ijoardii..:.' ai: \:';'iie:;n hfi. -I-!:::-.: i. lii!!. a !-'re.;i railr(i;:d nia:- iitie. v.lll) has deve'oe' '1 an enijiiie h/ •.i-i'--i!:i:r rail.aiads from tlir' .\I;ss;.-.- i.aid to the Pac .T .'cC list, has conie t:i III- resf-Me rf the A:,:; riean hen :ind i'..;s inf.ii iierl Chair!!:;!!' Seoli i!-:it tiK- ;)i',-!iKi of the hens ji; the Vniied •'r ;i .is w;l.•^ itreater i!i:;n that of ihi' :;on ;Mid su-el ir.dusirv. i li.!'rni.!ii «.'ii;: ha:: :\!r;o nnde Ciilrsi!: 'ions juid !i;;s found lint the. |ridu:'t <f th > \i.i" hen '.voii'd. if iii:-nri] iiio cash at il;.' ieeseiit prit-es. off iii'; •••;;'i ;ial il->at in ten nu;n;h.s. II-- ;h;iiI..-> '':it i;-; troiii:,' srnie for an or- •I'n::i.' lieine^'ic fowl fli;it b.::; not fit;- ut'-il premlnently In ilie history of the (oiiii: ry. V,'h:i'<-\ i-; iii;i;. lie said of liie .Xnieii- -:in hill V. Inn the lusi ni;rlciilinral ' 1 i- i;;idei- < iinsider:ili( n. we m:\\ '.••> .si 1.' :l.:ii lliis b'i'l ^ioln:; to cm eo -Maall fi'ruie In the lariff Mil. V: hi. Ill', s'-iif i;ii Iff law l!ie duty on i'yj-, .'. ceiiii, I do/.(.:i, and you nil • .'iv e. I 'l-.• ii;ali who r-'pia: cai-t • ii-'ij. • liord'i'lii'-T ''11 f':it!:id :i or ,\fi -.\lei) who Iri not toKlstiiiit iijion re- l:iliiiiil,' lliiit duly. •Tut wheie \' ii will " (H Ihe cry of tlle^'e c(itr;re.-<K- iiieii. "but you shall not Impose funti- • iii'Mi i!ie ^'iicrlciiii lien who li •:; i 111 e 1 lb Ir: hei' duly s.i well-under liie ''oialifient'ons th:!t the nian si .oiiM ' [ have to fill the jiosition of .^eeret;ry : Of .Agricultiirp. • Thers is Oniy One That is Laxative Bromo Quinino USED THE WOnLD OVER TO DURE A COLD IK DUE DAY. Always reniciiiiier tiie full name. Look lor this ^i;^I:atlIl•e on e\<-iv b:j.\. "-'yc. ^ THOS. H. BOWLUS, President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30 ,006 .00 DIRECTORS A. W. G'.ck, L. C. Seatty. A. J. Fu:ton, W. J. Evans. J, O. Rodgsr*, W. L. Bartles, Thos. H. Bowlus. f. I ! Miiiiley tjiilif." .lohi). (:iirner. a hiiii- li.'ra.u- coiiK! essniiin from Tex :iH. Ciwi l!i:'> I croup, grip. sore throat, con .uiis. <o!ds or ] ;';es:ii MI-OHA Yoiv money back if il don't Gives ia- mediate r3« from heaitbum. soui ttocv cfa, stoiaacb didre^s^d atdi liczdeche. 0 <»oi ?'*!r:r^^''"V • mm " fi -4 ;nf-i i :i u iiKiir .ent ! :'l|e if ." (.••Its a do7i"i on if .,! •; I etielit to th'- f:n ni 'i ; isM'M-I who v.dn'd he iliipo'. n;-he iieon hi:'!-: cj' .Mexlo wvre 'i; fotiipete wi'ii (-..r o .vn la- I..W'-. V.'iele ('rj.nrr i.^ :n- forti; "I ' •' th- jirodJictir:'! i -f ;» nuni- i ,• :• '.f i/hc ;• :is ;rlri ;Iiiiral i ifKliiciF. he |'i;-ikes a l :<;:'~r showin':; on e.:;.irs thuU jenythi"? e'ae. and we w-lll hear a ' decided roar frr.oi Texas if, the hens ,of Mexicfj ere allowed to copinele cn ernnl tenns with those cf the I -O".'? !,=iar ^ta?e. Alon.c the norihirrn !>i 'r- iriFC ih .-re is nior.e intense feelin?, Kv- .ory tjfsirlct that borders on the Cana- Idi .-n line is represenf .d by a Repub- •lican and it Is the Kepublicans tliat are going to have sonwthing ^p; sar ad)out th«^ tRi^^^;J?^1t^: WE issue OUR OWN DRAFTS ON AU LUROPEAM POINTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM >2 TO $5 PER YEAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. Is It is a. necessity, no nrt an ^e -fpfciisp Vfestnieiit. inuEt have ;xury. lait an in- ft is some ,;;inf; jo-j but Eoioi rlJti.T you. must be careful of, a.i it i.s very iniioitatit ib=it. the ii;-:":.i companies are selected, i re;. resent tho Icadint; companies of the worid and would like to SHOW J. E. POWELL WHY PAY RENT? Wten iou can buy a home with the same money? I have some- mighty nice properties on hand right now which I will sell you for the same money that you iu-e paying out rent for. The properties are well located and are a' gopd investment. All I want is a chance toSHOW YOU. : Ji E. POWELL I.' ETsaal Block

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