The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1944 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 7
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Wholewheat Cereals Give Soups Extra Energy Value By GAYNOR MADDOX • "Rationing has taught American wfcmen to adopt the custom of many other lands, of using hearty soups as the main course," says Mabel Stegner, recognized home economics expert, and co-author of "New Chinese Recipes for the American Family." By adding wholewheat cereals to main-dish soups, she explains, you get extra energy value, B vitamins, valuable minerals, and the cereal proteins present in generous amounts. This extra protein is especially valuable today as a supplement protein. yiss Stegner, whose testing laboratory ia well known, has prepared these two cereal-fortified soups especially for this column. Vegetable 1'otagn Onn quart beef bouillon (if desired, use bouillon cubes and water instead, or vegetable extract and water. Neither is rationed.), 2 tablespoons fat, >,i cup finely diced celery, 14 cup finely diced onion, 1 teaspoon mixed powdered herbs, 1 cup sliced carrots, 2 cups coarsely diced ray tomato, l & cup uncooked quick- cooking rolled oats, or 1 cup uncooked regular rolled.oats, 1 A bunch coarsely chopped watercress or 1 cup chopped young spinach leaves. Heat bouillon. Saute celery and onion in fat. Add with other vegetables to beef bouillon. Bring to boil, add rolled oats slowly, stirring constantly. Simmer, covered for about 20 minutes until vegetables are tender. Add watercress, heat for a few seconds and serve immediately. Beans Lyonnaise Is New, Different Try beans lyonnalse for something different from your Victory garden. String Bean* Lyonnaise (Serves Four-Five) One to two pounds string beans, 12 gteen onions, four tablespoons butter or fortified margarine, two tablespoons minced parsley, Vj cup boiling water, 3 ,4 teaspoon salt, \'» teaspoon dried thyme, basil or rosemary. "French" the string beans, cutting thorn quite thin. Wash the green onions, green tops as well as snowy stems, cut into lengths about the same as the string beans. Add the margarine or butter, water, salt and herbs. Simmer gently until beans and onions are tender, the water and fat cooked into them. Add parsley and serve. Note: Adding butter or margarine at the beginning of the cooking instead of in the usual manner after cooking gives you quite a different and unusually fine-flavored bean. Shell beans are in the market late in summer. The beans are fully developed in the pod. Frequently, both pods and beans are spotted with pink. Shell the beans before cooking and discard pods. Loyd Graham Has Been Wounded in Pacific Private First Class I^oyd Graham, son of Mrs. Mary Grahnm, Route 5, Bakprsfield, has been wounded in the southwest Pacific according to a report from the war department through Associated Press. Mustard sauce with that "just right" flavor and tang Schilling WHAT DO YOU THINK? ^^••^•^^••••^••i* -(by BiiKMCK HAKKKUt. CHlPMANl When a book wins first prize in It te her competence that makes a novel contest, it is a matter oi conjecture what type o£ competition there was, what records the runners-up made. Sports editors inform their publics of the also- runs in sports events, but no one divulges to us what kind of manuscripts were considered in the annual Melro-Goldwyn-Mayer fiction award. Vv'e only know that the "winnah" was "Green Dolphin Street," by Elizabeth Goudge, and that she received the prize offered by Mr. Mayer, with true Hollywood exuberance, of $126.000 (compare with Nobel peace prizes and rewards for scientific discoveries which .seldom go beyond a modest $U5,000, If that), with the nJded distinction of having her 502-paged opus (closely printed) chosen as the September book of the month by the I.ltenu-y Guild. The basis of the choice in cither case, for the money nward, or fur the literary accolade, is difficult to assess, without the knowledge of what there was to chooso from. Which doesn't mean that "Green Dolphin Street" isn't good entertainment. It is—In spots—worth reading, if only for the descriptions of the Channel Islands, which the author^ made peculiarly her own in "Island Magic." Miss Goudge has a lush and flowery pen, and a Victorian style which, if saccharine and extravagant, in some way suits her Victorian characters and their Victorian circumstances. Best Part of Hook The early chapters of her story, laid in the little city of Saint Pierre on the largest of the islands, is by far the best and most entertaining part of the novel. Her children, the handsome William with the orange hair, and the two Le Patourel girls, are more real than the adults they become through the long, very long, years, more real and much more charming, as they climb the steep wind-swept cliffs, and run along the pebbly beach and breathe the fresh salt air and the fragrance o£ the flowers that mingle always with the smell of the sea. Guernsey, Jersey, and Sark have become, in a modern day, a tourist's delight and the seat of many a country estate, but in 1830 the French and English inhabitants lived a simple village life, pleasant and unhurried, punctuated by the arrival of the paquet boats which kept them in touch with the mainland, and which on one fateful day brought William Ozonne to Saint Pierre and into the lives of Marguerite and Marianne. These two heroines are thoroughly contrasted by Miss Goudge, protagonist^ of good and evil, one "much too bright and good for human nature's dally food," but with a joy in life and a light humor that saves her from being quite a prig and a bore, while her sister is cold and scheming, selfish, wilful—and completely competent. SPECIALS FOR MONDAY. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY CHRIS and JACK QUALITY VEGETABLES Qold*n Summer CASABAS 3 1c 1 Crisp Santa Maria LETTUCE 10° Kentucky Wonder BEANS 2, b ..25 c Tehachapl Rip* PEARS 2 , b .. 19° By the Luo tc Ib. Sweet Juice ORANGES 8° Ib. Liquor Department REWCO RYE A Straight 4-Year-Old Whiskey 45 Quart. . VAI BROS. Old Reitrvc Brandy 4 Y«ar» Old 45 Quart. . I. S. C. Gold Medal Claret a/2 Oallon* ...fl.70 Gallons $3.11 MORE WAR BONDS AND ' STAMPS Beck's Bakery lilt llfMMtth F«« OHy HAVE WHAT WE ADVERTISE; Libby'l SplCMl *w«t Men ^ Jfc Green Tomatoes 18 I >»•»» *»t- Imm ™ ^B^ Grade A Lars* HORMEL'S FAMOUS 12-ti. CM s 49 C 1 Spam 34 C Sampan All Or««n Cuts off ASPARAGUS Full No. 2 Can Grill Flit*) California 4t Sweet Peas v Woodbury FACIAL 0 "£• 9C*i 0 bars IOC COFFEE ALTA *Vlb. FRESH..... * jar Tre«»we«t Fancy Natural Grapefruit Juice Jumbo 47-oz. Can Berger's Sliced Frtih Dill PICKLES c Welch's Delicious GRAPELADE DELICATESSEN DEPARTMENT Hoffman'* "Better M«id" MINCED HAM Pound. . . . Challenge Farmer Style COTTAGE CHEESE Pound GLAZED FRUITS ektrriM, CHwt, Oratp art La«n Ntl, HarlMvta Mil LAME ASSORTMENT OP SALTED NUT MEATS OVERSEAS MAILING DATES SEPTEMBER 15 to OCTOBER 15 out of the distinctly stupid William a man of substance, even while his heart yearns—ever after his childhood love—Marguerite. Hinge of Plot That a plot shotild hinge on a mis-written word—that a man should spend all his innrried life with the wrong woman because of a slip of the pen, would seem a farfetched fictional expedient. Yet it could have happened in those days of Victorian repression, and in fact—according to a foreword by the author—did happen in actuality. When Miss Uouilge moves her William and Marianne to the New Zealand of the early colonial days, she is less successful in her background but then she admits she has never been in New Zealand. But as that land of one hundred years ago now lives only in history and legend, the writer's pen pictures as well as another's, that luxuriant, cruel, fertile country, raped by the whites from the Maoris, a land of hardy pioneers, of (loulitful character, of incredible hardships, and magnificent rewards. Bumbling William The author does well by her minor characters. Captain O'Hara, one-eyed Ned and Timothy Haslam, leave more vivid memories than does the bumbling William. That two women should have loved him with such intensity seems a bit incredible, but we are led to believe that his kind heart and his red hand are reason enough. But then authors even authors with a pulsating pen, are not constrained to explain why people lovp. Miss Ooudge had happier results in her much less pretentious novels. "The Middle Widow," the "Bird in the Tree,' 1 to nnme two among her large output. But "Green Dolphin Street" is the stuff Hint movies are made of, the perfect scenario, all the way from the picturesque town of St. Pierre with its ancient houses, its rock- enthroned monastery, its ancient customs and costumes, and its historic village fetes, to the back- country of the Maoris, torturing their victims in the New Zealand forests. We have here the clipper ships breasting the storms under full sail, and the new steamships that bring the exiles home after fifty years. Time marches on—if a bit slowly. And there is, throughout, detailed description of the modish costumes of Marianne from the age. of fifteen to sixty- eight—for she was a stylish one, was this little vixen, and dressed up even for the Maoris in the wilds, which you can see is as it should be for the cinema. Costume Picture So we can expect before long a costume picture in the best Hollywood manner, with full techni- color, "suggested" by the prize- winning novel of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer contest—or else Mr. Mayer has thrown his money away. It should be a wonderful movie, and if the novel isn't quite a wonderful book, still it's readable and entertaining—now and then— and if there are no shadings and no subtleties, only black and white, good and evil, if good triumphs and love conquers all— still that's not now the hackneyed that it once was. The Victorians loved that motif, but it has been somewhat lost among our modern, hard-boiled, novelists, and it is rather a pleasure to meet it again—all dressed up in purple prose. Anyway you'll want to read It—just to be ready "for the greatest moving picture of all time, laid on the $125,000 prize novel 'Green Dolphin Street.' LYONS ROOT BEER © 1944 LYONS-MAGNUS. INC. L SMART—Designed MacWise uses black scroll braiding to enrich the champagne - colored dressy suit jacket which he teams with a pencil-slim black skirt and bow- tied marquisette blouse. Claiming undeniable kinship is the braid- bound Mandarin styled topper which double as a daytime or evening coat. Miss Baldwin Is New President Club Alpha Gamma Sigma Plans School Assembly Friday Miss Barbara Ba)d\fin. sophomore at Bakersfield Junior College, was elected president of Alpha Gamma Sigma, junior college scholarship society, at the first meeting of the j club during the fall term, held on Friday. Chosen to serve as officers with Miss Baldwin were Miss liuth Duncan, vice-president, and Miss Betty Jean Frank, secretary. Miss Winifred Hand will be the new treasurer. Publicity will be handled by Miss Lois Hanawalt. A committee headed by Miss Duncan, including the Misses Fay McCannon and Lois Hanawalt, will plan the group's part in a rally to be held next Friday, it was announced by Miss Baldwin. New and old members attending the initial meeting of the organization include Karl Friesen and the MiHSOs Marjnrle Fagun, Marie Kliewer, Patricia Moore, Jackie Shomate. Kathryn Taylor, Phyllis White, Leslie Cell, Margaret Mor- rans, Mit/ti Twisselmann and Pa- rica Wells. Robert Young is the 'acuity adviser for the group. Local Sergeant Hero Is Missing in Pacific Technical Sergeant Lonnle M. Tames, son of Mrs. Myrtle A. Shep- ierd, 925 Kern street, is missing in action in the central Pacafic area according to an announcement" by the war department through Associated Press. Sergeant James was awarded the Air Medal and three Oak Leaf Clusters. alendar of Rationed Foods_Given BOOK 4 RED STAMPS A8-Z8, A5-G5 VALID INDEFINITELY IIy Associated Pies* Meats, fills, Ktc.—Book 4 red stamps -AS through XS and A5 through C.;"., v;iliil indefinitely. Processed Foods-—Book 4 blue stamps AS through, '/.* and A5 thrmigh 1.0, valid indefinitely. I'se of bluo tokens "'ill be discontinued October 1. Sugar—In Book 4 stamps 30 through 33. valid indefinitely for f> pounds each; stamp 40 good for 5 pounds for home canning through-February -S, 194fi. Shoe;;—Hook :( airplane stamps 1 mid L>, good indefinitely. Gasoline— In northeast and in southrnst, 11-A coupons good for 3 gallons through November 8. Klsewliere, 12-A coupons good for 3 gallons through September 21; 13-A coupons in new basic "A" gasoline ration book good for 4 gallons each from September 22 j through December 21. (Ration is unchanged despite- change from 3 to 4-gallon value). U-3, B-4, C-3 and C-4 coupons good everywhere for !i gallons. Fuel Oil—Old period 4 and B coupons valid throughout current heating year. New period I coupons also valid now and good throughout heating year. Moose Group Hostesses for USO This Month When Bukcrsfield Chapter No. 416, Women of the Moose, met recently, ulaus were made, to entertain at the USO in September under direction of Mrs. A. L. Knoles, war relief chairman. It was announced that there will be a social evening Friday, September 22, in Druids hall. Entertainment will be under supervision of Mrs. Harold Broome and Mrs. I^ec Slocum. Airs. Morton Lavcrs heads the refreshment committee. At the meeting a mystery prize was awarded Mrs. Katherine Hayes. Mrs. James Mattly won the attendance prize. <Ctje fSabrtatitfo Californfan Mondoy, Sapt«mi»r 18, ,1944 7! SCHOOLS GET NEW BOOKS -I'hnlo liy Au.stin. WKUS LIELTEXAXT—Miss Shir- llrae Stanford, daughter of Mrs. lAU'ille Stanford, 112<5 Sixth street, became the bride of Lieutenant Arthur C. Brandenburg, at Hobbs, N. M., recently. The young people are making their home temporarily at liobhs. Miss Stanford Weds Air Corps Officer Dick Bohl Chosen Head of a Capella Choir A Capella Choir of Bakersfleld Junior College and Bakcrsfield High School has elected its officers for the fall semester. Dick Bohl, chosen as president, will have as his co-officers Miss Jean Wood as vice-president, Miss Georgina Friesen as secretary-treasurer, Miss Melba Castle as librarian and Warren Wheatland, manager. Ed Alexander will handle publicity. Junior college students who participate in the group are Misses Margaret Carlton, Marjorie Fagan, Alice MacDonald, Fay McCannon, Patricia Moore, Elizabeth Murdock, and Kathryn Taylor. Lowell Fairley and Joel Wiebe constitute the male members, Ronald Clark is director of the organization. FIRE CHIEF INJURED T,OS ANGKLES, Sept. 18. OP>Fire Chief John H. Alderson re ceived head abrasions, two broken ribs and a sprained ankle in a colli sion Saturday night between his cai and a Los Angeles railway wrecking truck. Both vehicles were hurrying to a fire. Announcement was made here today of the marriage of Miss Shirlirae Stanford, to Lieutenant Arthur C. Brandenburg:, of the United States Army Air Corns, Hobbs Army Air Field. X. M. The young couple ex- ehanged vnws in the ITobbs post rlinpel on Friday, August 2f>, at 3 p. in.. Chaplain Albert A. Martin performing the double ring ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Lucile Stanford, of 112<i Sixth street. She is an alumna of BaUersHelrt High School with the class of 1043. \Vliile attending high school Miss Stanford was active in the Hostess Club, Valkyries, ami the Girls' Ath- utic Association as well as other campus groups. The lieutenant attended Henry ord Trade School in Detroit, Mich. le received his basic training as a cadet at Mlnter Field, with the class of 44-F nnd was commissioned at ^ecos, Texas, on June 28. He is an officer student at Hobbs. Lieu tent Brandenburg is the son of Mrs. Godfrey Mende, of Detroit. For the wedding- the bride wore a blue chiffon dress and carried gardenias. Attending Lieutenant nnd Mrs. Brandenburg were Lieutenant and Mrs. Morton Schneider. Lieutenant Schneider Is assistant commulcations officer at the Army Air Forces Training Command's Four-Engine Pilot School, Hobbs Air Field. Mrs. Brandenburg was accompanied to Hobbs by her mother and Mrs. Erna Smith of this city. Lieutenant and Mrs. Brandenburg will make their home at Hobbs during his stay there. 24,000 COPIES ARE RECEIVED IN CITY Twenty-four thousand copie« of new books for the basic Instruction program In the 16 Bakerrfteld City schools have been received to date and processed, according to Mis* Gladys Waive Stager, librarian lor the city schools. They will fill, in part, a recog- nised need for adequate Instruction materials in the language art*, W science and in health. Health Series Whenever thn books from th« state department of education ar« inadequate for the complete instrue- tionnt program, the district «uppue« the necessary books to complete tn« program. The new American healtn series provided free to the scnopW of California for use in grade* on» to eight, is supplied to the »*J*] r * mediate and upper grades on a oamim of one hook to each two pupils enrolled. The local department of Instruction has therefore adopted tn* new health and growth series to complete this program In the mte** mediate grades. The scientific living series, a combination of everyday science *n« health instruction materials, in fre» text books to be Used in grades on« to six. were adopted by the Baker*I field district a few years ago ana I are used in basic study. The new Laurel handwriting series, state text for use In grades S three to eight, was introduced last year and books are now available for all of the grades. Manuscript writing Is taught in the first two grades and the district supplies the> teacher with the Zaner Bloser handwriting guides. Study Guide Other significant contributions t» the program are made In the form, of a child's directed study guide. The study arithmetic is* particularly emphasized in the seventh and eighth grades, anfl to further supplement the program, new diagno»» tic materials have been added. Metl popwlar"yMr ' H I AS LOW AS * v a pint Alwor« »vr* and dtllcteui. YOU ••»•••» Dover in 2 mlnvtat. M tamovt mini to •ach peckaM. PIMM mk y*wr tnttt Ht til Howard Stf»«t, San fr»ml«c« »€•[». DURABLE—Though it looks as luxurious and fragile as the more precious pelts, this modern Mandarin styled laskln mouton coat is as durable as it is inexpensive. Gilt embroidered wool banding tranB- forms the former sports fur into an Important formal wrap. PEA T BUTT! IntGSSn mttt /Ht/mtf mfffttir May I recommend CALIFORNIA SAUTERNE The PRIVATE STOCK WINE of California Monte Cristo Wines are selected from the finest California vineyards by recognized connoisseurs. If you are one of those who inevitably chooses the best, we know that you, particularly, will enjoy this truly fine Sauterne. Listen to^The Count of Monte Cristo", new dramatic radio program—see your local n«u>»paper for nation and time, flRAlTA WINI COMPANY • SAN FRANCISCO VACUUM PACKING exclude* air from the glass far ... and keeps S&W Coffee fresh. S&W'8 CARBONATED PROCESS dispels air from the carton ... and keeps S&W Coffee fresh. It's done with a friendly vapor (often used for packing foods for our armed forces) which is introduced into the carton, displacing the air. Only S&W uses this friendly vapor together with automatic machinery which heat-seals a triple-ply liner in toe carton. This is called the S&W Carbonated Procet*. That the SAVcarton, like the 5&IT vacuum jar, keept S&W Coffee absolutely fresh. HEAR SAM BIU6 NETWORK • MONDAY THRU FRIDAr

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