The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 23, 1963 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 3

Ottawa, Kansas
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Saturday, March 23, 1963
Page 3
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Miscellany t. M. S. Study sessions and regular group meetings of most Ottawa churches have very appropriately focused on exploration of the dimensions of prayer during this Lenten season. Women of Grace Episcopal Church were fortunate to have jRev. Mother •Ruth, superior o' the Comma nity of t h e Holy Spirit, a religious order for women, to :onduct a school of prayer. John Hoppe son of Rev. and Mrs. Leopold Hoppe, plans to work again during the summer at the New York headquarters of the order as he did last summer. There is grass cutting and other chores at the headquarters just as at other places. We learned that the Department of Kansas, VFW Auxiliary, contributed $100 to Courage Cottages for Korean refugees. The cottages THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, March 23, STARTING THE PARTY - Mrs. Terry Vogler holds a triple-deck tray of appetizers as Mrs. Ralph Shaffer ladles punch into a cup which Mrs. Duane Hall holds. This first course of a progressive dinner by Omega Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, was served recently at Mrs. Jim Dykstra's home. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) Serve These Before Dinner Has your club ever given a progressive dinner. It is a good way to give several members an opportunity to have the members in their home on the same evening. Furthermore, it spreads out the work — and fun — of preparing the courses. Omega Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi sorority entertained rushees at a progressive dinner recently. Two of the members who pre- pared appetizers are working girls which influenced their choices of recipes. The first course was served at Mrs. Jim Dykstra's home. Mrs. Terry Vogler had prepared three kinds of appetizers ahead of time. At the last minute she arranged them on a three-tier tray ready to serve. One was simply made —just tiny bacon-wrapped sausages. The recipes for the other two follow. These little meat balls are tasty and have enough substance to give you "something to go on." Miniature Meat Balls 1 Ib. hamburger 1 c. bread crumbs • 1 egg 1 clove garlic 1 A tsp. salt dash pepper Mix all ingredients together and Hints From Heloise Can Make Mittens From Old Sweater orm into bite-size meat balls, fry until brown. Put toothpick n each for easy handling. Stack well on a tray or plate. Green pepper Pie makes very pretty little squares that you will not be able to identify. So easy o make, too. Green Pepper Pie 1 4-oz can green chiles 4 eggs 1 c. shredded sharp cheese Open can of green chiles and line pie tin with them. Cover with he shredded cheese. Top with he eggs which have been beaten stiff. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 :o 35 minutes. Cut into tiny squares. Mrs. Duane Hall had assembled ingredients for the punch and By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: Neighbor, unless you're very different from the rest of us, you have various old sweaters stored. They are too good to throw away and yet too worn to wear. So they just remain unused. Let me tell you how I put them to work. Good warm mittens for t h e brisk days can be made from these. Cut each mitten one inch larger than the child's hand and sew a French seam all around it. Finish the top Helois* with overcasting stitches. Then cut a band % inch wide and long enough to fit the child's wrist. Sew the band to the mitten and fasten with snaps. Mother Hey, Gals: You don't have to have a little one to use this. Don't throw away those old sweaters. This woman gave us a bright idea. Make a great big mitten out of these old cast-off sweaters. Make it to fit your hand, or better yet, if you can make it fit your husband's, you will save lots more energy. If you will make it 4 thick- nesses (and most sweaters have this much material) it will make the most terrific dusting cloth you have ever had in your life. If you can get two mittens out of one sweater, which is what we did, it's even better yet. Use one for polishing your furniture. Use the other for cleaning Venetian blinds! Here's how I made mine: I laid my hand down on the sweater as if I were shaking hands with somebody (4 fingers together, thumb out). You can take a piece of chalk, a drawing pencil, or even a crayon and draw around your hand. With your scissors, cut one inch larger around the line you have just drawn. Cut it off at the wrist bone. This makes a short mitten. Place this pattern over other parts of the sweater, Remember, you can cut open a sleeve and get another pattern or two. Cut as many patterns as you can from the sweater. Place 4 thicknesses together, putting the chalked pattern on the top. Stitch this on your sewing machine, not once but three times, using a small stitch. Do not put your hand in the middle layer of mittens. Leave three thicknesses of the material on the palm side of the hand when inserting it in the mitten. This way you protect the top of your hand from scratches when cleaning Venetian blinds yet you have three thicknesses of this beautiful absorbant material to polish furniture and collect the dust! Ladies, I can't tell you how good this idea really is. I figure that since we are not going to wear these cleaning mittens to a church social or to a bridge party there is no need to bind the wrist. It is a waste of time and who is going to see you when you dust? These mittens can be washed and used over and over again. Let me give you one more tip. Do not bother turning the mitten inside out to hide the seam when you wear it. It only makes more bulk inside of the mitten and that extra little inch around it will also gather more dust. If you doubt this, make one and see! Here is another thought that just struck us like lightning! Why not make mittens out of old blankets that are ragged and torn? Or an old chenille bath mat? Or those old ragged bath towels and hand towels? Whal else do you happen to have in the house? Ladies, we have to live and this is not only one way to save money, but it's going to save you energy. You don't have to buy it. Make it yourself and try it! Love you, Heloise Letter of Laughter: Dear Heloise: Here is a hint for new mothers have found that the best way to get a good "bubble" up aft er feeding the baby is to forget to put a clean diaper on your shoulder before patting her on the back. It works every time Mrs. Milton Bernhar SERVICE at It's Best CITY SHOE SHOP Enjoy 0 Barbecued Ribs • Fried Chicken ft Steaks Saturday & Sunday (Open Sat. Nite Until 2:00 a.m.) Redwood Inn 1 mile N. Hi-way 59 Under Management of Dick & Irene Bellefuille mixed it the l&st minute guests visited. while Jade Senior Club Has Meeting Present at the Senior Club meeting yesterday in Youth Center were 31 members and two guests, Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Bruner, Buffalo, Mo. Mrs. Myrtle Graham presided. Members sang "America the Beautiful," gave the flag salute and recited the Lord's prayer. Mrs. Margaret Williams played piano accompaniment for group singing. Giving readings were Mrs. Flora Sherman, "Pass the Salt"; Mrs. L. W. Seright, "Turn to the Right"; Mrs. Lillian Spears, "The Beautiful Doll Stays in Her Bed"; Mrs. Graham, "The Shadow on the Blind," and Robert Kerr, "The Traveling Man." The closing song was "Blest Be the Tie That Binds." Mrs. Sherman, Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Spears served chicken sandwiches and coffee. Games and visiting followed. are constructed by Koerans themselves from mud bricks made in machines furnished by the American-Korean Foundation. The $100 gift buys the wood for door and window frames, homemade cement tile for the roof and the window glass for one cottage. Twenty of these cottages have been purchased by the National VFW Auxiliary. To the Koreans the cottage is a palace after living in tents or mud huts for years A sizeable project of the local VFW Auxiliary was a $50 donation to cancer funds. Of this amount, $20 was set aside for local use. The remaining $30 went to the National VFW Auxiliary fund. Brown paper sacks are such a convenience to carry all sorts of things in but they can be easily mixed if one isn't careful. One local woman employed in an Ottawa store had her mind on other things when she stashed a couple of them away one morning this week. When she took her lunch sack out of the store refrigerator she found the pair of shoes which was supposed to be in the sack under the counter. MR. AND MRS. ERWIN L. BROCKLESBY Ceremony Read In Elliott Hall Quick T Fix Sparkling Punch 2 large cans sunshine yellow Hawaiian punch 1 bottle ginger ale green food coloring Chill punch and ginger ale. Combine ingredients in large container or punch bowl. Add coloring For desired shade of green. Serve immediately. If desired use some of the ginger ale tinted green, or tinted water, to'form an ice float as decoration. Mrs. Hall placed yellow plastic roses on the ice float to carry out the sorority. (The dinner course was served at Mrs. Corwin Shield's home. Watch for an account of this and recipes for some of the dishes.) The Baby Has Been Named At Ransom Memorial Hospital: The son born March 19 to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Everett Curtis, 115 W. 7th St., has been named Gerald Ray. He weighed 8 Ib., 3 oz. The son born March 20 to Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Lucas, 207 Ash, has been named William Lee H. He weighed 7 Ib., \% oz. Club Forecast Sunday FAITH CHAPTER, Gold Star Mothers, Installation Monday Legion Auxiliary, Mrs. Roy B. Church, sewing meeting, 2 p.m. ROUNDABOUT, Mrs. B. P. Bowers 1PM Club, musical tea, First UP Church MOTHERS Club, Mrs. Robert Winchester CWBC INF Club Tuesday US ARMY MOTHERS, sewing session COWORKERS Shut-In Circle, Mrs. Kittle Radabaugh, afternoon, sack lunch CHAPTER AU, PEO, Mrs. Fred Kaiser DE MOLAY MOTHERS Circle HORTICULTURE Study Club, Mrs. C. W. Bollweg 'AST COMMANDERS, Mrs. J. W. Roberts HOMEMAKERS, Mrs. E. Q. Stucker BOOTS and BUSTLES Square Dance Wednesday OMICRON CHAPTER, Beta Sigma Phi, Mrs. Charles Anderson CHILD STUDY, Mrs. Harry Rybolt LAFALOT Club, Mrs. Ralph Weinhelmer TOT-TO-TEEN, Mrs. Warren Weien SKILTON MUSIC CLUB, Mrs. Ray Kelly MEDICAL AUXILIARY N. BAPTIST WMS REBEKAHS SWEET ADELINES Thursday SOROPTIMISTS, Mrs. Opal Howell VFW AUXILIARY SUSANA WESLEY WSCS Circle of Trinity Methodist, Mrs. Guy Mclntosh WHITE SHRINE EAGLES AUXILIARY Friday SENIOR CLUB, Youth Center Saturday OU WOMEN'S CLUB, Held trip to Topeka GOLDEN AGE recreation club, Youth Center Raise Pledge To Missions Pomona WSCS voted at the Thursday meeting to raise the pledge to missions 50 cents a member. A pledge service was directed by Mrs. Charley Burch. Mrs. Lloyd Robbins, Sr., presided and Mrs. J. Bethell gave devotions. Members reported 58 sick and social calls. It was announced that $67.40 was cleared from a rummage sale. Mrs. Burch, program chairman, read spring poems and gave a vocal solo accompanied by Mrs. Trowbridge. She had decorated a table with miniature pool a fishing set-up and bouquet of jonquils. Mrs. Fred Cook announced the Junior MYF will sell notepaper picturing the church. Hostesses, Mrs. Floyd Flager and Mrs. William Cain, contributed the cost of refreshments instead of serving, a plan for Lent The meeting closed with the benediction. Sewing Machine Service 23 yrs. Experience SEWING CISCI.E Albright's Sunday, March 24 North American Hotel COFFEE SHOP SMORGASBORD $1.60 Drink and Dessert from Cart Included. ~ From The Menu -Tomato juice V-8 juice Grapefruit juice Fruit Cocktail Soup Au Jour Roast Leg o' Lamb, mint jelly $1.40 Baked Cornish Hen and dressing 1.35 Standing Round of Beef 1.85 Whole Baked Halibut ..'.. 1.35 Pan Fried Chicken 1.25 Dessert from Cart, ice cream or sherbet 10 Club Serves Basket Dinner Fairmount Birthday club held an all-day meeting Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dau- tharthy. Mrs. Clyde Newby and Mrs. Jim DeWitt assisted in serving the basket dinner. Members observed Mrs. Ralph DeShazer's birthday and worked on a quilt. Mrs. Newby conducted business and Mrs. Eva Hume and Mrs. Fred Ferguson directed games. Twenty members attended. Visitors were Miss Lovina Flora, Hutchinson, Mr. Clyde Newby, Mr. Jim DeWitt, Mr. Russell and several children. Delia Jo Glenn, daughter of' Mrs. Dora Glenn, 309 E. 2nd, and Erwin L. Brocklesby, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Brocklesby, Garnett, were married March 16, in Elliott hall of Frist Baptist Church. Dr. Raymond P. Jennings performed the evening ceremony before the fireplace which was decorated with gladioli. Jay Milton sang "The Wedding Prayer," accompanied by Miss Maude Adams. The bride wore a two-piece beige dress of acetate and nylon lace, and white accessories. She carried white rosebuds on a jeweled compact. The bride's sister, Mrs. Ernest Hobbs, was a matron of honor. She wore a powder blue shirtwaist dress with white accessories and white carnation corsage. Mr. Ernest Hobbs servec as best man. Mrs. Orson Roberts, sister of the groom, was in charge of the gift table and Terry Lee Hobbs the bride's niece, was at the gues book. The bride's mother wore a blue sheath dress with white acces sories. The groom's mother chose a black eyelet over pink, am wore black accessories. Covering the reception table was a white crocheted tablecloth made jy (he bride's grandmother, Mrs. Mable Smith. The white three- ier cake decorated with silver dots and topped with a bride and groom was baked by Mrs. Hobbs. Mrs. Eldon Hobbs, Kansas City, cut the cake and Mrs. Delbert 3ohn, McPherson, the bride's sister, served punch and coffee. The couple is at home in Garnett. Wray Socialettes REM Club was entertained by Mrs. Frieda Kissinger cently with games forming re- the diversion. Mrs. Fred Lemon became a member. She recently retired from Mode O'Day. Members gave jokes for roll call. Entertains Music Club Mary Christie entertained the Musical Majors club Friday eve ning at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Rex Christy. Members gave a program o piano music. Martha Coffman Martha Christie, Dee Ann Snyder and Ted North played memory recitals and received awards from Mrs. M. A. Welty club sponsor Articles about Impressionist mu sic and Claude Debussy and his compositions, "The Children's Corner," and "Golliwagg's Cake walk," were ready by Kathy Shel don, Marcia Ramsey, Freda In gle and Stephanie Gillette. Refreshments were served b Mrs. Christie, Christie. The guests later attended the pian recital of Mr. Claude Bobbish in Ottawa University auditorium. Ann and Martha 20 members am Film Shown For Program The program for the recent dinner meeting of Ottawa Business and Professional Women's Club was a film, "Telstar," through courtesy of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., and shown by Louis H. Dengel. The program was planned by the personal development committee headed by Mrs. Rose Abbott. Other members and Miss Genevieve Gillete, Miss Grace Metz, Mrs. E. C. Cummings and Mrs. J. R. Raffelock. Mrs. Delbert Campbell presided at the meeting in North American Hotel. Guests present were a past president of the club, Mrs. G. C. Hammons, Belleville, Mrs. Harry W. Gilliland and Mrs. Harold Taylor. WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA First in sales, quality, leadership - excellent for whole family - Over 200 families now have World Books in Franklin County. Follows school curriculum. Alden Cearfoss, Pomona TIME to GET BUSY on your INCOME TAX Uncle Sam won't wait much longer! Better hustle down to BLOCK and get your tax on its way. Fast, accurate, guaranteed service for an amazingly low cost. Be SAFEI See BLOCK today! IOTH FEDERAL AND STATE "Ol Nation's Largest i'u\ Specialist!, - JMIi Offices Across the U.S. 201 VaS. Main Week Days 9-9 p.m.— Sat. & Sun. 9-5 Appointment Necessary, OH Spring! I IS PLANTING TIME Shade TREES All Kinds Fruit TREES Dwarf and Standard ROSES 40 Varieties New and Old Flowering TREES Many Varieties Nut TREES Seven Varieties SHRUBS and Evergreens Berry Plants Rhubarb • Grape Vines • Asparagus OPEN SUNDAY Woodsum Nursery LOCATED: 6 miles North and S 1 /- miles West of OTTAWA

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