Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1909 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1909
Page 3
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It is this store's invariable rule to close out all goods in their season. Christmas and New T^ar }^P^^^^^^^^^'.^-^^ has enjoyed the biggest Pall and Winter trade in its history. The remainder of this bright new sldfeii^^ljip handsome Coats, Ladies, Misses and Children's, will be closed out now at a mere fraction of thdir real Wprtfi, ^Bveit^ir day here now means a bargain day. In our Coat section we are paying no attefntion to the cost and in niftnyM|^c^ will give you much more than the profits. Our entire line of Skirts all go in this Bargain Sale. If you want '^^^^^^ iiQ^By on Furs, Dress Goods, Silks and Satins, Wool and Cotton Blankets, Shirt Waists, you will do well to antiol^t^ future needs and come early. Millinery at 50c O^L the dollar. Every Hai goes in this sale, nothing reserved. II3E. MADISON mCHARDdON'd II3E. SLEfPERS Undertakers and Funeral Directors Calls Answered Promptly Day or Night Phone I77X. lola, Ks. NEWS OF GAS CITY I.A.HIIKHTy.N HAKDWAKK TO MOVE TO lOLA. CHORAL CLUB .HOLD MEETING THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturers, Wholesale and Ret<dl Dealers CRYSTAL IGE And Distilled Water Knr Celi Bton«« Besi; tn Baslnesa. Fboie 111 FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. I'KKI'AUATIONS AK,K HKlMi MAOE FOH COMIXJ (OXEKT. A Ifariics Lun .Muss' Mi'clliitr <•» He lli'ld ill Ma Sutiirdii>- .Mnniitiir— ><-ni< .'Vot('!< iiiiii i 'crsoiial.s. LiiiiilM'i'toii t» M»vc. , .. I", l^nihfiioii, of nils city, has ili'ci<k'(l 111 iiiovt' Ills hiiidwarc HUK- R IO lul ;i. Ii will 111' lociili'd (111 .loffeit'iin iiviMui).- ill ilic liiiildiiiK now occ-iiiik'rl I liy the UriKliiiiii lianlwait'. Mr. U I I K- liaiii uxpupis to move his stock fiDiu lis jM'csi -iit location to the room now orrrij |»icfJ by ICiJui'rioli .Ac Hllk 'B on .Madlsun avciiiii.'. .Mr. I.^ml)crton came to (Jas Ciiy Hi'veral iiimitlis JIK« and jiiirchaht'd ili<- Wilson hardwari; slock, (iah ("liy ifgit'ls l<» lose Air. l.,aiiilKT- toli. New Bakery 15I:KAI». TAKKS AMI rirs j;>crjlhiM-,- In the Line iif Pastry Delivered Free Walker Bros. riii.iif s!;s. si-X S. \Va-.hiiii:hiii .Mr. Ilaukdis .Mil) Conic. A deal is jiciidiiij: whcrcliy Dr. Haw kins or .Mildiiil will iniiie into pos- si'.-ai'>ii ol I lie ollicc iiiid |>ia:;tl<T of Dr. t; W . .Moure. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payinonts received at any tiirn' without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Loni: or Sliurt Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett Take our No. 410 whesi Traveling Eastward Lcavf.-i lo'ii "A') p. in,, arrives St. liOulB 8:25 a. m. ']'hroiif;h sleeping caru. This train connects with tbo east iH^uud trains at Bt. Louis. I'oT further particulars call and see us. Clioriil (iiili .McHiiitr. .V iiii-.-iinK of till' llaa fliy Clioral ciiili orchestra wa.s held last ni«lil at the h<nw of .Mrs. .7. K. lliinlci-. The .'vciiiii.s; was spent in the rehearsal of new select ions to be rendered at a conceri to be given in the near future. \ Former Kesidciit Here. .1. (• I ::iK'.!!. a former resident of iMs . iiy. 'r.;t i:(-w Iivi:i}; on a (arm near Kursyihe, .\lu., arrived in tJas tor a vis;: with friends yesterday. .\Ir. Inniaii has a good farm in .Missouri and is prospering in his new location. To Hold 3l4'(>tin^'. .\ muss meeting of those who favor the repcHl Of the Karnes high school law will l)o held in the farmer's room ill the .-Mien county court house ai fn n'cloi -k on iicx! Saturday inornitig. Thfjse who have berii circulating petitions are reiiuesteil to report at this iiie<Mfiig. ft Is prolialJle that Hon. E. }i. Funstun will be sent t 'l attend the session of the legislatiiiH in T<)|ieka as a representative of the opponents of the liartics law. .Mr. Kiinslon will r «-iiiaiii in Topeka to advocate the re- i'cj) of .^llii' iiii 'asure which sfeins to be so obnoxious, esiieclally In the oii!.- (ying districts. C. P. Hale, Agt. I 'riiiH' \Vf?i(«-ni to Orill for (;tt^. • .\ drilling rig h^s been moved to the land belonging to the Prime Western company, simlh of this eity. and the conijiaiiy will begin drilling for gaA in a few days. A Sniula) S4 -hool .Mct'tlutr. Thf iuiiuial uiopiliig of the Sunday Kcjjoo; board tnr (he .Methodist in Mils city will be held this evening. Klectlun of officers will he one of the [ii'iiici|ial liejuH in the order of business, lilrtli of a Noil. .Mr. and .\ris. O. C. Kerrls announce the birth of a baby \n>i\. Utfturii (u Allooiifl. .Mr.s. Tlioiiiiss Church, of AltiKjna. who has iH-en in the city viHitilig I'ela- liv«-s tor .several days has returned to Dr. Geo. B. McClellao Iloclor DuinioiMl Uick. on "Tbe Liver' Slow to Recognize Liver Disease llute You \ sour sloiuaeh? .\ coated, swollen luiigiieV .\ nitil assimilation of food? .\ fatty covering on the eye ball? .V bitter or oily ta.vte In the inoiith.' .\ partial lurs of the sense of liear- ingV .\ ready susceptibility to <'liill and fever? .V freiiueiit frontal headache over the eyes? .\ constant ache midway down the backbone? .\ disposition to diarrhoea ilnring hot weather? .\ great depresulon of .-^piiii with- o !i( known cause? .\ .vcllow sj>olted I 'ompliwioii. specially of ihc forehead? .\ special leiiderni-ss aQ^ piiffiti'ss under the right hiiig? .\ burning sensation in the palms, and boittmi of the feet.' .\ rapid frefjiient puJse and freijuenl lialpitatlon of the heart? .•\ constant tendency to brood over your physical condition? r.lurring of the vision as if speck;? were floating before you? ,\ change of disposition fioiit amiability to extreme irritaliility? I .\ flushed face, drowsiness especially after meals, and hurning cars? A pro.^trated, tired feeling, especially in the spring, summer and fall? I .\ coldness of extremities caused by Imperfect circulation of the b'twd? A constipated condition of the bowels, the execret.s beiim verv iii*;!i c<il- ored? .V constant disposition Io sick head- at'lie. with sour .stotnacli before or after It? A physical prostratuni, which is called, for want of a lietter ii.inie, -.Malaria?" A marked irritability of the skin, with liiintdes. erti|>tions. boils and carbuncles? A never ending dnad of vertigo, i -aiised by periodie attacks of aiarm- iiig di /,7 .ines.«. A ••splendiir* feeling today and distressing one tomoriow wlihoiii known cause? .\ dl.sjiosltii>n to lie awake the latter liait of the night, tyrmented with ter- lilile dreams? \ languid feeling, soothing puin in the !eft breast and. dull pain under the right shoulder? A disinclination tu e^ert, unaccountable fatigue, especially in the spring and hot wcuiher? .'\ distressingly <lys|iepilc <-ondltlon, with no appetite oiip ilay and a ravenous one the next? THK.V You liiitc.Soiiie Liter'Dlitonlcr. her home. Oiwrnji Xew \U\m\r .Slioii. .„ D. Btanfield. of lola, has opened a serious niischief. shoe repairing shop in this city. Oil tJie Quurter Htreleli. . But a quarter of a lulle of the.Kn- as enlargement, jaundice, etc.. are which the .. lion Portland Cement company's caused by some kidney irregularity, through the urine, remaining, the I switch track grade, from the Katy and it Is the current opinion of physi- blood becomes filled with uric acid, main line lo the plant site north of the clans that success can be had In the which Inflames all the organs and pro- dtv remains to be built. In this quar- treaimeut of these diseases only by duces disorder throughout the sys- ter mile, however, there is a y-foot fill the use of a compound which has pow- teni. No other organs have greater .to be made and it will ref|uire some er over Ijoih organs at the same time, inriiience in maintaining health, no little time. The construction crew ex- and drives the disease entirely out of other so universally out of order, and pects to have the grade ready for bal- the system through the natural chan- over none have physicians less real last, lies and steel by the latter part nels. nower. i ot this mouth. Persoiials. Jlrs. I.,. Coopec,.' .of Hrouson. is' a guest of friends iu Uas City. James Obrey, of St. Joseph. Mo., Is here for a brief visit with friends. . The Progressive cJub will be enter.'' talned this evening by Mrs. Shufford. Mr. and itcs. Charles Smith. haVe • " ' • I>|{. niA .MO.M) IU4 h. How to R(COSoize Kidney Trooble Kidney disease iii ;'.v long wllh- Dtil siispicinn, becaiisi- It has no dls- tliKllve synipl<inis of Its own. Have Voii All acliiii,^ In lln.' ."iiiall nl' lln- back? .\ii titiiit -iial iles-ire io urinate at nlu '.riV .\ti alariiiiiig riiiiiciing and pain In the heart? .\n irrltaled, lioi and dry condlilon of the skin? .\ii annoying scalding sensation wliib! urinatln.t;? .\n appetitcr aliernaiely ravenous and meagre? .\n unnsiiai aiiiouiii oi gr'-as) 'froth ill lite iirlne? inabllli) lo main- i -vi -ii indiii.-iry i .'xeiiions? .\ii acid, bitter taste, with fiirrini In the tnorning? An titiaci-iistomed disiiositiiui to headache and neuralgia? An tibiindunce of pale or scanty fjow of dark colored urine? An acid condition of the sloinach: heartburn v/iih dysjieiisia? .\nd stiaiiAio disorder which the doctor cannot permanently lieal? All intense jiain upon sudden excitement, in the small of the back? -Vii extraordinary dejiosit of mucous sometime after urination? An annoyance and perplexing loss of memory, even of coninioii things? All irregular tendency to rheunta- lisni. chills, fever and pneumonia? .Vii iiiiaccoiinlalile dropsical .swelling of the aiilMes. svi'ittini and limbs? .An ;i|i |»earai:r»> ( f red or while brick dii '-i. allitinien and tube cast.>< in the urine? .An obftinaiely eonstipaled coiidi- ilon, aliernating with looseness of bowels? .\n indescrilril.le eiawliiig feeling up and down the back, with extreiiK- and nervous lrr;tabillty? .\n unnatural shortness of breath, with iiiitisiial dIsiio.-Jlloii t<i pleurisy and bronchial affeclion? Tlii'ii Yon lliiie kidii«-y Tronblc jnditNited bv sonic niinibi?r of ihe :ili(ive syniptonis. wliich too long neglected will certainly teriniiiate in Ilriglii's disease. .Morr- surely does kidney end in Kright's di.sease that d(-es a cough lead to consiini|)tlon. because the tendency of neglected kidney disease Is universally toward Rrlght's disease, whereas the tendency towards consumjition Is more nearly limited to those who inherit weak lungs. Delay, therefore, in removing the aUivn symptoms Is exceedingly dangerous. They an' of the commonest order, and their very cominonnesB encourages fatal neglect. We nitisl not. however, try to treat the symptoms, but go directly to the disturbing cati'ie—disordered kidneys. Ulien the kidneys are in a healthy indicated by any of tjie above «ymp- '•on<J"l»n. only the water ^.ozes • •- •• • •••'through the blood vessels Into the toms. whicl'i. if permitted to run. will t. become chronic, in which event your tul**" »"d Lasses away, ^^-hen thej kidnevs are liable to be involved it. ar,. inflamed b.v disease the wals of Hiuiic. o u , ijjg WMA vessels are softened and ex- lianded, and the alhuiucn or life of .'kfanv cases of liver coin|»Iaint—such the blood escapes while the impurities .• 1 .v.„ kidneys should excrete Dr. ricClellan Now at Cataract Hotel NEWS OF LA HARPE HAHNKS LAW .1IA^SS .MEETIMJ CALLEII FOK SATIKDAV. IK SEND FUNSTON TO TOPEKA TO LOHHY l.\ FAYOK OF KKPtAL OF TlIK LAW. in Iniitortiint Council .Heeling to Be Held Tonitilit—News >«t«'.>< Hud Personals. Iliilil a .^IsisH .Meeting. .\ iiieeiing of those wlio favor the repeal of the Harnes high school law is called to couveiiu In the farmer's roini In the .Allen county court house on next l'"rlday inoruing at 10 o'clock. It is espedally desired that those who have beeji circulating peiitlons l>e present and report. It Is probable that the meeting will i>e decide to send Hon. K. 11. Ktinston to Topeka to attend the coming session of the legislature and work In favor of the passage of a bill reiieallng the Harnes iiieaMire. f Iniportuut Couufii .Hti-tiiig. A meeting of the I>a Harpe city conn cil will be held this evening. A nuio- licr (if Important Items are to come up for consideration. .Among thc-'e items is Ihe matter (-f enlarging the corporate confines of the city. As noted In Ihe Kegister .some time ago. it is proposed to annex a tract of land in the vicinity of the Ohifest addlUon. While I his move meets the ai)proval of many, it al:£o finds much opposition and if the matter is brought up tonight which It is expected will be the case, it is likely that many protests will be .iiade. ISTEOPATHT- DB. W JI. .iLRKfHlfr. Registered Osteopathic Phyaiciaa. State Bank Bldg. Phone 145 Only Osteopath in IA Harpe. Less Thau a Mile .Now. . I'.iit one (inarter of a mile iu the •;rade of the rnion Portland Cement company's switcli track grade from •he Katy main lliio to the city of the :)lant north of L.a Ilarpe remains to be constructed. In Ihi.s rjuarter mile, however, a Ii-fool fill will be neces- .sary and it will require sonic little ilnie to complete this. With good weather and favoraldc conditions the w(M-ktncii expect to have tlie grade ready for liallast, ties and steel by the latter jiart of the month. The foreman of the construction work recently estimated that the switch track would l>e ready for traffic by the fiii't of .March. church held Its monthly business and j social session last evening. STOMACH IS FOOD IS CAUSING *P. His CondiUon InproTinir. The condition of Dr. J. F. McGill,! who has been III for some time, was' pEitjffjK^TATIOy OF UNDIfiiKslM* rejiorted as much Improved last night i Though still confined to his apart-' ments. the doctor Is able to be up and about his room. To Cottey Coilege. Miss I.elia r.rigsby has returned to .N'evada. Mo., where she is attending Cottey college. She spent the holiday season with relatives and friends here'. I'ersouuls. K. P. .Milligan. of Walker. Mo., spent yesterday in this city looking after ijiisiness interests. .1. P. f;henault was a Kort Scott visitor yesterday. C. U. llanna was an lola visitor yesterday. Ilaudrcils of 3Icn and Women Are UDuecessariij Surferfay ftWil^^ Stomacli Trouble uti Indlgestttipi ^^^l PILES riTKED lynTO MDAYS.^ \Zr^ Sl^^^ ""'"^^ PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to p*^^"^^"!^^ j„ your ttbqlil^ cure any case ot Itching, blind, bleed Ing or protruding piles In 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 60c. A .MILITARY I.\AnUUATIO>. Herbert S. Hadlej Will Be Sworn With -Vlueli Ceremony. in .lefferson City, .Mo.. .Ian. C.—.Arrangements have been perfected for the Inauguration of the-new governor next .Monday. Prom the iudlcatluns at present, it will be the most imiMislng :!creniony of the kind that Missouri has ever witnessed and will draw the largest crowd that has ever attended a similar ceremonial. The inauguration will ]>e largely .-v military function, as there will be l.."iOU of the national guard at the slate capital on that day. The Third regiment is expected from Kansas City with at least 500 men, and Battery B of "that city will also be here. The First regiment will come from St. Lonis. with Light Battery A. on a special train. The soldiers wilfcamp on the state house grounds and will cook their own provisions. The parade will form about 11 a. m., in the capital grounds and will proceed to the residence of Governor- elect Herbert S. Hadley in East High street. He will be escorted In a carriage, accompanied by Adjutant General James A. Oe.Armond and Captain Frank M. Ritmbold through High street to the new snpreme court bnlJd ing where the parade will turn north and enter the capitol grounds. .Mr. Hadley will go to the executive office from his carriage where he will join Governor Folk, and the two will proceed to the hall olj^the house of representatives where the oath of office will be administered to the new governor by Judge Henry Lamm of the supreme court. He will be sworn in at noon and will deliver his inaugural address as soon as he has taken the oath of office. The national guard will rest aroutid the state house while the ceremonies in the hail are in progress. After the Take your sour stomach— or tnaybftj:;; you call it indigestion, dyspepsia, g^ii ^^v^ trltls or catarrh of stomach; It doienp^tgi matter—take your stomacta thml right with you to your pha and ask him to open a liO -cent Pape's Olapepsln and let you eat l *2 -graln Trlangiile and see If "" \.. ... , The correct name for your Is Food Fermentation—food the digestive organs become, there Is lack of gastric Juice;.' food is only half digested, and ypa come affected with loss of spj pressure and fullness after comitlng. nausea, heartburn, grij in bowels, tenderness in ihe, i»l „ , stomach, bad taste In montti. ^ctavitVt: patlon. pain in limbs, sleepIeeiBp^i^^ belching of gas, biliousness.; sicS ache, nervousness, dizzlijess aAtf other similnr symptomst.' '/^••rs,-:'^} If your appetite Is fickle, anid ing tempts you, or you belch gn'of., you feel bloated after eating,-or; food lies like a lump of lead eiK;j(Dji9| stomach, you can make up ydur" " that at the bottom of all this. th hut one canse—fermentation Digested food. Prove to yqurself, after yonr meal, that your stomach is aaany: that there is i^otJiInK wrong. Stop this ferinentatloir4 begin eating- what you want w fear of discomfort or misery. . Almofet instant relief is walttng;^ you. It is merely, a matier^otH soon you take some T>iapepsinv-r i' DROP I> SCHOOL POPPI Bat There Are Aero (JkiMAiigJi' • •--Kaasus Schools ThtsJTcMR^' Topeka; KaS..-Jan. 6.— Tbe '-'^Dj^ the Kansas school children et^ltliR!, enrollment in Kansas scfaoolKlti^; creased slightly In the last Ihougii the .-itfendance and « has dclually increased. In i. vfte .507.870 school chl'dr^rl^ MMe, while in 1^08 there w'eH'f-, C.-.;. Thfe -enrollment tor 19*7^% AKAii boys ah <ri .<.',83t- glrrafr ir< i:«0& the e:irollment wan •i ;cy8 and 191,3-17 gIrU. rhcro are 12,985 teachers'ei ill Kansas this year a<s comi i:!.74:; in i!HV7^ The uvfrnge cost a pupil at the Kansas coentry schools In Win. la the graded Kcyuuldit us a Jluralhoii Ruccr. The rumor that County Couimission- cr'tieorge Reynolds Is training to contest with Tom Longboat in .Marathon lace.'t is denied by close friends of the commJssliHier. but It leaked out yesterday that .Mr. iteynolds is doing •4onie tinlnlng ((iiletly and under cover. It Is reiKirted that he 'did" the '>ight miles which xpan the sijace between I ..H Harpe and the Reynolds farm .vesterday afternoon In just two :tnd oue-half liours. The commission-, er is (|uoted as saying that the reeled off the first half—four miles—in an hour, but was compelled to relax on :he last lai). Inquiring friends were told that .Mr. Fteynolds sprinted the ?ight miles home on account of the faet that, not knowing what time the meeting of the coromiisaloners In lola would adjourn, Mrs. Reynolds waa not advised w;hat time to send a team after the third district representative, so It was necessary for him to walk. This Is laughed .at by those who keep fn touch with athleiic events and they declare that the commissioner gave out the story for the single purpose of concealing the truth concerning his training. Comiuisaiouer Reynolds will do his friends a favor by letting them in on the tangle with Longboat as there are a number of them who are anxious to back him against the Indian iong-distanee biker to the extent of about 120 000,000,000. A r. t. lieetktf. Tbe Y. P. 8. C. B. of the ChrtatlMl ^ _._ „. cities (;f the fret class ttae-j^ inaugural address Is delivered there [1*00 a mcnlh, while in c will be a salute of seventeen guns i second class It was |1..^3 a from the south and east terraces. [1907, 12,560 teacher* umdrfcJ'; In the evening there will lie a big ' ' ' ' public reception at the executive maa- sion by the governor and Mrs. Hadley. tlons for cet-tlficatee; I D were 12,927. The different:^ sued 9,122 certificates icrl 9,682 in 1908. r that is wheie Calutnet Baking Powder proves itsVsupcribrttyj its v>' wonderful raisina pdwer; it» nevcr-failii «|^12^ A to produce the.moSt rffelidwis baluog-^M«,w * h A* WNf—that is tiie .Wajr you can succefflMly tt«ie>W*cpmpai«>^w^^^ hi^r price kiiida, ' Y«« t «p* discr^^tft^^ Ml

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