The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 14
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p- - >i 14 THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORMAN, MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1936 < 1 \ 4 t* " "- i- ' n- »'. - i _T t \ i ! ~ HE mm m YOU'RE LOOKING AT A TELEVISION BROADCAST JSolcd Cnnndian Airman, Two Comrades, Killed in New York 4 i In Prr** t,ra*r<t Wirt > HKI.MOKK, X. Y , A\\K. lieutenant .lurk HiMiop. World \Vnr flyc-rn of the ranmllun Air Corpf wri-p infflnntly killed to- dny \vhi*n the airplane Hlshop wan flying mishrd near Knsi Meadow, I,onK Island. Tin* otnrr:- k1Il«v; we TV liny won, 31. a studenl pilot of 1-trnari *vny. ,Tnok*on I lolRht*. Inland, and liny White, n merhnnir HlHhop. x\h'» )mM nn honorary rommlsMlon In thn NnHnnu county pollen. operntM n private ulr norvlce ni UwsevcK Field In partnerHhlp \:H}\ .Minn Annette riippon, who now IN romprtinR In tho Kuth C'hftttcr- ton Htr derby to r*nllfornJn. WltiiPHUns Paid the pliine. which wn» fitted with dual controls fbr In- Mructlnn. wont Into a left ^pln to the rround. U cm shed " down, killing tho occupants ntantly. Two Dead After Feud jrt Salinas fTfHfrrf I'rein Leaned Wire) SAUNAS, Aup, 31,—NttMh Soto, S8, died today In tho county hospital, tho second victim of a HhnntliiK fray Which climaxed a bitter family feud here Ia«t night. Already dead r>f Runnhot wound« was Hnfael Htokew, fin. father of Boto's wife. Mrs. Soto IN tn tho county Jail, waiting possible murder charges. The shooting occurred In tho drive. way of the Ktokes home. The SotoR brought Mr*. Btoken. estranged wlfn of the dead man. frcnn Monterey to see her children. Soto was olttlng In bin car when hl8 fathcr-ln-lftW rushed from -the lioufte. pointed a gun through the Window of the car, and shot him in the'abdomen. In tho enduing HtrtiR- gle for the gun H6to wan nhot aKaln. Mrs, Soto then reportedly grabbed the irun and shot her father through the heart. Ho illed Instantly. Ferries, Workers Sign Wage Treaty S.F. FARE MAY BE GUI That Cent s Experts Sny Per Vehicle Would Be Ack4|nalc (United Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Aug. HI.—An average toll of 70 cnntH por vohlnlo NOW SHOTS RING FROM BELFRY i » h ' - f • iO •*tv:*> *:•.'£:.' • I--'. -.-.*. '.<?.*• b >F- • >•': r • "It works but iKit'l quite perfected yet," wa« the verdict of engineer* and wpcctators following a demonstration tclcvUion hrondcnHt in Philadelphia, held to show what progress hart been made in experiment with trannmiHHinn of picturen and scene*. Richard Wagner IK shown training the television camera on Hetty McNelllH while Norman llcan playn the piano during the epochal broadcast. So sensitive is the camera that It will trnnHmit by "black light" objcctH that the human eye cannot detect. ; Dynamite Blast Add Teachers to Typhoon's Victims 1MAB m m W^^ -«-JF M^J&U W -v^s^ms «v m^«^v^^ • mf ^r m *** -mr *r ^_ « «^ m.m ***r ^* ^m p^^ T ^ ^^ m* »»* mr^f Fatal to Three! Staffs in County Mount; Now 1516 Press Leased Wire) TIJUANA, i*>\wr cniir.. 3J.—Injurlnn In a dynamite bliiHt which killed hi«r imrontH and wrecked a Tijuana hotnl provod fatal today to Mario Madrigal, G, whllo pollen investigated a theory of murdor-flulclde. Tho child WHH blown window of the one-story olry and landed 100 tt*ct nwuy when tho oxpUmlon Hliook TIJuami'H bUBl- noHH section ycHtonUiy. Killed were JOHO Madrigal, 3r*. Mexican highway laborer, and Manm-la Madrigal, -5, (Continued /'row I'nof Xine) I through a frame host* I Wire) SAN FUANCI8CO. Aug. 31. — Terms of the "dlnmloHul wftgo" agreement between tin* Southern Pacific Golden Onto ferries and tho Northwestern Pacific Hull road and employe*, signed Saturday, provide: Employed lo«tng position* through partial or complete abandonment of ferry services will bo assured benefit employment or dhnntffMal wagon at the rate of one month for each your Of norvicc in the company, An optional lump *»um payment of the dtamlBftal benefit in provided when and*if ferry wervlco la completely abandoned. In announcing signing of the agreement, directors of the companies feald they would not abandon their operations but would continue to compete with the bay bridge* to tho limit of their financial lability. Quality of Mercy . Shown by Jurist (Attociated Prmt Leaned Wire) SAN FHANCIHCO. Aug. 31.—John A. Louis, the 59-year-old man who was sentenced to servo the rest of his life in prison an an "habitual criminal," may get another chance. Superior Judge UeorK" Stelgor ye»terday ordered a *tay in exocut- % tho sentence while ho listened to sals* story. The man has spent 12 of the lust 13 yours In prison on three convictions. "If I send him through those KatCH (Folsom) now," Bald Judge Steiger after the Interview. "I would be snndtng him to a living death. "If I see fit to net outdo this order 1 Bhftll sentence Lout* to a five-year term. 1 Khali auk the warden to keep watch over the boy, giving him every opportunity to Dtudy and learn H trade." l*olic<* Chief Carlos Kuvlrra expressed belief that Madrigal, maddened by Jealousy, touched off the Mawt with ptiwdei- tn.kon from tho ISiiHeimda-TlJuana highway projeet. A passeiiKer with the. couple on u bus from KnMomulu Saturday nlRht, Manuel I-unu. told Uevlera Mrs. Mu- drlnal had cautioned him not to apcuk to her, Haying: "My husband bun dynamite In thai package and he might kill us all." Hotel Kuests nald the Madrigals quarreled during the night. .State- Mrs. Santa Montreal Mayor Quits His Office i Leaned Wire) . Aug. Si.-—<*n Houde, who last week announced hi* reHignatlon as mayor of Montreal, today (Hfiued a 1000 word Ktutement explaining hi* unprecedented action. l*ropo*ed Interference In Mon- treal'H affairs hy the new national union provincial government, headed by Maurice UupleHuls, personal enmity between himself and UtipleH- siH, and a growing fwir that the nationally element In Quebec "tfpcllH a «|H*edy disappearance of tho province of Quebec from confederation," were the reason* given by Ilotidf*. Duplesflls during hi* election campaign promised to ahnllHh the two per cent rut ION tax In Montreal If he were elected. Moude championed the Hulen tax bill shortly after hi* re-election two years ago, Referee Postpones Mooney's Petition (t'nitftl /'IT** /,«'o*r(l SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31.- A. E. Khaw. court refereo. today postponed until November '2 the Tom* Kuth Uruwn, a graduate of College of 1'nrlflc. til I^OHt Hillw; MlHH Mary 1C. Hatekln, a graduate of tho University of California at I-os Angeles, and Kobort KtranK-e (papers unfJIcil), both at McKarland Union; M!HH Dorothy Thompson, U. C. L. A. graduate at Muroc; (Minrlon A. Keese, formerly of Delano, who will be principal at Ollg. and MlHH Juno Haker, U. C. L. A. Krniluuto. ollg also; Miss ICleanor Reese, graduate of Santa Jlarbara Teachera' (College. Panama; Clara KlagoH. graduate of Barbara, at Poplar. Other AddUioiiH MI«M Ituby Rogers, who fonnerly taught at Johannesl)urg, at Red Rock; M|HH Dorothy Abernethy, ffniclimln of San Francisco State Tcachei-H 1 College, Miss Albert M. Lnnt/,, and Richard Wells, both San Jnse graduates, will all teach at Rlchlaml School, Sbuftcr; ^llHH lla'/el Murray, who formerly taught at Tart, at Rio f'ravo; Mrs. Kern Calvert, who formerly w«n In RIverHlde, alHo at Rio Itravo; Miss Kern fjrant, diaper nnfileO), Miss Carol R. Hamilton, and Amy I.ou Wildman, graduates of \Yhlttler, and Lester K. Talbot, Fresno gmduate, all at U(tckpll(j; Miss Elizabeth Simpnon. graduate of San .lone and Miss Hazel D. Kiinile, graduate of T T . C. I.. A., nt Standard School. Olldale; Thoman Atkinson, (papers unfllerl) at Twin Onkn; MI«H Viola Hreon. formerly of Callente and M!HH Knkaleen Parker, formerly of Vlneland. at Union Avenue, and Jack Hill, graduate of Fresno, at Vlneland. On Kern Stnff MlHH Dorothy Stuart, U.C.I-.. A. graduate who formerly taught In Ihyo, und Miss Alice M. Stabbort and MlHH Frances h. Reese, (papers tinfilorl), at AVasco; Miss Mary I.oe, Magarlan ami Miss Dorothy K. Mon'y, (paper** untiled), and Jack Oaten, graduate of tins University of California at Berkeley, and John M. McKlnley. graduate of U.C.I..A.. aU nt Delano Joint Union High; Dr. Retty T. Herry (papers unflled), who will be dean of tho Taft Junior college; and flarlyn A. TlaKbam, Santa Uarbnru graduate, who will be Instructor at 'Taft high together with Miriam Dyer Bennet, of Modesto. T. K. Connolly, Jr., (papers unflleil), MlHH Uraee H. Kernlake, Kracluate of the University of Southern California; Clarence K. Me- Moran, graduate of U.C.I,.A., Mount* ford Hoed, U.C.T..A. graduate; Marcel lOdwanl Rotchy. (papers unfilod). I I I I t 1000 MKX FIG 1 IT KIKES SI'OKANK, Aug. 31. (A. I'.)—A Mooney habotiH corpim prweedinRM' thoumiml men wore thrown against after attorneys for both sldon ugn-od ! two nmjor fori'Hl fires In westorn tho tratiNorlpt of the loHtiimmy hut! \ Montana and northern Idaho today, beon corrt'ctedly recorded. ' Throo consecutive days of mldfliinv Tho prorrtuUiiKH wore poBtponoil mor hoiit and drying winds brought pending tho preuen'.atlon of findings' tln> iu«w firos after forost servloo of fact by tlefonse and prosecution' officials thought rains of a week attorney». ' ago had omled Hie menace. (Associated Press Leased Wtrc> SKUUU Korea, Aug. III.—The official death list mounted to 1016 persons today UH restored communications brought reports of wldcHprcad destruction during the worst typhoon In Korea In recent years. Tho government announced 769 persona were mUudng, 1183 injured und 311,204 houses demolished or washed away in the storm which lashed the southeastern part of the peninsula Thursday and Friday. More than 2500 bou»ts were sunk or destroyed and railroad yards, bridges and embankments were damaged. Grocery Firms in North Are Merged (United Press Leased Wire) SACHAM13NTO, Aug. 31.—Merger of Mcblus & Drescher Company and Hurt McIJuwt'll Company, two of northern California's largest whole sale grocery firms, was announced today. The consolidation, which affects about 200 retail anil wholesale grocery stores in tho Sacramento valley, becomes effective today, a joint statement issued by tho concerns Bald. J. K. Smith, bead uf the McDowell Company, will bo executive head of the combined business, whllo II. It. Drescher. president of tho firm bearing bin name, will remain with tho new concern in advisory capacity. The companies operated wholesale houses In i.'blcu, Marysvale. Oroville, Ixull and Sacramento. Urges That Five Creeks Be Closed (United rrct* Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31.—The Stato Fish and Game Commission re-commended today that five creeks or portions of them tributary to IHick lake bo closed permanently to fishing. AVaterw, which will bo closed to ! fishing if tho director of natural re- HourceH and tho governor nlgn the recommendation are Mill creek, little Mill creek, Ulght-Hand creek, Buck's creek and !{at*ktn'M creek below the highway bridge. It was recommended further that HuHkin'H creek above the highway brldgo bo closed during May, June and October; that Buck's lake be t'loKod r] u ring October In water** within 750 ft'ft. of nil streams entering tho lake, und that lower lako and Thonipnon lake bo during tho mouth of October. the San KranHHco-Oakland buy bridge, or 10 cents less than the present uvenitfe ferry rate, would he uderiuati; to finance the Hpnn, It wa.s revealed todny In a ronfldcntlnl report relenwetl by Karl Kelly, state director of public works*. The report was basod on a survey made by CoverdnJo and Colpltls, consulting engineers of Now York. It will bo used as thi; basis of a reoom- mendatlon for tolls to he made later by Kelly to the California toll bridge authority. Kelly, refused to Mate the exact rate to be recommended, but It was known that a flat charge per vehicle, rogardh'HH of thn number of pnsscn- gorw. was favored by nwny officials. A rnto of fiO cents was known to have been under consideration following tho piiftlncerlnff report. Factors utilised In milking the report Included data on present ferry traffic and information deduced from a recent, survey -of tho origin and termination of automobile traffic moving via the ferries to and from San Francisco over the period of a week. Ksscnce of Report Considering various factors, tho report Included: I. Tho brldgo Is well located to carry out its transportation function. li. The approaches on the eastern end are Ideal. II. That although the approaches on tho western end terminate In congested traffic, they arc at no greater disadvantage than the present Oakland pier ferries terminal, but careful consideration should be given to the routing of vehicles over tho city streets to and from tho entrance and exit. ri »4, That the average time saving In the use of the bridge over the ferries would bo 2G minutes for vehicles and 10 mlnutOH for Interurban paaspngura. 5. That on the basis of average toll receipts of 70 cents for all vehicles as compared with the present average of SO cents for all vehicles, freight und passenger. It is estimated that 5,170.000 vehicles would bo using the bridge in 1937, as compared to 1,500.000 on the ferries. Deducting the cost of insurance, the balance available for bond service for that yoiir would bo $;i,5!U,000. 1Q'lH ir<»i*niiifrt: ififn I'jtii mugs For tho your 193S, which would Include an Income from Intururban passungers, the report estimated that the earnings for the bridge for bond service would be $5,127,000. These estimates, tho report said, wore based on the theory that the ferries would not reduce their fares. l£vcn should tho 1'errles reduce their rate, the report showed that the number of vehicles using: the ferries would remain the same even to 1!»50, while the number of cars using the bridge would constantly Increase to an estimated total of. 7,850,000 In 11)50 and un income for bond service of $(5,5:11.000 in that year. Gone With Called (Associated Praia Leased Wire) POINTS AUX BAtlQUBS, Mich* Auer. 31,—William Lyon Phelps,, the widely known critic, picked Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With tho Wind" today as the outstanding novel of the last year, with H. TJ. Mencken** "The American Language" topping his list uf general literature. Phelpa, professor emeriius ot BJn- gllsh literature* nt Yale, characterized "Gone With tho Wind," a lengthy story of tho Civil War, ns a "dramatic portrayal of the American feudal system," It la Mlaa Mitchell's- first novel. , Second on his list of 11 novels was "Tho Last Puritan," by George San- tuyana, which ho terms "tho Ilium* ination of a splendid and spftcioiW mind." "The American Language" watf commended as "original research plus common sense." It lowed by A. P. Herbert's Word." was fol« "What a r The belfry of a church on the hard-fought road to Zaragossa, where Spanish loyalists have been attempting to oust rebels, serves as a snipers' nest for three loyalist militiamen's fire. California People Make $8,500,000 (Adsocttitcd Frcs* Leaned Wire) OLYMPJA, Wash., Aug. 31.—A $600,000 dividend was being distributed to the state, counties and municipalities today from liquor prof- Its, L. E. Gregory, chairman of the state liquor board, said. "In two arid a half years/ 1 Gregory paid, "starting with nothing, tho board has made $8,500,000 for tho people of the state.." Today's distribution was the fifth $600,000 dividend since December 31, 1935. Further Gains in Lumber Industry Widow Dissuades ^f -^ ^r Seasick on Liner; Suit Filed by Five -- . — * (Associated rrcss Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 31.—Five school teachers filed suit in Federal Court today for damages totalling $120,500 because they became seasick on the liner Prince David, operated by the Canadian National Steamship Company, Limited. Tho teachers, Marcel Zumman, Elizabeth Holls, Ida Brodsky and Rose Hoblnson, all of Philadelphia, and Pauline Houston, of Welch, W. Va., said they suffered "great distress and anguish" on the ship, which sailed from New York for Hawaii and Alaska. Misa Zlmman left tho ship at Vancouver, B. C. Illinois^ Outlaw Court Will Decide Hewitt Rehearing Huck closed I I I I HOW TO GET A COLLEGE EDUCATION Here in ft timely service booklet for all who plan lu enter eol- K*KI< tifxi month. Every yi*ur ihouuuuln of youth A uliunduti their tHluoulinii merely L»ccaut*# ttu-y atv without ttcournie luforinutlon UN prcBent-rtay custh and rxj^n or because tlu-y fall ii» realize how many ojiportunltlrH rxlHt on rvrr cniiinig fnr fttmncrinl v I SHOT IN SKYSCRAPER FOREST « » I I I t I I I To ami ilHfriulmM Iiftk«Tnfletd ^ul useful srrvli'e liooklot Gel a <Vflt*K The offern u "How to * I on tuition tn>an) the verMl anil rt'oiu i s lu all and «ni- to ronnt I I on «"it} ^ and self -help (ii« V I t I I" **e bundling und POM *e Tills n of financial t thmuKh our • Ion Hureau. * i-uver cost. I ! Th I' i J. Hutkln. Dircctur, D. c. v l lur*-\vlth lu contK in coin U-arei'ully for u copy of th*"How to Get catlon," Kdu- I I t I I I '••44 Street ^_- I I J . **>•«!>•«•»•• »«• > ^ I i I ,**»»! fc^ • » • "t- "^ ••-.*.* - - * - -••-,»..^. •»*!»,,.- ..' k'^lBl,., .«,... (Mail to Waaihnfton. D. C.) Cattleman Missing in Merced District (l.'nited Press Leased \\'ircl MErtCED. Aug. 31.—Deputy Sheriffs searched irrigation ditches and fields near Amsterdam, northeast of Moreod, today soeklntf trace of Bert Dennis. 43. Siiollintr cattleman reported mlKHlng; Saturday night. Tho water supplying a ditch of tho Merced irrlfe'atitm wystem wa.s turned off ami tho ditch was draining slowly. \Vhon It is empty it will bo searched in the bt'llof Dennis might have fallen into It. Ho last was soon at the; ranch of Hoy A. Thimmson, Amsterdam. Saturday. Ho appeared thorn n a truck ami louring his machlw carried u middlo into a fielil, apparently Intending 1 to get u liorno In tho area. t Associated Press Leased \\'irc) CHICAGO, Aut?. 3J. ~ Arthur Hchroeder explained how his companion, Mrs. Haxol Darsche, 36- year-old widow, diflsttadccl a rohbcr j who poked a plntol through a window of their car. "She tokl him ho ought to use the gun to shoot himself If hn couldn't oarn an honest dollar." Schroedor related to the police. "She wont on talking so fast tho robber didn't have a chance to answer her. "Finally ho shook his houU and said. 4 Aw. all right—all right Let It go." and walked away. Welfare Worker Given Discharge (Untied 1'rens Leaned Wire) KKIJWOO1) CITY, Aug. 111.—San Ma too county officials today discharged Joseph Walker, social welfare department superintendent. Appointed to succeed him was Miss IVurl MoOormlok, assistant In the department for 17 years. Tho clmngos wore announced by Dr. Charles C. (inns, county health director. (United. Press Leaned Wire) AVASH1NGTON, Aug. 31.—Lumber activity recorded further improvement In the week ended August 22, figures Issued by the National Lumber Manufacturers Association disclosed today. New business exceeded production for the second consecutive week, shipments were the heaviest for any week for the third quarter to tlato and production held near 'the high record established in the preceding two weeks. The 578 mills reporting, 4 per cent fewer than In tho preceding week when 000 reported, had aggregate output of 255,098,000 foct of hardwoods and softwoods, a decrease of 2 per cent compared with the 259,047.000 feet a week earlier. Shipments aggregated 240.039,000 feet, an of 11 per cent over Die 216,752,000 feet in the preceding week and 2 per cant below production. New business booked was 258,998,000 feet. 1 per cent above production, but 2 per cent below the figure of 2fi3.208.000 feet in tho week ended August lu. Kansas Shuts Out Wm. F. Whiting Called by Reaper ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^K f (United Prens Leaned Wire) HOI/rOKLO, ATass., Aiifir. 31.—William Falrfield Whiting, 72, secretary of commerce In the cabinet of President Calvin Coolldgo, filed at hl» home here early today. Ho had been 111 for some tlmo. Whltlngr woa the millionaire owner of tho Whiting Paper Company. Ho was born in Holyoke In 1864. His father, "William, once served H8 congressman from the first Massachusetts district and was a personal friend of two Presidents—McKlnley and Garfiold. California Wines Favored in East (A-tt*oclatc<l Prctm Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31.—Eastern markets have begun to favor t California wines, H. A, Caddow,' secretary-manager of the wine institute, told the second annual meeting of the organization here today. In the first six months of 1936, board of equalization reports showed, California wine shipped outside tho state Increased 70 per cent over tho first six months of 1935. .Until now, Caddow said, tho state's population has consumed about half Of the total production of 60,000,000 gallons. Mrs. Coolidge Twin Cousins Are Wed n (Amtociated JVesa Leaned Wire) LONG BEACH, Aug. 31.—Mrs. Calvin Cooltdge's twin cousins, tho former Cora and Clara Edington, honeymooned today after a double wedding at the First Congregational church hero Sunday. Cora was married to Daniel S. Coombs, Washington mathematics professor engaged In graduate study nt tho University of California at Loa Angeles. Clara became tho bride oC William W. Ccdarholm, Long Beach oil company engineer. n \ J Lemke's Electors Retort Perfect Is Given by Jurist -The here con- Ann (United l*rcn* Leased Wire) HAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31.- slate Supreme Court will meet tomorrow and Is expected to eider appeals to reopen tho Cooper Hewitt sterilization case, it was reported today. Assistant District Attorney August Fourtner sought a reversal of lower court action in freeing Drs. Til ton 13. TU!man and Samuel G. Boyd' on mayhem charges, In the forma of writs of certiorl and mandamus. CHURCH WOMAN DIES SAX DIEGO, Aug 31.—(A. P.)— Mrs, Minnie K. Hltt, fonnerly prom- if inent In Methodist church activities in Pasadena, died hero last night after a lengthy Illness. She was 75 years of age. LION WILL KAT LION 1-iL, MONTIS, Aug. 31. (A. P.)—Lion will oat lion in El Monte September 9. The occasion Is tho annual banquet of tho city's Lions Club. A large lion from a lion farm here will 1 be barbecued. (Associated Press Leased Wire) TOI'KKA, Aug. 31.— Tho office of Frank .]. Ryan, secretary of state, today refused to file a list of nine presidential electors of the Union party, pledged to Representative William Lemke, that party's nominee for the presidency. K. K. Hill, assistant secretary of state, said Ryan interpreted the law KS providing that presidential electors could not be filed after June 'JO. Union party spokesmen, who contended names of electors could be filed as late as September 110, said they would ask the State Supremo Court for a writ of mandamus -to compel the secretary of state's office to accept the electors for presentation to the state canvassing board. Doubles Lost to Jacobs Palfrey l*rvx* Leased BROOKLJNK, Muss., Aug. 31.— Helen Jacobs, national and AVimble* don singles tennis queen and Mrs. Sarah Palfrey Fabyan, the "Wightman cup team star, lost their national doubles crown fiday to Mrs. John A r an Hyn, and Carotin Babcock, Loa Angeles. The scores of their final round match were 9-7, 3-G. 0-4. AIMING FOR ROOSEVELT APPROVAL OF PLANE GUN «VH^MV^"^^^B«^flMA^HM i ' r . ,--..- • • v,v*v*v •.:•>;-: ;:-;•: •-:->: :*:•£ (Vnitcd J'rcm Leased Wire) PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 31. — Judge Harry S. McDevftt had th» retort perfect when Leon Bett appeared on a charge of reckless driving:. "There must bo some mistake," Bett began, '"1 don't remember bo* Ing In my car at tho time, and I—" "You might bo interested to know/' Judge MoDcvitt interruptety "that it was I who made the coirf plaint. You almost smashed into my car when you careened reck* lesely out of a Bldo street. The fino is $12.50." Bett paid. Gen. Hugh Johnson Speaks Jfoir^F. D. R. (Associated 1'rens Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 31.—Demo, cratic national headquarters announced today that General Hugh S. Johnson, self-described as a "friendly critic" of the Roosevelt administration, will make his first speech 1ft beha/f qf the Roosevelt-Garner ticket In Buffalo. N. Y., September 12. Democratic headquarters said tho speech of tho former NRA chief would be broadcast over a national hookup. i*. % Land on to Speak ai Iowa Fair, Sept. 21 ft'nittd rrnt* Leased DKS MOINKS, luwn. Aug. ("•overrun- Alfred M. I-amlon, tlcan nominee for President, intends to make iho bl< agricultural spooch or" his campaign at Des Molnes. probably September 21. tho United Press teamed today on high authority. PNKl'MATir HEX MEMPHIS, 'JVnn.. Aug. 31. (A, P.) E. W. Maddux fucow an fiullesa task of deflating "1'uffy" hln rod hen, unh-SH he .solv^H the cause i»f her periodic inflation. Some- wt-t-ks ii^o ho nuticvd the chicken was puffed llkt* u balloon. lie punctured her with ;i pen knife und nhe became uornml. lie has repeated the process weekly sinee. I I Wall street can rosl easily now—the only hear loose in New York City nab been safely brought down in the first bear hunt-since skyscraper* sprouted where the forest once grew. Sprawled on the ground b the 220-pound Himalayan bruno who escaped from hiH pen to run amok in lironx 1'urk and become the quarry in a frantic hunt that engaged 130 police, zoo keeper8 aad workmen for hours. r.-ui HITS MAN UKPlANCIO, Ohio. Aug. 31. U'. P.) An automobile without a driver, backing suddenly from garage, struck W. A. tinUler. 74 breaking hits leg. . -.. .-.-,'^,- ^ .-•• :•-. ->»..:.:: • - • •'»:. i _'i A<V_^-_o. -t j Injury Is Fatal to Sausalito Resident - (United Press Leased Wire) HOLLTSTER, Aug. 31.—Wilbur T, Stultz, 2tf, Sausalito, died late yesterday of Internal injuries received when a truck ran over his abdomen. Stultz, hunting with Mr. and Mrs. F. AV. Union. W. Sanford and Jack DHree, all of SausaHto, left them and came out on tho I'acheco pass highway 2 miles from where his automobile was parked. He asked Fred Caso, driver of the truck, for a ride. He evidently fell under tho wh when he got off the truck. He tbroo hours later in tho hosj here. "These guns are the first teeth we have had to show an enemy invading us/ 1 Colonel Frank W. Ker- UbHon assured TrcMident Kooscvelt, seated in his car watching the impromptu demonstration of the new anti-aircraft gun, at His estate in Ilyo> Park, N. Y. After the fun, capable of firing 25 three-inch shells in a minute and of bringing down six planes a minute, had been, put through its paces, the President exclaimed: "1 wish we had more of them." • Mechanical Cotton Pickers Are Tried (Associated Press Leased Wire)*" STONEV1LLE, .Miss., Aug. 31.- Tbe first demonstration of the Rua mechanical cotton pickers today let farm experts uncertain of It* <sf fects on tho youth's agricultural future. Two of the experts predicted tho machine, if successful, would bring en c-n<l to small cotton farmers, buc E. C. Westbrook, Georgia cotton specialist, were not alarmed. "H Is Jniposslblo to predict the rltimate result of mechanical cotton picking," AVost.brook HnM. "It would bo far. machine but it might not displace tenant labor as much as Bomo observers fear. I believe the two can bo coordinated." I .-- . -. *-f fe m * -• ' —- * J, t'"\ • 4 -^d —- ' • *... *» *A*WB : - ' ' u ^i»ay

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