Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1908
Page 6
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A NERVE for Over-Wi;otiglit Business ileii Business conditions today ask more hi a taan's vitality than ever before. It's one continuous drive at high tension, overtaxing \ the body and brain until a complete breakdown comes. The nervous system suffers most of all. The demand upon it is the most relentless. To succeed in business today usually means to be a nervous wreck at forty, if not before. For a man working day in, day out, under these conditions Americanitis Elixir is as necessary as food and drink. This unique medical discover)- strengthens and tones the nerves to meet this unnatural demand uix)n thcpv. It supplies to the body phosphorus in 8i >lui)le form—a thing never before considered iH >ssil)!c. RexairAmeri- .canitis has accimiplishctl wonderful results all over the country and ;ils merits are now unK-crsally recognized*. tJct a bottle of this nerve tonic tixliiy. Note how quickly that feclini; of nervous strain disappears. 75 Cents Per Bottle Ikitloqril P EX m «aB^ '^••kia«."aiKlU» combtnatioo maVrt REXAtX "Uns oi all." W« liaT* pnrrM Ume and time agaiB that Rexall Remedies are UnssaboM all others. For mot* thaa two Tcan an expert traveUed all o««r the mrU in taxA of axtrastdinarr remedies. When, ever he heard of a wondbrful cure of any nature he did notrestantilbeper- lonallT could see the effect of the pceKripttoa coed. Where he found the lemedir perfect he purchased the pte- scripiloa, faatU «as ne\-er u*«d»$ a Rexall lemeAy until the propettiet had been thoroughly anal- I«ed by the chem- ittsand |>hy«idans of the fniled Urvs CoM^any. WANTS mi RULE Edwards of Georgia Thinks Congress Should Put in Longer Hours. w^wy "iiAiHr ninwMt. PBPIT msao, JAHUAMT IT. U -W^ f , S. R. BURRELL, Druggist t THE STORE lil4 .>l|lllliliK!. NEWS OF GAS CITY ISTARmG OF THE UXIOX POBT- I..IXD WILL GIVE EMPLOYMEXT. ynBSblngton, Jan. 17.—resolution reading in part as follows was offered In the bouse today by Mr. E:dwardB of Georgia: "Wbereas, Tbe people and business institutions of all kinds are suffering from tbe panic that is upon us and the whole country Is demanding that something be done for relief, and, "Wbereas, Tbe House of Representatives has now been in session for over thirty days and has accompMsh- ed absolutely nothing along these lines, but instead is killing time upon matters tbat are not nearly so vital, therefore, be It "Resolved, That 9 o'clock in the morning l>e fixed as the hour for con- veninr. instead of 12 o'ok>ck, noon and that the hour from 1 to S be al Inwe* for Innch, and that the house remain in session until 6 o'clock in the afternoon, or later If necesjiary la order that we may got down to work, do something for the country, and adjourn before the hot weather comes on." • The resolution was referred to the committee on rules. -Sformwlnd and Klinirate. shoemak- •Ts.. mnke shoes and repair shoes .Men's soles and heels 75 cents. Ladles' .-n'es and heels 35 cents. Repair rubber boots, nrst class work. 21.'; South street. XOTES OF rOlNCIL XEETING. LOWER THE RATE Bank of England Put Discount Rata Back Ito 5 Per Cent liondon, Jan. 17.—^The rate of discount of the Bank of England was reduced from 6 to 5 per cent today. The reduction was anticipated as the fresh gold arrivals, most of which were absorbed by tbe bank, and tbe return of cash to the country so materially strengthened' the reserves in the meUl In spite of the considerable amount taken by South America that there was no excuse for a further pro- longatlon of a higher rate which so discommoded trade for some months past Even had the bank desired to retain a higher rate it is doubtful If It could be, made effective as the supply of money in Lombard street was so abndant as to be almost for the moment in excess cf the requ're- ments. The discount rate in the open market fell 4H per cent. The recent continental prchases of sterling bills indicated the probability that the go'd borrowed from France during the Am- •^rlcan stringency would be allowed to remain hei^ for a time and the hills renewed. This proved a ftirther Inducement for tho bank to lower Its rste. The stock exchange already had fully discounfsd the five per cent rate and the actual announcement caused only a slight hardening of quotations. Some ?:hior Matters Disposed of Last Mght The SANTA FK will sell Home seeker^' ;ickc-:<> I:iniiarv 21st, 19081 to certain points in Arizona, Ark-; aiisa;;, Alabniiia, Colorado. Florida (•eor>:;ia, Idaho. Kciitui-ky. I.ouis- i.iua, Mexico, Mississippi, Moii-1 (ana, Ncv-ida. New .Mexico, North Pakolnh, Nortti Carolina. Oklahoma, Orc>'0!i, S.'U'.h Dalini.ih, Ten- jiessoe, I'liih. \ Jrginia, Wftshing- toii, Wiscon.-in .ind Wyoming. In i^aso.s ihc tare ii one and one- I The BerlTal Meetings in Progress at the Methodist Episcopal Church Are Growing In Intemt f' half larc \-Anf. $2.00 (nr the ro nid trip. I'lras^ ••v.-e iis tor mrthor par- W.E. Ralston, Agta Sam a Ic 1 r UiU Begin In Thirty Days. Tbe Gas City stockholders in the L'nioo Portland Cement company who .'.ttended tbe stockholders' meeting in Kansas City several days ago says tbat construction work will be^n in tblrty days. If this is done it will mean much to Gsa City as it will give iwnployment to maay unemployed men. The pJant Is to bo located about three miles u(>rth of this city on the Logan farm WANT A REPRIEVE lift hols .Vre Interestlag. The interest In the revival meetings which are being conducted by Rev. D. >L Campbell, pasttSr of tbe Methodist Episcopal church at the M. E. church in this city Is growing. The services are well attended each evening. "Wblle there have not been many conversions doubtless much good has l>een done. There was a maiden young and gay. She'd laugh and sing the whole long day. For I am so happy and well, said she, Now that I take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea. Burrell's Drug Store. BootleggerB Ask Council for a Chance to Change Their Ways. An attorney for J. A. "Red" Slor- riaon, Bert Mann and Sam Donovan who pleaded guilty to violating tbe city ordinance prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors, appeared before the cotmcil last night and asked that the men be reprieved. He said that the men were willing to pay the fine in Installments and also the costs, and quit the business. As an indicar tion of their good faith, the attorney said the men were going to change their locations. The cotmcil teok the mattec under advisement for a few days. HE MUST AS^WEB . BarriBM CKB Make Oaly One Exeep. tioB la Tztel, tbe PutJutse ot ' tlieU. P. • New York. Jan. 16.—E. H. Harrtaan tras directed In a decision given by Jiidge Hough in the United States circuit court today to answer all questions propounded to hlin by tbe interstate commerce commission except those relating to tbe purchase of the Unoln Pacific and Southern Pacific railroad stock In coonectlon with the dividend of! August, 1906. Judge Hough also directed Otto H. Kahn of Kahn Loeb £ Co., to answer all ques- tiona aaked him by the interstate commerce comminlon. Gas Has Skating Fever. Many of tbe Gas City people have the roller skating fever too. A large crowd of tbe young people go to lola each evening where they skate until a late hour. Many of this number are just learning to skate. The Bank Mystery Is UDSolTed. The mystery of the entrance of the Gas Citj- State bank last Tuesday night is still unsolved. Nothing whatever has developed to throw the slightest light on the actions of tbe man who entered tbe l>ank on tbat evening, more careful search has revealed nothing wrong about tbe bonk. Fersoiiab. Roberts and Ballard yesterday ship ped in a car load of cattle from Welda- Ransas. Hiss Bessie Webb of Fort Scott, is the guest of Miss Genevieve-l^loroi this dty. ''•*>fW^^ Al Vetters left yesterday for BarUes ville where be will accept a position In the smelters of that dty. E. T. "Wlison retomed yesterday from Kansas City where he attended the stockholders meeting of the Union Portland Cement compapy. J. J. James, of Kansas City, -was here on a tnislness visit yesterday. L. O. Otherge; of mcbita, a bnslneo visitor yissterday. ' . AAockks' AjriDsa CbKee The city will build a fence, on the w«st side of the new cemetery. Action to this effect was taken last night b; the council. The committee reported last night that the cost of extending the sewer to Richard'^ addition as proposed would cost 1309.25. The council granted the petition for A walk on North First street. THERE IS SO SECBET. .tbont Our Cod Liver l»reporatlonr- TlnoU So many patent medicines and ad >'ertlsed cures are now ottered to the public that we want to call the spe clal attention of the people of lola to the fact that VInoI Is not In any sense a secret or iiatent medicine. For centuries medical men the world over have recognized the great tonir and curative elements contained he cod's liver, but how to extract these medicinal elements from tho useless and repulsive oil which en veloped them has l>een tho"~ problem hitherto unsolved. This was finally accomplished by two eminent French chemists, and the result is Vlnol, a delicious modern cod liver preparation without oil, made by a scientific, extractive and concentrating process from fresh cods' livers, thus combining with peptonate of iron ail the medicinal, healing, body-bulld- ing elements of cod liver oil, but no oil. As a body builder and strength ere ator for old people, delicate children weak, run-down persons, after sick ness and for chronic coughs, colds bronchitis, and all throat and lung troubles. Vlnol is unexcelled.' Try it on our offer to return money if it fails to give satisfaction. 8. R. Bprrell Druggiet. Tola. Kansas: THEBOARDSPROTEST Hearings on Bill for Federal Grain Inspection Have Beoun. Washington, Jan. 17.—^The senate committee on agriculture, of which Senator Long is a member, beld hear ings today on the bill by Senator Mc Cuml>er of North Dakota to provide federal Inspection of grain. The com mittee wIH hold further hearings, for there is both opposition and demand for the proposed legislation. At today's bearings, representa tlves of the Boston Chamt>er of Commerce and the Philadelphia Board of Trade, appeared In opposition to the bllL They claimed that national grain inspection would put out of ba» InesB the snperrtaory fimctions ot boards of trade and chambers of com meree throns^ont the coantrj. Senator UcCumber's bill proposes tliat there sluil be organized In the department of agriculture a sectkm of inspection and gradinc and also a chief inspector and necessary force at each of the following dtlee: Pprt- land. Me., Bostoa. New York. Phllsr de^pbia. Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis. DoIuOr Bnperter. Kansas City. SC lionls. New Orleans. Seattle. Tacoma. and San - Fnndsco. The department of agrlenltore is to determine and fix cUniflcatlona. « Te jct BcMtta-BwIste IfmaX 14. People you know In Tola will tell vou that Mi-o-na cures all forms of In- ligestion and Stomach troubl/. Ask Charles .B. Spencer to show you the strong guarantee given with every 50c box. ALL GET A BLATSK. Every Adnit Must Answer to the .l.s- sessor. To every man and woman of the We are overstocked on the following items and we propose to give them away during the month of January at the uniform price of 19c Coffee Mill BO 10c Decorated Glass Vase Sm 9c Crepe Paper BO 4c Tumblers ^ for Bo 10c No. 1 and 2 Lamp Chimneys. .Bo he Shelf Paper Bo 10c Enamel Dinner Plates Bo 6c Thread ^ for Bo 5c Colored Writing Tablets, 2 for Be 10c Rose Oatmeal Bowls 30 10c Value Toilet Pspcr 8G 10c Checker Boards So 10a Paper Napkins Sc 145 Page High School Tablet^ . Bo age of twenty-one years or more to subscribe to an oath and make a list of possessions, will be one ot the duties of the new county assessor and his deputies. The new county, assessors, who have everj-where been appointed over the uate are constantly discovering queer \ ind puzzling provisions in the new . aw. I There are some things that are cal- ; •ulated to make the assessment last; ong and lie tedious, and to till the •ounty clerk's olllce with arcuniula- lons of records. One section clearly means, that every parson over tho ajre of twenty-om' ears shall list what he or she has, md go through the usual form/ of making an oath as to the correctness it the list. There arc ihuusnnds of Aonion who own nothing In iheir own mnif. t'Ml the law seems to renuire h:.t »':irh shall have a hinnk. and each nake her oath as to hor possessions. This is but orp < f 1. . <• 1 :;, ^ he new law which Is making study lud speculation for, the assessing au- horlties and for all whuiu the luw iffects, A dispatch from Topeka this morning announces that Cyrus I>>;and will introduce before the special session if the legislature a bill to do away xith the state tax commission, which Is one of the provisions of the new aw. Parties all over the state are said o be drawing up amendments to tbe law to simplify its workings. It i« not believed there will be any change In the provision for the county assessors, as this means of governing the issessment has for some years Ijcen recommended by both political parties. Now is your opportunity to lay in a supply of the above articles, and also, any otner items you may need. Our prices on other goods are correspondingly low. JUNIOR DEPARTMENT STORE, EWING & BURDICK. No. 11 West Madison WA M TSl SITUATMBS WABTED Western Kansas M'facat Land In tracts from 160 to 3000 acres. In most any county desired, to exchange for Eastern Kansas farms. Now Is the time to trade for cheap land. We know we can. suit you. We have several parties ^oming'from the west, so write us what you have, tbat we can show them your land. lOLA LAND CO. Try a Want Ad. in the Beglster. BOBBOWS, BUT DOESNT BIY. Japan Gets $115^.000 in France and Spends It Elsewhere. Paris. Jan. 17.—The Temps today published a pointed editorial article complaining that .Tapan Is not treating France fairly in the matter of distribution of her foreign orders for industrial and war material. Although two Japanese loans agpreKatlng $113- lOO.OOn have been placed in France ilnce the peace of Pnrt.smouih and the negotiation.t of the ri-cont fntentes. not a single order has been received by Franch manufarturers. whereas during the years 1906-7 Japan spent $12,000,000 in England for cruisers. 123.600,000 in Cerniany for field guns and war materials, and $24.0(>rt.OOO in the United States for machinery. shii)s and railroad material. Adretrisements nnder this head will be inserted three times irithont charge. SITUATION' WANTED—Place ( farm l)y man with small family. In- qnire 212 South 10th street. East lola, Kansas. FOR SALE OR TRADE—An established real estate and fire insurance business. Box 532 Independence, Kas. FOR S.\LE—Household goods, house I plants, phonograph. 204 North Second Phone 11S1.M. WANTED' -mimomllmmmous WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. inquire 103 South Second stret. SALKSMAN W.-VNTED—Sell retail trade, .vour locality $6.'> per month and expense.^ to start or commission. Experience imnecessary. HER3IINGSEN CIGAIt CO., Toledo, 0. W.\NTED—Experienced cook for cafe. Phone 164. Apply at .once.. W.-\NTED—Tv.o young men to sell a high class* article; not books. Address "B" the Register. WANT GAS CITY PROPERTY in exchange for 240 acres fine timber land In Burleson county, Texas. Price $2,000. Must be in good location and clear. Quick deal. See us at once. lOLA LA.\D CO. It Does the Bn.sine.«s. Mr. E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton. Maine, says of Bucklen's Arnica Salve. It does the business; I have used it for piles and it cured them. I'sed It for chapped hands and it cured them. Applied it to an old sore and It healed wttkout leaving a scar behind." 3i>c at all druggists. irUtakcr k DoaaeU's Bent List 320 acres, 4H miles. 1«0 acres, 4^ miles. 80 acres. 2 miles. Tiro room house, (6.00. . Six roan house. SS .OO. Fire room lurase. $7.00. five room hooae, $8.00. . WANTED—Salesmen wanted In every town of 2,000 or more in Kansas and Oklahoma, to sol! our goods 10 retail trade. Goad salesmen can make from $20.00 to $35.00 per week. Credit extended to responsible par- tirs who can give bond and good references. Write or apply to Union Pa clfic Tea Company, lola, Kansas. FOR SALE—Some lumber and wood 110 West Monroe. FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. FOR SALE—Good milch cow. quire'404 North Elm. In- . FOR SALE—nSOO stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street FOR SALE OR E.XCHANGE—A clean stock of ladies and misses shoes. Will take lola city propert.v. Address "Shoes," care Register. fOR RBn- mimomUmmmoum FOR RENT—House at 208 North Walnut street. Apply at Allen County Bank. FOR RE.\T—Furnished rooihs for light housekeeping. 31fi South Walnut. FOR RENT—One five room house on South Second and one 6 room house on South Fourth. Inquire 215 South Buckeye. J. H. Bock. FOR SAlE'immomltrntmot FOR SALE—Good Stndebaker bdg- gy, practically new, with good set of $35 00 harness, for sale at Howard's barn If taken In the next few days at $80.00. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Bags cleaned by The iobRgg Factor; von RENT—Seven room mpdern house on paved street. & blocks from square; newly remodeled. Inquire .1 B. Kirk. 621 North Washingtoa. FOR RENT-rFlve ^ooin hd^: good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood FOR RENT—Eight room house. 208 North Walnut Apply at 204 North Walnut UmmmdfOUBO LOST—Lady's gold watch between 405 and 519 South Buckeye. Finder leave at this office; LOST—Lady's bracelet with three pink amethyst sets. Finder return to Gas City Bank. Reward. LOST—^Thanksgiving day between lola and Piqua. automobile crank. Finder leave at gl4 Soutlf Second street. Reward. FOtTND—In I. O. O. F. ball, a purse containing a sum of money. Owner 1, r. HORVILLC, L 4. W. BECK, ¥lomPr»m.7. J. H. aAmPBCLL, Oaa*. fRAMK »000, Amt.OaMM. lOLA STATE BANK a GAPrrALBt2,BOO lOUk, KAMSA9. A. W. Beck. L. E. Horville, J.^ Robinson, H. L. Hendereon, J. H. Campbell, Frank Riddle. Geo. E. Nichols<]|, ii P0L4R BE^ FLOLR Has Stood the Test Bccaose its the Best. Acce|)t No O ^her Win. Ob^doff, Agt ma>' have same by calling at 2ir> .N'nrth Jefferson, proving property and paying for this notice. LOST—Lady's gold watch Huntington case. Return to No. 7 East Douglas. Phillips resi(:ence. Reward. Cold Weather In .Vlnnesota. St. Paul, .Minn.. Jan IC—The be!ow -2ero weather iirevaiis here..The temperature is six Ijelow. • One of tbe calllnKS of a newspaper is to do good. The Register believes tbat if it can assist those who are^out cf work to find positions that it'^ill be doing a great deal, so commencing at once, The Register will hereafter until due notice is given, publish-slt- oatlon wanted ads three times fjee of charge. Deserving are invited to J |aka advantage of this opportunity. ^

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