The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 13
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V' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA**, MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1036 13 LASSIFI For Salt—Automobllti REO SALES AND SERVICE 1935 Chevrolet trunk eodan 1933 Dodgo coupe 1931 Buick 8-66 coupe 1980 Ford truck Twenty-first and K Streets Phone 1034 For SaIt—MItcillantout FOR SALE—Milk from Guernsey and Jersey cows. Special prices in gallon lots. Miller's Dairy, first house south Paradise Auto Camp, L.OB ,_gelen highway. Phone 1G-K-22. 28 FOR SALE—Kleotrio refrigerator, loss than 1 year old, one-half price. 202 Lincoln street, Olldale. 28 Ftr Salt—Miiotllaititu* PER 1000 FJCET Low Grado Miamilled 1x8 and 2x4 SIS RRDWOOD SIDING AT 1x4 to 1x10, EMS Finish, 1x4 FLOORING, |29 1x4 "E" Kiln Dried T & O House Paint, all colors, gal. 2-0x3-0 Sash, 1 It., glazod lied wood Postw, 3x4, 6 ft., ct. SHINGLES, BTINDLKS. 7fic LESS B% CASH DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot Slock 101 Bargains 101 $19.00 lir.o 18o 2100 LOS ANOEL13S 3Bth St. ADams 5171 31 Jars, while they last, washed, quarts 24o and 84o dozen; pints 19o and 30o doton; glasses, lOc dozen. 717 Sumner street. 6-12-tf FOR SALE—Boys' frame. Inquire street, Olldalo. bicycle, 38-Inch C12 "Washington 27 Letal Notices Legal Notices and 16, $1000.00 each, yearc: No. 17, JIOOO.OO, to run 0 ' i t NOTICE OF SALE OF RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS, KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to an order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 10, 1938, sealed bids will bo received at the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County at tho Court House In the City of Bakorsfleld, until 11 o'clock A. M., Tuesday, September 8, 108«, for the purchase of seventeen bonds of Rio Bravo School District, Kern County, California, of tho denomination of $1000.00 each. Said bonds were Isnuod by the ffiald Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with tho provisions of the Constitution and Laws of tho Stato of California, and In conformity with the order of said Board of Supervisors, passed on the 10th day of August, 1986, and bear interest at tho rate of five per cent per annum, Intercut payable annually for the first year tho .bonds have to run and seml-annunlly thereafter, both principal and Interest payable in lawful money of the united States of America, on the 10th days of August and February of each and every year out of the interest and elnkinff fund of said Rio Bravo School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Korn County, California, of tho interest coupons attached to said bonds; said bonds to bo numbered consecutively from 1 to 17, Inclusive, as follows: Bonds Nos. 1 and S, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. 3 and 4, $1000,00 each, to run 2 years; Bonds Nos. 6 and 6, $1000.00 each, to run 3 years; Bonds No«. 7 and 8, $1000.00 each, to run 4 years; Bonds Nos. 9 and 10, $1000.00 each, to run B years; Bonds NOR. 11 and 12, $1000.00 each, to run G years; Bonds NOR. 13 and 14, $1000.00 each, to run 7 years; Bonds NOP. 16 to run 3 Bond years. The Rio Bravo School District has been acting as a School Dlctrlot, un- aer tho laws of the State of California, continuously since 1S98; tho assessed valuation of the taxable property in said TUo Bravo School District ^ras ^Slx Hundred Forty-two Thou- Mm<f Five Hundred Fifty-five Dollnra ($642.555.00) and nan now nn outstanding Indebtedness of nothing. The bonds herein referred to were Voted for the purpose of raising money for: 2. Tho building or purchasing of school buildings: 3. Tho malting of alterations or additions to tho school , building or buildings other than such as may bo necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; fi. The supplj'lnff of echool ImHdtngB with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; G. Tho permanent Improvement of the school grounds. Bids will be received for ono or any number of said bondH. All bids must bo equal In amount to the par value of nald bonds and Accrued Interest to date of delivery fcnd each bid must be Accompanied •With a certified check payable to F. E. Smith, Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors of said County, or a cash deposit for tho sum of at least ten per cent of the amount of the bid. The check or cash deposit will bo returned to (ho •bidder In case of tho rejection of tho •k'Sd and tho same will bo forfeited to Rio Bravo School District If tho bidder neglects or refuses to Pay tho amount bid for the Raid bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of th*» bid. Upon opening of tho bids for said bonds as aforeimid, tmld bonds will bo sold to the highest and best blddor for cash, lawful money of tho United States of America, subject to the said conditions and provisions. Bids for the bonds at a lower rate of Interest will also be consldrr^d. Tho said Roard of Supervisors, however, reserving tho right tn reject any and all bids for paid bonds. All bids must bo enclosed In sealed envelopes addressed to F. F,. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, nnd endorsed "PROPOKAI-S RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS." By order of the Board of Supervin- * ors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 10, 1936. (Seal) F. n SMITH. County Clerk and Clerk of said Board. Aug. 18 to Sept. 1, Inc. NOT'CE City of Bakersflejd Civil Service Com. mission for the Police Department NOTICE IS HBRI3WY OTVEN that competitive examination for th" po- nltlon of Lieutenant of Pollro of tho Baker*fleld Polloo Department will bo held at 1:00 p. m., September 15. 1030, at Fire HOUSA Number 1, nt Twi n- tleth nnO K Streets, BaUcrfifield. Cull- fornla. Only momber.s of tho HakersfloM Police Department having tbroo ypurs' experience an regular paid peace officers and who have nerved on iho Bakoi'flfleld Police Department for not less than ono year Immediately preceding tho date of the examination are eligible. All applications mutst bo cm fll« with the CoirmilHHlnn by not later than 12 o'clock noon, Keptombm* 111, 193(1. Further Information no to appllca- tlonw and scope of exuminatlnu muy secured from tho Set'roturv of o Police Civil ftervtcti CommlsHlon, y Hall, nakersfli.'ld. Callforna. aKonaia K. IM'C.HKS, 'iTnan, Civil yervico Cummlsufon. August 2U to September 11, Inch J NOTICE TO BIDDERS ;otice Is hereby given that bids will be received by the Board of Trustees of the Buttonwfllow Union Grammar School District at tho school house of Bald Dintrict at Uuttonwll- Ibw, Kern County, California, until 7 P. M. Monday, September 7th, 1936, bids to bo directed to'the attention of tho Clerk of the Board, for tho purchase of one school bus, specifications as follows: Capacity: 30 to 'an students. En- rinn to be 6 cylinders In line; 3 5/18 inch bore and 4-lnrh tttrokp. Other requirements to conform to State Highway Patrol bpeclflculionti. Tho Board of Trustees reserves tho right to reject any or all bids. Bids to bo opened at the school houan nt 7 P. M., Monday. September 7th. 193G. BOARD OK Tlir.STKKS, m;T- TONWI1J.OW VNIiiN UILAM- MAR SCHOOL, OISTHICT August 17. 2i, 81, 1936. nouth from the point porfptlon; westerly ^^ » » — *- • ^ m ^f »« T. 29 8., F«r Salt— MUoillanM u t CLOSING out paint. While, Ivory, oroam and green, $1.09 a gallon. Pure boiled Jlnnrpd oil $1.09 a mil- Ion. Alflo closing out all pntirnHn nt a apodal sftvlhR. Snn .Toaquln Pipe ami Salvage Co., 4000 Chester _ ftvemie, opposite Pair n rounds. 2fl JUST received n full Una of used plumbing fixture, bath tubs, totlotH, ooMlns, sinks. Got our prlcon ho- foro you buy. San Joanutn Plpo ft; Ralvatro Co., 4000 Cheater avemio, FOR SA1*K— Atodftl D John tractor, in first-class condition; with extension rims. Pull price $460, SPO this at Cousins Tractor Co., 1414 Chester avenue. 2G ^^^ ^^_»_^^»__ _ _ j __ ^j _ _ _ _ . ___ _ . _ . _ _ _ _ U1T ,1AUS— Qunrta, 24c; pints, 1'Jc. we also buy raga, bottles, Junk of nil kinds. Phone 178G for pick-up wagon. 132 East Twenty-first street. C-D-tf For Salt—Miscellaneous For Sal urniture FICIOD prices advancing rapidly. Buy now. Our prices arc low, consistent with quality. San Joanuln drain Company, Fourteenth and D, IMionn 885. 7-14-tf USTCD FUttNlTURTO SPKCIALS R - pn. fl-Pi\ 3-po. 2-pn. $7.!»fi $7.or» $2i».fiO FOR RENT mixer. Menrs nsio. One-sack concrete Lumber Co. Phono 44 NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE CLOSING OP PORTION OF MERTON AVENUE, ETC., IN THE THIRD ROAD DISTRICT. NottCo Is hereby irlven that a petition haa been received and filed August 16, 1930, by tho Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, State of California, petitioning tho Board to close, vacate, discontinue, abandon, and abolish certain portions of roads In tho Third Road District described as follows, to-wit: Parcel 1. Be&lnnlng at the !n- terseotlon of the South boundary of Knotta Street with the west boundary of Merton Avenuo and running thence south and along the west boundary of Merton Avenue to the north boundary of tho alley In Block No. 37 of the Keith Addition, thence west and along paid north boundary to the east boundary of A Street, thence south and along east, boundary ot A Street, 20 feet, to tho south boundary of said alley, thence east and along south boundary of said alley to west boundary of Merton Avenue, thenco south and along west boundary of Merton Avenue to north boundary of Bernard Street, thence east and along north boundary of Bernard Street to east boundary of Morton Avo- nue, thence north along east boundary of Merton Avenuo to south boundary extended of Washington street, thence northwest and along the south boundary extended of Washington Street to the west boundary of Section 21, T. 29 S.. R. 28 E., M. D. M., thenco north and along west boundary of paid Section 21, to south boundary extended of Grange Street, thence easterly and along the south boundary of Orange Street to a point, which point Hew nt a distance of 40.09 feet, measured said boundary of Orange Street, the westerly boundary of Avenue, as safd Bealo Avenue now exists, thcncn Foutheas- erly and along a circular curve of 80 ft. radius, concave to the southwest, to a point on iho westerly boundary of said Tlealo Avenue, which point lies 40.09 feet, measured along said westerly boundary extended from tho intersection of tho westerly boundary of Bealo Avenue extandod with the floutherJy boundary of Orange Street, thenco northeasterly and along tho westerly boundary of Boale Avenuo extended, to a point, which point lies southerly a distance of 100.00 feet, measured at right-angles, from tho southerly boundary of Lot No. 35, of Tract No. 1029, thenco northwesterly In n direct lino to a point, which point Hew southerly a distance of 80.00 feet, measured at right angles, from the southerly boundary of said Lot No. 3G. and which point lies N. 77' 05' W. a distance of 20.00 fnet from the west boundary of nald Beale Avenue, thence N. 77' 05' "W. and parallel to the southerly boundary of said Lot. No. 35 to Intersect the south boundary extended of Knotts Street, thence west and along the south boundary extended of Knottn Street to tho place of beginning. Parcel 2. neginning at a point on (ho center-line of Ornnge Street which point UPH westerly a distance of 147.88 feet from the center-line nf Arlington SU'oct, measured along said center-lino of Orange Street, thenco southerly and at right-angles to center-line of Ornngo Street, n distance nf 30.00 feet to a point on the south boundary of said Orange Street, of beginning of this deft nd running thenco and along lh« south boundary of Orange Street to the northwest corner of Lot No. 21 of fh<» Mr.«a Tract, a point on tho easterly boundary of Tloale Avenue, ns wnld Bealo AveiTue now rx- IstM, thence northeasterly and along the easterly boundary of Healo Avenue extended, to a point, which point HOK at a distance of 60.00 feet, measured along a ra- dlnl line, from the circular portion nf the south boundary of Lot No. 1 of Tract No. 1029, thenne easterly and parallel to said circular portion of tho south boundary of Kalrt Lot No. 1 to the place of beginning. Hot h Parcel No. 1 nnd Parcel No. 2 lie within the boundaries of Section* 20 and 21, n. 23 K., M. n. M and tho hearing of said petition baa been P*t for 11:00 o'clock A. M., Monday. AugUHi 31, 1930, at tho rooms of the Board of Supervisors, In tho Court House, City of BnkersflcM. said County and State, nt which time and placfl all perHOnH Interested In the closing of said roa<lH may appear and be beard. By order of tho Hoard of Suporvlfl- orn made August 10. 1036. F. K. SMITH. Clerk of tho Board. Aug. 17 to 31, Inc. PURR—Factory samples. Fur coats, Jackets, foxes, collars. Hugo ntock. Kurs remodeled. "Tho House of 1000 Pur Bargains," DOW'H Wholesale Purs. 133 Kearney, San Francisco. 8-10-tf Notion NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS IF SOLD this week, 4 rooms of furniture, $150. Call between S and 10 mornings. 1GIO Twenty-fourth atreot. J37 KOU KAL1-J—Dining room (able In good condition, $6.00. Call 1003 Qulnry street, or Kobertl Tiros, clonnt Haby bod, rnnn panelod hroakfiiNt nM, harflwnnd ovorMfd. bed rtnvenp. not enameled bedroom wot Jlohorll HrnH. living room rust tnpoMry. like new Knrppn llvlnp room hot, tnpoHtry, Mko now Many Oilier Htp Ilnrfrnlnrt POPKL FUHNITUUK KXCHANOK Ardtaftl-Olfftfln HldR. fi2K Sumner Ht. Jim: wont of linker. Vhon« 1841 2 -pc. $45.00 * USED FURNITURE SPECIALS 3-pc. mahogany Bedroom Set $29.05 2-pc. tapestry Living Rm. Sot $16.75 TWO-PIECK mohair overstuffed, $17.50. Slightly damagtid Innor- Hprlng mattress. $9,75. Flve-pleco enamel breakfast pet, $R.fiO. DAVIS FUUNITUUK EXCtlANQW 210R CboHter Avenuo 80 Student's Doflk Mahog., walnut Boas, 2.75 to Coll Springs Cigar case, 5 foot 8.3x10.6 Velvet Rug $6.00 $4.50 $3.25 $1.60 $4.25 R jdlet, Mutlcal InttrumeHtt Sealed proposals, addressed to the Board of Supervisors of tho County of K*rn, »siato of California, and endorsed. "Proposal for Construction of Timber Bridge across Beardsloy Canal on Snow Jload," will bo received by the undersigned until tho hour of 11:00 o'clock A. M. on tho 14th day of September. IflSfl. at tho office of tho undersigned In tho Court House, Bak- crsfleld, California, at. which time and place they will bo publicly opened and road, for construction In accordance with tho specifications therefor, to which special reference Is hereby made, of the following work and Improvement In tho County of Korn, to-wit: Item la. Kxcavation. Item Ib. Embankment. Item 2a. 40.S-M Thousand Feet B. M. Redwood Timber, In place. Item 2b. 26.214 Thousand Feet B. M. Douglas Fir Timber, In place. Item 3. Thrco Fire Barrels, in place, complete. The foregoing quantities are approximate only, being given as a basin for tho comparison of bids, and the Board of Supervisors does not, expressly or by Implication agroo that tho actual amount of work will correspond therewith but reserves the. right to increase or decrease the amount of any class or portion of tho work an may bo deemed necessary or expedient by tho said Board. Plans may be seen, and forms of proposals, bonds, contract and specifications may be seen at the office of tho undersigned and they may be obtained at thn off loo of the County Surveyor, situated at BakersTlold, California. Bidders on this work arc hereby notified that the Roard of Supervisors will insist that the work bo completed within tho time limit. A penalty clauye relating thereto Is contained In Article IV of the form of contract above re/erred to. A bid may be rejected unless the bidder has Indicated on the outside of the sealed on .-elope, In which bin bid Is filed, tho number of his Stato Contractor's License. No bid will bb considered unless It Is mndo upon a blank form furnished by the undersigned and accompanied by cash or a chock, mn'do payable to the Chairman of tho Board of Supervisors and certified by u responsible bank, In an amount equal to at least ten per cent HOTc) of the aggregate of the proposal, or by a corporate surety bond for tho salt! amount, payable as aforesaid. Tho Board- of Supervisors of Kern County, California, has. pursuant to tho provision* of Chapter 397, .Statutes of 1931, ascertained the general prevailing rate of wagas for each craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to execute tho contract, and it shall be mandatory upon tho Contractor to whom tho contract Is awarded, and upon any sub-contractor under him, to pay not less than the specified rates, via; Craft Uate per hour Bridge foreman $1.125 Bridge carpenter 1.126 Painter l Teamster Truck driver Laborer (skilled) Laborer (common) Shovel operator (power) 1 HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 Eighteenth Street, tit Phone 341 28 ^PV**M^—^aa««V . *-^^^^^——^^ Legal Notices **^^'« p *' a 'i^*^"'H*^*^*^^^*** NOTICE OF HEARING Notice Is hereby Riven that the County PlannlnK Commission of the County of Korn. Hlato of California, by a resolution thereof adopted on tho 10th day of August, WG, Old adopt the first unit of a land UHO plan, b«- In# a zoning or districting plan, as a part of tho MnHtcr Plan of Bald County, nnd did makn a final report thereon to tho Board of Supervlfloi'N of said County by recommending that said Hoard of Supervisors adopt a certain proposed ordinance of said County containing tho basic structure of a land use plan for nald County and applying certain regulations In detail to certain property adjacent to Uoldcn State Highway in said County, a certified copy of which proposed ordinance IB on fllo in tho office of tho County Clerk in tho Court House. Ba- kersflold, California, attached to a certified copy of the aforesaid resolution, to which copies reference IH hereby madn for tho particulars thereof. Notice IB hereby given that the Board of HupervisorH of said County did sot a certain time and place for a public hearing on said first unit of ftald land use plan and on nnld fltm! report and on «ald proposed ordinance, which time and place Is as follows, to-wit: At the hour of II a. m. on tho 14fh day of September, 103fi, In tho Chambers of tho 13o«rd of Supervisors In tho Court llouso, •Uukersflold, California. Any and all persons Interested in said matterR may appear at tho aforo- sald time and place and ho hoard thereon. V !•* SMITH County Clerk and Kx-Offlclo Clerk of tho Hoard of Suporvlsorh of tho County of Kern, State of California. Publish; AUK. 3U Kept. 8. 30, . Olds ft Ron, excellent condition, for cash, call 1719 Unb- Inson street, between hours 4 and 7 p. m. 28 FOR SALR — 120 bafw used accordion, $7r> cash. Phone 134. _ 27 FOR SALE— Hnines Bros, piano; $50, terms. PhllHps Music Company, 1512 Nineteenth street. 27 Legal Notloes Badlos, Mutic»llnstrument> FOU ft A111*3—By owner, ono old French violin. 2217 Eyo street. _.ApL_ji. _27 POIl SALE — lUMMOH. rfilLf.XX BORC1I, DKNKUAL KLHCTKIC. ATWATKU KKNT, HPAUTAN AN'P OTMKK CONSOLK ANO TA- Fruits and Vegetables C A N NI NO peaches and Union ftVnmie. Uye'M Murkot. (110 NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. Notice Is hereby fftvan that tho Board of SupervlHora of Kern County will meet «t *holr room* In the County Court HOUHO. City of Hakers- fleld. County of Kern, HUUo of California, nt J1:00 o'clock n. m., Monday, September M. tD3fl, for thft nur- POHO of conmitnmntlnK tho purchase from C. U Taylor and Ola n. Ttiylnr. hl« wife, Haymond O. Taylor nnd Dora Lou (no Taylor, hln wife, for tho Bum of $1400.00, of tho following hereinafter deacrlbod real property, towit: Tho west half of Villa T*it 46 of Drury'H Addition In tho County of Kern. Stale of California, tin per map recorded March 18, 1907. In Book 1, Pap:e 101 of-Mnps In tho office of the County llccordor of Hfild County, excepting therefrom tho nouth 76 feet; and also oycoptltiff therofrom n atrip 80 feet wide on the north and went Bldon thereof rouorvod for public roads. Hald property Is to bo lined for pub- lln purposes, to-wtt: for Hospital Grounds. Any and nil persons Interested Irv tho matter muy appear at tho above mentioned tlmo and placo and bo heard. Dated August 10, lD3fl. R 15. SMITH. Clork of tho Board. August 21 to Kepl*»mbcr 11, Inc. GOOD SOLDIER • # * t 4 00 75 75 75 625 375 Caterpillar operator 75 Blacksmith 1.00 lilackHmllh helper 75 Watchman 625 Any t.-raft not herein named, not less than $0.625. Time and one-half to bo allowed for ovcr-timo and for work on Sundays, and on thn seven holidays, viz: New Year's Day, Imooratlon Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Thn Contractor shall forfeit as a penalty to said County, ton dollars for each laborer, workman or mechanic employed, for each calendar day, or portion thereof, wurh laborer, workman or mechanic IH pnld less than tho above stipulated rates for any work dono under tills contract, by him or by any sub-contractor -under him. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to rejrot anv or all bld« or to accept tho bid deemed for tho best Interests of tho County. Dated at BukerHfleld, California, this 19th day of August. 1MB. F. 1C. SMITH, County Clerk und ex-offirlo Clerk of the Hoard of .Supervisors. Aug. 21 to Sept. 1. Inc. HORIZONTAL 1,6 Well-known American soldier. 11 Conscious. 12 Moon volley 13 Cavern. 14 Pole. 15 Before. 18 Fish. 19 Road. 20 Musical note. 21 Proposition. 23 Myself, 24 Parts of a minute. 27 Straddles. 30 Dating machine. 32 Drives. 34 Strict. Answer to Previous Puzzle 47 North America. 48 Chum. 49 Lock bolt projection. 51 Provided. 38 Rowing tools. 52 Rhythm. 40 Made a ballot choice 41 List. 43 God of war 44 Renovated. vFRTrrAr 46 Mineral VERTICAL 54 To wander. 56 His military title. 57 To scatter. spring. 2 Gave by sentence. 3 To bathe. 4 Wrath, 5 Northeast. 6 Credit. 7 To tear stitches, 8 Axillary. 9 Enlightens. 10 Crystal .lined stones. 16 Wiser. 1 Mace bearers, 17 Barometric. 20 Flowering tree. 22 Pertaining to tides. 25 Gonufi of goats. 26 Ono who drivels. 28 Three-pronged spears. 29 Erases. 31 To provide food. 33 He is a West graduate. 35 2000 pounds, 36 Modern, 37 He is chief of of the U. S. Army. 39 Constellation. 42 Roof point covering. 44 To value. 45 Short lance. 48 Writing tool. 50 Tribunal. 52 Myself. ' 53 Sun god. 55 You. NOTICE ~*K: "A defendant «p* pears In an action when he answers, demurs, or gives tho plaintiff written notion of his appearance, or when an attorney given notice of appearance for him." (Sec. 1014. C. C. P.) AiiHWeru or dcrnurrerB muat bo in writing, In form purnuant to rule of Court, and filed with tho Clerk. July 27; Aug. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; Bept. 7, 14, 21. 28; Oct. B. NK\V nlmnmlft (1M(1 crop) for «al«% from 1 pound t»» a Inn. HOO Stock- tot) Btroot, nakornftnlil. 4-i 4 L m'lt-^ r HMO MODKI, HADIOS, $5, $10 ANM> fid. OAU, KVN.VlNnS OH RUN- DAYH. (M.AUKNVK 1i. STIfSWAHT, 231 KfiCnVHU STttHFIT. I'HONM 4710. Poultry and Livistock Dors an/I Other Pitt TOY l-'nx terrier, fmniiln. 8 weeks oM, ?:.. iSrtr. UoiiinHrtn Htrnot. 2ft Legal Notices NOTICE OF SALE OF 9EMI-TROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS Kern County, California Tins Archibald ThUohory, Calif. Through tho fnll and win- lor months, hatching While hums, Harrod UnoltH ami weekly. Write for .„..„,, 2« FOR SAI.K—On ft ROW. Four gHln. tor. )>rn(nl Opal Fry, Shuf- nm1» fox torrler puppleN, 3 months old. ChuU-n |5.f)0. U04 H Hh-pH. 27 TWO-MONTHS'-OT,D HhPphenl Col- Ilo pup*. I'rlro $|. Kxi'ollcnt rorn- 4 fur rhlldron. 2000 Nlnu- rhnno 2ti»2-U. KITTKNW frr-o tn good home. IlondH NOB $1000,000 onch 12, Inclusive, years; Ifi. Inclusive, yearn; 18, Inclusive, Notion Is hereby given that pm-«u- ant to an order of tho Hoard of Hu- porvlsora of tho County nf Korn, Htato of California, mmlo August 17, 1D36, scaled lildn will bo rooMvod nt tho offlco of tho Clerk of tho Board of Supflrvtanrn of paid County at tho Court ItnuHO In the City of nnkorn- flold until tl o'clock a. in., Monday, ftoptftmhnr 14, 1I»8ft, for th«* purohano of eighteen bonds of Suml-Tropla School Dlntrtat, Kern County. Cnllfor- nln. of tho denomination of $1000.00 each. Said hondft worn l.immd by tho natd Hoard of SnpervlHors nndnr and In ac- dordnnon with tho provlnloiw of tho ConMitutlon and \AW* of tho State of California, nnd In rnnfonnlty with tho order of natd Hoard of Suporvliu orn, pftnaed on tho 17th day of Aufcunt, 3930, and boar Interest at thn rato of (i per rout per annum, Interftflt p«y- ablo annually for iho flrat your tho bonds have to run nnd Hcml-iinmwlly thereafter, both principal find Intero.Ht payable in lawful money of the United HtatoH of America, on the 17th dnyH of August and Fobnmry of each nnd every year out of tho Internal and AlnUIng fund of said Reml-Tropln School Dlnlrlot. upon presentation and mil-render to tlio Trennuror of Korn County, California, of tho Interest coupons attached to Nftld bondn; wnld boiulH to bo numbered vonMocutlvety from J to 18, Inclufilvo, ntt follows: Bonds NOB, 1 to 4, Inclusive, $1000.00 ench, to run 1 year; Honda Nos. 5 to R, Inclusive, $1000.00 onoh, to run 2 yaars; Now. I> to $1000.00 each, to run 13 to to run 4 . 17 to $1000.00 each, to run 5 years. Tho Semi-Tropic School District ban been acting an a School District, under the laws of thn Stato of ralifor- nln, continuously since 1ROG; tho as- nested valuation of tho tnxiihlo property In nald Roml-Troplc School D!H- trlct WJIH Ono Million Kino Hundred and Seven ty-Onn Thousand Five Hundred Twenty DollarH ($1,071,520.00) and nun now an oututnndlnff Indebtedness of nothing. Tho bonds herein referred to v/oro voted for the purposo of raising monov for: 2, Thn building or purchasing of Hchool buildings; tt. Tho making of alteration!* or nddltlnnn to tho pcnool building or bulldlnc." other than mioh ft« mwy l»o nop.p«sary for onrrent maintenance, operation, or repnlrfl; R. The mipplyliiR of ru.-hool hulldinKH with furniture or necessary Appafalun of a permanent nature; fl. TMP: permanent Improvement * of tho school grounds, llldn \vlll bo received for one or any number of nnlrt bmida. Alt bids must be ennnl In amount to iho par value of the nald bomln and accrued Interest, to date of delivery nnd each hid muni bo accompanied with a certified check payable to K. R. Smith, Clerk of Iho Hoard of Supervisors of wild County, or a uanh deposit for tho sum of at leaHt ten por cent of tho amount of tho bid. Tho check or rnnh deposit will bo returned to the bidder In case of tho rejection of iho bid nnd tho same will bo for- foilcd to Keml-Troplr School Dlstrlot ff tho bidder nogloctfl or refuses to pay thn amount bid for tho said bonds within fl/ifion rtaj'fl nftei* belnir notified of tho acceptance of tho bid. rpon opening of the bids for mild bondB as aforesaid, paid bonds will bo gold to the hfghoMt and l/o«t bid- dor for rush, lawful monoy of tho United States of America, Hubject to tho nnld rondltlonK and provlfllonn. nfdH for tho honrlB nt. a lower rato of intoroKt will also be coimldercd. Tho said Board of SuporvlHOfH, how- ov«r, renervlng tho right to reject any and all bldH for said hondn. All hlilfl must bo oncloKod In Boaltd on vf lopes addrpH«cd to F. K. Hnilth, Clerk of the Hoard of KuporvlHorH, and endowed "PHOPOSALH SlIMI-TriOI 1 IC SCHOOL DISTRICT HOND8." Hy order of thn Hoard of HuporvlM- orB of tlio County of Kern, Htato of Cullfornlu, mado Augunt 17, IHHti. (Seal) K. K. SMITH. Comity Clerk and Clerlt of «ald Board. Auff. £2 to .Sept. D, inc. ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 2856? I In Ihi* Sujierlor Court of the Stato of California. In auU for tho Cuuuty of Korn. PACIFIC STATJ'IH HAVINOS AND I.<'»AN COMPANY, a corporation, Plaintiff, VH. CKN'TKAI. KKAI, KHTATIC COM- PA.VV, a rurpurutlon. IJAHO^U A'H- 1IOTT. KtM.A V). AHHOTT, OIjAHK K. Af.LKN, LoTTIH C. ALLKN, l::iJNA L. ANUKHKOK. KUWIN L. ANUKUKON. MINNIIC L. ANDKH- SON, ALU12HT AMOUR, also known UK A. Armour, AUOUHTINR AMOUR, K. T. ANl.attiWS, JAMKS AHP, STAXLIflV .1. HAIKU, K. U. HAKKK. C'. II. BARLOW, KOHICST I!I!0\VX. KALMA V. fJRDNH. J'AL- MKR UIJKKK. H. K. CAOY. MINNIK K. OADY. niltlCK A. liMONA H. CHANCK, ,, H. CLEU- ANN'A MA- w; A CROKT, H'^T, PUWARD IMVIH, LYPIA K. DAVIS. NORMAN L. DICLMAU- TKft. KIMKDA DOW, .1. A. PPNA- HOO, O, (.', KAHLS. VICTORIA KARLS. Ty. O. KCKKORD, MADniffi l-:*'KK<iRl>. (I. KIOIUNI, T. J. KOLKY, HLANC1IK F. POLICY. W. O. I'-Om'K. f\ n. KHKKLAN'O, CHAH. r.. I'M* no K. Liri.r P. FTTIKJR, WILLIAM (JALLAHKR, OKNNA- (1ALLAIIKR, .II'^SKIC ulho known an J«HH\P (j|h»N and JIM .1. M. (ilbbn, TONY iilL, KUMAL It. HAKFNKR, RALPH R. HAUOLM I'.'O, MAK HIA Cot fiKHNH.'K K. CHOWK, Legal Notiots Wanted to Boy-MUc^llantout WANTKD —To buy il or 7 ft. meat -•MHO. I'honn lillll-.r. bicycle. Prefer mn- dlniu nlKo. Choup for cash. 918 Kprn Hlrppt. 87 O. K1MHAT.L, < )TT< > FLORKNCin 1'J. L. "V HAnOlCUTY, WILMA If. HAMMON, R M, irAUHlS, OKOlUll-: JIAUHI8, HtTTir TtAIUUHON, M. H. HARVUOT, CIKOIVIK MAY. ALT'. 1IHR10T, MAUY R HECK, P. Aimnm C. ICTiIN LA11WY. MAU1H li. LITTIH, PK TI2R O, LORWKN, A. M. LUDO1'M'\ also known as A. H. Ludlnff, ]<1AItf« J. LTTNCKFOUP. J. H. MrKtHHlCN, O13NIK PKAUL MflKlTUUIN. J. I'. MrOLAlX, nJso ktintvn JIM J. O. Mn- LKAN, PMAUL JON KM MrRAlO, MAHY JKAN MmiOALLION. H. M. MarCATJitOX IIH Ounrdlun of Mhry Jean AfaoCiUUon, a minor, If. Af. MnnCALLlON, K1UC C. MnoTN- TYUTC. N. M. MTALOor, KRAXK L. MARTTM, HARIL H, MOUOAN, W. H, MOUOAN, MAHKL C. ArOIULVN, JOHN MOIIGANTINTI. VORR11HT H 4 MOWKW, H. F. MUNN. T1KNRY J. N1UWMAX. LWTA OLDAKKH an fliiarntan of Vonrl WoolHey, a minor, LKLA OLPAKKR, VICART. WOOL- RTCY. \ f . P. OBHOUK. UVA 7». OH- HORN, UOflR PACHLin, HALLIF, L. PAURISII, TTIOMA8 PHTKH-, SKN. TIRSHIM H. P1-1TKRSION, MA- R1K PI]fll*KU, HKRTTIA PHfiPI-nt, KLMKH A. RAIN JOY, MARttUIO- U1TIT U. RAINKY, O. H. ROLTjlNH, MAROAUKT ROT.LINH, MRS. PHARLRS L ROSKHROOK. WIN1-' FUKP TMVKRK RUSIT, PllKP W. i RUSH. MAX HHIHT. A. W, KfttHT, ! SPAT-DTNO, R. 11. SPAL- JOHN \\\ HTWWLra. PAT II|HO known IIH K. P. FRANK O. Sl'OnilZ, OA11- Riro M. HT.TORK», KWNN11T1T W. TKWBS, VKRNIA TV1WKS, PAUL VANDKR 1SIKK. JULIA II. VAN- R 1CIKE, ADEL VOOKt,, OL13XN WARR. HAROLD E. \VAUMAN, KLORKNCH 75. WILLIAMS, nrcoRnn s. WOLFIQ. GLADYS H. AVOLFK. H. A. WRIOTTT, O. D. YOTINH, BERT .1. fcANF/TTI. MIX A. ZAXKTTf, FIRST liOW. «KCOXD now, Tirmp now,'VoiTRTii now, FIFTH DOIB, HlXTlt POR HICV- KXTVf POR K1OHTT1 POR NINTH noii. TENTH noia. ELEVENTH POE. TWELFTH P()E, THIU- TKEXTH POE, FOURTEENTH DOE, FIFTEENTH POE, KIX- TKKNTTT 1>O10, SEVENTEENTH DOE, E1OHTEENTH POE. NINETEENTH POR TWENTIETH DOE. TWKS'TY^FIRHT POE, TWKNTY-S'.ICoNn POR TWEN- TV-THHU> tioM, TWICNTY- FOURTH Of-/ TWENTY-FIFTH POR TWi;NTY-HIXTH DOR T W F. N T Y - f i * V E N T IT DO 10 , TWENTY-KKirTTH DOE, TWENTY-NINTH DOR THIRTIETH DOE. FIRST POE COMPANY, tt rnrpnratti;*!, RECOND DOE COMPANY, a corporation, THIRD DOE COMPANY, a corporation, FOURTH DOE COMPANY, a corporation, and FIFTH POE COMPANY, a corporation. Defer TIMO PfBOJM^fl CALIFORNIA TO; Cnnlral Renl Estate Company corpora Until Harold Abbott, Kula Abbott, Clark K. Allen, l-ottln Allen, Edna L. Andoi'hon, Edwin Aiulerunn, Mlnnlo T^. AnflorHon, bort Amour, al«o known an Armour, AuRUHtlno Amour, F. AndrnwR, Jumna Arp, Htunlny Hftlnl. R D. Hakcr, C. H. Harlow, Forcat Hi-own, Emma V. Driitm, Palmer Burke, R. 13. Cndy, Mlnnln E. Cady, Bruno A. Cbanee, Lcona H. Chanoo, Harold Chappa]). B. Clerlro, Mao Coffoeti, Aiiim Mario. Cotfiiwell, W. A. Croft, Bornlce 13. Croft, Duward Crowe, Joo Davln, Lydla 11. DAV!B, Norman T*. Delm/trlor, Frlwlu l>ow, J. A. Dunahoo, O. C. EarlH, Victoria EurlB. L, O. Eokford, Maddlo Q. Florlnl, T. J. Foley, F. Folny, W. O. Porre, C. B. , nimft. Ij. Fudge, Lulu D. William Gallahfr, Oennavlovo Oallnber, JonHn OlbhH, O!RO known »H .Tcfisln Qlbbn and UH J M. (UbbH, Tony Oil. Ermal H. Huefner, Ralph R. lIuKf?rrty, Wllma H. Hummon, dcorjfn Jlarrls, Ruth B. Hnrvtidt, Qourjco Hcrlot, Mary E. E. O. Klmball, Arthur IIIOST prlcpw pnld for hnttlei. Iron un<l other Junk. Thono 3D7 for ickup watfon, Prompt nervine. 420 Nineteenth. inVriap t\nh pi En TBuy- Inpr bnttloM and other junk. Call 2170 for ptok-up WAfpon, 717 Sunfj" ni»r Htroet. For Exohaniif Mlsotllanttut POIl HALK—Or trade, 1026 Hudson llrouKham, good condition, or trade for ninctrfi! refrigerator or furniture. 1HI2 llrown Rtrnot, Original Owner. Notlcu (eolith l>oo. KouriftBnln HOP. Fifteenth Due, StxtnnnUi Doe, tieven* tcrnth Hoe, Klghtrenth l>oe, Nino- Doe. Twentieth Hoe, Twenty- Pofi, Twonty-.Hecond Doe, Twonty-Thlrd Don, Twenty-Fourth Doe, Twenty -Fifth Doe, Twenty- Sixlh T>on. T\v(mty-Sevonlh Doe. Twenty-Eighth Doo, Twonty-XInth Don, Thirtieth Doe. First noo Company, u corporation. Second Doe Company, a corporation, Third Do« Company, a corporation, Fourth Do« Company, a corporation und Fifth V)oo Company, a corporation, Defend- u»i«. You aro directed to appoar In an action brought agalrut you by th* above namt-d plaintiff In the Superior Court of tho Htftto of California. Ift and for tho County of Korn, and to anHwer tho complaint therein within ten finy« after the aorvlco on you ot this HummotiB, If nerved within th« County of Kern, or within thirty days If flerviul elunwhere, and you notified thnt unloan you appear Hiiswer an above required, the plaintiff will tnlco Judgment for any monoy or damngoM demanded In tho Complaint, aw nriMng upon contract, or will apply to tho Court for any other relief demanded In Iho Complaint, Olvon undor my hand und noal of the Kurmrlor Court of the County of Kern, Htate of California, May 80th, lone. F 13 SMITH County Olorlt, Clerk of Superior Court. By D. M. TCDWAUnS, Deputy. . New Fish Screen Is Unsuccessful OF TUB HTATE OF S!'3ND tlUMKTlNGB D. to Al- A. T. J. SACUAMKNTO, Aug. Si. nientn with n. new olootrloal fiah Hcroon havo not boon «ucccH*ful, fto coj-aiMR to tho Btuto fish and commission. A TB'duy tent of tho electrical vlco near Grenada led officials report that there appeared to bo no difference in tho number of fleh below tho screen. Mo of oa«o in Installation and operation It had boon hoped the de- vico would operate Buccedsfulty as a incaiiN*of fluvlnff thouHands of fifth otlicrwlBo trapped In irrigation ichen. Eckford, 8II1I* FOUNDKUS; ALL SAVED HALIFAX, N y . S. ( Aug. 31. (A. PJ— Tho Canadian proas today reported tho 1278-ton freighter Bon maple had foundered In a deime foff off the Oanpe ooaat ufter it colUelon with the French liner l^ufayetto. All aboard the freighter wore naved, Hatd a mes- ftago from the Ellis bay wireless tlon on Antlcofitl Island. n. HarrlH, ITarrlHon, M. Hay, Albert C. Hollnbonk, D. L B Otto C. . ... . K. T,ahoy. Mario D. UU.,,, T'etor G. I.oowon, A. 113. l.udoff. also known aH A. 15. l<udloff, Karl J. Luncoford, J. .S. McfCiMtt'it, Gonlu Pearl MoICIbben, .1. D. McCIaln, alf«o known an J. C. McLran, Pearl Jonen McHiio, Mary Jean MacCalllon, II, M. MacCalllon, as Guardian of Mnry Jonn MarCivlllon, a minor, II. AT. MacCalllon, TCrln C. Mnclntyrn, X. M. Malnof, Frank K Martin, Hanll II. Mnrtfan, W. B. Morgan, "Mabel C. Morgan, John Morgantlntl. Forront H. Mowre, H. F. Munn, Henry J. NttH'timn, T,eln OJdaUer JIH Guardian of Vearl WoolNpy a minor. I,elu Old- okor, Vearl Wool HP y, V. D. Oshorn, i 7.. Owborn, It one Put'lillv, Uallle P«tTl«h, Thomas i'Hen***n, Mrsnlo PnterHon, Mario Plepcr, Rerlhii Illnifr A. Hulney, Marguerite R. Hainey. O, li. ItolllnN, M»r«aret RolMiiH, Mrn. CMiarlnH I. flrweltrnok, Winifred I«avern TliiHh. Fred ^V. llUHh, Max Seibt. A. W. KMbt, I*. \V. Hpaldlnp. R. O. KprJdins, Jnhn W. Htool**, Pat HuKhriM*. U!HO known tin K. P. Hiiffhrno, Frank O. Huurrz, f'arrlo M. Kuort^x, Kenneth AV. Tewon, Vornln T*»WPH, Paul Vandcr Kike, Julia Jr. Vandpr Kike, Adf-1 VoBPl. Olcnn rj. Warn Harold K. Wadniun, Flnr«noo K. WllllaniH, t )corj?c «. Wolfu, (Jladyn K. Wolf f, p. A. WrlRht, O. D. VOUIIK. Hort J. Xaneltl, Mina Xancttl, First l»oe, \ Hcrond Duo. Third Poo, Fourth Due. I Fifth T>of, .Slj,-([i Iifm, S/n-r-/iOi !><«*, Klphih Doe, N'Inth Dne, Tenth Dm-, Klevonth Doe. Twelfth Don, Thlr- UCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. THE FIGV&E WA S /LHOU£TTED AG LIGHT OF OVff FL Af?E. WHAT IS IS IT ,_ HUMAN? I DON'T KNOW/- BUT I'M OOINO TO FIND OUT/ Monsler Vanishes ^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•A^^^H^^^^^B I ffAO/OPHOH£D THE M/P - //KTZ^/V/Z Y /?U/MS OF JOAP/VA WEffE Fl OOOEO /GUT ' LET THAT OTHER THING BE CAUTIOUS— / WHATEVER IT IS.' Hy 1'IIIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS BUT WHEN / ffOUMDED THE B'G BLOCK BE CAUTIOUS. CAPTAIN-I , NOT A LIVING THING IN SI6HT/ T6OOD-ER-I MEAN WHERE COULD IT HAVE GONE 7 ROMANTIC BEG OF VDU. 1 h***< (| V. ->\V f ..'/ <=x -,»- ; 'I IIW//W Judith Howard wanted to marry, and keep her job. But iherc was Steve's pride. Steve wouldn't marry until his income would support therh both. Judith, however. was very much in love— and disliked long engagements. Read Nard Jones' new serial 11 , i ^ n r i f- b )»36 JONN f. DILLC CO MKO. U. * PAT. OFF. **WfV# v V * rig ', i ij Is Ours I3cginning &tltn*<'l»y. September o in I r i *•: TO ar A - •-

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