Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1909 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1909
Page 2
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{'try • THE lOLA PAUT BECISTEB, TITSnAY F.lT ^iyiyc;. .TA>rARY ft, TO REBUILD CitlES A S4P0^^H8RTA6E PLANS BEING MADE I^OR NEW ' MESSINA AND REGGIO. Expert Accountants Make Report of Montgomery Co. Treasurer's Books. Italian Parlinment Will Reconvene on Next Friday or Sntur. day. lyoht lit, tin* viill«<!^^i»\(^.' ' ' ym fur up llio iiiiiuiiialn IIIIIK. lid you JUMt (iini iiiid WKVC ,v <Mir nrt bid nil- »ilrlv«»>io rollim- y.w. w«r<! Ill llic loHtt ^im Hcii. nd you upou the qulot MIIOH'. uld ynu umA uul yoiir hdii lo iiii>, ti(J bid mo to iny llfr luifi' u\M*''' woro coMi from llctivoirN mtt<-. '.And you within so RIHII nnd fnlr. V know you would romo forth niiiJ wait .',:Bc»Wo me, lovo. In iny di 'Mimlr. j^-i —Ernoal Uartfoid. r^. -iv*, -S* • * Baptist Mission Circle. The inenibcrH of the Raptl .st MIKR- loD Circle met ycHtcrday afternoon -; with Mrs. L. V. Stnrkey. at her homo. 817 EJast .lackson. After a short business session the ladles were cntcr- ~ - talned by a short musical program to •which Mrs. G. W'. Apple. Mrs. W. H. Garfield and Mrs. Jasper contributed. A dainty luncheon was served by tho ^ hostess to about twenty members. The Mission Circle will have their next jneeting with atrs. G. W. Appl<^ at her home, 209 South Walnut street. * • • Mr. and Mrs. Russell Return, t- Mr. and Mrs. George Russell and children, of North Third strtei. returned yesterday afternoon from Hannon. Mo., where they have been th» guests of Mrs. Russell's parents. Mr. and Ites. P. M. McWilliams. during tiie hmidays. * • EveninJB 500 Club Will Not Meet. • On account of the death of .Mrs. .1. H. Campbell's mother. Mrs. .Anshor- xnan. the "300 club" will probuiiiy not V . --meet for several weeks. * • • Six Handed Euchre Will Not Meet - - , The Six landed Euchre club will not have their regular meeting tin's week. * • • P. E. O. Chapter. The P. El. O. Chapter held a very in- teresUng meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Burck. 4 'io Sonth^ street, the topic of the aftci- , noon's study being Wallace Irwin. A - sketch of the life of Iwin given by Mrs. A. P. Harris and a reading. "The - Japanese School Boy.' J^win given _ by Mrs. W. R. Hcylmun, were very ' much enjoyed by all. The ladles voted to send a letter of Introdurtion to - Chicago, ' introducing Misis Alberta Hanson, formerly of this city, and a .jqember of the P. E. O. lo chapter 1. i'- ' of that city. They also arranged to accept, the invitation extended th(.>m by the B. I. L. club tp »JLt«nd a line party at the Grand toiifs 'lit to see • • _"Tll^ Burgomaster." The club will > , meet on the nineteenth with Mrs. Glen fc ~" D. Pinnej- at her home, 420 South ' Washington avenue. * * + Home From Holiday Trip. . ySn. W. J. 'miliams and sons lluliy and Byrum .returned .Monday afiir- i •noon from an extended visit with Mrs. Mc^lllam's mother, Mrs. John IJve- ' ' ly, of Hannon, Mo. r * * A For Mrs. C. A. Hutchinson. i^' _ llnL.T. A. Joyce is entertaining; a -Zix few friends this evening compliuieii- ""^ ^ tary tai Mrs. C A. Hutchinson, who £^ ^leaves !n a few days for Independence 'Twhere she will make her future home. ; " • • * * Methodist Aid Society. I CARNIVAL NOWON TOMUIIT Masquerade ThurNdii.v Mirhl corn.i': xmv. i-'riduy Mcht .MKHIIY WIDOW Sh.ViK Siiturday Miilil UA( K THE AUDITORIUM O!-" COrRSK. "the .Aii' cliurrh met al tl'." c'.r.iiin parlor.'; ycsi'-idii.v aftcin(. .\ report of tlie past year's woriv \va;- en and pian.s made of ihc rtorii for tii" couiiiiK year. These new officers wvV'.' elected for tile new year: Mrs. S. R. Crumloy. Pre.siileni. .Mrs. W. H. Root. Vice Piesideiit. .Mr.';. .Mina Carr. Secretary. .Mrs. .lolir. Kt)Mht. Ti<':i:nirer. .Mrs. C. .M. Teal.-. Pivsidtiii of Is- Ward. Mrs. .]. K. rcwt-:!. I'n hideni of Ward. -Mrs. d;;.li< T!ioiii|)soii. I'lcsiili-iii of :;-.d Ward. .Mrs. S. 1.. Holmes. I'lrsiii.-iii of li!: Ward. • <• Entertain at Ca .-ds. .Misses .\nna and Kaiheriii.' 'I'liir.- jiola d'-lichtfiilly eiiiirtalii''il ;i T-iv friends at cards a; I'lcir liou:i' iic;' eveninK. Whist was plavcd. pri/.i- royal being awarded to Ted (•llhsnen ami consolation to .Mary McKeoii. ,\i a late hour luncheon was scrvi'd to tiii' following guests: Miss Kiaueis K!ein- Ik. .Miss Tillie Uruniiiiel. .Mjss 1.1? .Teck, .Miss Mary McKeoii. .Mis.s .Sophia Konserskl. .Misses Anna. Katlierin" and Cliristiiii' Treiiipola. .^lessrs. .\I bert Smith. Ted Cillesscii. I 'l rry .\lvi, and ICtiKeiic Trempola. •> -S- -i Altruistic Club. The iiK'iulter.s of llii- .Mtnii.-^ite i-liili will have tlx'ir re-^-ular iiiecliiif; next Tuesday nlMht. The members of the Aid societv of his medical studies. Music Club. Thi- l.,:id!i-s .Musir ehil) will luccl on iK 'Xi Thurstiay afternoon willi .Mrs. \. W. Heck as hostess. Tlie ladles as usual have preiiared a very good program. + * + .Gas City Progressive. The members of the Gas Tity Progressive club will have their, ret'ular lueetiiig this evening with .Mrs. Sliiif- ford. AM interestinj: program has been prepared. • • Dr. Reid to K. C. Dr. James T. lleid left yesterday for Kansas City, where he will resnine Dr. Reid is stiidy- luK ON fli'hl IIHNINIIIIII to Mr, lllirof tliiii Illy, •!• •:• Mr. and Mr*. Funk LR.IVO. Mr, iiiid .Ml-M. |{oy t'uiiK li,ive noli' lo HIlKler. OUIiihnniii. whi'ie tlii';. will uiiilte their fiilui'e hmiK'. .Mr. t-'iitik will Ko Into llio niil estiii- IIIINI- lU'HS at that plaee. Their many frieiidii Join III hi 'Mt WIHIICH for their niltire. .^ .;. Mlii Thompson tc Bethany. MlMH l -'loreiiei' 'I 'liDliipi '.oii i '\peelK t«) h 'iivi' the liilti-r iiiirt of the week for l .liiilHlionr lo a;;alii laUi' \\\\ hor miial<'i;l sliidles al lli 'lliniiy eollc-;!'. .Miss Thoiiipsnii has lieen Kpendiiit; lier holiday varatlon with her parents. . MJ'. and .Mrs. W. S. Thoiiipsnn. of 'IM South Klin. At Walnut Miss Tli.-nnp- son will be joined by Miss Etlul ("ul- llson. her room male at ftethauy. .Miss Tlioinpsoii will be till- last sludiiil 1" leave lola. •'• • Y. P. C. U. IWeetinci. M >'iiil )<rs of tiie V. P. (". I', sooi-iv met last iiicslit at tlie chureli ii.'iriir.,. Willi -Mr. Bert .\iiains as leade". Tiie topie of tlie discussions for t:ic <\ euing was -'The Duty of .Makiiiu Cuod Re.solulions." On aeronnt of ilu- rn!.' weather only . a few niembers wi \o lireseiit. ... .:• Mr. Jones to Depuy. Mv. .Vrehibald .lon.'s. of I'l.". .-^o;!''! First slieet. left this noon for .iii i-< tended visit with relatives and fii'.-::']:; in Depuy. 111. • V • Golden Link Club. The (iulden Link rlub n visii-r- diiy afternoon with .Mrs. noii;;litoii. .\ v ^ry inter'eslinjr pro.v;rani v>;is vivi"! and work for tht- eoiuiiifr yeisr v..'.^- a.<s:.!jned. l .iuhl n^freshnienls v.-.^n served and a very enjoyable time w ;i;; stienf. Thosii present wi-n- .Mesdau.c r I ''ff. Day. C'uni ;nini ;s. Davis. Downy, Creen. Berry. Jackson. Di-h-pialn. .Stoddard and Bomilitnii. •> Mifis Beck III. Miss Bessie Beck of f '.'K! K ust Mreel is on the sick list today. A Mr. and Mm. W. D. Wolfe Returned. .Mr. and Mr.s. W. D. Wolfe li;iv.- turned from an e.xt .Muli^l visit wUli relatives at WInfield. Kas. Mr. and Mrs. Finnev Return. Mr. anil .Mrs. <;leiiti I). Kiiinev li;i\ i<-tiiriied from a short visit ' uii! friends In Yati 'S Ceuter. • •:• Koine. ,laii. tl —Plans for tli<> relnrld- ing of Re;;:;i{> and .Messina tiln ady are beiuK disetisseif in detail. .Mes:;ina is the second eliy of Sielly. It Is esti. mated that almat ?l .-..<i (iil.Oiin will rebuild Messina for r.'i.con inhahitani i. It will take aliout ?K,(i(i0.n(in to rebuild Reggio. for 2r>.0(m pcoide. In any event, many ye;>rs inii.^t. elajise IK^- foro the tluirniii'.hlv terrorized population can be ituUtced to return aiul live in the striek'Mi territory." Another priiji ct is to transfer 'SU-K- sina provisioiiiiUv to .Milas ;f»^o a small town lu'iir ;M<\ssiii;i. It has been deeided to n-c'invMie ilii' litili.'tii p :irli.iia >Mit on ('ridav or 8aluiday to eoiisiilcr ni ".-isiir .s of ri-- 'b'f. Tlipc uivinliirs ol ilie IIKIHIIHT of di-pii'i''ii |''r ''.!e 'd iii eiiill:- ijilake. The |i(!pe Inil.n vl: lie,| ili '.Nouiidfil ill Mil- \'ai |i ':iii coiiipanled li• . I Wu/- ppe priville ph) ii|i|:iii. li<i..pli'il Pilaeel, If UoiiH', .liiii. r. The pioiiipl .!!• patcli or 11 irii I iif Mil' \tiiii I'lii I I'-MIIIP 1 •.•.III] I ill- I li il ri.iiliil Mill' '• lleiiil Adiiiliiil t-'.ii'' M, III oili'i' ;il I li' tile I Mi'l liMii!il.i' ri!ii| M.dll., |in:i MI ' •' In lip. |niii |lc II . ':I •• I 'l' •• ;i;ii ^ c' ii i i) iiil'l KI 'MllHlili , W'.; .| • !ip:» roilie !|':i.' \tliilll'lll "-'I 'l If 1.11 I iM'lieil ;i fill' ' fur llie wiiir. V !• ' ' !• •! jlii' •! ii ., the fleet 111" ( M!i' il II'li'.^ •teii'i'iiilil- nispiltrh"' 1 1 ' HIII ,'! mill i: •• Ihoiivh I'e , :i I pi 'ClM 1)1 It. i. f' 'irl ieli, 1 "•' ill In M :.• iVri 'I'l;. Moll ill rm'f' ••'•11 meiil aiil lioi il i' eompiilsorv v v." i'l 11'.' .1. :,!.•..•' .1 senrcltiii;: iiii 'I -T roasi'd. 'I'll.. (•.•i !ri >|v, '• r..\.- r.'!.'!-l- ••-• In •^iri '.-ir r-... .•' V,. liiil '^e 1 • • ; ' izv iiii t":' '.'u • ""I. ni.iv .T-lt-.- •i .'S' r.'Vr.l. . 'J'. • it--- eol'.c: ill' 1.:' r,,..(iv. .•' '1! ' l,a'^|i-i;' ir-.i. '•• ' On If"!. •-! ' it!'..- ' I- I ^.1 el: L"'!.'.' jr. 1 l:i ... •> - .,i,,,l ... cniiiHl'i'l.i.^:: eoiifi chniiili ' .i 'S : 'tif. 1 i.".' S'll !• Tl).^. ,• :i;:i' 'ii-reii;.. •• Til.-'.'- •\ '•l-o.'U-- • . • :i:M-,ii:: .''• ll,. I I'lday fri'lii .M'-. •.Mr,I.' I'll !ll , Ill mm |. • : rii • .1 '•:!I i,• li;r •1 I,-;. I.;- .: . -1 . I•• • -'I a I'lil'.' . 1-1 • I'l, • Il,• •.•i'l •I 'l li' I'll';: ;' li\ii Independence, Kas., .Tan. 6.—Bbcpert accountanta who have been at work on the books of E. E. Stubblefleld.i treasnrer of Montgomery county made report today, showing an alleged short agi; of four thousand dollars. Sttibblofleld offerotl to make up the shortajie ptMidiiiKa fur*er examination of the books. B.VC i)V 33 IH.V .inK \I».S <;0 \E, Poljre Srarch for HoirloMiiis of ..Mrs. ^. W(bl:er: Worth $2,500. • Tl, • J! I ill.. :\:!::-:>s ("iiy Star says: .\ ii..:: ; i- eonlaiiiili;: dia- '.I'iiiiis ai!d olher'.il wels worth $l'.."iliil. •s ;--i;!i.' from the home of .Mr.s. Willis A. W^Micr. IIMM ; l':as; Te-.itli street. 'Iii.- iiiiMii -r <f their disappearance is I iMvslcr-.-. V. lii -ii ,\lis. Wi'lilii 'i- retired Sunday iiljilit she \v;is sure llnil llie bag of 'liainiiiids Was fislened securely about iu !• iie(.k. Wliiii she awoke tin- next 'ii 'irniim :iiiil dress.-rl lo ;.;() dowii lown 'n li '^r Imiiy she didn't notice wln-ther ||if illariolid" well' still JIIHHII her 'i.'i'l' I. I'll r ill llie ilav she I 'l 'tiirii.'d iiid liiiunl ^lie fioiii d. .11' iiiilocKi'd. In 'liiii:,:lii!' lii -r dress NIH - leariii'd that Hie bag dkinionds iiiid nil were r .niii Mrs, Webher Irt lllliiosi eerlalli sll lliln'i li'.i' ilieiii down lowii I KII till nine lli .ii ill" liiid llii 'iii wlii-ii ill '"fl liiillie. So, wlii 'li' lire III.' ill .I 'l Ml . W 'l J. I., I \ lii'iiljii 'i', nil.I Mil !i ' \ *< IT llie lioiiie lie \\a'. aiili'i \ 111 II ,1 !• • Wililiil" Il fl llDllle. lull 'U .ill.- .il .iHil (III li .lur liiier. Then' I 'ti 111 IDIU'IIM' iliil'ie iiboHl Ihe I .', 4ayH. mill no evldeliee thai . IHMHI I III I nil II (I It, N'lilhlni; iieelln d lo I llsMirlii'il iiliywhero. Two n'dd wati ••iiiii sevi 'l ;il stick pins on ,\Ir:.. Well 'ler 's i |r( S'ii 'l vvele IllltOltchud .\lri'. U 'l'liliir dl ?«'i >V"red le r Ins •I). Ill ii.'iiii Sli'' l ..|i '|.|ioiii.i| li.'i liiis • iiiiil. wliii ;:. . r.iploy.'d by lhi> ,l(ilin '. I'!".\ '.1111111 !'\v. H(-. loo, a .-slst II li\ Irn Inolher. S.M relied cvfiy p-.n llii hiiiis.'. Iliil the ehaniois skill • •. of liialii .ii ds c.iiildn'l lii- fiiiiiid ic ; 'li.. jinlici' v .cre nollfied .-iiid .M V ai.d .iiiMis .1. It;iffery wi ?i -i'j!'. ll I 'l >-(,,ii-!i ill." pawnshops for •i. M ; -i.'r- l.a:-' id jewels. The de •I 'lv's IKIAI'II'I lif '.ii successful. I d .'U 'i Iriiow v.-!i:i! on earth ha ,1'1,1)1 • 111' tlios" jewels." .Mrs. Weblic ,ii i^i. 1 iii'iiiii.Lr. •I'm sure I had ih-- ••i'^li: lielore. 'nil I dou'r re •• I.:.. V :i,-iii ii:i".iii.'.- tiie:;i yesl"rd:: • v. ill'i!;^ t'l pay a liberal •-. ,: I can fUily those dia !i.: 'i-. I"."; a!,ii I nov.'l ask any .lue WAHTEO' 'aUmfimUmmmoum WANTED—To rent furnished cottage: 1 or ."i rooms; modern. A, this office. WA.NTKD—Work, by 18-year-oId boy attending school.^ Iiir|uire Business College. WA.N'TED—Desk nwrn with 'iihone privilege. W. O. LeuharL WANTED—^All kinds of second hand—The lola Furniture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop.. Phone 25: fOR REin-Ml9O0UsmBOus vow UEN'T—Eight room, modern holise: also 4 and room cottages, and nice office rooms in I'liller building. See .1. .\. Ailaiiis. east side of sf|tiare. Phone mil. KOU IIE.NT -.Nice 7, rcMiin cotlaKe 7n:i .N'orlli WashiiiKloii. •ill ;• |l' V. ni^.. tliir;y-three dia FOR RIOHT-OF-WAV •,rl. ' 11 i:i;f -.•-ih- wre iiciiio .ims. The, •• :i> Mrs. WeUlier by lier •.'.'ii.'i u\\ y.'.::;s a.i;o. The lia* :i . ii::!i;tis!. set wit!: a ihre . I,.!:.'!: tline solitaire riii?:s : will a one and one-f.-iurth :.••'•: :i .•i^.>sceiil ritiir conltiin 'lei '-foiM ills CMiat diamond: .•:i 'i 'lr. e^;eli wei '^hin-.: one ;• ickc cotitainiii: .••::i: di'.Uinnd: a Tiffan.v se' ii:-_ riiu: with a one ,1 ,1 !i ;r.iiii )is rim; con- •iiite siiia!! diaiiMiiids 1 ',M •:.f. EO.'\TRICKT'S PLEASANT RIDE. •J.iJc '-rh-; lh( llli.i.' l-'i'«iii!i-<'I 'liriia'-'li <li. i'aiiii. •iff HonoiTfl With First Tax Execution. MAY GO INTO COURT Marniaton Townshio Officers Can" Get DifficuKies Settled. -jHar to convince somie |)eople what the new Ilealtli-Uay eye will ^.«-.d^ i ^Pie Inventor, aftei- ten years work, perfected his iens formula and then •^^^hsd-ja iheart breaking time to convince even those who are familiar with ^^^Utf>^ ud lenses that his Hea^tb-Ray would admit ninety jier cent murtfiuat- ^•ri .flrall health, light than the old lenses we had been selliuK. f:',\^, -«OBi« deaJers who care more for dollars Uian eyes. e.\emplify the old -nqrIWt "Non« so blind as those who won't see." OUT privilege to offer yon-a new idea with absolute jiroof of its •:;-:tn^k—witk evidence indisputable. . And this is sure. You owe It to your eyes to know a'l there is to know •jj^abefaUM^ new and better lens. . 'BoaM't matter how skillfully .vour old lenfes are made, what they e.i.ii. fii .'^liMr'lliSllIX polished, how neatly uiountud. whether the fiaiiie is Meei. . idd *b ''f3o |^:-g^;d!Ucd. you get only ten per cent of natural health light. f '-HuKpB ^Ui-Ray L<ens Is the only eye glasK uiaterlul that will admit all ^^'"-QlttMl^^lsht. 'i^^i^^^ffttimtA Trade Mark on each L^iis, U« eure it's there-wh<ta dellvei.-d ' < Qlthprwise. ywt 4re uol getting the genuine, Sul.i-.iiutlou is the Thf troiibl.. lic'tweei) tin- pri..«.!it olTleers ami iiieominK olliecrs of .Mai niaton township over the bills for li^i past year may be aired in court, ll v.ill be remerabereil that th.- nreHfnt township olllcors niaib- eonyiderabh tmprovements on the roads there tht past year and that there is not enough money on baud to meet the bills. The incoming officers think they should not bear the burden of paying the bills. It is said that then Is alwiit $lS(i(i outstandfnf: bill--- for the payment of which there is no money in the hands of the treasur.-r. good part of this amount, however came over from a i)revfou3 adinlni.i tration. Henry I.ambetJi. the incomiir,; trus tee. was in today to s .-e the county commissioners about the matter While he .was In the coniin/ssloners room. County .\tlorney Peterson came In. Mr. I..ambeth asked him what he would advise him to do under tho circumstances. Mr. Peterson sucger.ted that the Incominsr oDlcers refuse, to nav the bills. Those who hoi.I the Ib '.lls would then have to siO ii)to court to get their money. This woii'd fictfl.'' it .Mr. Lambeth has t.aken the poal tloii for some lime that the pregonl hoard HIIOUI.I not pay the bills. POSTPONE PRAYER MEEtlNG. Of Union Service* at Baptist Church Owing to 6a3 Shortage. (feBf» Fe and V. jicrlsra. The union prayer meeting whlaii was lo have be^n held at the Baptist church this evening, lias been .post iioned o*Jnir to a shortage of !ea.s. Her. Oarfleld iiiated this afternoon that it would b<> uniMissiblc to i^et the church heated for the evening meeting. The meeting will hr held in cqii* nection with the sen-Ice nr thn pr ^sr hyterlan church tomorrow evening. ' l!r. l:r >-!>i tai. .i • ii.' r,:i' :i I i; • ii< I- <. ... : ' iiiiS"S ;.i l:;:|'.| ;•! r..-i.-:. .. ("\' \ n. ..i.iriu.i .i !C 'i 'ola. alri..;! l-i il Iirtit r ! ' . ••; '; •is lllis Ii:'.r :i!i: • In : • i > • ii.'i; llii.iii:;ll 1 1;.- |..ii .r l:.- !• I I rij;!:! .»,' •.',; • . : . • • f. v. i'' ;i-.i\u\\,- 111 i: •• . • '.;...• i'.lacl '.lii:'.!' : ai'l i. • ' • :< ... iir-: li'i '1 .1 ' ir-iii i!, •: i:..- , t w-.i;:: in .•..:• i i.i.i'. . 'I 'li. < '• iia-< .;:r;..... .,. :, i; :Ui- i<:- ' •• Till' .•'••111:.! 'Ir w :') :ii !:i.|;l;i.ii al i!-. . sc: -icn. .1 -<!ti sai 'l ll" lir. ';i ^i d •".'i:i''. ri'; -1.!'-". ,i.'. i(.|- I., ...1 ' '.a-. \:: 111 ,• • , u... '.I 'll li::'.'f til ;'i :•.. . -i • ''•••. ;lie e.iillil.\ l.!i ;ii (••; iii .111.1:111111. I 'ln!' rs ;"i''',' \. 1.. 'lealri^^ht n-de .1 'NJ .. !>•• 'ifi'Tiv:"!!. but not / for h. .il'ii 1' l!;i|iii ''tii'ii this way: It . •'<• till.' I'l" SiM'j;.T Sevviie.; .Ma ji -'i 'iH' (•iii;;|i:..i'\ own soiii.' walnut loss I in ('i "lvl'.. v.liich tli"y hoiiuiii :i vea ':i :r .i I 'll! i".viT .•.•liipiH.'l awa.v'. Tlu'v 11. ;• l >'rli..|| 10 pay IJ"- taxes on |h<' lo '-s. 'I '.iilav the eiiiiiily, I riasiir.-r j l.'.iriie'l lliai 111'. !.i:;s were lo be sliipjje.l scon •iiid I 'l- ,1' one.' calls.'"l an ..x.-iiiil ion to '• i: •,ii'cl ami placed it in tin- hands :' I!' •ii'.riff for collection. It was •I- r,r: • I .v.-ciilioji lo b." IssM'.il this II r. • 1.1 Ksn.;.•):; Blac!<RmitliR to Hold Meeting. . • I Wieliila. I,<as.. .Ian. •'.. Itlacrksmlib:! - |;iiid WitKon iii.ili.-rs of Kaiis.'is are coin- i,'!: 1- j 1111; to this city today It) attend ;i cmi '.. jv.'iitioii wiiieh will h.' Ii.dd her.- to •i.iiiriiiw ,111. 1 Thursday. Some le^isla- •'..ri'iii 1" iniU.' eolli'ctious of lilack- le'lliiii^ bills easier prolialdy will t) Itisked fur. RcKisier W,i: I .\ii.: Brin.? Iti,,ii!, i ;i \:;isfer Want Ads Bring Results. THEATRE ONE mERRY taUSIBAL KiaHT GHTs Jan. 6 IVi::. 1'. ( ullm Ui'.'ers Ihe I'ixicy and Liitlers "Hainlily J)ifforeut" Comic Optra SIICCCHS The burgomaster mih the fiiui !> !l I'nvi.llili. With Marry >.'(rnis«n.UuUf White, .Viid liter hall a Iiiiiidriil luhers. ini iudin:,' that spick, span, ..^aiicj, lii^uItchia:: clviMts. ui KANG.AHOO GIRL5 NflTK- I liave |.i,a! . .sliar.. .ii' ifie ree'.ii,;;. idinll iii.i this at.i,i(.il(iii to 1 )1! tho tii'i.-li-i -• .: r.iiite."d ilial Tim .^omasler's 1 1- lias than $rii)0. and 1 guarantee I event o: liv .fe.i.son.—If. B. LeVan, l.«jcal .Manager. PRICES 25c, 50c. 75c, $ 1.00 and $150 Strats Re.*idy Monday at Mercliact.s-Jewelety Store l''OR IMI.N'T - Pnriilshed hintHitktM 'iiliiii (lownHiiiIrs, .Madluoii aveiiiin. riioins for The Book trade just gets a good start by the end of the old year, you will have time to read now, the real good ones that sold out are in store again, the good old ones we try to keep all the time. Many compliments were paid our book-store by. out of town buyers. We try to merit it, no place in this part of Kansas beat us on stock or prices. It don't cost much to get a Library nov*. let us help you. Buy your Books and Stationery of EVANS BROS., lola Btfsifless Directory. FOR SALE^miaomllmnoouB l-'Oll H.\I,K .'I'llret'yea I-Dld work toll, lllijillli' .1, V, ilnberlK llltisb iilore., I''0U S.M.K—inn acre Imllmii farin. ini !e iind hajf from city; lioiise. oiii- :iiillilliiK>i, ordiard: all under <-iiltlva- lliMi. .Must sellle esltili'. Doctor W'IXHIIII , lida. KOU SAi.i-: OH TKAUK— l-'lrst class $8.bii0 stock of shoes In goo<i town of Ti.OnO In Central Iowa, for Allen couu- ly land: store doing $10,000 to $18,000 <i year business. Will sell for cash, but would rather trade for .\I!cn comi- ly land. Onne tiuick; soineliody will get If. K. S. Cariienter, iOG North Taylor. Gas, Kansas. LOST FOUMD LOST—$10 bill between's boarding on Kast Madison and the -'jiiare. C. 15. Tiitbeis. LOST—Small Hampden watch and India;! iiead fob. Keward. Return to Miiyiness Colle.iie. LOST—Cold walch with short chain aliaciii,'d. -Finder reiiirii 710 -Xorth .street. Reward. •'list Fulilislied i-rccniii^r S'. inos.) Nolice of i • 1 I 'i; lc.;..i-..t. The state of ..aiioas. .M'e:! C'.;::;:y, 3s. In the Probate Court In and for said County. Jn the matter of he estate of Saiiih E. Jforrow. Deceased. Creditors iind all etlior iicrsous interested in the aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to ilu\. I'robate Court, in and for Said County, slttinir tit the Court House, in the City of lola. County of Allen. State of Kanstis, on the nth day of February. A. D. l!Mi!i. for a full and final set;leii;;':i; i.t said estate. cry K. rPKKS. .Vdniinislrator of the Kslate of Sarah K. .Morrov,-. Meeetised. :;f-S-I.-,-l':.' WANTED; Clean Cotton Rairs at tb^s office • • J0ll.\ (1. WOOIUW, M. 1). • rhy .ili-liiu and Nurffoun * Orcr Ilurrpll'u. Phone 142. • * I)U. .McUILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Disoua- CH and Diseases of Children. .Telephones: Ofllco 32. Res. 232 Otllco over Burrell's Drug Store • F. n. MARTIN, • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • Ofllce and Residence Phone 576 • Office i North Jefferson. • • « • • • • Phone 687. Res. 701. • DR. 0, L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat * Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • Lodge Directory HMGIITS OF PYTHlAS^Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monii«M night at K. o.' P. Hall. Visiting bn» thei-s invited. W. S. Thompson, C« Chris Ritter, K. of R. and S. = KMGHTS OF MACCABEEa^ Knfghts of Maccabees of the WorM meets in K. P. Hall second and fotmr Saturday nights of each montk. • W. Postwalt. commander; R. B. «»•• tor. record keeper. Vi. 0. M'.—Camp No. 101 meet* T. Stoele. C. C. A. H. Davis, Cl«i-. Visitors cordially invited. 3f. W. A.—Tho M. W. A. Lo**. meets every Friday night In M. 'W. t HalJ. Visiting brothers invited. »V " Coflleld, V. C. W. A. Cowan. CIs^ KOVAL >EIGIIBORS^Io!a, CaiS^ .Vo.'SC'i. Royal Neighbors, meets ond and fourth Tuesdays of month. Mr.^;. P. A. Wagner, o»>w- Mrs^ .Mary Hutton, 413 West a »*r- Rocorder. Flour Facts Due iioiiiid of floar costin;; to :;. cents a pound wili KO as far as two pounds of meal costing ir. to 20c a iiouiid. Polar Bear Flour is always ;;«oii and always the same. .\sk yotir .s^roeer. W. M. OBERDORFF Agent lOLA, KANSAS VRATEKNATi BROTUEBItOOIl^ Fraternal Hrothcrhood No. 389 m«ww socon'd and fourth Thursday of &•*«(• month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Visitiw* members cordially invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam socnr tary. .lEWELERS. n. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 Jiast Street. Easy Money The easiest way to make a dollar is to save one you have already made. Hy trading with ns you can save several dollars each month on your grocery bill.' We can sell you goods on two weeks' or thirty days' time at strictly cash prices. The Petple s Co-Open- tive Mercaotlld Assec's ooooooooooooooooo O Al CTIO.NEER. , O O Am now booking sales for Jan- O O iiary and February. Claim your O O date etirly. The lowest terms; O O satisfaction guaranteed. Write ^ O or phone at mv expense. O O K. E. VICKERS. O O 1204 .\. Jefferson. lola, Kas. O O Phone 835. O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. OUR TkLEPHONE i I Is constantly ringing these days. Now is the time, you know, to have all ihe summer dust cleaned out,of your carpets. AVe are busy, but your order will receive proiniit and careful attention. Phone uc today. lOLA RUG FACTORY Phone 510. Estimates cheerfully gives on all irork I Phone 819. B«i, 40» 8. Backer*. The constant droppug water wear* away the hardest atone. The-constant gnaw of Towser maati* catea the toughest bone. The constant wooing lover oarrtM away the blashlng maid. And the Constant Advertiser Is tb« man who gets the trade. > Por tiM b «s« M< qafekiacl i««alti •M tlw B«ftatoi's wilt e «r M^' ,

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