Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1908
Page 5
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THE IOLA PAILli MinSTKK. FBIPAT VmiTXO, JIKTAKT 17, im. 5 Ohind theatre To.ineuT. The Tl»ree Act Farce Comedr, •'That Qirr Frkes IH »f. oooooooooo•^oooooo O O O WhX TETERINAKT HOSPITAL O O ^ O O Frank S. BMtU^ Y. &, O O T(4rpli»nc 138. Prop. O O , O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Big mOaee at CbMM teraMi, 'TtMi GlrL* 1. 8. DETWIi£R went to Kuuas- (^ty'today on a buslnan ftalt Vr. T. CAMPBBLU administrator ot the. Thomaa Bottea eatate. ia in the city today maktnic some settlements: A SON was bom yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. DonneU. of 851 North strwt. BENZO- QLYCERO (Spencer) Fpr those who work "out of doors Heals cracked and broken skin on the hands and face: Get it at SPENCER'S DB; J. F. JAMESOX, The Saccpsslnl Ane- ^onecr, Veterinarian. Parni'snlciOr IVMiKrccil stock «ilcs mndtr aiiywiic-ri.-. Vitcr inarj' calls aiiswirol clay oi iijpht. ,Oflice with Doiislass liros. Plirin.- 13, ifiiilcncc -Mo lOI.A. KANSAS. Powell, the real wtata nan, has a tew thoasand dollars to toaa on fama at a reasonable rate. non REYNOLDS and Jim Com who ane asking for a 'parole from Judge Fotist were at the court house this afternoon hoplDK that the court would atke action on their applications today. "V Finest musical organbatloB that er- rr Tkllcd lola. Presbyterian church Tuesday CTcnIngr. Admission S5c. MAY ENLERfiE CITY New Tracts Adjoining Tevm May ba Talccn In. MORT SIMPSON was yesterday afternoon found guilty by a jury in district court of tlie charge of attempting to pick a pockPt. Dr. Kitchcll, office and residence, 'phone iO. ROY. P. MINNICH. of La Harpe.and Miss Goldle Ciiler, of Uniontown, were Kraufed a marriage license by Judge Smith today. Steps ware taken at last night's «HincU meeting toward enlarging the o!ty. A petition was presented to tdike In a tract ot land so^th ot the city at ths session ot the council last night. A committee consisting ot Coundhnen C. V. Dennis, Vcide and Cowan was appointed to investigate the matter and report at the next meeting. It is said that an cttbrt will be made to taka in other tracts adjoining the ci^. i The matter of taking In the tract south of the cltj- prcelp'fated a spirited argument : between P. V. Crouch and J. O. Brown. Mr. Crouch's prop- orfty Is jtjst outside of the city limits, J. O. Brown lives apross thcj vtreet but in the city. Mr. Crouch and Mr. Brown have been "at outs" for some time over the matter of widening the strest in front of tlioir property, the latter having made scv-j eral attempts to have the street wld SAVE -JMOWl^Y!! Attend our January Clearins: Sale and save $3 00 lo $3 00 on your Suit t :r Overcoat. Every Overcoat in the house at b g rtduc i"n«\ • uf ^r 'icc.«. on i I ins. Underwear, Nixht Robes. S\^*eaters, Flannel hias. C«p-,, j!S^Vv..i, i : n s nv.d Duck CoatsL Don*t fail to come and see or your-.^ Ii—it m-;MI.V bfj: ;i\ i, jr to \ t u Barelay»5hields Cloth! n.g- Company "TLK imrSK OF Ql VUTY." LEASING GAS UNDS i Both Lumbi'-man's Portland and Monarch Portland Cement Companies are Busy. The 'Get Busy' Sale is On Papers filed In the offlca of the reg- JUDGE Corey, of the Federal court at Fort Scott, passed through Chan- uta today on his way. from lola to Pitt.sbnrg.—Chanute Sun. K. r. Clear Clipping pure leaf tobacco. nOliN to .Mr. and .Mrs. Chas_ Johnson, .">:?0 South State street, a girl. Tin:, CASK of Julia Carl va. W. R Rood wn.x decided In favor of the plain tiff In .lustlce Hough's co>irt yester- ila.v. Good Agents make 15.00 and more per d.ay selling new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repent s.Tles are guaranteed. (Not sold In stores). Write for special offer to represent us \utomatie Hook & Eye Co., Hoboken, N. J. MRS. O. H. DeWaters will return from Kansas City this evening. i Ister of deeds today show that the encd. A petition sl^jn^d by Mr., j^^^^^^^,^^.^ p^rt,^„„ ^arlyle and Brown and people living in the same | ^j^^ j,^^^^^^ p^^^,^^^ ^^^^^^ block with him had been presents . „„„,^,,,,^ p,,^. to 4he counc.l asking that the tract, ^^^^^^^^ ^^^.^ ^^^^^^^^ bo taken Into the city. WTi.^n the , , , „ , . . the plants are in oporat.on. Today matter came up Mr. Crouch asked i . . „ ., ' I the Monarch Portland filfil lease.<; on that the names of the si .^ncrs of the , , , „, , ,, , „. , , „ , 1 48n acres of land. The following are petition bo read. Jlr. Brown enter-' Phones308-301 F-:\YER BROS. I^- ?''^'e Square HE EXTENDS THANKS e('. soma objection to which Mr.! Crouch retorted that he was not addressing hini. Mr. Brown, but the city council, following It up with some re- • marks which were riot calculated to soothe Mr. Brown's feelings. ; Jt is claimed by Mr. Crouch that' Mr. Brown and his friends ar.-* .Tsk- Ing that the tract be taken into the city, because they believe it would Iwive the effect of causing the strict to be widened. i the parties from whom Uie leases were secured and the amounts: Robert Wrlglcy, SO; T. W. I-ash. 160; Albert Butts, 160; and Clara Waigh. SO. The leases wore taUon b.v .John Hess bnt assl.i;ii?d to Mr. Connett, the iiresident of the company. Ackniwiedges the Hospitality of Bra zil Extended to the Fleet. 4 AVasliington. .Ian. 17.— Tho fr.!!T..- ing exchanges ltctw»'cii Jlr Piidlfr, tho American anibas.'m'or to Brazi!. Papers were also ni .-d showing (he jj,^ ^^^.^ department incMent conveyance of oi! and i.:is lands near Carl.vlo to the Lumlu-rinan".', Portland. Eat anything yon want, don't starve yourself fearing It won't agree, for llolllster's Rocky Mountain Tea cleans the bowels and stoniach. and makes digestion easy. gr.c. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Store. Tho fo'lowing are tli? parties from whom the land was secured and tho consideration nanud: .Mcl'nda .-\n- dtrson. s e Vi "."-Uo-lS. $l.f.<iO; Oscar Foiist wVa n e \\. ami w s o 'i 2-2i-lS. C. Davis, o V- s o 14, , T, .. o::can and Braz Man fl:iL' and e '.(.. n c- >i. loss 7 acr.'s. $;;.O10. 1 A. T. i S. F. AFTER COAL THIEF. Special Agent Gregq is Working on the Case. DELINQUENTS IN PERSONAL TAX County Treasurer Sending Out Notices Today. to the visit of .\dmiral Evans' baUle- shlp fleet to Rio do .Taneiro, were made public at the rtate tiepar'.ment. "Petro'opls Brazil: Mr. Dudley re, lorts n gratifying reception of tli- f'rr; with elaborate offiplal pro--:r:i'r..- ly iho jiresident an<l p .^!>!i!i\ t !i • AT- f' to- po:hfr from Monroe piilacf. Tl:e tif- lirers were rccelveil and dimd b.v ilie pri-sldnit and will i-e given a !';m- quot of 600 covers by B;irnn H'o Rranco on ti:e Coih at which Ruy n-ir-! bcdosa is to be the chief speaker." The IValch. ihe Rinnr, any of that Jewelry jou intend buying is hero. We have a great variety of Designs and we" are sure that we can please every one, both in taste and pocketbook. Q. A. LEFFLER, . JEWELER. The Greatest Selling Bofj the year 1907 was "The Laay of Deoarktlon'^ By Fnincfls Little. It was in the six best liellers seven times, and at the h the list three times—few make such a record.. The publishers are far liehind on orders, are rnnnind two binderies night and day to catch up on this iitt:o • Ijook. ! Have you read it? Evans Brosm the ad of books THE BOOKSELLEl ETcrybedy Knows Wh .S. •re. THE .MANY friends of Dr. Coffraan will bo glad to learn that he has suf- ncio:it;y r.covcrcd from hie Illn;ss to attend to his practice. Bell Hlngers. Appolo Quint(>tte, every one an nrtlst, Presbyterian church Tuesday. Y. M. C. .V. conrsc. AT THE annua! meeting of the board of directors of the Northnip National Bank, the following officers were elected to succeed themselves: L. L. Northnip, president; P. A. Northrup, Vice President; D. P. Northnip, second vice president; A. Cr.nnty Treasurer M. K. Sickly Is -Departmont of Slate, Jan. inoS: The Santa Fe has started to pror-r-, today sending out notices to dolin-' "The . secretary of state r<fni"Bts cute people who steal coal from it. qnonts in personal fax. Ho sont out ^Jr. Pnd'oy to expr.'.=s to Tai:)'! IJi" For a long time partiss at WinHeld about 200 y.'Vtord.iy. It :s expected Rnineo his kind persona! re^ar'.s tiiid persisted In tho stealing of coal from tha: the list will roi^cii The li.^t t'-f hcirty appreciation of tho Ameri- the company's cars and se'ling it. for Tola city in XyAns^ Tiii-.-ic up to.iay own .uovernment .-iml hini.soU' of tl'.c The thieves were of the opinion that The time for the !..ay!i>.ont of iho per- cnniial hospitality wiJh whch the American fleet is bcin.g r(-c'"ivtd by the prcsidjnt and gnvornnie Bmzi' and is deli^ihfp.'. to feel Ihoro is extend"d to •same friendship so gonero.s'y ixton'Ie.l to h:in in 1906.- i iike Your Homv Paper First THEN SUBSGIHaS FOR THE KANSAS CITY STAR AND TiMES The St.'ir atul Tinus rcpo'iip;.j th" full twvnty-fouT- } <nus' iie'.v^ >:r .cH ti'iv in tlnfe.!; is s • 1 tlu" ;:'pv' CTch w t >.i. k .i -e liir -.i.-h-i to ri-j ^tildr .-i:b-c i' <.r .s ..t 'lit- vi 'e o; loc '\ • As r.LW-^pp.pLTS, The St:»r ai^) Ti i- Tines iiavc 110 iv.i t. No o!' I puhMsbrr f.iri:i-hcb nailers with tie lu'l d.,\ ti'.:' pi 'Tlr •\si :!t.\! I'T'.^H rtpxiis. as itccs ih" Slv.r .ntti the' T'Ms s'uii <i roconniit-ivl Ihj p.ij>trr.^ c>pf ti.Tliy to .hr M .;i ;i::i-ivc in-rciuM.l ami f .-.rtULr. W'v i.i!.''iv.'i both tl.e ^•;:'.r r,'.:'! Ti.-.!-:, lo the ^x;U~cv r\: .!f>o- pT :tip: V o;i :-;nv.i! oi ir.-i :s. (Vv-, us, t:::il. Hur.derson & lav yof, Oisfribuiorsm It was no SerloJis violation of the law. Special Agent E. E. Gregg, of Chanute. <?ot to work on th? Winfield j cases, and called upon the county attorney of Cowley county and insisted upon the prosecution of the guilty! parlies. The county attorney looked up the law. and found a statute passed in 1S71. making it a felony to steal coal from a railway company. Fniip complaints were filed against t!ie Winfield parlies. One was bound over to await the act'on of the Cowley county district court, one was sent sciial tax expired in Deqeniber. FOUND FAMILY IN NEED. Mr. Abrams Gave Wrinht Family Assistance. I ^';tiversRy of Km* W.^ay TflE FOKCE. l!''.';;i!! i! ,;nids Are About to Bp Asit) IV'lifc Tre ati.-'nf'nn of ..\! .Xbrams. the: row poor enmniissifincr. wns called t';d;;y to the family of CJeor^e M'riglit ;i' East lola, wiio were !;aid lo he in rclophonc Vorr Wnr.t \i]<. to the Iic^rister J);"iirc. As an accommodation, tlie Rri'istcr I receives rids for want roh-.nin over li.vestigEtcd nml fciind Mrs. Wricht I the telephone, but ex :i ""t=; the adver- i tiser to call at the oftice and sctt'o as soon asN:onveii;e:it. as the bi'ls are L. Brumbaugh, cashier: Melvin Fronk assistant cashier: Baxter D. McCIain. Mo the reformatory, one was allowed attom?y. Following Is the the board of directors: 1 J. T >. Ncrtbrnp, F. A. Northrup, A. 1.. Brumbaugh. J. W. Perr.v, G. E. Nicholson, D. P. North- i rup and F. J. Horton. to plead guilty to petit larceny and one case is still pending. DR. PORTER and Earl Chastaln have returned to lola after spending an aftemoou with W. E. Cutler,— Chanute Sun. E. J. Davis Moving Van. Phone 009. Ing the past several months. F. V. CROl'CH came down from lola at noon to investigate t!:3 progress being made on his electric road project.—Chante Sun. Appolo Quintette, fine mnsical or- {rauizntioD, Y. M. C. A. conrse Pres- hyleruo church Tnesday nlgrht THE PLr.MIlKR-S bond of K. S. Eakin and the bonds of (Jeorge ll:ni- klns and Miss McCann. employees of .,n^ en:,hf.tic.-.l!.v. Do the city clerk's office, were also ap- the Register's want coV-.mns sick ard ff\ ni ^d of bett?r food. The!'"" t" wnrr:;r.t the ex ;!ene of fami^ had but little be.l olo.hing. I - ^-l,-!^^" i i; v.iM receive enreful a'ttention. VEAI.TIJY V.O.'IAX 1( FBKS. ITc'crt .Srirri oi* It '>vl-)!i JaTii ;irJ r I !!!• r: i ' f \: r r <.:ir (•:: f. t ^ ' i .i:i:i)!(iNK. I'( r he ..r.'f-• -ion rf f? 1": They were bum'n;^ wood in the house., yir. Abrams rave tbenj connty aid.,' The f ,->niily cfi.f'sts of Mr. Mrs. i Wright. f ( the .•(••ii>i:' rriivtrsliv -r.i I or • .1 1.. ASK FOR WHAT YOI' W\\T hro;:"h If vr -i proved last night by the council. want an eniplover or an employee von MISS LULU O'Brien has returned f"" « ^'"T''. " . o J T J ». . ... this eourse. The Redsfer will tel! to Grand Island. Nebr.. after visiting your wants to many thousands of noo- Mrs. Frank Williams. MRS. ROSiB Young, of Tola, and Mrs. Hattie Herrill, of Columbus, Ks., who ,have been here for about two weeks visiting their sister, Mrs.Ed Borror and Mrs. El Thompson, returned to their homes today.—Garnett News. •T«N0AMD^OIII.^COMP«irr. iiuuuuuum:tuuttimuauHv.uuuiiiw1 OXLT A FEW, If any, fair-minded people fai! to realize what a ijotent factor is the press in influencing public opinion—it is the mirror that reflects tne passing shadow. What you are doing today may not interest John Doe, but it may strike Richard Roe just Tight. Next week it ifliiy be the other way around; behooves the merchant to keep on hustling every day. There is always so much trade- to be gained and the race is invariably to t the swift. In conjtinctlon with good copy the Register keeps its advertisers In the forward van of progress. Climb In. neighbor, climb in. GEORGE H. Lynch, well known here as the agent for a mining company, has leased the Grand theatre ct lola from C. H..W3ieaton. who has managsd It for, .some time. Mr. Lynch has g;one to lo'a to take charge of the boose.—Nevada'Mail. Dr. 0. L. Gu-Unrlionso. Office 'phone 333. ResMeBCC 47S. MAYOR M. G. Robinson last evening appointed the following on the library board: Rev. R. H. EUett. Dr. O. R. Bushfield and Prof. W'Ishard. The latter has been od the board heretofore and his services were such that his re-appolntment will be gratl/jirig -to those who know what he has done In the interest of the library. Her. Ellett succeeds Rev.Harnisb, and Di*. Bushfield sticceeds J. H. Henderson. Edsar's New Feed Store, telephone 75. Best feed. Qnick delirery. .Ueet all competition. ~ ' CokUAre Always Dangerous It's easy to catch a cold at any aeaaon, and bard to get xid of it unless yoa treat it in time with ^EXPECTORANT Upoa the first •ign of a eougb or congested coldf go to your druggist and get a bottle of this remedy—the oldest and most reliable ksowa— Cor C a a g b a, Colds, Bronchitis, piecrlsjr, Inflammr- t|on of the Lungs, ssd similar diseases. In countleas numbers of homes this bos been a Btaadanl rsmedy ibr 77 yecn. AH dranistt MQ it in fLOS^ Stc; JavB^a TMJC TwailWa U • •Ptcodid taoie ibr •duKs^ -^I MS a uis Wans Car* for children. pie as oulckly a? you can tell them personally to a dozen people. Yon can't afford the slow way. POOLE'S BROTHER COMES. Unfortunate Man's Trouble Accident. Due to Nrv.- York. .Ian. 17—Mr?. Tlerbrr; v.. Sears, aped fortv-two. ni'^-ni'rr r.f a •wp.-ilihy Boston f.^nilly who W.TS a (Tuest at the I;o!.^! Sr. Roij?, coi:::!iit- •fd .^uieide here tr ^dpy liV .i;:r-:;':::v; friini th',' ihirieemh st ^'-y v. Iv.di'v. .'.V-. Sears was t;>e wife of ;'r;ii.iii;ent Ho.s!(;:; lir;.ver. l^lchnrd I) S -.r;. T!i- fiiriin^r i :-j ;i< lc:^.:iis tl; !i-.i,;<i:i is brother of her hii8l )a ;id. rrloads s.iy Mrs. Sears sitffered from meiaacholy. t.. • •i laU-V.-. ;:;y a:.:i 11 1 t k Yr.k. Jiin. IT.—T=;.- !;.•!;:,;is .r.if! The .Mr.i •.•;ra!i .\ire-• \; iiiive l"-e:i for ::-oriie time :• :r:i:iin?: in duties of ; :.!;c;:t: linishod" their •'. • i! •vIMnn a for,- day.^; they ; r -n ro.s: i;i she outlying •;i-y havi' i cM raught to • i;y riy --nn i 1 :i [o'lre \-y •() b::ve. .r( ;-iin^j to do ;:.;;:iicrnied mun. v, :i: a :i3Tvcr u ;ic.!;e whijrle, .t;:e riJ cf a :rc!;;c:;::iu at! Ti : i :.."tv:i y. J ' ;-i ^vho a'; ;>v fr";; polir • n:i':n. • r 1 ^-tn t ' ; r.-i-e 'h • • •" •• rr'- "fe- '^v e:". ; • • :-f • I r.' 0 cr hi n ' rre'. r':'"""'""! a.'rives. ;s -• • . ir TF -'t,- I . -.-t .:o-;.^ l:-.-.v proved . • : : •> .V rk in K iro- JCH.^I DOE DREV/ A GUN. I.'LSTORIC B!!IL1)1\G TIIIIFATKNLT: A brother of Poole, the man who was picked up near Tarlfl" a! few days . T;:O . v.anilt'ring nlio:it in a; l-'-"'"-''• '^ r -i'' li.-"-T;ie y.:'. •: dem?nted con.litit>n, came iu today; "-^'l'*-" '''^ Sutih (•;,.;:•_• from Oklahoma, to investigate his rel- ^'•'^ '•;•'•> •:••:'>.••. 1:. • ntive's condit'on. H- Mated that the » onarter ol a niilii.-n .1- ::. r.-. Th unfortunate man met with an acci- ^t. Pan!.. PruU.srr .ni Ki .is .-<,,,a dent several yeans which has af- adjoinir.;; was threatv.ioU. fectcd his mind. The brother stated that the L O. O. F. order at Kiowa, '^'^'-^ »>rdiM»«d Dead. Oklahoma, would look after him. S-'"'-•^''^''i^' Jan. 17 ,-Ar<h Poole had h .Mn to visit rela'lve aj j ""K.. I .'.Tdin.uHl, Ir.-.nh ;:rand d .ke of ,Tii^r:i:i\. ili ''d w.d.iy. 11" th- far':c.- :•' f .'.iunt;::- -Tv, ih'.- divcrnj wife (;f t;.i- Kin:; o' Hi..\')ny. TELEPHONE V(U i: WAM ADS. TO THE KEtWSTER OFKHK. As an neoonioJatio:i, th.' Rv-\-i^f1 r''i\-iv(-.i :'<!.< for Its want c->'ii:n:i.^ ovcf :!:e •i >i ^.-'*i<-;^>». b;i; OX'H-J ;i'ivcr- t;.-. - Hi v:-'.: at thi- o;!:,-" ;i ::'i ;•'•) to •.v::rr:iii^ \'r-- ejpen.-e ot ;! cc! t .t 'ir. Telephone your want ad to e>! vr phone. No. IS or 2:.'-', a::d it will rr>',Mve cjref-jl aittntion. Pciic: Court Chsrsctsr Fi.ned $10 and Costs. I .'"'in rKro "a.-: arraicnrd in police. •-•:rt ri-:.s if.orr.i:!^ uv. the charge of i" r 'h? i .care. Tho complain- in- w! : ne.^rd that John Doa •'r.iv- n - on h'ni .".nd ord'^red him '':• ; Puiico Jil IffO J. Jf. !.:•.; d a Cne of SIO acd c • • :'. n!:i:.> ro'iuest hjs I c 'Kf V =>ri:.':cd on the police court i ("'(k t John Doe. I Saline county, .Mi>., when tark came on. tin- last at- WOULD HANDLE CITY GARBAGE, C. H. HOKE, .niiioy*- i.f ihf c;!- Will Investiaate Prcpociticn; fillan ("ontriictinK' eiinij -any ::.f-t wi:i> of Mr. Broad. jp. distressing acrldont ye.«terday afternoon which will lay him up for two or three week-!. He was unloading rock ifrcni a w .'>.;;iin while standing on the Council The council took no action last night on the propo.sitlon of Mr. Broad cf south of the city to handle the city; :,n>i:nd when the horses started and Curbage bnt w!l' investigate it. Mr. j one of the wheels passed over his foot Broad offars to handle the j breaking two bones. The heavy, load for $00 per month. Under the l)re3- 1 together with the. frozen cond'ition of cnt contract it is said that it costs tho .ground gave his foot 'a severe the city about $1,700 per year. Mr. squeeze and he may consider himself Broad has land south of the city and fortunate that no more than two bones It Is .said Intends to make such dis-! were broken. :.OEitIon of the garbage that he will gain some financial benefit from it. THE BOND of R. S. Gtlfillan for the paNing of South Walnut, Kentucky and Lincoln streets was approved last night. THE CITY council adjourned l.-i .m ni.s-ht to meet two weeks hence or on the evening of the 30th. The nest regular meeting will occur three w,eek3 hence, but there are some matters that Ijnust be disposedof l>efore that-tUne OD BLOOD HATDSE'S PR0TECII8H AGAIHST DISEASE The preserration of health and prevention against disease is abuest _ entirely dependent npon pure, heaitby blood; every organ, tissne, nerve and : sinevr of the body draws on this vital Cuid for nourishment and strength.' : Poisons, humors and germs from various sources often get into the blopd, ; and.then this great life-stream hecomes a source of infection and disease, instead of a nonrishicg, health-sustaining £i:id. Heredity is likewise an important factor, regtilating the qaal ity of the blood. Some persons are bora with tainted blood from diseased aacestrj', and Scrofula in oneof its nunerotis . forms is sure to crop out some time in life. Kot only poisons in the blood are responsible for disease, but when the circulation i^rtin down and becomes poor and weak in quality, then we see the effect in a general bad condition of health, such as weakness, sallow complexions, boil.t, and various skin eruptions. All blood soubles require a tonic and, blood pniifier, and none other equals S. S. S. It goes down to the very foundation of the tzonble, and removes every paiticle of the poison or impurity from the blood. And not only does S. S. S. antidote the poisons, hnmors and germs, but it possesses health-giving, tonic properties, which bnild np and strengthen v«eak,' impov- .erishedhlood, andforti^es the system against disea-se. S. S. S. permanentty ctireS Rheumatism, Catitirll, S(n«s and Ulcers, Scrofula. Eczema, Tetter, andall^otlier skia dianses and diaoideis. Book an the blood and any medioal advice Iree., - . , . PURELY VEGETABLE

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