Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1909 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1909
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THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA-FIDH : tllRCULATION Of ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS. • I VOLl'ME XI. MJMBEK 60. SIX PAGES lOLl, KAXS.V.S, JAXUART 6, 1900,—WEDNESDAY EVEXIXG. SIX PAGES riiGi Tiro dm. DROPS 59 DEGREES THIS tin .MTY IS VISITED HY AN EXTHE3IELY COLD WAVE. COLDESt 5N FOUR YEARS A SHAKP WI>D MADE THE WAVE BITING AND DISAGREEABLE. Sleigb Bell to Jingle Tomorrow- Snow Is Pri'dlctt'd Tonight—Kls- injr TcminTiiture. ARNEH PRESIDENT STATE SAVINGS BANK tLE( TS OFFICEKS F«>K YEAR. Board of Dircrtois Rr-Hcctod-Inxti- t^iiiou on Firm Biii<i!i and Hus (•ood BuiiincsM. m [•'air toiilglii. sniiv. Tlitirsda.v. losing temi)eratiue tonijilit and Thursday. This Is ihe forecast for lola and vicinity for the coming iweuty-four jhours. and unk-ss the j-.redlcfions from he weather man go for nausht, the .1.- -J- bells will be jinglins in the jC'i^city tomorroAv. The cold wave warnins whicli was j ^f^ received at the local oliice Monday evening at 4 o'clock seems to have '"• . been soniewhiit belated. The warnlns read, "Cold wave, teinperatnrc will fall 30 egrees in ihe next twenty-four hours." At Ihe time the warning was received the iliermomeier at the local station regisicved "iT above zero. At eight o'clock yesterday morning the indicator poinied to 10 above, making a drop of -11 de.cjrcos. This morning from 7 to 0 o'clock ihe indicator registered 2 degrees below, a drop of .'ifl degrees in hour.s. This is the coldest w?ather which has been acted since the winter of 1904 -0. in Febrnary cf lIKir, tliero were fifteen days daring the month with a minininni i?n:j;prat)ire liolrw zero. One remarkable feafvire of the weather is that during the past three .vears the thermometer has never reg- i.stered zero. The «)lilest days to be noted during the past three yeirs were: Kebniary "., H»iir., 1 degree above: I'Vliniary Ti. 190". 2 above and on Feliniary 2. I.'iOS. I) above. Complaint.s from all parts of the city arf heard reUiilve to tlie shortage of gas WIIIIH from almost the very same districts come the report that The lula State Savings bank elected officers last night for the ensuing year. C. H, Dcrintc. who has been president of the liank since it opened for business .June l.")ih hu5i.. retires as president, but remains on ilie l)oard of directors. He is sncceeded as president by .1, U. Arnetl who has been vice president of the institution. Mr. .Arnett has long been identified with lola business inslittitions and will prove a capa')le head for the liatik. Krank Nigh was electcd first vice pres idem to succeed Mr. Arnett. Mrs. .M. Clifford was re-elected second vice president and Harm<m Uobari ca.'^h:er. The old directors were re-elected and nie rts f-iHows: C. H. DeCliile. J. n. Arnett. H. K. Clifford. .1. S. V,a'V.- er. H. M. Miller. J. K. .lones. \y. (!. Miller. Frank Hale. Chas. Ajit. .1. F. Nigh and U. Holiart. The officers rf the bank are pleased with their b;;siiiess since their organl- zailfiii and jaedict a promising tu- ri:;-e. Opoisiilg their doors but si.\ nwinths a^ro tliry have built up a splendid business and have it on a firm basis. All of Iht -se directly In- ;er<'strd in the bank have long l:een residents of the comriiiinity and liave ihp of a wide circle of friends. SN0W7N0. 2 BELOW V-EATIIEK FACTORY MIFFED A UiHW BET OX THE BEAITIFIL THE COLD SNAP IS ON THE JOB REPORTS FRO.H CITIES SHOW FREEZING WEATHER. (•o!u« 4 Buy of the Wiuler in Ibe Soul hwest—20 B4'Iow In Iowa, Ur-r-rr—Few Gns Coni]>laiiits. NEGROES ARE BACKING SUIT? Bartlesville Nenro Sues M. K. & T., Because He Was Ejected. Fort Scott. Kas.. .Fan. 0. In tin' Fnitod States circuit co\i:'t today. .T. n. .Stradford. a proinitidit negro business man of Uarilcsvilh', Ok.. ni "<l t^tiit for damages agnliiKt tlie M.. K. S: T. Railway comii'uiy , for fcnTlbl" e.i' '•'ir.^'iM fioMi a pas >?ongt'r train im- nii ''i;,v!"ly afK-r crossing the Oklaho- iiii Kansas fiiy. Mo.. jJan. 0.—^Ttiday was the coldest of the winter in this part of the southwest. The lowest temperature was recorded this morn-. :ng. being eiglit below zero at Kansas City. St." .lo^eph. Mo.. Topeka. and Dodge City. Kas. In Oklahoma City, Okla.. it was sl.\ above whi'c in Omaha il was lo below. In l.,inco!n it was f» below. Chicago, ill.. .Ian. t;.—The tenii'era- tnre registered 0 below Ii.-re today. l)es .Afoines la.. .Ian. 0.—In central fowa ciiiesj tlie thermometer ranged fr(.m 10 to 20 below zero this morn- in;,-. St. Paul. .Minn.. Jan. 0.—The lern-i peratnre in St. Paul is :tO below. M ilegiiia. Canada. 40 below: Winnipeg. ;;2 be'ow. ai!d at JicviU Lake. N. 1).. below. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fsir In east, snow in we«t portions tonight; snow Thursday: rising temperature tcrl:;ht and Thursday. IN RUINS SPRINGFIELD'S LARGEST THE.l TER GUTTED BY FIRE LAST NIGHT. OTHER BUILDINGS BURNED LO.SS IN THE mSIXESS DISTRICT WILL AGGREGATE *2.>0,n«0. Yesterday Vr. ago There were ' complaints about local gas s-crvice today. Clsarles K. W 'Tidorf. city clerk, into whose eats I lie gas consuiTier jionr^ his woes wlieti there are any, said this iifter- !!(•( n th.".! he had tinswered fewer tlian a dozen ca'.b' relative to the gas pressure. Mwl <•( llieH>» were not comiilaints Imt intiiiirles rtmcetniing the !>ri '.-i:ect for a ontlnaaiico of good iiervlce. ".\iid ihev were flt-maiil nlimit it. toe." Cleik Wendnrf said. "When con .-;ii:i:ers ii.'ked about tlif» gas we told ih ^'tii that we thought thnt everything would 1'? I<:voIy thortinghout the en- (•'r>- ordr-red from Ihi- nr nml on ^n-fnsal Wits taken to nartlrsvillc. when- h" W.T.; nrresti'd ju'd held in jail for :! ! davs. Suit brotiplit to test thi'| ".lim Crow" law in OU'ahoma. It is tlioauht thai ncsro organ'za iions are i>acl< cf Stradford in t'lf' suit. ROBBED "APPEAL TO REASON." MYSTERIOUS DEATH .... lino from Krms .T^. Sira-Uord' th-o i-.-.ld sn-.i-. ;ind ;l;fy U-fi th.- .- Iir»arili-.l the- i:ain at Coffeyville 3i :d j ,,>„.;,p ^ ,;tp!iid. We had a number of there is an < vpiabundanco of gas. Iet:*-rc (I t'lo chal:-car. n-.;•(-ts to j -liiit off water i .win-r tti Water and sewer jiipes numbering in- j His ticket was taken up in Ka!:.^a?. t ;•,.„._,,>„ y,i^,p^_ l,„i ^.-aa CMinp -aints to the hundreds were frozen last ev -,.\frer ' - ' " ' eniii.g. One man stated to a Register reporter this morning that a water pipe in his home had been fiT7en with- iu three fepi of a >;ove i:i which the g-as was turiu'd ('U with full force. In the same house a supi'i-.^edly lun water pipe 'eiuiing froni a generator in the liatli room was fri ;7en. Other similar sloiie:- are being told by the unfortunate. The phinibcrs and hab- erdas-hers appear to be the |iar- fies in the city v .ho a:e really highly elated over the i>re;-ent coid snap. Willi contineed coal f .ir twenty-four hours, ice on the creeks and r'vH!- will be sironir enough to pPrinlt skat- inir. K<rck Creek ne.-ir tlie Klectric rai!wa\'s ^towcr house is frrvzeu over but at piesnu is iii ;safe for skr;ters. The lieavv wind v .Iiici' has' be.^'i liJow- ". ig ff.r ;!ie i\vo davs i,- pr'il^al.'Iy accountable for -he fact that TII'MV is no ice on the rie. r. 0 "ii .-erve;- Sehoppe of the Irica' bi:;"au. .says ili tiie velocity of tlie wind ranged frcni ei '-'hr teen to i Wf ii;.\ -fnur ' in! es per firmr during last niuin. wlii.fli i:i:ide the cold w .-'ve nioro iinendcrable than would have ''.en the ca .'^e v :'h no wind ::t a!' .ii 'd ihe lliermojiietcr reg- i.stering lwe::;y-five deirrees l ;e !i;w zero. FELL FROM HIS WAGON. J. M. Preston Dislocated His Shoulder bv a Fall. .1. M. Pres !:)'.i. a farmer, living weft of the river, suffered a di-'oeation of the shouMiT yesterday ^xliile hauling wood. He had flhishod loaling hi:; wagon a!i<i pidied up the lines to drive to his home, when one of the lines slipped t :oiu his hand. In an effort to caieii tlie line he lost Ids ba'ance and f- 11 to the ground, dislocating his left shoulder. No permanent injitry will result front the acci dent. Lega! PsDer«: Gathered to Defend the Editor Were Taken. (;irard. Kas., .Tan. «i.—The safe i;; ,the ofTiee of the .\ppeal to Rensoii. the ji^dcialist tiatior in this city, was blown (ipMi with nitro-t-l'-eerino hi:it !ii=ht and ihi; documents in the Taylor case v.ere ;aken. Tl'rse had been co'lected at ronsiri- .era 'ile extieuse by Charles S. Darrow. 'the Cii' attnrne.v, and were fo he T>w> s ;i :;hl Bruises Were Fonud ns ..i in the drfeuse of tiie editor. 2 p. m. 4 p. in 0 p. in 5 p. ni in p. m 12 nr'dnii-'Iit .M e.v i m 11 ni t e m | le r;i' u re Miniminn tomperaturo Prceiiiltation. 7 ii. in. 2 a. Ill 4 a. ui Ci a. in 5 a. in 10 !i. n: 12 noon Precipitation. 7 ;i. in. :\Iinii:! sign liefDre means below zero. ....21 2:' !!;i!in 40 40 41 ::r. Holoruust Due to u'.i Ex]ilos!ou of Ga.s in Bu-Neutent of Tfcoiiter—FFre Cliief Injured Fitfliliiijr F'iatnes. .-i.'o Todav Yr. a'.:o :;4 4rt 2S fl . .zero . .zero .. —1 1 41 r.2 n t^miieratnrt."; I FIGHTIFFHOIJUP !U KLi:v t(M.oi;i:i) MA\ FAILS IN ATTi ;".!I'T TO ROM) » P LADIES, FollotutI Thftii From Si|)i:ire ID .Neri.'i Uaslthiirtdii SIreel IJridge -Frlglit- ened \\\a\ by Screauir.. Sjiringfield. Mo.. .Ian. 0.—Fire broke out at 2:Io o'clock lliis morning In the l.'.alrtv.iii tliealer and. office building. Fames completely destj-oyed that structure and a niiuiber of.other build ing.-; in the business district were badly dania.ged. The Colonial hotel wa;^ .also damaged. The total lo.=S is estimated at two hundred and fifty ;housand dollars. I'ire Chief Kanada was the only per son hurt and his injuries are not serious. The fire was. caused by an c:;- iilo.-iou of .gas in the bascn;cnt of the tjieater. A strong wind fanned the flame; which spread to the Dr. Nixim office building adjoining. This 0110 s;rurtiire was comiiletcly gutted. The Colonial hotel, a steel liuilding. suffered the burning of ii:o:st of the I'uriiishings of the rooms on one side of the hotel. The loss on this i.iiild- ing will c.vceetl Jio.ono. All the hotel guests esca|)ed uninjured. At an early hour today the .•'ire was siill burning, hut is under control. The llaldwin theater is said to be one of Ihe fiioperties controlled by the I'.el'. 0!e:idi;rff and llallaid Anr.ise- r.'.eiit coi'iiinny. TAFTTO MINISTERS CUT OUT "MESSAGE THE CMCRCHES' INFLIENCE UPON CiVILIZ.VTION HIS THEME. Cliri.stiau Tutelutre Necessarj to Carry On Burden of GoTcmiiicnt, Presl- drnt-rlcrt .Said. HOUSE SPECLVL COMMITTEE TO REPORT HOSTILE BESOLUTIOX. Augusta, Ga., Jan. (5.—To the Pr<r- tesiant ministers of Augusta President-elect Taft exiiressed yesterday his views regarding the influence of Ihe church upon civilization and its uaefulness in aiding governmental de- 1 elopnient. ills talk was regarded as an interesting addition to the general discussion regarding his religious belief. The ministers had extended .Mr. SECRET SERVICE MISUSED PLAINLY SUOIOf, TIS eLAIMEB, BY COUTtLTOirS lETTEK. Tanncy's AtUlode Declared to H»TC Bwn Misrepresented by President Roosevelt. Washington. Jan. 6.—There Vaa no abatement today of the lieat engenTaf: a cordial welcome. Mr. Taft be- dered in the h6as6 over the controTer- . I '.n iiy thanking them for their good sy with President Rocsevelt re^ttdlng- will i,fd their prayers, adding: Ithe secret service. It is given as tile "in carrying on the burden of a .gov- opinion of the leaders of both Bld4s - ernnienr. which with its increasing that the special committee now engag- " i.^ necessarily entails gi -.-iter ed in investigating the subject -will risks, they who are chargyl wiiU its bring In a resolution directing theex-'. sxecntton need every as.sistancc and punging from" the" record of thai pait . ivmpathv.' "A .Moral Awakeuiag Iterc." Mr. Taft referred to the mora! .iwa.keniiiff in the last four years .as an I of Roosevelt's first message which,, was held to reflect upon .the house. There are intimations of some weak-,, n ess among members of the commlt- NO BOND FOR WEGGEN. Last Day Expired V/ithout Noted Burglar Giving Any Bond. i'p.iii the \UH\\ of Walter M. IJird- sail. Mho Died in >eiv .Ve.xIco, Fred n. Warren, who is under iudiet- ;'ter:t i:i flie n-Jeral court ;it Fort — |H.-e:t. for sending through the mail-;. ii' I 'l.ukaliie in liu' ixiri:;i" ; •• i ms | niTihius. defamatory and threatei,- :l!e cat;;-!' wiiidi ;.- a.-r:i!ied ilie'jn- laccuaffe.'- in that in the cours-> diath of \V liter .M. i!;rds-.ili. agel ;;2.|„f ,>ie Haywood trial, hi- offere.l a re- a .-rm of Col. C. K. Hlidsal!. a mei-Jwaid for the Icidniiiiiin'.; of ev -':overn- .•l:i:>t.-' |:utrol:iia:i in this eity. \Va!terj„r Tavlor of Kentucky. Tliough these M. Hirdtali died S'. .I.-i.-vidi's sanl-^la -.erK we-e taken the money in the lariiiin i:i Aibiii!;;er.-i;ie. .\. at . ;K ; was left tinfourhed. ••'••'.vik nn the :ifier:;( on of D'^reaibev Jl. arte,- siifferi::;.' vi..!eni;y from :!U i FOR S1125 COMMISSION. aecidet:, i:; which li»- w.!-- iiijiire-l rjii i :li:! day Left re. Kvii -S! liirdiu!'. ; A Realty Firm Brings Suit Against brother, rerurne.l fr^'ni A!! iie,ii( :(|Ue I Lewi's Hawkins. !:;,t ''ii-li; where heweii: i. iilenlify ) o. i;. and K»vl IVnisl-is. a i -altv :he ivi;i:::ns i;iu! to arrange for linrial. I fi,.:n livin- at Ingalls. Kas.. hrnui-'ht The liiidy wa-- ijiuie.l ill Albaquernue ^uit in di.'Jtrir-t court to.T.iv a-rairs: I-it later wii! be disinterred and re- Lewis Hawkins 'o repn\er $112.-. which UMjved to lola. they c'aim is due thein as n ooinmi'--n- ••\Ve wer • first advised of the acci-; jon for comi>letiii'- a deal for the de- The P:i.srn8 Sun says: The ten days given hf the court In which PanJ _ \Ve','grii can p!ve bond nin 'er the filay of execution granted by the court ex, . , , I'I'ed at midnight last night and as I.a.-i evening MmrLy alter seven ..^ s,,prirf Holmes returns from v.o y„„ng ladies ielt the ,.„.,•, ^^t,^,,,^ i„^^„^ .,:,.:„.- lor their home.s m the north , ,,,„,,„,,,,. ,„. jaken to the imt the city. As ni.y i'niceeded iM- j „^ni„.„li.,r., t„ eomme.iee serving his ^\ashaIgl^^ stre-M they <.'.strved tliu l^,,,,^,.,,^^ jift^^„ . inai. va^ waikn.-. bn.^.Uy heh.nd ,,^,,.3 „f „„^„tion grant- .hn,. -Ihey ,:„.,;.),: no.hing ol it. ^^„^, ;„^,„„^ „o;.Y^sc:-. I.e' tobesome -aw,, „, „„. i„istaVo ' made i.idinu' ua:;.:i on his way lio"""- i some whH, th"v nmrrd that the ..Icanwhile man guu.,rl-on .thc^i j • ^ j,,,,,..,,. „i„ht instead of as the, walked \. lu-n Mey r.;:u-!.^, , . • ' :e crosWng the iii^.n. who by; ,;. i.,„^'„f ,he SUn las' railing of th. brid:;. whe.ed and ^i::;^::^^^^,;::^^ u.r..MK.d Inr a uiirJ, oi.e ol n^v f^„„,-p,,,,,.^ mot.Vr. She stated that Jr • -1 ' • , ' « ^vas received from her almost indication of the healthful state of tee. but it is believed that "the »reB- American civilization. (sure brought to bear by the leaders m his experiences .Mr. Taft said he j^.,,, bring about ttis result and that nad been able to study many differ-. elaborate statement wiU be made L-nt idiases cf civ.Iua.ion. cspenally committee by waj-of reply to in he matter of church influences. , „,essage of yesterday. ; •Leaving out the sectional distinc- ^j.^^ appropriations committee wlU ucns. he ((riiiinned. "the indisjiens- J,,^-^ . » j „ ible presence of church influence in ^.^ "JSiT^^i^^wL ^^T.^'^l! he inipre.vement in our civilization no )^.' * J.t^Ji^*',,, l^^i^'^f^*' .ne c:u. he blind to who has shared in \ J ..^''.^^J** he slightest the responsibility for Rov f^''j^"'"™'"^^^ f ^^^i' P^C"- rnment as I have. That was a re- ^^f'^.iJ 7 message. In i„on:n.i!ity in respect to a race that L ^'f, ^j^'^'"*'"*," i^'^t^ 1^^^?'"°* 's now in state of Christian fttelage "j'f^^" .^^^'f,!?.,^^ tnd mait be upifted. in my Jndgtnent. i ^^'f/^'i;^^^^^ l.y „s before we shall have j f^.'^"'"""" with respect to :be ob.trations that !>r.;vidence ha^; .^'^''^tary Cortelyon s letter, explain- ihrist e ion lis '""^ to'wTiat extent the secret service \I1 (••iuirehes in the Phin|.r.ines. been employed . outside of the "•rhe Konian Catholic church was "'^"••''""y ''''Payment. ^ there f .;r vears and nreacrve.l that • is contended that Secretary Cor-' :tate of Christirn tutelage to ^^hich I • i"'^';," * jl'^'" Nearly showed by.tha- h;.ve referred. Now the Inn ha:, been 'l-:ra Is of the oneratlons of the secret remove;! from ofher ,.e.iominatro.-i.<:. '^""i^e that It hW-been used OUtsWe , r „ ,r „h„„},p . ,i,f-.,. made that Chairman Tav.-ney dfd not moral 'J^"'"- '^'fi ^^.'^'^^^.l ^f:^^^^^^^^ .intend to sav that Secretary. Cortel- we eon. not aec..m. lish ..n ihi . . ^.^^^^ The clergymen had referred^^^o^^^^^ ^ ^.^^^^^^^ ^^^^ 'hirpi ^vi^^ si ^te^ent '^^^as'on] Uh. facts disclosed in a letter amount, reasons for advocaMng .-^ to sinh tu. ad^su^^ :lie neiinfn -jMf^ of p.xcellent univev- The details, together with the facts Ip.u thuL Ihe neiulilMs. atir.u-ted I'y ,,„ ,„ Parsons and he!', the seixams would i;e iM.iui h:iii r.m j^.^^^ . pre-jent troublf:^ d::\vii the Kriiy tracks t'l the w v-t. ' Th- l!i'-'li\w !.i nvii! ut;eri d no word \- ;iM ii.c'-: place ; ii;.rht ;o that the' IN BAPTIST CHURCH TONIGHT. de:M which befell Waller about a fe'idant. It is state<l in.the tietit'on A PIONEER IS GONE Funeral of Mrs. M. C. Ausherman Occur.-ed This Morning.—Interment in Old Cemetery. Funeral s. ivSres over the remains of Mrs: M. C. .Ausherman were conducted froM! the residence this mornin? at !"::> Oo'clock. Rev. J. M. Ma-son. assisted by r >r. S. S. Hilscher had charge of the services. Interment was made in the old Ida cemetery. With the death of Mrs. Ausherman passes one cf the pioneer women of this county: a woman possessed of high intellect and a strong Chrisfan character. For years she had suffered with a disease which she believed would evidently end her life but she bore her sufferings with such cheerfulness and fortitude that none but the . relatives and immediate friends knew that she suffered. Visited Friends. >v. E. Wiles returned home thla nromlng from Colorado SprlngB, Colo., where be has been visiting friends ^aring'the faolidaye. V . wetlc ii.uo" ICriiest Mirdsali said \\\\-^ in Seutember l !in7. Hawkins li'?(morning. "From a iele,.'r:'.iii which lied witli them S4(t acres of land in received we leJi certain thu the b.idyjf:ray eomitv. for trade and that that If i !iv blither. I).:t I left iia-j thronirh theni Wni. Paske of LaHarn'-, niedi;';:'y I.- r .Mtiueueivjue to inve.sli-' who wisiiod to trade Allen Cfin-ilv bup' gate. Aiii\iiig there and v|i wi;:g. ih^ j frp Crav county land, was introduced body there was i.o euLer the -•^'i' ill-.-; t„ )i,p defendant, .and that Inter on in doiiht if iiientiiv. The actidei!' v .as :;'ti,e year a trade WOK brnutrht about. lieeuHar i ::;e a:.d it bartlly seem., pes- the luirehnse pWc? being 00ft. Now sii.le ih.:l the woiiiid to wliieh 'he ] the plalntlff.s claim that It was agre-d de.ith of my bjoiher is atiril.uird was that they should receive 2>i iier cent •^.ifti< ieiii ;ij «i:;:e (/(jth. Th< re vverej,,- .tjj^i.- f.onjm;«.-iloti. but lhaf It •«o v.iii:!d.-. IT latlK -r blue and re:l siio;s on ilie rit :li; side near the alido- iiien. and thai was all. I wa.s informed thai Wultei' had received liiese woiinds by colliding v.iih the Jrigged edue if a rai:i !ig v.hieh projected froni 1 viadiir; over some railway (racks. It was slated ihf.t my brother, in stei>- ping aside to a'.low jiedestrlans to pas.-, had collided with the railing. He fell i)ri.'siraie. wa.s taken to the hospital where he died fo'lowing the day of the accident. The coroner's jury reliiriied a verdict to the effect that V/. M. i;:rdf:'.!l came to bis death through ir .e:ui -i and iu a m.inucr to ihe jiiri.-rs niikt :own." Walter M. liirdsall was a lineman. Me left tola about two ye.irs a .^o and went west. The last letter received from him was from a point in N 'cw .Mexico and stated that the exjiecied to sjiend Christmas at home. ARE SIGNING PETITIONS. Tom Anderso.n Gets a Report on ths Barnes -Law Fight. Commissioner Tom Anderson is receiving encouragin? letters from parties who are circulating the petltiops asking; for the repeal of the 'feames High School law. This, morning he received & letter from a nian In Salem wboatsted that the petltiona were Jieinf stinM Uber^ s iii,;:ald tliou^ih long since due. NOT A DRESS PARADE (;en. I'unslon' In Town Ye>lerday Af- teruooii, Rut Stayed ut liome of KrIecds. Ceneral Funsion who came down from Ft. Leavenworth, Sunday for a short visit with his iiarents at Carlyle in this ^itv yesterday afterncon urd evening. He returned to the post this ni.'jrning on the plug. The'general rtniained at the home of friends and rc'atives while in the city. ED. JONES IS INJURED. Janitor Dislocate'1 Arm While Playing Volley' Ball. EJ. Jones met with a very painful though not serious accident last evening, while playing volley ball at the Y. >I. C. A. building. During the progress of the game Jones fell with the full weight of his body on his right arm. He sustained a iracture and dls- iocation of the elbow joint. Jones is Janitor at the Basselt school build- Ins but will probably 4ake a few daya Tsntion. \KV'V\~ if: • 111.:';;!•). •'.! VI -.v i.f a t'l .id • IFU :;:; la.lii liav^ a f.iirly gccrd ile- ••tri; ; :• ii 1 !' the ri.leier. lie is re' r!l:i .i a.-> !,i iiig r^iih.'r large MKIU. r':!:ues ;i;;d the (!]:;!•.!• Mr 1.1' hi.s •lirlili!:; wi ;e r .-t ii';s. rved c!i;;s,-!y. Iic.wi ver. .M'rc ,• th" i.,l(!-^ry :!:e .voiing ladies kvcf .t in bi:!:ie—iu a hurry Th"y niei iiinie i;.i'n r::tli-i- on and told tjieiii of'. . , he ;..•,: iir. The pe.liie we.e n.,;. iioti-;'"' ''"i meeting tonight, .'ied Tiie vi;,),!,, ladv'nit in' ^ !'''"••'>••'•;" were Held last nicht. [,„.,,.,. jniie in the Christian church, at which (Me i-f the vi.nn. Indies .„d a Reg-' [•^"'field was the leader !.:er iei,<.r;.r ihe i;!.,:v ef'the hold- nnnther In the Reformed church no name., I, • publislied. '"'v"' '"••'T, «'''''";Pf;I Iln'h m"''Vi"":s we-e well attended. I.TfST.S l.'OiEl, hl.'KPKK.S- ,M.SK.S. f'"';^"'''^'-'"? «''<;?"'''^•'•^t''^^^ ,fu!I of spl/itiial intere-if. Third of 3 Serie'^ of Unisn Meetingo I in Observance of Week of Prayer. ; The tli'rd cf the =eries of union , leeetin ^K in oIiserv:;"e,- of the 'veek of praver wMI be held in the T?a'>tist ichrrrh toniglit heciiinitig a* 7:.'!ft. Rev. .f. >r. Ma^.on. pa=*or of the :\rethodiKf (church will be the leader. There will A Kun«as Judare Holds Tlii'l Paynicat' r and wer? Tomot^rnw nicht the prayer service '^ii'C'; in the !;.).iih for tite education of to the action of the appropriations •he negro tum'sters. iiecp.u.'e of their I committee in increasing by many • i.nilirfu! iicwer over ihai race. ' thnnsand dollars the appropriations for special servfce to detect frauds. in^ the public laud department, and $1- I nUPDn AT IM nAMPirD ^""^ service or the department LUnuDUAl 111 llHriuLn:''f j"^*''^'' >" detection of crime, •.witvwvri • """^^"(d^nionstrated was not the pur- , jliose of congress to cripple the govern The In.iian Champion 's Scalp Sought '"""t service In this regard, bnt n^erj^ ^ by the Pal =face .-George Rey- i'>- confine the secret service of the nolds is Training. .treasury to the work of that depart• ment. A ivperl that Ci.umv Commissioner i „ Tawney in. Ananias Club. • ^ Oorge Reynolds is trainins for a con-.l j have been elevated from the . -St with Tom l-onzboat. the Mara-i''*"'^" of the criminal c'ass to the An- ' Ihon champie.,1. is denied by the close dub declared ReprcsentaUre friends of the commissioner, but cer -iT «'ney. chairman of the house com;.; tain developments at LaTIarpe ycster-'appropriations, commenting, dav indicate the commissioner is do-!"" President Roosovelts special mea- ing so-ne training in pnvate and un-to congress relative to the sec- ^ der cover-of darkness, service. Mr. Tawncy returned to ' It is reported that . Commis-ioner . ^^."f ^'"^o" today from Minnesota:. . Uevnolds "did" the eicht mile .stretch 1^ T have nohting to say m reply to -• between UHarpe and the Reynold;.''h^' President s message at this ttae^ farm vcsterdav in exactlv 2:2!*:^. He fCn/lnued Mr. -Tawney. "except that started at -1 :20. p. ni.. arriving homo misrepresented my speeches . .at r,:4»%. It was given out-th:it Mr.*'° '^"^^ ^Jhls controversy Ilea Remolds imlled off the siirfnt mavnid-^'•etw^en the chief executive and the ablv and owin.g to the fact that Mrs. •^'^^^ f iv%''ranch of the government. RemoMs was not advised, a:, to the""?"-^ <here it should rest until settled, j time of the adjournment of the com- T^^"' Prpsifcnt Is unwarranted In tiy-r. mi.ssloner.s- meeting in Irla. and was '''-f.^o make it an issue between himr unable therefo-e to seiid a vehicle to and the appropriations commit--;: l.aHarpe. wiience he rode on a car, to,'''', • . . convev the commissioner home. This' T'?"* ""^ ^^""^ "P**"* - r. pert" Mivever. scoffed bv those who .President placed respoBSl ,f;; keep in touch with athletic events. 'V .&y for the movement to reatrict: " • - . w. . _.-.„„ ^—„,i .the secret evidence. Mr. Tawney atat-. . „ ,. Ill . will be held 'n the First Presbyterian 1 i»t-«i> •- --. _^ rfie secret eviaence. .wr. lawuojr r I annot He lorced by Arrest. i ^^^Jj^.^,^ ^ „ Knowles. pa:;- 1 and is declared to he a ruse , od ithat after the special committee to \\'ii !i::.i. !\:i.-, .la.i, il.-lii a deti^iim f.'ir „f tT -e Tr'nllr Methodist church, aade-v .-.-.erd .iv .lu .lee J :Miif:« \,. "yr |,p {i,,. leader. 'f Ihe city ciiiin. In !d thai the hotel' 1^ vetpii., rl Kails. IS e.;ini;l hope to se-| .•lii!? il'e pa .iineiii if bills by the arrest i;f de !iniii :ent gui tls. The decis-j rest i;t iieiiniiueni guiMS. me ueei.-.-| :on was given in tlieci-': of a giics: of; he Ciirey ho'el. «hr: wnulil no" pay! CALL MASS MEETING his bill because r;l a miuunderstand- I ;:ig v.i:h Ihe |>i(i(,i ;it;<.r. F»K PO.STAL SAVIM;S BANK. Senate to I'onsider a I'.ill This After- niion. Washington. .Ian. i:.—V.^len ihe .sm- \ Barnes Law Opponents Will Assemble Again Saturday in Court House. A call foiv a mass met -ilng of those who favor the reiieal of tlie' Barnes high school law as been issiijed by an executive committee composed of E. n. Fiinston. T. .T. Anderson and \.. B. nil! ccnve::ed li>d.:y it was uu p,.ar.son. The meeting is to convene ;|* •, " ,1 that a bi.l to rst ,-.b:iih i,o.s:al savings, c .,.it„rday morning at ten o'clock 'n I "T ' , banks would be •:il;'-! up after lbs dis-jthe farmers' room In the Allen county pusal ..f riutine b;.s!ness. . |„„rt ^„„g^ The call states that the purjtose of pa 1^ tlflTII llint#! ttieetin.g is to ''take such further ••Alp IV lAf I I n |||UY iaction as is necessar>-and consider re- I ni I. IU Jf I III ^Uitl /ports from those who have been clr- I culating petitions. It Is now planned by the opponents Seu!ia(l«nal Medbi. I'<•^n^yilunia, .l/ur- of the Barnes law to send a represen- der Case J'ante to a Close jiatlve to Toiieka to urge the passage Today. , jof a bill repealing the obnoxious measure. This representative will probath to conceal the truth concerning the;' • . . training of the commissioner for his; ^'^'^^ the message was referred had, forthcoming tangle with the long red-i |r;^''^ •'^P^'-' have soma-; skin who holds the lon.g di:Uanceto ««> ^ the floor of the . sprinting belt. Commissioner Reynolds is quntMj . as saving that he reeled off the first ,..«.- . ^.'^.V half-four ifiiles-in exactly 1:59. but,'U /ITUrCO lA /PI I llflW' was obliged to relax on the last lap. 1 f I I IvLOO ff LLL llvff He declares that be can do much better than this and his friends who arc. • ^ In on the Marathon match believe him. i - . . Commissioner Reynolds should not; *'';°5 "-%»«"'"ation In the Haina.Mur* be so modest in his ambition. The j i • '^""lal Resumed Thla Morn- . P >3glster 'personally knows that hej -• • is sonle sprinter, having "done" about! Ing—Halns's Memory Poor. !a quarter with h.lm yesterday. And; I-'Iushing, X. Y.. Jan. fi.-^Thomt(m here arc any number of[Hafn3 became slighUy 111 just before the able and genial com -;c3iirt opened today, "bnt recovered missloner who will gladly back him to the extent of say $aO,OOOiOOO,000. BEACH HARGIS SHOOTS AGAIN. quickly and cross examination wa? resumed. Halns denle^ at -a i^Umer with Captain Peter Halns and his v /lfCi over a year ago, that he had complained bitterly of Kditor Annia because of his, Hains's. mannacripta To Celebrate His Admiasion to Ball'^Rd been refused. The witness said on Patricide Charge He Went on Jag. thjat hp had learned from servanta tbit Ann's often rlslted the hom^ ot Cantaln Halna. Media. Pa.. Jan. 6.—The fate of Mrs. jly be Hon. E. H. Funston. M. Florence Erb and her sister. Mrs. Catherine Belsel, who are charged with thei murder .of Captain J. Clayton Erb. was placed in the bands of a jury today. The prosecutcr asks for a verdlotj of murder for Jackson. Ky.. Jan, 6.—BeaCh Hargis, who was {!t25,000 bond vu a..!.... •..!<.. ...... meet thatmaa .murder of his father. Judge James shoot Wm If rnwfet'hli^ fo7yo« (Jood PosRlon Open. JHargis. was arrested and locked, up . UM«. , To the right party desiring 10 han- here tonight. It was charged nhat die a business which will increase and,Hargi9 was intoxicated and had fired Is permanent. If Interested wr}te or ,many shots In front of a atore. Har- call on the Grand Union Tea Co.^ 704 gff wU] reaist. tbe pbargea.. He waft ~ " Kana-- idronkj^-vhen be j^tjila fatbegr: -.. Jan, 6.-Heacn Har-j. ^„ ^^r'gayte^ released yesterday on Krs. Hklna about Annls. 'I doat waat^- to^await trinl for^he meet that. ipan. I win haw* shoot Um if I ntaet hint, for yon ki r :hav« threatened to shoot bhU'' sTiht?'" ,• ..-^ • • ' "No. I dld-aqfc^ i'lf yon >Onr

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