The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 12
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•I THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FORNIAN, MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1936 = ! «i i.l * ti. I START THE WEEK OFF RIGHT BY READING AND HEEDING THE MESSAGES ON THE CLASSIFIED PAGE FOR CONVENIENCE THt SAKINSFIELD CALIFORNIA!! aftnt* HiUd btliw will rtMlvt elittlflcd itfvirtlilni «nd sub- lerlptlcni it Ibi rtf«l*r OIIDALC OILOALE PHARMACY AUXIN RAY KNOWIC*, AdVIN PHARMACY •UTTONWILLOW TRACY RROt. TAFT • A » IPOS A CIQAR AND NEW* CO. MARIOOPA GATt CITY PHARMACY MoKirmiOK H. R. HARRIS FELLOWS WAOOONtfl NKWt DCALIR SHAFTEH IHAFTCR DRUG COMPANY WASOO V C. THOMAS NEWS STAND McFARLANO I. t. RIPPCY TMl CALirORNIAN CARRKR DELANO UNITED CIOAR STORK IAMLIMAHT HCLEN ADAM* NtWS STAND TEHACHAH BAUMBART DRUG STORK MOJAVI C. L. MOORE 4 SON STORK KIRNVtlLE OIITRIOT ARDIS M, WALKtft ORAMVINE MeLARTY'S STORt LEBEO imo corrtc SHOP REWARD R, 0. PALMER TUPMAN CLK HILLS MERCANTILE COMPANY tlmlrttd B»liVnrci>M 1 1 s. n. TN 0«IU»rnlin will not M r«Mnilkt« 'or •rrtn In ClutllM /UtvrtlMMtnb Uk»n •wr UUthtnt am** wrr«etl».l li mtii alter flrit Initrtltn. Ttfth(m ifr City l*rvk» Financial SALARY MONEY FOR SCHOOL EXPENSES Confidential service to unladed people and hounnwIvoB. X16 Hahorfclde IMdg. Phono 2200 Siiclal Announcsmsnts POPULAR flANO. modern, rapid, thorough. Yaw Ko»ter method, l.m- nonii In your home, II. Charlotte PrtMt. J'hono ll-K-21. 61 HAVK you any old clothoe or hotiio- tioM Rooda to donate that might be repaired, cleaned, fixed and panned over to worthy poor nt cim(7 I'leano nolir>- The Goodwill Balvrir*, 1303 ^ TWBIitlelll utreet. TH*!iholie THO-M. INVBBTiaATK the l>cn«flt» of Internal llnUilnir! Hcleiitlflo, odorleiui. palnlcnx, hoaeloKii. All waste matter can lit) neon. A honafldw dlitK- nonlg IB made of your ItiteHtlnal tract. The CUUBO of 90% of nil all- tncntii lie In the large Intestine*. tie clenn Inside, an well as outjtldo. Such conditions an cunntlpallon, homorrholdK, pronlato troubles, hlRh and IO\Y blood prnimur«, ooldH, rhaumatlftm, oitthmn, kidney dlnemc and other Ktlmentii rmnond with . amailnr renuK«. IB to 25 (rallonH of pur« warm water lined. 1/earn what It U to havn a colonlc nnd fcn ln!»rn«l mawmitc. Auk about our VtUmln-Mlnoral Therapy, N'a- turo'i method of reitorlni; the glandular Hy«tt*m to normalcy. U liven yt>u pep! Dr. J. II. Coleman, Chiropractor, 105 George liny hulld- _lnir. Phono 9it. a-li-tf Frnnk Mornkohl chcmlral laboratory 1704 K STREET ASSAYING OK ORKH Analyuls of Oil*, Water, Sollii ALL.-AMKtUCAN Bun Lines. Free rn«al». Dallas $11, Bt. Louis $18. Chicago $!9. For reservations phono K>rn Fountain Lunch. 4M1-W. 84 PACKAGE TRANSFER—Plunoa. fur- Allure, baggage, package*. Open all the time. Phone 5228. 820 Eighth •twit. A. L, White. SO HITCHCOCK'S QAnAQE, rear of 4!3 Klowtr iitreel. Phono «7I. Bent •quipped imall ihop In HaU«rsflold. Trustworthy service. Hitlmaten cheerfully given. 30 Lost—Found—Strayed IX3BT—Red Cocker spaniel. Answers to name of "Don." Ktrayod from home at 2441 Luke street Sunday afternoon. Btnall boy's pet. Phone *548. lie ward. 87 tiOST—ladles' blank leather purse between Uakenflcld and Old Illver. lleturn content!) except money to 111C Lincoln Htreet. tiOBT—lilack suitcase. on« «trnp in Using. Contemn, children'* clothing, »ult. pantii, kodak. Heward. Kinder ship collect to K. Hughes, earn of Hughes Hotel Hervlce Station, Presiio. J7 Personals WANTED — Pmtengor to «h»re «-x- penm-i to Oklahoma or Texan. Inquire AMoclated ututlon. California ftiid Union. Leaving September 4. Vacation Funds Avntlable MONEY AT ONCE NO RED TAPE NO EMBARRASSING INVESTIGATIONS Courteous and Confidential FINANCE COMPANY MOO CHESTER AVB. PHONE 2f,20 7-16-88-tf $5 to $5 To salaried people on just your signature. Loans Arranged Immediately NO EMBARRASSING INVESTIGATION Help Wanted—Female HAI.ICWOMAN, to loll direct nn cs- talillNhed lln« of knit Hpnrt»w<-nr. Knit Ooodn, Incorporated, 1409 Wont Wnfthliictfin, I,o» ArtRHpft, _____ jll WANTED— Kxperloncnil mlddla-niced rnrili 'Jpiif-nil Idtrhen win'h In miinll putt, from 2 p. in. In l n p. in. Apply from 8 n. to. In 2 i>, m. or from & «i. m. lo !> p. in. 2S06 Chester avn- _hiin. _______ __ _ 28 OIHL from 20 lo 80 ynnrit old, for Knniral Imuenwork, HcfiTenooH rr\- qu|r»il, JIB fJlwimlor avenjie, _ 20 WANTED— olrl Tor "hmmework. l>n- tweon ate** «>( 18 and 20. Itooin and bonrd niifl iimall wnifn. 81B Lincoln. Wanted to Rtnt—Apartmtntt KUR.VIHMMIi npnrlmpnt or duplox for tw<p ndiillB. Call 237 26 For Sale—Improved Property IMMKPIATK pOBBPHslon of prnntlcally now modern five-room lioimn In HlKhluiid I'arli, l.nrj;'', nhady corner lot, I'rlon H>'M>. Vory PIIH.V t"rm«. rrnnk Day, 1511 TJlRhtpnnth ntreet. —--. ______ WANTKP— llfllftlilc hoUKokpi-pr-r for (iniull fnmlly. Dent rofnrcnrpii; good WHRI'H mid good home. Mother In l;ii»lnfN«. Wrlto Jlox 21, The Call. fornlnn. 27 Help Wanted—Female HOUHEKKI'H'KH, 2B to 31, yearn. Care of tine child. Ilofi>renci>n required. Jinx tin, rnrp Tlip rallfornlan. WANTED—Woman for ucnnm! homework. Hhovild bo ablfi to drlvo cur. P. O. nox .113, McParlaml. 27 WANTKh—Woman to keep hotiso for family of four._PhojiB_(l71l-J}-jL WANTED— Bpoclal chlld'n nurno, to tdkf raro of three nmall chlldroiii mother In tmHlnonn. Will pny high wnxeK. Mum have good rnfcrenccH. Woman hatwonn 3n nnd 4G yours. Only thonii with oxpnrlcmcn need apt)!)-. Wrlto Uox »3, Tho Callfor- ninn. 27 Situations Wanted—Male BXPPJRIKNCHD floor wiixer and car waihor ntid polisher and Hardener. Call 37»-J and aHk for Alhurt. YOKNO man, prmnman nnd make-up experience, donlreH work. (Jan g-lv-,' good rofercnoiiB. Pliono 10M-W. CAHl'KNT KK or painting. Hemodol- IIIK, ropalrhiK or nuw work. Phone 1777-J. Situations Wanted—Female I1OMI3 IjATJNUKY—Work callurt tor, delivered. Hpculitl raloH to famlj>>H. MrmlltiK freo. 2B05 K utri'ct. Around nlrclfl on lllfthwny Oil 61 NUI18K, mlddlo-nnod, dflNlrcn Care of ••Iderly lady or Rontluinan alono. Chronic cnno preferred. Call Mrs. HOS-M. 101 Haberfeldo Building. Phono 54C i 7-23-tf For Rent—Rooms 1-CoBt Planl , Why Pay More? Then* payment* Include A I,!, rhnrffm: You llBcelvo You Pay Monthly 1100 110.BO for IB month* MOO JU.I9 for 1C monlhn 1300 llO.Bl for 18 months Proportionate I aten for other ninoinilx. Quick! Confldentlall No co-«lgner»l NO SAI^AIIY A8SIONMKNT3 IxiRiin or contracts refinanced. Consnincrs Credit 1(14 Seventeenth Btre«t Phonn 414 Free Parking 121 Tejon Oaraeo so Help Wanted—Male HOY—To carry morning paper route. Make personal application. Ixin An- gelm Examiner, Eighteenth uml Bonora. 2s I AM IN THE MARKET for an ox- porlenced fruit and vegetable mftn with grocery experience also. Give «KO nnd references. Mnrried or single. Uox 280, euro California:). _ _______ NOT ri'»pon»lbl« for any Mllii ron- v tr&cted by the Hlvervlew Deauty Bhop after Augunt id. Thelma tjtwhorn and Helde Wrgln. HI. 1, Box m^ ____ li Butlnecs Opportunities OPPOUTfN'tTY • - Owner retiree. U»rgp gciifial merchandise rtore In thriving '•"nimunllv doing good bus- tiie««. ,«u,-k t-uiiNlxts «,f grocvrleK. hardware, farm Iniiilcinenln dry goods. Ice dellvorlen. ,-l.\ will invoice stock which iiinniints to up- proxlnmtply $li,iioo.ou. Fixture* uml equlpnipiit riHuniulil. LIIIIK linv ut Inw rent nn ino.u MI l.rlrk building. llowurd Nirholti, Inr. *ui.> i <!. i * * ji o i i >•< t-> v v*' »• fji'-i no t TT^ TG Must be over 80, undur 80 and phy- Hlcully able and willing to work. SOO regular accountH. Ablo to llv« fin $2S weekly. Write full detallx, Ilouto Bupcrlntendanl, !IM AV. llth Mr«pt j _l,us Angeles. 2 8 YOUNO, ainhltloiiH service station attendant with chance for advancement. Ijirgo corporation, (llvo ntsn and references. Wrlto l)ox %S, Tho California!!. 2s W A NTKD—iniWT-CLAKS~MAeilIN-, ISTH for eiiRlno and turret lathes, boring mills, planers, milling machines; also drill press operators. Starting rate, machinists KOc hour, with chance for Increase based on efficiency, Steady jobs avullablti for competent men. (>pen Hhop. Plant operatluK with about DO per rent of orlulnal crew dvie to strike In o»k- land area, which strike In unauihor- lzi>d and doOH not have function nf International Machinists I'nlun. Wn lutvfl boon manufacturing heavy machinery for 30 yearn. Have excellent nhop and working conditions. Normally employ 1SG men. Wrlto, KtvliiR qualifications and experlem'n advlpInK If possible to visit our plant September 7, S or 9. Works Manaser. Oliver United Flltem, Inc., 21>00 (il»»(;cock street, Oakland I'al. _rhoni'_KrultvRle T±U. 27 WANT WORK? NKKD 1IKI.PT Male or fcmnl-'. fall C020. Class "A" Employment A|t«ncy. 34 Help Wtnttd—Saltsmtn HOOAi In modern Alta Vista home. Adjoining bath, private entrance, Kuril|(o and phone. Available Hep- Imnlini' 1. Phong fiH2fi-W. UOOM for rent. Modern conveniences. Kxceplomilly ccjo) and reasonable. Hath and shower. 214 II street. COOL bedroom, adjoining bath, line of phone. Suitable for two gnntln- men, Hoard If dcHlrod. 323 "Eyo" I-iAHOhl front bedroom, with private bath, In rcBldenco. 1'honu and park- Inn space. 1033 Oregon street. 1IUNT12R Hotel under now management. Hot and cold water, tub add Khower. J8.KO weekly and up. Kreo jiarklnlf. 80»H l»Rk«p street, by H. 1'. depot, 27 For Rent—Rooms With Board Timlin vnoniiclM, with board. $3. r , per month or $9 per week. Phonn _ji!»Sj_. na^ Oleander iivemii-. ^_2S For Rent—Houses KOIl HUNT— Cloce to school, duplex, thron roonm and bath, nicely fur- lilHlu'd, J35.00, (tun, llRhtH and fl. 10. refrigerator Included. Without ro- _ frlgarator. 132.00, 101 7 Kye Btrcet. of duplex, nicely furnl«hed, water paid. Inquire at 1210 Klev_ *!>th_jitTM>t, ___ 27 KOIl HUNT— Sep-temlier t, five-room furnlNhed hoiixe. guraan, nlnn liiwn and Nhnde. Call at 1210 Sixteenth Ntri-ot. AN initiirnlHhed duplex, nice iiolghhor- hiMid, |85; adultR only. Phone 837H. UNFURNISHED house, five rooms and brcukfast nook, screen porch, lawn; adults only; $40. Phone 54<i8-J. VOH HUNT—0-room partly furnUliud, newly pulnted, modern houao. Phono KOIl IlKNT—Kuriilahed 6-room modern IHIIIKO, near Arvln. KPO Mur- Kuret Unit, one inllo wpHt and ono- qnni-tcr mile oouth of Arvln on Iluni-n Orivf'. !7 f!AHA I/OMA acreo, with (tood house, fnrnlxhed, double garage, nhade, fnilt, licrrlci), vlnc» and alfalfa. Prlro »3fiOO. TnrmR. Frank Day, IBM Eighteenth Jitroej.. TODAY'S 1JKHT HAUOAIN B aoren wonderful oultlvated level land with water In Loma Park. Oil rlRlitn Includod. Prlco only $2000. Frank Day, 1614 KHghtoenlh Btroet. KlVK-IUXSM hoime with 2 bedrooms, Kltuated In Kait Kakomfleld. C,\n»K lo good ochool. Tola) price 12460, $r>00 down and $80 par month. Klmcr F. ICarpe, 161,7 Eighteenth. 8-31-tf homo In nlco • nelifhhorhood. I>oto of nhade and Immediate pOHH«Hnlon. S. Klwood, 1923 I Mtreot. Phono OS37. 27 COMPLKTISLY and beautifully fur- nlHhed 6-room strictly modern hnunn on Inriro 00-foot lot, In restricted nouthwcHt dtNtrlot; beautifully nlmded, double garnge, ho\i«c haa hardwood floors, lllo drain, nuto- mntlo heater, Furnlturo must bo neen to be appreciated. Immediate noimoaiilon, J&7GO; $12BO down, balance like rent. Howard Nlcholx, Inc. 8-2n-tf HHAUTIfUL modern homo In rc- utrlcted dlntrlct, Walking dldtanoe new high Boliool. Two nrnnUr bcd- roomn and don, hardwood floors throughout, fireplace, largo living room with barrel celling, nice dining room, tile Hlnk, modern kltohen, lurgo lirenkfttBt nook, extra large clean baBomcnt. Property In perfect condition Inolde and out. Nice lawn front ami hack. Must «ell thl« at once nnd will unarlflco for J4600. If you will pay $1000 down, balance S3H l>or month. Including Interest. Price Stanley, 1700 K street. zn TlfHKK-HOOM IIOIIHQ; lot COxlCO; grapo arbnr, fruit and shade. Price $8GO, Hmixll down pftyment and $15 per month. Dennln Heal Kstate, COS Uaker street. Phono Sunday 4068-M. 2fi ON onn fine acre a wonderful new 0-room—four bedrooms, hardwood floors, tile finish. You Will want It; $4500, JSOO down. Other acres Improved, wonderful nhady cove homos, and 3 ftcrOH, i! In alfalfa, own water HVHtem, big huiiMo for big family, J3500, oiic-hnlf down. Half ncro nllt loam, highly fertilized, 23 bearing fruit II-CCH, room for chickens, cow, garden, new 6-room, ,'l-bndroom hoUHp, S35Uft, one-half down, now paying 10 per cent on $4200. Your money will gel no hotter values, tt will pay you to reach hard for these. Phone 54-F-2 after 3 |>. m. n. W. Ijolun. 1103 Stockton nlrnut, city. 2fi KOH KA LK by owner, U-rooin house, .'t hodrumnn, and 4 apurdncnt Iti roar. Income $95 per month. Price $«r,00.00. Down payment, $3000. IKSn Pacific street. 20 For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles '35 BUICK S. COUPE $805 '35 OLDSMOHILE 8 COUPE $765 '35 STUDEHAKER SEDAN $985 '35 PLYM'TH DLX CPE., $045 '34 BVICK TR. SEDAN $745 '34 HUDSON SEDAN $625 '34 NASH TR. SEDAN $595 '32 DUICK SEDAN $495 '33 DE SOTO COUPE $445 '30 PACKARD SEDAN $445 '31 BUICK OW COUPE $365 '31 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $285 '30 NASH SEDAN $195 USED CAR DBPT. 2112 Chester Avenue Phone 423 '35 CHEVROLET SEDAN $665 '35 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $635 '35 FORD V8 COUPE $565 '36 WILLYS 77 COUPE $375 '34 CHEVROLET SEDAN $695 '34 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $525 '34 STUDEBAKBR SEDAN $545 '33 CHEVROLET COACH $395 '33 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $395 '32 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $295 '81 CHEVROLET COACH $295 '30 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $235 '80 FORD COUPE $195 '34 OLDSMOBILE TR. SBD. $645 '34 CADILLAC SEDAN $1595 '35 FORD V8 SEDAN $665 '36 CHEVROLET TR. SBD. $745 '30 CADILLAC SEDAN $495 '34 STUDEBAKER SED. $685 '31 PACKARD COUPE $465 '31 BUICK SEDAN $385 '30 CHRYSLER SEDAN $275 '29 OLDSMOBILE COUPE $195 •29 CHEVROLET COACH $175 '31 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $285 '29 OAKLAND SEDAN $185 USED CAR DBPT. 18th and N or 20th and M 1708 Phono 421 USED CAR DEPT. Twenty-second and "Eyo" Phono 420 26 For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles JUST WEST OF FOX THEATER MODKHN 0-room home in Highland J'arli. L,ot lOOxIiiO, fully developed Rhnde, fruit, flowers and lawn. Double garage, basement, hardwood floors, tile drain, automat lo heater. Immediate poHKesalon. Kor quick mile $4000; (COO down, • |4B,bo . n month. Howard Nlchola, Jno. 8-22-tf 11 AC'llKS, 7 inllen from town, pavod highway, Minall hoimo, good well anl pump, hut no motor. $2500, half cash, Howard Nichols, Inc. 8-l!)-tf For Sale—City Lots IfiOO and up buys a 50-foot lot In Alta Vista, the most desirable residence district In Hakeniflold. llestrlcled UN lo race, building costs, location of homes, etc. Wi> make tliu price, you make the terms. Taylor & Taylor, lOCO Chester Ave. Phone 712. 8-27-tf FINANCING available, extra largo outsHln restricted lot, small house permissible. $32B, $10 down, $2 week. Hakoraflold lleiilty. 2515 K. Phono 788 S-2l!-'(f For Sale—Improved Farms FOU IlKNT--Tent and I caller ground. Hot watur all the time, showers, toilets, Rlat!<.nary wash tubs. 3 mllpN south <>f Klghtcenth street on !>'.> highway. 1'hune 8733-11-1. i ... Mo l!"T_R('ojirii Mace. 28 i For Rent—Apartments FOR 'RENT—Two light-housekeeping rooms, with bath. Elderly couple preferred. No pets. 527 ChPHtor avenue. — 45 acres— fine well, 32- foot water lift. Planted to cotton and alfiilfn. All good land. Prlco $7560.00. A possible oil play here. Sen Rogers with McManus, 1511 ',4 _!2' gl'tooiilli s I i-t-nt, 1'ho n oj> "6, _ 27 WIDOW forced to sacrifice a well- Improved 43-ncro ranch at Delano, in tho beat district. Roa- Konablo offer will bo considered. Sou RoRors with McManus, 151114 ^Eighteenth Htroot. Pliono 576. 27 For Sale— Unimp roved Land KOH SAiaC or trade. 80 acres corn land, Kills ('oiiiity, Oklohonin, Has boon core drilled for oil. Box S20, The C'qllfornlim. ___ 2iJ 2Vi ACH15S, 7 minutes from town, gas, electricity, separata domestlo nml Irrigating water system. J1100, $200 down, $20 a month. Howard _ Nichols. _Ine._ - DISTRIBUTERS FOR DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS Boo the great variety of real bargain used car values listed below— then come and look them over. All trade-ins on the fast-soiling Dodge and Plymouth earn—now ready for you. Tho low prices and terms are sure to please .you. MANY FINE BUYS IN TRUCKS ALSO 1931 1030 1932 1930 1931 1928 1930 1929 1929 1929 1930 1929 1929 1929 1931 1930 1927 1920 Do Soto sedan $350 Ford town sedan $245 Chevrolet sedan ' $350 Buick coupe $250 Dodge 8 aodan $295 Chrysler 65 sedan $225 Ford coupe $235 Oakland coach ?195 Pontiac coach $160 Hudson coach $165 ' Hnpmobilo sedan $150 Ford coupe $150 Dodge pickup $165 Chevrolet pickup $145 Dodge IVi-ton truck $265 Ford panel delivery $195 Studobaker sedan $95 Dodge sedan $65 1935 Dodgo trunk sedan 1935 Pontiac 6 trunk sedan 1935 Ford VS tudor 1334 Ford V8 sedan 3934 Dodgo sedan 1933 Dodge 6 w sedan 1932 Chrysler 8 sedan 3932 Dodgo 8 sedan 1934 Plymouth coupe 1933 Dodge coupe 1932 Plymouth PB coupe 1933 Plymouth PC coupo 3932 Plymouth PA coupe 1932 Plymouth PA sedan 1933 Chevrolet master Bed. 1935 Dodge panel delivery 1935 Ford V8 pickup 1933 Chevrolet 1%-ton stake BAKERSFIELD OARAGE USED CAR LOT Twentieth Street, Just West of Fox Theater $785 $735 $595 $525 $625 $550 $435 $465 $475 $450 $350 $375 $325 $295 $460 $575 $525 $465 26 WITH A REAL GUARANTEE 1936 FORD TOUR. SEDAN $695 1935 FORD DE LUXE CPE. $595 1934 FORD DE LUXE TUDOR, TRUNK. RADIO $495 1934 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, RADIO $495 1934 FORD COUPE $475 1934 PLYMOUTH DLX. SED. $545 1934 TERRAPLANB COUPE $445 1933 WILLYS 77 SEDAN $295 1932 CHEVROLET COUPE $365 1931 CHEV. SED. RENEWED $345 1932 FOUD CPE., RENEWED $325 1931 FORD VICTORIA RNWD $295 1931 FORD CPE., RENEWED $285 1931 FORD, TUDOR, R'N'W'D $285 1931 PLYMOUTH COACH $295 1931 FORD TRUCK $295 1930 FOR.D COUPE $235 1929 FORD TOURING $165 1929 FORD COUPE $165 1929 DB tiOTO SEDAN $195 1929 FORD TUDOR $145 MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP Oil Lands 40 ACRES, Ulo Bravo, Township 29, Itange 26. Center of hot oil play. Oil rights Included. $100 per acre. Can bo leased for attractive bonus. 8ne lingers, with McManUH, IGllVa KlKhtconth Ktri'i't. 27 For Sale—Automobiles FOR SALE—$11 per acre for 120 acres foo title, potential oil land, closo to newly discovered gas field and past and present exploration. Kolly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Telephone 3fl!I. 29 For Exchange—Property DI.ADKS, Texlde. I.ntex, r>rug Sun- drli's, llandnges, Novelties. rtc. K«'iirny Wholesale Drug, 406 Keiirny Kan Francisco. ~ Help Wanted—Female POll H10NT—Two-room furnished 1 ...i'.'JiT. 11111 '".':: ? 3<> '1'ruxlun avenue. i Poll HUNT—Kurnlshed apartment, 2 rmims, connecting hath. Lights. gun nnd water furnlshi>d, $20 per _month. 2VOS __NJiieU'eiuh _Mrt>pt. Pou HUNT—3-room furnished Apnrt- • int'iu, adults, no pels, t'all 2303 I i MrPet. (W11ITK woman t" do housework ami i m,,it noon meal for family (if • lu home nlghtit. iiftrriiooii, :.S15 Hun tbiv Apply | Wanted to Rent—Houses [ 500 AC'KES, Jasmine district. n<>nr Poylc Pptroli'iim fo. well. JL'.VOO per i acre In fee. Son Rogers, with .Mcl_>l_anus, ITillij Klghje_eiilh "'r^*^^ TO CIjOSIC a bnnkrupt oBliito, wo i submit 1000 ucrcH located near Lobec — SOIHP In Cuddy valley. N'o reasonable, offer refused. Must bo sold this week. Spp with McMamiH, 'hono 576. KQl'ITY In 5-room house on Knst Sido near school for car or cash. • 'all om> mile west, quarter mlln t.oulh Ki-iiltvale School. Hnvls. !7 BTKAliY rcntor wants fui-iilHhed boas,-, " or more bedroom*, llof- iTi'iicfS. N'o children. Phone 3370. OH, land for lease, 40 or SO acres, section 30. 2S-23, Hound Mountain. mil 714 Klowcr street. • 2G For Sale—Automobiles 12-1 ItiSO Willys nedan, down J7Ti 192!' 1'ontlac coupe, ovhld., down $50 Boys' bfcycle, onlv yn 50 c. r-. tioroi.ABS. ;OTH AND i, l.ATl'J 1 Si nil VS tudor h'orcl sedan. New tires, good condition, $1175, terms. __1104 H strocl iifti-r 4 \v_rn. 27 | Ft)R SAIjI']—By owner, 2 Kord V-S ! pickups, 11)33 and 1935 models. 1511 ! Suvpiiti'i'iitli strocl. Phono 845. 2(> ' 1936 Ford de luxe sedan $745 103G Dojjgo touring sedan $895 1935 Ford coupo $545 1935 Dodge sedan $095 1935 Chevrolet standard sedan $545 1934 Chevrolet muster sedan $545 1935 Plymouth trunk sedan $675 1933 Plymouth coach (late) $445 1930 Chevrolet sport coupo $245 1930 Ford coupe $245 We have a complete lino of low- priced cars to offer on very liberal terms. BAKERSFIELD MOTOR CO. 20th and "Eyo" Streets Phone 1724 OPEN EVENINGS AND ALL DAY SUNDAY 26 For Sale—Automobiles s 16th and Chester Opp. Courthouse Phone 701 Open Evenings 26 Business Cards LAUNDRY SERVICE Lundry Rirvloi UnimtlM—Tlw( t« Our 8I»|M Tin Dlttinnt RtnleM «rH ' Zorlo Odorlm Dry Ginning CITIZENS LAUNDRY BlnlMnth ind 0 Slrmti Phon 29* JOHN W, CULLITON PUILIO ACOOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE. AUDITS, SYSTEMS ZOO-I prafMilenil Bulldlni Phoni 4MI PAYNE ft SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS NlnttMfith *ni E StrMtf I. C. P«yn« J. Brum Pikn* Fri« Ptynt, OOUQHTY.OAIHOUN-O'MEARA Funtnl Dlrtefcn mt AmbiliBes tirvlM IIM Truitin A»»nu«, it N SlrNt Phoni B67 LKy Alt«li«im For Salo—Automobiles IN THE SHADE- IN OUR COOL BUILDINa NOT IN AN OPJ3N LOT 1D35 Chevrolet Master sedan $595 1035 Chev. Master trunk sod. 1695 1935 Dodge trunk sedan $745 1935 Ford de luxe coupe $585 1934 Ford delx cpo, BUI. whig $486 1932 Ford sport coupe, rumble $336 1930 Ford stand, cpe, perfect $225 MANY OTHER FINE BUYS Terms and Trades Open Evenings and Sundays TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER Phouo 5S28 .28 1935 Ford two-door sedan, original tires $585 1929 DA Dodge sedan, reconditioned $245 1930 Chevrolet four-door sedan, reconditioned $295 1930 Chrysler 66 four-door sedan, motor overhauled, good rubber, good paint $235 Late 1930 Model A de luxe coupe, rumble seat, V8 wheels $275 1929 Model A pickup, runs Rood " $105 1929 Chevrolet coach, good rubber, motor in flno condition ?105 1101 BAKER ST. PHONE 262 31 SELLING FOR LESS THAN ?JOO All good transportation. If you •want a good used car for less money, BOO our detection BAKERSFIELD USED CAR TWENTIETH AND M Phono 203 20 IN SELECT USED CARS 1935 Hudson coupo $228 down 1934 Terraplnnn coupe $185 down 1934 Willys sedan $115 down 1934 Ford coach ?155 down 1929 Chevrolet coupo $62 down 1932 Ford VS sedan $121! down 1934 Hudson sedan $222 down 1U32 Studobaker sodun $132 down . 1931 Oakland sedan $95 down I 1930 Hupmoblle sedan $75 down 1929 Hudson sedan $75 down 1920 Chrysler sedan $75 down HUDSON AND TKRHAPLANE BEFORE YOU BUY ANY CAR, NEW OR USED, SEE LOU HARRISON '38 Lincoln Zephyr sedan $1295 '30 Bulck 01 trunk sedan $1095 '3G Buick coupe $895 '30 Pontiac trunk sedan $895 '36 Dodge 2 dr. trunk sedan $84G '3(5 Plymouth 3 dr. trunk sed. $725 '36 Plymouth coupe $695 '36 Fortf trnlt. sed., latest ser. $765 '36 Chevrolet town sedan . $665 '35 Dodge touring sedan $69lr '34 Ford de luxe sedan, radio $445 '32 Dodge de luxe sedan $395 '29 Bulck coupe $145 Open Evenings and Sunday 1110 EIGHTEENTH STREET Phone 1209 26 BUY 2220 Chester Avenue Phono 3955 16 USED TRACTORS For Sale or Rent All Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNETT TRACTOR CO. 2130 Chester Ave. 7-30-tt 1C House Trnllorx for wile nr rent IH.rp. 1UHHON .lAllA.lR l^Hi Nineteenth street. Bukersflcli' POl'IiT— Seven units, stucco, fur- HIBllfJ, tUllH'M nvu ; fine Ic^'lillni,. P'.tfiitlal liiriuiif $'.".10. Prli-f $IS.r,00. ' !mlf ca»h, Howard Nichols, In.____________ _ _ li-118-lf . J'XIH SAI.K- -Small Inn li ronm. nVnr . high school; r.'«toi,;ilil<>. Dm-s good i ' GASOLINE ALLEY Have One Yourself, Walt By KING \VANTEJJ ..... llarbcr at 1'i-luno. 7& peri cent euHfanterd. licx f«nri, prluno | . _ _ SO Financial ANY AMOUNT LOANED ON YOUR HOUSEHOLD REPAY IN BK.MI-MONTHLY OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS Valley illmncc Co. 201 HAUKRFELDK HUlLUlXCi PHONE &4C S-7-tf NO, WALT. I / BEFORE we see 1 >| TW6 PERCHEROr-JS ^1 THE FA.NCV WORK \ WAMT TO SrAOVN/ JUOV ^V SOMeTHlMO. TAKE YOU OKI THINK THERE AROUMD ADOUT FAMIOV WHERE YOU HAVE A WIDE SELECTION OF LATE MODEL UvSED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM 1935 Plymouth touring sedan $685 1935 Chevrolet Master coach $625 1934 Ford Coupe $485 1932 BulrJt 91 sedan ?475 1932 B-4 Ford sedan $385 inr.2 Chrysler 0 sedan $350 1931 Chevrolet, cahriolot $300 1931 Chevrolet coach $265 1930 OldBtnobilo sedan $295 1929 Chevrolet sedan $185 3934 Chevrolet pickup $425 PHONE 6822 FOR REAL VALUES 193C Ply. tour, sedan, low mil. $785 1935 Plymouth touring sedan $096 1935 Plymouth de luxe coupe $845 1935 Ford sedan $595 1935 Ford de luxe coupa $585 1928 Chevrolet coach $95 1927 Chevrolet coach $65,». 1926 Buick coach $87.50* 1926 Chevrolet coach $32.50 * Model T Ford coach $17.60' 1409 EIGHTEENTH STREET ^ Phone 831 26 11930 PC Soto Sport sedan; clean J17G i»-i < udlllac coupe; a real buy |90 j.i-1 Nash coach; good rubber $45 1M7 Kuan* sedan, cut to $35 IJOIIPL.YSR USED CARS ; Twenty-fourth and J. Phone 8377-J ' . "I Handle My Own Papar" 36 WllKHKINtj yard for sale. 1029 ; bulclt sedan. $100.00. lim Interna- • tlonal truck, long wheelbase, duals. 1'i ton, J225.00. 110 North Chaster avenue, a< t 9 f f

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