Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1908
Page 4
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mmMCMmOW SATES. «..,..,,,10 csati rMoBtk .........i 44 cenU fltetTtar $5no S ^lntw iBdi* Mantr ........ .|2j)o • jTMr Mt* ie e*«Btr $1.00 ^^tmUtmtU, in idruM |LOO ai»MMitt.Ia:^dir«ae« .44 cm OF BA8- «P|18S0CUTED FRfiSS. Btffisfertea «»• iufl ^it II tkBt Knit aewi or. fWriwBwi fw ExdulTC Ifternooa PaUiaatin lalala. TO ECLIPSE THEM ALL. faaderWIt Weddinr mi Bo Most ElalM^to ETcr Seen In Kew York. •New York. January 17.—The ' ..anoheoyl-Vanderbnt' w-cdding is ^ '.^StAnt to be the most rlchlylcoBlumed Of It» kind New York lover saw. , iW&kl^unurance that: amoujits almost I\to the modiste whoj made the ^:^:liemxM to be worn by Hiss Vaiiderbllt. ^ heriatteadants, Misaes Ruui Twomby P aad: jQorothy Whitney, and |ier flower I <lrI.jUttl|e.Ploi« Whitney, has prom; Isedfthat these costumes; through -•heei" splendid:shnpHclty, wlil outshine all the red and blue and gol^ uuifomis "of the count's best man and ushers. . It became known today that there ;*1U a thVead of bright color fbmit the girl's dresses. They will be V. of pure white, relieved only by cream ' -tlnt^ ornamentations, the whole uf exquisite texture and design. " IJie gowns of the two attendants are exaistly; alike—of pure white chiffon -maiie in modified empire fashion; that la, ylth deep graceful empire baclcs. r They ai^e' trimmed with the flimsiest of cream lace that could be found. Llt- Ue;MlB8 Flora %Vhitney*s frock, too. Is of White chUToh, made in much the jMune style. ! I . BeMc^ down Park-nwdo, The bride-to-be is eagerly awaiting the arriT^ from Paris of her gown. She? ordered It when abroad the last ."time and It Is to arrive within a day or two. It Is to be so beautiful and 4 ^rlklng that she hks not yet described It to her attendants] She wishes them to be surprised by Its gorgeousness. The gown was ordered, by the way some ^me before the forma! announrr 'inent jof tie engagement and the arrival Of Count Szechenyi In this country. . I The wedding will take iilacc in the Vanderbllt hom4, 1 W'cst Fifty-seventh atreet, January |27. A Htghw Health LcrrL - "I have reached a higher health level since I began using Dr. King's New life Pills," writes Jacob Springer, of West PrankHn, Maine. "They keep . my stomach, liver and bowels working ' Just" right" If these pUU disappoint i you on trial J money will be refunded all drag alores. 25c ' ^TtBEXCE STILL COMING. Tfcaw Defease Is Trylay to Prove Prlsoaer'fl losaalty. New York. Jan. 16.—With some of the siame testimony that was Intro- daeed at the first trial.and with numerous witnesses who are appearing tor the first time, the defense in thr -trial of Harry K. Thaw continues to jpUe up evidence intended to show that the young defendant was not mentally ..!aonad when he fired the shots which caused the death of Architect Stanford ^Wbite. August Webber, a former /Thaw.butler, was recalled today and ^ed. by Attorney Uttleton if Thaw's -actlcHia as he observed them while in Waahlngton and Pittsburg Imposed as rational or irrational. -."Irrational," replied the witness promptly. Ifrfc Tfcaw to yew Tort. Plttsburfe ilan. 16.—Mrs. Mary C Tliaw. mother of Harry K. Thaw, left - here last al^t for the purpose of attending ^e tijial of her son. vaxs tuiatist TO U OATS. PAZO ~ OINTIIKNT is guaranteed tf oare'any ease of Itching.: Blind, Bleed !'£iijgor Prbtmding Plies In 6 to 14 dayf lir oioiiey refunded. 50c. ^ — -• r : WHEW -.WORK BEGINS. -City to wan for AcUen by County •afnia nnsniiiQ IFn Jafferson Ave. r ^WifcaBOTwr Jh« a ri«:h« >-^^/ii'jgibifji»Tmm-t^ of South Jef IVfeMB^ Hall^ta and work Is .^a0 ^Voa tiie; bridge over Elmf for Jllf^'^tiiaalVStaUiejrn Bne,^ thedty ""' JelfOrssa. to -eoraor ila- atas the raport ^.to vUdi it was le^ jHiopla^ tor the eoao l*0''e «y ia -* in buy your great saving at this great SHOVEL 'EM OUT TIlis sale will soon be at a cjosc. Clothing for Men, Boys and Children, cheaper than they have ever been sold before. It will pay you to investigate thi^ for yourself at the! Popular Price Clothiers Outfitters for Men and Boys NEWS of the COUNTY I Ipnd. .Mr.s. 11 r. IMIW'IT of Mfirjin Is roni- ing over Ki altoiid tin- box SIIIIIHT at Sprl'iK llranch Salurd.iy iilj:lii. PLEAS.\NT VALLEY. <— • + Cecil Callaman, reporter. Mr. r «Ilenmi<l<>r I.s now nialUng lils home with Mr. McKlnncy. There is to bo a box supper at Spring Branch .school house Saturday night. .January IS. Evsrybody is In Vlted. Come and bring a box. M. Duncan has boen moviur into Mr. Facklcr's house just bi.a Deer Creek where ho expects to ro- slde until he moves to N.'w Mexico. Several people attended P'easant Valley Sunday school last Sunday. Xext Sunday there is to be a sermon by the pastor. Rev. McProtid. EiVery- body is invited to attend. Mr. McKinney who has been on the sick list for the past week or .so Is now .ible to be about his work a^ain. A crowd of foM%s attended the dance at Mr. Hackett's Saf\iri!ay (light. All si)ent a very pleasant evening. Mr. Ray. who has r?nted Mr. Uecves" farm for this year is now dong h!s fall plowing • Mr. Reeve was down from Tjone ^Am to look over his farm to make irrangercents for some Improve- iients. He intends bulldlug new "enc.^s and to generary improvn the ilace before he leaves for California the spring where he Intends to niake his future home. Mr. Reeve •p nresidant of the new T.onc Elm ••cnk. Mrs. Rerklhlser and daughter are low home from their visit with Prof. V. .1. Rjites and family of P<. Scott. Mr. \\>M )iIbury is working for Mr. %mnrt this week. . Mr. and Mrs, Frank n .>lii and 'Itie son. Frankle, of Join, were vlsit'UR: home folks last week. Mr. Bird, of Io!a. was In the poim- TV last W?dnpsd!iv nmi butcbi^red n' '<eef which Mr. Holllngsworth had 'nttened. .Mr. Dave Rusmtnger and Mr. Holllngsworth helped to do the "nifchering. A'len Ensmincer linuird a load of "logs to town for Mr. McKinney the Irst of last week. Mr. McKinney has rented Mr. Buren's farm In addition to the Mitchell "arm for this year. We think he hall have to do some hustling to at- end to both farms. S!:owmc the man you honor and T know by that pymi>tom better than my other what kind fit a man you are yourself; for you show nio there what your ideal of manhooi: what Kind of a man you loui;' ln<'xpi' Ibly to be.—T. C. Mr. Page, of Colony. Is hauling hay from his farm in Pleasant Valley. 'Miss Flook. the teach-r of Wise school, stayed evenings at Mr. Smart's a part of last week. Mr. George Criev^^ Is home from an extended vivilt in Ohio and Canada There is to be a spollng school at the Wlm- Ki '^ool house Tiiursday evening. .January Ifl. Everybody Is Invited to con.e and take part In the irogram. Mr. Woaver, who tradid for Mr. Duncan's farm Is now moving his household goods to his new home. Mrs. Wraver Is on ti.e Pleasant Valley sick list this week. Mr. Charley Smith was working for Mr. Criev? while he was away visit ing and traveling. ^!r. W.'lHinron Is now on tln' Pl-as- ant Valley sick list. He has been selk for the past few days wlih the grip Allen Ensmlnger is now in N'eosho county visiting. I>an Bird' Is bark to the country aga'u for a few days. Mr. Wilmoth was in Colony ye.s- tt-rday shopping. A argp numb.-^r of the frli nd;^ of .Mr. Dave Ensminger met at .Mr. i'aek- It r's homo and proceeded to Mr. Rns- jninger'.<? and gave him a very pleasant surprise party last Thursdav ev- enln?. . it being his flfty-fiflh birthday anniversary. Th.-'y preseutrd to hint a lovely parlor rocker, after which the guests proneded to indulge in a very pleasant oyster supper. AM present reported a most ilellpbtful -vi-nlng and wish him many more birthdays Just as enjoyable. Mrs. .lim Davis has been visiting in tola this list week. Chas. Robinson delivered his wheat :n l-a Harpe Tuesday. Quite a rniwd atti-uded the .Mrs. ICnsminger Wednesday night. Several more couples intended going but bad weather prevejtted. Mrs. .Tugh and .Mrs. llighhargin visited nt .Mrs. Berklhiser'a this week. Mrs. .lackson spent Tuesday at Jim Davis's. Children in this vicinity are sick with colds and sore throats. There will bo a box social at thf Spring Branch school Saturday night,^ the ISth. The public is invited to at- K.\ST IMQrA. i * • e.'I- Matt IK-.V and Mr. .1. E. B.'iitty bimi^lit hi>g.-» «if It. O. and A. C. Hay.>s ami E. I.. B:irnbnnlt the lirst of the keek. We !:. Mlling t cm for pi'iipl.- in lowii. .1 W. Cloud made a ' lislri's.-s trip 1(1 lo a .Mr. Clar'.i's children Mr. P. ally's, and A. C. Hayes' fanillii-s bicn bavin-.; a siege of llic crip, with a bi.s: •Ci." SIneo our last ri'i>ort to lbi >s liniUH. .Mr. Sam Dix and .Mr. Bealini liav<" I 'aeli eonipl<-i( d barns wlilc;i add to thi' looks eiinvrni'Miee of ilieir farms. Edd. . Barnliart is just eoniidi-ling a nice barn on his farm east of I own' and .lohu Smith is liali!;.i; tl.c niat.r- iat for a barn which he w II build tills winter if the wi 'at)i< r will per- !i;lt. Harry anri .loy Crorkir arc li:'.ulin.i; hay to lula. Nal" Bcatlv au-i wife visiti-d al .1 E lleatly's .Mniiday. .1. P. and A. V. ilayos niaii>' a business Irip to Yates C'Utcr Tuesday to a real estati" d<-.i'. (lisi;';s- Ipg of flK'ir f.-nn in!y town- shli). Tbi-y sold tlio farm to Mr. Wlii.- ford. a r> s'dcnl of that township. Mrs. Clou.) ea'Icd on Carri" Hayes Tuesday aflernoon. Mr. njid >':-s. Dix sp. nt Sr-iday al ti:e home uf Mr. B-alty. Hov.ard l-in:r is li< 'ping .Ii>h:i .Sniil haul thi> luialirr for bis Iiara. MiM)Ki;n. If the rapid sale of "ots in Mlldrel keep.-; un the ri"4is!.'r of d"''d^ at Uii ^•(Miiily sc.-il wlil have lo f;ei i>n • sislanl. riflei'ii residi-are lots and idght business lols is (lie sales record '•f .Mr. .1. O. .Smith, real estale agent for the Great Western Portland Cement company. In ihe last five days. With each lot purchased and palil for 1 long abstrart from the Kovi -riimeni lo purchaser and a deed is ;;ive:i. The Katy railroad has just comidof- ed half a mile of spur track fnmi the main line to the Oreat Western Portland Cement company's plant. Work on two more spur tracks tc» the jilant will commence at once. Tv.-o cars of rorn were shipped from hero by Russell & Cubbison last week. Tnriier Smith, proiirietor of the local hardware emporium, rontemplate.^ building an addition to his store and The strongest sometimes eat the least, but they eat wisely. Not what you eat, but what you digest, gives you strength. Uneeda Biscuit is the most nourishing and digestible food made from flour. Eat wisely—eat for strength —Uneeda Biscuit In mcistaft and dmst proof paekages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY - ilie 1 J.eal wmier resori Go by the Santa Fe. .The tracks are dustless and safeguarded by block signals. Fred Harvey meals, too. You travel along the historic Santa Fe trail. You may stop at the Grand Cinyon of Arizona—the world's wonder The California Limited is the train of luxury, for first-class travel only, with Pullman for Grand Canyon. Preferred by particular people. All other trains to Southern California, via any line, carry second-class sleepers and second-class passengers. Or Tourist Sleeper Service on three other daily S-inta Fe Cah'fomia. Our Cab'fomia Fast Mail is as fast as the Limited. Personelly-condueted par- tics tri-weckly. You save in railroad and sleeper fares and combine economy with -comfort. All -tKe -way SaiitaFe ^ ft/ I Ask for iKxau Of the trip, aniltwrvbtayoa eii>eatogo. w. K. i;.\i,sn»x, .\uenl. lola - Hanseas. putting in a line of furniliire. Mr. Ki '.nilii I of the firm of Uiimbel i'z Keith !,u :;il>i 'r eonipaiiy of iMorun. was here l:ist Kriday loi .lciui; over the ground with Uie iMtiniiuu of locating :i lumber ;.ard. .•\ ui:in nam.d Sunrn of City. w;is hiTf Tuesday ufterniMin lookini; for bis son who ran :;\vay frtun honu- \;on (l .iy. rp lo noim Weiiensduy the boy had mil been located when last .-;een he was headed soiilh. Ilen.-^ky & Hroeius, of Kincald, have; installed a branch lumber yard here. Mr. C. K. Wilson, postmaster, will act m:in :'.i ;er of the local yard. The Great Western Portland Cement company is this week laying sidewalks cf crushed rock on the principal streets, hero. The Mood gatco in the (Jreat Western Portland Cement company's large dam were closed last week. The reservoir is rapidly filling wjtii water. W( a (lellglilliil tinu; and left a nice rock- in?; chair as a L ^ouvenir of the occa- sirn.. ' lines, gave ilicm a plea.vant surprise a { the pies and the boys the price ami k a:;o S.iSurilay evening. They had j we do the entertaining. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Palmer, of Colorado City. Colorado, are visiting , . , . , their,parents and other relatives and • H .Miorl of lielfrv .srhi;oI for month , . . . . . .v . .i. en .llMg .lar. :.: .No. ,>nr d aver- I f'*''-''*'- understand that they av:f :!lteudanri> lit. Those neither ab-' have purchased a ranch near Rocky ::.-nt nor lardy. C.leu Curl.>y Howard, i Ford and will move there in the com- Sliorkt y. Minnie Curley. .Nellie Shock- m ,rin^ ey and Itay Springstou. .Mr.s. .Maud j " '•!ir,:U!.u. .Mr. and .Mrs. (Irnut Shockey, I Mr.s. .1. It. l-'ergus. Mrs. H. K. Wynn. ' ^ Oilie Zerren.s. Mrs. Sam Ewing. Frank ' I NEOSHO VALLEY. | Wjnn and Ira Ctamble were our visit- | •> '• * ors during the month. Klnier and Ed HIte were called to riMnois Kriday by a telegram announcing the dealh of their mother. MOBAX. SIMUM! BKAXH. .Mr. .AnH )s Del p. of Portland. Ore., oiik dinner with Jlrs. Jackson last .Mondriy. .Mr. Will Colors, of Coioiiy. visited •.villi his broiher. Jas. Colors, the first r last week. .Mi.s.i .Ussie .Mc.VIisler visited over Sunday with friends in Has. MIS. Voorhees is on the sick list. .Mi^s Fraiikic .lackson is home'from tola for a few days. Mrs. Jim Davis spent several days visiting friends in iola the latter part if the week. Mr. and .Mns. Leepc- of Gas called on .Mrs. Mc.VIistcr one afternoon last week. Sevcal of the men of this vicinity are haiiiiug their wheat off to market. .Mr. Harvey is on the sick list at this writing. BELFRY. Mae Curley and Sarh Ewing are both ill with pneumonia fever. We hope ri.-r rh'>ir speeily recovery. * Howard Ker.cus of P.iola is visiting his uncle. .5. I'. Fergus. Mrs. Lord is visitinij her d.iughter. Mrs. Cicorre Ku.vton. .Mrs. Walte:- -Miller who has been visitlnc her uareuts in lola returned heane Tuesday. .••« Mrs. .Minnte Kinnev -.vho has been vi.siting relatives here returned to Humboldt Monday. Mrs. Springston ha.< returned frcai a visit with her parents at Centervllle. Enua Zorens is recovering from an attack of pnenroonia fever and she and her parents are expected bome soon. Sixty-four of Mr. and Mr«. H. E. wynn's friend who are patrons of the Bastcrn Xaasu and Mntnal tel«pbaae R. IJ. Cornett. who lives four miles north and two and one-half miles east of I.aHarpe. will ho'd a pubic sale Tuesi.'ay. January 21st. Auctioneer. H. D. Smock, and clerk, U Phillip Coblentz. The union meetings hsld at var- U'tiA churches last week closed Saturday evening. Rule Twlaeham had his arm broken just above the wrist W'ednesday morning while playing football, it school. He Is sev.-'ii years old. J. H. Holmes, president of the Eastern Kansas Oil company, who came from his home in B'oomlngton. III., last week returns to the East thrs evenin.:. The midterm examinations began W;:dnesday in all but the high school course. The jwnies wh'ch H. C. Holmes drvfs to. ;he refinery and the lease becime tri.ghtcned Tuesday and ran .nway. The tongue of the rig was brnk:n and Mr. Holmes was tlirown out but sustained no serious injuries. A fitereoiUlcon show was given in .Meadell hall .Monday niiht hyJCapt. Dale of the Salvation army. CEXTEB GROVE. 1 C. Ij. Arnold, reporter. Mrs. Christian Jenson has been severely afflicted with a oo'd, but is better now. Mrs. Jas. S. Taylor has been down for the past weak but Is now slowly regaining strength. Frank Countryman made a trip to Humlio'dt Monday. He Is prejiarlng to start on an overland trip to Colorado sometime during February. His family will go with him and they will locate not far from Colorado Sprinss. Mr. Jeffery and \r:fe of Nebraska are at pressnt visiting his uncle Wash Dickey. E<1. Cleaver was taken violently IJ while at his father's, one day last week, and was not able to return to his home until Tuesday of the present week. His sicknesg occasioned several visits from the doctors. A pie social will immediately follow a program to be rendered at Xeo- sho Valley school house on Wednesday evening, January 22nd. In giving this pie social. It Is hop?d to pro- care sufficient means to complete the amount n'?eded for the purchase of a bell for the school house. Give the occasion the benefit of your presence. Mr. Thomas Ogg left for Missouri last week where he will reside. George Bums was busy during the ,^ i first part of the week moving his i Wlio said v.e couldn't h4vo nlcei thinss from the Martin place onto the I wt lithcr in January. , | J. B. Rush farm. I Wai. Illy.he has purchased a farm! Rav. Mlasamore. of lola.preached near Vnlontown and expects to move' at the church Tuesday evening, •there in the near future. The neigh-j E. Bi. Butler went to Kansas City bors will hs sorry to have them go.' Wednesday to make a short visit with jbut wish them success in thelr^new his sister, Mrs. James Bwart jhome. P. L-.'fraTls possesses the Inher- Chanutc Is to have Fine Poultry ent quality of getting next to the pao- show this week. January lS-18. There is to be a pie social and eo- ple. as bb efforts in tike senatorial wee wen . proves, j V^k -prsdiet Ifcat - « tertainment at Center Grovz sdioot the man-tint Yin o««' Urn will bare house. January IS. 190S. Gids Mas to cetVawra JOB. ^ .1,. J 1 X .ft

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