The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1944 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 3
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Visalia Man Speaks at Delano Meeting DELANO, Sept. 18.—Speaking on "The Feasability Of Cotton Textile Mills For the Han Joaquin Valley," • M. W. Phillips of Visalia, chairman of the industrial committee of the State Chamber of Commerce, addressed the local Rotary Club at its recent luncheon session at Hotel Kern. Carl Brockman presided, and George Sullivan, chairman of the day, introduced the speaker. Mr. Phillips stated that a New York firm, specializing in that field, la already working on a survey jvhich will determine whether or not such mills woud. be a paying proposition In the valley. The survey when completed will phow the production and consumption of- cotton in the state, the de- man for the finished product, and the available labor supply. Mr. Phillips stated that the survey will be completed in time to make a decision possible by January 1 or •hortly thereafter. Visitors were. Midshipman Donald Houck of Annapolis, who is spending a leave in Delano, Bill Campbell, president of the student body of the Delano Joint Union High School, " L. A. Wiemesrs, superintendent of the McFarland High School; Chester Schuler, and Wesley Rumholz, of the local high school facility; Clar. ence J. Roupe, president of the Exchange Club. Ted Vignolo of Shatter wns a visiting Rotarian. Salute to the Merchant Marine J*pt«mb*r 27 is "Victory Fleet Day." On this day, under War Shipping Administration sponsorship, the United States honors the gallant service of the American Merchant Marine—its ships and the men who run them. Th«y hav« built and maintained the supply lines to Victory. Standard of California is proud to salute them and to tell • little of what they have done. Appropriately, September 27 is the third anniversary of the launching of the first Liberty Ship, the S. S. PATRICK HENRY. Despite all of war's hazards she still is on the job "delivering the goods." Sine* she was launched, more than 3,600 American merchant vessels have followed her down the ways. Their job has been, night and day, to see that everything we at home can produce is landed in the hands of our front line fighting men at the time and place to do the most damage to the enemy. Standard off California operates a great fleet of tankers, so we naturally know best the tanker men and their ships. You can take it for granted that they will get their oil and gasoline through—or be sunk in the attempt. •ut/ they do a lot more than carry the products for which tankers were built. Extra decks have been built and on them are carried complete planes that go into the air within a few hours after the tankers make a landfall. These extra loads provide the air replacements for many a Pacific Island base and plane carrier at the strategic time. Tholr decks carry PT boats complete with crews. They haul guns and amphibious tanks, ready to go overside into action. And then, although the tankers swing low in the water, they frequently throw out cable and haul along behind a barge loaded with even more gasoline and oil, or the other mate- mis of war. • Yos, all honor to these ships and their officers and men. They, too, are at the beachheads. E flat, with 3 ilort, •wardld to mr Richmond Itfimry STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA RECORDS Sec HARRY CITRON -Air Corps Photo PRESENTS AWARD—Lieutenant-Colonel Newton H. Crumley, Minter Field commanding officer, presents cash awards to 13 civilian employes whose suggestions for time-saving and labor-saving mechanical devices have been adopted recently at the air base. At left is Reuben Meeks, 310 Kincaid, Bakersfield, who received $fOO for a combination jig and wrench used In servicing airplane starters. Receiving check from Colonel Crumley is David B. Jones, 706 Arvin street, Bakersfield, awarded total of $137.50 for suggesting two mechanical devices now used at Minter. Next to Jones are Stanford Dow, 613 El Prado Drive, Bakersfield, who received $50, and Archie C. Kuentzel, 617 Main street, Delano, awarded $37.50. Servicemen May Borrow Articles From Red Cross TAFT, Sept. 18.—The West Ride Oilfields chapter of the American Red Cross has a number of articles for babies to lend to families of servicemen. Among the articles to be loaned are a bassinette and a bathin- ette. Anyone wishing to borrow them should contact the Red Cross headquarters in the Reader building on Center street. There is also a supply of cooking utensils, quilts and pillows. COMMENTATOR WEDS SAN DIEGO, Sept. 18. UP>— Stewart (Sam) Hayes, Hollywood radio commentator, and Rosamond Frances, Hollywood studio worker, were married in Tijuana Saturday. Now you can be a Locomotive fireman About $220 base pay This Is one of Southern Pacific's finest jobs—and normally not easy to get. Today, we have a few openings—no experience needed to start. After a couple of weeks or so or training you can qualify as a regular R. R. Fireman . . . get right up there In the cab with the engineer and go places. (By the way, all Southern Pacific locomotives burn oil, not coal. No shoveling. Just turn a valve). No getting around it, this job has a bit of a thrill to it. It gets In your blood. You'll like S. P. men. Like knowing you're with a company whose biggest war job is still ahead—carrying war materials for the stepped up offensive against Japan. Railroad pass privileges. Fine pension plan. Medical services. A job, men . . . a real job! Look into this today. See or Write B. W. MITCHELL S. P. Station, BakersHeld or Your Nearest S. P. Agent Signposting Crews at Work in County Signposting crews from the Automobile Club of Southern California this week will travel through Mojave, Tehachapi, Lancaster and Gorman, and end their trip at Bui-bank. Warning and direction signs and shield markers will be installed and maintenance work done on existing signs. Starting at Randsburg, the crews will cover United States Highway 395 to the junction with United States Highway 6. They will then proceed south to Mojave, double over the route to Tehachapi and continue to Lancaster, where they will take State Highway 136 to Gorman. At the end of the week, similar work will be done along United States Highway 99 through Saugus, Newhall and San Fernando to Burbank. Midway P. T. A. Will Have Meet Wednesday FELLOWS, Sept. IS.—A meeting- of the executive board of the Midway Parent-Teacher Association of Fellows has been called for Wednesday at 11 a. m. at the school when plans will be made for a faculty reception. The following officers aro urged to attend: Mrs. H. J. McKibben, program; Mrs. C. Allison, membership: Mrs. R. E. Sallady, character education; Mrs. Charles Jones, music; Mrs. F. H. Sperber, publicity; Mrs. J. A. Menzies, hospitality; Mrs. R. C. Rose, refreshments; Mrs. A. A Husband, Founders day; Mrs. E. L. Faust, magazines; Mrs. R. J. Bennett, welfare clinic; Mrs. M. J. Scott, Jr., room mothers; Mrs. J. L. Stephens, budget and finance; Mrs. H. J. McKibben, school education; and Charles Jones, civilian defense. How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly In Place Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wab- bling when you eat, laugh or talk'.' Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your plates . This alkaline (non acid) powder holds false teeth more firmly arid more comfortably. No gummy, Booey, pasty taste or feeling. Does not sour. Checks ''plate, odor" (den- I ture breath). Get FASTEETH today at any drug store.—Adv. ' Week Day Religious Education Slated DKr,AXO, Sept. IS.—rians nrn now complete for week-day millions education on the "released time plan" nt the local Methodist Church, according to an announcement by the pastor, the Jievcreml Ronald H. "U'hito. Classes will begin on October -I .it the church, where individual instruction for classes of the fourth, fifth and sixth grades will be. offered Courses offered arc those recommended by the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America and are "Building a Christian Character" and "The Kingdom of I.ove." Kadi class will be held in a separate room and supplementary" materials and visuals aids, which will be used, are such as have proven successful in week-day religious schools. Teachers who will guide this work are the Reverend Mr. White, Mrs. White, Mesdames William F. K lines, B. K, Howard and Robert Henry Heitt, Jr. In order that children may be released for this special work the parent or guardian must sign a request that his child be given permission by the school to attend. Such blanks are furnished by tlin schoo? r — United Slates Aimy S'KA Photo. SETI.'I* — Anyone asking for Sergeant Pickering had best specify Mr. or Mrs. because Master Sergeant Harry J. Pickering of Camp Blanding, Fla.. isn't the only sergetftit in the family. His wife, Apri 1 , shown sewing on his new stripes, is a WAC sergeant. Ani. they have a dog named — you guessed it — Sergeant. ftafetrsftffo Calitornton Mondoy, S»pt«mb«r IS, 1944 3 Driver Training Will Be Given at Delano School 1>KI.A\|>, to a rt>t|i!< . tlalycn, ol Ui Kcin county .Sept. is.— nespunding; t of Captain l_.eroy j ikeix'ield, chief of the J division of the Call-; fornia Highway i'atrol, the local high school in offering a course in "Driver Training for Automobiles" to its students. Students successfully completing the course will not be required to take an examination for their driver's licenses. They will be given actual practice in driving in small group!; in a school car having dual controls which has been so equipped for instructional purposes. Sophomore students taking shop courses will receive this training as part of their regular work during one semester. The course will be Kiven under direction of Laurence 11. Abbey, shop instructor, who met with the board of trustees at their recent meeting and explained the program. The board alsn approved the school's. participation in the Athletic Protection Fund, whereby its athletes will be protected against acci- 1 dents and illnesses incurred during | practice or while playing in inter- i scholastic games. Under the plan the school or the athlete, or both, pays into the fund $2 for each athlete, out of which all doctor's bills are paid according to a schedule. The fund is managed by the California Interscholastic Federation, and this is the second year In which the local school has participated In th(s plan. Meeting with the board were L. E. 1'ryor. local fire chief; Otha Masterson, employe of the department, and Max Cameron and Ernest Glrard, volunteers in the department, who laid before the board the necessity of having a large water Jln« through the school grounds carrying city water, in case of a serious fire, at an estimated cost of $3500. The school has its own well and water lines. ARKME CLUB TO MEET FELLOWS. Sept. 18.—The Areme Club of the O. K. S. of Fellows will bold its first fall meeting at the home of Mrs. Grace Weddle, Tuesday. A potluck luncheon will be served at noon. BRIEF NEWS NOTES Members of the ohoir of Delano Community .Methodist Church and their families were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Boone nt their country home east of Delano recently for their weekly rehearsal. Following the music, refreshments were served by Mrs. Boone, assisted by Miss Dorothy Ramsey, to Mesdames Oliver J. Whitten, Hen C. Shearer. Stanley Xispel. Martha Fchroetor, H. K. Howard, Albert lliett, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Sloan. Miss Janet Strutliers, Ford Me- Cowan, Abe doertzen, Wesley Rumbolz, and Mrs. Boone, all choir members, and guests including the Reverend and Mrs. Ronald "\Yhite. Ben C. Shearer. Clarence Boone and Mesdames Wesley Rumboln and Ford McCowan. Kahios arriving at the Delano Hos- pital are a baby girl September 11, to Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kanes, and a «irl September 13, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert \Venscl, also of Delano. Delano chairman for the Christmas Seal campaign for 1!M4 will be William F. Kimes, superintendent of Delano elementary schools. The sale will lie-in Monday, November 20, and continue until Christmas. Members of Delano Pedro (,'luh were entertained recently by Mrs. Frank J'anero, who served a dessert course before playing. were awarded to Mesdames C. M. Morrow, Elmer W. Harris. Ernest Bore]. Martin Gutunich and Edward M. McKcvitt. Others present were Mrs. Nell Unlock, guest, and Mesdames Ixuiis Hondu, Otto Thillgen. T. K. Bnie, J. F. Connollcy and L. J. Fiala. members. PERSONAL MENTION MRS. CHARLES DOIT has returned to her Delano home from a visit of several days in Los Angeles. MR. AND MRS. VERNOX H. RAGSDALE, and twin daughters, have returned to San Francisco after a visit in Delano to attend the wedding- of Mr. Ragsdale's sister, Miss Ruby Ragsdale, and the Reverend Harold Keener. MR. AND MRS. BERT COLLINS and children have returned to their Los Angeles home after a recent visit in Delano with Mr. and Mrs. Kurl Shaft and family. RTSSKi.L LAPE of the navy has reported to his base at San Francisco after a 20-day leave in Delano with Mrs. Lape and their S-montlis-old daughter, whom he had not seen before. D, 0n - f *)' S 44J& rnu/a 4 i2*.. dr °ps of F*' ^*«^4r*£ ^•^siS^r" 1 '; • pcrfe ct conV . ea/r v Sa/C af *»g id J ri0n - °n Sf ° res - T* *l ^"^m //fr/l?°^^' ' "/»6ort;ero c £!*««' ^^SBfcsas^KB^^. f 85 |T IS^^' 1 -: -^*' FORMULA L A N o L I N DRESSY BLACKS . . . WITH Like the twinkle of Venus in the midnight sky . . . like the sparkle of eyes just falling in love . . . These new black dresses with sequin, head and nailhead trim will shine in your wardrobe — and on you. Soft crepes, with high or V necks . .. some with colorful trim. 12 SIZES 9 to 15—12 to 20 $1/175 and BUY MORE WAR BONDS 14 DOWNSTAIRS STORE SERVING BAKERSFIELD and a Nation at War GREYHOUND DAILY SERVICE SAX FRAXCiSCO NORTHBOUND TULARE - FRESNO - STOCKTON • LEAVE BAKERSFIELD: 12 :oO A. JI. 8 :00 A. M. 12 :40 P. M. 6:00 P. M. 2 :01 A. M. 0 :00 A. M. 1:30 P. M. 8:00 P. M. 4 :00 A. M. 10 :20 A. M. 1:40 P. M. 0:00 P. M. 6 :00 A. M. 11 :05 A. M. 2 :40 P. M. 7:13 A.M. 11:40 A.M. 4:00 P.M. 9:55 P.M. SOUTHBOUND SAX FERNANDO - LOS ANGELES - SAN DIEGO LEAVE BAKERSFIELD: 1:00 A. M. 7 :S5 A. M. 12 :23 P. M. 6:25 P. M. 2 :10 A. M. 0:55 A. M. 3 :00 P. M. 7:10 P. M. 4 :15 A. M. 11:05 A. M. o :10 P. M. 9:05 P. M. 6 :05 A. M. AGENT: I. M. 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