The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 10
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFOKMAN, MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1936 SN EDUCATIONAL *CAKTQONS CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON THE MOON IS ACCOMPANIED BV A SHADOW WHICH AVERAGES 252,000 MILES IN LEN<3TH/ SOMETIMES THIS SHADOW TOUCHES THE EARTH. AS THE MOON PASSES BETWEEN US AND THE SUN, AND TWEN WE HAVE A SOLAR ECUPSE. DURING THE EMBR.VONIC STACSE, HUMANS HAVE AS MANV OtULS AS A OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS 6ET A WET WASM RAG AND SOME, SOAP! IP VOU THINK. THIS \& FUNNV-1 DON'T.' PUTTING FLV PAPER IN FRONT OP TM 1 (CE BOX ANP MAKING ALL THIS WORK FOR ME. 364--FOOT REDWOOD. IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, IS 'TVtC TALLEST KNOWN TREE IN THE WORLD. 1-31 1 Qt»MiTIII«»UiyiCt, INC. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "Sue Ellen smys such untiring thinirs when we're here alone; but just let a younf man come around and she just situ like a dumb ninny." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCIIRAN e I»H §Y NIA tnviet, MM. T. M. ma u.«. MT. err /I J15 WANTED TO SHOW VOU THAT I A1NT TH' ONLY ONE WHO RAIDS TH 1 ICE BOX. MV WORD AINT MUCH GOOD AROUND HERE, SO I HAFTA PROVE THIN&S-AND BESIDES, I DOWT LIKE TO SQUEAL ON PEOPLE, LIKE THEV DO ON NAE. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE (DEAD THI BTOBV. THIN COLOR THE PICTURE) tPkturt by Sctrbo) , 'pHK Northern L,i«)Hu the iiulnt man 1 cpread began to clow and Sconty wild, "Juit Ihuik: Ttin people far from here can HCO those llghta rlKht now. "If we should tfll them how they're made, they'd doubt our word, I am . afraid. If anybody :mkn me, though, I'll Rluclty tell them how." "Wnll." wilit thn man. "you couldn't blame tno fulkw whu'U doubt you. It'a & ahainc that they all can't be right here with you happy Tlnymltea. "Now, watch rcul rliiBrly, aiul I'll try to paint a rainbow In the nky. You always will recall It au on>> of your finest slKhts." ThiB time he swished his brush around. The Tlnles didn't inoko a Bound until he said, "I'm finished, now, so fare-tho-well I'll say. "I'm tired, now. and I must not lose much time. I'm Kolnff to tukn a vnoote. 1 quite sincerely hope that we will meet iinnln some duv." i "And en do we," yelled Potty. "You ; have been extremely kind to do the very pretty painting Job." Thu man | then disappeared. Soon 1'uncy loudly shouted. "Cm, what luck! If* stnrtltiK. now, to Know. ; The flukes are nice ami nofl, so then- is nothing to b<- feared. ; "What Kiiy we build u bit, 1 snow- 1 man If we try hard. I know we can," llrave Seuuty answered, "liUay. son. If yon w-ill do your share. "You usually MlMKiM the work, and then we ilo It, while you shirk. Tins time we nil will work together. That Is only fair." i "Oh, It will not be hard, at all, to I quickly roll a great MR ball," cried I Coppy, "cause the snow IB soft and It will pack real well." } Then Windy made one little psi-k ; and kmacked poor Duiu-y on the back. { It made all of the Tlnlen laugh when \ he began to yell. ; WRIGLEY'S ZE!ZZ2 PERFECT GUM WHV "MOTHERS GET GRAV VVELU, WERE VOU AKE, JUST WHENi 1 WAS (3ETT\W<3 USED TO KJOT STLJMBUNG OVET? VOU^ EVEF.V TIME L PASSED THE OLT5 WIMG- CHAJR-^-I WWCrAED THE PAPER'S TOR WEWS OF BAsVJCATS. HOLDlKiG VOU TOR ^ MJLUOW "DOLLrXP, -—-BUT I WAS \W TOP, PtSA-PPOnvlTMENT / SO VO THE OTHET* T-RErVV^S ACRE BACK A>T^L A,K\t> WlViTER EK16^6E- H^lTA^:^^~7 MEMT AT THE. | ^.J^P^V OLTJ5 \1 ^JK^^X STA.KID , , , r ^-, ^¥3 L / }. O *&& SAxV, COKlTOliKit? VT/ A, TINE WELCOME TO (31VE THE MASTER OKi HIST^ETURM TO HIS OWW CASTLE- SFdTr—wSpUT~T-T — CjMP-T ^^ E6AT} I SHOULD 60 A,WA,V A.VTD _ UVE OKI ^ \SLWsTO / f/Z^ <m& &, V-2~ ^ \* I ^ff s % L'SS , \2*s f* f r. «. str, ^^ %&> N« ^ t Tl «S-3 JELCOME THE GUMPS A Clue I'VE LOCKED ALL THE POORS-ANP THE WINPOWS .ARE FASTENED AS, TIQHT AS A MISERS POCKETBOOK -IF THAT POCJ-SNATCHJNQ MARAUDER GETS IN TONIQHT HE'LL NEED A , SIEQE <aUN ANP A LOT OF GOOD LUCK/ NEXT I MORNING 8-31 O LOOK AT THIS ROOM / EVERYTHIt4Q RANSACKED/ THAT PROWLER IS EITHER.TRYINQ TO SCARE ME OR HE'S SEARCHING FOR -SOMETHINQ IMPORTANT THAT HE THINKS I HAVE \ /O. WHOEVER IT WAS MUST HAVE BEEN SMALL-ONLY A PWARFCOULP HAVE CLIMDED OVER THAT TRANSOM .- VVJARFf ~~~ —— * /X 1 U s BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I Told Ya So By MARTIN UND ^KsV StNSE ,yA WE'RE ,»WW F^ST Vft .e>OT ^ft '. KiO \ OA, WO OOI .VOO'O HftVJE SEtKi ^WW WAfi, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Disbeliever By BLOSSER AKID WWEM V/E DO, WE'LL PROBABLY FIMD A TREASURE WORTH A KNG'S RAHfeOM.... A TREASURE STEERED IW DARK HISTORY f IT'S COMIKIG, WUTTY? WE'LL HAVE fT OFF IM A MINUTE?.' I CAW SEE PIRATES FIGHTING FOR IT.... RASCALS CRAZED WfTH GREED AMD THE LU3T FOR GOLD? I CANT ]//, SEE 1 A BLAME R3R A BIG SURPRISE OR A TERRIBLE: I DISAPPOIMTMEKT? 9 r GOSH.'jEWELS... HUWDREDS OP THEM....RED OWES... BLUE ONES...AWD THOSE OTHERS LOOK LIKE DIAMONDS! GEE .'RUBIES. ..EMERALDS- SAPPHIRES, AWD A LOT OF OTHER KIWDS.' J , T. M R. . '3 VO 1016 BY NCA SEBVI THE BUNGLE FAMILY Fore! By HARRY J. TUTHILL What's the riot, McSnifter:. some of the nickel-nursers here lose a ) 777T~ Paw dimes r /.Hole on a r~~^ vm one. bet? A hole in one? I don't believe it. Let me in there. 'Vi^* > >^^ Now where is...why what's You.Doodle? Fired from running my elevator. Here rubbing elbows with mg friends. Listen,bum.jHau,big bust, Pull your r^-i unhandle freight out/ \my coat, of this T exclusive club or I'll.. Listen Eddie, Doodle here made the hole in What! Look here, Bungle,are you trying to insult my in- ^telligence? Me, a director in two y^Tth big"stu>F banks,) v ^> mate two four ^ (j^| e in one hr . ms '^S5^^.Watch. and... ^ *~^/Hay pipple.push ; °r ](away. Little man

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