Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1908
Page 3
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The Entke Store to the Greatest of Clearance Sales A sale that stands without precedent in the history of this store. Prices on eviry piece, parcel and yard are cut to an ebb that means quick sales. We i^witc you to come in the morning, avoiding the crowds that are here every afternoon. SFaughierfng the LBiiies' Coais» ipiwO Kim- Krrsry. comes In brown and r«'«l; ch'nnince price $-4.75 BInck Kersey lined 1hrongh< out Mlth aailn, trimnirti nitli pretty lirald and Tclvet, ("leiirnni-e price SKC.SO Fine Kersey Cloth comes In cnstor and Itlack. eleininUy trimmed In pret* ty silk liralA and Telvet and coats that sell In many xtores for floM. Clenrance price $0.50 $15.00 FineTliiffon Broadcloth I oat, lined nith tine Dutchess Venetian Satin, elevnntlT trimmed, neaniiice price S9.0<) All 01 our I.e-t ?20.0fl. r-y.M aii;! *$:10.(I0 Coats nill lie sold re;:ardles> o.if cost in tills (Treat Clearauec Sale. Just a word almut our coats: ThU stock is all liriifht. eliic and strictly up -to. date: nil lion ^lit this jcar aud from one of the lie «.t houses ti:at «»• !iuo-.\ to he antkorit> fvi st>lv. Vn- li.'.ve mi old oiit-of-datc stnfi us iiiii see iu many stores. SUriXG THE PRICES OX SKIRTS $.wOO Skirts cleamnce price. 7,1 f«.00 Skirts, clearance price. .#4.7."> $7.50 Skirts, clearance price. .,%'i .(M> niM Voile Skirts, clearance. .J!;8..1<> Do not ask to iia^e Skirts altered at Clearance |>rlces. Warm Furs IN Tins tLEAll.VM i: SVl.L. $|ji."» Knrs at this sale :.<3e $1J>0 Furs at this sale • Sl.lO $3JiO Fur* at Oils sale $5.C0 Black Martin S:J.7.-> $e .5» Isal;ella Foi. ..»4.7.'. - $7JH) Sahle ^ . .S."5.(M) $10.00 Mink, elesantly lined . .«7 ..j() $15.00 Isabella Fox .SIO.OO WONDEltFIL VALIES i> WAtSTS l.\ THIS CI.EAitAX K SALE. «.> Ualst.s, clearance price 4."5<^ $I^."i Waists, clearance prite ...S.'iC $l.."in Waists, clearance price.Sr?l .10 ?2.00 Waists, clearance price.JR 1 .i,"? Waist.s up to iiJiO all so in thi.s (ireat Clearance Sale at proportionate low prices. DRITINC 0 (T THE Dress Goods lie Donlile Fold Suitint; Clearance price i)0 2.'ic All Wool press (t'oods Clearance price Xie Double Fold Pretty Plaids for ..children. Clearance price **.lC ri.">c New I^andsdown Plaids Clearance pjice ilt* S.> All Wool I ^insdfiwit riaids clearance price ()0f #1.2 ."i Fine Chiiidn Uro-dt Imii Clearance prirr S.">C $1."::, <»iir Mist Frencli V«i!e Clearance price S!.''."> I.'einemlrer these jtrircs are just (IT ll:e Two Wi-t'ks' Cleaniiice Sale. SI,A.«;iII>(; INTO TIIK ( I.J:AI{A.'.CK I'l.'Ki;-.' IVFMIS CMV ."Air llesl CU:r.:-. and .lap Silks Cleiiraure price .. .Mic ChliYon TaiTet;:s CSearaare prite :;.">(w s'lC S!!ks In heantift:! p::tlerns CteaKinte price lUlv i^lXM recnlar Silk: this includes iiil our prelt> Fancy Silks. Clearance price ' S'.lo SlJjS Mack Silks, cuurnntei'd the best in the land. ( learunce price.. .Site PIXCIII.NO THE PROFITS ON Knit Und'skirts .I.H" Knit .Skirts, clearance price •Vic knit Skirts, clearance price '.\Ac T.'fc Knit Skirts, eleanince price .lOc $l .mi All Wool Knit Skirts, price 7.1f- A LANDSLIDE IN Table Linons 2."»c Linen, wide rina'itr in red or Mhilf tOC; (••> Linen, splendid quality Uio x:,c Linen (J.">C* $1.00 Linen, the best quality that^can be bouKht liiC Tbeve Trices Oi.-ly for Two Weeks. IMNDREDS OF BARGAINS IX Hosiery BhckCktBnBiI Chicaso-KaAoslia Hdsieri GomHar Kenosha. WU- 10c i.udies and Children's Hose... 86 l.> Black Cat brand I2t ir,:- Itlack Cat lirand 216 .yjc Black Cat brand 4()«^ rvDKiJ i'::i( K.') VALI i .s IN Underwear CLEARANCE PIMCES. i."»c Misses and (hildren's Inion Suits IJ)C tlOc Misses Inlon Salts :{So r .">e Ladles .Suits 4i)C' $1.00 I.adies' all wool Vests and ..Pants T.lC* Ladles' all ««ol Vests and Pants S5f .">0c .Men's llea^y FIee«-e luder Shirts and Drawers JJ7?2e MICH-A-BO IX MILUHERY All of this ele;r.«!:t line of pretty Tr:mi;:ed .Mill;i;erv lift;. lents nii the dcllar. i^t.Cd ir;:t^. cliaraat-e p;-ire .lOC *I ..".0 r .a'.s. clearance price l.'St* #i ::0 Hals. r:e;:ra:iceiir:ce ...Jj;i.()() Hats, ele;:n»nee lirlce ...Ji? 1.7.1 #t.<i(» Hals, clearunie price.. .^;;2,0t) $',.(.» iiats, ('learaace price ...S **..">0 We «r;:e you to come early as the Kootl t:»i!:;;s will iro fast at these prices SMELTER; jTEis jiM roBioHSiOiir PIPE ilXE w'TIAaB ^tifi^^:-- Sispiis Dep'im \II brst I'rinfs. Standard brunds. (i<(!:d Heavy BIeaehe<! Tonellus. ..It* 10.- Heaiy Li:ien Towelinc... 8 l-3e t.'ood Bleached Muslin (>?4C I2f4c Hope .Muslin 1<)C> T?ie Ontinir Flcnnel i»e l»e Heavy Online Flannel 7 '2<'' J2!ic Heavy Fleeced Lined d'oods for KInionas JIHf' 20c Heavy Fleece Lined Goods for Kinionas J *2 'a<» t LEAKANCE OX Bianireis \ (-Odd Heavy Donhle Blanket.. .4."(* Our $1.(10 Blanket 7i »C* <»ur $1.2.. Blanket 986 Everythin;; in Blankets must so and vu'll po at these prices. Keniemlier the quotations are for the two weeks of this Clearance Sale Only, after which everythin? will be piit liack to reirular price. Wc have gone through oar stuck ;M!d selected all short lengths. Kf mil '*ri IV t hundreds of remnauts tlntt will go less than whole- ill IIIU ill r^. sale price. js^ ^ COTV ^e EMRLY HMD TKKE T^DVKNTMGE OF= THESE RRICES. 1t3 East Mmdison Aifenuem 2 doorm West Thomp' son Haiei. THE K. C. MARKETS WTieat FInlshMl at High Point—Hay Receipts Heavy.. Kansas Cit.v, Jan. 17. —There «as fair giieciilation iu the grain yesterday. ^ The market, however, was without distinctive feature. May wheat ojiened the day %c lower, then sold down y^c more when the market rallied and nnally regained all the early loss and linished tiie day at the high IHjlnt and M .C better than the day before. Muly followed the earlier op-' tlon by Ktanlns the day lower, then advancing aj:aln and closing "»c higher than on Wednesday. Corn was Higher in sympathy with wlieat. but it was light. May and July both Jinished %c higher than the day l>efore. .Wheat—Receipts past Z\ hours, 77 cars; shipments, C7 cars. Receipts same time last year, ol cars; sliip- meats, 93 cars. Inspections Wcdues- di»y. S.'i cars. A slow and weak to lower iiiarkti was had yrsterday both I lor hard aud soft. Thsre was fair [buying by, the elevator iieople, init •millers held back aud did very Mule, and ,the .«lose was dull. Cables came i:i .'ower both from the I'nited Kin?- doiii :iiid Ct;::i!:iea! v.hieli made buyers both b;ickwanl and bearish. Liverpool eaiiK' In I'sJilHd lower at the close and Herlin was off and Paris declined '.ic Com—Hcte'.i.;.-: i :t>: 24 hours. :19 ?ais: siiiin .ii :,t<. i7 cars. Receipts iaine time las: .\oar. ".1 cart;: shij)- aieats '.W rar.-. Insprcibms Wcdnes- Ja.x. S"> car.-:. There was less life in 'he marUo: yo.-itrday than for soti'.o da;s. Kecel);ts WITU aioderate but so jWas the deniar.!!.- the liiKb price.? caus- Mng buver.-; to hold back and pick around, and sales ere geaernlly called V\^'^>zv lower. Yet in a quiet way !he offerings were preily much worked off by the cli -siv IJut while coru was wanted for iaiuji-diate wants there was uo disposition to buy ahead. By sample on track here at City: No. (2 mixed, 5 car.= ."i3Vie. No. 3 mixed, 8 cars .WVic, G cars hiViO.. No. 4 mi *Pd, nominal'y 52%© 53c. 1 car 52%c. No. 2 yellow, nominally 53?4<S54c, 1 cur 53%c. No. 3 yellow, C cars 53',4c- No. \ yellow, nomimally i>3c. No. 2 white, nominally 53% @54c, 4 cars Stajc. No. 3 •white, 4 cars ,53 »4c. No. 4 white, nominally ti&lVk'i' Oats—Receipts past 24 hours, li cars '.shifnients. 19 cars. Receipts same tiuur last year. IS cars; shipments, 17 cars, lu -.pections Wednesday, 10 cars. .•\ j^UT .dy Imt rather slow market was had for thit-, grain yesterday. Price.-* ar.' j.'i hij;h liiat buyers only take siic-li as tliey have to have and are dis- poic:! io buy fioni hand to mouth, and I :i y she very light receipts keep prices v.hric they are. Uy sarnplo on track here at Kansas City: No. 2 mixed, notuinully OO^t ;">OV,,c. .No. ;! iiilxeJ. choicf. 2 cars 49c; fair to good, 1 car '49c'. .\'o. ^ mixed, nominally l--i"f:c. No. 2 white, eholrp. noniiually ."»o'.jf( ."(lUr, I car ."«iH4c. .\'o. :! white, tboi'-e 1 car .">0c: fair to good. ."> car.s 4:<'-jc. color. :: car .s 49'4e. .No. I white. inally 49c. Hay—lleceiins ]iasl 21 hoar.<. 40 , of pr^iirie. 12 car .s of timothy, 4 cars of clover mived, I car of clover 4 c:ir.- of alfalfa and 2 cars of straw: t<itai. j93 cars, against .{2 cars same day, ! year. Wifh liberal offerings oC fres'.i receipts and some holdover the luarii- ct yesterday v»'as du!l and wer.k a:id a number of cars unsold at the .-k;^=e Hoih tame and prairie were diaggy. Yesterday 's sales Included 1 car choice j timothy, $12.50, 1 car choice timothy 1S12, 1 car No. 1 timothy $ll .r,0, 4 car 'NO . 1 timothy $11.25, 1 tar No. 2 lim- jothy $11, 1 car No. 2 timothy $10.7."., 1 j car No. 3 timothy |9, 1 c&r No. 3 tlm- jofhy $S. 1 car choice clover mixed, $10.30, 3 cars cnolce prairie $8.50, 1 car No. 1 prairie $8.25, 4 cars No. 1 praixi* 18, 6 eara Na 2 prairie |7.60. 4 cars No. 2 jirairie $7.2.'i. 2 cars .No. 2 prairie $7. 2 cars .No. ?, jirairie ti ;..'0. 1 car No. '.i jtrairie $t;.2r>. 1 car No. :', prairie ?i;.7J. 1 car packing hay $4. 1 car Choice alfalfa 1 car No. 1 alfalfa $i:!..'.o. 1 car No. 1 alfalfa $I2.7.". \ cars ..<). 1 alfalfa $12.L' car- straw $4..'.0. liogs—Receipts l.'i.Sl'il; week ai;o. 2t,41,>;: year ago. 11.208. The ruu of hogs yesterday was better than normal, but a good inquiry from local iiacker.-; started offerings moving freely at fully steady prices. ISe White Indian A whHe Indian b a jkk Indian. When the Indians lint saw a white nun they were sure he was sidu White skin—sick nun was their arjumcnt "Pale-bce" u the nante they gave us. Pale bees can be cured. When blood is properiy fed the face jlows with health. Sdott's Emulsion . b a rich Mood food. K <tves new power to (he Bone nunrow from which the red bfood springs, t • i (j!(l'-r buyers and speculators were 'sniiill fa<-t<irs in the trade, but local Uil'ers were In need of liberal sup- plif.-. esiieciiilly the big lard hogs. ;Tlii-se closed the day a triJle strongei l.'i.ii! I lie previous day".-; jirices. IJ ^-hts ;. :(l ;ii;;s ripened about stead.v and jri'i-.'.'i loc i>er ewt. iiiwer. The exMr: riie lange of hales was made from I ?:...'(l(f/ l .."i7'-j per cwt., and the bulk !(!f sales fnitn SJ.IOif; l.r,j>^ per cwt. , Caii'f—i^apii'ies fur the past 24 hiM -.r.-. Cattle Calve. j .Keceipi.-i t;.S42 .•'.70 ; Week auo ."..oil :!.'S \ Year afo 7.0i;i i rtl.", T!:( .suii;h- nf i:itlle ye-^terday wa.s :i ;;r!;le IU'er.'.;. Ti;:ili- at ;Ul w'e.s;erii ln!.:rV.e;s \\.?.^ >.\uw and at some placo!" ! pri<e.< w<'r'> Uiwir. Karly <irrival.«' here ';:u-liuled .-(i :ne l.iirly goiwl killing stet ;-.s a'!'! tlie-e >(.ld at steady jirices Soil., saCs v.-ere a iritle strong liur Jih- rliPreil weak to a dime per ' ".v:. l (.'.vi-r .ill aniuiid. The best steers ;;i )hi around J.' r> r >."i per cwt. I .''ows :i ':l lirifers were plentiful and 'the <iiiiilitv wa 1 .u'eiierally plain. Trade Oldened slew .ii weak prices. i.ater befMine fairly active at fully steady . (.rices and closed weak to a dime per cwt. lower. Veal calves were steady. |Stirkers and feeders, when just suited so;j freely at steady iirices. All oth- 'ers wore slow, dull and lower. I Horse.'; and mule.—Receipts. 108; Week ago. 89; year ago. 128. No : market. ir.c. store pack(?d. ICc: creamery ex- •r,^^:. :;ie. creamery llrsls. 2Sc; sec- 'I '.Js. 2i"e. f:..;gs— Receipts light and with cold vetitlier the market wa.-^ a little higher •-;xlr:i:!. 2Jc; firsts. 20c: seconds. 10c. All eiii.iatii.ns Ic less where cases are ""ijUnned. I'l.iilrry—OtTerings lii;ht and broilers ligher. Willi fair demand for every- ihing. liens. S^4c; young roosters, "ic; springs S'^c: broilers, under 2 loniuls. 12c: turftey hens, 9'<.c: gob- jit "-s. !''.jc: toiiis. Sc: culls, fic: ducks. "';f: gee-e. ."•'••c. (;:iii:e—Per dozen—Ducks. ma'Iards. >i;. re.l Iie:id-; $ti, canvas back $»?. leal 53. Si.r.itiffL '.r .O; prairie chicken, 30; rabbits, cottotijalls. .NO. 1. 90c; No. Pie; opo.ssuni 7.">c';i ll .o.l each: snipe. $1.'ioTil.r.O. Daring the long. dreary winter montlis mothers become tired, worn out. can't eat. sleep or work. Ilol- 'isters Rocky ilounfain Tea is the ireatest blessing for mothers. Makes hnii liappv and well. 2r>c. Tea or Tal>lets. Hurrells Drug Store. .1 Cnre for Mi.Hry. "I have found a cure for the misery malafia iioison produces." says R. M. lames, of* Louelien, S. C. "It's called Electric Bitters, and comes in 50 cent itt'es. U breaks np a case of chills L a*bilious attack in almost no time: it puts yellow jaundice alean out commission." This great tonic oe and blood purifier gires (I'ultsk relief In all stomach, liver and J # . J . t/ ikidney complaints and the misery of Butter-Demand fair and conntry % |, "g^^g ^^^^ g„arant «i at hififaer. Creamery firm. Packing gtock .jgu ^jynggi^,. WILL RELiM &lT 'SHp^AGE P»OL H.VLL LICESSE WiAS ED oO PER CEST Bt t?«^Ilr^> City CauucR W'lH CoBdeim All^ 'SIdrnalks—Udles.JOnlfi^;^\ . f. Are RasUiv tli« tia*. ^< ^ i Men employed to work la the Lui* " yon smelter yesterday i»e«ro^take»-«*t . to work on tho (>ipe U««-'tluit OBOijBjaiirv: s laying between its i>l«>t-^««<-^tlfe' '~ sash farm. tliree.mttea.M«thi «etl#;>'^ cit.v. This is. done da ordar 4o ^nilkVr the work on the liaiw-'ThoM n^^.-; ° Aortuge of gaa yeaterdayt It- - lieved that the gas from this floM will relieve this situation^- i Itedared Pool Meaf» Uteue. ; The owners of pool halla in tItKtttr appeared before .the citjr :-jui^md^,gt. their meting W^ednesday nl|^ iod a.skcd that their, license: rali%i£ After some discussion the <^t» ii^ reduced to $30 on. the tnit^tiliK^a^ I. 110 on every'addltlon.frtan 140 on,;tho first ta'ile and $15 on every SddfUtflH^' one. ':::,Q :gmmm-:, Misslonarr Sk»cle*^,^^|^^ The Ladies' Missionary Society^ the Presbyterian: chnrch flMC -yeattts: day afternoon with Mrs.i.Foilrler. .JOtlt-- meeting was more than of. the.: mia|. interest. . -j mtitil Condfwn Board £McwiIki^:::ii> At the meeting of the ol^d oooiicll. which was held last-Wedneadaqr iilwt^ the city council of llarpiB .iQ8|nliet.. ed the city attorney, to ijraft u» onB^ ance condemning alL^hbacd^^aldiwaBtth' in the city. Perhaps there-it city in the state of Kaaiaa the.j^s^ I.a Hariie that has as 'good WftlfH^ as Harpe. But in many places tbeit*: ire short strips of l>oard-walkai XbeM:" vii: be condemned .vregkrdle>»>^ vhether they are good or bad andlwIU . le replaced with brlci or cement ' i' niH Start BowU« Alley. A bowling alley w^il be opened ta > this city either in the-PrMley btUIdr Ing on south Main street .or inltl^ft .Mitchell building on nqrthMaitn. The council granted the malt re^ai|^ IK cense of $.">0 per year to be paid qtaiivr jterly. . r. .Mrs. XacDoBBld En^iialael."' Mrs. MacDonald entertained .. ber Sunday school class ^iyoaaclkdieaiby giving a dinner Wedaeaday evral^p: I'hey came at four o'clock and atajnii until se\-en. Mrs. MacDOMiId tJ^t^W a class of about a donn ybiiBg'^IiiUiM at the Presbyterian ohurch. ^W-,^^ Donald Tamer Has: . ^ Donald Turner, tl?e six-iiieai>oId-i_ of Mr. and Mrs. JOhn-Ti«nef'ot-thti city is quite ill w.itb^ie«iaianlk ..'n« attending physician has..been,'mt ^Us side several times wftbin-tb«'ittii^^ two days. His condition Es tbodghtto be serious. Will GITC a MlBstrcI. , - An effort is being^made to organitr another minstrel show. Tlt^ BfQM Association has asked that one bp'ig^, en and the proceeds t>e turned over to them. George W. Jones will dlrectihe- minstrel if it is organized. 'The date has not been decided., "^r' : Persoaals. C. C. Brown,left last ereni^.lor . .Nevada. Mo., on a- real estate-^fcasLl Mrs. J. P. Chenault refnrne^ to RiEt. Scott .vesterday.ftfter.a fewi ^dfin^ liait" wi<h MFSSAGJIji^»t1«i«:'«i5»^«'?%^x: h B. 3. Sears and F. E. Stre<lt biar* turned from a business visit fa sqBtb^ - erii Missouri: ' r Lou HorwKs. operator afr-tbft'Ills*.: souri, Kansas & Texas, depot is quite ill.. . . .Mrs. Cal Smith who bas;b«ea-Tanr ' ick for several days, is reported M much better today. - V iL- Raak Fsoibhaess. "When attacked by a. coiifb br..,a cold, or when your throat is iore. It li I auk fooHehness to tdt« any offidF n.edlclne than Dr. Kiag 'sx co%-«ry." says a 6. Sldti4ta«»''o |>iPii^ i.:re. Ga. "I have naed .|(ew4 >l»i»itv seven years and I. know Jt {s'tbia ii|£|t- rcmedy on earth for ebnghs aijm'^oidC cronp and all throat aad/^riQ ^itrMl^ bies. My children arw aaJdaet to eiMiB. but.New Discovery'qiiickly-c^rai:«i^ er.v attack." Known the w^)d d ^ai ^jka the King of thrpat and Itmfnrbnlm- S.ild under gnarnfee at ail'drog'-dloiNI^. • •c and $1 00. Trial bottle tree,;; 7 Inntalls 5ew MaeUae. . Ren Railove, the aboeraakar at 217 Soiith Washington. Uai liuitalled^.. a machine for sewing 6a iitik$i • This is the only macbtaie ^or Its Mad' In the city mi iiMOM^^J^iui^l ^J In ^he saving of time and aiobif ^^^ijlr can nc^ get your tboe sole «>jii|f : In a very few mODMats . vUla W^^the hand sewing an botir'a .ttmi ^!#Ml- reqnlred to do tbe liw^"^ Tli'J^ sewed soles'for OMnWliUldi forpiljl^^ coat $1.00. can ww'ii^iu^'' cents; ladies' ibest; vUc ^!{;#|q^ merly 75 cental aMnoir 4 wiV nail on men's MMi: and ladies' for 50 her heels 40 centai .MAl Ben says if yonr^lali^ always buy a **rt!«bb*.yi

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