Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1909 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1909
Page 6
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>PAILT BE6I8TEB, «CTSDAT->EVBHiyS .-JAmrAltT 8. j; 7 ,;-» '-ttwt evenloK, at the rejojlnr meelltiR « '* ^« Knights of PyfhiBs or thlH city ttie l<dkiwli>g reeolutlous wero rtiad ?; fidopted: L-^ CMtla KalJ, Knlgbts or Pythias, Ni-of;. VKtf^Lodgo No. 42, lola, jaui3ns. p. ^ "-;Wherca8. it has conn.- to our knowl- |v edge that tho estate and icitriniony p.' of.Goorgo WaBhiiiKton. Die "Rabrtr o£ Opr'^Jpnntry/' at Mount Viripou, IH •,v -cnnie<| by private panij-s. una con'* ^lle^ try.the Mt. Xunvm I^<!!«:8 Atso- (tlBtioir. That at Mount Vf-rnon wfari,- ;fests tho remains of the First PriJrti- K-' -dent of these United Slates, uml that. ^ Of Ws ffcithfnl wife. Manhu. ihe I'list t Ij^y'al the land, we should r'-(;o«ui/e f - in. it aC hallowed SK-t. sacreil to lln; ^ » nemeryof a great find uolili; man, at 'j ~ • ;%hwie Jbxlne worship hunUri-d.-i <>t -'QlOiBBandB of loyal jjalriotic Arncrifaii L*" "CiOzttis, and £. ~ "'Wlieg «8, We aro furnxr inroriii<*d ^ «nd advised that a f-'' i>t i.'.'. cuiit!- i« charged for admission ti. iho>»' who * '^Idi to enipr the ,ei<iiiiiiU, and niusi be paid before an Ainf«i(:aii Ciii/.i-u «an view and U>ok upon Un- Insi n-t- Ine place of so iXililP a s<iii ol' Anii'ii- «an- liberty, wi- tlHTcfon', Ix.liiv.- tile Congress of the t iiiiod Sia'os should make piovi.-ion alonic for lin; -governmenr. [.lurhase and ci^Miiol <>r jjald grouiuls and ilfclaii- t!i.- sani-' a _.Katlonal re.^ervr- aini i^ail: iluis uivjii>: _ Tecognftloit to !hp niPiiKiry trf oin- ihul visjnst and di:e for iht- siTviifs r.n- -.-dered in the ••.slahlislini'-ni uf liu-ae rtlnllGd States, ihi-rcfoi.- ~S Be Jt Rpsoivd. Thai w<-. the niciii- :l>er8 of Nfo^hi» i-odirc No. 43. Knights of Pythias, lula. Kao.sus, do hereby, request our liiotber Charles F. Scoti. jiiemlter uf CoDgreas from the S.ioiul <:oagr$iMl (l^al district of Kan.'^^a;:. to .iu,s «[>,li(s?|>^' endeavors i<i nrri' uiiuii "*ft£,!l6«,.De<5e<<sil.v i)f iiurrhasin-.; iVftflSpn. Ill*' iMTJal t ).aii- ut II rre WashiiK-t-m, [l,,- lii;.l I <.f ((>."-.•.•• I iiii<d and (In- V"'i)>'- !)f d.i-i .'M .-.I a ']R<M:r>e "ir I'arl'. and .•l,.ui.:!i lii lUiiitiiou f'^'- vv lycti 1'. at. i-liarfit'd .Ues(dvf-i!. Ihat a i'.;.;. i .l 'In-' oliiUons hf 1: Krepor of Hn forwardi'd ") Scott: alf.> on l'nl)i:f I'.i the • 1 (i.i>y !•• '' ' r,uu' : ••bliy :i ' on<» 111 I . . • *?ff<<:i : 1-hroii;:lr ^JllSO ( ' •A : Ml and . riy I VI i I':' i n, I'lTfird and llr innal. I I I Id I!,I I'l.niadll"'- ••• and Cio.mds fur I'l i>i,'!iia!iM'• ; al :-ii a ' 1. 11 ]r\' I'lii li.-, fail (\.in.-.,i'».; ai-u a i • .1 Cliaa. I-!'IP :- ui.d • 1 'l.ani '••ii'.-. ici ilic- ' loll iiiay 1"' liad .' ' .ii;' • jll I I-d I MHi . ,., ir. id' II a- at. .lALLATION. . ' ! Annual Ceremony Ni.-hl. .Vc,':-,; .1 ; . .1 •>• N... 1:^. Knii.-!)!,;;. t)S. i'yil'ia^*. I.' i ' Ml' •: a'lli'lal ii.'stallil ii;Ii of fdli.lrr.-i in liir lud;.''' roniiis last evfiilii^. Tin- <i(Iif"r.>; wlio \v( re instnVi(l an-; .A II. Davi.^, Tn^.i'i". W .'jl Kor<'.^t. M. (if W.: Thus. II, HoWlu^. M. f-'' F. : \V. S. 'riiorninain, 1\. of R, and S.; .1. T. .MII-8. M.of. K; I'M. Loii.i^cnr.'. .M. of A.; Uarin y IliUNi- liraUfil, -llisi.^o •r;ii.ird; .1. p. Cdslioin. Out-Sldfe Onar I. News of (he County r COTTAGE CKOTE T ' Mrs. Grace Meri;aii of T>7-' J Kas., is visiting her i anj-ii.s, " Mrs. Lewis Packet t. •, - Ernest Younf and vife FJ.I ni day with Jfyhcw Siewar;. D. W. MatbU-r has rpinini.'.-l fi'. Visit with his son. Kd ai Paismi-. • M.vrtle. Li'liaii. Frank and On.-; r j£*nson spent Samrday (•vr-ninf v. ' Mrs. xNlerilatt and .\li.-:s I"; V ett. School began this nimning :;f(i i two weekfi vacation, l" Edna .lohnsou siiont a f<iv d " last week with her c.i-in. Mr-. <;. i. Davis at Erie. ' ; Mrs.-Stewart v.-ill ha\f a . i move to town. i \i .Vhew .Stewart wif.' ia ':>d r 3. B. .lolinson's Sa.'mdav i •, i-. ;i,;-. I . Re\'. OechisU hm- In--" l...ldi;:i:m log here for the i.a.i u<(k. and •a:.- I? a' .iv.-" i:. ind .: t c llEKK ( HKiK. .1.1 Inai llii;.- 4^' -tMIss Minnif Poncr i g^. »T<!6 has been einiiioyet! t., 1, .aii i>,." jf-.Cr*3k school. \\'^'. h. ! .• I- V lliss Jennie H;'( ii,-.-!; of l.lui'-iti. |t ;;*rtN«ijr., has been Ui.- -. MI.--; I,I MJ -«arl WilBon tjii' nan •^l-ih^. Mr.and Sirs. GanM .,nd M:- -• ,< g^f -^htertained at dinn. r .\. ,v V-ai' il.- t;^ MiowltK KUcata: .Mr ..:d .M. V.i.i- ^JV'iiMV and Claude, .M I'.-.Mi .iial \,.!- Pji-^ 'Wliaon, Mi.sB Jinnic liiT.h''<i'I:. Mr |-!jfjni(l' A'rs. F. A. Jyjii^r-iri-'h and cbin! '^'iiK^.uiid Mr. Alia .Siri-ki.-r. oi .M..- fe:*'Mr.*.\. B. Miill and f;inr;.. f)r ^IBm^MrS. Howeii and' ,ri:!;iddaH:.':i(.-r ft'.ipi lola; enjoyed a iiii-jsai.i i\i;ii!i:' .-n "tjfr." H. W. Amos\s 'J-iK'y.l.iv. ^Jfr: Alta Slrickler of Moran \.V ;;.-d ^-"iW^ndH and relatives ln--i.; .li.c p.-isi i?0;-:ilr. and • Srr.<!. Gant! r-.i ' |. d a' A?r. •i|}di.Ciarfc'R Sunday aflrri!.;:,ir and y,r /Kr»i. Howard .callc-J in ilu- .ven- ^^^e. aiid Mrs. Clark exi/cct to uvA-r- ^if'jncreto Monday. h ^r^:f!uA Mrs. H. W. Anio.i cr.V.f] :it ^ C; Sunday afi.-nioon. >; W'jvi. Ciarlc spent Sunday in •• ^'3.' Rtsb; *s father is vi.^iting hi.-r ^'Snd Mrs. A. >• ,•• • I ^(Jillesole'i. itr • ' ' bphcoil... Now in Full Progress and will Continue All Month These sales have come to be famous in this territory as the greatest bargain giving events of the season, and we are determined this year to beat all previous records. The backward weather, that has been prevalent this season, has left us with an unusually largeamount of winter goods on hand', which we could not possibly afford to carry over, but which we offer you now right In the season when you need these goods, at prices that are but a semblance of their real values. Dig down in your pocketbooks and get out your little savings and come to this sale. The amount saved here on purchase will more than overbalance the interest your money could possibly earn in the next year. Don't wait until all the plums are picked, but come as soon as you can and do some picking yourself. Many cheerful faces will greet you and wait on you. Roasiflg and Determined Clearing Sale of Women's Winter Garments Womens' Coats One lot of ;"i0-liicli Coats, all wool Cliev- iotr, $f '».00 values for S2,9B J.S.fiU all wool Kensey Coat-s, nu-incli lonj^ nicely trinnued, semi-littetl, clearing sale price $3,00 %Vim all wool Keificy Coal.'^ in black, blue, brown and Ca.slor, full r>2 in leugtli, Irintzes^^ $lfj.r>() all wool Briadtloth Coat.';, .satin linet' tlirongliout, in black, blue, red and green, beautifully triainied, scnii-futed, clearing sale rricc S9i8S All our ?20,(U) Coat", nil colons all .styles includfnji the celebrated''Yankee Print/.es.s"at one piice ui. S12,9S All o'lr rJo()() Coat.s in fine Chiffon Broadclolh.s and fine Ker.sey.s, .sacrifice price SfSOO All our 135.00 Coats in finest of Broadcloths and Kerseys lined with Skinners Satin, sacrifice price '. .$18s75 Sacrifice Sole of Misses and Chrildren's Coats Children's Bear,-»kiu Coattf in all colors' sizes 2 to 0, the regular %2S>i) kind, sacrifice price ,S1'&0 Children's Bearskin Goats in all colors, .sizes 2 to I'l, worth fo.nO, clearance sale price $2.25 Children 'H f:i.r,0 Cloth Coats for .. . St.S5 Children's $;),00 Cloth Goats for.. ..$2,95 ChiUlren's .<ffl 50 Cloth Coats for... .$3,QO Children's ^S.^U Cloth Coats for ... $4,95 Children's Bearskin Coata in sizes, ages S to II worth $H..50,,.for $5.0O Children's $10.00 Cloth Coate for .. $6.50 Children's |1 '2.<>0 Cloth Coats in best quality Kersey, for $8m50 osnNcnoNMomM eamicnT ita? wi n>( MUNTZ -IICatKMM COM^M K ,S\(l{IFI(:i: S.\LE OF FJKS AM> FIK FO.VTS. Fur .Scarfs for 51.r,ii Fur Scarfs for .'L'.'iO Fur Scarfs for - • .«:!.:,'> I'ur Si'arfs for $.'i.ii(i Knr .Scarfs for an I'lir Scarfs for $111. "D I'nr Scurfs for Fur Scarfs for • •• <;-jii.iiii I'lir Scarf.s for -•• ipii I'lir .Scarfs for •• S.U'KIFK E SALE FIK <0 .\TS, <i:;.",.(Mi Fur Ciiats for • • • 'Ill i'lir Coals for •• Sin.n.i Fur Coals for J.'iii I'll l'"iir Coals for Jii'i.nii l"ur Co.'.ls for i.... i;Tr..nij (-in- C-als for $i(i'i.ipci I'lir ('<iai.s for '•• • 5i;i;.i)r. #a5.oo «4r».(M) CLE.VKIXJ .SALE OF WOMAN'S WAISTS. •SI .-'iO Waists. Sacrifice price J)8<'? $2.ri0 Waists, Sacrifice price St.aO $:!.."iO Waists, Sacrifice price Jjillj);"; $).<in Waists. Sacrifice price JHlSjiOa $•'..110 Wuisls. Sacrifice price; .......... }S5l!f)h $7 ,011 Wai.sls. Sacrifice price: _ iith!<)0 S.\('HIFI(I>« l^.iLE OF SKIHTS. The ladies of lola and vicinity win have the opportnnitv lo liiiy an.v)Skirt in ibn house at a special reduction of SO I'EK i'ENT fnini the reuular Tiiarki-d prices. Aitenilloiis not. Included. 25 Per Geni Off On any Lace Curtaing and Portieres in the house during this sale. CLEARING SALE DKESS GOODS. ."lOc Wool Dress Goods, Clearing Sale price 25t T .'ic Wool Dress Goods In fancy and plain, Clearing sale price aO* $1.2."i Wool Dress Goods in fancy striiies and checks, 4.'> Inches wide. Clearin.? sale price $1.00 Broadcloths for (59* ?l .L 'r, Broadcloths for 79^ ILEAKIM; SALE SILKS. r.Oc Fancy Silks for ;18* ">(• Fancy Silks for •. iJOl* ll .r.O Black Taffeta Silk 36 inches wide. Clearing sale «1.00 $I.riO Black Siitin Duchess 3C Inches wide. Clearing sale price Clearing and Sacrifice Sale of Blankets and Comforts 25 per cent discount from Regular Pri<;es. Buy them now. You will never buy them so cheap again. IOC niiiss (;i\(.nA.Ms. .Ins', i.-iiiviil new palt.Tlis: v.hile tiicy !aM in (his saUv oul.v 7?'-'C* Vic AI'IJOX (.'I.VGIIAIIS FOR .JC Thirty piccr. in tho lot in blue, brown and green ch".-cks, while they last in this sale, only iit- Mr KMT IMJEHHEAR FOR ' 'leu dozen I.,adieK' Bleached, Fleeced Knit Vesis and Pauls, rej^itlar :!'.tc (piality. Clearini; sale price V,c H\E DRESS GM(illIA.M.S. New spring patterns, as n);iny as you want while they last in this sale only 10^ .•iOe IIED SHEETS FOR :»»r. L 'liii Hed Sheets made of ;:ood (inalily niii.-.;iii 7_'.\!'ii. regular .'lUc kind in thits ^ale ;{9<^ .'lOc KMT r .NDKKWEAR FOR »»c. l.'.d Uiilies' Vests and I'aiits heavy fleezeil, the nsular .'"'te ([iialily. ("lear- lii;^ sale prict- Uk- liI.EACIIEI) .MISLIN. I'lill yard wide, sofe finish, while il lasls. only limited (|uautity in his sale. Only |>5«^ I.> PILLOW CASES FOR 9c :.'nil I'illow fJases made of nice i|Ual- ity muslin, si'/e '.'.Gxi'-i. Clearing sale price 9<* l ^l.<m LADIES (.MON SI'ITS FOR .'SOc One lot l.,adies' (inioit Suits, extra heavy fleeced, worth |1.<H». Clejiring sale iirice iH)6 m- FAM'V (UTI.VGS. l.iKbt or darks only about 2000 yards of these pretty Outings, the regular 10c Quality in this sale only .'.00 Yards Toweling iii this sale at .vard '. .r a* S.'.c Bleached Table Linen, clearing sale price 19^ .".Oc Bleached and Half-Bleached Table Linens in this sale 35^ 7r.c Bleached and Half-Bleached Table Unens in this sale at 50^ $1.2:'. Pine -Bleached Table Linen. 72 Inches wide, in this sale at...95^ MEW YORK STORL MEW YORK STORE MEW YORK STORE

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