The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 8
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TIIK UAKEKSFIKLU CAL1KORNIAN, MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1936 IN U. S. A. EX-KING ALFONSO HAS BIG STAKE IN SPAIN (Attnriated Vrr»t Lr.atr.d Wlrr) Stone Curving at Hclnil Is Held by Savnnl as Sign of Diffusion BF.LOIT, Wlft., AUR. 31. - The Iradrr nf the HH'ilt «'i>llc|,'<» 1/ogan Museum nntlmipolony rxpfdlllmi to- dny oxhlbllr-ii n clone riirvlng which ho wild IndlealPil thai anrlrnt Artec or Mnynn culture had ronrhfd Into what IP now the (southwestern we tlon of the I'nltod States. The expedition 1ms JUKI returned from a trip to Mexico and the south- wewl. neccrlblng the find, dug up at the Starkweather ruin near Kcucrvp. N. M.. Prof. Paul II. Nesbitt, curator of Ihr I/ogan Museum nnrt lender of the parly of four ntudenls, «Hld: "It Is a carving of a male figure In bas-relief on a Blab of laminated limestone. All details of eyes, oars, mouth nnd handB show clearly. I feel that tht> figure probably Bymbol- Ized tho fertility of mankind. It Is one and one-half feel high. "Curving In stone In confined lo Ihe Artec, Toltec and Mnyn cultures In Mexico, nnd It was believed that the Idea never diffused to the United Plates In aboriginal times. Our find makes an entirely dlfferenl story. The wholo Blab was one of tho seal•tones to a doorway and was found near tho floor of a Bin-face room." 4 »• TVfl-W YORK, Aug. 81.-- AlfonBo. ousted Uourbon king of Spain, stood revealed today UK a nmn with n bl£ Klakp In the Hpnnlxh warfare In which the two Hides arc divided almost fifty.fifty. Hln throne Is to be kept warm for him liy the Knnclsl i-ebels -- If they win. Alfonso has been busy. HP re- frnlned from liny public clnlm to |I!H overturned throne but IIP had nn nlr- plunp ri'iidy for emergencies. HP hnlf of Spain a.s \vrll us Spanish Morocco, whoro HIP rebellion Htartcd. 'I'lv- rehclH Mtarlcd .Inly 18 with :i fjiilcH conquest of Morocco almoHt ovpr night. fiPiuTiil l''ninco, hud Iho army with him. lie thought he hud the niivv, but mi ninny ships the rnmmiinlst nnd Koelallnl CICWH overpowered their offlcer-i and .tome- tlniPH top.sed tlicm o^'erbonrd. The government liad only tho mi- rletiH of nn army, but It hail moat of , made quick trips through Italy, (ior- I thn alrpl.'inos and big supplies and , i ninny, Austria nnd Czechoslovakia, I Whiitover his planH, suspicions of I nmliltloti grew when the Madrid Ko- I clnllst government announced a lot- ter from him assured the rebels "vie! tory will be ours." rmitrolli'd the normal facilities for K <. King mure. ,vn Indication of tho fairly even division In iientlment appears In Ihe Fehruary election vote when tho present soiHallsl giivornment went Paradise Lost to Chicago Tenants (Anoetaleil I'rem IicatcA Wire} CHICAGO. AUK. 31.— George Ort- sclfpii, a real oHlato dealer, won sur- prlKfd to If*nrn that the Rlx-flut build- IIIR at 2043 Ilown nlrci^t wan Included In a pnrcrl oT ii>nl entitle which came Into Ills poRHPRHlon through a niort- K"K" tniMHurllun. Ho mlRht nnvnr have found It out, he iiiu.tcd. If two of tho tcnnitln hiuln't nu/irreli-rl iiml Bono to court, \vlnT*' liM'idrnlJil tun'HtlonliiK revojilod nobody In I he building had paid rent for 10 yriirs liiiniumi nobody knew who owiii-d It. An Invr-Htlgntlon dlH- rloHed OrtHelfnn'H unniiBpcctcd Hiatus of landlord. H|H iitloniey said rent would bo collected hereafter. Thp clour Nhurp dlvlHlon of Spuln I into power with 4,:i[ilJ,f>f>!) voteH !>«• VINCKNT DENVEll. Aug. 31. (A. P.)— Merle D. Vincent, former national NRA official, withdrew today from the race for tho democratic senatorial nomination In Colorado and throw his (support to William 10. Sweet, former governor, against Oov. Ed C. Johnson. Into two camps Is shown by Alfonso's apparent hope of ruling again, and by other Blgnr.. Holh tho Fascist rebels and the government Socialists brought out opposing programs. The rebel staff under Uonoral Francisco Franco at Hurgos plainly announced Its aim as thn establishment of a military dictatorship to prepare tho way for the people to vote on Alfonso's resumption of the throne. The government, through Its Socialist party leader. Indaloclo 1'rlcto, "Tho Strong Man," said there must ho division of largo estates and "nationalization" of all kinds of big business. For the present, he added, "Spain Is not ready or well enough developed for pure Communism." Thus tho two factions, stnrllng their seventh week of bloodshed today, are aligned In tho two camps Into which much of tho world Is dividing. Uermany and Itnly are leaders of tho Fasclsl group. Russia and Franco aro on Iho Communist- Socialist Hide. Spain Is Socialist but recent do- rreeB have shown tho trend toward Communism of which 1'rleto speaks. Spunlsh political leaders have asserted Communists are biding their t.lmo, ready to selzo the government If tho Socialists aro victors. Six weeks of fighting have brought no decision In tho war lhat Europe nervous and hind It. Tho oppoHltlon of funclHlH. monarchlHtH. clmrchmen, biff land- ownprH nnd moderutPH polled G,- Tim iironent fiiHclHl rcbpl prlf:- flpUs linllpd n. blf-'Kcr VoIP but fleeted 07 fpwer deputlPH. That nhowH n fnlrly rlonf; dlvlHlon, and It wonlil HPoin jirobablc the whole PPO- pie of Spnlu Htlll think much as they did N!X montlm URU. There urn many tblnRH at IHHUC on HIP "biittlefleldH." The vicloimneHH of thp RtriiKKlo HP' pparH In Iho masH pxecutloiiH nnd tho frp(|iipnt UlllliiK of prlHoncrH, charged by both fdde.f. AH war haw been "inodcrnliM'd," avowedly to iiiakc. It morn humane, It appears at close range more fe.rnp.louH than wars of history books where Klory often BOt.H m<in> attention than blood. MIIHH pxccutlons oi'curred when MimHollnl'H army In Kthlopla pun- Ishpd traltoroiiM nultvcH. Mass executions of war HltPwlHO occur In tho relative peace of today's governments. Hitler startled the world with his .[line 30, 1834, "pnrpn" when a little band of hiH faithful "executed" (,'oloiifil Krnesl Hoehni and nlno cithers whom Hitler thought dangerous to his Na/.l power. Japan executed l!i leaderH who staged a rebellion In Toklo February 20 as a demonstration of their will toward stronger, more mllltarls- Appeal Is Planned in Mayhem Case (Aitociatcd I'rc/m Lcaicd Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31. — An ripppiil to the state Supreme Court will be the proHocullon'n next move in un effort to reopen tho mayhem and cdiiHplnioy trial agnlnHt two Han I'VanclHcui doutnrn who performed a Hterll/jitlon operation on Ann Cooper Hewitt, helreHH to the fortune ot her Inventoi-'father. AHMlwtant Ulatrlct Attorney Aug- UHt Fourtnnr sugBeHted this course after tho DlHtrlet Court of Appeals yewlerday upheld tho action of Superior Judge Haglan Tultlo In dls- nilRRlng charg<H against Drs. TIHon K. Tlllman and .Samuel C. Boyd. ....... . ............. ........... ________ ..... afraid It will spread throughout the tic action In China and Iho Asiatic thouMands of casualties hnvo paid for Blight ulilfllng on the checkerboard of war. The govprn- mcnt KoelallMs hold Madrid, tho capital, the country around It nnd much of tho coast. The PiiselHt rebels apparently control more than continent. llussla, only last Tuesday executed 10 once prominent communist lenders who confessed they Joined former Soviet Minister of War Leon Trotsky In his plan to kill Dictator Joseph Stalin and others and give tlio Soviets a "purge." Maryland Hotel Is Snake Bites Man Sold for_$250,000 and Snake Dies (Anni'iatfd 1'rr.nt LtateA Wirtl HtmLlXOTON. N. C.. Aug. 31.—A PASADENA, Aug. 31.—Ivan Do i snake bit a man here, and Iho snake Long, representing a bondholders' | —not the man—died. passerby exhibited a four-foot snake at a filling station. Tho station proprietor took the snake out, leased It. Tho reptile hit him on tho finger. Ten minutes later tho snake protective committee, purchased the famous Maryland hotel at auction today for a sum equlvalenl to $250,000. The bid price was 1(80,000, the remainder being tho sum duo In taxes EFFICIENT Dependable BUY or RENT Low«»t Term* Don C. Preston Nliwt««nth and H Also Luxurious Fur-Trimmed Suits Priced to $69.50 Dr. Van Meter Gives Special Attention to Artificial Teeth All plates made In our own laboratory. Christ Jesus Topic at Science Church Jesus' words, 1 "Clod sent not his Son "Into tho world to condemn tho world; but that the world through him mlghl bo waved, " wore tho Uoldcn Text In tho Lesson-Sermon on "Christ Jemis" on Sunday In all branches of Tho Mother Church, Tho First Church of Christ, Scientist, In Hoston, Massachusetts. Among tho Scriptural citations In tho TjCRHon-Sormon wero these verses from John: "There was a man sent from God, whoso name was John. Th'o samo camo for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all mean through him might bellcvo. . . John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was ho of whom I spake, ho that, coineth after me Is preferred before mo: for ho was before me. And of his fullness htivn all wo received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth cume by Jesus Clu'lst. N'o man I hath seen God at any time; the | only begotten Ron, which Is In tho 1 bosom of the Father, ho hath declared him." A correlative passage from "Scl- | enco and Health with Key to tho 1 Scriptures," by Mary Uaker Kddy, i staled: "Chrlsl Is tho true Idea voicing good, the divine message from Ond to men speaking to Iho human consciousness." DA Y HAS DAWNED FOR AVIATION TRAFFIC COP (Atsocfatcit Preit Leaned wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31.—Tho day of tho aviation traffic cop has dawned. Ho never writes a ticket and never raises his voice, but his word Is law at a skyway Intersection 30 miles wide. With J10,000 worth of scientific Instruments ho guards the safety of hundreds of human lives, riding In millions of dollars worth of airplanes each day. Out at Union Air Terminal, third busiest airport In the nation, what used to be a. IMl-aere farm now raises bumpi'r crops of passengers and freight for three airlines. .Standing In his glass enclosed tower, busy as tho proverbial one- armed paper hanger, Chief Airport Controller Mack 13. Tail admitted today, "1 guess our Job Isn't much dlt- fercnl from tho bluecoat who waves at automobiles and street cars downtown." "But It's a llttlo mbra technical," ho added. Frirty-four times a day tho big transports of United Air Lines, T\VA and Western Air Express shuttle In and out, going or. coming from Kansas City, Salt Lake, San Francisco and San Diego. A hundred times a day private craft take off or land. Army and navy planes average 20 visitations dally. Straightening out this air traffic In efficient order Is the airport control tower, whoso system was established lost Juno under Tail, then veteran radio expert of United Air Lines. Tho only one west of Chicago, tho control's operation to dato has been perfect. Three men assist Tail—all with federal rallng In radio, meteorology, air traffic regulations and kindred subjects—and the tower control con- tinues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At least 10,000 rules now govern air traffic, and there aro regular monthly supplements. It Is mandatory on a controller to report all Infractions to tho air commerce bureau, which has set definite penalties. A sample minute from an aviation traffic cop's day: Inbound transport pilot, 15 miles away, asks for landing Instructions by radio. Controller sweeps his Instrument panels In a glance, eyes the field and answers Into an overhanging microphone: "Wind southwest 4, barometer 20.80, field la clear, use northeast runway, gato No. 3." A racing monoplane, gaily colored like an Insect, crawls out from a hangar. The controller picks up a "beam gun"—a light rcflcclor barrel with pistol grip and peep sights— and signals Iho ship to a vacanl strip of paving at one end of the field. Twin motors roaring, an airliner rolls up In front of tho passenger building, while tho controller turns to his public address system "mike." announces tho route and departure time to travelers on tho ground floor. Tho GO seconds aro almost up as the controller scans the latest message sent on tho federal airways teletype tlckor. Another transport, miles away, breaks In on the radio. Next! •»«* BACK TO THE FARM LAKIN, Kan., Aug. 81. (U. P.)— Virgil Unruh behoves In practicing what ho preaches. He resigned as county agent to become a farmer. Decrees SUITS Smart Looking MAN-TAILORED SUITS ''eaturinj? tho now drop .single pleat and zipper placket. Rythmic "Swingy" TUNIC TYPE SUITS Noto the fiKure-revealins. perfect inoldliiK to waistline . . . the accentuated Clare from the hip line. Jaunty SWAGGER SUITS Noticeable for its new sleeve treat- uent and the way the coat 8\ving.s ,'ree from the shoulders. These Three Are FASHION'S FAVORITES FOR FALL $ 16 95 to *29 50 A SUIT FOR EVERY TYPE s s fiiJi U ij S " flffi "HALF SIZE" rides along as THE Ready-to-Wear Foundation LE GANT SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY TWO WAY—ONE WAY (Trade Mark) COMBINATION SPECIAL AT 'Ill »* I |j I yg* New EASYIRDNER HUSK A lighter weight Lc Gant "Half-Size" Corsclettc—to hold your contour more youthfully. Designed proportionately for women who are 5 ft. 4 in. tall or less with normal, full-busted, or full-hipped figure, "Half-Size" reveals a well-defined silhouette. And why not—with a Two Way—One Way back that controls and flattens most comfortably? The lace bra top smoothly but firmly uplifts the busts to the modern youthful line. Just think a foundation that is right—always stays in place—and ready for you to wear out of the store! Here Arc the Three Types of "Half Sizes" Which Is Yours? OTHER LE GANTS FOR ALL FIGURES CORSETRY DEPARTMENT—MAIN FLOOR fi fi ffi tiffi S ft flj * MODEL 25 EASY IRONER quality ironer with latest features CLOTHES HAMPER BOTH S at the low combination price of only « 5495 This-new EASY Ironer—finished in glistening white Duco, full of features that save time and labor—is a bargain alone at $54.95. But for good measure we add a big, convenient clothes hamper — a regular $3.50 . Fi . n! '. l "f l . in * h .'»« Du « value — at no extra cost. • •...».i BU IN TTinia uu&o wiin b ack trim. Adequate!/ ventilated. Large and roomy— ?'/4"»l7"x25' y . Hinged, (l,r top. The quantity is limited—this offer cannot be repeated after our initial stock is sold. Now Foreign Tuning PHILCO C20P $60.00 Complete With Phllco High Efficiency Aerial —Nothing die to buy NEW 1937 PHILCO ™th the FOREIGN TUNING SYSTEM One look at the Philco Color Dial and you'll see why foreign reception is no longer a problem 1 Stations are spread farther apart . .'. named and located, in color. You tutu by name! And Philco'a exclusive Foreign Tuning Sjnlem enables you to get and enjoy many more overseas programs. Come in and see the new Philco values! CHOOSE FROM 52 fiEW PHILCOS—$2!30 UP EASY TERMS ITS COOL AT i 1 Ji £•& ffl ffl 2 ' flgjfr "The Valley's Leading PHILCO Dealer" LUFKIN'S BUSINESS COLLEGE OFFICES NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT From 10:00 A. M. to 12:00 A. M. Fall Term Begins Tuesday. September 1 We are receiving more calls for office help than we can fill. Why not prepare yourself to fill one of these positions? •I r; Pliono 334 Office, 1304 L Street

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