Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1908
Page 2
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^Theli Cpimt Sijechenyi first Caiiif to thlsicoiintry one of th« little pifls be brortijht from; Himjary to Miss Gladys Vanilorbilt^ wa^? a snii'ii ;:o(l nnA leatter case ' witb almost pverv concelvab'e necessity for an aftor- nopn'S shoupins or theatreKOlnp iiack" 0(1 irieatiy into It .j;' The edges, whlclt srap;together llk« a purs?, are sot wltlt diamonds anil rubtoB, but tbe article its«»lf l8 more (iseful than ornn- mental. U may'he carrloil frim* lUc' linntf or wrist by a fine RO UI t-hntn.i nml .l.t contains Rpparato (HiM'>rs for I looso «han!^^ bills, thontn' lieUi-i;. rnrda. .vlsUln.Jor shijipli'i; Ii-<<s :nui <>ven handkm'blef. no.>;Mis it mn lalna a' »>crft>ot miniatxro foun'.nin lM >n. A iKiJr of oporn Rnssos a cn-.wh. n mirror a imwilt^r puff, a s; ii;)iiic • pad and prnon aiid a qut\int iittlo roll _ WatCjl 18 set Into the h.nPl;. It ! : i;;v<i th? ctinnt had the cnso -il fSpecial'y tur Miss Vaiidoi)!;- :I;H I that ho was si d-ll«hied wiili i Itave the workman who made i; in niidapest a large bonus.—ICxfhar.s- < • + • Violet Club. Mrs. S K VaRhn was host.^s< of the Violet! club yost.'rday afi"r;i'>oii from two until five o'clork. Amni;; the guests were Mrs. D. Sarvcr. Mrs. A. H. Hecox. (Mrs. Thompson Mrs. Wioodraff, Mrs. G. W. Newman .N.r.^ Miller, Mrs. C. Hutchinson, Morrison. Mrs. l.eVan. .Mr.s .M alone. Mrs. (biddings and Mrs. Hawl. ; * + * I r : Y Reception. i . The Woman's Christian Tomp'r- ai'ce UulonI kept open house lasi ov <=.hinfc at the residence of Mr. and Jirs. J. XT. Edwards, 602 .>iad:- ;sgn-avenue. Mrs. R. B. Stevenson sbd^Hrs: S. S. Vamer assisted the hoalusBS in receiving and entertainiuR 4ftVBntjr-flve giiests between the hours of eigfat and fen o'clock. The rooms Ware decorated with yellow.and white' ;inil tlic predominating colors w£rc<l in the refreshments. .\n address of welcome by Mrs. Kej-s. luesident of the Ws was res liohded to l)y Mrs. \V. R. Crangle who is superintend.^nl of the V society. K<>l!<nvinff the addre.-jse.s the Orpheus ciuj> and others of the guests contrlb utcd several musical numbers and there was a brii'f discussion of work for liie appr^iachtng spr ng and sum r,>.r. Th.> snoots .-ind hostesses niln nled in a cordial and happy manner .ind the i'venin!; was e \o;'<'!dingly en- .1oyal«K\ •:• For L.idy Maccabee*. Mi-s Ijmra Harton "(>;> Souih K n 'iiol-y ttrei 't save an Inforuml party \>rtt(rd;iv for th;> l.:tdy Maocahei's. Tlie :;t! "Is prrsen! were (•'anclion I'. Pore, iK'.nlly nines. Hanehe Oralg. n.-r !-a T;'vl'-r, Klor .-nce McGnffln. r .illie Clayto;!. l .oie Sii-Oile. Mrs. .1. KuitDii. .^Irs Ilarivuess, Mrs. O V.T- Mrs. i:.).:yev and .M'.-s. \AWa Oart< u. <• •> '> Miss-onary Society. The parlds of tiiO Tr "s^oytei -'an < . ureh wore <:pin.'il yost< r:Iay aff'M'- iKOii fnr the use of ladies of ihe ^'!Ss •i.•na :y s;c!ely. T'.io • '.•c%.\ St Fbion was a notab'e fi-afre .ni'.d tliere were s .->veral papers and lUsrvipilv.-' Tradings relative to niiss- ir::ary wni;; rn ,-arioiis places. -> .J. J. Alta Se'i'a Banquet. In vrsponve to inviiations from ihe A ui .'•"eta c:ul) the .Altruistic boys in cimpaiiy with 'a gronp of oth'r friends enjoyed a banquot at ihe I'losbyt .Mian church last eveninir. As U-e izuests wore arriving the .\pollo <iirhesira played a grou|) of numbers and Miss Eva Arnisfroug. Miss Eve- Hli Miss Edna Duncan and .>liss 1-uUi Culbertson rendered very V>!cr.sins solos. • .At nine o'clock the co.'iipany v.'aK •.cBt?d jit. the pretljly. desoFitted .ttkL 'dcs and scnred wi|)L«.4eUctous mena' °:i courses. Red and while jekri|atipn8 rtre used to decorate the festive .oard and the following elaborate pro•ram of toasts was heard: ^»ir Guests EUna Duncan Dur Hostesses Fr?d Killlan WUl Flowers Velma Sleeper Oar Bojs and Girls .. Mr. Morse The Girl Proposition .. Miss Minrow Good Advice Harold Fiilton liooking; Backward niancbe Van Busklrk l.ooking Forward .. Mrs. Hrischer After the banqu?t the receiving young ladles. Misses .fuHa Zimmerman. Edna Eaken, Agnes ^fuhson. Florence Thompson. Floy Houser and Elnora Boyd, assisted by Mrs. HIl- fchor .dlrifcted several' mirry con- tcsrs and otharwlse entertained. In- vitatons for this delightful function were sent to Ruth Rowe, Blanche Van Bufikirk. Bell Cook. Madge Cooper, .lu'ia Zlmmennan. Carrie Reimert Edna Eaken. I^u, Alfa and'l?dna Dun can. Floy .\dams. l>»ttle Woodln Mary Cannon. Flossie Mung?r. Eva .\rmstrong. Norma Ressler, Trean Lowdermllk. Mable Beatty. Evelyn Howland. Mildred Manler. Velnin SltH'P<*r. Etinlce Jackson. I.uln Cul bertson. Elnora Boyd. .\my Massen gile. Florence Thompsoi)i, A'gnes Mun son. Mr. Harry Jones. Harvey Heller. Norrls Mae. Warren and Herbert Allen. Harrlsion Barton. Glen Core W'tl'.am Bnrtnett Waldo Coffmnn. K KM I ICIlllan. CI:iy C.ns<(. James Wood li;. Clayton Teats. Harold Fulton. Frank Gnnlner. Clark Gilbert. Fr«d Konnntz. Rev, and Mrs Hilscher. Mr and Mrs. Bussing, and Mr. and Mrs A. V l.entasters. + • -> Eclipse Dance. I The Masonic hall was use«l for the ICcllpse c ub dance Ihst evening. The fo 'Iowin:.' people attendi»d: .Mr. and Mrs. J. D. MundlB. Mr. and Mrs. E n. Shields. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Baillet .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood. ML-ise.* Laura I>ovoca. Bertha Sickly. Bess Hamilton. Genivieve Taylor. Ruby Holler. Carrie Dogett. Mayme Ander Co::. .Myrtle Maxon. I.cia Holm3s. Xet tie Ilrlgham. Barbara Fry. .losephinc Riddle, Verna Fleming, Rose Woith nirdie Hoch, .Mrs. Albert Walker of St. l.ouis. Messrs. Guy Pees, Roam Coffey. Lynn' CotTey, Henry F .^ak. I Ros^.s Clark. Mr. Wasson. Max Ster- I rctf. .Vrthur Crouch. Eugene Hamll i ton, George I.ongaker, .John Lovoca ' Ho'-bert Allen. Dwyer, and Roy Funk. I y Entire Stock to be sold to tlie highest bidder,' piece by piece. I go tp California in a few days. N pthing in my fine stock reserved. Diamonds, Watches^ Clocks,. Jewelry, Silverware, Cut G-lass and Hand PJa-lnted China. Everything goes, is the chance qf a life-time to bxiyfinv of these fine goqds at your ^WD. pirice. Ladies especially invited. Auction begins . Friday, Jan. 17th anddbntihues daily except Sunday Mtil entire stock is sold. Sale beginning each jday at 2 p., m. and at 7:30 i^bthing but fine goods to sell. Fixtures all to be sold. Come one ax^^all and see the goods go. .gil^FiiSt Door North ofPostofHce. i*tfee^ Evening Card Party. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Redfearn werr at bonis to a coterie of friends last evening to enjoy an informal eveninp at euchre. The prizes went to .Mr.s George DeClute, .Mrs. W. E. Stark? and Mr. Fred Gerbitz. Mr. and Mrs Redfoarn's hospitality was ?xtende(' to .Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Barnard. .Mr. and .Mrs. A. I.. Moorehead. Mr. anr .Mrs. W. E. Stark, Mr. and Mrs. J .D. Arnett. Mr. and Mrs. Ace Balliet, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Harris, Mr and Mrs. J. Bartlett, Mr. and -Mrs. George DeCIute, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gerbltz. Mrs. A, Bart'ett. .Misses Daisy and P?arl Hartung Pearl Moore l >ead Miss Alma Bartlett and Mr. Earl Bartlett. * •» * Afternoon Party. •Mrs. P. A. North rup gav^ a very rleasant party yesterday afternoon tc entertain the Thursday card club The guests played vrogTessi\-e euchr<" .•>t several tables and afterward were seated to a luncheon. The guests other than clnb memb.'rs were Mrs. A. H. Campbell. Mrs. C. E. Newton. Mrs. Mont Palmer, Mrs. E. W. Stan- fleld Mrs. Ho 'tThnelder of Hum boldt. Mrs. A. 'T. Brown, Mrs. Frank Bennette Smith, .Mrs. C. H. Shields Mrs. H V. Dresbach. Mrs. F. E. Smith, Mrs. J. H. Campbell and Mrs. M. Schoenbrun. •:• Personals. Miss Bertha Sjckly will spend the week end at the country home of Miss Myrtle Maxon. Miss Flossie Leffler yeft yesterday for a two weeks' visit In Colorado. Mrs. Holtschnelder of Humboldt was a guest of Mrs. H. A. Brown yesterday. Miss Emma Cooley. of Kansas City ip visiting with the family of E. W. Myier and other friends In the city. Mrs. Henry Hanson, of Carterville, Mo., wl'l arrive tonight for a short visit with Mrs. Harry Armstrong. Extra Buiber Y. X. C. A. ledare erane taesiay, J UHIT 81, Prctbj' terikh eharek. MRS. E. J. LOVE of New Mexico, who has been visiting her mother; Mrs. R. S. Linville. went to Tola today for a short T I B IL She wai ae- campanted by Mrs. Unvllle.—Chan- te Sun. All watch work gftihini teed to Rive satisfaction or money refunded. Ho. rac, Santo Te X. K. & T, IVateh iBBpectors. FUNERAL OF ALMEDA JONES. Services Were Conducted from ttie M. E. Church. The funeral services of Almeda Joues, who died at the family home, .102 North street yesterday, were con ducted from the First M. E. church this afternoon. Rev. J. M. Mason of- llclatlng. Interment was made in the new cemetery. Miss Jones was a member of the M. E. church, was an earnest worker in the Sunday school and Junior l.»a RUe of that church, and had a ho't of friends who extend their sympathy to the relatives in their bereavement. THE FIRST game of the Juni<ir Y M. C. A. liaskei bail tournament will ^< plav.'d iiiiuorn>w uiiirnliig it 11 <>' P1< ck on tbe Y. M. C. .\. court. Tiie -.aiie xvlll le b.-twt-n teams nuiMlii-r I and III. THE CALL which was issued by the .\>sociali<d Charltli>« for child ••en'< clothlnR has ntrl wlt'h but few I sporscs »{•) :o this time, WORKMEN begin today building i f<nce riling (he west siile'of the ii'W ceti etery. It. will le a' four wire •"i-nce. Notice. A'l sul'scrll'crs to the Bill Tele ••hone .tyst-ni are n-nuested to call •It the (ifflce to settle indebtedness on •r before the fifteenth of each month The cnl'ectors will not call at resi lences from this tint? on. Phones at rfsidfuces of delinquent patrons will I.e disconnected until bills are paid OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY. Local Order Listened to Addre's by Col. Atchison. Last evening in the K. of P. hall th« local order of Antlers, their wives and families celebrated the anniversary f the organization of the ord?r. A ^hor. addri'ss was given bv Col. J. '5. .Atch son. after which dancing wan >t>?ai:ed in until a late hour, when a box supper and a general good time was had. What's Good For Chaps? A common question these days and one to which we give but one answer. The best thing for chaps is our Rose Cream. There are other valuable remedies, but we know of no other that combines no many good qualities. It Is pleasant to use. It Is entirely absorbed. It is not greasy or sticky. It cures promptly. Form the habit of using it and thus have chapped and roughened hands and face one of the evils that never annoy you. Price 25 Crnt .i. (arreirs Drag Store The Ileialf Stort. WEST SiDfe SQUARE. "reaTtTHATittrtKttnrf' THE IOWA GATE NK We havie jtist received two cars of woven wire fence dnd can mak« close prices. T. B. Shannon Ty^o Big SUtt)*, Judge Collina Busy Paaains Sentence en Alleged Bootlegners. Clint Si. Heaton and Felix Thorap- Bcn. who were convicted in police court yesterday on the charge of vlo- lat'ng the city oriinance prohibiting the sal? of Intoxicating liquor were ccch sentenced to ninety days ill Jail and to pay a flue of $300. They were fcund guiity on one count each. They nicd bend for appeal! Sam Donovan, Bert Slann and J. A. Mcrrlson i»ho pleaded guilty to vio'atlni: the city ordlnanca prohibiting the sale of Intoxica'ing liquors, sev- »ral davs ago, were yesterday given a sentence each of sixty days In jail and a fine of $200 by Police Judge J. M. Collins. :A4I .-4i JLJi.f^ Lowney *s Choc^ CHANUTE PLAYS HERE TONIGHT Good Basket Ball Expected at Y. M. C. A. Court The Chanute Basket ball team will iday a return game with the lola t«-am at the V, .M. C. A. this evening. Saiupl.\ who Is one of the star players of the B. V. team will play with Ihe Chanute team. Sara El'ls, former y <if this city will also play with :he Chauuto t«am. Ellis was captain • f the Ott'«wn t"nm when that team was c.ins !dered one of the best teams 11 the stale. It will be renien>bere<l that the lola team was de'featetl by Ihe Chanute bunch last week. Tola Won the Jlrst tat by "the score of 8 10 .'i. and lost the game In the second ha'f. The hone boys say they will et the r re.-«ngc this evening. Fo'- I-wirp s Ihe Ilneup.of the teams: '^hnnute .^Position.. ,mis Center ... 'Iraham Forward . Elzea Guard ... Buck Guard .. ... lola Gardner Roberts . H?i!;le . Fultoi: WATCH GOOD AS A COMPASS. Indicates Cardinal Points, at When the Sun Shines. Least Washington, Jan. IT.—"No man should ever get lost if he is carrying a watch," said Joseph Kasdtka 1 golf player of Washington, who has returned from China, where he got lost In a forest and roamed for s'v •ral days. "A Chinaman taught me to use my watch as a compass and 1 am willlfag to share my Information with the American peoiile. Here it is: "If the watch Is placed horizontally, so that tiie hour baud points toward the sun, the south will be ind .-ated .on the face of the watch half •*ay between the hour hand and the ngure twelve. "In other words, if the hour band points to 8, then the south is toward | the figure 10. If the hour hand stands at 10 the south lies In the direction of 11. "Having located your south, it is :ic easy matter to determine the other three points of the compass, and you may go your way depending tib- solutely on the accuracy of your watch-compass, which cannot fall, even If it stops." THAY ARE FRESH. A choice aisortment of this popa> lar brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates h«e, otir personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get yotir next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Cratier Washington and West Sts. — ^- . • - -- i > - f- iiH rTi Lodge Directofy iBtisfness Dbectofy. KXIGRTS OF M .VCrABEF .S Knights of Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W.- Poslwait, commander; R. 11. Pnr- ter, record keeper. W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meets in K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T..Steele. C. C. A. H. Davis. Clerk. Visitors cordially Invited. KMOIITS OF I»YTIII.VS,-N,oslu. Lodge No, 43 meets every .Monday night at K, of P. Hfttl. Vlsiilng bn- thara Invited. W. 8, Thompson. K. C.. Christ RItter, K. of R. and S. BK.S, REID & REID, • * ruysk-lanh and Sargepns. * -X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • * Kvf. Ear, Nose and Throat. • * ntted. • ' OIlUe phone 357: Res. 396. • X. W. A.—The .M. W. A. I>odge meets every Friday night in M. W. A. HiUl. Vislltng brothers invltiMl. \V. II. Anderson, V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. ~iOY.\L~>KHl|in01LS._loltt Camp Nok 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of eai-b mouth. Mrs. F, A. Wagner, oracle, •Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 Weesl Street. Reconler. KRATERXAL RKOTIIEKIIOOI).- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 3.S0 meets second and fourth Thursdays of each month In A, O. IT. W. Hall. Visiting members cordially invited. W. Jl. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secre- tarj*. Junior Order I'niird Amrrican Me- chinicM.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A. Widick, Councelior; C. IJ. Black, Recording Secretary. iHitnied f ater One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make-12 gallons of distilled water siutable foe family use. Try it. lela Ice & Cold Storage Co FRANK RIODLB, Mgr. DB. McMlLLSN, * Special attention glvea. to tka * treatmeiit of all Chroaie Dlaaaa- * ea and Dlsaasaa ot Chlldraa. * Tolephunea: Offlca U, Baa. XSt. * Office In Mra. Tnrnar'a Bide,. * Weat Madlaoo^ ^ * Pbona 687. Rat. 701. .DB. 0. L. COX, Bye, Ear. Nose and Throat BpecUdaa Property FIttad, Ofllce A. O. U. W. Bldf. • • • • • • • • • • OlBce Phone 108S. Night Phone 406. DB. B. 0. CHBI8TUH. FkyaiclM a»i Saigen. Rooma 7 and 8. Brana Bids. • • • • • • Rrts. TeL 198. OlBca TaL 163. • DB. J. B. FEFPEB. • Dentist • Is permanently located over • E. C. McCialn's Clothlns Store, • and la prepared to do all Unda • of up-to-date dental work • Evening work by appointment • ••••• • • • • • • F. H. MARTEf, • * Surgery and Diseases ot * • Women. • * Oaice and Residence Phono 576 • • Office 7 North Jefferson. • DEPOSIT AT LEAVE> WORTH. Fifteen Cunatry Baaks In Kansas Change From KaBsas City. Leavenworth, Kas., Jan. 17.—In the past few weeks fifteen Kansas country banks have transferred their correspondence from Kansas City banks to those of Leavenworth. It is expected that others will take similar action In the near future. The bankers here ')elleve that the change Is permanent The country banks which have made his move are largely In the northeast- em section of the state. Four small state banks from the central northern portion have transferred their bus!less here. UNDERSHERIPP Boatrlght is not able to be at his office today on account ot sickness. A SOCIAL club was organized at the residence of Mrs. w: B. Rich. 711 '2ast Spruce street, known as the CAdles' Purity club. The following officers were elected for the ensuing rear: President Mrs. W. B. Rich: vice president. Mrs. L. C. Campbell: recording secretary, Mrs.-B. F. Beu- enne; corresponding secretary. Jfrs. X. W. Williamson: treasurer. Mrs. M. larrlson. The memliership list con- dsts of the following names: Mr.s J. D. Dennis, Mrs. M. J. Johnson, Mrs. \L Floyd. Mrs. E. J, Walker. Mrs. R. C. Campbell. Mrs. H. W. Grnbbs. Mrs. L R. Ross. Mrs. W, M. Renfro, Mrs. T, Owens, Mrs. A. Turner. Mrs. J: M. Overstreet Mrs. S. U Wniiams.^Mrs. O. Rose. After the business the hostess served refreshmeB^ OROCERY IleJadqiiartcrs far Good Thin^ to Eat Teie |>hoDe IS9 • DB. W. B. nSTLMUH. * • Fhyilelat * SargeaB. * • Office N. E. Corner of Sonars. * • Over K. C. Plumblns Co.*! Btora. • • Res. Tel 38. Offica TeL US. • • • • thc^^Oar Way'* Restaurant Mmrohmnts' Lunoh2So Everything in Season. S HORT O RDERS OF ALL K INDS P. L. Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAH8. Special attantlon gtyen to DIa- ea8ea-<iC Wosnen and GhlldnB. Over East Side Hardware. Offica 'Phona. Uala 468. » • • • • • • • FARMS, I D nowell Coaaty, XIssoarL To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list Give full descritplon and price of what } ou > have. J. T. GILXOUR. Pomona, Mo. w. E.iin>Eiaoi. Attaraeyat^Iaw. Notary and Bteobca^ar In -Ofloe. Phone 466. JEWCLEBa B. F. Pancoast old reliable Jcrweler, 110 East street LivinqfttoD £• €o Contractors and Bnllders. All Kinds of Work a Specialty. 9 Sontli Sycamore. Phone WA. Big Special Cut on on all kinds ol Merchandise until thmgs change. A. G. MUMHA. Prb. General CaatiAetor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialty. Office 113 East JMckson Are. PkbaetiM. OfiBce and^lpilge Ware Rootq at tB West Street Phone 358 Esti]^at^^ohe«r( «'e9 on all .j^jl Phxr tit.: Be^. mS. ^Backayeifc Fair best and^oa^db^ remlta W 4 ^

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