Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1909 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1909
Page 5
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Ilil lOLA DAILY BEfllSTEB. TUESDAY EYEKIXO. JANFARY 5. 19W. Short Stories Bsassssa o r Bsa^Bts lola Happenings —Frank P. BeatUe, V. S., Phone 139. lobinM Were There. The Knights of Columbus lodge of this city held an adjourned meeting at their haii Sunday afternoon for the imrpose of initiating some candidates. Those given the first degree were .Joseph .Murray and J. H. Shutte. Several members were present from lola I'riday of this week there will be work in ihe degrees at Garnett. and the Hunilioldt team will go up and confer !hi» first and second degree.s. Several iif the Humboldt Knights are going to :iitfii<l.—Himiboldt I'nion. Tor the hest and iinickest results ose (be Keffiater's want colamns. Bakerites at Topeka. The Tol)f'l^a Capital says: About seventy-five "Bakerites" attended the banquet and reunion of Baker L'ni-. versify at Mill's t'-a roftm last evening. Tlic banquet was served at fi o'clock, after which a .short program of informal toasts was given. Dr. L. H. Murlin, jiresiiient of the si-hool, presiding as toastmaster. Opens Tuesday, Jannary 5tli, and Lasts Till Monday Night, Jpary ISth We have just closed a successlul year's business and have satisfied thousands of people-now to clean up all winter stock. This ereat salo includes every Overcoat in the house, all Suits- Cravinette Ooats„Odd Trousers, ChUdren apnts..^l^ee ^anxs. Flannel Shirts, Underwear and heavy goods. The prices you will see on these goods will be a revelation to you'^prices xnaL will move them, in a hurry. --- - —The only Cafe that serves the Cenuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. Abbott Is Sold. .•>ipeii<'cr Soon .Milioti \\\\C) \\:\s been ronii<-<'i<<l with ilii- 'l"<>p<-ka \t:im in line way or arioiher ••vi r .since liase ij.ill s 'lirtt'il here fuiif , aao. has l)ef:i sold lo the I'lin Worth leaui oil ih'- Texas le;igiie by Maiiairer I>;rk ! Codii-y Tile )iri(i' wlijr'li Ccidlcy rr- \fiveil for AbliiHf Jias not I ii iii;ule pulilie. Iiui it Is iindi r>:o (Ml lo have a UCKMI one. aiicl CIHII.'N i< notei! ; for ^;i-llini; -.^ooil |.!;,.-.s Tor ^a•"''S - - | .Sraif .li.iu:i.!!. j 1 -In«M on hn>;nu' l". S. I'lmir. AnotluT l)i«id«-nil. The McKiiiley Oil eonipaiiy has do- c'.ariMl another dividi -iul. That is making a noise like money, 'i'lu. oil cimi- panies iha; n .^cd to iiihaliit litis part of ihe <-ouiitry have abour all r<'ased to exist, and the alKive is al)out thf only (lividi-nd pay 'T i -ft. —Uin'.ilidUii I 'siioti. —Dr. P. E. IVanith, Dentist, Phone 32 To Extend the Road. The residents of National Atenue who have for six month.^ ansibu.sly awaited the completion of the work • of rebitililing the roadway, are feeling i Men's Overcoats The weather has been too warm for Overcoats to sell it& profit, now we must get them out of the house regardless of jirofit^. They are made by SKch well known houses as Kohn Bros, and the House of "Henley." J6 .O0 Ovvrc-^'als go for $4*50 7.50 Overcoats go for. S5m00 12 50 Overcoats go for $7»2S 15.00 Overcoats go for. StOmOO 16 50 Overcoats go for $tfmOO 18.00 Overcoats go for $t2m7S 22.50 Overcoats go for J$t8m00 Children's Suits Reduced prices on Child.en'.s .Sr.irs, reductions that mean .something. Youth's Suits tit ^ *^ CO, • •» j Long Pdnt Suits, age 14 to iH yeans. ""' ' 5s 00 Sui'. for $3,50 6 00 Suit for $4,00 7.50 Suit for $5,00 10 00 Suit for $B»SO You have dealt with us long enough to know that vyhen we make reductions in prices that they are genuine reductions, not just make believe. Not everything in the house is reduced, but the reductions cover a large proportion of the stock shown in this big store. Boys* Knee Pants 5ric Knickerbocker and plain pants 39a 75c Pants lor i.50o Boys' Sweaters soc Sweaters for 30o Children's Toques All sizes and colors. 50c kind for 33o Flannel Shirts Big reduct'ons oa ev-ry one. Heavy Fleeced Underwear All 50c fleeced go at ..39o Men's Suits made by Kohn Bros, and the "Henley" make—the best made clothing in America. • •) $10 00 Suits go at $7mSO 12.50 Suits go at SSBSO 15.00 Suits go at StOmOO 18.00 Suits go at $t2mB0 20.00 Suits go at .$tBmOO 22 50 Suits go at $t8m,00 25.00 Suits go at $20m00 2S.50 Suits go at $22mBO Remember these Suits are all wool Cas- simeie and Worsteds in- all colors and black unfinished. Worsted and blue Serges. Children's Overcoats Here Is where you can save some big money. S2 .50 Overcoats for $taBO 3 .00 Overcoats for $2m2B- 3 50 Overcoats tor $2m7B 4 00 Overcoats for $3JOG 5-00 Overcoats for ~. .93mBO 7.50 Overcoats for. $5mOO Remember the Big Sale started this morning, January 5th. Come. Don't miss such an opportnnity as this. lielishted that the contract has been -finislied tiiotigh they are .setting ready! for anntii'-r iiiooe of work lo bo und'-r-j taken. They want the seotion of thf . street from Seventh or ,tli*>real)otits to ] Wall street, a distance of ahoiit Fcven ' Idocks and fifty feot. macadamized, and in anofii»^r few weeks a resolution ' fo- this work will hf» introiluced at the j council nieptinz. There is of coursf>. no probability but what this work will' be taken up and finish-'ii as soon a."?; _^jg-ii painilpg is possil)le. WTien this portion of theJQjj„ne 1428. roailway is rebuilt the uvrnu" will be; one of the lonpest driv<-ways in th>' j state of Kansas, that has macadam j and t .TTvia over every foot of it.—I't Pcott Tribune. Barclau-dhields ClothiDg "THE HOUSE OF QUALITY" I .1 —.Mways time to eafat the Our Way. Jn a sad manner. She had been unable to >:ei around for some time and Cox ^^'"^ ccniiielled to u.-e a wheeled chair. j,,,jV|She made herself useful however, in spite of her old aee and infirmity. On .\t Bartlt>Ulle. Mrs. \V. .\. wife of I'r. is hi'r<- from loia spending: ihe ,l;iys.—l;;iiile.~viiie ICiinrpr'.r^e. Fred Rowden. I —Unr.l She" Crab. Lobsters, r.lue Points. Our Wav. Miller at Hiimlioldt. H. Miller of Pctnilia. l"la ritv. etc.. d:iy witli ITMnilw)l(li Dr. .>I«<ira« l.euw^. Di'. .^Ic(;raw and Harry Sniiih have discontinued the medicine show al (Jerniania hall for a few weeks. Dr. .McCraw left for (•hi<-iii;o .Sunday and .Mr. Smith to Kansas Clly. They will return in two we.-ks with a larger and heller coniliinniiiui.—Huinl'oldt. Hf»raid. Katis;i>' I was in H-uuhuMi "V-dn— I _i ,r. p<vp ,„.r, Jh-ntisl. IWe :i I'tirty ( r ^iml Iniyers.— ' '•n'^n • Was at Chanute. I). II. I"). .-^iiK-li /i-r arrivi -il from luhi tliis aflcriiooii to lii 'Ip IiMoic.' thi- Toland shop. Mr. Tolaiid ha< liad it leased to .Mr. f'!<T::y for tlic [lasf 11 months, and will r'siime cliar^e niiaiu toinorrow.—CltatiliU' Ti ilniiie. ihe Saiurilay moriiiiisr of death she Was alone in the hi.u.-e. her son hav- I in.:; stepped out of doors for a short time. When he came in the was lying uiicon-icious on tlip f'oor. • Hi-r­ in^ had caught ^f:re in some manner and wliile she had extin:-'ui.<lud It in front she was unalile fo put out th*» fire in the Tear anil her back was iiirned raw by the flames. She lived six or eight hours. Mr.-:. Wilson was ei^lily-eight years of age at the time i( her (hath.— Humboldt Herahl. Rooms for men. Y. Nf C. A. bnlldlng. j Steam heat In each room. Ratha free —Good Things to Kaf. *Oui-Wa.v.' DisiHuiitle riar.t. Th<- Suress O;,' <'()ni!i.iny Ins dis- nianiled its p 'anl souih of inwa ami i> shipping tin- luai .Tial aw.iy. Tlif plan: has heiui in 5ii<< .•- fii! oin-raiion j -;;i>.' th.' I.uoni atid h;i.- givii a good I llr. WiNHn*" .Mother Head, linalily of oil Th'- <. iiniaii.'. ilti-jili-d j Op. Wilson ri-ii'iind Krid.iy from howev.-r. to go oui III' liii-in.--:s rather | T.oda Ills., whi-r.- In- was called by 'li.iij drill more w.-!'s—liu!ijlioldt l|.-r- the dealh of lii-^ irc llx-r a we.-k ago aid. • .«iind:iy. .Mrs. Wilson nut her de:ilh YOUR INTEREST IS READY Ord'-r your flour at Itadglev's feed store. 117 West Madisiui St. I'hone 7.'i. J. O. Brown Not The.-e. The .1. I.,. Brown family were among those who entertained on Chriatma.'' ilay. The entire family was present ixcepf .1. (). nrown of lola. Tncle .^'am's mall carriers have hard work fo get an extra holMay.—Yati-s C'-nter .\ilvocaie. ' —riiniiincham & .\mftt, C per cent, money. j BAPTISTS ON THE STAGE. Colored People Are to Give Pay on I Thursday Evening. Adjusted Differences. There was a report circulated thai when the city catne to si-tt't- with Contractor Gilfillan for building the avenue it would have lo dig up about "The Old Maid's Return From the |2,7iio for extra macadam used over . Klondyke." is the title of a high class and above what the engineer's esiim ate calli-d for. Tliis was denied by the city officials at the time and Mr. Oilfillan .says he knows of the exist- etice of no such claim. The city and Mr. Ciltlllan have about .idjusted everything concerning the avenue anil the final iiayment is to come from the Tniteil States government.—Ft. Scott Republican. (IT OIT "KEKIiDS." No .More "I'lUh" for the Cisrars hi fJa.-. CIlj— .Marshal Notifies Iteslaiirants.. Change Juvenile Lav/. .\bilene. .Tan. .".—The organization of a new juvenile court for the state :s to bo jiroposfd at the coming sess- ioi of the Legislature. ,Senat<ir I.'iMlges and Representative will 'a;her it. and the necessary bl'l has be.fu drawn by th"' Knights of Honor organization, a lodge to which hoys All DEPOSITORS i„ o„r Savings DEPARTMENT!™™™ J'- is to be created In each Judicial dis trict. a court which shall be called the .Juvenile Court. There sliall be one Judge in each Judicial dlHlrlct. wiio shall IH? appointed by the district Jii.lge upon the recommendation of the county superintendents of the several coimfles in the district. So more • |iit(h for tln' Cigars" in Cas City. I'Nillowing instructions from Mayor (ienislierg. C. .A. .\datiis. ni;ir.-hal of Cias City, yi'sterday sirvi-i noii.e oa Ihe iiriiprielors of all resl.auranis In (!as Ihai thev must ce ;ive iiermitting card playing in llif -ir respective places of business or suffer iirosfcuiinn. It has biH -n the custom of resi.-nirant keeper.s to allow patrons to assemble in ihi-ir places and Indulge in a fri'-iid \\ game if piicli. iiic s:aki's bi-liig cigars fi r ihe winners. This praciice l .'iad obiaiiii-d a strong hold and was the incentive of much cigar trade. Hireafter. l :owi-vcr. if flas Cilyans want to play cards, there masr I.e no stakes involved. Tlie leading brands of the fragrant we .Ml must. In the future. depet:d ujion the craving of the smoker for palniiage and the man who sinikes nui.^i walk meekly up to the cigar (•.\se and tc his nickle on the glas -f. instead <if endeavoring to cut d'wu hl.-» cigar bl'ls by fliriing Willi faie. who had 15 00 ormore on depoiit January 1st, I'.tO;) will p'.ea.'^a present their Pass Books at the Bank, to have their INT vREST CREDITED. You can either draw this inter- terest in CASH, or we will credit it the same as if yoa made a defosit of that much cash. If credited t • your account, it will draw juPt the satue as any otlicr tlfptivi^. YOUR. INTEREST 1^ READY (:«•» the Elko, the \>fst :,(• rle«r, nt CrahhH, .A home rlirar. LOAN.S: LOANS! UJANSf On farm land or lola prx)perfy: long or f»fiort time: lowest rates; best terms. Money today If title I.H good See us nt once. lOLA LA .ND rOMP ,V.NY. \Olt.MAL .STIDKNT.S "(IT IIV For u New Hiilldlnic Olehrution ('!a<t!<> eii In Sprlnirfifld. .Mo„ Wwe MUceil. .Siiringfiel,!. .Mo.. .Ian. .">.—Three hundred stud, tits at the s'aie normal here "cut" their classes today and J celeliruted the completlim of Hie new ^$:JOO.OOO a.ademy building. The stu- ' dents ignored the appeals of the faculty to .-^how .their apiireclation by getting down to work. Thtt boys and girUs after marching over the grounds Siaie Savings Bank OapUmI 92B.OOO Mm, Kmi Open fmm 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights A Parsons Joke. The Parsons Sun says: There was a rumor toilny that a detachment of the Salvation Army would le brought In from Tola and another from the barracks at Independ- - - ^ ence 'In order fo prevent trouhle this came "> ih" city and made a rousing . .1 .T mui t _i deroonsii'aticn ou the public square, evening over the .\ntl-Horse Thief ralv ^1^.,',,^ j.^„^ ' hit hunt. _ faculty gave up In despair and announced that there would be no class- —Pftr fin* llTery iind twMr ^infC es today. one act which is to he put on in Booker's hall Thursday evening by the ladies of the Second Baptist church. Those who are to take part havee been rehearsing for some time and have the bill well in hand. The doorkeepers aro Messrs. Mc- Colors and Parker and tjte stage managers are E. O. Green and -V. Woodard. Cast of Characters. •Jan.'. .losephine Green." Solferno (President I Mrs. .T. W. Gordon "Priscilla. .-Miigal Hodge.'" (Secretary! .Miss .\ddie AVilliamson "Charity. .lane. Higgins. Wire-Worker," (Treasurer) .' Mrs. Rlla Klippins. ""Tiny Short Van Tassel." .Mrs. Cora Dennis "Tti 'lM -eca Rachel Sharpe. High Fiver" .Mrs. Kthel Walker ".Mary .-Vnn Pradler .Ma'aprop." ... Mrs. .lohn Dale "Palieiic.. I^•sire Man" (Count Ket- chuml a very "large woman"' ... .Mrs. Tennie .Fonkins ""Viidet Ann Riiggles." .Miss Murl llendrii-ks "'Cluiriiv l .oiigfac" Puddyfoot." ... .Mrs. N'aniMi- Stovall "'.'^ordiia .Stiicku[i Hiiineii."" Mrs. K. G. Green '".lenisliaM.'itilda Siiriggin?." .Mrs. I'iizft Parkf-r "".Iu!ie( Long I.ound''.tadt,"" .Mrs. Klla Weston It' tsy I5cd)bett." Mrs. O'a Floyd "Cbo Be'l Mrown. Hopkinson" .... .Mrs. Rr-ftie Kellogg "Poly .Line Prattdo<dittIe." Miss I.UIH .lennlngs '"Melinla Uliie Gra.=s. afraid of her face."" Mr.'!. A. Hill ""Francis Toiichmennt.'" , Mrs. Inez .lackson "Franc's tJoodhone Oesnair." (new memberi ... Mrs. Molle Hickerson "Hnnner Rigger Staff Slociim" ... Mrs. Rosa McCoIors "Count Kefum. a l>iide.'" J ^red .Tackson "Young Mail, afraid of his face." (an Indian) ... Mr. Rru-- Saterfield "Profs, ninkenspie's and His As- Hlstnnce." .. Warren Stovell mid Fred .Tackson Tiiiv Short Van T;i.iser< Chlliln-n" . ..><amaiitha. I.P' Smifh. ..Retay Ann. AI-KI Smith. ..t'egcrv ^^aria. Resale flalownjr. ..Sonhla .lane. Willie fK-nnls. ..Tinie. Thelma Flovd. ..Natianiel Tsa ^c. Alvin Parker, . ..Tehosatihat. E'wood Williamson, . ..Teri'mlah .TulUa Riirress. LEQALS. (First Published. Dec. 29, 1908.) Aotice of .Appointment Gnardian. State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the matter of the estate of Sheridan Yeager, a per.son of feeble mind. Notice of Appointment. Notice is hereby given, that on the 26tii day of December. A. D. 1908, the under.signed was by the probate cotirt of .Alien County. Kansas, duly ap- IKiinted and qualified as guardian: of the estate of Sheridan Yeager, a per-" sou of feeble mind, of Allen County. .•\11 parties interested in said estate will take nptice and govern themselves accordingl.v. .1. T. TREDW.W. . I2-2fi-.--l2 G-uardlan- Bowling Contest Postponed. The Chanute howlers and the lola bowlers are talking of getting together for a series of games. The first was fo have been pulled off Jn Tola N'cw Year's, but was postponed, fee- cause some of the Chanute players will be out of town for a while It i.s not likely that any games will be.pla.v- ed before next month. The lola crowd ihinl<s \i can down the Chantue bdwl- e.'-s. but the latter are w^illlng to play- any time for money, marbles or chalk.—Chanute Tribune. TKfHnr Plant Is Not SfrJtoaj; 'i)uping tie building of the If Portland Cement companV^ 'iVtaltoni." hare been numerous and wei^OOM 9^ all times. But the company luta b«eii obliged to change this dnrinsihe lf4t few days. So much work lis Ibe^BS <lone over-head that It is dangeroos; for visitors to walk through the bnUi^, ings while work is beiiig done. -, A piece of iron or scaffold Is,liable.ta fall and cause serious accident if iiot death. - •. ^ So a guard is present whose dati4* it Is to politely inform the visitor t^ he cannot come in. Of course it ll* accompanied by some one in authority'^' he is all right but the little piece*/bC card board with Mr. Connett's nmf ^ on them are n. g. The public can readily see the good sense of tli|s OT-^ der and is aisked to defer its Tislta. until those times when the men arb not working.—Humboldt Herald. Young man, are you paying hoqM- rent? It you are. listen: We ha-re a. nearly new house with 4 large rooiqs and two porches, good "walks and CPoA water. 2 blocks from Santa F» dapot,. that we can sell you for |6(H>^T|8D- cash, and $8 per month. Let ns atutir you thLs house. Whitaker ft DoUMlt. '••iiWe for horses. i«*e R»1P*I R T>ri»ke. r-tw.*.. n ««MMlha. Ph «M 4 *8* L'.^' nV^'ii' Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson. -Bfi. Xattrom Ortisepatkl. r*a»e 4« er> Bread llerelTed. .\n aced gentlenitm living In TOIT declared he could not eat baker's bread. The other da .v hfs daughter bought a loaf from the Home P.'akerv covered it with a cloth. =ent it over fo him. TTe ate several «5l /ces and remarked, what trood hre 'id hW dauPbter couMimake. Vorni —Trv Hoine Rak- 110 South \V'ashington. GRAMO THEATRE one mcRkr UUSIGAL niam Wednesday, Jaii. 6 nra. p. ralirn Offers th«> eixlej:.,.aiid. I<n4er8 '"DalaUIy DlfTereat" Comte Opi>ra SneceM The Bi^r^master With the Idea-Is It FosslU^'^ ^Ifiirtr nermsea-Ratli TTUte^ And over half a hoadred^otJirrs^^Jar^iidtmr that spirk, spaa, Mocj:, bewitching eh »ni4 of.,, NOTE—I-have per80Dai'iyi <'8yanLQt £;^,'that The Burgomaster's share of the receipt.s shall not V^. lass than 1500. and I guarantee this attracfion to be the mnaieal;eypotaf.<ihe season.—H. B. I«Van. A ".»..;; Local Manager. PR10:eS 26c,6dp,.*:&©^1.00ajid$1.5(|| Seate Ready Monday at Merdiaiits Jewelery. Store ^gy

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