The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 7
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CAL1FOUNIAN, MONDAY, AUGUST at, 1036 Sing, Baby, Sing Rollicking Musical Comedy Now at Fox Menjou, Faye and Three Ritz Brothers Produce Clever Picture By MAG 8AUNDEB8 "CINQ, BABY, SING," now at the ^ Fox theater, was probably Inspired by tho headlines of past year about a famous motion picture actor who fled across tho continent with a fair admirer In pursuit. That basically Is the plot for an uproarious musical comedy with Adolph Menjou as the slightly shop-worn actor and Alice Faye as a night club singer out of a job who becomes soinewhat Innocently Involved In thn extra curricular Romeo and Juliet act. The music is good, the dialogue bright, and the situations produce good old-fashioned belly laughs. ,-« Comedy Highlights ^* The comedy opens with the loonj< Rltz Brothers who practically steal tho show with their mad music and comedy dancing and pantomime. They keep up their engaging lunacy throughout the piece. Mr. Menjou is adept in doing a difficult comedy role without seemingly making a burlesque of being an ImpAssloned Romeo in a hospital bed shirt and sipping bay rum through a straw frohi a hot water bottle. Miss Faye's Ringing i has Improved. She has dropped a little weight and gained 100 per cent in screen .appearance thereby. Gregory Ratoff Is excellent as her agent who gets her plenty of publicity as the Juliet of the screen star, but Is hard put to know what to do with It. Ted Healy Is an excellent stooge for the agent aided and abetted by tho hard-voiced Patsy Kelly. Michael Whalen turns up as a too-smart reporter who 7' finally untangles the career of the | night club singer and all ends hap• .p"y. ' / Mediocre Film *" "Second Wife" with Gertrude Michael as "the second wife" of Wallet* Abel and Erik Rhodes, who drops a foreign accent with which lie has been cursed on the screen, as the persistent suitor, do their best with a rather unconvincing drama, It focuses attention on .a domestic misunderstanding which leads the wife to almost resigning her role as the second wife. Tho lines are rather stodgy and the end- Ing can be guessed from the beginning of the picture. ENDS WEDNESDAY GERTRUDE MICHAEL WALTER ABEL-ERIK RHODES "SECOND WIFE" CARTOON TODAY | TOMORROW *OI HITS COOL Your Frltndly Thulu KAY FRANCIS "THE WHITE ANOEl" BARBARA STANWYCK ROBERT YOUNG "THE BRIDE WALKS KUT" Tiehnlcolor Cirtoon HILARIOUS Alice Faye Explains Nudists' Greatest Problem (Alioclated Prcsi Leased Wire) VALLEY, Neb., Aug. 31.—Harry Ferree, 61-year-old former operator of a nudist camp noar Denver, Colo., told what ho believed to bo nudlsm's biggest problem: "It Is a llttlo embarrassing at first. You ain't got no pockets to stick your hands In and 'you ain't got no suspenders or- vest to tuck your thumbs In." TODAY—2 BIQ FEATURES DEVI 15-^ SquADRON filar rin<j RICHARD DIX and G!gal«*> Laughs, Howls, Roars, Quffaws Edw. E. Morton, Qlenda Farrell In "NOBODY'S FOOL" Cartoon Comedy News VIRGINIA Open 12-11 p, m.—20c and 10c TODAY AND TUESDAY TWO 110 FIATUHIS Frtd Attain, Ginf or Rotors "FOLLOW THE FLEET" and JOHN WAYNE In "LONELY TRAIL" Comedy, Newa and Cartoon GRANADA NOW—GARY COOPER In "MM, DUDS OOIS TO TOWN" Franchot Tone, Loretta Young "THI UNOUAROCO HOUR" Alto Newt and Short Subjects HE FELL TOO CALLEDf DEATH Was Leading Business Man in Salt Lake City; Brother of Mofmon Leader (United rreit* Leafed Wire) T,OS ANOBIvBH. Aug. 31.—Brigham Frederick Grant, prominent Halt Lake t'lty businessman nnd brother of Heber ,T. Grant, president of tho Latter Day Saints Church, died hero last night. JFo wus 70. A native of Salt Lake City, Grant at ono tlmo served as tho city's police chief, lie also had been managing director of tho Desert News Company and was Interested In many of the state's leading Insurance companies. Ho was born In Salt Lake City on October 17, 1850, whon the city was a pioneer outpost on tho edge of the great Salt Lake. For tho past few months he and Mrs. Grant had made their home here. Surviving him, In addition to tho widow, were four sons, and a daughter. They are Jeddio and Eugeno Grant of Salt Lake City, Frederick W. Grant and Heber Grant and Mrs. Delora Brown of Los Angclos. Tho body Is to bo sent to Salt Lake City whore funeral services will bo conducted Thursday. BRIDE LEAVES ROOSEVELT REAL fflEWOF PEACE Diplomatist Says London Has "Nothing to Suggest" for Guidance B ARBARA STANWYCK and Robert Young as thny appear In "The Brldo Walks' Out," ono or the two great CcaturoH showing: today and tomorrow at the KOJC California theater. "Tho Brldo Walks Out," is fast, funny and real. Tho cast Includes Qono Raymond, Helen Broderick and Ned Sparks. Tho second feature Is "The White Angel," the story of Florence Nightingale, starring Kay Francis, Ian Hunter and Donald Crisp. Latest news events complete the program. BORAH SPENT $296.75 BOT815, Idaho, Aug. 31. (A. P.)— Senator William IB. Borah spent $206.75 to win the Republican nomination August 11 for a sixth consecutive term. Many Attend Big Barbecue Held by Mojave Pioneers M (Special to The, CaHJornian) Gene Raymond T HE romantic adventures of a young man who hires himself out to help a girl marry another man and then falls In love with her himself come to the screen as a smart comedy with music for Geno Raymond and Ann Sothern in a story of romantic antics, "Walking on Air," tho companion feature now playing at tho Nile theater with the revival hit, "State Fair." costarring; Will Rogers and Janet Gaynor. Raymond has the role of a personable young college graduate who hires himself out to masquerade as an Insufferable foreign nobleman and make himself so thoroughly obnoxious to the girl's father that the young man of her, choice, whom the old man regards as worthless, will seem a pillar of virtue by comparison. Other members of the cost Include Henry Stophenson. as Miss Sothern's father; Jessie Ralph, as a humorous aunt; Gordon Jones, as Raymond's college boy pal. as well as George Meeker, Alan Curtis and many other favorites. I OJAV1S, Aug. 31.—Many basket lunches were spread under the beautiful oak trees at the Big Meadows picnic gounds on the Oak Creek ranch of Rollio Duntley on Sunday at the all-day meeting sponsored by tho Mojave Pioneers Club. 7'he purpose of this gathering was a get-together for all of tho old- timers who at one time made Mojave their home. Coffee and lemonade were served with the lunches. J. A. Delameter, now of Pico who came to Kern county in 3874, ro- ] latcd the oarly history of Kern county which was greatly appreciated by those assembled. Ray J. McFarlano, Juhti Nestcr and Ed Monroe who have made Mojave their homo for the past 40 years were tn charge of the arrangements. Mr. McFarlano Is secretary of the club. Plans are under way to make this picnic an annual aftnir. Forty yoar members of tho club present were: J. A. Delamoter and Mrs. Rosetta Dolamoter-Wardlow both of Pico; Agnos McFarlane-Rayburn and Losllo Bays both of Los Angeles; Jennie Cruse Ilutchinson, Lizzie Cruse Hammerburg. Sheriff Tom Ilutclilnson and Miss Rose Me- Farlanc all of Independence; Mary Belle McCroskcy of Bishop; Hattie Wllbur-Sklnnor and Max Skinner of Lone Pino; Mrs. Mary Perry, Postmaster John Nestor, Moo Cofflll, Ray J., Ed Monroe, Rol- 110 B. Duntley and Marie Monroe all of Mojave. Othpr guests present wore; Superior Juclgo WIIHnm D. Dehy, Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Bodlo and "Ward Bo- At (he NILE TONIGHT 7 AND 9 P. M. 2 GRAND FEATURES! Will and Janet ROGERS a GAYNOR "STATE FAIR" AND Am<*fothefov. Gett&'fyuimand I'WRLKfflG OR flIH'! REnsons FOR COinC EMT SMITH FE TRBIL F THE jf ANV reasons »or using a Santa Fa Trailways bus on your rent trip east, ten are listed below. 1 Real economy, Chicago for example $29.50. 2 Fred Harvey Meals, three full meale as low at $1 a day. 9 Big, roomy coaches. 4 Lavatory equipped. 5 No draft ventilation. I Harvey Hotel rest stops. 7 Fast schedules. I Careful drivers. 9 Coordination -with Santa Fe Railway. 10. Grand Canyon Rout* Santa Fc Station, 1D04 Fifteenth Street BAKERSF1BLD or, any Santa Ko Railway Agent THE SMITH IE TRRI1IUHVS On the Air KfiO-KPO— N»(lon»l Broadeaitlno Company—Supplies proarami to! KFI, KECA. KFSD, KOW. KEX, KOMO. KHQ, KJR. KOA. KOA, KOHL. KOYL. KGIR, KTAR. KFRC-CRS—Don Lie and Columbia—Sup- plln proorami to: KHJ, KOS, KDS. KMJ, KGW, KFBK, KERN, KOL, KVI, K8L, KOIN, KEPY. * 5:00 to 8:30 p. m. KKRN and network—ttndlo Theater. NBC network—Visiting with Captain DohbN. WfiXAI—Recordings; 5:15, Mac Himself. KNX—Dick Traoy; 5:45. Maurice's Orchostru to 5:45. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KKRN and network—Radio Theater. NBC network—Blue Prelude. WfiXAI—Recordings. KNX—Munlcal to 6:15. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KERN nnd network—Wayne King Orchestra. NBC network—Contented program.. WfiXAI—News Flashes; 0:15, Dinner Concert tn G:4G. KNX— 6:15. NOWH. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KF.RN and network—March of Time; 6:45, Goodrich Silvertown NBC network—Great Lakes Symphony Orchestra. WfiXAI—6:45, Sketches In Melody. KNX—Souvenirs of Song; 0:45, Vngahondia. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KKRN and network—Clyde Lueaa Orchestra; 7:15, Renrew of the Mounted. NHC, 'network—Amos and Andy. 7:15. Lum and Ahnor. Wf.XAI—Lot's Dance; 7:15, World KNX—ISImer Goes Hollywood; 7:15, Drnry Lane. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KKRN and network—Pick and I'at. NBC network—Margaret Speak.". WiiXAT—Love Story; 7:45, Cecil and Sally. KNX—Newlyweds; 7:45, King Cowhoy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KRRN and network—Vincent Lopez Orchestra. NRC network—Kibher Mc<"!ec and Mnlly. WHXAI—Hollywood on Parade; K:1">, Knink Wntanahe. KNX—Officer of tho Uny; 8:15, Music.'il to R:15. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KKRN and network — Hawaii Calls. NBC network—Richard Hlmher's Orchestra. WfiXAI—Vic Fraser; 8:45, Home Folks. KNX—8:45. Townsend Plan. • 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KKRN and network—California's Hour. NBC network—Hawthorne Houso. WOXAl—News Flashes; 9:15, Dramas of Life. KNX—News; 0:15, Ruhlnoff. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KKRN and network—California's Hour. NBC network—Oriental Gardens Orchestra. WfiXAI—To he announced; 9:45, Rhythm and Romance. KNX—CrocJjetts. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKRN—World In Review; 10:10, Oaylord Carter at organ. NBC network—News Flashes; j 10:15, .Southern Harmony FouV. i U'CXAI—All Request Program. ; 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. I \VGXAJ—All Ilciiuest Program. die of Independence; William and Eva Black of La Habra; Mr. and Mrs. J,. C. Rol>b of San Pedro; Mr. nnd Mrs. Leslie n. Bays, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Reod, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carr, Mrs. A. Stanford, Rose Snow, George B. Rayburn, Mrs. A. C. Cordener and Mrs. Bello Medlln all of Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Brewer of LoRandale, Nevada; Miss Marlon Eubanks of Santa Monica. Mr. and Mrs. J. Perottlne and Mr. and Mrs. ,T. B. Mallory of Pasadena; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Lapsloy of Burbank; Mr. nnd Mrs. E. P. CJrcther and eon Fred of Olendale; Bob Loreo of Long Beach; S. D. Qauldln of Taft; Mra. Emma Stafford of Bakersfleld; D. F. Monroe, Mrs. Ala Hess and Miss Nora Hess, all of Monolith; Judge Georgo W. Arper, Ray Snoe, Peggy and Patty Stradal, M. B. Streby, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Saum, Cecil IJelameter, Ed Monroe, Mrs. R. B. Duntley, Mr. and Mrs. Cy Townsend, Mr. and Mrs Tracy Cunningham, Mrs. Kay Mo- Furlanb and Ed Monroe Jr., all of Mojuve. Many others were present who did not sign tho register. Mr. McFarlane wishes to thank the pioneers for the fine co-operation he received in putting on this first homecoming picnic. r.d fret* Leaned Wlrt) AVHKKLINC!, W. Vn.. Aug. 31.— Tohn Oudahy, Unltod Statoa ambassador to Poland, assorted tlio lie- iHibllcan party and Governor Lan- Ion have nothing to suggest for our guidance, In maintaining our neutrality other than the rules of International law." 'If Uovcrnor Lanclon should bo elected President," Ambassador Cudahy said In mldrp.sslng u convention of Young Democratic clubs, "Senator Borah Is the logical candidate for secretary of state. Senator Borah has openly stated that ho be Heves tho United Slates must en force Its commercial neutral rights upon tho high sons even If such on forccment moans war. "Hero Is an issue of war," Cudahy continued, "war, If necessary to BUS tain a war record. "But President Franklin D. Roose volt, upheld by tbo overwhelming sentiment ot tbo American people, believes that peace comes before short lived war prosperity. "This administration believes that tho American people will not support a neutral policy which would tolerate tho shipment ot munitions to feed the warring guns of lOuropo or to underwrite such a war by making loans." 10 Meet Violent Deaths in Northern California Region (United rrcf* \7tOM5NCI3, automobile accidents, suicide and fi-pak mishaps claimed tho lives of at least 11 per- suns In northern California over tho wenk'pml, pnllro reports showed. A triple shooting WHS rospoiiHllilo for I ho tlonths of Dopuly Sheriff Martin Lango, -IS; Deputy Sheriff Josoph rinrk, fid. both of Yrekn, and Captain Fred SiMiborn, Mnro Tstalid navy yard pllnl. A widespread soareh was under way In tlin Sin- klyou mountain region for two mm accused of tho slnylngH, which or.- eurrod In a mining cnbln on llorso Crook, noar Yrokn. Mrs. Snbrlna Ulorgl, San Francisco, died from tho effects of throe bullet wounds. Police said sho was shot by an unidentified young woman In a trlnnglo lovo affair. Harold Agnow, 18, Donnlr, was nrushnd to (loath when a piano which ho was removing from a truck fell on him. Leaned Wire) Owen Rntnhorl, 3S, died as tho ro- suit of InJiirlPs ho rerolvwl whon ho foil from a two. whllo repairing a radio aerial at Turlock. Mrs. .ImlKo, 34, and Law- I'pnco Connelly, 112. linlli of Stockton, worn killed In nn aulomohllo accident four mlloM south of StoclUon. W. .1. Smith, .'15, Modesto, \vii« not expiuilwl to survlvn his injuries. I'ollun reported the aulomohllo In which tho three wore, riding iiltempteil to piiHH a trunk, sldoswlpi'd It and overturned in tho path of a second truck which crashed Into tho wrockagu of tho pHHNOtlBOr VKhlclP. Hnymond Wnyno Howard. 20, was killed wliun his cnr overturned on tho Podro Mountain roiid. It Rinnshcd through a guard rail and rolled fiflO foot to tho bottom of tlio canyon. Mary Stoolo, ,'IB, was lilllod In an automobile nccldent on Cedar moun tain, near Alturaw, whlln «n routo to her homo from tho Modoc county fair at Codarvlllo. PRINCKTON THJYS HOOKS MONTREAL, Aug. 31. (U. P.)— McGIll University's fanioiw Gost Chinese library, comprising 130,000 volumes, has been purchased by Princeton University, It Is announced horo. KANNAPOMS, N. C., AUR. 3\ (A. 1'.)—13. W. Hunt walled until ho wan 70 to aeo his first niovlnfj picture Hhow. Hunt, n mnll car Her nt Vonlo.ry, B. C., had tho ox porlcnco wlillo vlslllntr hero. Railway Officials Must Decide on Softness of Seats in Locomotive Cabs WASHINGTON, Aug. III.— Th8 Association of American Rallroo.dn today culled a tnoetliii? September t to consider a mornentotis transportation question: how soft should tho seats In locomotives bo? This is a hard problem. It been mo particularly unoomfortabln whon President A. F. Whilnex of Iho llrotherhood of Railroad Trainmen demanded that Iho Interstate, c.ommorco commission order every nilroad In tho United States, and a fow outsklo: 1. To place soft cushions beneath and spring backs behind those members whoso duly It Is to ride In locomotives. 2. To install arm-rests at the sides of these chairs. 3. To locate foot-warmers on tho floor In front thereof. Tho ICC decided It needed more evidence concerning how soft Is soft:' and how hard Is hard, before It could Issue a ruling. It ordered the* railroads to send In their formal an- swcrs on scats, both hard and Boft.' before September IB. Thereafter It, will hold a public hearing here on triple question of seats, arms and feet. Warren Is Asking Four Indictments (United J'rcia Leaicd Wire) OAKLAND, Aug. 31. — District Attorney Eapl Warren today sought Grand Jury Indictments against four men whom he has accused of conspiring to slay Charles Alberts, chief engineer of tho freighter Point Lobos, whose knifed body was found in his stateroom aboard the ship last March 22. The Alameda County Grand Jury was to convene at 10 a. m. Warren Indicated ho will call tho accused men as witnesses. They arc: George Wallace, seaman, who was arrested near Brownsville, Texas, on Information from Warren's office and returned horo under guard. Warren has accused Wallace of tho actual slaying. Earl King, secretary of tho Marine Enginerrs' Union. A. M. Murphy, King's assistant. B. II. Ramsey, sailor. Warren has accused tho latter three of planning tho killing and hiring Wallace and another man to carry out tho crime. The asserted accomplice, whom Warren has identified tentatively as Ben Sa- chowltz, Is being sought in Mexico and Now York. ERSKINE JOHNSON GEORGE SCARBO IAOE FIRST PUBLIC APPEM3flNCB ACT V3 IN CHURCH CHOte. IlHES TO I MOWN KITCHEN. LADYS SWARTHOUT HEIGHT, 5FEET,4ihCHES. W&G-HT, IIS POUNDS. BfeoWN HAlfS ftHDeYES. &ORN, DEEP WATCR, MO., 5 |Q07. FIRST HUSBAND, HARRY KERN, DK£\se.o. PCS/SENT HUSBAND, FRAHH CHAPMAN. FUI2MITUI3E- AtP H00&Y, Announcing The Reopening of the Merle Roberts Professional DANCE STUDIO Tuesday, September 1 LATEST IN ALL TYPES OF DANCING Teaching Staff Includes: Winfricd Kofi', Gladys Harp, Frances Dexter and Merle Roberts 1730 "EYE" STREET W. 0. W. BUILDING am S//% ODORLESS «& U&* '* ,<f. r ,,Genkun NO RUBBER *0 Af C *^ *1w "^ ' <$fc> u^*"*^. «fc "No More Rubber" Dr. Campbell has discontinued the use ot rubber entirely in the mtking of dental plates .... Dr. Campbell is now a direct importer of the new REALISTIC dentml plate materials that arc used in making no rubber "NATURAL EXPRESSION" plates. I his makes it possible for him to charge you no more for these beautiful plates than he would for ordinary rubber plates. "No Matter" No mailer how little you pay for your denial plates they will he made of "REALISTIC." This is that new heautii'ul dental plate material that contains absolutely no rubber whatsoever, and is almost impossible to break. DON'T FEAR OUR LOW PRICES PHONE 846 "See Samples" Or. Campbell has samples of these beautiful plates on display in his office and is more than willing to have you see and inspect them so that you may compare values. DON'T FEAR OUR LOW PRICES "NATURAL EXPRESSION PLATES" v«n' NATURAL GUM COLOR PLATES nun n£n SANITARYn • • • ARE ODORLESS and CONTAIN NO I AITPW ' A JSMM 1 ? 11 J ) ,S auUfully HAND.CARVED. allowing you to LAUGH and SMILE WITHOUT BEING EMBARRASSED . . . are irNBRF V Ai?Am I i? IN ,* nd DAINTY ' ** they are practically CAViTArmv ' ', h fff,l?f havc BEAUT Y . . . NATURALNESS . . . SANITATION and DAINTINESS COMBINED with STRENGTH. SETTING OF TEETH TI™ IhEIH are etc. SHAPE • • • SIZK • • • COLOR "" A , I V!, SUIT thc 'NDIVIDUAI ---- then the as NKAIt LIKE ONE'S OWN TEETH as possible E is AVOIDED by NOT SETTING the TEETH WRINKLES, ETC. GREAT CARE m laken NOT TO CAUSE WRINKLES DROOPINf. MOUTH . . . UNNECESSARY LINKS ... UNNATURAL EXPBBSSIO1? ETC. . . . when making these BEAUTIFUL I'LATES. "Made In Our Own Laboratories" CONTAIN NO RUBBER Phone for Special Offer 846 "Roofless Plates" We Do Not Charge Extra for Plates Made "Roofless Style" Plate Repairs There's no need of buy- Ing a new plate when your old plate can be made to fit tight and look like new. Use UK. CAMPBELL'S dental laboratories for your next plate repair. DENTIST 1431 Nineteenth Street Phone 846 OVER KIMBALL <t STONE DRUG STORE HOURS 8:30 A. M. TO 8 P. M. CLOSED SUNDAYS PHONE 846 OUT-OF-TOWN PATIFISITCJ CAN HAVE ONE-DAY \J\J M. \Jl iVJlYl-M X AAlUjIN ID SERVICE IF NECESSAH

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