The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 6
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THE IUKKRSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, MONDAY, AUGUST 81, 1936 EL TEJON UNIT OPENS FALL WORK Cnlcndar for September Filled With Kvents; Report Presented Kl Trjon Counoll Nn. 'JIB, Iirgri-e of I'orahontas started ItH full no- tlvltlcs recently In lOngles hall with MrH. (".all Caldwell presiding. Mr«. ruhnii Black gave <i lirluf nummary of the thirty-fourth "Great Fun 1 ' cession hold In Hod Hluff Aug- UKt 17 to 20, IncluRlvo. A complete, report Is to be Riven nt tho next roKulur meeting. Mrs. Uirtck Mated tlmt Hhc hnd been appointed by tilt- Grout I'ooii- nontax, Grace MrMaHtorn, us chair- mim of the south rcntral committee and also u member of the stale publicity commit tee and that woro to bo awarded to the council having the- ninut publicity. Plans wore made for tho forming of a 'MyHtory Friends flub." nnd for it Hoelul night l-'rlilny, September ID, at 8 o'clock In Kngloa hall. Hunco will be tho gnmc playod at no chaw and many prl/os will IH> given. This Will bo opon to members and tholr Invited B'lostB: refreshments will be served. Mrs. Eileen \Valdron IH tho chairman. I El Tojon Couno,ll will sponsor a. public card party Krklay, September 11. In Kaglcs hall al S o'clock devoted to brldKo and five, hundred; prizes to bo awarded In both KUTIIOH. Mefrcshmonts will be nerved. Mrs. Uall Caldwell IB tho clmlrrnan. The Council entertained at the flrbt of a series of afternoon card parties; prizes were awarded to Mrs. Ethel Willis, Mrs. Hlanchc Blsaon and Mrs. Grace Allen In flvo hundred, and Mrs. Mary Montellh. Mrs. Eileen Waldron and Mrs. Unralnno Lunceford In pedro. Mrs. Kathryn O'Dell wan awarded the door prize. Tho next parly of thin series will bo held Friday, September 11, at 2 o'clock In Eagles ball; five hundred will be played for hlKh score and pedro will bo played for punches, prizes to be. awarded In both games. Mrs. Wlnnefrod Ue|uKnen and Mrs. Margaret Claflln arc the co-hoHtessos. El Tojon Council will hold Its next regular meeting: Friday, September 11, In Eagles hall at 7 o'clock. V. F. W. Begins Fall Calendar on ' ! Wednesday Night pl,ANS will bo made for fall nc- tlvlticM Including a publlr curd party SnturdBy evening Scplom- her 5, whrn Harold Brown Auxil- fury No. 1468, Veterans of I'orciRn AVnrs moots In Memorial hall Wednesday evening at. M o'clock. Mrs. II. L. FowItT will preside. Tivc hundred will hi; played; handwork will be given for prizes. Refreshments will be served. Mrs. Harvey llarrclson heads the committee.. Those who relcbrated birthday anniversaries and wedding anni- vrrRnrlcR during July and August will be honored ( by the president, who will present small gifts to honorecH present at the meeting. Castellanos Return From PRflllPTfl MFFT Overland Trip to Mexico ROBERTS DANCE SIUDUPPENS New Instructor Is Added to Local Staff for Coming Fall and Winter Oflirinls of Frcsno-dlendnle District to Hold Parley 1 I lere on Tuesday ' nfflceni nf Krosiio-fllondalo din- i trlct of tin- Kurolgn Missionary Ho- rloty of the .Methodist Church will convene here Tuesday at 10 o'clock lit Trinity Methodist Church. Members will bo present from llaliersflold j HI-HI Trinity, Tuft and Delano I churches. Mrs. M. MeCullough of I I-IIH Angeles will preside. 'I'hn visiting officers will go to Tularc In Iho afternoon. A politick luncheon will be Nerved at noon. Ihe menu to be provided by each participant bringing sandwiches and a naiad. In the afternoon, locally. Trinity foreign and home inlMHliinary socle- ties will convene at the Maine church for regular monthly sessions. MrH. ('. K. KliinclKird IH president of the foreign IM|HH|IIII unit and Mrs. Donald Armstrong, vice-president of the home missionary group, will preside in the absence of MJH. Henry DaMch, president. loaded with blankets, set-apes, trinkets of costumo Jewelry, linens, orna- '"PO VISIT their cousin Haul Cas- J. tollain), attorney general for the federateil district and territories of j ments, lacquered objects and other tho republic of Mexico and to enjoy j Irresistible souvenirs. Mr. I'astellano a sightseeing trip through the conn- 1 brought ornate men's blouses nnd try, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Castnllano | sombreros for Otto Oaloy nnd him Announcement was made today of the opening tomorrow of the Merle Uoberts Dance Studio's fall and winter season. Due to the Increased number of pupllH already signed up one new Instructor has boon added to Ihe teaching staff, Miss Winifred ICuff of L,ong Beach. With M|SH Frances Dexter, who was an Instructor at tho. school last year, Miss Koff will Instruct In tap, too, ballet and Interpretive dancing. Miss Gladys Harp will again Instruct In ballroom (stops and Mr. Kobcrts will teach adagio, acrobatic and ballroom dancing for women. Tho Btudlo has been completely remodeled and refurnished and IH ready for the, recepllon of both former and new pupils. The studio IH located In. the W. (>. W. building. FORECOTYIES Studio Dress Designers Say Historical Pictures to Have Influence made a motor trip to Mexico City, leaving Bakersfleld July 'JB and returning August -SB. Juan OulttloroT:, head (if the National Hallways of Mexico, another cousin, was out of the city at th«i time of their visit. Tho distance from I*os Angeles to their destination was fiG hours driving time, they estimated, although they mado u leisurely excursion, stopping at Interesting points en route; the roads are good and arc dotted by farm homes with wishing wells, cactus gardens and picturesque HceneB. TJurlng a storm they took refuge for a day In one of the Indian huts. Knjoy Art Kventn With their knowledge of tho Spanish language the couple particularly enjoyed dramatic works at the I'al- aei! of Beaux Arts. They attended the historical play "Prudence of Woman," starring Marguerite Xlrgot, and shared other events of spoken drama; Hpanlsh music nnd dancing at "Kl I'atlo," Including Marlachl, American Jazz, tangos and rhumbas were colorful features, nor did they neglect to take In a bull fight In the. bull ring. Ijovcly Mementos For tho return trip their car was WIN A HUH HATM TM llfTMS M IM* UN-TIN MKWt* NNTIWI>*Mf Wt MM Ti IAIN UNI self, to be worn on Frontier Days. They were Interested In the "Tree of tho Sad Night," where C'ortoz wept on his retreat during tho Spanish and Indian War, a weeping willow more than BOO years of ago and were enchanted by Villa (iimdiilupu with Its original apparition on a mantilla, and Its palm leaves of silver figures Inspired by minifies and tho 1'alaco of Public Education, wjiero they saw works of Diego Ho- vcra. Variety Offered Cholula with its 305 churches— ono for every day in the year, tho Castlo of Chapultepcc, where President Cardenas lives (especially the Chinese room with Its ebony pearl and rose sat In brocade), nn old convent and first national religions mil- soiim of tho Republic at I'uobla, the Paince of Cortoz at Cuornavaca, tho floating gardens of Mexico "Xoeh- tnllco," near Mexico City (where tho visitors In their gondola woro brought food, music and flowers by other gondoleei-s). Monterey with Its plazas and colored waterfalls—these, and scores of other sights mado the vacation a memorable ono, Mr. and Mrs. Castellano are cm- ployed at Welll's store. D. A. R. LEADER VISITS_SHORTLY Coming September 11 to Los Angeles; Lavish Function Planned AT RESORT Flrtt- SI.M ClMHlMi Crrtil *•«••*— KM CltmiNi Cridll Tfclr*— SI.M CltMlnt Crttflt . iOUTIONS MAIUO 01 uriM«T4M>m«fiHMi^riw^r«iwMDs W»t II »AII TO TVINC (OMTIITMn. AWVMIV. Him Dim IMPlOVIIt. MAt COMMTC. IT It MT •ICIllA«r TO MMI ANY »UHCNA»If. Mil TM IMM AHVI.OK A UMIATI •HUT. WHIT I YOU! NAMI AN6 A»MI»S nAINLV. ofOuiuTwuiKwmr FIRST PRIZE—Alltn. ThtMMin. 41* Fltwtr Strati. gCCONO PnlZC—Mn. Hmttn ftokirti, 11*4 M«nt«ny Str«it. THIRD pniZC—Mn. t»U »honnt«. INI CilllorMi Annut. ,1/VV MAMILIZ CM/VV. A. l>r <IW NEW CITY CLEANERS IOZI flGMTH ST. HHONI Jbl Your best companion . JIFFY KODAK Jiffy Kodak is Kustnuui's low-priced folding camrrii. Just touch a luitton and it spring* to position, ready for you to click the picture. Price, for 'J'lxiS 1 ! pictures, SS; fur 2'-xl'.| pictures, Sil. See it today. KIMBALL & STONE THt Pmrtlculur Drugpittt Phone 53 Phone 54 PKOMPT FREE DELIVERY Bakernfield. Calif. lly KODKKT It. IIAKOItOVK IVm Hluft Wrllor HOLLYWOOD, Aug. .Tl.—Hollywood designers, believing that costumes worn in pictures dealing with past historical events will set tho styles for tho coming fall and win- Ur, predict the following: Luxurious Del all More velvet collars and cuffs on suits and dresses. Double-brested closings featuring rows of buttons, froc|UOntly In velvet, for certain types of coats and suits. Striped stiff silk seiirfs, tied high like cravats, with these coats and suits. More Jeweled ornaments worn in tho hulr for evening, sometimes combined with tiny plumes. DoeolU'lages will grow moro daring to show long strands of pearls. Beaded flowers are likely to bloom on formal gloves and slippers. Glamor Keynote "Oilamor and elegance, will be the. keynote oC the autumn and winter mode," says Hoyor, noted Hollywood designer. "I believe the silhouette of tin- empire and dlrootolro period will hold throughout the season because It Is glamorous without being florid or too picturesque, as was much of tho renaissance revival." Black appears to bu the preference for daytime clothes, with offshados of burgundy and given also good. Black, also, Is to be one of the favorite! colors for evening, Hollywood designers say. especially In sheer fabrics enlivened by cellophane designs, such as cellophane circles In black not. livening KrorliH • "For evening." says Omar Klain, film designer, "I am extremely Intor- CHted In organdy gowns, trimmed with fur. Thero Is no reason why I this fabric should be used only for i summer: It Is a legitimate evening j material all tho year 'round." i As to fabrics. Hollywood designers I believe there Is a tendency to flutter ' weaves, although for sports clothes • many tweeds and knobby materials , are used. The designers say that bolgo looks now In satins, and all of them cast a vote In favor of UK? metal fabrics. Travis Btmton, another of the noted Hollywood designers, believes In "submerging" the period influence In modern styles. Subtle Styling "I am not Interested In any of the special Influences, or trends, which are widely discussed as being 'the thing' fur fall and winter," hi- says. "I intend to mako others which bo- long to tho modern style period and wherever I use any Inspiration from any period 1 shall mako It so submerged nnd so subtle that It will not be noticeable. "1 fool sure that the early American fooling in Clntulotto Colbert's dollies for our production will lend a rofrowhi'igly doinuro note to the winter mode." Tomorrow: Murk oomo short skirls. O. E. S. Chapter First Fall Meeting Tuesday Evening ( 'ALKDOMA CHAl'TKK No. V ' 3111. Order of the Kastern Star will moot Tuesday rvenini; for u short business session in Druids' hull. Mrs. Vance Strnble is tin- worthy matron und John 1.. Sullivan, worthy patron. Visitors will be welcome. The chapter is resuming regular meetings. The business session will be short, duo to wuriu wciitlu-r. Towncr-Williamson Wedding Mlsa Mildred Towner, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Towner, 3200 Jewott Lime, and .ludson Williamson, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Williamson of Whlttlcr were wedded Wednesday, August 20, at 10:.10 o'clock at C'armel Church, Carmo 1. Tho ceremony was attended by two friends who acted as attendants. The couple sojourned for u few days in Carmel. KO!IIK later to Santa Barbara and Whlttlor. They will live at KH2A Thirty-first street, Bakerfield. The bridegroom Is employed by Security KnglneerlnK Company. .Mrs. Williamson was gowned for the ceremony In a uray woolen suit with blue accessories. Shu woro a Kardenla corsage. • • • Al Manhattan Iteach To Oregon Miss Shirley Jarmon who ha.s boon visiting her sister, Mrs. Horace T. Strong, will leave today for her home In Oregon, accompanied by Mrs. Strong who will remain several days with her parents In Echo. They will mako the trip with Mr. and Mrs. Kalph Hlntt of Rlvorvle\v who will visit In I'endleton ana Corbctt. * • • Leaving for Mills Miss Rose Lee. Kllerd. honorary member of the Huslness and Professional Women's Club and winner of a scholarship to Mills College, will leave next week for Oakland. Miss lOllord is :i graduate of Kern County Union High School. • * • Fowlers Home Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fowler. 1D29 Sixteenth street, returned during tin Local D. A. H. members arc Interested In tho visit to southern California of Mrs. William A. Bockor of Xow Jersey, president general National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. Many expect to attend the southo'vn district council mooting and luncheon of that group at which Mrs. Becker will be the honor guest and speaker. Reservations are planned for several hundred. The mooting will be Friday, September 11, at 10:30 o'clock at the Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles with Mrs. John W. II. Hodge, state vice-regent, presiding. In tho morning, Mrs. Becker will discuss various phases of tho work of the society, and the following state chairmen will present detailed descriptions of tholr activities In California: Mrs. Ben L. Ooodhoart of the D. A. H. neighborhood center; Mrs. John I./. Byrnes, past chairman, motion pictures ,and Mrs. Richard Codman of Fair Oaks, Sacramento county, Indian citizenship. Members will be privileged to greet as special guests Mrs. Joseph Taylor of Piedmont, state regent, and Mrs. Frederick F. Clundrum of Sacramento, vice-president general, who are In the south to welcome Mrs. Becker. Mrs. S. E. Dillon Is regent of the local chapter. •»«» TO BE IIOSTKSSKS 1'ast presidents and past commanders of tho local U. S. W. A", units will bo guests of Mrs. Coral Roberts and Mrs. Ira Lakoy at a party Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at Memorial hall. Cards will bo played. Local Woman Is Keeping Abreast Motoring Style Mrs. K. A. Xlghbert Is vacationing i week end from a summer In the at Manhattan Bench. south and In the valley. J-JISTOKY repeats itself. MISS MARTIN IS SOUTH Jeopens Studio This Week in Taylor I}uilding After Vacation MISS JANE BUOWN Horseback riding at Feather River Inn is proving more and more popular. Miss Jane Brown, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. N. N. Brown of Stockdnle, has been vacationing there since August 14, and with* her mother and brother Victor. will remain another week or so. Fishing has shown a decided turn for the better, the vacationists report, also. Feather River Inn and chalets close its season September 10. Dr. Smitb Back From S. F., Guest al Dinner for English Members An Informal meeting of Bakersfield Sol-optimist Club will be held Tuesday evening In the main dining Example: 20 years ago Miss ! r " ot " of " otp| Kl , ' IVJ T, T '.\ u HOS8km ? . •* *"f»" •••>rj.-» ,.,|M .,rtf I ,rt ,inii fi 1 ic.t i-i/1 lr> I Ywi rri'Qi^n After an interesting and Instruo- Ive vacation covering several weeks of June, July and August In the southland, Miss Helen Elizabeth Martin of Miss Martin's School of tho Dance, Is reopening her studio his week on tho second floor of th« Taylor building. William Sheffield of Hollywood, who had charge of tho tap department last season, will again this year and will be In. tho studio Thursday ( of this week to glvo lessons and talk :p those Interested In that type of the, dance. Mr. Sheffield has had a wide experience, both on the stage and as 'a teacher. Studying with Johnny Boyle, world famous tap dancer, teacher and producer, Mr. Uoylo placed him at the head of his New York school wliero he remained for several seasons. In August Mr. Boyle conducted tap classes at the Edith Jane School In Hollywood whero world renowned teachers conducted a summer course for teach- ora and professionals. Mr. Sheffield worked with Mr, Boylo during this course. Miss Martin also did her studying at tho Edith Jane School, attending ballet classes by Adolph Bolm, Spanish under Jose Torres Fernandez and Interpretive with Edith Jane. While In the south Miss Martin attended danco recitals, three ballets at the Bowl, saw Sonja Henle at tho coliseum; Otto Krugor In "Par- iiell' 'and Tallulah Bankhead In "Reflected Glory." She also got much now material for her expression pupils from Madge Cleveland, drama teacher for Xorrna Gould. Miss Martin believes that dancing Is tho most important adjunct to early training whether a child is to be trained for the, drawing room, tho business world or for tho stage. Given dancing when young there will never ba an "awkward age." "Thero is no short cut to good dancing," said Miss Martin, "but 1C one studios with a wise instructor in a correctly equipped studio, a child will develop a perfect body as well as attain per- Board of Voters' Young Woman Spy League Will Meet) Swims to Death An Important meeting of tho executive board and program committee of the Kern county branch of tho League of Women Voters Is called for Wednesday evening at 7:30 In the lounge of Hotel El Tojon. From the state printers has boon received a pamphlet on the manner In which proposed constitutional amendments and other measures will bo designated and appear on the ballot and this pamphlet will bo available for outlining study plans and public meetings. Rebekah Lodge to Plan Anniversary Bokorsfleld Hebe kali lodgo will moot In regular session Tuesday night at I. O. (J. F. hall to plan celebration of the SGth birthday anniversary of tho order. Activities of tho fall will bo furthered also. Mrs. Hone Wiles, noble grand will preside. (A ftftoclntcd rrf*n leaned Wire) CASABLANCA. French Morocco. Aug. 111. — A young woman, under a suspended sentence us a spy. swam to her death today In the- ocean. Fishermen who recovered tho body said the woman was Madame France Marguerite Crledling, who last year won a contest as the most beautiful woman In Casablanca. j She took off l\orjihoes and hat on ; the shore, tho fishermen said and I swam outward 200 yards buforo she sank. i Mattic Klipstcin completed a 1258-mile auto tour of the state. Undoubtedly she wore the goggles and duster of the period and obviously she drove a 1916 model car or one of earlier vintage. Saturday when the foregoing item appeared in the "20 years ago today" colun^n of The Bakersfield Californian, Mrs. Homer Jobjnstone of Los Angeles, nee Mattie Klipstcin was encountered at Mojave by local friends, en route to the High Sierra, on a tour of the state, with the. most modern type of house trailer. She was accompanied by Mr. Johnstone. In the local group which met the Johnstoncs were Mr. and Mrs. Lew Stelzner, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Powers of Morro and Miss Virginia Wilson. will not bo conducted In tho green I room as originally planned, Mrs. 1 Mabel Dodge, .secretary, announc i today. Dr. Inez Smith, first president, attended a dinner Monday night In San Francisco, at the Woman's City Club, honoring Katherlno Constable of Birmingham, England, for six years editor of the "British Soroptl- mist," official publication of tho English Soroptlmisls. Mrs. Preston, also of Birmingham, was a special guest and friends were present from .Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland, Berkeley, Han Joso and Sail Leandro. Doctor Smith spent a week In the north, returning homo during tho week end. feet health." Classes and private lessons will be given in drama, as well as all typos " e TI£"' *' ie dance, Including ballroom. >> M Martin established her studio In Bakersfleld In 1921. She is a member of tho Los Angeles Dancing Teachers Association. LICENSE A marriage license was issued in Phoenix, Ariz., to Boardlcy Addl- ] son l.ogue, 1(5, of this city, and Mario Thomas of Taft. Moores Entertain at Family Reunion McFARLAXD, Aug. 31.—Mi;, and Mrs. W. A. Moore of 'McFarland'ant entertaining a group of relatives; Including Mr. Moore's mother, Mrs. I^aiira K. Moore; his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. und Mrs. I. N. (lunkel, and their son, Wayne, all of I Kokomo, Ind. Another visitor Is I Mrs. Moore's brother, Anthony Stew- ^ nrt of Blythe, Ariz. The brother and ulster are holding their first reunion 1 hi 40 years. Pentalpha Club to Meet at Beale Park Pontalpha Club of Security Chapter, O. K. S., will moot Tuesday at 12:30 o'clock at Beale I'ark with Mrs. Lloyd Frame presiding. Members arc asked to bring their own table service for an al fresco luncheon. Tejon Court Meets Wednesday Evening 1 Tojon Court No. 41, Order of tho j Amaranth will meet Wednesday ! night at Masonic Temple for a fl:30 o'clock potluck supper. Keagan are the royal matron and Mrs. Carrie Miller and William royal patron of tho court. Piano Instructor GUARANTEED RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION Common constipation is usually due to meals low in "bulk." Pills and drugs give only temporary relief. The sensible thing to do is to put "bulk" back into your meals. Millions of people get this needed "bulk" in a delicious cereal: Kellogg's ALL-BRAN. Its "bulk." is much like that in leafy vegetables. Studio '' Within the body, it absorbs mois- i ture, forms a soft mass, gently cleanses the system. Some years ago, an investigation was made among thousands of ALL- BRAN users. 98 per cent found it satisfactory. Only 2 per cent had the type of constipation that \vould not respond to ALL-BRAN. ALL-BRAN is guaranteed. Try it _ _. , a week. If not satisfactory, your Convene Oil lliesday money will bo refunded by the Kellogg Company. Just eat two tablespoonf uls daily, either as cereal or in cooked dishes. ALL-BRAN is &--\d by all grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Mrs. A. I.!. Uydor, local piano In- ; stnictor. today announced that her, Htudlo will reopen at her home, IGli'.i ; M street on .September f.. She Is now receiving enrollments and will j be glad lo welcome former and new | pupils. Sequoia Circle Will Sequoia Circle No. 300, Neighbors of WtH'iU-nif t, \\ill niret Tuenilay evening at (-'.agios' hall. Mrs. V. It. i Stokes, guardian neighbor, will pro- side. No Cost Is Too Great il it will i reuu- u finer I!H*KI> tribute- and a more lasting nu-inury ol puiif un. Hut ut thi 1 Flickinger-Digler Chapel one need not spend more than he can afford — and yet. have beautiful u funeral as any Telephone 97 i c. KLICKIXC;I:II FHANK 12:7 CUKSTKR AVI:NUK Enroll Now and Save $25! (llrliiR This Ad With You to Get Reduction) Among the many careers thut are open today to ambitious women, few are more interesting, more profitable, or offer n greater future than that of HEALTY CL'LTL'UK. The demand for skilled operators ex- eeeds the supply. Our graduates step into permanent, profitable jobs. Investigate now. .4// Hranclien of Comnetology Taught by Skilled, Licensed Inxtructvm Our Host Recommendation: State Hoard Final Examination* AUSTON BEAUTY SCHOOL 1513 Eighteenth Street Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Auston, Owners Combination Special At URNER'S 1925 "Eye" Street Phone 1280 EASY BOTH •t tho low combination price of only 5495 Qothes Hamper This new EASY Ironer—finished i glistening white Duco, full of features that save time and labor—is a bargain alone at $54.95. But for good measure we add a big, convenient clothes hamper — a regular $3.50 value — at no extra cost. Buq Nou>1 Finished in white Duco with black trim. Adequately ventilated. Large and roomy—9l/ 4 "xl7"x25". Hinged, flat top. — The quantity is limited This offer cannot be repeated after our initial stock is sold.

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