Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1909 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1909
Page 3
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It is this store's invariable rule to close out all goods in their season. Christmas and Kew Year P^fl^^P^'^ store has enjoyed the biggest Fall and Winter trade in its history. The remainder of this bright netB" dt66k o^^plQ handsome Goats, Ladies, Misses and Children's, will be closed out now at a mere fraction of their real wor^^VEvery day here now means a bargain day. In our Coat section we are paying no attention to the cost and in maa^ iiis^cM will give you much more than the profits. Our entire line of Skirts all go in this Bargain Sale. If you want i^w0ld money on Furs, Dress Coods, Silks and Satins, Wool and Cotton Blankets, Shirt Waists, you will do well to anticipite your future needs and come early. Millinery at 50c on the dollar. Every Hat goes in this sale, nothing reserved. USE. MADISON RICnARD&ON*& dLEEPERd Undertakers and Funeral Directors Calls Answered Promptly Day or Night Phone 177X. lola, Ks. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. HMoafactxtren, Wbotosok and Ect^ Dealer* CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water >iilB«fli. Pbeia lift FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. NEWS OF GAS CITY riTY MAKSHAL STOPS CARD PLAY IXCJ !>• RESTArRA!VTS. PUT THE BAN ON "PITCH" NO MORE FRIEJiDLY TARH HAMES FOR THE nOARS. Rocnlar S«>sslnn of file Hoard of Edn- ontlon—b. V. Frye In Sirloiis I'on- dltUm—Nrws Briefs. New Bakery BREAD. CAKES AXD PIES EwTjUiinu' la tlie Line of Paslry Delivered Free Walker Bros. Phone 8RS. slS S. ^Vaslilnglon. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and Interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Ix!avos I"!a 7; IT. p. m., ar- rlvet St. Louis 8:2& a. m. Through sleeping cars. Tbis train connects with the east bound trains at St. Lonls. For further particular! call and see u».. Sto|i|M>d Card (Junies. Tlic olty ninishal has notified the fir(i |iilei (ir>» of restaurants In this olty that card «ann'.s. IneliidliiK "pltrli for the rlRars," iiiiist cease. Hoard of Edaratloii .Ifrf. The Oas City board of education met in leRuIar session last niitht. Only niutine inisiness was transacted. .Mored His Office. Dr. Wood has removed, his office from the room over O'Brien's clothing store to his residence on .north Main street. (•omplete Work Tonlfrht. The new foundation for the Presbyterian ciuHch building will be completed by tonight. Retnrn fntm BartlPSTlUe. Mrs. n. Moore has returned from Harf.esville and w!ll make this city her home in the future. Hif) Condition Serious. O. C. Frye. an elderly resident of this city who sustained painful and serious injuries in an accidental fall some time ago. is reported as growing weaker and some doubt is expressed as to his recovery. Obwrilng Weeli of Prayer. The week of prayer, as appointed by the church, is being observed in the homes of the members of the Presbyterian and Christian congregations. A four weeks revival service will follow the week of prayer. C. p. Hale, Agt. Ppmonals. Mrs. L. DDRgan and little son left yesterday for a visit with relatives in Blsmore. Isaac Carl was a visitor In Brons<in Sunday. MffI ITitJt Mrs. SliDffoni. The Progressive club will meet Wednesday iilKhl with .Mrs. Shiifford. TO ri 'RR COLD IN O.^K lUY. Take Laxafl»e Bromo Quinine Tablets. Dnijcflsts refund money If It fails to cure. B. W. GROVE'S slgna- ture Is on each box. 2Sc. TO DEDICATE CHILD A Serrire of InaKiui Ivtrrest- hi M- latlon Army Hail Tlinrsda/ A service of untisual Interest will lie held in the Salvation Army hall at Madison avenue and AValnut street. Thursday evening when Captain and Mrs. Harry Butler will dedicate their Infant son to the Army, and two soldiers wilt be enrolled. .The Army's ceremony of dedicating a child to the service and enrolling soldiers Is a peculiarly impressive and beautiful service. The Bible and the flag form imjwrtant parts of the ceremony and the occasion is one that always appeals to the witnesses as to- spiring. WSIIiam Dart, a major, and a diria- lonal officer with headquarters In Kansas City. wIM liave charge of the special aenrioe. Tb« public is cordially invited to attend. Dr. Geo. B. McClellaD Dortor Diamond Dieli, on '^iie Lirer' How to Recosfliz^ Liver Disease A A DR. DIA.MOXD DfCK. How to Recogoize Kidney Trouble Hare You .\ sour s'oniach? A coated, swollen tongue?. A mul assimilation of food? futty covering on the eye ball? bitter or oily lasle In the mouth? A partial loss of the sense of hearing? A ready snsceptibllliy to fhlll and fever? A frequent frontal headache over the eyes? A constant ache midway down the backbone? A disposition to diarrhoea during hot weather? A great depression of spirit with-' out known <^use? I A yellow spotted complexion', espe-' dally of the forehead? ' A special tenderness and puffiness under the right hjng? A burning sensation in the palms, and iKJttoni of the feet? A rapid frequent pulse and frequent palpitation of the heart? A constant tendency to brood over .vour physical condition? Blurring of the vision as if specks were floating before you? A change of disposition from amiability to extreme irritability? A flushed face, drowsiness especially after meals, and burning ears? A prostrated, tired feeling, especially in the spring, summer and fall? A coldness of extremities caused by imperfect circulation of the bJood? A constipated condition of the bowels, the execrets being very high colored? A con.<(tant disirasition to sick headache, with sour stomach before or after it? A physical prostration, which is called, for want of a l)etter name, "Malaria?" A marked irritability of the skin, with pimples, eruptions, boils and carbuncles? A never ending dread of vertigo, caused by, periodic attacks of alarming dizziness. A "splendid" feeling today and dls- jtresslng one tomorrow without known cause? A dls))osition to He awake the latter part of the night, tormented with ler- •Ible dreams? A languid feeling. soorblnK pnln In he left breast and dull pain under the right shouldpr? t A disinclination to exert, unaccountable fatigue, especially In the spring and hot weather? A diHtreRslngly dyspeptic condition, with no appetite one day and a ravenous one the next? TIIICN Yon Hare'Nome Liver Disorder. indicated by any of the above synrrp- toms. which. If |)ermitted to run, will I become chronic, In which event your kidneys are liable to be involved In serious mischief. Many cases of liver complaint—such as enlargement. Jaundice, etc., are caused by some kidney irregularity, and it Is the current opinion of physicians that sncf^ess can be had In the treatment of these diseases only by the use of a compound which has power over both or^ns at the same time, and drives the disease entirely out of the system through the natural chan- ne:«. Kidney may long exist without suspicion, because It lias ru< distinctive symptoms of Its own. Have Yon An a<hiiiK In the i;tiuall of the back? .An iiiiiiHiitil desire to nriniiie iit iiinht? An aluriiiiuK fluttering iiiid jiaiu In the heart? .\n irritated. Iioi and dry condiiion of the skin? An annoying sciildliig sensation while urinating? An appetite alternately ravenous and meagre? All iinu.Hiial amount of greasy froth II I be urine? An inability to make even ordinary exertions? An acid, bitter taste, wflh furred tongue in the morning? An unaccustomed dis)>o.sition to headache and neuralgia? .An abundance of pale or scanty flow of dark colored urine? An acid condition of the' stomach: heartburn with dyspep.sia? And strange disorder which the doctor cannot permanently heal? An intense pain upon sudden excite- [ment. in the small of the back? An extraordinary deposit of mucous sometime after urination? An annoyance and perplexing loss of memory, even of common things? An irregular tendency to rheumatism, chills, fever and pneumonia? An unaccountable dropsical swelling of the ankles, scrotum and limbs? An appearance of red or white brick dust, albumen and tube casts in the urine? " An obstinately constipated condition, alternating with of bowels? An indescribable crawling feeling up and down the back, with extreme and nervous irritability? An unnatural shortness of breath, with unusual disposition to pleurisy and bronchial affection? Then You Hare Kidney Troulfle Indicated by some .number of the above symptoms, which too long neglected will certainly terminate in Bright's disease. More surely does kidney disease end In Bright's disease that does a.cough lead to consumption, because the tendency of neglected kidney disease Is universally toward Bright's disease, whereas the tendency towards consumption Is more nearly limited to those who inherit weak lungj*. Delay, therefore, in removing the alKive symptoms Is exceedingly dangerous. They are of the comniofi- est order, and their very comtnoniiesa encourages fatui neglect. \VP must not. however, try to treat the symptoms, but go directly to the disturbing cause—disordered kidneys. VNTien the kidneys are in a healthy condition, only the water oozes through the blood vessels into fhe tubes and passes away. When they are Inflamed by disease the walls of the blood vessels are softened and ex- iwnded, and the albumen or life of the blood escapes while the impurities which the kidneys should excrete through the urine, remaining the bicod becomes filled with i.ric acid, which inflames all the organs and produces disorder throughout the system. No other organs have greater Influence in maintaining health, no other so universally out of order, and o»"er none have physicians less real power. ST.\>D.VRD C.VSE TO L.\>DIS. The .Sniireine Court Made Xo €omne«t I^iion Denylntr a Writ of CortlorarL Washington, Jan. .5.—la refusing to take up the 129.240.000 Standard oil case yesterday the supreme court made merely a formal announcement. No reasons whatever were given and the determination of the court was stated along with sevenil other cases of comjfflratlvely little importance. The Chief .histice .simply announced In so many words thtit the petition for corilorari was denied. I'nder thl."* ruling the case will now go back to .Iiidge I.andis's court for a new trial, in accordance with the decision oT the court of* appeals. Ii is .said at the Dejiartnient of .lus- tlco that the deci.^ion gives the case its original status subject to the views of .liidge Orosscup as contained In his decision of July 22 and November 10, 1908. These in effect were: First, that the trial court (Judge Ijindisl had erred in its rulings on the admission and exclusion of evidence and ill Its charge to the Jury In adopting the view that a shipper can be convicted of accepting a rebnlu even though It Is shown that he did not know what the lawful published rate actually was; second, that the true tests of the niinilrer of offenses Is not the number of carloads trani- ported. but the number of single trans actions resulting in a shipment; third, that the offense of accepting a concession Is the "transaction" that the given rate confirmed, whereby the shiiiper. for the thing shipped, no matter how great or how little a quantity, derives a rate different from the estab lished rates: and fourth, that the trial court abused its discretion in imposing an excessive fine $29.240 000. The quesilon as to when the case will again be presented to Judge Landi.-; for trial deiiends upon the United States attorney for the Northern Illinois district, but it is expected that some action toward that end will be taken within the next few weeks. It is probable that Judge Landis will personally conduct the trial, but should he so desire it is entirely within his discretion to request another judge of the same district to act. CHILDREN WHO ARE SICKLY Mothers who value their own comfort and the welfare of their children, should never be without a box of Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for children, for use throughout the season. They break up colds, cure fever- Ishness. constijjation, teething disorders, headache and stomach troubles. THESE POWDERS NEVER FAIL. Sold by all drug stores. 2."ic. Don't accept any substitute. A. trial package will be sent FREE to any motber who will address; Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy. N. Y. • NEWS OF LA HARPE W. C. T. I'. HELD SPECIAL MEET- IXG TODAY. [OktalHnna she will go to Colorado for fan extended visit. iMr$. S. M. Knox is reported quite •ii'i ; ifrs. B. Jj. "Wallace has retifrncid to 'her home in Kansas City after a brief [visit ^wlth friends here. HONOR A LEADER,S BIRTH REYIVAL SERVICE.* BEfilN TS E. CHrRCH. M. Depnty H»mr Wardea » Snrftuftn) Trapiier—I. 0. 0. P. and Bebekahs Hoid IiMtaRatkm—Personals. jA fiUAIANTEED CURE FOR PIMPLES. kemo, a clean liquid for exfemal tne, idrawe the gcrma and tbeir toxins to the mttHee of tlie akin and destroys thelolr. leaving the akin dear and healthy. Two jto six bottles will cnre any case fiif Jiitnples and blackheads. ^ For sale everywhere. Write for sani. ^Ifl, E. W. Base Medicine Co.,St. Looia. Kor sale at Bnrrell's Drug Stora : "BRIfK" aWENS Slfi.\S. Hold a Special JTcethiir. A special meeting of the W. C. T. U. is being held this afternoon In the Friends church In honor of the birthday anniversary of Prances Willard. Boafht by La Harp^ MCB. R. a. Minnlch, of 1* Harpe, has purchased the barber chair and outfit belonging to F. H. Wycoff and began businesa Saturday—Hnmboidt Herald. Began Beviral So-vlces. Revival services were begun In the Methodist church in this city last night. The meetings will be contiit- ued Indefinitely. Rev. Benham, pastor of the church, will do the preaching and he will be assisted by Miss Bessie Crandall, deaconess. Miss Crandall Is a fine singer and will sing at each service. A BaeeexsM Trapper. William A. Shigley, a deputy sUte game warden, who Uvea south of the city, was in La Harpe yesterday with a shipment of furs from animals which he had trapped. Mr. Shtgiey had a shipment of fiftyrnlne furs. YlsH in Kansas City. Mrs. L. Hottewitz expects to leave Thursday for Kansas City where she will visit several days with friends. Star Urbitnitor of A. A. Will Call : Balls and Strikes Again. Cincinnati. O., .fan. 5.—President Joaeph O'Brien of the American Asso- tiation announced thia afternoon that he had signed Umpire Owens of Kansas City to officiate during the coming season at American Association games. pwena. umpired abont twenty-five games of the National Leagne last season and his work was considered highly satisfactory. He original>y caine'; from the American Asaociatioii and there lyas nojdea that he would not stay' with-the-National Ijeague.. Vntta Pulllam was informed that Prjesblent O'Brien had signed Owena. he was very much surprised, and stated; ttiat he was under the in^resaion,.. that tl)e latter -had signified his' inr tefatiim to remain > in the National League, as he waa.perfectly satisfied,, with the terms offered by the league,-, bnt if be thought he could better him self by going to the American Asao- , elation, he would not throw the least , obstacle In his way. President O'Brien stated that he had ccfnsidered Owens s free agent in the matter, and if he had thought the man was bound by. a contract to the National league, or In any way obligated to remain in it, he would ander no circumstances have made bim an of* fer, as it was not bis policy to be antagonistic in any way to the" National lieague. A DBCNKEN POLICEMA.X FINED. In Topeka J. 3L Costello Terrorised Chnrchgom and Other Offfeen. Topeka. Jan. 5.—J. M. Coslello, the drunken Topeka policeman who fright ened many' churchgoers yesterday as well as a large part of the police force with a loaded revolver, was} fined |I0 In police court this morning. He nald the fine. He was relieved of his brass buttons and even his pistol WHS taken from him. No effort was innde to ascertntfi where Costello obtained the whiskey with which he started his carouse. HE WAS MCKINLEY'S FRIEND. John H. High, Federal Offleer Undir President Harrison, Dies. Topeka, Kas., Jan. 5.—Jehn H. High, chief of division In the department of the interior at Washington under President Harrison and later special field agent, leaving the department in 1904, died today at bis home near Hutchinson, In Reno county. He was a personal friend of McKInley when both were starting their careers In I Ohio polltfes. ATfOTHEK MASK. OSraOPATHT— DS. IT .H. ALBBIVHT. Raglstered Otteopatkle Pbynaa*. auu Bmnk BIdg. PteM Itf Oaly Oataopatk ta ba Harp*. Week af Fnyer. The week of prayer is being observed In the Presbyterian chnrch nightly. All are cordially Invited to attend; Dr. ncClellan Now at Cataract Hotel PARLOR FLOOR ROOM 1 AND 8 A Chrlstiaa Eade*tor Soekil. The Endeavor society of the Christian church gave a social last evening at the home of Mrs. C. T. Brown. Held Pnhlie Insfallatfon. The local lodge of Odd Fellows and (he KebekahH held a joint social ae«•Ion and public Installation of officers In the Odd Fellows hall last evening. The Honeymoon TralL Rev. Robert Copeland and bride left yesterday for a bridal trip to Kansas City. They will visit in Topeka and other Kansas cities before their return to La Harpe. Seroni Oht of SfMon to Bf^ HeM at Skating Rink. The Auditorium will pnt on their second masquerade of the season to- morrtjw ^ight. The first one was a big anccess and they have been aaked by many to htave another. Caah prfies of two dollars each for the best lady and gentleman costume are. offered and there will doubtless be many contestants. Tonigbt a prize will be given to the moat graceful couple. SHara to Sf ho«L Miss Lena Waters and Mias SaM* Kohler have returned to AMlene^ Ifcr resume "their stodies in school there. Home From UaJMitowB. Mrs. C. J. Halm and Mrs. G. A. Cowden have returned from a pleasant visit with relatives and friends In Uniontowtt. PmoBftK J. Stansbury .iras in Tater Center on business yesterday. Mrs. J. Brooks will leave soon for a visit in Shawnee. Okla. From A HARD STRreCILE. Vany an Fola Cifii» Finds the Sfrng. gle Hard. With, a back constantly aching. With distressing urinary disorders. Dafly existence is but a struggle. No need >to keep it up. Doan's Kidney Pills will cure yon. Tola people endorse this claim: S. B: Vaughn, retired farmer, living at 601 south street. Tola. Kaa.. says: "I first learned of Doan's Kidney PfHa soma tea\ye«fii ago. I had b«in ttm- bled tor some time with kidney complaint and at once diabetes set In- and my condition hepame serious. The kidney secretfOhs-'were of anhatura? appearance, scanty at times and pfni^ fuse at' others: There were scnrere atti^eka of pain In my back and afaarp catdhea would take me so that I conld hardly get about. I suffered ' frottt bactuMihe so that I could hardly riiit was alap neyvoua and any nnnpeeted' noise almost distracted me. DIulneaa so troubled me that at times my wife had to lead me for fear I would fill. I triad a niimber of remediea bnt oBty ob^ined aiight relief if any at all, itstil: I iMmed of Doan's Kidney Pltra.. Th» benefit I derived from their ug« WM ao greet that after takhig three boiwB I was liko a different pvrson. They absolotely cured me of diiriwte*, the Berrosaaeaa and dizzineaa left, the. pain in mjr back was relieved, and my whole syatcan toned np. I hvra fUsed Doan's Kidney Pilla on a ntimber Of otca^ona since and they never fail- «dr to ghrie prompt and Hl4 >tketory relief, iXt. Vatigha has ktm oaed them for iMMdcache and kidney tiouble and sh9 vtiluea them as Ugbly as I do. We ptdeurei them »tCbas. B. Spencer & \Cti.'* dml; atore." 1^ sale by all dealers. PrJc0 50 eenta. Voster-Sfllbtfrn Co.. Bsffblo, fN«w .'fork, sole agents (or the United Sffates. Ranqembar the name— Doan's—«nd 'tA> no' other. f6n. AMBASSAOOK'S RC8IDCNCE. <^imr»ti 9pp»firiatea 9WD.00O for W^^trt» Property. , , li^Sli*- «—An appropriaJ ^jMw ^J* <B*^ ^® 'chaae orimiitlitiPor a bnilding is Par- Kuf^nanoeiMorr the residence of the ^MiWiaA amlxiijiador there, by a bill rWliIoh paaacfV-'ttte' lehate today.

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