Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1908
Page 5
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TO-MGHT. The Three' Act Farce Comedy, "that Girl" Prices lOe and SOc. oooooooood<-oooooo o o O lOLA TETERIXAKY HOSPITAL O O O O Frank S. BeatUo, Y. S« O O Tcleiihoue 199. Prop, g 00000 0 0 000 4-000006 EAT Qunther's Candles! Complete Line at SPENCER'S DH. J. F. JAMESON,! i Tilt Snceessfnl An'ti* tloneer, Tetcrlnarl^n. Farm sales or I'wIigrcrJ stock ralrs nindr any whrrx-. Vtrljer Inory calN niiswrrcd day'or night. Office with DouRUiMi Bros. Pheuc li. rrsiJence tio lOI.A. KANSAS. The WnJch, the Ring, any of that Jewelry you intend bnyini; is here. We have a ereat variety of Deslirns and we are sure that we eau please *very one, both iu taste and porket- Imnk. Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWELEK, ^Th^G^bs^elUn^Boo^o^l the year 1907 was "Thm Lmtfy of the Dooormtlon" By Fkunris LItUe. It was in the six best sellers seven times, and at the head of the list three times—few boolts make such a record. The publishers are far behind on orders, are runnlns two binderies night and day to catch np on Hr{^ little book. Have you read it? Evanm Brom. THE BOOKSELLERS. Everybody Knows Where. E^arly Morning Comfort /; 1?' 1^ A looch ol a m«eh t«H the wclcofnc he»i it rtdjaitAS <rocD the— PERFECnOPrn OU Heater The Aoiomitic SmoVclew Dcricc pce«enn xU smoke sua tmcll and makes n impo»Mblc to tura the Mick too hith or too low Guaranteed o hijh or too low M Mk. It r>. cMt«*n iti^i fco* . STJIReAira OIL COMMMT. "iphose who went to the Grand tbea tre iaat evening witnessed one of the cleanest and most delightful plays of the season in "A Romance in Ireland," in which Allen Doone appears in the stellar role. The play la strictly an Irish comedy-drama with no attempt to develop a new plot. As an Irish comedian Mr. Doone is .superb. He certainly left a most excellent impression with the audience last night He has a voice of rare qiiality and many regretted that his singing numbers did not come more frequent. Mr. Doone was well supported. The Irrsliraan in every walli of life was well portrayed by tho different characters who took part in the play. Mr. Clias Daly and Miss Kittle O'Brien In tlie dancing stunt were simply great, especially the former. In fact he ts .iboiit the host ever seen here. He \7as called back repeatedly. The scenic effects in the play were Iiretty and very apropriate to the character of the play. The very cold weather cut down what otherwise might have been a big house. Dr. Mitchell, ofBce and residence, 'phone 40. "DOC" SHIVELY DECLINES. Will Not Accept prealdency of O. K League. rofToyville, Kas., Jan. 16.—The !iiep;InK of the O. K. T.,eaRUP mag- jiatos this afternoon and tonight was barren «if results up to a late hour tonight and some of the managers of teams had jione home. No president has been elected. It had been thought that "I>oc" Shive'y would take it. but he declined tonight, saying that he 'could not manage the Western association and the leage both. The feeling is growing that the O. K. lea^o Is about "all in." while the indications are that Cotfeyville. Inde- dopendence and perhaps Bartlesville will enter Shively's W'eistem association. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms it a reasonable rate. Kansas State University Is represented in l)oth the House of Rep- npentatives and the Senate of, th€ United States. Hon. Charles F. Scott, representing the Second Kansas district, is in the House and is cha-r man of tho Committee' on Agricul tnre. one of the most important of al' the committees. Senator Vi'm. E Rorah from the State of Idaho is a f<«rnier student of the University.— K. U. Xews Bulletin. Good Agents make »5.00 and more per day selling new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat sales are guaranteed. (Not sold In stores). "Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hoboken, N. J. EARNEST FULT2 ARRESTED. Mother Retiues'.ed That Police Take B&y into Custody. F.irnrst Fut7.. the fifteen year old son of Mr. arid Mrs. Fultz. who lives two miles of this city, was taken into (Sistody by the police last nlRht on requei^t of his mother who t?leplioned asking that !.c be put in jail. n ('cau.<e of the Iwiy's age he was not put in jail as was requested by his mother but was allowed to slaep on tho benches at police headqar- ttrs. The boy persists in running .inay from home. He will be taken home this afternoon. F. .T. Davis Moving Van. Phone 909. ins the past several months. FOR A KANSAS FISH STATION. The Senate Passed a _BilI Making an Appropriation of $25,(X)0. 0>LYAFEW If any, fair-minded people fail to real- 'lie what a jxjtent factor is the press in influencing public opinion—it Is the mirror that reflects the passing shadow. TMiat you are doing today <^may not Interest John Doe, but It may strike Rldiard Roe just right ;Next week it may be the other way around; therefore it behooves the merchant to I keep ion fatisUIng every day. There U always so much trade to be gained I snd tbe noe Is loyariably , to tbe .swift. In conjunction wM good copy :Ui«.B|^^ it* admtlsers in !tki» Kin^ard ««if of prognss. Climb . ti^ oje^borJtiimbia.. WaFhngtrn. .Ian. IC—The Senate ;<d the bill introduced by Senator I ong iirovi-ling for ap appropriation of SJu.iKiO to establish a flsh culture .-tatiiin in. Kansas toda.v. The locai t5on of the station will be dotermln- ed bv the bureau of fl?h and flsheries. Dr. 0.1- Garlinchoase. OiBce 'phone m Residence 4T.1. F. F. Rozelle is Better. Kansas C ty. .Ian. IC—The condition of former Police Commissioner FVank F. Roze''e. who was operated on for) appendicitis at the South Side hospital several da>-s ago. was much inipr.Tve.i Iast.:nl?ht. It was stated by ntirEes at the liospital that the at- tsnding; physicians expect Mr. Rozelle to improve rapidly and that recovery is almost a certainty. Edgar's New Feed Store, telephone 75. Best feed. Quick delivery; .Meet ail competition. , A TOW\ Df MOUEXIKG. Yirtims of Pennsylvania Theater Disaster Are in Morgmes. Boyertown, Pa., Jan. 15.— The hand of sorrow has touched probably every family In this town and the surround ing villages. The morgues contain one hundred forty-two bodies of tbe victims of: Monday night's disaster. Kansas City, Jan. 16.—There was little doing in the grain pit yesterday. Trading,' however, was only moderate and largely in wheat and among professionals. The news was generally bearish, both domestic and foreign, and values ruled lower with mora inclination to sell than for some days. Cables were lower both from the United Kingdom and the Continent under free Argentine offerings, and the receipts In the Northwest and at WInnepeg were much heavier than the same day last year. Snow was also predicted which had its influence. May wheat started the liay at %c lower, then sold off Ic mere, when the market firmed up a lililo an<l finished l^c off from th? day before. July at the same time last %c. Corn was weak in symjiathy with wheat and dull. But little trading in it one way or the other. May started the day weak and closed '4 c lower, and July lost the ?ame. Whaat—Receipts past 21 hours. !)4 cars; shipments. C4 cars. Rocpl))t.s same time Ia»t year. P.O cars; shipments, fit cars. Inspections Tuesday. «.•> cars. Receipts for tho wi-ek ending Wednesday. 402 cars; .shipments. 305 oars. Receipts same lime last year, 457 cars; shipments. 478 cars. Com—Receipts -iwst 24 hours. 34 cars: shipments, 41 cars. Receipts same time last year, 2S cars; shipments. 39 oars. Inspections Tiiesilay, 3."? oars. Roooipts for the we.^k ending \Vednos<lay. 2S5 oars; shlpmoiits. 24S care. ReceljitS same time last year. 201 oars; shipments. 234 oars. There was a very good movement In 'his grain the past week. The receipts were a little better than tho week before, yet were not larse. By sample on track here at Kansas City: No. 2 niixeii. 2 cars. 53"»;c. 1 car o3><ic; Xo. 3 mixed. 15 cars. .'•>3%c. 5 "nrs 53Vic; No. 4 mixed, nominally 52',.i<953c; No. 2 yellow, 1 car 54c; N'o. 3 yellow. 4 cars. 54c. 5 cars 53?ic. I cars 53%c; No. 4 yellow, nominally 53((i.'i3%c; No. 2 whito. 1 car 54%c: Xo. 3 white, 7 cars 54c; No. 4 white •oniinally 53@53%c. Oats—Receipts past 24 hours. 10 cars; shipments. 17 cars. Receipts same time last year. 16 cars; shipments 22 ears. Inspections Tuesday, 7 cars. Receipts for the week ending liV'ednesday. 62 cars; shipments, 58 cars. Receipts same time last year. 105 cars; shipments. 96 cars. There is nothing new to note In the market for this grain the past week. By sanip'e on track here at Kansas City: No. 2 mixed, nominally 50(f? r>OVic; No. 3 mixed, nominally 49o: Xo. 4 mixed. nomlnalTy, 4St4c; No. 2 while, choice, nominally 5l!(i32c: fair to good, 1 car 50^c; 3 oars noJjc. 1 c5r like sample SO^ic; No. 3 white, choice, nominall.v. 49i ^c. 1 car like ^5lmple 491^0; co'or. 1 car 49%c; No. 4 white, nominal'y 49c. Horses an.i Mule.s—Receipts. 107: week ago, 182; year ago. 74. ; The Nitfht Couipis have Ihi- double daneor of exIuuMini; ili>- .-tit1<r<T and cauMni: si. ••pii'>sui-fsj' Tho ii.:ist dl^collr-^:>•d victims of bad c6unli> li.nvo found nroiijpt in Pt>.«*s Cure. ThtTi* IS no t.irin ul l)ronct)i.i1 or lun,: di>(.Ni>4-. no niatlcr bov 5 LTIUU .< iliat It mil DbC relieve wcnderiully. All Dmnists 25 Cents OUGHS^oCOLDS University of Kaos. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MEDinXE. Candidates for the profe.sslon of medicine should study the advantages offered by the University of Kansas. This school Is j)eer of the older and better known universities in the east. For entrance some i)reiiminary college work is required. For two gears' work in college and four years in the school of Medicine, the Universfty grants both the A. B. and M. D. Address the Registrar at Lawrence. Young women who wish to prepare for nursing should write the principal of the Training School for nurses of the Unl-' versiiy of Kansas at Rosedale. This school gives a three years' course and excels in the lecture work and the variety of material presented to the pupils. Tbe pupils are allowed (8.00 a month first year for expenses, $10.00 second year, and $15.00 the third year. Candidates must be healthy and .high Bcbcol graduates. "^•^'^j-.*if:^- :1 ".''••] •• -,- Attend our January Clearins: Sale and save $3 .00 tols.OO oit your Salt or Ov«^coat. Every Overcoat in the house at b g reductions. Cut prices on SiilMfv Underwear, Night Robes. Sweaters, Flannel Shirts, Caps^ .Gloves,^Panta Duck Coats. Don't fail to come and see for yourself—it nieaqa IM K savib^t^ Barclay-Shields Clothing: "•THE HOr .SE 0^ QirALITY." supply of horses and mules this week was more like normal than has- been eviilenced at any Bince the spring trade. The run was some too heavy for th.- iiKiuiry and a second day auc- ticn was held... the first since the n;oney trouble. Prices on the best I'i'lil fully steady, but plain and poorly finished animal.s Ceciined $5.0()<ff $10.00 per head. Monday over 200 head of mules ware here and buying was brisk. On'y a few head were left for Tiiesdat's m(>/rk*tt and nothing Ir s'l WHS to be had. Prices were vr-ry satisfactory. Csrn'o—Supplies tfor the past 24 hcurs: Receipts, cattle, 9,241, calves, CS4; week ago, cattle, 5,978, calves. 441; y«ar ago, cattle, 11,491, calvjes; 901. The run of cattle yesterday waa comparatively light and the^^mand v,as strong on all stuff suited to tho MDors. Rec-^lpts included many fair lo good steers and sales on these wore strung to a dime per cwt, high- ei. Cows and hoifors were active a( strong to hluhnr prices and calv.^s held full steady. Stockers and feeders met with light inquiry and brou.glit weaker jirices in many cases. Cows and heifers have been ?ood sell.'rs all week and prices closed yesterday strong lo 15c per cwt higher than prices of the same day a week aeo. Veal calves are 25<fi50c per cwt higher than last week's closing values. Several light veals sold till.-; woek up to $7.00 per cwt. Butter—Receiiits continue light market firm and demand fair for al' good to choice table gtnirfs. Packia' stock. IGc: store packed. lf>c; rreain ory extras. 31c; creamery firsts. 2Sc; seconds. 26c. Eggs—Offerings better. market slow and a little lower. Extras. 22c: fir.'its. 2iic: seconds. 10c. All quota tions Ic less whore cases are return- ea. Poultry.—Steady and demand fair. H.'ns. ^S'io; young roosters. 5c: springs. S\ic; broilers, under 2 lbs.. 10',^; turkey hens, 9'ic; gobb'ors 9>^c; toms. Sc; culls, 5c; ducks, 7Vi: coose. 514 c. Whitaker k Donnell's Kent LLn. 320 .acres, 414 miles. 160 acres, 4% miles. SO acres, 2 miles. Two room house, $5.00. Six room house, $S.OO. Five room house, $7.00. Five room house. $8.00. "PEEPER" ON NORTH OAK. Prowler Fri.nhtened Woman Again Last Ninht. Policeman Sim Hildreth went to 630 North Oak street about 10 o'clock last evening in answer to a huro" up call stating that "Jack the Peeper" was workinir in that section of the city. By the time the officer arrived, the mysterious prowler had left. It is said that the man tapped cn the window at a lady who was sitting near a fire reading. It was impossible, however, for the woman to ilistinpuJsh the man's features. COURT APPOINTS J. L. BARNES. Attorney To Look After Interests of Wade Clark. .Judge Foiist yesterda.v appointo<l Attorney J. L. Barnes to look after the int?reSts of Wade CTark. who is charged with violation of the prohibitory law. C'ark was arrested some f'ipe ago on evidence furnished by detectives hired by the city and county. His family has been ill during a goo<l part of th3 winter. When arraigned yesterday in district court he had no attorney and hence the court appointed one for him. Telepvph Briefs. Kansas City. Jan. 15—Claude Brooks a negro was arrested today at Carrollton. Mo., charged with the murder of Sidney Herndon, a wealthy man who was found dead in his apartments here Monday morning. The negro was formerly employed by Herndon. New York. Jan. 15.—The body of Frank Hume, a wealthy young banker was found beside his wagon in a lonely road near Ardsley last night. He had been stabbed in the neck and the btrjggle was apparently fierce. He had carried' a large sura of money which was missing. The 'Get Busy' Sale lil GET OUR PRIOeM BEFORE. BUYHtB \ Phones 308-301 FRYER BROS. E. Side Square i a MISSED ONE DEGREE Weather Barean's PredlcUon Ye^ler- day on told Wave Was Not False .Harm. The mercury dropped to 11 decrees above zero liy seven o'elocK tills morning and sliice then it has risen slowly. The iiredlctlons aro for fair woalher ionight and Friday with rising temper iture. During the night the wind blew it the rate of twenty-five milos an hour from the north. Tliis made it seem iiiucii colder than the mercury indicated. \V. J. A. Schoppe warned the imblic yesterday thiit the temiieruture might be ten degrees above this morning, missing it by one degree only. Yesterday afterno<in a little snow fell. A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bash. Use J WiDcheAter, Lea^^e or L. M. C. Shells And the Bird is Yonrs. .1 • Full line of Guns, Revolvers and Ammnnition. TWO Big SttM^ Installs >'cw .Vachine. Ben Railove, the shoemaker at 217 South Washington, has installed a machine for sewing on shoe soles. This is the only machine of its kind in the city and means a great deal in the saving of time and money. Y'ou can now get your shoe soles sewed on in a very few moments while with he hand scwin.g an hour's time was required to do the work. The best ;ewed soles for men which formerly cost $1.00. can now be had for .S5 .•ents: ladies' best, which wore formerly 7 J cents are now 60 cents. He wi! nail on men's soles for 65 cents .md ladies' for .'>0 cents. Men's rubber beels 40 cents, and ladies' 35 cents :{en .says if you wish to save money, ihvays buy a welt shoe. Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies HAS A GOOD OFFICE. Sexton Tiiom.nson Proud of Building at Cemetery? George Thompson, sexton at the old c:>nietery. now bo.xsts of having the finest and most up-to-date cometerj- GfTice and waiting room in this part of the state. Last spring the city built a waiting room at this come- tory. During times when he was not engaged olherwi.=^> .Mr. Thompson has put in his hours on his new office until now it is one of the best in any department of the city. In addition to being well finished the office is furnished nicely, making an excellent place for visitors at the cemetery to go in case of rain. Many who have peen it s.iy it is the best cemetery office in Sonfh?astem Kansas.. CATARRH YIELDS To Healing Air of Hyomei. .Sold Under Guarantee by Chas. B. Spencer. Catarrh is tTie most provalont di=ease known to humanit.v. Pndcibly ninety per cent of the people of this coimtry suffer at one tima or another with this common disease. It is a germ arid henoo can be cured only by some method that will reach and destroy the germs. This is best found in Hyomei. which may b.<> called the direct method of treating catarrli. as Its medication, taken in with the air you breathe, goes directly to every air ce'l in the nose, throat and lungs; kills all catarrhal perms; heals the irritated mu- coit? membrane and vitalizes the tissues so as to render catarrh no longer possible. The unlqne way in which Hyomei I.-, sold should dispel a'l doubt as to Its curative properties, for Chas. B. Spencer gives his absolute guarante? to refund the price lo any catarrh sufferer that Hyomei falls to benefit. You do not risk a cent in testing Its healing powers . What offer could be mor? fair to yon than this, where a leading druggist takes all the risk of Hyomei giving satisfaction and leaves you to be the judge. CONTRACTOR R. S. Gilfillan today began laying the cinders for the last block of pavement on South Cottonwood. This means that It will be but a B^ort time before the work will, bo completed on that street Tmkm Your Homo Pmpmr FIrmt THEM SUBSORIBE FOR THE KANSAS CITY STAR AND TIMES I The Star and Times, reporting the full twenty-foor hours* , news each tiay in thirteen is3nes of the paper each weeek,' are furnished to regular subscribers at the rate of loc a week. As newspapers, The Star and The Times have no rivals. No other publisher famishes his readers irith the fall day and night Associated Press rexx)rts, as does the Star and the Times. This should recommend the papers especially to the progressive merchant and farmer. , /. We deliver both the Star and Times to the sabscriber'S door promptly on arrival of trains. Give us a trial. • ,+ 's.- •_M MAY CATCH PEEPER Police Have Infornuitidn Which Will I'rolwbly Lead to .Vmst of Mght Prowler. The police will this evening be in IM)ssession of information which may lead to the capture of Jack, the Peeper, who for two weeks or more has been fri.ghtening the people of lola b.v looking into their windows, scratching on the window panes and a number of similar things. The information will be - furnished by John Marion, of 601 South Chestnut street, who saw the peeper last night peeping into the window of Dallard Collins* residence. ;J08 South State, which is just two doors south of the C. E. Birdsell home where the peeper was visiting night before last. Marlon saw the peeper about ten thirty as he was returning home from a visit to a friend. Marion came up Scott street and turned at State street When he approached the Collins' home he saw a man stooping down and look lug in at the north window of the home. The peeper saw Marlon about the same time and started on a run the street to the east side of State street. In passing the sidewalk the peeper passed within a few feet of Marlon which gave him a good opportunity to get a good look as the man. Marlon believes that he knows who The man Is. If the peeper Is the. man whom Marion thinks he is. It Is a fellow who has lived in lola some two years or more and during that time HarhM does not know ol Ids ever having done any work. The fellow aeemsto hMW no cKcupatlon and ooea not^ bear -4 * very good reputation. Ths man Is about five feet five In helghth Vid would probably weigh ahciat pounds He wears a red mustadia and last night wore a, black oyereoat and light hat. ? ' ^ In the last two weoka tS^e peeipeC • has been seen so many times flial there is little don^ but that; ^ome man is at such work. JCarlon believes that when the police do capture the iieeper that it will be tbe vary man who was spotted last night iboking into theCbl* lins window. • - MYSTERY STIIL UNSOLVEDi ) Gas City Bank Officials Have No Clum to Open Door. ? J. S. Christian, cashier <a the Gas, City State bank, stated this moniiv that nothing had developed as to th« Identity of the man who ei^tered flis bank on Tuesday evening.. Ho stated that a careful eyninlnatlon \ been made and It was fimnft nothing had been distorbedL afW^e^j- safe was found to be In .the besC^^ot r condittcn. "kRESHHES* BEAT HIQH SCHOOl Score of BasMt ball to 34. A large crowd of stndentsi the Y. M. C. A. last evenbtf ness tl^e basket baU the Freshmen and a picked the high schooL Thejas^^ feature' of the game wUeiaMs 43 ta 34^. Freshmsn team.

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