Moberly Monitor-Index from Moberly, Missouri on October 4, 1958 · Page 4
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Moberly Monitor-Index from Moberly, Missouri · Page 4

Moberly, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1958
Page 4
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Page 4 *£"£·«!£«. |Lod y Police Chief jCouoIe Five .'Husband's Note IReach Scene on Peak After All-Night Climb Cancer Society W/f fanFrtfW CJ^*f* IJL · T Q^St t jf^f · » A f ^^^ ^^ ** f m\^ jr 1 · T ^^ J ^^ ^ ^ J ^^ . , j y "" ' "IV'^'ts and Aurora irL:ia^-^ iConvmces Jury ReSCUCrS Struggle to RcmOYC |Bogrd *° Meet Top Priorily for Disarmament Is [Mayor Is Bitter (Continued From Page I) vo*.vec to fight those who ( ·ould oppose her appointment. | Friday Miss Counts, 28. held a I In Blast-Fire He Fired Shots (Continued From Page 1) '''dresser dra'vers rnsknig inventor-! Injured Youth From Mountain ritain Wins ransatlantic - ^,»« +t,«i ^ effiE of e .Randolph County chap- t down the *.n ? *?,» *. .-:__ «__;:__ ^_ West Seeks Support For Biq-3 Meeting On Nuclear Test Banij; By TOM HOGE U2CTTSD XA7IOXS, X.Y. (A?)'^ 1 ^* inc " --Britain H~C t~? C--;£c Stores pressed today to give :he crucial j7rr.7^T ~.T^ ' "" disarssarneni question. :op priority j^^L ?^.^S^ 1 in the U-N? s main political co aittee. The txs Westers Two Of-fiPr D n i f n h f P r c ^ of rbe estates, aid liat while] *? *«*·** *- ALHHH-, f ana feu aoout i wo urner uaugmers Iookin ^ for ^^^ ^^ ^ SALT IAKE CITY A?^es-! mountainside, t c D -. . tSCOpe, DUt Une f S Critical Condition ^ director of toe National ;C.o aoieoodie j-mee: in ope, :$urr?es:o3." * ? * - . . t * jda, 10,;was rescued by an ErieJ. 2lso sla:e c »j. SI neighbors did notj p a r t y He said the 68 men-in blue, plus lop of . . . . . ,. . - . I Dangerous Task Ahead . was vismng a neiga-js ee or hear anything "oui^of tne! Waite a With a Friend j fiescuers figured ifeeir struggle ^^, B ' j-vay" Lie cay of Lie snooting. p or 17 ^^5 afj er £ e slippedjto gala the crest would'be a stroll jcoinpared to tlie tricky task oij v ank ·worsins out s nuclear test D2_. _, .. . , - , - . He Won't Bow Oat The Tsoiiticsl comisinee, whi^n ,, "«»» */««· Elizabeth told Fire Chief Bruce ·Dodd. in an effort to see if any j InfV /\n }lis * 2us. rate par-l cant 000 · Soldiers Sail From Beirut « ,, ^ ,, , | members. The nonstoD trip was Cancer Institute of Me United j es0ected to take about 6* hours, oiates Puolie Health Service. [ w ; tte reported favorable i ip TlPPTfTto 1 T*A/*ATvKru^ an/T ^ I - ^ , » ^^ ^ ^ ^-^ ·*, x**c -iiccui-^, AtSt-CtKJvil ctliu a ]^mds tjlp COISt G£H16d T)filt.fl ] lugging a loaded stretcher down.j^^ ^ 0e ia fee Missouri Ho-j Bravo ^ could b 7 ea k the record of Chapman's p l i g h t becamei te ^, ,. .. - _. _ Is hours, 16 minutes for the At- j happened. Salienba'ck said he did-! I n't see Chapman fall, but thought I £ave the arms talks here as $002 The mght was ^ ^ east jwsrd -hop for a commercial jet j with fare-paying passengers. A f sister shio, the Delta Charlie, took off from' London at 8:55 a.m. *aie u« arms uu~ rere ^ cKn ; .^ --TM; - -- ----; ard there was s-oke ind *re F Iraics OD nands as OIiier wea ~ j tensions still mounting in Leo-l^ 11 -, .. ·as possible on the srounc tnai tne i , ^ -- «-"*-« v -o--e uiao a^ jp ana aiere was smo^e ana i^e. , , j= .,. s It took mm more t UA-. debate would give ^^^er town tnat ever exisiea.-')I crawled out the coal chute and[^/p^ report also stated Im^h^^rf^'Stno^^I ^ I** ^ ^ d -merLtum to the Geneva parley. ; iran^io the neighbors. !there were no legible fingerprints !todav and D^euared to "sail fo^l v ^ OIls ^ S02e ^ e v .?TP!' - .5»j« ·nrrnTo^An fhs^ th*» c»n. i r* « «. . . . V/hen Clvmer volunteer firemen i.^^ *.-,,,, ,..,,«-«,, ««j ci,TM^:^*-" *,,_,!« - _ - * i _ _ ^ , u;v_ ,,, ,,,,,,,* n-sri- to the Geneva parley. .Se-aas proposed that the Gen-Jr I ± f\ ; i «vt-:|alk$---be placed under u.N.|KQOCrt U. n G f r i S soonsorsniT). ! rv- - - * , , . , secretary general also sug-;U!6S in LOilfOrnia; gested in a memorandum this i r" f i. D l_! week that any control agency \ TUnerO! TO D6 Here agreed on at Geneva should be in-1 tegrated with the U.N. He further I ^o^ert B. Harris, 70, for years -, recommended that negotiations on j 2 farmer and dairyman northwest protecting nations from surprise!^. Soberly, died at 4:30 o'clock attack be held within the U^N. j^ 5 m rning in San Francisco, framework. *PP f^^.n were so kgible eer firemen j. on ^ , veapollj and S |j riff arrived, at the scene, the six-room ! than two hours down, but ob- i bound for New York, to inaugurate officially commercial travel by jet across the Atlantic. Tie Delta Charlie left London i while an American Boeing 707 jet John F. Tyrrell, 84, a former i was waiting at the London Airport residect of Moberly and former [to undergo noise tests. Both jets at 1:30 1 already have passed the tests Test exolained that thev were! " of Sanies. | where he had lived the past 16 proposed that thep' ears - Keypad been in ill" health 5euev£ discussion be raised to the | several y e'ar s .and suffered a ·lieved to have been fired bv the ·weapon, according to th Patrol. The jury began deliberations at" 11:13. o'clock, after being directed to return two verdicts. One verdict was to be reached regarding the death of MrsDodd and file readier" haven Sunday or Monday, leaving about 5,900 American servicemen The last ^ 10 days ago, from which he Eot regain consciousness. special guest when the Moberly Order of Rain-bow for Girls met Thursday night in the Masonic jSevier. He was first married to j Temple with Miss Lois Kraft pre- fbreign. minister level, but the United States has indicated it is not interested in doing so at this i ^- r - Harris was a n a t i v e of stage. »*.-:._ · Mary S. Haynes Is Spec/a/ Guest For Rainbow Girls Miss Mary Stuart Haynes of Jop-1 ^ e :, wa i » « re ,f lin, grand worthv advisor, was a m *, ix : ^^! dea f* t ,, . , ,the airlift is contmuing. snpripl «m«t whiTn th^To^riv nr. . Tfle ^ returned at H:2o o'- _ , , . . _ . _ , 3d}arilie£ who arrived in July left earlier in the week. An Army spokesman said 730 Army men had been airlifted out of Lebanon to date and The purpose of the Geneva talks ! *j} former Miss Minnie Kais, who siding. is to "set up control machinery ^ e3 May 8, 1940. They were the} Miss Marjorie Dooley, accompanied by Miss Phyllis Burton, sang which East-West experts agreed j parents of four children. is Jttly would be adequate to back I He is survived by his second tip any agreement to suspend nu-i w ^ e ' ^ e former Mrs. Louis Wis- _ ,, _ clear tests. " dom of Moberly; three children, a gift from' thV"AssemWy." Miss ·Mrs._ Earnest Swearingen, former | Haynes thanked the Assemblv. r% ri rvi t ?* * r-*-^-.** *·»··· -*£ TrT ^ J1 _ .7 ·»-·»· * ** Emogene Wright Is Named to Honor List "I Believe" for Miss Haynes and Miss Kay Knott uresented her with " clock. Phalangist Barricades Members of the jury, who were j As fee troops began moving.out impaneled last week* and taken Phalaugists set im barricades in to the scene of the affair by sher- ^ "" sectors of Beirut to k:eep out tiffs officers, were James F- Bel- government tanks- and to enforce ·sher. L. B. Broaddus, Marvin ^ general strike against Leb- (Pranklin, B. H. Shixlett. " Tom! anoil7s Surge and Walter Harlan. administrator of Woodland Hospi- jial and now a student in the University of Ohio, Columbus, Mrs. Thomas C. G i l l i s , Kennewick, "nrr _ _ t _ ·* --~ · » . _ _ . _ *- ., and Bobert G. Harris, Mo- and a sister, Mrs. SSiVS^ .·^^l^SffiftSSa'*; - *«' ^ sfealL -is a 2.3 grade point average for » previous semester. The 1958 Homecoming . The three children visited their : lor this honor father and step-mother in San Francisco shortly before his fatal illness began. ob-_,__ body will be brought to ce airtoe college will be j Moberly for funeral services, but lield the week ending October nth! the time of arrival is not' yet _^._ ,T. , . _ , » - . , . , . - 'known. Funeral arrangements will ! be made later. ·with the highlights being a parade is tee moming. an afternoon football game featuring Valley and Graceland College, a n d a dance Saturday evening. An alumni dinner and get-together is scheduled to pi"cC£ucit^ the dance. Veronica Kyle Hulett Home From Hospital ivyle Halett. 415 West Burkhart s t r e e t has returned home from the Universitv Medi- Hospstol Notes Ked Cross blood used yesterday, 2 units. WOODLAND ~ * ano. Miss Sharon Todd of Columbia, grand page to the grand treasurer of Columbia, and Miss Kathy Williams, grand representative, were introduced and welcomed. Others present included four past mother advisors. Mrs. J. B. Busch, Mrs. Carter Durbin, Mrs. Pearl Wells Stout and Mrs. Rolla B. Green; board members, Mrs. 0. L. Dameron, Mrs. Knott and Mrs. Ercil White: and past worthy ad- Yankees Rally in 5th Inning, Break Up Scoreless Duel (Continued From Page l) struck out Bruton walked on a j full count. Schoendienst slashed a ground single through the shortstop position vacated by Kubek when Bruton, on a feit and run play, broke for second with the Mediation efforts to ease the new tensions were speeded upl Phalangist leader Pierre Gemayel was reported meeting wi£h former rebel leader Saeb Salem at the home of President Fuad Che- none the worse for his ^ abas]l COQd « ct * t; hike he went back up the peak! morning at St. Mary's Hospi-jnecessary for use of Idlewild. p "- . , . . . lin darkness as a guide'IOT-onp o i l t a i i n St Louis after a lengthy; The Port of New York Authority ney are the nrsi. Army men to several rescue pa rties \^^ ss ' [opened the field to jet passenger T t. --,. _u._ rr.i._ 4 - . - , - " " to Mo-j plane use Friday. Pan American World Airways had widely advertised that the Boeing jet would start the world's first commercial jet flights across . Franke" ^ the other faik-1 Tfa body wm be er on the ia#k the three hadj berl ? Monday-'noon and wffl be planned for a week, huddled on windswept Olympus until rescuers, including Chapman's unck, arrived after an ali-nigcit climb. taken to Mahan Chapel. A rosary be said at 7:30 o'clock Mon- Funeral services will day be conducted Tuesday morning at The operation directed by Saltj, 9 ^ Lake County Sheriff George Beck-' stead got a boost during the night when a local radio station lent a big World War H type searchlight and the Air Force contributed a jet plane and pilot: The searchlight played across the peak from, the valley and the plane crisscrossed the mountain with its landing ligts on and dangerously low and slow until the youths were spotted by ine pilot. T fl ree Kescuers Injured The mountain was considered too high for a helicopter's limited altitude and too steep for horses. the Atlantic Oct. 27. at St. Pius X Church hab. Gemayel met with Chehab I but that didn't deter 30 hardy men ·Friday. Later the Phalangists is-! from struggling upward in the by Mgsr. John C. Mahoney. Burial j k i ,· i- , m wiH be in St Mary's cemetery. iNatJOnailStS r l O H sued a statement saying Gemayel felt there was a good chajice for settlement. visors. Miss Mary Lee Burkett and Miss Nancy Jett. Mrs. Dal^ Ward and Mrs. Lillian Sullins, district deputies of the Order of Eastern Star, were welcomed. Miss Kraft reminded girls planning to attend the dinner in Centralia Oct. 6 to call her "and to be! at the Temple at 5:45 o'clock, j Mrs. Selvin Winn, mother ad-i o u t pitch. Bruton raced to third on the hit. Mathews went down swinging. No runs, one hit. no errors, two left. YANKEES: Hush fielded Skowron r s bunt and threw him :Rush speared McDougald's sharp i Thursda Mrs. James Maxey Dies; Funeral Is Held in Kansas City Mrs. Ethel Dee-Maxey, 71, 2210 Lawn avenue, Kansas City, a former resident of the Madison i OUu ! . dark for as much as 10 hours andj a longer trip coming back. D. I Harden Chapman, the injured boy's father, struck out with one group. At least three would-be rescuers were injured in falls. One collected a broken leg. Another man slipped- 30 feet and rolled against a last-straw tree that saved from a certain death plunge of another 3GQ feet. Mr. Tyrreli was made a freight conductor ia June, 1906, and wa* promoted to a passenger conductor on the Wabash in Feb. 9, 1922. He moved to St. Louis in 1939. He was born in Mobile, Ala., and married Msss Margaret Murray, daughter of the late Richard and Nell O*Keefe- Murray. The family home in Moberly was 17 Windsor Place. He is survived by his wife: a son. John F. Tyrrell of the home in. St. Louis; a daughter, Mrs. William O'Brien, Miami, Fla.; -a sister. Miss Oliva Tyrrell of Mobile; and five grandchildren. d in Kansas A but ma2 to one, 1 Funeral services were held this · -r T, t. i a 1 ul ck| afternoon at Earp Sons Mort- f to Torre. Rush also tossed j^ary in Kansas City with burial ,. a r«.T, to ^receive credit forj m Memorial Park. visor, announced line officers who| a11 three assi sts in the inning. Mrs. Maxey was a daughter of had taken part in the drive for! ^ T ° rijris ' EO ^ lts ' G0 err rs, none Close Escort for Quemoy Airdrops (Continued From Page 1) Formosa. Since the United States is pledged to defend Formosa, that would draw the heavy concentration of American military strength here into direct conflict with. Red China. Liu said the MIG-s attacked * flight of' C46s with machinegun fire immediately after they parachuted supplies to Quemoy and then strafed the island's- main town of Kinmen City. He had no information whether the strafing inflicted casualties. Injured Car Hits Tractor South of Paris PARIS -- Two Monroe Countians were injured and two vehicles were considerably damaged in an accident about 7:30 o'clock last night south of junction of Highway 154 and 15. - The accident involved a tractor , . , . . _ ,, being driven north' bv Max Eck-^^^ 0 ^ ° f man and an automobile driven logy and °torhmolaryngology Sept north by W. A.^Franke, Paris druggist. It occurred near the Eck- Dr. Johnston Returns From Eastern Meeting Dr. D. H. Johnston, head of th« department of eye. ear. nose and throat at Community Memorial Hospital, returned yesterday from Philadelphia, where he attended the 43rd annual meeting of the Os- ·y son, 411 Gratz Brown street,! vention yesterday. crippled children go to Hannibal Oct. U for a con- Mr. and Mrs. George FOURTH INNING jCrosswhite, who lived on 'near Madison. They CITY T4iP)- a S c^ler Jinan iarm. admitted nome ironi_ die _ university .\ieoi-j H rs. William L. Woodward, 445 cal Center in Coiumma where she | Woodland avenue, dismissed yes- was a patient 9 days for treat-Iterday. ment of rheumatoid arthritis. j Henry Marshall, Keytesvilie, ad," Veronica Syle is the 9-year-old mitted yesterday, daughter^of Mrs. Daisy Hulett and Mrs. Earl Nicholas. 1536 Myra of ikyle -tfulett. j street, dismissed yesterday. She will return to the hospiial in I Benjamin Jones, Winkler Nurs- two months for a check-up and:^ Home, Huntsvilk, admitted additional treatment. | yesterday. Mrs. Ben Neal, 620 Burkholder the Mark Twain. Hotel. I , . B!RAV ?? : Aa 5°n raised a high j in Kansas City, for many years. ^ ^ _ . t - r l t r -frt C^in^\rtT-»^ 7-n rrtrt-r-t- T **i-£i I . T A M : C 1 i* -- i _ " _ _ T T »·» ~ -- with Mrs White i " * "«** drave into fee rear of the Eckman tractor and Deputy 29 to Oct 1. About 125 of the nation's leading specialists in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat attended the three-day session. Speechs, Sheriff Richard Fisher, investigat- *f nels a s d symposia included light rain or drizzle in the extreme j ing the accident, said Franke ao-1 piastlc ^Sery of the nose and southeast. !,,__,,,,.-·,, -. _ , _ . ,7 .. . " I face. InfJarrvmafinn n.f f'no JI-JT southeast I parentiy could nk see the tractors! tace7 , lnflammation of ^e ear, / charge. The next regular meeting! will be Oct. 16. singled to center for First Child, Daughter. For the Woodrow StrOups !ke 7 s Health !s Excellent, Annual Check-Up Shows t (Contaraed From Page I) lit. Crandall ,i_n.- May poison and second | another daughter. Kansas City; ] ^ called out on ] Ray -Maxey, who lives in Cslifor-1 ^ striKes. It was Larsen's sixth nia, and Russell and Gene Mazey,! strike out. 1 Kansas City. No runs, one hit. no errors, one! Her husband, James Maxey, ff idied several years ago. Bauer fouled to ' · -- The forecast indicates the lowsj rear ^ ^^ g blinded by the! speedl defect ^ in cerebral palsy tonight wffl be in the mid-40s along I lights of two approaching parsi a n d snr g er ? of ffl e eye. fTia rLft-HhliOT*?! lirtT*.n;.aT- fr\ 4-Ti*\ TntrraT* - *i. * I ' ' '""""" ' -- · · · · - _ . left. YAKKEEES: Torre near the first base field I Five Deer Hunters boxes. Kubek lined to Logan, i L X 4 , Mantle walked on a fall coimt.i Leove *0r Wyoming i the south. e in the mid-60s north to around 70 in the south. Highest in the state yesterday was 74 at Kansas City. Lows this morning included St. Louis with 40 and Farmington and Plains with 41. street, dismissed yesterday after had lunch there and pfanned to i Scaoendlenst. 3 ^ P ° ? "^ '° ~ One 5 rtrtlerl r ^ter, three, from! Attend Luncheon Or ·'recent operation ' ·rii^ir n.^if i»*_ _^i ^ ~^ - i "*_ * _ . HrnTtf^THiio nnr! /%«« -*T^ /-·?!,.----' A 7-pound. ICVs-ounee daughter ^ J -o^ie Wilson Moore, son of Mr. o'clock w thisl a i l d ^ Irs - Wilson Moore, dismissed P^ay golf this afternoon at Burning j No runs, no hits, no errors, one Tree in nearby Maryland. ! Eisenhower recovered so quick-! FIFTH INNING y Ann Kobb of Hisbee. and one from Glasgow? H IS tOrJCO I Society ! left last night for the area around ' I Rock Springs. Wyo.. where four Several Moberlyans attended the nouncea - a n ^ j made a , ,.., Tan-1 the stroke. I neniii street, admitted yesterday, i T^T^V- at Eisenno^'er had j ecovery from! Moberly Monitor-Index And Moberly Evening Democrat DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY AND EOHDAYS j dismissed today after recent oo-l « T iV , .. . Moberly Monitor Estab ISS9! era*ioa * ! A LnulK: tna " 1S tne Moberly Index Estab. 1916 i Mrs. Rober* L Whie and babv i President xvishcd Moberly Democrat tistab 1873 i^o^ Je^e^on r^v "rt^^^o^ +n i s O'^ced and the doctors also." i Mrs. Collins is tii PufiEtibedby Moberly fcdex -'- " e -c--on ^-s dismissed u h j ^ ^^ ^ Eisenhower I Jo Ann ffildebrandt [Green. Huntsvilie, and Jack Jones, | Glasgow. Mr. Kent wffl be the and Mrs. Collins I Parents of Second Cbikt ! orjl - v hunter with a gun. was! The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Collins! ^ e mec ^^ Headquarter in the south. Mr. Eckman was thrown from his tractor and the tractor then turned over He sustained a bad laceration on his forehead, a bad- £ ly mashed nose .and a laceration on his knee. Franke sustained a leg laceration and three rib fractures and is a patient in Audrain Hospital, Mexico. T K I S I H O R R I D AGE SPOTS' Devils Edge Raiders In Midget Opener, 7-6 annual luncheon, of the State H i s - T n e Huntsvffle Blue Devils ed^ed toncal Society m Columbia yes-} the Red Raiders 7-6 terday noon. Among them were ing a t the Junior Judge and Mrs. Lue C. Lozier, Mr.' and Mrs. Richard J. Chamier, Mr. and Mrs. Ray S. Eckles, Mrs. L. W. Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. James Todd and Miss Joanna Todd. Br. BeE A. Wiley, professor of for the extra point The Rai CTfYrTT QT !?m/\lTr ! 7T!tTTJVt*CTfrT i»» ! _ _ _ morn-! field in I spots of your and face tell the world rold-- the opening game of the Rotarv RQnTPRT e ri te ^ * awa J "T 1 ? Dew \TMsflt v^+^-n T - ^OTERICA, tnat medicated cream Midget Footban League season. that breaks up masses of pigment on Jim Riley p l u n g e d from the' the sKnT mai:es hands look white and three-yard line late in the fourth! yomi * aeaia - EauaIIvpff '"* KTO "" ·*" quarter and Banny Nelson sneaked i ndoned town of Marshall,! ^^ at Emory University inj score(3 OQ ^ j i dismissed today. Zvirs. Sherman Bailey, ·auuuucu tu*n or luarsnaii ;"" tut -* i - ^mv^v uuivciaiLv inis,,,^^,? -_ 4-^,, T n c f ni^-c- nt *,,, r^ ·*--- « **. w«ua up ^ose Diem- asd expect to be ,one aboa t | Georgia, was a. tocneon speaker, j^g ^.^^^^0^1 been named ^'"m C. Lays "Visit | Boy Fatally Injured in Fall |ing 30 yards. An attempted run for 2T^?^L?7 n ^S" 0 **?* ^L^SS^SSS.? 1681 ^ h e hter skm » | KANSAS CITY CAP) _ A 17-j short ° ! montc-old boy died today of iajur- ! " a fall e game-tying point was stopped Ptg. Co. 218 N. Vyilliaias St. Moberly. Missouri MemDer of ;tn \TT 5T) { -^7,.- -D^V^-J ^.^^ . Audit Bureau of Grcdation i£ u ^ ' RiCntrd luggie '! The Dre^s s-cwrv'was nnab'e' Entered at Post Office at Moberly. ft^' - w . . . ^ ,^ es s s^etary .as iin^e; ^Mo_. ssSetvmfi ri a « \f a «^ A '-puca. lo^-ounce aaugiiter, | t0 exi** *s. _ I ra at 5:17 o'clock this morning I ^ e Be ' vV finding -ay the j Sarah Jo. The other child, a son, j With Madison Relatives be an-|J5 Paul Curtis. Jr., 2.^ _ I MADISON ~ Mr. and Mrs. Jim | ies received"yesterday "in is the former Miss C. Lay of Colorado Springs spent' -rom the third Soor window of an ·i Hacon. i Thursday in Madison 'vith'his bro-! apartment Bobby Allen Steele. son . and Mrs. Robert Steele. jiner residents of Huntsvilie. have! His head struck a sidewalk in "the ioeen in Colorado several years. '30-foot fall. use ESOTERICA. At Burton's Drug Store A 7-pound, 12^-ounce son. born wantcd the re P° rt confined to "ani Tae Rev. Mr. Colhns is pastor ither and sister-in-law, Mr. and I He was ! at 3:23 o'dock yesterday afternoon j° ver al1 P icrar « of his state of|ot the Huntsvilie M e t h o d i s t ; Mrs. Les Lay. The Jim Lavs, for-i of Mr. a !to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tussle i^ 6 ^ 111 " wthout any detail. jChurcn. jmer residents of Santsvffle. have His head orn IHrs. Richard M. Davis of excellent I ^^sed From Hospital Mrs. Richard M. Davis, 717 East newspaper Dews dispatches. to the Rev. and Mrs. Paul lias, Huntsviile. Subscription Bates By carrier a wee's. .30 L._, ".,, ^ Single Copy .05 l 151 ^" Child, Son* By. mail is Randolph county" and I T ° tfie Diehard Tuggfes adjoining counties: year" 8.00; | Their sixth child, a 7-souad 6 months 4^5: 3 months 2.50: f 12^-ounce son, was born at 3-'23 -Els^here^Missomi and adjoin. TMwJ£ S ^*^* "^ ing states: Year 10.00; 6 months v^^^J^^ c ' and - - - Ai^s. Ricnard Tuggle. Sturgeon. He 5.50- 3 months 3.25 . month 1.50, Elsewhere: Year 15.00 6 months 8.50; 3 months 5:00: month 2.25. Towns with, evening can for service: Year 9.00: 6 months 4.75: 3 months 2.75: month 100 James Todd Pres Gen. Mgr W. T. Van Qeve, Vice-President J. K* Van Cleve, Treasurer ^ been named. The other children are James Richard, 7, the Republicans hope to capture! control of Congress from the Dem- i examination and treatment. George Stephen, 5, Connie Lynn J Hutsefl, 805 West Rollins street. Irs. Ioore Home From Visit ,,____ ^' irs - Charles Moore returned to U / ' f L u i. ii i j her home in Huntsvilie" Wednesdav W i l b u r HutSellS LeaV J after a two-week visit with rela- Affer Moberiv Vislf i tives in BIuet ' ie]d and Newport.! ' ' j Va., and Bluefield, W. Va. \ Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hutsell of Auburn, Ala., have been visiting an Moberly .-ince Wednesday with Mr. HutseH's mother. Mrs. Jerry Dawna Carol, 2, and Larry Dale, 1. - " Mrs. Tuggle is the former Miss Frances Evelyn WestfaU of'Hig- They left today for Ft. Smith, Ark., on account of the critical illness of Mrs. Hutsell's brother. Dr. Jeff Southard. Hutsell is track coach at Auburn, USE MONITOR-INDEX WANT ADS Come over and fry our SUNDAY DINNER SPECIAL of "TELIA'S CAFE Highway 24 end C, HunrivHIe Turkey Giblef Gravy -- Snow Flake Potatoes Cronbtrry Sauce -- Buffered Peas Hot Rolfs Coffee and Dessert You are cordially invited to attend OPEN HOUSE Sunday, October Sth, 7958--2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Motel 63 South MABIE AND LEE ROY FICKLIN No Admission Charge

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