Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1909 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1909
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAUT BEfllSTEB, TrE8D \T- ETEXIIfO. JAXCABY i,.\m. The Thing. - BothuBiasm 18 bizarrq. It makes a grandstand pla.v, It stsrts off like a motor car. Bnt wearies on the way. Determination is the th>nf(. On which you can depend. It plods along with a swinp. But gets there In the.end. —Detroit Free Pre .'SR. * * + Orpharti Home Board Met. The members of the Orphan.^ Home Board met last night. The regulnr routine of work waft all that was transacted. * • * W. C. T. U. Meeting. The embers of the W. C. T. V. soel- cty Will have a meeting next Friday afternoon at the rest rooms' on Bast Jcekifen street with Mrs. A. R. Beam as leader. An outline of the work for the afternoon will be giv'en later. * * * The elegant line of Millinery. cent* on the dollar. Richardson's. + + * Y. P. C. U. Society. The Y. P. C. U.i iwclefy of the IliiltM Brethren cburch"wlff meet' to morrow evening. A good program ha? been arranged. * * -S- To Give "Elilah." The members of the Christian » church choir held the'r ;-esulflr r'' bearaal Of "Eai^" the-chnr^-las* nigKt The chofr is doing splendidly, having only one more cionia to practice before they begin their review work. They exnect to have the work mastered about the }at ter part of march at w*«h tirte they wn be ready to nreisent it to the public. Madam Nordics will attnear io "Kljah" at Ottawa the 18th of this month and several members of the Christian church chorus will avail theinaelvfes. of the opportunity of hearing her sing. * • •> Mrs. Servey to Chanute. Mrs. Ben Servey went to Chainite to spend a few davs visiting relative.' * * • Willing Workers. •the members of the Societv of ftmniDK "Workers very charmindy en tertained a number of their friends yesterday afternoon at the home of itr«. J. M. M «8O0. ^A report of the year's work was given, also several mntieal selections were rendered. After the meeting refreshments were served to the following: Missen Dot Powe'l, Anna Severs. Bprnicc Root, iuclle Ritchie. Viola Ray. Mndge Joyce. Lenore "Wilson. Francis Mun son. niadvs Brumbaugh, EJdna Manon and Hasel Mason, Mrs. J. E. Powell, k. L. Brumbaugh. "W. H. Root. .7. M. Usaon and Miss McCoy. Health-Ray Lenses • To be sure it costs a little more ijRMtey—that root of all evil—to get Healtb-Ray Lenses. It "costs more" to get the best of anything, yet. it's always a question If It iBiTt cheapest, In the long run even if It be onlv a pair of slioes, or a hat. But with the eyes. If you Mice get ihese ligtat-givlng Health-Ray Looses before them, the east and comfort and satisfaction will soon make you forget price, even if it be a trifle more. Ton may economise on your shoes or yoor hat and lose only your money IpUl the good opinion or your neighbor*. Vision once lost Is gone beyond nMMl -^he shoes 6r hat may be re- '^aead. bu» eyesight never. . Do wlthoBt light and the life glv- lat qualities only found In The nealtb ita^r'l^e Glass and you may lose soibstbing: of more value than opinion a«Nl money. TbM* patient, abused, overworked Kfrn may some day rebel and put yoa l0tA the realm of the one-eyed or no- iltb-Ray Lenses will to a cer- ttf#iy kieep you in the land of the two- '^f^-UA bright-eyed. Ttede' mark on each lense when de- liTWPed. • CARNIVAL NO WON TOM«HT Prhe for .Host <<rar('ful Couiih' tVedueMdfly .\ifrht .M VSQI'KKAIH: Thurtday Mghi COIPLK R.ICK Friday NHrhl MEHRv nrnoff SKATI: .Snfnrdjiy NIchf BAtK THE AUDITORIUM ; OF C01TR.SB. The Richardson Dry Ooods store places on -sale their entire line of I..adies'. Misses' and Children's Coats in a lijtrKain sale for lliis week. Prices bping reduced to Ilicir very lowest ebb. 4- • * Fraternal Bankers' Reserve Society. The members of the Fraternal Bankers Reserve Society will hold their ^nual Installation of officers on Thursday night. .January 7th. 1909. All members are urgently requested to be present as a great time i:> expected. Tliey expect- to have witli them on that evening IJcpiity W. A. Walace of South ..aliota. Mr. StMnii- van and Mr. West. After the jjusi- ness se.ision there will lie a social, the ladies furnisliinK the pies. • • •:• At the Franklin IHome. Miss V^eda Moore and .Mr. Paiil Bean were i;uests at a six o'cloclc dinner at the Franklin lionie/ M,\\[\\ of I-aHarpe Sunday evening. v. V B. F. Phillips to Des Moines. Mr. B. F. Phillips and family 'eft last Saturday for Des Moine.^. Iowa, where Mr. Phillips will sujieiiiiiend a contract for buildine a ceraeiii plant. They will make Des .Moines iheir home for [irobahly a year or wioii' .Mr. Phll'iDs KUperliiteniled tlic work on the Dixie plant at Soiiih Pilt^llllr^,^ Tennessee last year. * • •:• Wednesday Euchre Club. Th<' members of the Wednesdny Euchre club will meet next Friday evening at the home of M-r<. .lildsc FouRt, 717 Rast Madison avenue. * '> <• Have you seen the nreily new thinps in Dress C.ooUs. Silks and Saliu.s at Richardson's? * • •> Ladies' Aid of the Baotist Church. The Ladies' Aid society of the Baptist church will bold an all day session at the church next Thursday. .Tan- nary "til. .\li meniliers are iirgent'y requested to he pre.sent as the ladles intend to begin makiup preparations for tile Raster bazaar. •3- • •> Mothers' Club. Members of the Mother.^' Club will all meet at the home of Mrs. A. F. Florence. 2Iil North First street on Wednesday afternoon. From there they will go to the Ornhans' Home where they will assist in the patch work. + + * • V * Returned to Kansas City. Mrs. Dr. McMillen has returned to her home in Kansas City after a three weeks' visit In lola, the guest of Mrs. Claude Culbertson. + •> + Roscoe W«etfs Back to School. RoBCoe Woods, who has been spending the holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. .Tno. T. Woods, east of the city, left last evening for Bloomvllle. where he will again take un bis studies at the military academy there. • • • Art Club. The Art dub met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. John De'ap at ho:ttess at her home, 806 North Second street There was a very go*-' attendance, but nothing except the ordinary routine of business was done. The club will meet In two weeks with Mrs. P. e. Hagenbuch of 5 North Sycamore Miss Ethel Cullison. Btbel Cullison of Waliiiii. K:;.. and .Miss Blanche Hayne.-* nf ICiie. Ks., wore the guests yesurda.v -it .Mis:; Fannie Norman. Tliev left ilii; iiiier noon for l.iudsliorj: Kiinsiis- () IM\V:I Republic. .•• .•• . * • • [•"petty ih'vy .styles in 'i 'al!ii|i''l l.iii.'ii Waists fioiri to $:; IHI . Itii'li:<nl- snli's. •:• •:• To Attend Wedding. Mrs. Fli 'lclier .MeClary niid cliiu::li- ler Welti Io Inia this arieniiioii til ;il- leii.l till' wi lidiliK of Miss (ii .'ici- I'll/,- Keralil of iliat city and .Mr. .Inlm V MH Keui 'eii of DIghloii, wliicb will t:\\>- place tomorrow mornliiK - Cliainii'' Tribune. J. j>. National Annuity Lodge Installation. The meuiliers of the National .Aniiii ity lodge will hold their annual iniial- lation of ofllccrs at the A. (). r. \V. hall Thtirsday. .laiiuary Ttb. at eiubt o 'clock. The president of the Mr. George I.. Berry, of Kaiisa.< City. Mo... will 111' there to install Hie n<'w officers. A short musical and litf r- ary progra,ni lias lieen ptepar-'d and a general good time is exiieeied. Tii.' meniliers of the lodse are recpi.-^l.-d to bring well filled baakiMs and iiitir the business session they will lia\>' an indoor picnic. The nieibliers of the will have their fi ieiid.^ as guests. * + + Misses Trentelah to Entertain. Misses .•\iina and Kaie 'rreiiielaii will entertain the WHil.^i club Thiiis- day evening at tjieir limiie. -CM NoVth Chestnut. .J. ^ Marchineal Club. The Marchineal club will bold iliiir regular fortnipbtly nieetinn at lie- .M:i sonic hall Thur.sday night. '> -i- * LaHiep' Skatinp Club to Meet. The Ladies' Skating club will iiie .t at the .Auditorium tomorrow afni- noon between tJie hours of :.':.';o and ! o'clock. The club ladies extend a cordial inyftafinn to all tlieir Iiidy friends that would care to spend tb-' iiflernoon skating with Ihein. • • -rv Fitzgerald-Van' Keuren. A very pretty home weddinir was solemnized this morning at H::!i) at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Fitzgerald. 224 South Chestnut sfeet. when,their daughter. Miss <;raci- I'iiz- gerald was united in marriage to .Mr. Frank Van Keuren, of Dlghlon. Kansas. The liouse was very heanllfnlly di'c- orated 'thrniiRbout wllli cut flowers, sinilax and ferns. To the strains of Mendellsohn's weddlnir march ]da ..i 'd by .Mi.>-s Minnie Van Keuren. si.ster of I 'the groom, the bridal couple maithe i I to the eaht end of the parlor where Ibev stood under a l/eaiitifii.' are-i of .sinilax anri ferns li'-d here iind ficre I with large bows of white rilibon while : Rev. .Mason pronounced tlie wedding I ceremony. Cut flowers and sniilax viere !u.^<d ill profusion in tiie diiiin;r room. In the center of the taide was a iarsie 'wciblinit c;»k»'. which was :- IIT by Hie ^liride. The bride wore' a beautiful i,'o»vn of white Persian lawn tiimnied with valencii'iiiu-s lace. .Mrs. Van Keuren w;is one of loin's .most popular and charmiiiK <-onni; lad, ies. lieing very protiiinent in iiotli social and church nffaiis. Mr. Van Keuren has visited here many I lines .•nid has made many friends h<P'. 'rie' Heuister joi!i.s wiib their many fvienils in be;irly eotiiiratnlalions. Only the neiir relatiyis were present:' .Mr. and .Mrs. MeClaiy and dain;ht(>i-. of I 'ha- nine. .Miss lvv :i Hal' of I.av, i "nci'. Miss Mainb' MeKimu'y, Mice .Mcliow- en. .Mr. and .Mr:;. .1. P. .\riielt.. .Mr. ;uid IMrs. Will V:!ii Kcuri-ii and bo.^;. ol' ' lliilehinsoii. Ml. and M.<. C .t Van- Keuren and .Miss Miniiii' nf 1 )i-_'hliiii.. .Mr. ••111 (1 Mrs Keiiri'ii h-l'l on the Santa I''' I'or IM;;lihiii, win -ii' tllrv w ill :n;i!.i' 11:' ir fnl iiic liiinii For Mrs. Byron Buriis._ .Miss Ii;irli:iiM Pi -v \''iv r -li -iriii !ii;;!v I 'litertailii'd a liiiniln'r ol' r ;ii it^'.-; yc li'rd.iv at'l<'iiiiiiiM riiiiipliii"!'':" \ I" lif|- :.i-li r, .\liv |!>iini I'.iiiii-, wl'i !• b<-ri- fmru H;ill;iT-s:!-;. Io .i" I'.l :i r.-w \\<-il.s Willi liii'irils :ln,l (•l:iii\':i W. E. REDFERN HERE Disposes of Restaurant BiiniiicEs in Chanute. ' l '..ilbl~" lirdr-:iin. wh,. w.i ; inaii.\ \(':i ^; ;i [•••si'l' nl oT ;iiid (die of II:*' pffprit 'ttH'S !};• A • .':-•''('tit; li :irlM 'r sliii]i. is in M M ' <-i; , !i ,<l:i .v. K.-.ltV.:ini li:::; I .MI , in !?:f l:.ili! ;1! M I re :U :iiiranl lin~ir.-^s in C'iiniii.- Im lln- p:isi two iiKinlh':. Vi --i- i .I.iuliile ••l '.ni|i'l.<" was \<:t<k of (•ir,iiil--r fefdini; liiiimry. h.' w:i.; :i;ii'r:.:ieii- I 'll by ;',i>'it l'-!naii w'l'i W:IM:C I M'r.v uiiu-h to ur; iiitii !h'' r< si.iiir:in! ".usi- ness, .\ll.r .-I'loii; llvi M :;:'ii .'s' enn- versatiiin •Hui'"!:-' lMr :iMh- :i ^j.-'Uii' ni;iii of li'iMri'- -..Uil .•;^' !.(• ;-;iine piiipri<l.i,ii ijl' lln- r.-.;ia iiant lei.-iness. "AUNT LINOY" BEAD Oil) ((M.ui.'ii) \V(ni n IrllS \ T I IM: \».K OK II»T. She IIiinM >liaded llu- flare I :ir. She l»i<d in !••(;'» W::- Me!!,e<l. Word w:is Iirnir;!;! !.i Inl.i id' llie (li-:illi ij' -.Min! I .rii<!%" l!,i.:;.s;; :: Weil kniiwii ((ilnriMl wi'!ii:i h. '!.••>•• ! io lie IilT \i li's (li a:;--. :ii Ir-" !:.;Me- .siead in I'l' ii(ii!bv.e,-i ( MM ! i- il' :>:i- ji'lll KiWIi.-hlli. I::--: i'..liilii: ;i!c,ii; .i\ iiCliM-k. Uei-eMll.\ .Mi .v I'.iir,;. -- Un'.i ;i severe cii d Wll'i'.'j V. i:li 11 •! .idv.niiiit ye;ir =, icsii!li il ijj hi-,- di-.i'ii. I iii i: i e- lui.nih • -, l;ii;-j(--.. I :• in- n In ^eiid hi':ilili. dim.-: u'l il; :ii>:iii: hi-r I 'iuh I .v-aeri- larni and eui .iin;. in l'i!:i rrciiui-ni Iv aiiil al Ii-inliir.: in In; ;ii-ss .\!r.-. I!iii '.;'-'S c::!!!!' In-.i' fjnii! ilii' Sdiilb anil xvilli li'T hii-l':ii:d 1 i'i<;- s,leade;l III" |>l:i(-e, nil « iiii'li -l.i' :ii-.\;n:' livi-d. in IMiii. Her liM.--Ii.-iml ili-'d '•i-i;: airit and a L ;ri'.:;---;r;'nd ihiuv"'" ' iias lived with llie ii'd '.ul-. in ii'ci-i.i >(.u-s. .Mrs. I I 'll rvi-.-s h:is :i d.rr^li' .M r.- Bast Sf omacb Remedy Free It js an old saying that if the stomach is sound the whole body is safe, because so much depends upon tlie proper working of the stomach. Many persons find themselves with a disorder of the stomach v/hich produces dyspepsia or a peculiar state of biliousness. If you sutfcr from l>oth stomach troublo and constlpiition you are on tlio way lo a. very serious disease. From Just such conditions come appendicitis, rheuinutlsin. akin diseases and similar dlsc-diT-v. because the waste matter that should hava been dispelled from the system througti the bowels has found Its w:iy into tho j blood and vitiated It. Wlmt Is needed at this point Is not simply a violent cailiarttc tablet or salt, which usually docs moro harm than good, but a gentle laxative tonic like Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Popsin, Which people have been using ior theiJO money wlieii he (•<:^\ e;inic to ibis ailments for nearly_a quarter of u cen-',., SweM. li\;n-: :i: •Jiiinilniid:, l'"ri,;,i all ;iv:ii!al)!e iii'uii;i.i: ii.ii iln- eld 'ad.* wa.-^ abiail in? yi-.-iis nl ;l^•". SI M ' nil eldirly uuiinin v. ben slu' i-.iiiie lo this ci.i>!iiv and Inr iiaii-.;lri r. .Mrs. Swe!!. s:iid receiilly nf lii-r iiini I HT s a;;e. •'Our nii-tle.-^s in tlie Siiii!li luhl llie that niiillK r w;is :;7 \":i;-.^ of :i.i;e when I I'oin .-md I ;iiii iinw iii-;irly seveiiiy •• .Mrs. Hiiij^csr- w;is well lik'-.l in Iter lii'i.iilii);!! 'I 'li-d and ni;iii\ :;..nil words are saiif ef lur In ln-r aeunain.anees L. I!. I'eai-i!i wli'i wa.s in lnv. l\ Ind.iy said lhal .M:s. Itiiru'es-^ 1 II:III.M 1 him GETTHE PROOF M W. Y. MORGAN ADVI9E8 OLD kOL- DIERS TO PROTECT WIVES. Aftar Death, Exacting Requirements of Pension Department Are Hard to Comply With. The exaciiiig reiiuirements of Ihe P'-nslon department relative to, the iilentitica.ion of soldier's widows are the suiijcr -t of a, special communication from \V. Y. .Morgan, state com- iiiaiider of the (i. A. R. to .McCook vont of this city. U.. H. D. Smeltzer. post adjutant, ji .-us prejiared this, actiiiir upon the advice of Coiiiiiiand- er Alorgan. The <|epnrin;ent eoniinaiider. W. Y. Morgan in circular number one. recently called attention to a matter wliich may prove to lie of very great importance and benefit to widow.s and minor rliildren of soldiers, sailors and liiarines of Ihe civil war. ft is a pro- .vision of the pension law which re((Hires a civil war widow to .show that Iier husliani) has never been married except to herself, or that if he had l )i -<-n previously married, bis former wiM' or' wives Iiave died or he has 1 )1 ••n legally separatee^ from thi And in coiuieciion with this she n'liiiiri -d to give the dates of mar- i -l:u.(-s. deaths ami le-^al sepa-ations. In in;iny cases this is simply iinposs- il>l'-. iiiid lie- pension department re- i|ii ri.-^ iio ;-itiye evidence shall be I 'm iii .-li'-d tliat tlie soldier has not I 'pniracted a marriage during all th line' he was of marriageable age previous to the la .-t tnnrriage. This would 1 li;ii-i| fn - iiianv willows to absoliit 'y and piisilivi-ly proie, especially. wido\vs nf thi >se who I'd'l their forme I'oiii. snnii a It (I- llie war. iis :-i) man did. and sillied in liie west or elsi wlieii' 'riii-ii. too, as so many of lb nId :-nldi. I-; havi- Millliii -d most of tilt :r ;nriali'<: of th '-ir i :irl\ iliiy .s. (ifli in nil'- i: !' It w'di I '.'lii nmk<- Hie lie i:;:ii-> pimil'. And sii>.; the Cniil iii;ini!i-i-. I uniilil adusi' i -aeli i «lie :!e- ('nliiiad '-s In Ink"- the preeanlio 11) li:ni- a s'virin stati-meiit made bi f'.ie a iinl .ir; pnblie. eoveviiiL' all th I ssai-\ tails to assist your widow •it olil:iiii a I'•nsion. if ymi shall In e :ii 'i-'! :uvay helore she is. Tlu' Com man.;' I- .riiiihej- calls altention to thi f .iT-t Ih .it 111"- llank statements wliich sonic yi-;i!s- :i!:() Wfii- seiU out by the Pension l )i-p:ir'. nn-nf . covering the pniiiis ri 'I 'i-i ii 'd to and which man; t'nniia .ii-s fille I out ami sent to fh( I'liisinn l>.|iartnii-nt. wiTf no! in tin I'niin of :illidavils and are no! used bj ilii' ib -na tnii -iit as testiiiiony excep ID \ . !ili h 'icr test inioiiy. l'.>-(-:iii...- of till- lack of this sworn tistiinniiy wliieli e:u-h one. wliile liv in.c. can iriv. many widows and miiKir I 'lildri It havi- m-ver been able to se- '•II''- :-ii' 1" n-;'nn r.ui\ hack jiay justly da • I hi III. .\ e .ise of tliis nature now ' yisis ill this coininunity. where tlie wMoW of a worthy nlr| soldier, wlio fought loiii; and Iiard. has not. in many yeiirs nf earnest effort, been suecessfnl in liiidinil any one able to -Wear iiositivelv to the statement wliicli be liiinsi-lf could so. easily havi, loiH'. The circnlar referred to can be seen liy ealliiiir on Hie .-\djutant of Mccook iiosi. C. \. i{.. wliere it is on file. .Atleiiiion wa .s hri'-fly called to tlii.s iiiall .M- in th.' daily papi'is on \oyem-' ber last, and now by iei|iie :-t. il is iid 'islied a.sain. 4IU WANTRD —Fly refined couple.'three furnished rooni.t for light housekeeping, in good neighborhood and with modern Improvements. 11 " Register. ^VANTKI)—Desk room with phone privilege. W. O. Lenliarl. 'WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The lohi Furniture Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. FOR REin- MImomUammous FOR RE.\'T—i'lirnisbed riMjms for housekeeping downstairs. 212 West .Madison avenue. iif A "GYM" EXHIBIT Y. M. C. A. Physical Director Arrang ing for Athletic Entertainment Soon. I'hxslcal Director llerry of the lo eal Y. .M. C. .\.'Is arraniriii'-: for - a '.;.Mnn:isliiiii exhlhition to be given in ihi- assoeiat ion biiildin'.^ the latter part of this inoiilh. The exlilliltion will eiiiisi:it of pyratniil Imilding. luiiiiiling and acrobatic stunts. The p;irtlei |Kiiits in Hie eKhibilioii will all 1 )1' nii'iiili <-rs of tin- local association I 'jinnasiiini classes. Ue;:i.-ti r Want Ads llring Re.<!Ult8. Burial of Carl Wilson. I-'iineral seivici-s over the remains nf (':i-l Wilson, tin- three year old son of Mi-, and Mrs. .1. H. Wilson, of Til .N'ortb sMeit were conducted from the residence al I o'clock yesterday afteriiiion. Itey. (1. C. Missamon- of Un- 1-iiiii d liretbren church had char^'e of the services. Interment was iiiaile in the 'ili;;hland cemetery. , - ^ , . „, .onnty wiih wlii«-li lie .L'n! his st:irl :ind tury, It cured J..C. Lanham,.of War-, a lasting debt. Till' fnin-i:i! will o .-eiii- Inmi 'iVnw nieniiiii; at Pi n'l-lnek at lie- r.ur^'e..s licnie. Hiiiial will m-i nr in S '.iliiii i-eineteiy. It cured J. C. Lanharo, of War- i reniburr. Mo., of stomach trouble of lone' standing, also William Voll, of &03 Hllis- •on St., LouisvUle, Ky., who liad tho trouble for fifteen yeara. Bowever, If you have stomach troublo you want to know from personal exjiorl- «nee what Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsia will do for yon. If so, send your name to the doctor and a free trial bottle will be sent you. You are urxed to send (or the free bottle, as the results from It will be the I>est recoramendatlon of Dr. Cald- weU'a Syrup Pepsin. Then you will do a» over two million people did lust year— RO to your drugsist and buy a regular bottle at 60 cents or fl, aecordingr to the siza yen prefer. We comid mention hundreds and hundreds of ramllies who are never BOTH WERE MINORS. Jessie Powell A«ks for Divorce.— Charges Abandonment. .lessie Powell brou;;hl pult in dis- Irict court lod:iv for divnree fnini without It^ You can never fell_wheii some Karni-st I'ow.l!.' clainiim: as i!ie member of the family wHl need a loxa-, „ „ , ,, , i i „,. ,i ...,1,. 1 1. .. tlve. and then no time should be lost j'"' •'•"^ abamlomd h.r. According to tlie petition tliey were taUng Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. If there-lianything about:married .Iiil.v 2 lOnfi. Uotli we.e your aliment that you don't ^minors at th.e time, but the e.'ieinony underatand, or If you want ' was performed with the consent ?nd I'resence of ih.dr . parents r„j^rir ?iurTt,:'." 'r'-- '""<'. f'"- ••'.V no charge for thia service. <"''l nioflier asks. The address Is Dr. W. B. ; ' Caldwell. IM CaldweU bidi^., ; The ItegiNter > V HU < Colnmii I M llic MontlceUo, QL _ |f |nltke4it and surest way lo gel it. nets t ^ontly yet promptly on the bou els, cleanses {tie sv ^stcmelfcctualK ectunlly l\e .system e^i ossists one in ov Kol)itu<il constVptttion no\in(inently. To get its uenejiciol oj|ects bu the tievuiine. fionujactu red ^ the CALIFORNIA Fl<> SYHtJP Co. SOLO BTICAOINC ORUCOSn-SOf f «'BOnU FOR RE.NT—SO acre farm in Osage township. IiKpiire Afcbison's Jiffice. or -122 South Second. FOR SALE-miBamllam90ua FOR SALE—'Ihree-yeur-old work coif. Iniiiiire .1. V. Kobeits ninsii store. The Book trade just gets a good start by the end of the old year, you will have time to read now. the real good ones that sold out are in store again, the good old ones we try to keep all the time. ^ Many compliments were paid our book-store by out of town buyers. We try to merit it, no plaee in this part of Kansas beat us on stock or prices. It don't cost much to get a Library now. let us help you. Buy your Books and Stationery of EVANS BROS., lola Btisiffless Directory. I-'OR S.\I,IC—Hill acre bottom farm niiie and hair froin <'ity; house, oiit- ImlldinKs. (ircbaid: all under cultivation. .Must seltle estati-. Doelin W'oodin. lola . I-'OR SAI.K OR TItADE-I'irsI class $.S.I)(III .slock 111' shoes in Koml town ot .'..Olid in (".•iiiral Iowa, for Alien i«>iin ly land; slon- doini; fHI.oim In lis.nnii .t year hnsini-ss. Will sill for ea.'^h hill would rathi-r trade for .Mien enfm- ly laiiil. I 'nine iinii-k-: soinehiMh will '.ret il. !•; S. Carpenter, ."lu; .N'nrtl 'I'aylor. Has. Kansa:.. LOST and FOUND l/OST—.1111) liill between's boarding bouse on East Madison and the •iliiare. I'. 10. Tihbet.~. LOST—Small llaiupden watch and Indian b<>ad fob. Reward. Keturii to Itusiliess Colleire. l.tJS'l'—Hold watch with short chaii attaclltd. I-'iniier r.-tiirn Tin .\orlh street, iteward. (l-'irsi Published lleMiiiber ai. l!ii)S.| \iilice of Final .-iclt*: :iieiif. 'riiu -iiaie . : Kansas. .-Mien CDunly. ss. ^ll tin- I'rolia:;' I'lu;;, i:i and for .iaid {'onhly. in the matter of he estate of Sarah E. Morrow. Deceased. C^reditors and ail i .tlier jicrsons interested in the aforesaid estate are liereby notified that I shall apply to the Proliate Coiirf, in and lor said County, sittin.ij at, the Court llinise. in liii' City of lola. County of .-\lli-n. Stati nf Kansas, on Ihe '.iili day ol' Kebru- ary. A. H. I!"'!!. I'or a full and final settieiin-nt of said estate. C.CY H. I'KIOS. Administrator of the Estate of Saiali E. .Morrow. Deceased. ;!I-.'<-l.".-22 Re.i;ister Want Ads Mriiij; Results, Flour Facts f)ne pound of flour costliiK 2',{; f<i .1 cents a poitmi will as far as two pounds of meat co.stinK ir. to 20c a pound. Polar Bear Flour Is alwa.vs jjooii and always the same. .Ask your grocer. W. M. OBERDORFF Agent" I OLA, . KANSAS Easy Money The easiest way to make a dollar is to save one y-oii liave already made. Ry trading with us you can save several dollars each month on your Ki'"<pry bill. We can sell you goods on two weAs' or thirty days' time at strictly cash prices. The People's C«-Opera- ti ?6 lercantils issoc'ii JOHN 0. WOODDT, M. D. Physician uiid Surgeon Over Rurreira. Fhone 142. DR. McMILLKJf, Special attention givep to the treattnent of all Chronic Dlseaa- es and Diseases ot Children. Telephones: Otllce 32, Res, 232 Ollice ovi -r iiurrell's Drug Store .«•**««»•*•*••*••• F. H. MART 15, Surtrery and Diseasei ot Womi;n. OfDce and Residence Phone 576 Onice 7 .North .lefferson. Phone CS7. Res. 701. DR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. ' Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldfi. Lodge Dffectory •KMGHT.S OF PTTHIAS^Neosho Lodge No. \i meets every Mond^w ntght at K. o.f P. Hall. Visiting bi*> tb:er3 invited. W. S. Thompson, B. Ct« Chris RlUer, K. of R. and S.' KXIGIITS OF MACCi^EI^ Kiiights of Maccabees of Hi. WocV iiietts in K. P. Hail second and fo«f> Siilurday nights of each montfc. ; w: I'osiwait, commander; R. B. m ler. record keeper. W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meet* • T. Steele, C. C. A. H. Davis, Ctaab. Visitors cordially invited. W. A—The M. W. A. Lo«*. meets every Friday night In M. M. W Ifall. Visiting brothers invited.. J**. ' Colfield, V. C. W. A. Cowan, C\i^ ROYAL NEIGHBORS.—lola . C5^ No. 3C.=>, Royal Neighbors, meets f' ond and fourth Tuesdays of mm" month. Mrs. V. A. Wagner, war .Mrs. Mary IluttoD, 413 West SfcK- Iterorder. FRATKRXAL BROTHERROOD^'- Praternal Brotherhood No. 389 mwm*^ second and fourth Thursday of «mm^ month in A. O. U. W. Hall. Vlsitl«l» members cordially Invited. W. H. Aa- dorson, president; Golda Elam ancf ^ary. JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110, East Street. ooooooooooooooooo O . ArCTIOXEER. O O Am now booking sales for Jan- O O tiary and February. Claim lyour O O date early. The lowest terms; O ©satisfaction guaranteed. Write*'' O qr phone at my expense. O O E E. VICKERS, O O J201 N. .lefferson. lola, Kas. O O Phone 835. O oooobcooooooooooo OUR ThLEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. Now is the time, you know, to have all the' summer dust cleaned out of your csiriieta. We are busy, but your order will receive iirompt and careful attention. Phone- us today. ; lOLA RUG FACTORY Fhone SIO. J, O. THOm Palniar mul Pap «r Hamgmr Estimates cheerfully given on all worl I^faoue 319. B*u 409 8. Buekeye. "The constant dropping water weara away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser masUf ; cates the toughest bone. The constant wooing lover carrM^ ' away the blushing maid. And the Constant Advertiser la tbi man who gets the trade. Fyr the best and qalekest maitt ase the Reelstei's naot eolinaai.

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